I'VE HIDDEN $5,000 IN PUBLIC (come find it)

I'VE HIDDEN $5,000 IN PUBLIC (come find it)

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I'm going to pull out $5,000. Five racks for one of you guys to find just you guys we've all had this money alright guys just hit the money good luck guys use your brains and go crush it. What. Phase. Banks we're back for another video in this video today I'm gonna be hiding $5,000, somewhere, in Hollywood yes that's right guys not, a joke you already know youtubers, do giveaways and stuff all the time that shit happens online you never know if it's real or it's not real straight up going to the bank in this video holing, out $5,000, cash and I'm gonna be hiding it for you guys real money in your fucking hand shit's gonna be a while if you guys like this idea you guys want me to do this against Mac. On. This video and I will do this again might even be somewhere that is in Hollywood I don't know but I'm gonna continue to do this I like this idea I want to get back to you guys guys in my life because my little babies with gravy the Navy little babies that's where he came from you guys in my world I love, you okay I'm gonna stop more information about that later on but for right now it's Super Bowl Sunday I'm gonna get ready for the game enjoy the blog already big things very crazy things in this video without further ado let's get into it. Don't. Nobody gives up come on your Super Bowl commercial the Patriots, are on today going for our sixth ring guys listen, I might freak out I really might forgot I can't watch this game with a bunch of people like this we're a supreme, sure you're not where the Supreme Truth today I got you something wait really you're wearing that bro you have to my. Bro. Your, Super Bowl I. Do, care, about it it's sick it's awesome. Or. The game the game 100%. 100%. Listen you got paid you're gonna be famous for 5 seconds it's all good. Come. On bro you got to support the squad today you. Wear I'll. Wear the cloud change shit. Shit. You right let me see him one time one time damn shop colds been killing it for us do you know here you go don't lose it or break it or. Sell it or pawn it was I don't, know how to feel the shirt doesn't have supreme, on it so. Put. The hey. Gang. Shit, dad, merch stuff this shit eat them, do we have any more of these left they're almost all gone. Now. I'm. Through the guys I mentioned the merch of my last video or nearly sold out there's a few pieces left so if you want that shit get it now link will be in the description probably not gonna be able to plug this again Nico you doing dog what guys go bother merchants, no honestly the merch is fires that are active the merch is fire and if you ruin today for me if. You ruin to dos yeah god I'm gonna have a big long talk with everyone they have none of the controlling, like this actually is in a joke and guys I'm not joking right now because I will know, you're gonna mark it up none of that bullshit, none. Of that no no seared, but Alex I'm serious, I'll, put you in a coffin. It's. Not kidding ten, feet deep covered in ketchup, when your tomatoes taste like ketchup don't you just hate Alex Thank You Fraser, where you after you know the Superbowl right the football game. You. Say yeah today. None. Of that nonsense. Are. You serious. Just, gave you that sure, but he doesn't have a shirt he's cold Fraser doesn't, know a single thing about football he does. Okay. I can't take this and I'm not kidding okay they all figure to jail they all think it's just fun and games this isn't fun yo t walk listen. To me many wet psychic cats will win we gotta do what. The fuck that. Hey. Yo, listen if the Pats by some miracle lose this game I'm gonna need you to edit this. Video to convince the whole world that they want, out. Their, favorites. Are gonna we listen we don't even need none of that shit we don't need any advantage. We don't need to you off the path you're gonna go in there and it's gonna be ksi, versus Joe Weller all over again ksi being the Patriots obviously well actually the dopest, story about this t-shirt I was at Subway right down the street not even kidding this actually happened I was wearing a Red Sox hat and some dude was like oh shit are you from Boston you from New England anyway, in this card he gave you that teacher who didn't subway like four o'clock in the morning that's an awesome shirt very good vibes you need to keep that on do not disrespect, it what is football, this.

Sport. Of all time spoon time so cook. And. Now you bro, I can't take this shit bro I can't take this shit I. Could have flew to Boston I stayed with you guys yo no truce oh. Here. It foosh what do you got to say for today better. And better, than ever it's the Super, Bowl Sunday versus the Patriots, and the Eagles who will win and. We will go home today's. Biggest loser. These. Games for you, guys, a team any sandwiches, from Subway, so we could have food for the squad and now we're going to Ralph's, with obvious, all right don't, you write what's your pulse under you dishes order a certain sandwich is not in order, for, some wish we. Have to hold me in the trunk taking one for the team great ten see you guys when you get to Ralph's we're already with the veggie dip chips bag guy over here is wearing a Brady, Jersey that's awesome, I'm gonna wring this shit out the ring to go get all those little sandwiches you guys back in the face house right, now face, house you guys have seen it how much I mean you visit it are the ones who brought you help me pick it out what. Can I say me and houses are just something about me at houses I'm very nice but there, should be a realtor bro I could be a realtor good welcome yoots you that's. Some real determination, we'll see you on the other side Noah. Here. We are baby. No brand deals no free Brando's but hey hooked it up here, for the sandwiches, and there they are a lot of sandwiches, got. The range, all loaded up we're good to go a lot of subscribers of, this books and a lot of stuff in this car heading back to the face house to you guys when you get there we're, here we're ready to. Bust. It open show a little trick curl the ends and curl the corners I turn it to a little makeshift Bowl it's. My best to do with you though fire, you show me that in New York and I was like no way this hasn't been ended mentioned when I swear the chip to taste medicine is not good this is for Thomas boy what, eggs what you, guys do it why don't you just use the top of the bottle first of all this. Makes. Us look way cooler okay, third of all Cheers. Wait. Harris hi doggies, no what if they fall, down the ledge over there bro. On some real shit I know I was playing around earlier but bro you got a minute of screen, time on. The biggest televised advance in America. Year what up young Roman who, you rooting for tonight and, don't. Say some dumb shit you, know Luigi's from Philadelphia. 2-door. Live you guys you get to check our key to to door to door, to. Door swerving back in the day it was the. First. Half is over very interesting, 30 minutes football very, confident, Tom Brady are now they call the comeback kid for a reason or you watch last year knows what's up so we, need to pull this out and feel good feeling good when your Patriots, fan there's no other way to feel all you gotta do is tighten some things up sloppy football, being played on asleep let's go ride it out Texas, wind.

Heartbreak. Man I needed that one man I needed this I really needed that whatever, the show must go on right I'll catch you guys tomorrow. Give. Me 50. 49. 50. Listen. I haven't shown my vlog yet cuz I was a little bit buttered about yesterday but I'm flying out tomorrow early. That's. You where can they buy that. Hey. Happy. Birthday. Screenshot, Vegas on Twitter, love, you guys you, got that cup. It's. Coca-cola. Kids. Don't do drugs drugs, are not cool tell me I'm ugly. Crack is whack bitch I. Was. Myself up just like you do it just like this. What the fuck bitch yeah I felt I had everyone, thinks I got beat up which is not the case I can attest this bitch did not get beat up they don't put me on that but I was the only one that saw it happen you got his ass beat we're. Gonna do this we don't see if I see move enough you don't give me this, put me right where, do you think everything has to move in stay outside Mississippi, man I just don't have what it takes do ya no one really likes you. Go. Catch that flight or catch these hands. What. Are you gonna do for your hallways birth but I told them I'm buying them Gucci tomorrow I'm gonna throw it back form tonight. I'm. The, guy there's all these movies my friend that's all I care but what I wanted that white Gucci tea with the night I just want to know are you selling a back for him tonight I told you he's tossing me them inches tonight go through, some. Of the most kid. I've ever seen and rice is over you're beaten off too. You. Have to walk pass how's the get there. Just. Woke up Frazier I was looking for my phone charger in here I'm sorry Frasier but you got tab oh yeah. Yeah. That. Looks awesome stop that bad for you to come on in and I'm just been a pussy, that's. Dope you know I like them I like the tattoos I've actually. Will. Let you get back to you that I'm sorry. All. Right got the new day other job bounced, everybody's doing their own thing rice has a meeting wolfies, no jerk and Ryan off for his birthday I don't know what everybody's, doing but I know what I'm doing like I said it to be give me the video I'm going to pull out $5,000. 5.000. For one of you guys to find I haven't exactly decided how I'm gonna do this yet I'm just doing it on the fly but this shit's real man this shit is so, real I'm gonna get the money right now let's see you guys want to get to the bank all right guys let's secure the bag I got them I got the money I got to go to Staples I'm gonna get a little lockbox, code on it I'm gonna give you guys that code any we're gonna wait till we get home to show you guys but I'm not trying to wave around plots. Lock. Down stars, all, right so we're in stables and I came across this can thing what's that show to you off with the cases, no. It's a lot to you know what's that show with the cases. Deal. Or No Deal bro, it looks like some Deal or No Deal shit, all right how the going to hide this but I think this is the winner and whoever wins this I'm gonna need this back honestly I'm gonna just give you a heads up this is not a part of the deal you're getting five racks that's it I need this back 100%, you, know these homies just on a bus they hop. These, guys great kids, no guys watch my video tomorrow alright big. Things all. I gotta say is this some money shit's, going down tomorrow look. At the cutting yeah hell, yeah yo Lissa is for you baby for, being the best girlfriend ever you see those pretty eyes, see. That's a real that's a damn, no. I'm hiding this for fans what do you think about that five. Racks I. Just. Want to know I'm not about to go get it I just know all right bro bro bro so much how you guys we're minding cuz I got the spot you, know by the. Okay. That's, a good spot yeah. Guys. Rice for some reason has a money counter don't know why cuz he's broke know somebody make a bunch of sense but I'm gonna take advantage of a user right now. This. Bonus. Thing. With. Me there's $2,000. So this needs to be thirty hundred. Twenty-nine. Weight is after your pockets dog right now I'm to your pockets. How. Do I know you're such a stuff but yeah guys I picked this spot the spot has been secured I obviously haven't hid the money there yet I don't know if I'm actually gonna hide cash there do you think about that I don't know but if someone, else gets it that isn't it I don't want someone to get up, for it I don't want any crazy shit to go down i'ma have to do some thinking we're gonna make sure that this goes smoothly it's all good if I put like a little note in there with the code or something I don't know I'm gonna think on it dad you come here right yes can sighs your brother once you get this throw will do any second, now literally any second, now oh sure I think I hear oh wow well.

Well, You. Got a big fight coming up oh how. Many taught honestly, is it getting annoying how many times you heard that the last like 10 hours. Who. Said that listen if he's anything like his brother. What's, all this shit about the MMA all the loser my, way cause he's scared off give up boxing. When. You win then you can fight me shit all right so you heard it here first on drama. Listen. You heard it here first Deji those are his terms don't grab, you already know the drug test boy. Yosi, you guys wanna go have this money all right we have to shovel the supreme shovel. It's. Your birthday why do you try to steal everything, all I'm breathing so you should give me the money uh-huh would be the winner six five three already know the code that's, not the code and that's actually not the box guys I can't bury a suitcase, like that so I'm actually gonna hide in this so I'll be on the lookout for this this is the box that's the trouble that's gonna do the job already no five racks, we're gonna go bury it right now let you know when we do when we do all right guys I just hit the money it's, there it's down back that's the first hint it's Underground, and we're in Hollywood we're going to the Cheesecake Factory right, now and then I'm gonna go back home and I'm gonna give you guys all the information that you need to find this it's not a joke shit is out there I'll see you guys at the factory. All. Right guys it's been a long day long day but now it's the time you guys have all been waiting for I hit the shit I went got the money dad she came through Ryan's. Birthday Patriots. Lost in a very eventful vlog glad you guys stuck through it those of you did are now gonna have the opportunity to win $5,000. So first of all like I said Hollywood, area for this one we might do more in the future depending on how this does but for right now shits gonna be in Hollywood when I go over a few rules and you guys need to listen very carefully so, listen to every word that I say from here on out to the end of the video cuz everything, I say it's very important, and you don't want to this up you don't wanna miss something I said and be out $5,000. For so first and foremost absolutely. Above all else safety. And just playing it cool and you know made no shit, no weird shade be safe you guys are doing this at your own risk okay I hit a box somewhere, and it has information, to claim 5,000. Real dollars, and I just wanted ready to be safe about it it's not in a dangerous area, it's not gonna be a physical challenge to get it you're gonna have to dig it up told you that that's a huge clue so you guys don't have to looking trees and shit it's underground it's hidden it's buried it's not buried deep enough to where you need a shovel I mean you might want to bring a little tool something to dig with but, when you find it it's not gonna be that hard to dig up its hidden well duh so like I said before I actually came to the conclusion, that it's probably a better idea it's, safer on my part and on your part to hide I know in this box that gives, you instructions. Just you, the only person that's gonna see what needs to be done in order to claim the prize give me the person who opens this box finding. The box is gonna be the challenge once, you get the box and you're the one who has the box you get the $5,000, nothing else after that you're looking for this box as if there were five thousand dollars already in the box there will be a note in there that has very, strict instructions there's an email in there that is specific, to this challenge nobody, knows it the only person that's gonna know it is you you're gonna email me some specific, shit I put a password on this so when you email me the password to.

This Email and you give me your name, everything will meet up to be the 5k you'll be actually, featured in my next video so those of you guys who care about that that's cool I guess absolutely. Make sure you guys record, your whole experience the more you have the better it is for me I guess it's not a complete rule but I would really really appreciate how, the person who finds it to have some awesome video evidence of them being the one to first grab and stuff to just completely, legitimize. The fact that you were the winner main reason why I don't want actually put the cash out there was one I didn't want it to get picked up by some random person by chance, I mean it's hidden well enough to the point where like it you're not gonna find out unless you're looking for it and I also didn't want people fighting, and stuff and any dangerous, creepy, shit going on so it's just better off I mean if somebody grabs it and then somebody else steals it I'm gonna find out that they stole they have to come get the money from me so it's just safer like I said on your par safer on my part okay now here's what you guys been waiting for this box has a three-digit. Combination on, it okay it's one of those ones that you scroll up and down and it's a three-digit, code those three digits have been hidden in this video randomly, throughout the video in order so for example, if the code was one two three there's gonna be a one somewhere in this video somewhere, around the beginning a two somewhere, in the middle of another three somewhere at the end obviously the code is a 1 2 3 but you're gonna have to get that code in this video somehow I doubt there's gonna be comments on it because who that's gonna want to tell everybody the code unless those of you can't compete in the challenge want to help people out but then again you. Never really know if somebody's telling the truth or not go find the numbers they're not gonna be hitting like crazy you know I've got to watch the video 20 times just make sure you guys find those three to just three digit code that's the first thing you're gonna want to have now that all of you guys have the opportunity, to get the code through this video I'm gonna give you guys the clue this is where a box is hidden this is where the. $5,000. Is hidden so listen up this box is, hidden underground, at a random park in Hollywood, you can clearly, see the Hollywood sign from, this part once you get to this part be cautious, of rattlesnakes.

There Are rattlesnakes, there be cautious and once you make it there you'll know you're there there's gonna be a big white, man, with his hands in his pockets and a blue collar on he as your prize listen, to what I just said as many times as you have to find the three-digit code somewhere, in Hollywood start, diggin guys be safe have fun and, let's try to get through this in one piece so I can do this more often I love shit like this it doesn't get any more legit than this I mean I'm gonna physically hand somebody cash no fake giveaways you already know guys super excited about this I think it's a dope video I think it's dope this my first real video back I want to do something for you guys I'm stoked, on it like I said before at the beginning of the video 300,000. Likes wolf am and I will for sure do, this again might even be for more money might be in a different city might be in multiple cities we don't know we're gonna see how this goes and we're gonna roll, with it again guys said earlier in the video the cloud King March is getting real low on inventory we, don't know when we're gonna drop again once these are gone they're gone so check out the website it's, right there on the screen it's in the description check that shit I'll catch cloud, gang merch cloud gang shit you already know I'm exhausted like I said it's been a long day, I'm wrapping, it up good luck guys much, love make sure when you find the box if you're the one read the instructions, carefully in, there and you'll have the money use your brains and go crush you have fun guys bring a friend along split, the money with him I don't really give a fuck whatever you guys want to do do it have fun love you guys so much it's been your boy banks who, I missed. That man who's been your boy bags let me say it one more time one, more time it's, been your boy banks peace.

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Phillyyyyyy bird gang

Code:247 2- 1:01 4- 11:48 7- 20:18 Go to DEJIs vlog “going to jake pauls house” and at the begging you will see that Violet and Banks are hiding it in a park and it is also written there “DO NOT CLIMB OVER THE FENCE, SNAKES” I hope it helped you See ya

Wish i lived in LA

IK all the Jake Paul drama has gone but in Alissa vid she said Erika would slam her door shut and say i cannot stand with jake and when Alissa got kicked out she backstabbed Alissa and that proves jake cheated cuz when Alissa left he started dating ERIKA SO PROOF LOL : WHEN U NOTICE YO DONT LIVE IN AMERICA : YOU SAY THAT U ARE FINE BUT R REALLY NOT LOL IM SO WEIRD BTW BANKS CAN U AND ALISSA HAVE A MEET AND GREET IN ENGLAND PLZZ I WANNA MEET U SO BADLY leave a like on this comment if u think U AGREE ON THIS COMMENT ;)

Wuuussssss gravyinthenavylittlebabies


Please upload a new video! South Africa (Where I'm from) Misses you! I miss your videos so much! Please upload soon

I live in Scotland but ok

MEH live in israel


Do one in sac

it wil be in the haunted tunnel

Since when does Alissa have green eyes?


Po box opening

Deji vs Jake =Jake KSI vs Jake=KSI

i found the money

Team 10 vs Faze clan .. because why not

I live in Boston and can’t go out myself

Shame im in the UK

Watch Deji video and they BURRY a body, Lol with the supreme shovel... idk

Too bad I live in Britain

At least u done it properly and not like that suicide shaming asshole Logan Paul at Vid-Con when he hid 10 grand but it got found and he continued to tell his 12 year old fans that it was still hidden so he could have a crowd greet him when he arrived !! This proves that he is an absolute clown

Is it still out there

rah his views dipped

Can you do Chicago

u said wolffam

You suck

Why do you hate on jake pual he is better

Only if I live in LA

Please don't be come rice with video

Fight KSI

C o c a I n e

https://youtu.be/LQR6RwhgXNM You won’t believe this *must watch*

Banks is losing views

Hey everyone Would you be able to help me kick start our channel as we only just started and we are looking to have a little subscribers to start making insanely hilarious videos and gain loads of subscribers. So if you're reading this please give us some help by subscribing, that would be appreciated, Thank you........FTCTV!!!

You don't need subscribers to start making content..

That is fake monde

I want to join faze

Fly Eagles Fly To The Road to Victory fight fight fight

Where the vids man rly wanna see something new

Banks I love football NFL and my favorite team is patriots

Patriots patriots

Can you just expose Jake already.. I know you a lot of dirt on him

Yo Banks call out KSI you can beat his ass

Nice video love you

Eagles Motherfucker!!!

Go to Sean Boltz church. Love you bro

The patriots suck

Subscribe to my channel it's new buying equipment soon will be uploading daily cheers guys hope one day to be where faze is big dreams ino but let's go people

Fight me.

Were yo music vid

Code is 247 damn wish i lived in Hollywood

Atleast all you live in america I live in Birmingham, England

Not true


intro song Ship Wrek & Zookeepers - Ark

Go to rice gums channel and watch the video “degi and I went to Jake Paul’s house” and there’s the location...code-247

I found it u bitch

the code is 247

Mathis dude still has a cast from punching someone lol soft ass hand boy sit down

Music intro?

Boy you better get your ass back home to BOSTON to do this shit!!!!!

Codes 247

I know you dont fuck with the eagles and all but can you do this in philly ?

highkey triggered as a philadelphian to see banks in a patriots jersey. ITS COOL THO CAUSE WE WON AND I STILL LOVE BANKS LOL

2 - 1:01 4 - 11:48 7 - 20:18 You’re welcome

Ricky tell Alissa to upload a video, it's been a minute since she uploaded, i miss her

isn't tom Brady a trump supporter and therefore someone who supports a racist?

Trump isn't a racist, you dumb fucking sheep, blindfolded following the pack of sheep

mercy giving me hella ASS CLUB vibes

its in lake hollywood park guys. good luck all. can't get it cause i live in norway (europe) lol.

do it in trinidad

Whats that music Name - 7:26 Anyone Knows!!! I will sub To u...

When does clout gang merch get restocked?

Please upload

I’m in fucking England

6:31 I need the song.

Too bad I live in Colorado

Yo my man whens your rap song coming out. I didnt forget that

The code is247 ok

Please post another video

I wish faze banks would fight Jake Paul banks would fuck him up

Has anyone else realized Banks has not released the "song" yet, he said he was gonna release the full song 3 months ago

You're a bitch

Make a shoe collection video

Bruh "throws gloves on the grownd" walk the walk talk the talk #JakePaulChallenge



You should go to Oregon and hide it there

This is the code #2 is at 1:01 #4 cant find it lol #7 is at 20:19

Who else is crying inside because they don’t live in Hollywood and they are broke af? ☹️


I wanna fight jake paul so bad

I'm A Eagles FAN Nick Foles is the best

Hey guys hope your having a good day so if you guys subscribe to my channel I will subscribe back to your channel


I jus subbed to u❤❤❤

Banks fight jake instead of Deji !!

When u notoce u dont live in hollywood

getting rich

Didn’t the eagles win

We’re the he’ll is the song

The Number us 247

Who the fuck found it

Clout gang for life

Make vid about your girl Ricegum, the rape encouraging body shamer of 10 years old girls!

its all sold out wtf

"I'm rich , I'm miserabile

Subscribe to my brothers channel! ( The L&G Life )

Why don't you just do something good with the money instead of pulling some gay ass logan paul shit that could get ppl hurt. Or better yet, buy some education with that money. You stoopid as fuck!

Wheres that song at 324k likes

Is Alissa ok???

Has anybody found it yet?? 2-16-18

FaZe Adapt is fucking stupid

His first step is safety..... Oh yea btw there’s gonna be crawling with rattlesnakes so be careful. Wtf!?

Do It In SLC, Utah bro..

The money could be at lake hollywood park you should check of you live in Hollywood

I have the cover thing with the tree in it It’s dope

It's lake hollywood park

5 7 3

14:37 there’s a sign on the background :D although I don’t live in Hollywood :C

Anyone found it yet?

When you live in Ireland

says hes back then doesn't upload for a week

Ksi will win

Yoo faze banks i found thank you bro u changed my life


You should do a video about your sneaker collection

Says he’s back dosent upload

wow, sorry banks but im in jersey born and raised so Eagles, i respect you but.........SUCK IT..........still love ya

524 or 432

Post a vid

Ayy faze i know you don't upload that much or you don't do youtubr that much but that doesn't mean i love your content ❤ also i do have something serious i would like to ask you personally if that's okay i commented before but never got a reply but this is a serious matter and if theres anyway i can speak to you privately would be such a honor and would make my day but anyway i love you Banks and hope all is well ❤

Upload more please!

Do it In Las Vegas


faze next time give the money to charity not some rich kid in Hollywood

I thought it said $2.000 i was like Bitch wtf banks u have more money then dat

put it in delaware (wilmington)!!!!

Let's go Eagles!!!

Lily People' choice no problem and thank you!

ThatSoLekario Thanks For that Dude!! i just subbed u...

Its called: Two steps from hell - Heart of courage

the number 652 faze kay said it


Yo bro I really don’t subscribe to anybody. But honestly you seem like the realest dude on here. Last name is casanova I would honestly like to be apart of y’all’s team. Last names casanova and I already make 80k a year same age as you dude and I think I would be a great asset to your team! Dude you if you reply I will straight start doing this hustle and grinding w y’all. My name is a great marketing name. HMU brotha man I have what it takes just need a mentor

Upload more homie, you’re the man dude keep grinding

Do it again Banks!

When u notice you live in the UK

Go patriots

12:04 look at Alissa and her hand

I found it was in Alissa’s room

Banks vs jake

So has anyone found the brief case I feel it has not been found and still out there o.o update soon oh and I just subscribe, cool content :)

I just find it

Do scotland lol

Wow Rice, really messed this one up.

Well I mean I'd look for it butttt I'm no where even near Hollywood if it were Harrisburg PA then I'd be all over that city like a baby momma wanting her child support.

You are a very loud bitch Faze!

4:31 Thought that was Jacksepticeye lol

Sub me and I'll sub back and fallow my insta@gucci.review

when's l00sechange merch coming out SEASON 2

I'm a Ricky Banker, a RiceGummer, and #TeamAlissa.

Whatever happened to you getting a pet monkey?

do a shoe collection video

Well cost 5 k for me to get to L.A sooooo

Typical bitch ass Boston fan. Salty as fuck. E-A-G-L-E-S. !!

I watchwd the super bowl all ready i live in vegas eagles. Mc foles

Look in the first 5 minutes you will find the number :)


I found it !!!

Why u dissin my boi Bubbles

4m subs wow jake paul 13M

Josie Cutie12 faze is ball


Josie Cutie12 u shut up

Jose Romero shut up

Excellent marketing plan great way to get views...

Cguo Gaming whu you lying

rice gum needs to be better

Bro drop it somewhere that needs money.

first number is 2

whats happen with your finger?

I’ll be nice the code is 247

Code: 247 Place: snake filed I don't live in Hollywood so I can't get it If you don't believe me go to dejis vlog if you still don't believe me that is on you

Guys look at Alissa’s snap it says for relationship fiancé for Alissa when banks filled out a doctor form

︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─︻╦╤─ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ ☻/ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ /▌ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ I want YOU to join Bob's army! Copy & paste! Our new mission is to end RICEGUM'S CHANNEL!

Next video you're getting kicked out of clout house

I live in stockton California


I don't believe anything this loser says. His fan base must be very very young.

Josie Cutie12 oh okay thank you (: jist waiting on his upload lol

Justin Salazar yup

Why u lying

Come and do one in PEI Canada Summerside town

Do it faze banks


I think he's trying to make people exercise

ok can you please post a vid Banks I'm getting withdrawals and from Alissa too!

Bro please try to get in a ring with Jake so you can either knock or choke him out. I will fly down to you and train you on the mat and help you get back in wrestling shape if you can get this fight to happen!!!

Pos do u own anything. Hell no. U rent. Love to see how much u have on credit cards. It just taking advantage of your fake friends. Fight a Paul for charity. U scared pos

Too bad I live in Chicago

Please expose jake paul. Strike 3 end him Please please

giving away cash = desperate grab for followers

Jake Paul would slap u up your butters and got jakes sloppy seconds after he’s been up all in it peak don

I know we're it is bc I went to the place last time I was in Hollywood bit can't compete bc I live in Chicago

Jake Paul is scared of you! Hahahaha

Its 247


Was it found?

Alissa has colored eyes tf ?

I thought he was back

you said at the end smash 300000 likes wolf fam

Can you do. Another video like this and at a different place because some people don’t live where you like live love you!!!

130K+ Likes!?!?!?! We can do better

Ur not gonna win against logan

1:47 Why are hidding GTA V for PS4 from us xD

Definitely need to move to Hollywood

i won

i love how serious banks is imfooo

Banks is lit

Wait why is there house so fucking dirty ew

I bet Alex followed him and took it

Found it omg

Just asking are you still apart of faze???

So what happened? It's been a week

Send mi 5 thousand dollars I’m in Mexico poor ass fuck got deported it sucks bro & hard help a bro out

9:58 tho



Legit only faze person that posts

I feel like i know what park you talking about

I like football and soccer

Please change your title. You haven't "hidden", you "hid". Shit is annoying me.

Next time can you do it in san diego

Can't it be in Las Vegas NV please :(

The code is 247

Sadly I can’t compete but the password is 247

Hey guys!!! First off Let me say that I love clout gang and the fan base behind each and everyone of clout gangs channels. My band has started a go fund me toward new uniforms... I play saxophone and I’ve been in the music industry for a long time these Winford’s might be a bit pricy but every little donation helps!! The current uniforms we have are 14 years old and their deadline is supposed to be 8 the uniforms we are trying to get are custom designed for our band and no other school will have one like ours. We will all greatly appreciate your support and thank you for your time!!! The site is www.gofundme.com/ehsmbuniforms Thanks!!!


I used to fucking hate you and I loved jake but now I hate jake and login and I love u and rice and Alyssa.you are sooooo much better and jake is a fucking douche bag and jake is too.

I found the 5000

Ew pats from philly we took a w pats pay the refs they trash

Who found it

faze your baldness up

Omg I found it

13:46 lol deji said "and when you win u can fight me" haha he admits that jake will win cause he said "and when u win" (he was talking about when jake wins)

Yo banks are you going to beat the shit out of jake paul for your boy deji

Everything k with ur hand

Alissa is j Jealous of jake Paul and Erica haha in the type of Logan pause video idea

Welcome back

I wish I lived were u lived

Please be the undercard in a ksi fight


1:46 who spotted gta v

i dont even live in hollywood

Propose to Alissa

omg i can't believe that they used erika's theme tune in the middle of it

Banks don't you care about your UK fans ;-; xD

Where are you? I'm getting bored of youtube #number1newzealandfan


I don't live in Hollywood. But I know exactly Where the $5,000 are.

Nobody likes banks

yaaaa Teawapppp #MontrealGanggggg

I found it took me two days

the code is 953 helpin out cause i live in texas lol

Y’all took the PHAT L

Dude that " beard " ( pubs ) is nasty ....


https://youtu.be/ZyTNZBjyc30 go to 1:06

Y'alls ice us so fake and screw the pats

Clout gang merch is trash

Kirah Spencer u are trash

*its the Ricky mouse clout house, come inside its fun inside*

I found the money !!!!!

BatmanAndrew 5 that’s what most of the comments are..

Didn’t Logan Paul do this like 2 years ago??Whatever fuck Logan Paul


still looks like James Arthur

Having 5 ads in a 20 minute video almost makes up for the $5k

who got that shit

Code= 323

@Faze Bankz I saw on a video you were born in Lawrence mass! You got fans out here too

Some guy on twitter claims he won but apparently banks keeps blanking him

Who won

24 something

buy the off white vapermaxes


fuck the pats

Jake paul is the best

He Rich

What do u think of tessa brooks now that she left team 10

T U R K - 1 8 2 yea she can

Allison Somers she still can't dance

Watch one of ricegums videos he shows a place where the money is and if you have watched it "the dead body " is the cash

FaZe up


Jake Paul ur jealous of alissa

Can i Please join your house group?

Where is sommer

Rices commercial is about the headphones I have

So did he paid up?


Hey patriots are the best sorry jus watch your video now but I watch all your videos and tell rice gum and Alissa violet and faze adapt all the clout gang and faze clan plz

Their was a 2 at 1:01

More videos!!!!!!!

Guess you weren't coming back. Fucking Liar!

Gotta start from China

FaZe you're childish

Banks is a fucking pussie


Your not even a faze member anymore

Dude where are the videos with TGF ? Are there any coming ?

Hahahahahahah they lost fly eagles fly. Tom Brady= greatest. Chocker. Of. All. Time

I am in trouble please please PayPal me $1000 to vivekmandwade@gmail.com I will repay you please help me.........

i wish i lived in Hollywood

It's been over 2 weeks and he hasn't announced the winner wtf?

r u bold

501 is the code or its 505


I love him still don’t get me wrong but he gets his fans hyped up saying he is back then takes ages to make another video

When the merch is all sold out

has anyone found it yet because if not im hoppin in my car rn im only 20 min away from lake hollywood lol

What's the intro song thingy

i hate everyone in his videos but banks is lit

My mom also does that to the chips

When are u going to do the p.o. box opening



I remember when faze banks says he’s going to post a lot

Where's the trickshots

OMG I AM SO GONNA GET THIS!! Oh wait, I live in England...MUM, we’re going to California!!!

3:27 ouaaaiiisss lets go le quebec Montréal alouette

number 2 at 1:01

Y r u famous

yo banks is a nice person

Damn any one ever wondered what happened to loose change

leave a like if you think banks should do a strip fortnite video with Alissa

Are you kidding me I am living in Turkey

God bless u banks

I found it yay

It was a great game but sorry my team wanted it alot more #flyeaglesfly much love banks

seems legit..we should help him guys

When was the last time you played call of duty

cmon man keep uploading i miss you bro


2 weeks already come back !!

logan paul

Do it in Sacramento California

time to watch jake paul since this fag never uploads

Bruh when this boy gonna post again and is the money still buried

Upload banks


rip views

Come on banks ur killing me upload ur vloggs are lit bro only created an account to show the clout gang love

Banks for life

Redmeber u said a boy has the case ehat if it takes long fr us to find it why would he stay there fprever if it takes t long -_-

I found it

Update on barley


do one in Griffith Indiana pls


i live in sd??

Has anyone found it?

Upload please



By see you

You have anger issues

2:44 Alex and (The Word) Serious haven't met before. or ever going to. XD

We missed u banks

Has anyone found it yet?

What if someone that's not your fan finds the cash?

Faze ur literally gonna pull a logan. There's legit gonna be thousands of kids all over the streets maybe even in people's property

I don’t even live LA

Banks your such a dick and you have jakes sloppy seconds

I wish I lived in Cali

Your slaking banks

I wish he posted

2 @ 1:01

Ehhh Lemme Check Content on youtube What’s This ‘’ANOTHER One’’......... What Im trying to say is that This is the type of .....SHIT.... Logan Paul Did And Frankly im not a fan of that .... SO STOP THIS NONSENSE BANKS PLEASE....

I live in Canada so I can’t compete in this but the first number is a 2 you can see it when the camera pans around to rice at the start of the vlig and the last number is a 7 that you can see at the very end as I said have fun guys I still haven’t found the second digit but here you guys go


the code is 483

Alex Ting lier

Thot you was back

I subscribed. ✌

This is honestly so cool. Its like a movie. I wish i could attempt to find it but i live in Florida. Anyways its a very cool and unique idea

Where's the vlogs homie don't be so gay about it!!!


I’m a hater you loser

I don't really like clout gang just saying

open allot of loosechange shops one after one arounde the world (TRONDHEIM, NORWAY)

banks 2 weeks ago : l am back!!!! .. l love you guys i hope everything is good with him

hey, banks this is atishay form india . i am a huge fan of u banks. i wish that i could meet u and rice gum.I wish that u come to india .

Bru u were hella fucked up with fakie saying that he wasn't posting but look at u

Where's the new videos banks please new vids

"I'm back" my ass. What happened to uploading at least once a week.

He is coming with the daily uploads he posts everyday now

did you delete a video?

never let rice wear pats gear again... from, a concerned Patriots fan s/o haverhill

Lets got eagles get this w

its been 2 weeks when will u tell us who found it

I wasn't there but that looked lit

So I slowed down the part where he said it fast and then he said, “you guys, imma bleep right now and then you’ll be like “ohhhh” right after.” So he actually did not say it.

Can you plez up make new vido

Watch a homeless find that shit


Where are you dad


You are agli your girlfrend it's to beaudiful for you

KSI being the patriots obviously But the patriots lost....

Jake Paul probably found the cash. That's why Banks hasn't posted and he's refusing to give it to him.

People from Boston as a rule just fucking suck

If i seen you in LA I would punch you in the fucking face just for posting a video like this then leaving everyone hanging

Two weeks later..... nothing


Inside bermuda triangle.trust me its there.

Do this in Boston!! I would love to go to my friend’s wedding in Oman

Has it been found yet im at lake hollywood don't see a statue? I've been digging around but have no clue where to look.

No one likes you

Banks if you uploaded everyday or at least once a WEEK, you’d be making probably twice the amount of money you are rn

See you all in a month when banks uploads again

I love you you are the best my familie likes you so much

Faze banks is ugly

He is he’s also stupid and sucks


I have found it

Why your most the t-shirts you wear are torn? No offence just wondering

Any second now cut it’s dark out lol

Why alissa always touch her boobies

I don't usually like youtubers but faze banks is the man much love bro

Banks u gottta post

Love you banks

Can you do a reaction video on lick my body challenge Jake paul

Trap gamer right? Fax

Why the fuck isn’t he posting?!!

Ugly god a daddy so is banks


Where is the video showing the winner?????

Bruh I live in castrovill it is in California

I can't participate but whoever finds it congratulations

I love he's commercial


this just means u love us

And fuck you and your boyfriend RiceGum

Fuck you faze banks your fucking ugly your house is shit and fuck you

post nigha

Superball is my birthday

Your good boyfriend and Jake is mean


Alissa is prettt

Please upload your track! :))

Bro you know you ugly af and the bitches stay just for the money right??!

Who Loves Nba Young boy?

another vid?


Come on please upload

where are youuuu, we miss you!! I love you ricky please come back soon :(

You have a small dick banks

13:18 comedyshortsGAYmer you cant beat jake man honestly you even pussied out when he confronted you and why are you still saying he need to fight ksi first? Really? Cmon man (done get me wrong im still on KSIs side

Come bak 2 youtube I miss u

Where u been man

Hi can we send u fan mail

To far can't get the money

Do it in Florida next

You are all ways puting your hands on people

The 2nd one is 4 @ 11:47

Foloow me

Yo Faze where are you bro I NEED another video man they are just too hilarious

I found the box!!! But i cant be on camera for a few reasons.

Didn't Logan Do the same thing xD

And I bout the clout chain btw


Wah wah wah barley house hurt me.

We’ve been waiting ive been checking everyday I still am u and Alissa are my favorite most inspirational youtuber that push me everyday thank u so much

I saw you in Ralph’s today, shit man you are tall.

I wanna live in Hollywood nooooooo

Ryan is a snack

Make the song dude I want to hear it dude

What happen to banks song tho?

I cant get it im only 12! :(

This is to tell you to post more !!!!

is it just me who hears erikas intro song

R u in faze or clout gang

Lol they lost

Who wishes he would stop interrupting Alissa? I’m with u but STOP MANSPLAINING! I commented on this vid cuz it’s recent and I want u to see this. Thanks

Try not to curse so much it makes you sound more ignorant than you actually are I’m subscribed to you I think you post awesome vids and you are so lucky to have alisa and the clout house to be with summer ray and Wolfe if you could read this message put it in your next video and I will know that you listen to your fans comments thanks and I’ll see you in your next vid


That kid at the front @ 11:45, I’m pretty sure he’s a Junior American football player on Snoop Dogg’s all stars team

Shave that pubic beard

Let legit vlogs in the house

Legit vlogs for the clout house

Ricegum gir really scared at 1:02

247 cuse he lit 24 7

Ricegum got really scared at 0:102

Facebanks you have a free room in the clout house out legit vlogs in the clout house

@faze look at see video


Get Legit vlogs in the clout house

Get legit vlogs in the clout house

Hey bro I don't have tweet I want to apply I'm from new Zealand 33 I don't do hard work I just want too travel and have a room ghee also I'm doing nothing

Legit nation for cloud hous

He’s what’s hot now

He has 360,000 subs

You need a Latino in the cloud hous

Legit nation for cloud house

Legit vlogs In the clout house

Legit vlogs needs to stay in the extra room

1:01 number 2

Go eagles

Who won?

The coad is 274

R.I.P your large amount of veiws

Damn. You didn't hit target views this video.

Found the cash done emailing banks he's gonna upload a video in few days

Did anyone find it yet?

What about people who know howda ediy an slow down the video they gone know WHAT u said

6:29 music name?

hey guys if u sub to me ill sub back and ill give u a shout out if u want

Can you react to alissa and Tessa Brooks

Make a video

please tell deji to train up to fuck up deji

Plz post more

Who thinks KSI should join clout gang like if you agree

Why does he keep saying he’s back the leaves for another month

Faze u should fight jake Paul in ring because he hit ur girl and spit on her and stuff he scared because you will beat him cuase he hit ur girl

When my boy gonna upload again ?lol

So happy your team lost

Eagles won #eagles

honest to god the code is 247 the first one is on 1:00 the second one is somewhere on 8:00 and the third is at the end of the vid

I found the case

Fuck jack Paul

Upload pls I want to laugh watching these vlogs so banks pls get your camera out and vlog

Faze Banks (My Dad)

Me too

It said 7 at 20:18


Its been 3 weeks, who's found the money?

i got the bag and i sent him the damn email. No response, so i just ended up sellin the bag. I needed the money..

Fuck you

So ksi lost

1:46 ricegum do u play GTA V online?cause i see taht grandtheftauto game rd

Like this if use goin hunting for dem bandz!!!!

I don’t want to say this but faze adapt looks like logic

Cod ww2 will never be the same after the new update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mXjdlesLj8&t=14s

Jake Paul is better than you boyyyyyyyyy you are way to mean and nasty for a 8 year old to watch

BOI banks ur not kool wen ur rich or wear u wear gay stuff like supreme or vlogs and stuff btw I wonder why rise gum lives with u cuZ hes weeeeeeek likeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu btw u mom gay and also wht do u have dat wierd 1780 beard man supreme is old u know that right rg

just a fan boy LOL

Bro is ur case almost done my shit is in the same court house


Ee Riki hoces kupiti kapu od mancestera cijena 16 ali tebi cu dati za 3.50

When’s the winner gonna be announced??

post moreee

Yo dude! I've just recently found you on YouTube, kinda thanks to the whole Paul brothers shit that's been going on. FUCK THE PAUL BROTHERS AND FUCK TEAM 10 MAN! You're one of the most honest YouTubers I've found and you're becoming one of my favourites to watch. Keep doing what you're doing dude!

Rip ricegum monitor

Faze Banks You Are A Fuc**** Idiot Bye Smashing RiceGums PC!!!

You motherfucker Ricegum made u from nothing to something and u just go and smash his monitor like that and fucking making him say something or u will beat him up if u were in front of me I would fuck the Sht outs of you you would change 5 colors from the beat up ya fucking cunt

Next vid?

You ediot why the f......k did you Destroy ricegums monitor. You look like a grandfather

Anyone else remember staying up late to watch banks open hundreds of cases in cs go and rage when he lost money?? Missing the old banks

Mess with rice again I'll fuck ur gay ass up


Allisa is mine


everyone who calls banks a cunt its a fucking skit (the monitor thing) trust me they are best friends still

Fuk u I insane man child breaking things is not cool

Joshy boi Richot fuck you retarted kid

Hope u die Banks

Shinonuma Playz same



MontagZ look at the monitor its a crappy one xd

and i wacthed ur video

but thanks for telling me

ok but how when he broke the monitor

MontagZ its fake ffs

Fuck you faze banks

KING Serifo its fake

Banks put NessGod in the clout gang

My night ness god in clout gang

The location is lake hollywood park and the code is 247

Your girl a bop hahaha sorry she for everybody

Crazy how different Alissa looks with Blue contact lenses!

Yo dum punk

Yo dum ounk

lets hate on him he got anger issues that need to be solved like boi if i was you i would get rice a new monitar you fool

but ricegum is preety much rich so still need to say sorry

fuck you banks

alissa dosent even like u

fuck you


dont ecer do that to ricegum or ur getting yourm ass beaten up u fucking irrelevent

Andrei MORI they are best friends for real

i unsubscribed

Tyler Nguyen its fake

Anyone else remember whwn FaZe memmbers actually did what their in FaZe for?




Let nessgod join clout gang

Shit bitch bank ass hold

Kill yourself

Goodnight gamer O6 bro its a fucking skit you dumb cow

FUCK you

You fucken suck

Banks drop your damn song

247 peeps

I live in China people! That's worse than youall


Damint canda

RIP ricegums monitor fazebanks broke it cause he got pissed

f******* you

F*ck you b*ch PAY FOR RICE GUM Computer if you don't I will unsubscribe unlike all your vids b*ch

Shouldnt even have faze in ur name if u aint gonna play cod


Why do you have to be a asshole and break ricegums monitor for making a vid

You should fight Jake Paul.

Fuck you faze banks your abusing

Fight me bum don’t ever mess with rice

Let's go eagles

For breaking rice gums monitor

You video sux faze bank go to hell

In love in Australia

Hay what your fucking problem smashing some binge computer!



Go fuck urself

Anyone here cause Fazebanks destroyed ricegums monitor?

Fuckin pats piece of shit

Nobody gives a flying fuck about ur gay ass fuck u

Man faze banks ur fuckin special as fuck

Ur a faggot

Your a bitch

R.I.P Rice’s moniter

Ur a dick you break someone’s shit and resolve it with fighting what is wrong with u

I dont live in Hollywood

Fuck banks

why did u break rices moniter just a video it was censored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He destroyed ricegums console check

Fuck you faze banks trying to beat up ricegum fucking faze bitch XD you dont know what your messing with

Faze why did u brake rices computer

I hate u

Plz put NessGod in clout gang pls

were you really mad at rice i'm scared

Hi faze hears a video I think you would like to watch https://youtu.be/hTXJSjLdDBM It’s you boi Nessgod

Your a bitch for what you did to rice gum every one unsubscribe to faze banks

RIP Ricegum monitor

It was a skit lmao


Toso Shkurkata lol

I hate you faze bank you Messed up rice gum video I hate you so much faze bank so much

Aww u wished I lived in Hollywood!!

Ricky your a fuckin dick for what u did to rice

You ate the Worst

Fuck banks were fighting with rice gum fuck this fool

you spupid fuck FAZE BANK I fucked Alissa in the ass that's why she pregnant

BRUH why did u do that to ricegum new video!!!!

Fuck you banks you broke Rice’s monitor for no reason just end your. Channel you’re not funny you have Teawap edit everything so just fuck off

U mad because rice almost saw u girl naked on a video

I hate faze banks

don't ever break my man rice monitor again

Yo bitch a thot

*Who else came after Rices New Video* ☺


You should collab with xxxtentacion. I saw kays snap n you guys were blasting sad n low

I like

bro upload more

I was pissed too buddy

Do it in Massachusetts tho

Am i the only one in texas?

The first number is 2

So r u done with ur gf? U fkin broke rice monitor

Banks plz upload more I love ur vids

Hows your fathers health?

*SHAT* I wish I lived in Hollywood

I don't live in Hollywood but I could do with 5k..

I'm sick of watching Wolfie and so on... Come back bro I'm waiting on you

THREE WEEKS!??? Foreal boy get your shit together

Faze banks make a video about you rice gum go to MC D and say can I have Carl's Jr cheeseburger

To bad i live in Pennsylvania

As a guess lake hollywood park


I did not know that you got your cast off until I watched Rice’s vid at the end you showed up with out a cast good for you


You soc

F you faze your mean to rice and Alissa deserves better than you fuck you

So who found the money ?

It's not fair because it's only for the people in Hollywood

Where is the video where the guy found it?

I live to far away!!!



Mock faze adapt


To bad the pats didnt win

Dont let m dub or whatever his name is say shit about alyssa


Yooooo how some ugly person like you has a girlfriend like Alissa

I found it by playing and i saw a case with money i am weak

I found that money bro

Banks your a bitch, you broken rice’s computer and it’s not funny. You lost a subscriber


Fuck you jackass ima kick yo dick Sonof a bitch dipshit

faze baldski


That’s my mony

Fu faze banks

Alissa was better with jake Paul then u fake gay youtuber alissa is to good for u

Faze go check out nessgod video plzzz

WHY did you break rice gums monitor

I find the money

You smashed his monitor! Fuck you!

L Ngoma it wass a joke!!!!

In the end of rice latest vid they did boxing

Why the Fuck did you broke RiceGum's Monitor Ah That was Beautiful Tbh *Say Your Sorry* Rice:I'm Sorry *Say Alyssa is very Respectful Beautiful Young Woman* Rice:Unless I'm Very Respeccful young women Ah Fuck this Drama.

faze banks....ARE YOU FUCKING BOLD??? (I looked in social media)


MinecraftSurvivalist it was a skit. it was planned to make it look dramatic. rice can surely afford another one.


i got it

Fu faze bank


Upleod faget

I wish i lived in hollywood so many things are going on i ask and my mom to move to hollywood she says i dont know about that my mom lived in hollywood before

plz sub to infinite lists

I don't care about faze banks he is a bully freak him

Pats lost cause you put rice fake ass in that shirt

Everything is sold out

Man Rice is leaving clout gang for trynna be with alissa why fuk u man

Tbh I want to arm wrestle ricegum cause it would be interesting but I live in Florida and I'm 13. But it would be a mystery who would win

Add ness god to clout gang

why u broke ricegum computer dude

Faze banks you suck you are such a jerk to rice

Man fuq you for DESTROYING Ricegum's Monitor!



This dude looks fucking gay

thank you omg

SokTheProGamer wtf it was skit are you that retarded?

Too bad I live in SAUDI ARABIA

Lol faze banks just used eveyone to blow up again and has ditched everyone again

Sooooo what happened to this?

I wish I lived in Hollywood.

I hate u pice of shit shouldent even be alive it was just a vidio u dident have to be an ashole not like rice gum said hay every sub say that lets play fortnight and lets get girls naked

Can you tell us and update a video or anything once you know someone already finds it ?

GTA 5 1:47

No hate to ricegum but he looks like Kim jong-un in the commercial

Why no more vlogs Banks, thought you just came back n all, now what... haven’t put out shit in weeks what’s going on. Hope all is well


Eagles are going to win

I found the money jk

You are a asshole for breaking ricegum's computer if you guys watch ricegum's video

Jose Gamez it's a fucking skit

he is right soccer is the best sport

Anyone else come back every now and again to read comments to see if everyone else is pissed that there's no videos ?!

Bruh come back

Do this in newyork but go around the bronx or go to p.s.86 class 5-508 and look for someone named Isaias and mention this in your next video

Supreme patty copy but I’m fine with it


Great sport "football" My ass, three best sport is "fútbol"

Can I get my view back your content is shit

im glad ur finger broke because ur hella annoying.I hate your videos so much

Banks youtube isnt the same without u we need you please upload it will mean the world


Hi pig

Too bad i live in bristol

You should probably say sorry to ricegum for breaking his monitor

I've seen Banks story in IG and he's with the kid who find the money and Banks said that he's going to make a video about it, I've been waiting for that video cuz Banks vlogs are so lit

Bro no disrespect but Alissa Violet is Lesbian, how are you her boyfriend????? LInk to her admitting it-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEPC50gfTv0



I love you so much !!!

Post bruh


This didnt hit my subbox

$5,000 in hollywood?! good thing im on the east coast lol

Where in the video did u see the 4 I only saw the 2 and 7

Timothy Roberson Jr I saw a 4 just before Banks gave RiceGum the Shirt.

yaaa, but E-A-G-L-E-S

its been 3 weeks :( everyone takin a break from youtube. its kinda boring on the east coast rn... blizzards every other day lol

It’s in Griffith park

I flipping found it but I am a nice person

It’s in his white van

Hey when is he going to make a video

#goeagles I’m saying that because the eagles won

I fucking hate him he’s a cunt who thinks he’s hard I’ll kick the shit out of him he shouldn’t even be in faze

fuck me I live in uk ahahah in may is any1 gonna find it lmao

It sucks being a huge fan of someone who never really posts :(

yo hen he counted the money it helped with my math quiz it was 20x30

Is that Alyssa’s real eye color?

Love your Gucci!

are you even still in faze or no

Were are you

What if jake paul or logan paul found it

Banks you’re getting lazy, give the fans what they want. Like if u agree

Go check out my brothers channel! ! ! ( The L&G Life )


You are literally the definition of someone being a drag along. Stop leaching off other ppl



I am calling 911 on you

wow you really know how to ruin a fukin vid for rice about strip alissa violet

ALPHA LEGEND 998 it's fake you fucking knob

Thus guy is complete trash and same shit like Jake Paul. He also has balls to call everyone out for the shit he him self is doing!

banks is my favorite FaZe


Danilsa villar fuck off you low life no you haven't and everyone knows you haven't

Go back to getting your shit beaten in at bars.

Y tf make a video saying your back and not upload for 3 weeks


ksi youi are going to lose big time

someone dm me on insta @skyedrakeee :)

i watched this about 5 times to find the numbers eventhough i dont live near hollywood

do it in dubai ty

KSI being the patriots basically a loser

I live in South Carolina

Cowboys BBY!

Get on some music! Tekno BBY!

Fuck Youtubers!

David Pence.

Ricky please make more videos I love watching them please x

faze banks can I join the faze clan plz check out my vids.

bruh you getting bold af

You should read Alissa’s dms with her :) pls do

Kys piece of shit

GOOD YOU TUBER, BUT REALLY LACKS THE CONSISTENCY OF HIS CONTENT. maybe hes just not the sharpest tool om the shed neither .

Make more videos every day

Can u do one but in las vegas

Why was the a random 2 in the video

I live close

Banks man you a bitch bro

You need to calm down

This guy likes patriots like eagles fam but i still think your cool

Why is banks in faze litterly he's not gaming at all

Yoo what happened to the follow up vid?? /:

Bills XD

negro hurry up and upload

faze bansk you need to upload more

Shittttt i need to go to LA this weekend


Just upload a video dude... Jesus

Banks where have you gone

rice broke computers en puy

Fuck you bitch fuck you fuck your mother

PLZ Help Logan and Jake

When is Banks dropping his Song

pause at the beginning

your fucking retarded enjoy your comment..

You good go look in rice video

Dude you should do a cheating prank on alissa

did anyone find it?

2:43 1:02 20:19

يا سحبه الي عربي لايك

lets have the first person to the moon game, i just gotta find banks first

hey wassup baldio,

Rip he didn’t upload in so long

Can you send me a xbox I’m poor and can’t afford one please help

Do a shoe collection vid like if u agree

Faze Banks is dying

You need a Latino for cloud house

Anyone find that shit already!?

Only 1.6 views 1 month later fucking up, fuck boy your going to need nick to give you back those $500 back lol


the fact u have east tattoed on ur fingers and also try to act like some gangsta... just says what kind of person u are....from geeky little trick shoter on cod to absolute over confident bean...you might have lots of money...but ur an absolute dick. exactly like logan paul.....its so fucked...society is fucked. This is actually 'quality' content to some people. lol.

Fuck u banks just because u and Jake paul got in to it and dated your girlfriend

Erm... Ricky its been a month... Pls papi come back❤

if u search dick in the urban dictionary jake paul pops up lol

Homer will hate him for liking the pats

bruh not even faze banks is uploading anymore L'sss

Faze banks are you releasing your song

Where’s coin slot??


SLB Banks if fucking trash

New video bich

Fuck you bich

I wish I can go do that but I don't live in ca

I hate you, you broke ricegums moniter, I unsubscribing


If you do it agaen do it in Canada in Parkville

Om sh00k they likd patriots

I only like u because u like the new england patriots yay i do 2

Rice gum


FaZe Adapt VS FaZe Banks in YouTube Boxing & I want See Miniminter VS RiceGum in YouTube Boxing

Can u do it in Trier,Germany

Man sorry for what barley did to you arw you ok and is alissa ok to

Upload dumbasss bitch

Post fagget

banks why did u kick wolfie from clout house

F*** f*** you bank cuz you freaking kick out Wolfie why

Ur a bitch for kicking wolfie out

Fuck u

I’m here from summers video

You were so rude to summer mkeen

So happy eagles won bro

Hey bro I have another idea for another giveaway that you should do

Why so rude to summer McKeen like really so unnecessary


Me to

So he’s gone again.....k

Hide 5K someone other that CA like.... my bank account?????

I got it

Please post more often bro ✊❤

U know reaction time did smash or pass on Alissa Violet reaction time has 10 milion sub

Well who found it ??...

U are savage

Banks please upload new video :))

Is it true did you breakup with alissa violet cause if you did then

Why are you not posting anymore

Subscribe to Faze Banks Me Please

Your girl is a hoe and you are ugly.That's what your channel is all about.Your ugly face and your hoe.

Die bitch die,you ugly bitch

Oh your acting in rice video at the end make me laugh,you really good at acting you should become a pornstar bcz your little slut is already down to it whenever u ask.It will let you get millions of views you little bitch

You think by protecting her from removing her clothes will make a nice bitch,no she is always was a slut and always will be and i know that was scripted so don't come with your stupid ass bicth face

faze banks the type of guy to get to the peak of his career right under logan paul, get a lot of money and be like "fuck it, why do i have to do youtube anymore", then when logan paul quits and his opportunity for more viewers comes in, quits doing youtube. He comes back later in like 1-6 months and the cycle repeats.

Where is the song?

Banks you fucking shit

Hey banks yoooooooou suck

I found it!



no fake giveaways lol ricegum

I miss alisa villit from 2017

1:01 my boi lil skies playing???

1 month no video the old banks is back



Anyone get the 5k yet?

Dude u are sooo fucking rude ....I’m disappointed after what happened in Summer’s vlog ....she was literally trying to say hi ....

I FOUND IT!!!!! Oh were you expecting a vivid description? Just Kidding, keep searching~:)

I wish i could do this... Good Luck to all those who can tho~lucky:)

I live in f**king new york! Like if live somewhere else. Anyway, good luck peps who live in Hollywood!

Upload a video already fuck

Please post more!

HAHAHA cool i got it!

Did somebody ACTUALLY find it :l

Wait is banks in Faze or Clout gang

Bro why did you stop uploading start uploading and then stop again what happend to the daily lit clout gang vlogs?


Go punch a wall you spazz case


Like you alot

I'm kidding

You are vold

Your audience are a disgrace to YouTube . YOU are disgrace to YouTube . Your Girlfriend are a Disgrace to YouTube . You , your girlfriend and rice are a disgrace to YouTube , I fucking hate team 10 but the most I hate is you guys . You banks are a fucking bitch . You slapped your girlfriend . You kicked Wolfe and his friend out . You start drama with the barley house , it is all your fault , your fans are probably 9 to 15 year old . I don’t give a FUCK if your fans hate me , you guys completely destroyed YouTube same as the weak ass boxing challenges and “diss tracks” not just you fuckers but ksi . I’m not a fan of team ten . But I got truly angry from what I saw in dramaalert .

"I'm so excited to start making videos again"

oi faze why you talk trash about #wolfie i just went over to his yt and saw his recent yall go check it out...so why O_O

never heard of you. i have no clue who you are. you have no business being mean to summer.

why were you so rude to summer wtf

Blueglitter345 right !!!!

you are so rude... to summer mckeen.. all she wanted to do was say hi and u had to say sum weird shit ... what?

One month later

No.. r u talking to urself?

Foe everyone some arabic youtuber saw faze banks the channel named zshowz and look at there last vid look at the min 10:57 you will see a snapchat vid in that sec

Just wanna say about the Cleveland isure ur the man I give u respect more haveing ur girls back she's lucky she has u as a bf better than Jake Paul ass u da man

It 123

Fuck you faze banks you have fucking anger issues fuck you

Do one at patriot place aka shopping area around Gillette stadium

Come to Chicago!

What ever happened with loose change?

WE'RE BACK....... we're not back....

where did he go?

This makes me even happier the eagles won. Screw the new england cheaters aka the patriots.

the first number is 2

the other two numbers are 18


Why don't you make videos anymore :(

Hi I love your videos I put on the post notification


are u still PISSED of at adapt

gold digger test

Where are you banks? It’s been a month

eagles won

that better be acting doh

dont have 2 be a dik

dude ur such a douchebag it was just a vid man u just dont understand good content dis liking ur vid until u buy a new mointor for him

(money emoji) :D


Where’s the content Banks?

Fuck you

next big thing fucking ricky everybody shut the fuck up about ricky

#cloutgangforlife #ricky #ryanakarice #alissa #wolfie #ryanswaziebaby love you guys

I've got a ship name for you and Alissa Rillisa , it's sounds shit but yeah

Make more video plz

Ur the best


1 month later.. what happen??

*_Should people even consider you as a youtuber_* (you don’t upload!!)

Bankz taking a break guys he does this as a hobby not a job

Post more plzzzzz



Banks come back I need to watch a real vlogger lol


Omg I found it I cried

Soccer is TVE best sport

Thanks I'd be so it'd be so happy if you checked out my YouTube channel and subscribed

First number is 2

hey lazy asshole. so your vlog is updated monthly? lazy bastard

Delete your shitty channel you fucking loser


come to ontario



U fucked rice gums custom pc u cunt af


Check out our new channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJrEqEWqbp0IajAMs0VNM7Q competitive streams coming soon!



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