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So, I went to Montreal, in Phoenix, with an empty suitcase but. What if I went somewhere, across. The ocean, on. An island with my plus-size options, be even more limited will. I still be able to find a day look and a. Night look we're. About to find out it's, the empty suitcase show and we're going to Honolulu. Hana. Hell, yeah you didn't set my foot this time. So. I'm trying to research this empty suitcase mic and. I'm. Finding clothing, stores but, I'm really, really struggling, to find places to buy a bit exists, so I think what I'm gonna do is talk to some people who live, on Oahu so. I can get the idea as, to whether or not there really are stores, to buy plus size bathing, suits or if. We're, just at a dead end. Hello. Hi. So. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about plus-sized, swimsuit shopping on Oahu, so I thought what's your experience with buying them. Don't. Like our money they're allergic to, us. Target. Tori. Again I go to like Walmart. Or Target or, tour, it how, is plus life shopping in general, on Oahu it's not too bad like I was taught to shop, local. Honestly. I was like thinking like oh it's Hawaii like people wear bathing suits always to go home because we're actually getting on a flight tomorrow at nine o'clock so. Thank. You so much for talking to me I really appreciate this. Oh. My God look at this soft morning, light should, we wake up this early all the time and take photos of each other no at. The airport, and, jen has a cold. Yeah kind of cold actually. And. Bring a jacket. I. Have. To wear Crocs as. My shoes, I guess 100% of brokerage I feel like every, outfit I wear on the show before I find, the new outfit it's forever tainted by, Lord, tape. Listen. You sound like the inside of a sock right now. No. They even run away I've never been it's beautiful. Leo's an airport they had. Also. A lot among the women. We, are here at the aloha Lani resort, that is hosting, us during this episode it looks very nice also the beach is right there Beach is right there there's a pool upstairs, we are jazz. It's. A beautiful. Outfit. You. Know the. One outfit that I brought because. It's the empty suitcase, show. My. Face. You're. Lying. I'm. Wearing, the same clothes from yesterday hey, I smell meat, on them where. You. Get look at.

Caleb. Is doing GPS and also getting b-roll it's. Empty suitcase. Everyone, has eight jobs, you. Have seven, jobs no no no no no you get an eight one pop question, I mean, it's this party. No, there will not be a kegger but there will be pretty dresses. So. We're, going to Manoa, it, is an awesome store, we're gonna meet the designer mana holy gas he's a native Hawaiian designer, she, showed in your Fashion, Week I'm really excited to. Try some stuff on, Aloha. My name is mano allah and i am the designer of, this wonderful store here called Mono Lake thank, you so much for welcoming me to your store, our prints, are all actually. Indigenous, cultural, prints and I actually carved them by hand at bamboo and, they're, all reminiscent. Of repetitious. Patterns, that I found in nature we live in such, a vibrant. Colorful, island, so it really reflects the, island spirit I'm always trying to figure out how I can find a store that is local, to where I'm going but also carries, sizes, for me no we love all shapes, and sizes that's, good because I am several shapes and sizes depending on the time of year back. Oh hi there what up I got T so excited, I'm so ready I go through it Oh Kristin, has 30 minutes I just wait. I do, yeah you've 30 minutes you. Can do this you have to go okay it's very pretty I love a good turquoise, yeah, it makes me feel like Lisa, Frank but tasteful, so. This is the Elana print, patterns. Actually woven, and all. These little triangles. Actually represents, our islands, in the land that will Emma pattern also symbolizes, the, aspect of the man are the met as a place to gather great, it's where my boobs will gather absolutely. Apparently. This, can be worn, and like thousands, of points maybe not a thousand, weight mono how many different ways can this be warned I may be a hundred different ways I mean honestly there there's so many different, ways you can tie it I'm playing dress that I know that you're gonna have to spend like 15 minutes trying to tie fine. 24, hours I, knew that I'm, gonna carry my I got it I got it I know why I'm here. Now. The thing about sizes. That you never know until, you go wow dr., Seuss. Here's. What happens every time we shoot these and I'm just like I'm only gonna get anything, plus. 15, more. Thank. You for being my little caboose yeah I love being a tiny-ass. Wait. Wouldn't this becomes what and our.

Slingshot. It's up to you wait. It's. A close that's also a weapon exactly. This is actually, a dress I saw online that can be worn in like a bunch of different ways it's a one size that's the best part, about it is that it's one everybody's, favorite I feel like some soars you're just like one size fits all but it's a - okay, right right right like. You don't have that many like of that color blue this color yeah I like, this one maybe I shouldn't get in this color blue maybe jen is unintentionally. Slowing down the process this. Pattern, is called Hulu naming the name a goose is our, state, bird that's our naming goose. So you can whip in naming I'm, just oh my god that was horrible. This. Is a really cool print I'm trying to be fast but unfortunately, the print was too cool and I had to go back for her thank, you. We'll put it in the back with all the others, I'm. Be shaved. A little bit I, love. This, what. I'm going to. The beach or when I'm going to the pool I'm not just like Here I am in, my bathing suit, I, always, want to do a look because I'm a little bit extra you, know Kristen focus Jen I think we're actually gonna do it in 30 minutes we're just I mean honestly. Shopping is. A. Couture piece I mean this print blows my mind I think. Meiotic. We got it we got it you got put clothes on your body literally. Just pushing me. Obsessed. With the fact that she thinks that her hands are bigger than, her height should be I have really large hands for a person that's five three everybody I know who's like five six five seven has the same size hands as me actually, I kinda, was staring, at when you're holding your cup right they're huge. You. Ready for. One yeah. Wow. Turned. Out great I, know you, did just add body I actually. Really like that this is elastic yeah cuz sometimes it's like you don't know where the lumps and bumps are gonna go so you give them room to breathe you see how this has two, sleeves I didn't. Even notice that that's so cool you, can have your snacks in there oh and we will. My. Grandmother, actually told, me this so she used to always put cash in here she told me of my cousins do you know why she. Keeps her cash in here and why you keep, your trash dang why there's, only two suckers you can trust. Get. In here ready for a little mermaid princess below. I, love, the asymmetrical hem. I know I when I was putting it on I was just like oh no it doesn't fit and I realized, that, it was asymmetrical, on purpose. So then I love plunge bras and v-necks it's like I understand what my assets are like, I know where I keep my goals they don't find me gross. And while they're doing that now it's, time for my performance. Oh my god. Okay, you're like a sea angel, I know I. Don't like to wear things without bras cuz like obviously, you know it's like two little beignets, and you love to hit the ground yeah because this stuff is so long I could just be like boom and like actually get like the side boob that I want to do that again what. Nice. Okay. Who. Doesn't love a good side boob okay we're, the tie this a little differently you want to see a tie off really yeah I mean you have to your your side here but also I want to yeah we're your ride home. Hello. It's. Like a totally, different dress it's the same dress it's hide differently, I know both Mike and Kaitlyn were like ooh new dress and I was like no no no no so, this is not going anywhere no, this is secure I could take on a wave should, I choose to same, dress, new, pattern, new colorway. Dude. This. Color new. Dress. Just. To explain that joke fine. Hello. It's. Me, it's. Something very youthful oh, I. Love the color I love those shoulder situations, I keep looking at myself in the mirror behind Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, is blocking, my view of myself. Catches. In the wind a little bit it's. Breezy easy, breezy beautiful me. Oh my. Gosh, I know this print is gorgeous. Salsa like my, height which I appreciate, sometimes with long dresses I'm kinda like well I'm a bride. I. Have. Some hard choices to be, we're. All set we've made our choices thank, you so much for your hospitality. This. Has been a really fun. Time. With us and I actually have a surprise.

I. Wanted. To pull Jen away from shopping for clothes that will not fit you I like these I, like. These I like these, isn't about me well it can be about you all. Right. We. Need to get bathing suits and shoes and accessories. Sick. I. Like the color all right so I have this part of my body covered we're, done, feel. Like I should try like a black bathing suit just in case yeah I'm, getting a three I'm gonna make that Jen's job delegating. And efficient, managers delegate. I. Just like automatically, touched the vagina area very soon Sarah why, why. I can't know I'm doing it too oh. This. One's so cute I know it's, like a fish theme to this is actually it makes me think of pony oh okay, you don't have a lot of orange things either Oh, got. It yeah she did it losing job rising. Person yeah I'm here Michael can. You get this down I'm here boyfriend. We are gonna reward you later. With. Snacks okay. If. I'm like sorry. I'm. Very sick. Where. Is the three. Chocolates. I feel, like you're very partial to this one here I think that one's really pretty and, we should drop these off and then go look at shoes you, are so smart I think, a lot of places that do plus I forget, that plus ice woman's feet are also bigger sometimes, they, will sell shoes, that like don't have enough space in the top it might just be like here my toes and I'm just like but. With these shoes I know my toesies, are gonna go all the way to the edge mixed, skin thank. You I love wearing shoes on my hands well let's, try some on let's go okay come on. Oh. It's. Very malleable Barbie, your. School supply highlighter princess is here, what. Up staples I, don't. Think it's gonna go with what I have it's very bright but you can see me from the moon Lance, Armstrong. Lance, Armstrong, is not, the right person. Alright yeah yeah I. Think I like the color I don't know how I feel about the shape I actually think this is really cute like that it's like that the hangy thing I just, sort of feel like it's a little simple, for what you usually do Bester I'm a little extra this kind of screams like hot, lifeguard which, is fine like have your hot lifeguard gin hot, love cars are boring you're right it's like we get it I'm hot but I'm not guarding any live no whoo. This. Color really, works also in a late really works with it too based, on the things I got at the last place I'm looking for something a little monochromatic, yeah, so that they, complement. Each other and don't repel, each other. Hello. I. Love, this one so. It's, so pretty look at the detail, so, good at first I was like I don't know about this when I put it on I was like well Jen was right again. Bitch. Finish baby it's, fun because like it's a fish print but also a space print oh I can oh he's a fish friend I just not space cool well I saw fish different. Perspective. Weeks of cleaners I think. I know what being a sailor medley Peck okay I think I know but, I'm not gonna tell you no no all. Right we're done we can go back to the hotel cool are you excited for a nap yes, that's, all you've ever wanted it's really is but you can't shop for it let's go. So. We've been doing a lot of driving, which reminds me of a good rule of thumb before. People who are visiting white whenever. You're like driving on your car doing some cool sightseeing, of nature, you should always pull over and, let local tribe. Past you because, they know the roads they live here they work here as their lives that, has been a fun tip a fun tip from these funds it's it's. A day of our activities.

Jenna's. Still sleeping, the. First activity, is we are gonna go to the, Cabana at the Aloha Lobby Resort and, we're gonna eat a little bit in the Cabana and then, I'm actually, gonna do two. Outfits. For the day I'm gonna do one outfit for eating and one outfit for swimming and I realize that's not what I said originally but whatever it's my show I make the rules are. You an extra, I am extra, I made a choice okay it was artistic. Are. You ready Jen, ready I wanna see here, I come. You. Went, with the color in like this I know it. Looks so good dude that was on purpose so obviously, this dress is from mana Ola with the earrings, are from torrid the, little shoes these are also from torrid, the glasses are actually from the ABC store because I forgot to buy sunglasses the tour yesterday. I'm really sorry tore it I like your sunglasses I truly just forgot also, incredible. Boobs censor, the boobs they look too good a little, blur okay they don't want people get an envious so, I'm doing a little electric. Pink pop of lip this dress actually it took like a few of us to figure out of tie but once we did it looks, bomb, we, do a little twirl hi it's me doing. A twirl are. You ready to eat something at school I'm. Hungry okay. Oh. That. Did not work. Dancing. Guess. What, what there's another outfit, coming, for our day activity, on the way, I know because I can't swim in this I got to change to my bathing suit, I, wanna. See that bathing suit, Wow. Oh. My, god it's the Little Mermaid it's Little Mermaid but she's like smart enough not to give up her voice and his best friends with Ursula. Oh they, hooked up I've been made me what, up I love. This bathing suit oh the mono Ola cover up and then, underneath it I have this really cute toward, baby soon oh. Boy Oh am, i tossing this to you yeah okay. I'm. A big fan I. Love. This color on you thank you. Baby. Camera. Oh. No, I watched it we. Yeah. It's time for me to get ready for our night, activity. We're going to MW, restaurant, what, would life where I. Already chose it so you know the. Decisions already made are you wearing this towel yeah, I'm gonna wear towel. The, way you master, lifts - this dress is impeccable. Thank. You so, this is obviously from the mono Ola couture, collection. It looks very Couture, you can tell this is like high fashion I know you can tell that I am a fancy, bitch yeah. These earrings and, the, necklace and, my shoes are from Turin like it feels very fancy. But also like you, wouldn't stab me like you're approachable, hot well, I'm not gonna stab you it's knives in. So. We are here, at MW. Which, we are so excited about you, may know this restaurant because our friends from worth it have actually visited this restaurant, during an episode before for some delicious, speciation. Also. We should point out that the beautiful Kaitlyn, fell. In love with my dress from earlier and, she, now owns it to. Do. Regional, cuisine so we're gonna feature a lot of the local farmers local, producers, showcase a lot of the local flavors tonight, hey Tina kind of a tour of Hawaii oh we're. Excited for a tour from. The parlor you get a mini slider the next one would be a playoff of all Korean style fried chicken I knew, I loved, you, before I. Met, you. Sloppy. She's so sloppy but one of us perfect bites is it ur ever had. In here. For. The year mulching festival, Mago well now guys are vocal, red snapper look at Chris I love fried mochi I've never had it on a fish on, assistant probably one of the most delicious fish is the.

Most Delicious species. I've ever had you know how, satisfying, it feels to, like pop bubble, wrap it's, that same feeling when. You eat this fish but. It's inside, your mouth when you're chewing it's, like when Kristen and I eat bubble wrap together. As Madi every, Saturday, she's like the Mona Lisa she's, good for every angle, and I wrote on a very long plane ride to see her. For, your entrée course you have a red, wine soy braised short rib truffle, mashed potatoes, and then some, whole farms here falls off the bone it basically melts in your mouth because meat is falling apart like me and a carly rae jepsen confit, she's tender, yet firm like. A sexy, principle. We. Have just as many desserts as we have courses I think one of the most unique desserts I've ever had it's like creme brulee less, like hollow hollow plus like it's. Like if someone made a fruit cup for the president, yeah but it's us weird. The kings of the castle I'm, gonna get a goose on I'm, gonna dip that doughnut, in its bath go. For a swim. These are adorable I'm. Gold them I, love gold. Someone. Could try to kiss you and then be like Gold Rush I. Wasn't. Expecting, that. Expected. Thank, you both so much for, such an incredible, meal I mean we're, floored this, was amazing we are full and, delighted. We're, actually gonna move into your bathroom. Thank. You very much. I. Wasn't. Sure if we were gonna be able to pull this episode off and, then it turned into our. Best episode, yet it's the first time we've actually met, with a designer of the actual, clothes you were buying had, had that personal connection to like what you were putting on your body which was like really. Special and cool this, was really fun I want to go home yeah I don't know either finding, a good swimsuit, on Oahu a little harder than it should be yeah but luckily torrid. Came through and helped us out so that was a huge relief thank, you so much of the aloha lani resort Waikiki. As well, as mono Ola torrid. MW. Restaurant, and Cassadine Kaitlyn by Rouen where should we go yeah, where should we go next. Where. You.

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I love a good Jen and Kristin combo video!

Jen still has her knife... I was wondering when it would feature in another video.

I was born there

I have a lowkey girl crush on jen she is so beautiful!!


Alohilani - A low he la knee

Honolulu- Ho no loo loo

I'm crying I friggin love Jen.

Haven’t seen an episode of ladylike since I was like 10 but jen is incredibly attractive




I am so in love with the last Manaola dress that Kristin tried at the store (maroon with gold print) that I want to fly to Hawaii just to buy it


I feel like a super fun challenge would be to go to India with no clothes. Make sure you go with someone who knows India as a local though!

You should visit Singapore next. The food here is great.

Do a LadyLike where Devin gets a Pixie cut!

Jen is so funny in this video. Well, she is funny in general. But specifically this one.

16:54 The pics are awesome! Especially the one on the right

I love how Jen referenced Ponyo

Wait...why isn't Jen shopping, too?

I’m SO mad. They prolly filmed this maybe April or May. I was there April 19th- April 27th. And my hotel was in their shot. And I walked passed their hotel soooo many times I’m so mad

Jen you are adorable! Like can I date you gawd!

I want to marry Jen wow

Does anyone know the dates that they were here?

I'm just a Kristen looking for her Jen!

i love how everyone from buzzfeed has left and slowly made their own youtube channels and cliques its soo cute


Kristin is so beautiful


Jen has such chaotic energy in this one

I LOVE Manaola. The copper dress with the Gold,..YESSS. You are so brave to try swimsuits on in a youtbe video. My favorite was the peach one. I love Torrid. I've watched this three times already. My favorite place youve gone yet. I would say bundle up and go to Alaska.

Easy, breezy, beautiful, covers me

Major Edna vibes from the designer. I love him.

Beautiful clothes in that first shop

omg i live on oahu for school this is cool to see hdhshs it’s so weird to see so many things i recognize in a ladylike video

Who clicked on this video just because of the miss spelling

Omg I literally have Kristin’s dress but in a shirt lol

you should do Washington DC! I love this episode!!

Go to Tokyo!

I was literally dying laughing throughout this entire video. I love you guys so much.

Come to Puerto Rico!!!

This episode made me hungry

I have to say one of my favourite episodes made me laugh so much love how inappropriate it was as well


All the dresses were Soooo beautiful

Ahh I can't believe you got to visit my hometown, Hawaii!!!

You should do a dress code from the clothes from this series


I live in Honolulu and I fell so honored that you love the Island

Jen and Kristin have the best friendship ever

Anyone was thinking what I was thinking? ;)

Tennessee next!

I wonder whAt it’s like getting thousands of likes on ur comment Your phone would just keep beebing

12:50 Jens gay came out!

I freaking love Jen she’s so wholesome

Kristin and Jen are so fun to listen to


Mermaid queen

That black bathing suit with the colorful floral pattern looks sooo good on kristen

I love the clothes, the colors and the prints.

hey Jen that's a cool knife

you should go to somewhere in Ontario next, like, Toronto, Exeter, London, Clinton, or Goderich. I know Goderich has a good amount of plus size clothing! :D

Is it just me or does Jen always have coffee or tea or something to drink?

Halifax Nova Scotia

I love Jen so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Come to Omaha, Nebraska!

12:11 omg Jane is so cute I can’t

I have the biggest crush on Jen

Jen's jokes were really hitting the mark in this video lol

The 1st store! Omg! They have some freaking beautiful clothes! It's making me take a trip to Hawaii just to buy clothes at that store

"that's homophobic" I love Jen sm hahaha

I want to be friends with Kristin and Jen, they are both HILARIOUS! ❤️

I’m mad why didn’t you do a meet up on Oahu I would have come

I love how Jen makes these ¨inappropriate¨ jokes and Kristen keeps trying to make them PG and miserably fails :)

This is definitely the best episode yet

If I were Kristen, I would have bought every single thing at the first store.

Maybe go to Japan?

Omg definitely will bring my best friend there!!! She had a hard time finding plus size for bathing suit and clothes for the beach. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!! I love you!!!!

Yassss MW is bomb! A little expensive but delicious.


Kristin: *mouth covered in rib sauce* "is there ribs all over my face?" Mike: "yes" Caitlyn: "yep" Kristin: "i think you're lying" LMAO

kristin looks beautiful in everything!!

I'm really loving watching Jen float around hopped up on cold meds

I also love how unrepentantly gay Jen is for Kristin

love them both so much!

I only watch this because I live in Oahu

"I love the word Taint"..... ""You sound like the inside of a sock""

What if you turned this into a comparison of how easily jen can find her size and how difficult it is to find your size?

Kristin i'd love to know how you stay so confident in yourself! I'm not as large as you, yet i've been bullied terribly for my weight and have struggled with eating disorders. I look at you and think you're lovely and look great, yet somehow I look at my own frame and feel upset. I truly try to love myself, but it is hard, especially with all my doctors constantly wanting me to lose weight. Honestly I feel like my doctors are making me struggle with eating disorder habits again, but they're just happy i'm losing weight... I want to just be happy with me. Buy in the plus section, including bathing suits and crop tops, and not feel like everyone is staring and judging. Also, Love you Jen


I love jens moment of hand shade

19:30 the ocean is homophobic confirmed

This was so funny and love those dresses!!


I can’t tell if I want to be Jen, or marry her?...

Y’all should go to Puerto Rico next!!! It would be good for their travel business since the hurricane and also it would be really interesting to see what they have for plus size people down there on that island!!!!

23:12 why theu do jen like that

Kristen and Jen!!

I really want to see Kristin go to an Asian country, because I know their sizes are so different and there might not be places for us plus size beauties (and I lowkey want to know where I can go shopping when I go lol)

I love these two

Jen is the best “hype man” ever.

why does it always seem like they're flirting?

I love Jen so much

I just wanna know where Kristin got her yellow polka dot dress from...

Jenn's humor and snark are giving me life.


You guys should try somewhere in Europe! It would be really cool to see you try this challenge in Italy!

Australia or the Emerrets(sp?)

NGL I was expecting the Manaola dress to be way more expensive when I checked the website. Really gorgeous stuff and it's awesome to have the chance to support a local business :D

Go find a gym.

You guys should go to Chicago!

Ummmm is shopping at Torrid in Hawaii any different than shopping at Torrid in LA?

Jen is like the best hype friend ever.


Go to Belize next. The clothing shopping is pretty slim pickings. Good luck!

How come she looks amazing in everything but I can’t wear a t-shirt without looking like a sack of potatoes

I have the same swim suit:)

Try Japan, I herd that everything is SUPER small.

"You sound like the inside of a sock right now."

try portland maine/boston/providence!

So in love with Jen right now! And Kirsten you have a banging rig! You rock my plus sized world xxx

Jen and Kristen are a funny duo.

I don’t understand what the premise of this series is beyond Kristen getting new clothes on Buzzfeed’s dime. This doesn’t even seem like a challenge.

Manaola is so cool he needs a youtube channel too!

You guys should come to Maine!! The “challenge” will be that like 75% of Maine is super small urban towns, but it’s so pretty in the summertime!


Kristin: “No, you can’t lick it” Jen : “That’s homophobic” KILLED ME

I love Jen so much. I wish she was in everything.

I love watching them in torrid. I work there and it's so much fun seeing the stuff, and seeing kristen in some of the same stuff I have tried on.


you should have come to maui, if you go to a store and cant find anything, there is another store 3 minutes away lol

the combo of kristin and jen makes me crack up

Come to Charleston

One size fits all....but also it's a 2

3 things 1. Jen is hilarious 2. I think Jen needs to get some 3. I'm very attracted to Jen rn

“That’s good because I’m several shapes and sizes depending on the time of year”

I have a love/hate relationship with how chipper Kristin is in the morning

She should do that dress for a week but tied differently

Jen’s gay humor becomes slightly more aggressive each video she’s in

Body positivity! Thanks for highlighting plus size shopping. Sometimes it is so hard to find affordable large size fashions that look good.

Jen looks and sounds like my ex girlfriend..

jen is the BEST thin ally ever

i died when she said Lance Armstrong omfg lloloolol

“you cannot lick it” “that’s homophobic” MEEEE


Love the pink mermaid swimsuit

Lovvvvvvveeeee the turquoise dress


I like the little voices that Jen does! It so freakin funny

I love Kristin and Jen together so much I just wanna be BFFs with them

I was going to point out a funny moment, but there are just to many of them every minute of the video!

I have never loved Jen more than in this video

Jen was so hilarious in this vid.

Do the upper peninsula of Michigan! The weather here can be INSANE! Preferably Marquette. That’s one of our biggest city’s.

They should try South Korea

Jen is freakin hilarious when she's sick

who farted at 23:34?:))))

Jen makes this video!! I love her

Key West! or Maine

if you want to try a really difficult destination, try Paris! Good luck there!

The final dress is BEAUTIFUL on you! You look Fabulous Kristin!!!

jens a babe

Try Austin, Texas!

Jen: "We gunna reward you later

What an amazing discovery! This video is incredibile! Thanks for having made it girls, you two looked beautiful

Spin a globe 2 find out where next. Or dart at a map.

I love you guyz!!

"That's a bandeau. Or a sligshot, it's up to you."

Austin, TX?

Just a side note in this video Kristen said "rule of thumb" don't. It refers to an old english law that states a man can beat his wife with a stick as long as it's no wider than his thumb." So yeah maybe don't say that.

Kitchen: “It’s knives in not knives o-“ Jorn: “You want my knife?”

Target in Kapolei ususally has a decent plus size selection.

I just got back from a week long vacation on Oahu a week before you posted this(June 1) I was in ko alina.

You guys should come to Colorado!

Darling Jen. You’re in Hawaii. There are a lot of Asian people

Come to New Zealand next!


Omg!!!!!!! I’m plus-size and I have the exact same swim suit! I know it’s not much but I think I’m gonna cry

Oh my Lord, I was just there. I'm sad now, I was in the same spot were.lol☹️

I just bought the red dress... fell in love with it

Michigan. In the dead of winter.

fairbanks ak!!

I’m confused by all the dislikes...

You guys should go somewhere in the Midwest!! See what you can find in corn/cow land lol (NoT cHiCaGo ThAt WoUlD bE tOo eAsY)

24 minutes of Jen and crew being dragged around and starved.


Go to Peru !!!!

MANAOLA!! omg so happy you went there!

Jen should do all of these shows sick... I swear she was funnier than ever!!!

Jen makes me laugh

I got so happy when she said ponyo

trinidad and tobagooooooo

Because of ya'll, I may have gone onto Torrid.com and purchased the same black and floral bikini .... #rockit #youlooksogood #ilovethatbathingsuit

Nebraska or Ontario Canada

"You can't lick it. That's homophobic" Me and my friends

I love when you four make videos together! Such great content not only because creativity, but because you are all having genuine fun! Love you guys and keep it up!!

I loooove that maxi.

I loved this so much that immediately after watching it, I watched it a second time. I love Kristin and Jen together, they are hilarious!

I bought the black bathing suit with the flowers at 13:37 a few weeks ago when it was on sale and it's sooo comfy!! haha

It would be fun to see you go suuuuuuuuuuper far away, like Ireland, Japan, Australia, something like that :D

Y’all should come to New Orleans so I can meet y’all *cough cough especially Jen* and literally die because I’m in love with you guys *cough cough ESPECIALLY Jen lmao*

They never said under clothes

Jen is even more hilarious when she is sick

Next destination: South Korea! South Korea has a huge lack of plus size fashion and it'd be so great if you could go on a hunt to find them. Might help us plus-size gals out if we want to shop in South Korea too!

Omg when I saw them at Dukes my heart did a little squeeze. I miss my old stomping grounds.

Austin, TX! Do some plus size thrifting. Definitely have options here.

jen has tea

Hey Kristin you should try going to Mexico and find what stores have plus size. Also so Jen can get some tasty food.

I really really liked the first dress you tried on at manaola, it looked so pretty

I love Jenn ❤️

come to london!!!!!!!

My name is caitlin!!

Jen is hilarious Kristin “your so sick”

Lmao I live on oahu

Try London next time or Russia

12:58 she mentioned ponyo

what an intro it's the kicthen and jorn show no clothes edition

Come to London


When she said “Aw that’s cute. No Kristen focus” I screamed

GIRL If you wanna challange a really hard challange try ALASKA! It wont be as beautiful as Hawaii but I bet it will be an adventure

One word. TEXAS.

Sick Jen is me on a daily basis

Jen gets it! I am 5"2, and yet my hands and feet are the same size as someone much taller. I am the only person that finds it weird.

You should come to Missouri

you guys should go to germany!

you guys should come to pittsburgh!

At first I didn’t like the orange bathing suit but I think it was just the dressing room lighting cause now I love it

I love all of those Manaola pieces on Kristin & I love Jen!!

Great way to write-off trips in your tax returns. "It was a 'work' trip" lmao


the little dance she does after each outfit

Charleston, SC

Next you should go to Iowa

Come to Nashville!

You guys should go to Minnesota where the weather is unpredictable.

03:53 omg lol

I just lived for this whole video ❤️❤️

What up staples

11:11 you looked like a goddess

Jen is so cute

If Kristin had a line with covergirl I would buy every product

Why is Jen always drinking coffee

Go to europe ! I heard that is very hard to find some plus size clothing. By the way love tour video, like always

jen is so cute im so gay oh god

I’ve been to Maui island before and I couldn’t believe how beautiful all their clothing was! I wanted to buy everything I saw! Also, I am soooo in love with that blue dress you bought! Absolutely stunning!!❤️❤️

Omg I love how Kristen is so confident about her body it’s amazing because nobody is like her

Go to Japan or Korea next

Manaola’s designs are so beautiful!

Jen is SPECTACULARLY FUNNY this episode

Jen was in a mood lol

Japan for sure

Why is Jen so good? Man i love her and Kristiiiin

Jeeeeen, I so get the hands thing! I'm 5'2 and only guys over 5'10 have bigger hands than me. I also wear a womens size 10 shoe

At this point, we get it Kristen, you travel

Makes me want to go to Hawaii just to buy some of those dresses

Anyone else from oahu ✌

Easy breezy beautiful me

And dress number 3

I’m going to just comment as she tries them on I love outfit one

No one: The comments: whatever the heck the designers name was so cool and I love seeing tribal prints Me: Am I at school sitting with the nerd

jen is such an awesome supportive best friend

I miss Freddie in videos

You should go to Paris France next

*Reads title half way* “I went to Hawaii” *Sees thumbnail* Me “omg yaygood for you” *Reads rest of the title* “Without clothes” Me: “oh god, no way” *Watches video* Me: “oooooh ok”

Sick Jen is my queen!

Next you guys should go somewhere in the Midwest bc we don’t have super inclusive sizing here. Grand haven Michigan is absolutely beautiful!

Where was the Haku Lei from??

"Do you want my knife"

Come to Oregon!

They should go to Japan

This is how many people think Jen should make her own channel. Maybe vlogs, or just Jen being Jen. ⬇

Oh my God how is Kristen so pretty. I wish I was half as fashionable as her. I love these videos

SO STUNNING!!! Love All of it! Lookin like a pin up girl in that gorgeous coral swimsuit

I wanna move to Hawaii

Omg they went to the same airport as me when I went to Hawaii

I lived there

New York, Seattle or Paris

The dresses Kristin bought kinda remind me of Game of Thrones. The blue one looks like something Daenerys would wear right at the beginning and the pattern on the other looks like something Cersei would wear. Also Kristin looks so amazing all the time and I live for it

Manaola was so charming and funny and his designs were stunning - I'd wear every dress Kirstin tried on.

kitchen and jorn flirting for 24 minutes straight

She said one size but it's really a size 2 lol and I cried

Iʻm excited she went to Manaola but super jealous because his clothes are expensive!

Come to Richmond Virginia with Freddie!!!!!!

I love the romper you had on shopping

Kristen: You sound like a sock right now. Jen: Oh yeah!

I think you should go next to Romania

can you tell us the exact color, name, and pattern of the manaola dress? i want one but i cant find the dress you bought. or if you can give a link

I’m not a pattern person but I would literally wear all of them

I love it when you guys mention/go to Torrid in your videos. I work there and I love it.

The bathing suit that she picked is absolutely amazing! I was actually looking at it at torrid recently because I really wanted to get it but they didn’t have it in my size :(

Jen should try this challenge

Where can I buy Jen's t-shirt at 4:12 ? :O


My bff was actually born in honalulu

I think it's time to leave the country again. How about either New Zealand or Japan.

soooo is all of this under business expenses? are u hiring?

Y’all should go somewhere with a rain forest.

international edition!!!

My goal: to go to Torrid, grab handfuls of clothes and NOT have to check prices

Kristen: I dropped meat on my dress Jen: where?!?!? Kristen: no you can’t lick it Jen: That’s Homophobic

Why is her head piece worn so low on her face? It’s low key annoying to look at

The clothes from Manola are stunning, those Hawaiian patterns are gorgeous

Jen is so ill and so adorable, I hope she got her naps

I really wanna go to hawaiii

The way jen said ponyo

i never comment on these but i feel like kristen doesn’t get enough love and she is literally one of the most beautiful people i have every seen and she’s just such a positive perosn i love watching any video with her in it. especially her and jen together because they always make me life and smile. kristen i love you!

The dress she chose for the night looks incredible on her! Goddess

I love how unapologetically gay Jen was this episode

Does manaola ship?

Where are all my locals at?!

Jen was kind of horny in hawaii

Kristin is my absolute fav

This was great! I especially loved Manaola. I always love Jen but Jen with a cold is even more joyful! And the halo-halo reference! #pinoy ^_^ Also, all of these videos make me feel hopeful as a plus size shopper. It's rare I enjoy shopping but seeing how you shop makes me feel like it doesn't have to be a stressful, depressing experience. Thank you for great content!

Here’s an idea: West Virginia

23:14 idk why but i died laughing

This was such a good episode and wonderful representation of the local fashion! The designer was really funny too!!!!!! You guys should do Texas next!

I wish she got that red off the shoulder elastic dress it was so so pretty

I love Jen and Kristin

go to vermont

go to italy!

I'm living in Hawaii now Just for these store

Yo jen is so cute

next Texas?

I have one of the same bathing suits that Kristin picked out

you should try seoul, south korea or tokyo, japan next

and ... which pills was jen taking for her flu? i want some

It is the best episode! Kristin you looked so so beatutiful and i loved all of the outfits

store guy; my name is manaola me; manaola? store guy; yap! .

LOL y'all went to the beach my brother lives on in Kailua!! I'd recognize that view anywhere.

You had a VERY easy flight. Me my mom and sister had to take 3 flights with a total 14 hours. We stayed at a hotel in San Francisco between the first and second flight.

Go to South Korea! I spent two month there for school and it was a struggle to find clothes my size (18) while i was there. I would be interested in seeing if you guys would have any more luck than I did. Place its such a beautiful and fun place to visit!

I live in Hawaii on Kauai

U should go to Helsinki

As someone who has never been to Hawaii I'm happy you went to Hawaii

Kristin and Jen being a comedic duo for 24 minutes straight

Go to Japan with no clothes?

It would probably be more difficult

Jen jumping for the orange swim top is literally me at work bc I work for torrid

aaw i wanted to buy that red/gold dress from manaola but it's not on the online store (anymore?). now i'm sad ._.

Go to Asheville NC we have the Biltmore estate, downtown, the French broad river, and we’re the beer capital

Lovely episode

I'm in love with Jen

you cant act like you dont have a crush on jen, even if its just a little bit, cause deep down you know we all do

You should come to Norway

every time it said OAHU I thought it said Ohio (it took me at least a min. to realize )

I love how Kristen is so confident about her body

I loveeeee these, please make more :))

Jen is so gay...omg its hilarious but we all love it lol

I'm plus size and from Hawaii and I love Torrid so much!

Am I the only one who thinks Jen looks so cute while sick? Only me? Ok

This title was misleading


I am so buying every one of those dresses! Gorgeous!

Come to Minnesota!!!! Please!!!!

I love Jen!:))

living on oahu i usually get my plus size bathing suits from target its a little cheaper than torrid. but old navy is another place i go to to get my clothing. decently priced but honestly i wear yoga pants alot lol

Can we just pep how beautiful kristians make up looks

i want whatever drug jen is on

Tbh that me



Go to the phillipines! or Jamaica. Seriously, I'm blasian that's why

The maroon dress is reaaaaally pretty with that lipstick

Kristin looks so happy shopping at the first store. And I feel the same too! It's contagious

Come to Calgary during the stampede!


manaola has beautiful designs but i just can’t afford it

i feel like jen was super hungover in Manaola


Come to oregonnnnnnnn



wait did Mike get something from Manaola too?

why was Kristin randomly singing Savage Garden?! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Kristan(sorry if I didn’t spell it right) is just soo beautiful and she makes everything work

Jen walked around with her napkin-wrapped tea lowkey looked like she was drinking alcohol from a paper bag in certain shots lol which I also wouldn't have been surprised by based on her overall lack of her mind. Also the red dress's pattern reminded me of ginkgo leaves (which are good luck for like wealth and happiness in Japanese culture) which I loved. And I totally get what Jenn said about all the ladies looking like her grandma, I'm half Japanese and my brother and I got asked if we were "visiting auntie" once when were in Oahu because we looked local and they thought were were traveling alone lol.

I think we'd all be gay for Jen lol

Come to Minnesota !!!

Jen loves Kristen u cannot change my mind

Should *

That burgundy and gold dress from Manaola is absolutely beautiful on you!!!

kristin looks so good in reds


Omg I loved them all

Seattle next!!

11:05 is the best one

I’m so jealous.

Please come to minneapolis!

Rhode island

Jen is a blessing.

i love Jen so much

i love jen

Great episode! Kristin, that off the shoulders dress when you were facetiming the girls is AMAZING! Where can I buy it? Can you share a link please? Hugs and kisses from Prague!

Literally nobody:literally nothing Jen: you want my Kniiiiiiiife


can you go to saskatchewan??? PLEASE!!!!!


Kitchen and Jorn are ULTIMATE brotp!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them

Jen jen jen hey jen I think you're cute:( you may catch a case but its cool

okay Kristin is DAMN photogenic

I love manaola


Kristin: Casually talking Also Kristin: Pulls sunglasses out of her bra like the badass she is

Go to Australia!!! Also, I wish you had bought more of the dresses. They were all soooooooo gorgeous on you! Especially the two sleeved one!

I'm here for the love and support between Jern and Kristin. I love these two.

Awww you came to my home! Im so glad you liked it here! :D

Jen is so cute

So I'm generally "straight" buttttttt Jen can get it .......always she can always get it THIS IS A SHAMELESS THIRST COMMENT Edit: did you see the little bit of sand on her butt when she was reading

I feel like Jen was tipsy half the video

The first dress she tried on looked amazing, and wow blue is her colour!

I love the first store owner’s spirit

Jen is so cute and funny at 23:12

Okay... sk why did jen not have on her same clothes

4:05 I would walk that everyday with my dad and drive it to get ice cream

THE WALL. I used to jump that all the time. But now I don't live their

My au tie works for that hotel

Hawaii got no night life I know I live their.

I'm so in love with Jen

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Kristin.

I love Jen she is so funny when they where in torrid

I love that Jen can actually pull a knife out of her pocket

I love those dresses

8:03 I feel the same, im like 5'4 & this dude who's like 5'9 has the same size hands as me, my cousin pointed it out & we put our hands together & I was shocked

Manaola was super cool and the Jen + Kristin dynamic is the best.

I want Jen to be my best friend

No one: Jen: thAtS hOmOphObiC

For some reason, I kept thinking Jen's tea was a burrito

Jen and Kristen in everything always. ❤️

Kristin, you should try to find plus size clothing in New York


You guys should go to Paris or Japan

holy crap jen has the same hand problem as me

You to should go to central point in Oregon because that’s where I live it’s a cute little town and they have a cute little Chinese restaurant called Ma’s

holy crap you guys are my fave I was screaming "YESSSSSSSSSSSS KRISTIINNNNNN" and "JEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"

Go to Minnesota


I loved Manaola. What an amazing person. Also hilarious. Also as someone who shops at torrid a lot. I have 3 of the swimsuits that Kristin picked out. lmao.

I challenge you two to shop for a nap!! Make a video out of it

11:10 was fave

Wasn't this show originally about how hard it can be for plus size women to find clothes in a pinch?! Usually women don't get promo appointments with designers, or the store closed & just to themselves. Just saying.

I like the combo od the peach bathing costume and raspberry cover.

Go to Paris next!!!!!

I really love Kristen with a natural makeup look, she’s always gorgeous but a nude lip just suits her so much

Why do they spell it like that

Yay representing my home :DDDD

Wyoming... Go to Wyoming...

Next Episode Jen Should Do It With You! It Would Be So Interesting To See Someone With A Different Sense Of Style Try To Do This Along With Kristin!

You should go to Florida or Costa Rica

Norway next!!!! Lillehammer

missed opportunity to collaborate with bretman

Go to Maine! Bar Harbor, Portland, or Freeport. OR St. Johns, Newfoundland.

Why did I think the towel was her dress tho XD

What’s really in that cup Jen?

Yes! She literally got everything I wanted (even the bonuses) and no I want to go to Hawaii just for that local clothing store!!

You got so su burned honey I'm sorry

*you sound like the inside of a sock*

That sky blue long dress was my fave

a dessert

It's a bandeau or a sling shot. I love it!! Also my family refers to bras as sling shots so it fits.

Go to Indiana

sis didnt get accessories

Jen is such a hype queen

Go to Nashville next!

Jen be best gril

Jen:*Coughs* Kristen: “you sound like the inside of a sock Jen: “yeah”

love these and love seeing kristen feeling herself. such a fun and heartwarming video!

I know I’m late but go to Chang mai Thailand!

You two are friend goals. I love your body positivity Kristen!!

Sees Jen, clicks

so pretty in the evening look dress

I live in Honolulu and my soul- their pronunciation- nooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo o o o o oooooooooooooo oooooo ooooooo ooooooo ooo-

They did good for the most part but lol

Come to Tuscaloosa Alabama! You can get in on the Roll Tide madness. :"D

Kristen looked so cute in all those dresses and the Orange and rose bathing suit :)

I've haven't watched a bunch of Ladylike videos recently, so when Jen jumped out at 0:15 I had to take a minute and remember that this is a reason why I'm Bi


You should go to Canada

Let’s make Kristin’s face at 11:57 a meme, I’ll start *when somebody you really don’t like tries to be funny*

They should go to Indianapolis

Kristen, Japan would be so cool! And interesting to see what they would supply plus sized

Kristin: easy, breezy, beautiful.. Me: COVERGIRL Kristin: ..me 10:55

Great thing to come back and find after a week of encampment, love the content ladies!

I really loved the first red off shoulder outfit on Kristen

Come to Colorado, so I can meet y'all!!

Jen is just that one person I want to be my best friend she is so funny and my sense of humor is pretty rare BE MY FRIEND

Go to Texas or Miami

You are so pretty girl





My fav episodes on LL are these and trying everything from Trader Joe’s. So basically everything Kitchen and Jorn

Jen fangirling over Kristin is a mood

I love Kristen and Jen together, their hilarious, the perfect amount of funny stylish and gay

The dress at @10:30 was giving me serious Margaery Tyrell vibes! Love it.

I want that teal dress that can get tied different ways! Is there international shipping???

when jen was like "idk why but I cant stop touching the vagina part of the bathing suit" the whole time I was thinking, "well jen, maybe it's cause you're GAY"

Burlington Vermont, lots of good gay bars!!

loving this asian pacific islander representation

Jen is so cute I think I'm going to be homo now

Try Batangas Philippines...

luuuuuv Jen´s jokes

Go to Mexico

I don’t like the bathing suit that much lol

Ya see when I watched this video I was two weeks away for my trip to mexico ya see where I'm going here...

You should go to India

Come to Orlando

Did anyone else see that ring in the sky at 19:37???? I’m so confused is it a reflection???


I didn't knew Jen was gay? Well she is a human and very pretty too I luv her videos anyway


I would immediately get tangled in that tying dress

you should go to Italy

Omg I thought u actually went to Hawaii with *no clothes*

Yay Jen !

you guys should go to Paris next!!

Wish I could see you there I live there

I lived in Hawaii UwU ❤️

My favourite comedy double

You should come to QLD, Australia

These clothes are gorgeous!!!!!!

Not to be weird but like Jen was being a teeny tiny bit sexual towards Kristen just I already know it’s just me any ways good video tho

Please come to Houston!

I love how Jen and Kristen are polar opposites but are best friends

Jens face at 2:57 I can’t even handle it

I said it in the last one, go to a small town in the middle of nowhere or better yet, Japan or Korea. Good Luck finding plus size clothes in Korea!

Jen needs her own talk show

things I enjoyed in this video: ✅ Amazing, local store with beautiful clothes ✅ Shop owner radiating peace and love, also hella funny ✅ Boppin' outfits on Kristin ✅ All of Jen's comments ✅The 8 jobs everyone had to do ✅ Me wondering when I'll ever be so lucky

You should go to Aruba

Love that blue dress and the black swimsuit!!


“Censor the boobs, the boobs look to good” -Jen I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

“I knew I loved you before I met you” Everyone with a crush on Jen

Kristen was serving it up she looked gorgeous ❤️

Please go to France! I think it would be fun to see Kristen and Jen there.

Jen is so attractive i love her

My mom was born In Honolulu

Jen is on another level this time around *whispers* i love it

Dude I was there when this was posted

They are too cute

You guys’ pairing is sooooo perf!

You guys should go to Miami :))

can jen just marry me already? pleaseeee

Damn Jen is too cute

I love this series

sick jen= even more gay and freakier jen.. I’M LIVING

You should go to Mexico next but don't forget to take Jen.Jen is funny and cool

I literally stayed at that hotel in Hawaii!

As a plus size woman, love ALL of this. But, would love to see how much the clothes are. It's nice to see that more shops are catering to us, but can you do it on a budget? Also, shout to Jen-- love her!

Plus, PLEASE come to DC... I have no idea where to shop here outside of Eloquii and Torrid

Mexico you should go to Mexico


“You sound like the inside of a sock right now.” WHAT

Kristen: you can’t lick it Jen: *thats homophobic!*

You guys should go on a safari trip to like South Africa and buy safari clothes.

Love this series, always watch every episode (even though there are only 3). Keep up the great work.


You should go to San Francisco! Crazy weather changes and not a lot of independent plus-size stores, so it would probably be pretty challenging! :)

This will be very challenging but you can go to Ghana with a empty suit case of anywhere in Africa or if you going to the states go to Colorado

You guys should go to Alaska

is Manaola expensive? I could google it I guess lol

Kristin looks amazing


Or England

Alaska or Puerto Rico

I actually always thought Jen had small hands

I want to be their friend. Also, go to Vermont. Try to find plus sized clothes that don't look matronly, then test out maple creemees, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, Coffee Roasters, Red Hen/Prohibition Pig.

I loved when Jen put the napkin in front of Kristin’s face. Pro move

Try a different country

you should go to toronto next!

Omg I love Jen and Kristin so much!

So glad she got the pretty peach & gold bathing suit & the unbelievably gorgeous burgundy & gold dress! Kristin looked absolutely *beautiful* & one word for Jen... *Hot!!!* ETA: Ps~ come to St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada!! Easy going & laid back, lots of delicious local food at upscale restaurants & a fun night out on George Street... Which has reputably more pubs & bars per square feet than any other street in North America. You can become an honorary Newfoundlander at a "Screech-In". Yeah, we love a party! And, yes, Kristin will find clothes, lol!

Absolutely love that she went local, but dang this video makes Hawai’i look way better than living here everyday.

Manaola - AMAZING.

Kristin is so pretty, I'm jealous. she makes me wanna be trans so I can be wear dresses

Go to France

Could you go to Japan or Korea?? Please?

I LOVE Jen! she is always crazy(in a good funny way) but always MORE crazy when she is drunk or sick. I LOVE extra - crazy jen

Jen: is dying Kristin: *you sound like the inside of a sock right now*

Come to belfast!

Y’all should go to Texas

This video is gonna be used as evidence at Jen’s next HR meeting

I would love to see y'all go to Puerto Rico- the island of enchantment!

My lil sister was born in Honolulu

How the frick did I not see you guys I go to pearl ridge almost three times a week

Omg, I’m popping bubble rap right now

The crocks made a come back

U should go to Michigan

You should go to New York, Nashville, D.C., Dallas, or lmao Bell Missouri lmao just look at how small that town is it’s beautiful but there is nothing there lmao

Bruh those nipss

Kristin looks so beautiful in those dresses and the swimsuit.

You should go to Egypt!

Please go to Colorado!

for this challenge

i love living on this island and not seeing them hahah

You have to come to Kansas city MO and shop at lane Bryant or cato and have some amazing BBQ

Y'all just previewed my new honeymoon destination! Thank you! Manaola is a freaking genius! Thank you for the preview Kristin and Jen!

Say hi to my aunt you should contact her

i was honestly gonna be mad if Kristin didn't pick the mermaid suit

I freaking love Jen so much!!!

I didn’t know how much i needed sick-and-high-on-cough-syrup Jen.

( º˵ ل͟ º˵) ╱\ ( ⚆ ʖ ⚆) (˵ ☉ ʖ ☉˵)

go to canada next

You should go to Tokyo

Come to Minnesota for the Winter Carnival!!!!

You should try doing this on a trip to Disney World since you’ll have to find standard Disney clothes you like. You should also try going to Paris and deal with European sizes

Go to Cartagena or San Andrés in Colombia !

Come to indiana!!! I would love to see you guys!!!!

*Whole video about Kristin..* Me: oh Jen

I love both the fish print bathing suits :D

ayyyy my hometown

10:36 I'm calling it Khaleesi Dress

I absolutely love Kristen’s and Jens friendship!!!

You should try to do it in the U.P of Michigan!

kristen: you can’t kick my dress Jen: homOphoBic

Kind of upsetting how Kristin barely listens and just uses his passion for his culture as a segway to her joke

Go to Missouri

Love your 2nd dress but you looked pretty bomb in that towel

How about Bar Harbor Maine?!

I actually have the mermaid galaxy one piece bathing suit xD best thing to wear while you're pregnant too xD

Jen was especially funny this episode

i love that man

legend says Jen is still left hanging for that high five at 17:42

We love Kristen and Jen and Mike and everyone behind the scenes xD

kitchen is beautiful

Can you do New Mexico next

“Wait do that again” *Kristen turns” Jen: “niceeee”

yall should try Indiana in April = snow one day and 80 degree heat the other

This is the best one so far. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. Thank you for that! Jen you was high. LOL

yo are they high with me right now?......

I mean... when you have money to buy whatever you want....

anyone else stare at jen’s hands for the rest of the video after she said that her hands were huge?

I use to be extremely anorexic and afraid of gaining weight, I came out of these habits on my own but watching Kristin's videos help me keep a pro body image mindset. You don't have to be skinny to be liked. You don't have to be skinny to find nice clothes. Be who you are and accept yourself Thanks Kristin for helping me see myself for who I am. Jen's great too

I'm obsessed with the red and pink dress Kristin is wearing when she's on the phone at the start of the video, does anyone know where it's from?!

Go to Norway next

Haha is it just me or does it seem like jen was flirting with Kirsten

jen just subtly flirts the entire time but its fine, its jen. did she mention shes g a y

everything at the first store was awesome!

Jen I got you!!! I’m also a 5’3 with large hands, IDK WHY?!

When she came out of Kirsten’s dress I died laughing

Come to the good ole MinneSNOWta in February.

My younger cousin is plus size and can only find clothes at torrid in Indiana. It would be awesome if she had role model come out this way, but it is kinda boring here

I loved the close up shots at 16:41 and 19:48, the soft lighting really emphasised the glamour

why does kristin have the personality of a flamboyant gay man

Jen is so funny

My favorite episode so far!

Go to nyc


Even sick, she is still so funny! I'll just forever have a crush on Jen!

You gotta love that in all of these videos Jen has a jacket/sweatshirt but Kristen never brings anything she always wears dresses

kristin/jen videos are my new favorite thing


Go to Africa or Jamaica next

I love these videos, but I love Jen and Kristin's friendship and interactions more.

Kristin: I spilled meat on them! Jen: Oh sh*t where?!?! *Jen looks excitedly* Kristin: No you can't lick it Jen: tHaTs hOMoPhoBIc!??!??!!" omg I love Jen so much xD


nobody: jen:bOoBsSsSs

So I’ve learned from this video I should expect to buy lots of new clothes when I go to Hawaii.

Come to Souther Illinois next

"you sound like the inside of a sock right now"

They should go to London next!

Love her makeup and love her dress (the plum? one) that she wore to MW Restaurant. I want it!

Washington D.C.!!!!!!!!

I think these are the best dresses Kristin has gotten. In my opinion; I love the dresses from the first store.

Jen, continually making question my sexuality in every video. Lol

you should go to Nashville Tennessee !!

SAME JEN! I HAVE HUGE HANDS. I'm 5' 4" and I can carry a camera safely in one hand

You can wear dresses regardless of your gender friend!

dear god i love jen so f*ing much

I was on Oahu about 2 weeks ago and I know exactly where she was the entire time.

Anybody from Hawaii

*im gay*

Hawaii is amazing, I loved living there. Miss it so much. Everyone is so nice and welcoming.

Love Jen and Kristen together ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Go to China

Gotta go international. Extreme challenge-Japan.

please come to St paul and minneapolis. We have a great plus size resale store you should check out.

12:45 lmao you can tell they both arent straight

i love how americans pronounce montreal

Jen making the whole comment section gay

I would suggest Minnesota but there isn't really much here

You looked beautiful in all of them!


but.. that guy wasn’t wearing any shoes at the first store

They filmed that intro in Hawaii. Jen was SO tan.

JEN IZ AMAZIN!!!!!!! just wanted to let u know

I loved all the out fits Kristen picked!!

Funny because I was in Hawaii during the same time at the hotel next door I’m dead

i live there !

i have a crush on jen

I literally think I'm in love with Jen not even joking

The Islands are home to many lovely plus size women from many cultures. It is a great place to shop for plus size fashion!

Its cute when Jen was covering up for Kristen when the carmel started to drip whrn she was biting into the chocolate

Go to Texas!

So gay for Jen

Jen is so gay & I love it so much

I wanna see Jen do this challenge ;) ;)

Anytime I see Jen, I'm just like who is this beautiful person. So in love.

I too, Kristen, know where I keep my gold.

I really want Kristen and Jen to come to Texas for this show!

Nobody: Not a soul: Kristin: You sound like the inside of a sock

Australia brisbane

Go to Denmark, cause why not

i may or may not thought they were going nakked

I just loved the first designer! I plan on being in Hawaii in a few moths and I will definitely be stopping by so he can take all of my coins!

Kristin makes me want to wear swimsuits

*why does Jen always question my half gayness*

Loooove the pink bikini! Yazz

Jen’s inner princess

Go to Alaska

These intros always do the most and I love it

You should go to San Antonio!!

Or now York

Girl crush on Jen, or straight out crush on Jen?

Omg y'all should go to Canada with no clothes and see what you can find. The colder climate might make it easier for a day time look but more trickier for night.

Everyone who clicked on this are perverts

Weird you just passed where I live

@12:40 the funniest part ever XD

Jen is so cute

Omg I was in Honolulu the same time as you


you should go to maine next

I can't stop loving you!!

This duo is everything. Love you girls!

Does anyone else notice that the security tag is still on the bathing suit? 18:22

this makes me wish I had friends

Go to West Virginia good place even though there's not that many fancy restaurants it's still a great place to visit and they have a bunch of plus-size clothes

the bathing suit is sooooo cute I love it!!!

0:38 that was the same day as the editing notes class she did with Morgan in the other video!

Jamaica or belguim Antwerp

Come to Connecticut!!!

i really loved the way te bell sleeve dress looked in Kristin and she didn’t buy it, actually I’m sad

europe next, berlin berlin berlin yeahhhhh!!!

You guys should go to Miami next and also I love Jen and Kristin so much


Challenge: Jen and Kristin are only allowed to talk in disney quotes or music lyrics for a day

Jen was so funny in this video!!!

I looooooooooove Jen... She's sooooooooo funny...

Low key.. wishing Jen would marry me

jen is my faviorte person at lady like she isvery energenic and fun

Did u see plastic in that ocean?

Kristen is the confident plus size woman who i wish I was lol

You should come to Seattle next

Easy Breezy Beautiful me. =)) please make it a Quote T- Shirt! ;))

Did anyone else think the mini slider looked like a krappy patty #spongebob

“It’s a bandeau...or a sling shot ;)” ha I

They already went to Canada https://youtu.be/eipvjQ9Rccg

GO TO JAPAN OMG (or somewhere in Asia) or maybe Europe!!!!

Is it just me or is Jen just so pure

Its 2:17am and I’m starving

can you go to Utah? or not, idk i live there and nobody goes to Utah so :( it would be really great If you'd come! :) (also sorry im late :// )

you should do it without reasearch

Kristen makes every outfit look good

Come to Portland Oregon for a episode !

Here’s the thing with Torrid swimsuits; I usually LOVE them. I can get one suit and usually get a couple summers out of them. This year however, I was so unimpressed by their selection! I can’t wear one pieces because the top of my body is totally disproportionate to the bottom half (like Torrid sizes I’m usually a 2-3 with tops and 0-1 for bottoms, just to give you an idea) so tankinis are usually my go to. But they had zilch in tankini selections this year! They had one peices and then crop top/bikini suits, which do not look good on me. I hope next years suits have a bit more selection in types of suits. And by the way, Kristen rocked everything she wore in this video!

Go to Mumbai India and team-up with the Buzzfeed team there!!

a fun tip for these fun tits~ jen- jun 8th, 2019

no one: not a soul: kirstian: HelLo ItS mE

no one: no one at all: not anyone in the sea: nobody in the sky: jen: who loves a little side boob i love jen shes my favorite

I have a huge crush on Jen

You should go to Norway next :)

I love how its all "yeah jen is sick....but we are gonna drag her to Hawaii!"

All the comments I see is about jen and how people wanna marry her or date her


2:24 she bought those shoes in " I tried styling crocs for a week " video

Reading the comments like thank god I’m not the only one who noticed Jen being weird

Kristin is so gorgeous!

Kirs looks beautiful

Ladylike goes to Siberia with no clothes...

we love you jennnn

Anyone else ship Kristen and Jen?

Im in love with jen

Jen's hyper gay energy in this video is the bomb


I read the name of the restaurant as fork fork

Come to Ireland! I’ll show you around

I absolutely love them together!!!

How much does it cost to go to Hawaii vs Disney World?

I also have a cold just like Jen

How does Jen get past airport security with her kife but I can't bring an extra oz of shampoo?

I’m straight but low key have a crush on Jen

Honestly love jenn so much !❤❤

I want a jen

Around 9:20 I luv how jen say those words..

I’d like to see Jen shop too. I wanna see the difference in clothing choices. Maybe they can match idk

You guys should go to Kansas

Kristin and Crazy Jen here for this video.

Yassss gurl!! Slay that savage garden song

Kristen you look beautiful

Ugh this video is the best, cause it really is a pain getting plus size clothes (especially in bulk) in so many countries. Try New Zealand. Its a mission to buy here so most of us buy stuff online from overseas.

Kitchen and Jorn are my favorite

Low key I’m straight but I would be so down to date Jen. She’s so outgoing

She brought back the crocs!!

Y’all should go to Dallas Texas, come see all the yee haw stuff that goes down here

Can you do a version of the Empty Suitcase Show that tells what Kristin does bring? Like a “what’s in my bag besides clothes” the girl has to at least bring a toothbrush!

where can i purchase a Jen?

im realizing that they went to the mall by my house ;(



Me at 3 am boobie glasses


Jen reminds me why im bi, like i love my dudes but dannnng, Jen i love you

Does anyone else notice how the last Manolo dress totally gave off Cersi Lannister vibes???

Go to Albuquerque NM!

i feel like everyone hould do this the checkin at airports would be so easy

this is basically one video of jen being ooper gay

That Hawaiian dude at the first store was such a nice and funny he’s great

WOW. The designer at Manaola Hawaii was INCREDIBLE - such beautiful work and so body friendly!

I want those dresses x.x

Who thinks Kristina should model for monaola

go to memphis tn! i’m plus sized and i love shopping there and it’s a beautiful city

I can only think about how the first blue dress gives her so much Cinderella vibes


I dare Jen to go an entire video without talking about knives.

95% of the comments are about how much they love Jen 5% of the comments of the funny things Kristin said

U guys should try Spain nexttttt

please come to Michigan !!

no one jen: wow dr.suess!!

Go to Alaska!

Jen are you ok because u look high at the AirPort


I love ladylike

Trust me, Hawaii’s selection of plus size isn’t limited.

Does anyone know who ponyo is if not look it up because it’s a great movie

U should definitely try alaska and if u go to the rite part of alaska u can she the aura lights

Where are Kristen’s glasses from ?

Poor Jen she did so well but she was so out of it.

I think it would be fun, and challenging, if Kristen went to a country with different sizing conventions, cause here in England I'm a size 14 but when I order clothes from America I'm closer to a size 10.

What about going some place like Maine, east coast shopping I'm sure is different than west coast.

i kinda ship jen and krisyet

Jen with a cold totally sounds like Miley Cyrus

Who else thinks Kristina should model for Manaola

they should go to the Netherlands

21:52: Sip that tea Jen

I love how confident Kristen is in her own body, she is just slaying it ❤️

Jen is officially my wife, she just doesn’t know it yet ❤️❤️

I love where Jen speller the word gay on the sand it made me laugh

How dose Jen not have a girlfriend!?!?!?

I live on Oahu and I’m so upset knowing exactly where they’ve been by seeing where they went in the video and I missed out on spotting them :((

I can’t find that purple dress

Did any one realize that they weren’t wearing shoes


Jen would be the best travel buddy. She the Cutest

i can’t with Jen

Jen is who I admire and want to be

I adore Kristen's bold and fashion forward outfits. She taught me to love and appreciate myself!!

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