ICoBS 2021 | Opening Ceremony | Industry Forum "How Business Could Thrive in the New Norms"

ICoBS 2021 | Opening Ceremony | Industry Forum

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[Music] do [Music] so [Music] do [Music] [Music] so [Music] welcome to the jungle [Music] so [Music] a [Music] i am [Music] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] so [Music] see you in [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] so [Music] so [Music] good morning everyone the conference will start at nine o'clock so i hope everyone can be ready to join the conference for the conference opening thank you foreign [Music] now [Music] oh [Music] oh [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] is [Music] [Music] a very good morning and welcome to the second international conference on business studies 2021 young professor dr chemist technologist dr david yap yoon hin vice chancellor of university of malaysia sabah young burba hagia professor datu kasim hajimad mansour dean of the faculty of business economics and accountancy university malaysia sabah yang brusaha dr rosili asid chairperson of the second international conference on business studies icobs 2021 the deputy dean of research and innovation of the faculty of business economics and accountancy university malaysia sabah dr marco head of unit scola thingy ilmo economy indonesia professor dr apotaka dede prima putra director universitas dharma andalas indonesia dr m rizal the dean of the faculty of economics and business universitas dharma andalas indonesia assistant professor sorat abdul sata the dean of the faculty of liberal arts and social sciences fathani university thailand academic forum speakers professor siva muttali deputy head of school leader marketing and digital marketing from melbourne institute of technology australia dr narong hassani assistant director of investment and raising from fatoni university thailand dr sri gunawan senior lecturer from the department of management faculty of economics and business universitas aglanga indonesia and associate professor dr azniyati bahari from the faculty of economics and business universitas dharma and indonesia industry forum speakers mr shaharul nizam muhammad the chief financial officer of selkomtimul saba sandilyan berhad dr majna al-nafai head of marketing research department from elm company saudi arabia mr iring maulana the general manager of the swiss bell hotel tarakan indonesia distinguished guests and conference participants industry partners organizing committee members university fellow students ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the organizing committee i would like to welcome everyone to the second international conference on business studies 2021 with the theme embracing the new normal towards global business success and to our delegates from overseas we'd like to virtually welcome you to sabah malaysia borneo below the wind icops 2021 is jointly organized by the faculty of business economics and accountancy university malaysia sabah sakhola thingy university thailand to begin our conference i would like to invite mr wijaya kamal ramlan for the recitation of dua so before we start with the recitations of the dwara and players okay we will start with the recitations of fatiha for the muslims and for the non-muslim you may recite your undo or prayers yeah based on your own beliefs and allegiance [Music] [Music] in for allah on this glorious morning in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the second international conference on business studies i cops to old one we uphold our hands to pray gratefully to take on your infinite favor to us still we can live in the peace and harmony to perform our tasks as your servants allah we ask your blessing to make this occasion a success your peace and all peace is from you and all peace returns to you for master and glory guide us among those whom you guide run as health and pardon among those whom you grant health and pardon or allah you know ask for the right solution may this conference attend its objectives and provide us with full knowledge give us mercy from your presence and shape for us might conduct in our plight we ask for your knowledge which is beneficial and sustenance which is good and deeds which are acceptable or allah grant us the strength and the right effort to make the appropriate actions on all subjects that we agreed among us or allah verily we ask you for the best application and the best success and the best deed and the best reward when this conference will establish a global relationship in various aspects and set a medium for exchange ideas and information or allah you are the most forgiving and the one who loves forgiving therefore forgive us and reach all delegates in these icons to old one m thank you so much mr vijaya for the recitation of dua and may our conference these two days will be blessed by the almighty now before we start i would like to remind our attendees and participants on several important issues the first one is to everyone please mute your microphone during the presentation by our respective panelists and this is actually to avoid unnecessary echoes secondly if you have any questions or you need clarifications from our panelists about their presentation in the forum discussion later feel free to write in these questions in the chat room if time permits we will deliver the questions to our respective panelists for their response after the discussion and thirdly this seminar is also being streamed online in facebook so we encourage and invite everyone to search for the faculty of business economics and accountancy university malaysia sabah facebook account and you can watch us through facebook live and please share this facebook live streaming with your colleagues as well and your networks okay for the conference so first and foremost to open this seminar i would like to invite young professor dr dr hachikasim the dean of the faculty of business economics and accountancy university malaysia sabah for the welcoming remarks professor that dr hajika singh please first and foremost welcome to honorable professor dattu technologies research and innovation of faculty of business economics and accountancy ums are dr bethrislampuyi in charge of academic and international faculty of business economics and accountancy ums and dr arif kamissan pusiran in charge of student affairs and student of faculty of business economic and accountancy ums our special gratitude to our guest speakers professor siva muttali deputy head of school and discipline melbourne institute of technology australia assistant direct director investment and fundraising fat only university of thailand doctor three gunawan senior lecturer department of management faculty of economics and business univisitors arlangar indonesia associate professor dr assnari uh our former faculty members also few years back is from university dharma andalas indonesia industry forum speakers [Music] saudi arabia mr iran maulana general manager swiss bell hotel tarakan indonesia and to all distinguished guests presenters participants lecturers our special dedication to organizing committees ladies and gentlemen i'm very pleased to be here today and it is also a great pleasure for me to welcome all participants to the visual conference of the second international conference on business studies ico bs 2021 which is jointly organized by the faculty of business economics and accountancy innova team economy sdie tarakan indonesia universitas dharma and dallas padang indonesia and fortane university thailand honorable guests ladies and gentlemen this biennial international conference was launched for the first time in 2019 this year marks the second edition of this prestigious conference in continuing the tradition in hops to initiate ties among researchers as well as strengthen existing bones and create new friendship the theme of this conference is embracing the new normal towards global business success is very relevant and timely in this era of panamic environment we hope that this conference will shed new lights for everyone to cope with the new norms and give some inside contemporary information of the current situation in the last year and a half years we have learned so many lessons so many issues and challenges the short-term implications of this global challenge are evident everywhere but the long-term consequences of this pandemic conflict 19 how it will little shape and sustain world economy are still difficult to imagine this conference therefore provides two forums for business partner practitioners policy makers and scholars to come together to share ideas and knowledge or related issues in global business success we succeeded in receiving over 80 conference papers with presenters from various countries such as malaysia indonesia and thailand young burbank ladies and gentlemen as the dean of faculty of business economics and accountancy of university melissa saba i would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our co-organizers namely elmo economy sdie tarakan indonesia universitas dharma andalas padang indonesia and patani university of thailand for their full support cooperation and contribution to the second international conference on business studies i would also like to congratulate to congratulate the organizing committee led by dr brazilia for their enormous work behind the scenes to ensure the delivery and success of this very important event i wish all participants are very fruitful and productive sessions and will be able to benefit from presentation and discussion in this conference with the thanks uh with that you know thank you and hope you have a wonderful presentation deliberation and free for a fruitful discussion thank you for hidayah salaam alaikum orange i know thank you so much young hagia professor dr kasim hajimad mansour for the warm welcoming remarks next without further ado i would like to invite the vice chancellor of university malaysia sabah young bahagia professor dhatu chemist technologist dr tawfiq yap yunhin our guest of honor to officially open and inaugurate the second international conference on business studies 2021 with the theme embracing the new normal towards global business success professor vice chancellor please good morning and a very warm welcome to all delegates ladies and gentlemen i'm very pleased to be here today for the opening of this conference the second international conference on business studies icops by the faculty of business economics and accountancy university malaysia sabah ladies and gentlemen as company move towards reopening as the corvette 19 pandemic shows signs of easing up many leaders are choosing to take alternate path and change the business model even in these early days of recovery there is a new normal in business the covet 19 pandemic does not stop at borders for this reason coordinated international strategies to embrace the new norm of operating strategizing business and its economic impact are more effective than going it alone this pandemic has forced companies across vertical to make the tough decision to either shut down their operation or pivot to a new business strategy and reconfigure their workforce this pricing situation of the pandemic has had a silver lining companies have realized that a different way to operate that might even be better than what they were doing before embracing the new normal will take some time as business adapt to changing circumstances they are preparing the workforce for what might be right now we are in the next normal the stage between where we were and where we are headed when the economy goes through a big upheaval it often creates a seismic shift in how companies operate it happened just over a decade ago during the 2008 recession economics predict and even deeper one is about to hit as businesses recovery is a post-covet world the new normal definition alluded to new ways of doing things due to drastically altered circumstances as companies resume a more regular rhythm they all regained their long will instead of the day-to-day survival mode they have been in company must adjust and adapt using new business strategies based on a new normal communication and also operation best practices i believe that the time for talk is over and we should now focus on real action we have the opportunities to reset and to reshape the post-pandemic recovery towards a better future yes we need to build back better and truly understand what that means to kick off our conversations over the next two days allowed me to share few top changes that will take place while we embrace the new normal in business the first sign that a new normal is upon us is the huge wave of remote workers who will not be going back to the office the world might be witnessing the beginning of the end of the workplace as we know it eighty percent of the global workforce is comprised of fine line workers and this dispersed population will continue to grow as companies reinvent their concept of organizational structures and transition to more virtual workspaces during the covet 19 crisis companies have had to act and react with incredible urgency to shift operational strategies to achieve their original objective there's been no time for the normally relaxed schedule of long drawn out strategy sessions companies have had to make a rapid fire decision with team members in different locations the good news with the right digital tools many companies were able to transition and find new way to get their job done through creative strategizing that's a lesson that will last the entire workforce from leaders to frontline workers is gaining a new sense of confidence in risk-taking in the new normal company will become more innovative by building an agile foundation this crisis has proven that adaptability is a key element for operational function and survival adopt a more freestyle approach to research and development with mobile tools meeting will make ways for ongoing creative dialogues initiated top-down and bottom-up employees at all level will have learned how to quickly pivot and try new approaches to performing their job collaborating and accomplishing tasks many businesses were blindsided by this crisis companies should take this opportunity to create an enterprise a risk management framework to anticipate and to be prepared for the next crisis whatever it might be to minimize disruptions companies must learn to identify access monitor and mitigate the impact of a risk on their business as business as businesses find a comfortable pace of working again long-term success and survival will depend upon the resilient and adaptability and that will take the commitment of an entire organization it's fair to say that a few companies will be the same after they have been dusted themselves out of and get back on their feet but chances are there won't go back to the old way of operating welcome to the new normal in business ladies and gentlemen the second international conference on business today is embracing new normal towards global business success which is aligned with the current call of time into the business world locally and globally and i believe the organizing committee of the conference has outlined and will bring to the table a lot of issues on this topic that will benefit all of us the strong holistic collaboration between the government industry the private sectors people professionals and academicians is paramount to ensure the achievement of the way forward for business success at both the national and international level on that note i wish all of the delegates and participants for this conference a fruitful discussion and memorable stay in kota kinabalu alaykum thank you you so much younger bhagya professor vice chancellor for officiating this conference and we appreciate your support and time by spending your time with us this morning okay despite your busy schedule [Music] and with that the second international conference on of business studies icobs 2021 is officially open now is the photo session i would like to invite everyone to turn on your camera for the photo session and smile to the camera all right so smile one two three okay one more time one two and cheese street thank you so much and for the next session it will be the industry forum with the theme how business could thrive in the new norms there will be three prominent industry players who will be sharing with us the insight about the topic and they are mr muhammad the chief financial officer of selkom timor saba sangria and berhad dr majda al-nafai head of marketing research department elm company saudi arabia and mr irene maulana the general manager from swiss bell hotel tarakan indonesia the industrial forum will be moderated by mr adnan al-fariti mr adnan is a lecturer in the department of financial economics of the faculty of liberal arts and social sciences fertany university thailand is also a business and marketing consultant as well as an entrepreneur with five years experiences from account payable analysts at bsf shared service center limited at manara tm mr adnan also graduated with a degree in business administration and masters of finance from the international islamic university malaysia ladies and gentlemen without further ado i would like to hand over the session to mr adnan alfari as the moderator to the industry forum of icob's 2021 with the theme how business could thrive in the new norms mr adnan please good morning today we have a first session for the conference i hope this is my first time that joining with the ums and all others participants and dedicated to the international conference thank you so much for investing your time with us on this wednesday morning welcome to industrial forum for the session that you are waiting for my name is arjuna authority and i am a moderator here in the position of the seminar of allah just in a nutshell of my bio and then i'm from patani southern province of thailand as we know that we are you know muslim minority in the thailand and we have a small university named patani university i think there is of the post pandemic if the country is open we are all welcome to all of you to visit bottom university inshallah foreign i would like to start my uh our industry forum in my two three years ago i never could have imagined that the world would be changed so fast like this at the time of chinese government quarantined the city of wuhan on twitter january on 2020 and stopped all our sea tour tourism the impact was felt immediately to the world in economic uh educational technological and business matter many things has might be really when before but now during the pandemic and no longer seeing importance meanwhile other factors that were formerly considered optional has become indispensable now customers change the way their work you know the way they think the way they behave the way our children studying learning thinking also change the world has changed so we we also need to change we need to change the way we do a business as well digitizing or offline to online is a must not assured it's a survive uh it is a survival not a choice ending right we heard this word before and currently we are facing uh the new uh paradigm of the world in uh business term and also in marketing terms today we are going to highlight the strategy that business can use to operate and thrive in the environment using the new normal and the question for today forum is how business could drive in the new mobs where we will be talking about the big trend the problems and solutions of industry by the expert professional practitioner which is a finalist today which they are here today as finalists the topic discussed is very important that we need to keep our eyes and ears on that could directly impact our business in the world of new normal whatever our role in the industry we will come away with something a new idea and fresh perspective a new strategy that can apply to be more successful in our business so i would like to explain the format of the forum we will have only two parts for the first part is a finalist to share the experience for 20 minutes and then the second half of our time we secure an incision that may be the question come from the participant or come from the moderator itself inshallah and then we will start the industry forum by first speaker until the third speaker and then we have given accession and then closing that's it okay let's start with the panelists interaction our first speaker is mr shahrun nisa muhammad he is a cfo chief financial officer at the cell phone teemo malaysia and he joined the management team on the first appeal on 2010 at that time the company was experiencing the financial retreats and needed professional and competent officers to manage the financial matter and prepare an appropriate recovery plan to be implemented and with this available experience you apply excellent negotiation and program solving skill and swiftly identify the root of the program through the company out of the financial crisis and even expansion the foundation of the company and relationship between customer supplier contractor banker and regulator and then second speaker today is miss doctor manchester unified hd from royal melbourne institute of technology she is the currently the chief marketing research officer at plm company in saudi arabia to expertise in a big data analysis and a business inside dr magida has worked in the government project as well taking the responsibility of analyzing big data and design strategy for dashboard which is support leader which making last but not least irene maulana mr irene maulana he is a certified hotel administrator pha this is the highest certification from the american hotel launching educational institute currently is general manager gm at the swissvale hotel international american indonesia it also has a 5 experience at the frisbee hotel plus we did another 24 years in the world of the hospitality business that he lived very sincerely my favorite his favorite port is surround yourself with people who talk about vision and idea not people okay now it's time that we are waiting for let's start with the first speaker most of the businesses that suffer from the pandemic crisis we realize that importance of ict today we are going to listen from ict points of view how ict can apply the business marketing in the new normal uh here to share experience and view from uh tele communication person perspective please welcome mr nisa muhammad mr shahrun please uh thank you moderator and organizer for giving me the privilege to be the first panel today so um okay uh i have slides here i try to share the slide uh right how is it is it in the presentation mode right okay yes i have a personal experience and uh personal justification uh why the ict is very important is the new norm because two days before the government enforce the lockdown my family and i we took a flight from malaysia to be with my in-law to live in a small village in ganta indonesia this area is remote and light oxford facility so it's very difficult to communicate with others i have to buy a lot of sim card and i have to keep changing the provider so when we talk about this ict we talk about we have to talk together with the paradigm sheet the process of change and to make this success we must have a political will assalamu alaikum and good morning ladies and gentlemen to be the to be given the opportunity to speak in a conversation about subject that has been the source of many problems in the world the dreaded curvy 19 and the numerous lockdown following spies actually is indeed a great honor to be it is a problem that continues to affect a big part of the world population and today's forum will look and deliberate from the positive angle of how business could thrive in new norm today i will be sharing my personal experience in maneuvering our organization during this pandemic while assuming a position as one of the key decision makers of prominent telecommunication transmission service provider in the second largest state in malaysia measured by geographical size and the number of population which is in zaba so my talk on this topic will be divided into three parts the first part is about recognizing the impact of the pandemic and the government measure to the industry and the company and then in the second part is to relate the surrounding scenarios and reflect to the potential of the company finally i will draw the attention of the delegate to the importance of ict in the living the new norm ladies and gentlemen topic 19 and the world scenario i see the world has changed dramatically since the emergence of the this terrifying copy 19 pandemic in the late december 2019 virus muted produce various variants in search of advantage i look for better attachment to the whole cells and the ability to replicate faster world human and viruses initiate the process of change repeatedly until they find the new equilibrium point every change in the world will inevitably affect the economies and society the impact of change will vary according to the level of severity that will be faced and felt by individual or class of people perhaps a large number of delegates here may have come across a code of wisdom to improve is to change to be perfect is to change often by winston churchill heralditus the famous greek philosopher expressed a wise word around 500 bc nothing is permanent asset change now we are already toward the end of year 2021 another one more month left it's appear that the world is relevant and change is indeed still something important that we have to deal with constantly for me perfection in organization can only be achieved if we occupy the basic need of the business and flexible enough to respond to change therefore every business that want to be sustained for an indefinite life must have a set of processes to deal with any changes that may occur from within or outside the organization at any point of time my question today to delegate do you already have the step in place to cope with change and uncertainty on 18 march 2020 federal government of malaysia issued the malaysian government movement control order commonly in malaysia we refer as mco or we refer as pkp a series of national quarantine and according a sanitary measure in response to the covet 19 pandemic in the country mco major encompassed restriction on movement assembly international travel and extreme scenario mandated the closure of business industry government and even educational institution in effort to curb the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus this is the virus that caused kovid19 the mco was extended and relaxed to the different phases in 2020 and 2021. so in the part 1 we recognize the impact of the pandemic and government measure to the industry and company ladies and gentlemen point one is an impact to the industry we all know that the efficient is economic the efficient economy is formed by four factor which is household firm government and foreign sector and a center is the capital market which balance the entire economic system the two important roles that need to be played by each sector in the economic system is the responsibility to spend and continuous production to maintain healthy economic circular flow the economic concept that consumer need to know is that the market system is driven by supply and demand as most of us has gone through and heard this mco introduced by the government has changed the lifestyle of the community where the majority of the time is spent at home during the mco only essential service and frontliners like us in selkomtimo saba are permitted to operate while the others are only allowed to go out to attend only important and pressing matter in very short time as the school and higher learning institution is closed the teaching and learning process went online government services are mainly open to online service the government over the counter service can only be made through appointment that must be secured online fear of being affected by kovit 19 has led consumer segment to make transaction online to avoid interaction with the outside community that may be vectors carrying the virus following market demand and pleasure to survive and stay relevant sellers are slowly changing the way they operate by creating online businesses either by telemarketing or through internet selling product and service over the internet has many disadvantages and limited a limitation because consumers cannot fit to measure touch to fill try to test and even smell various methods are used by sellers to gain consumer confidence in their product including obtaining certification as a proof that the product is safe and authentic recently the role of social media influencer and multi-level marketing business partner has become important their existence is being recognized and the talent is growing every day the direct impact to the information communication technology industry as a whole is positive in terms of demand the pandemic has created a need to deploy ict related function from any customer segment with greater network capacity higher speed wider network coverage and higher quality expectation provider who are able to respond quickly to the market will have advantage in terms of customer loyalty enjoy premium pricing and making super profit the second mover has the opportunity to wait witness and take sample to review the mistake made by incumbent and evaluate point of improvement to match customer expectation feed customer environment and reduce production and operating costs the last mover will probably exist after the crisis end where they will only enjoy a small margin and compete in fierce market during this period the product is more or less stable many sellers offer similar services and buyers have a stronger power to choose once the product cycle has led this stage the product need to be regenerated and industry need to reset and refresh the popular code used to describe the whole process is build destroy and rebuild strategy and ladies and gentlemen uh impact to the company selkom timusaba sedan brahat or ainmei city saba is a company that operates in sabah and loved 1 to provision telecommunication network transmission service is also affected in many aspects due to pandemic and government order the day before the mco started i myself has been contacted by the malaysian communication and multimedia commission in malaysia we named mcmc to get an update on the network capability availability of space of equipment and material for maintenance and to support new order continuity of supply manpower management and business continuity plan all of these were comprehensively compiled in a proper report and presented in meeting with all industry players after that the business continuity plan presented is recognized by mcmc as a well-structured properly coordinated and cover all areas of concern and provide a certain level of comfort to our client to face the current uncertainty of the mco ladies and gentlemen demand from customer demand for additional capacity suddenly increased from average daily consumption even exceeding needs during the festive and election session the need is increasing every day especially when end users start working from home and doing online learning the government has instructed the mobile network service provider to provide one gig gigabyte per second quota for free to their subscribers from 8 a.m to csp and delhi throughout the nco as there are such initiative users who are typically prudent in using data begin to use data beyond normal consumption and eventually some of them subscribe for extra benefits capacity and higher processing speed at that time the use of the internet has become an important routine and developed into a lifestyle that household use for entertainment purposes information gathered from our sales and distribution team revealed that many residents started buying smart tvs for online content streaming ct saba analyzed the need of our service into two business segments which is transmission service to telco tower and another one is fiber to the premises where we also not call it as ftpx prior to the mco capacity requirement for business transmission used by mobile network operator to serve mobile phone customers spread is a spread between city and residential area during the day and peak at 7 00 pm to 10 pm in residential area in normal situation there are the area that usually has all time paint its university area during the mco demand was very minimal in commercial area as is now shifting to residential area where traffic is always busy around the clock after a few weeks users start to feel and realize that the use of a mobile data is no longer practical and economical because the quota are limited and the cost to get additional total can be high in residential area with ready fttx infrastructure the take-up rate is high suddenly search we have an example like felder sahaba this is very remote area this infrastructure has been been built built since 2015 but the maximum take-up rate only reached 6 in early 2020 and now what happened now the take-up rate is already 42 percent felda sahaba is a remote area in sabah the people have strong purchasing power prior to the outbreak resident there were no interested in fixed internet service because each of them including their children have their own mobile phone demand for high-speed broadband at home is increasing in all areas in sabah because it is faster can be shared by many people in one premises fixed monthly fee and unlimited quota ladies and gentlemen supply of services excessive use of voice and data services can cause traffic congestion the mobile network operator once suggested to their subscriber to minimize the use of video during meeting if the advice is followed the subscribers may experience a better quality of service while waiting for the completion of network reconstruction to get the user requirement typically mobile network operator will maintain a reserve capacity of 30 of the average monthly usage in their network in the event of a sudden capacity search and be able to meet capacity growth while waiting for network upgrade however when this phase occurs change in the capacity and location of service needed are unprecedented and it happened faster than expected citizen core business is all about network coverage bandwidth capacity and service quality our business model is to develop expandable network infrastructure upgradable network capacity and never compromise the service quality in any decision making if i can sum it up perfectly here we are building a set of unlimited capability and resilient network to connect sabah and lab1 to the rest of the world to ensure that this idea can be implemented perfectly we need to determine the right balance between fixed and just in time variable in the factor of production the four factors of production in economic include land capital labor and entrepreneurship when this pandemic strike the management previously made decisions were tested to determine how many should be taken as feet and how many should be on call can be further discussed in this conference so ladies and gentlemen this is on the part to relate the surrounding scenario and reflect the potential of the company and company acceptance to change like i mentioned initially i'm in indonesia that time with my family my wife is from bandung and then my ceo in selangor another part of malaysia and my chief technical officer in kota kinabalu sabah where our head office is located the only three senior management in this company and we are located in different location the technical and i.t team are put on standby at home and will proceed to location when they are assigned job some of them temporarily relocated to another strategic district to be on standby the network monitoring team are stationed in the office and in the event of office closure the system has been enabled or related function to be accessed remotely the finance and support team works from home and permitted to enter office if there is an urgent need only warehouse inventory and logistics team work as usual with limited number of head count at every point of time despite being in different location and work remotely we have prepared with a clear strategy and well communicated across the organization and supply chain to deal with this situation the pandemic has tested and proven the reliability and effectiveness of our strategy ladies and gentlemen communication is very important regards communication as the most important thing in an organization's success effective communication is more than just exchanging information it's about understanding the emotion and intention behind the information as well as being able to clearly convey a message we need to also listen in a way that gained the full meaning of what being said and make the other person feel heard and understood a good communication helped employees become more involved in their work and help them develop a better understanding of their job clear precise and timely communication of information also prevent the occurrence of organization problem during this period the company engagement has been fostered among employees suppliers contractors and customers and also regulator meeting venues are often held via online channel and if there is any update up we will provide via whatsapp group everyone must be concerned about their clique work related matter health and also emotional status through this approach the employee know about each other better develop a spirit of togetherness and work harmoniously in the organization what the management aspire to do here to reposition the business entity into human institution and not just really access a medium to generate the maximum money for stakeholders ladies uh and gentlemen the importance of ict in leaving the new norm i have witnessed many positive effects that happened during my 14 years of involvement in this incit industry prior to the pandemic we once had a five-star hotel customer who used our internet service that had changed the profile of hotter guests from a short-term stay to a long-term stay there are also a hotel that used to be just a vacation or holiday sport for tourists visiting sabah that had turned into a meeting incentive conference and exhibition destination due to having reliable internet facility ladies and gentlemen select the right balance of marketing mix we must spare a time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the five essential factors involved in marketing good or service to the public the five piece of marketing is simple way of thinking about marketing plan across five main area product promotion place price and people this marketing maze can help the business to formulate a plan to ensure the introduction of the product or service to the market is successful it is important to always put the customer need at the center of the marketing plan this will ensure the business are always delivering the right product expected by the market not simply offer any good or service the company can produce certain innovation to the product may be required to meet customer expectation the main obstacle during the lockdown is the customer stay at home and the business cannot make sales as physical store or mobilize door-to-door sales activities the avenue that available 24 hours a day open daily and is able to respect around the globe is only through virtual marketplace and online platform there are many channels that can be used such as facebook instagram whatsapp telegram muda dogmai lazada shopee tv website telemarketing and many others compared to traditional marketing i can say online advertising is much easier to tweak whenever the campaign needs to be modified online marketing allow the modification to happen without having to worry about downtime service interruption or even halting the entire system for a certain product the distribution of the product can be made through online applications such as food panda grab and lala move ladies and gentlemen dare to change getting out of the comfort zone is the hardest thing to do the question of why we must fix things that are already good has generally strengthened the opinion of society why we must continue to remain at current position and doing the same thing over and over again moreover the changes to be made will involve due course and there is a risk that the outcome of the decision will be worse than the existing condition such questions and excuses have made many reluctant to make changes changes require courage from every individual city sabah will not have the courage as what we have today if we have never been through difficult times where this company almost went bankrupt and major shareholders planned to dissolve this company in 2003 however the ceo at a particular time who had been assigned to prepare the diversement plan has done the opposite he made a turnaround and city server is now being recognized as the owner of the most comprehensive fiber optic transmission network in malaysia the most profitable business entity in fiber optic transmission business in sabah rank number one in end-to-end network reliability and stability as compared to nationwide performance and able to provide the cheapest bandwidth leasing solution in sabah and laban the pandemic has changed us we no longer need to think about leading the change we also no longer need to think about failure the only thing that we should worry is about today's survivability and continue to sustain for a longer period of time in order to reset we need to observe the opportunity listen to customer need adapt to the new norm and react with realistic strategy after making all relevant assessment and if you find that the purpose of the business is no longer relevant to the customer need from that point of time moving forward the business have to be brave enough to redefine the business purpose ice internet is the answer to all need internet offers everything from basic service safety security comfort to the lifestyle product and services combination of fixed and mobile network services is the perfect mixture of complete solution there's a popular chinese proverb that say the best time to plan a tree was 20 years ago the second best time is now now is the best time for business to reap the benefit of ict store the information on the server or start with the cloud first then subscribe and extend the internet facility to all employees business can access the information anytime and anywhere to get better benefit the business encouraged to automate process by develop i.t based system by doing this we can simplify a complex process such as reduce time spent and able to manage big data to make a better decision in the past ict related goods and services were classified as largely now there are various type of products with a wide range of prices to get to all market segments and is buying power ladies and gentlemen as a conclusion i almost took the end of my individual slot for this sharing session before we go to our next speaker and proceed to christian and a q a session what i'm trying to emphasize here is the business must have a proper change process make changes when the times come the systematic way to begin the thought process is by creating the checklist of what is necessary to do by associating the purpose of the business with relevant economic theory management philosophy and refer to the marketing guideline communication is the most important thing in any situation whoever is in control over the communication will win in any wall this point need to be given a serious attention the best business platform is vr online take advantage on it it's easier to say than done not everyone has the same capability knowledge and expertise here the role of government is very much needed the government need to proactively act as a facilitator and drive this entrepreneur to be on the right track when merchants can no longer afford to run office space and expensive tool allocate them to renew a reasonable virtual office space or any type of online asean giga market to start it is not enough to just provide facilities but it is also very important to provide adequate ongoing 10 training program so that they can be competitive in the market if the government do this in my view our entrepreneur can be equipped with all the strength they need and the country can achieve sustainable economic growth ladies and gentlemen the pandemic and the consequences that we are facing now is not an end but the beginning of the next chapter in our business journey there are many ways for our business to thrive in a new norm the obvious one is to follow the trend which is to leverage on ict infrastructure and platform they're all from me for now hopefully when we shall fall on to moderator thank you ict is the core important of the business in the middle norms i like the sentence that child reported just now we connect server to the rest of the world a wonderful experience shared by the mr chairman thank you very much for your sharing mr childhood we get many points from the speaker in terms of ict this is true that the ict is the key point the key tools that we need to use in our business in the new mods next i would like to inform that mr irene still have both technical problems with the webmax in case if uh he cannot uh enter in the webex we will have uh only two uh analysts for today inshallah but it's okay never mind um now we are trying to connect with mr irene hopefully we can listen from him in a lot now next uh how holiday so which would impact on the cost saving nowadays we are talking about the online service online uh platform and how can we can reduce the cost of running a business and also the role of the data analysis and the impact of the decision making we are talking about the big data right now all right uh the data is the asset right now we see seen the blockchain technology right the cryptocurrency and the value is from the data so the most important thing in the new normal is the data analysis right the increase in the risk of cybersecurity also in last last week in thailand there is a hacking of the account bank account from nowhere from abroad and suddenly you know about 10 000 of bank customers have been hacked by a cyber hacker right so the money withdrawn from the their bank account without uh knowing until the some of them are realized that there is something uh mistake about the uh security of the bank so they are informed to the police the reported police and then after that the bank come to conclude that someone can hack the bank account so now they will cyber security is very important now we are going to listen the shape marketing research officer plus expertise in the big data analysis dr majita alibari welcome employees yours uh hello is my voice is it clear yes i thank you very much for having me uh today um i just would like to know if this slide will be shared from your side from my end hello by your side seems that it cannot be shared by my side uh maybe i can help you to share i'm trying now no is anything shared with the green hello yes is it shared no yeah it just said already but not in this present okay okay um yes uh thank you again for having me today um [Music] so today's topic it's from my experience as uh now i am working on digital and e-service industry in my country in saudi arabia so we're gonna cover um three or like four topics that i have personally experienced uh during and after the pandemic so we're gonna start with the first topic which is obviously the growth on eb in a services market as you all know there was a huge uh booming on e-services and i'm sure all of us have seen there are a lot of industry has converted their services from physical to east surfaces and this kind of transformation and not just help to ease the business but also help the company to save and or maybe another world we can call it cost reduction for different uh factors uh one of it is reduce the consumption of physical offices uh as well as um and there are a lot of uh it changes in term of uh workforce like for example uh during the pandemic most of the employee work from home and after the um i mean like during the recovering phase in 2021 um we we witnessed it we witnessed that there are like hybrid work system where you can work from home for some days and some other days you can work from the office uh and it was really interesting to find out that the uh the requirement for traveling to do business also meet a client has been reduced and some of the business they don't need it anymore um all of these factors uh has impact the the cost of uh on businesses and it's um lead to a lot of cost savings um speaking of the growth of e-services uh it was very interesting to um to to see it like i was looking through the statistics then i found out that the e-services has been across uh and in their revenue and the growth reached to uh or around 294 million by 2021 and the majority of this revenue aware for i mean went for um online not online sorry food delivery um can you imagine like uh how the booming happening in this industry in food industries specifically in affordable delivery um with the estimation of revenue for this year is 270 million which is the major amount of the revenue for the whole industry in 2021 it's very interesting fact and seeing this kind of a transformation leading to not just growth in the industry but also leading to the growth of a small businesses for example we can if i talk about my country uh there are a lot of um for the logistic industry has been opened and they are all of most of them are local are saudis um due to the growth in this industry so that's all for the first topic and generally the growth on e-surface market has has impact the importance of data businesses nowadays they have only one source to understand what's going on in the market and through and resources only the data the data either available in their applications in their website um or sometimes available in any other like governmental source uh increasing the importance of that that uh lead to inquiry is important of that analysis uh to find out different factors in the market um for example companies need to understand customer behavior customer size need to understand more about competition and competitor in the market uh need to know uh about their sizing in the market and all of this effect will not happen without that analysis so the importance of data analysis increased more and more during last two years and increasing the importance of that analysis lead to increase the importance of having different dashboards that help and assist the company to take the decision and i believe most of the decision now based on a different type of data of dashboards it's become dashboard itself become industry nowadays i am working with that domain and every day we have a huge amount of requests to create different kind of data of dashboards understand such a topic in the market so that's all for the second topic and now i am moving for the third one which is connected to the second topic um increasing the importance of the data and as well as increase the and the growth in e-services marketing has increased the risk of data security i'm just i would like to share something from my experience and now most of the companies uh uh like try to use another window to create either application or even to create their own dashboard and all of this kind of services has somehow not fully controlled environment which is called a public domain [Music] this kind of norm has increased the risk on data security because the company has no full control on the data security however they are forced to use all of these vendors to either to that to do that integration between different platforms they are offering or either to as i mentioned to create different kind of uh dashboards therefore the importance of cyber security in last two years i think it is more and more from my experience because in my work i produce a different dashboard that's like when i when i was i mean during my my work i realized that we need to have a lot of knowledge from cyber securities otherwise it would be too risky to create all of this dashboard without having all of that checklist for the cyber security then i started studying a different certification in cyber security to ensure that all of our products are fully secured so this leading to a last topic for today which is a mixed of different specialities um all of this uh a new norm in business uh has uh created a huge impact on special in specialties and the group like the team who are working on e-services industry if i talk about something also eyewitness i realize that in for example in data science domain there are a lot of specialties required to work with them to create a really mature product [Music] for example they need marketer marketers they need a cyber security team they need a qa [Music] team so there are a lot of specialties now working together to make sure that they can sustain in the market and they make sure that all of the the risk possibility has been managed um and also i mean like the e-surface itself become highly competing so that's why there are a lot of effort the company has to um to pay to make sure that they have something with high quality and make the difference between them and their competitor so basically uh this is the four elements i would like to cover today as and also i would like to share something very important e-services has been increasing all over the world and it was like when i saw the last statistics it was very interesting for me especially because i saw my country become the second most gross e-service country in the world after china it was very interesting to see how the saudi government investing heavily in this industry and to see all of this transformation happening in my country and i am sure that will this will lead us to a better and brighter future and not just an e-service industry but also in in the economy in a hall so that's it for today thank you very much such a wonderful presentation about the digitalizing of the business in the new norm just wrap up with the point that dr monitor has changed us now uh when his role in the e-service market trying to reduce the cost of traveling utility expand everything is reduced and then we are just sitting at the home and we can work we can do uh anything that we want in just one one click or you know at the same place right and then the second one increase the importance of data analysis right we have now our day we have a dashboard we have a week next we have a zoo google meet that we can discuss and i have a meeting to have a decision making right away and then increase the risk of data security i just mentioned this now let's cyber security of course if any one of us have invest in the stock market we should be looking at the company that give the security cyber security service right because before they are less important but right now every big company need the cyber security because nowadays the technology of uh contributor is growing and the hacker also is growing and then the the information the data in the big company is a big asset you know the most expensive asset is the data of the company so all the company need to be protected by uncertainty environment nowaday right and the last one is the mix of specialty this is i like one the last one which is the data science right because now now the marketing is not we cannot just put the marketing we cannot just say about the product but we have to analyze the data right that tell us everything right as i uh know that after in the future uh the ai we know already what we want right even ourselves we not sure what we want to buy with ourselves not to uh which one which which color is better but i know already so this one is the impact of the data size analysis okay it's just wonderful presentation thank you dr majida again uh welcome now i got confirmed that mr iron cannot be accessed through our workbench so uh did he confirm right that mr erin is not with us right now okay yes uh sorry mr nanya uh yeah i received the same news yeah and mr irene could not join us okay due to a disruption of uh an internet connection from his area yeah we're sorry about that so we proceed to the q a session and we we are on time right 9 30 and we are in the q a session now we have two experts in uh ict industry right telecom server and also in a digital company from saudi i i also you know this is the first time that i listened to the idea of uh i i t digital technology from uh saudi arabia that i also hopefully that saudi will develop the technology to be the country that you know lead by the digital right because uh now i'm i'm looking to uh perform boom raw perform hard and everything we still need to do you know manual we need to remember so after this maybe everyone muslim around the world need to go to umrah or hajj you know just a few click only so they can have access and have the chance to go there inshallah so now we are in the q a session please deploy issues or participants or anyone can type in our website chat chat box also yes thank you mr nanya to all participants please write in your questions or inquiries in the chat box if you have any and then our moderator mr adnan will post these questions to our panelists yeah during this q a session of the forum thank you actually mr annan you don't have to worry about click in this a new era i think dr majida will give you offer you a solution of face recognition and from the face can tell you everything because i went this to a mobile world conference in barcelona we just walk and the system will guess what is your age oh my god yeah if they have the information about you definitely from the face they will give you tell you everything currently what we are doing is how we monitor uh the vessel uh through rfid so from the tower uh we detect all the vessels at the sea and then they communicate we know uh the the travel history of the that particular vessel but this was the same thing what happened the same thing will happen to humans after this it's like such a movie right before we watch a movie now it's real already yeah today we are we are we still not you know talking about the meta words right i i wonder there is a question post on the facebook in in my colleague that uh in the future we perform umbra with uh you know what he did okay so is there any question if no uh i would like to ask uh mr shahrun that in the malaysia what is the you know uh the role of the selkom in the future about the virtual methods how the sale come prepared to uh you know nowadays there is a cryptocurrency right there is a lightning cryptocurrency that is mining there is uh you know so many things there is uh that new generation are talking about that which is we you know i am 40 years old already you know not understand what their language are talking about right so my question is what is cell phones you know playing a role to the future of the you know nfg or maybe meta watch or maybe a blockchain technology what do you think is a two different company celcom asiata berhad is the mobile operator similar in malaysia is similar to maxi's mdg so satcom timosaba we are a special purpose vehicle in sabah to do a transmission network provider to cellcom maxis dg and others mobile operator our role here our role here is to carry the carrier traffic because salva is too big and the population is scattered that there is a no investor want to invest in zaba so what we what uh we did the government did we perform a joint venture uh company uh second demo as a sbb which is the members in the second timotha is a state government via his investment armed warriors or now they call it and then selkom aseatable as another joint venture member and also hugo success as a private investor so three party this is joint venture we carry traffic so what is our role in this metaphor our roles stay the same we carry the traffic for the to the user to the mobile operator to the enterprise to the hotel because but the difference is we must carry a bigger traffic at higher speed and we already built it we are 5g ready it's just uh the 5g haven't uh deployed in malaysia but actually in terms of infrastructure we are 5g ready network using uh ms otn we call it a multi-service optical transmission network where we can carry from kota kinabalu to to the right the end tower and let at the speed of less than four milliseconds that is the speed that we can carry actually we are ready we are ready for you okay thank you okay so now we can see that uh you are trying to uh uh develop the sabah state right to be a high-speed network to you know connect to the world a lot now now there is a question from dr damien dr how paramount has the big data been in terms of your market research and how do you see the development in the future okay um the beginning of the question is how is what but i just lost it how paramount has the big data in terms of your market research okay so um the importance of uh big data increased more and more and nowadays we combined board in our projects which means that we still need the traditional marketing research of course because we are in new norms so we need to go live and collect data but there are a lot of data as well coming from the applications and from our users online so what we are doing nowadays we try to combine both to come up with efficient outcome or efficient business insights but i would say that big data itself become more complicated nowadays uh because not just because of the sizing because of the multiple sourcing that we have to collect the data and we spend a lot of time to verify uh the data has useful uh insight to the company um previously maybe the data was more structured but nowadays due to the increase of e-services not all of the data that we pull up from the system it's beneficial for the company which make it more complicated because there is no other source to understand what's going on except that's all so we work hard to find out like uh like different ways to to have meaningful insight one of it combine it with the traditional marketing research any more questions from the participants uh one question on the doctor is there any business opportunity in the saudi arabia uh uh for what in the in the i mean the digital digital uh business yeah my country now has a massive growth in a digital domain as i said during in during my presentation saudi arabia become the second uh must grow like muslim growing country in t

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