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I Tried To Re-Create This Orange Made Of Meat • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

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Okay so here we are it's me Andrew, once again on eating your feed the show where. We recreate. Foods, from viral videos, and today I'm doing something called meat fruit and, I'm being challenged, by Shane. Maday yes, you are Shane Maday from, BuzzFeed's. Unsolved. Network give it a watch are ghosts, real no. Check it out alvin on tasty, actually went to this restaurant dinner, by Heston Blumenthal what appears to be a mandarin, orange on a board, but, then when you cut into it inside, there's a meat paste, it's a pate, which is kind of like blended. Up usually, livers, into, like a spreadable, tasty. Paste of meat, luckily, for such, a difficult, recipe we were able to get the cookbook, it's called historic, Heston, mr., Blumenthal, himself, wrote, at the recipe I love when a book has this thing you know it's gonna be good this meat fruit is essentially. Taking. A tasty. Puree, putting, that into a. Half-circle. Mold breezing, that taking, those two halves putting, them together into now, a perfect, circle dipping, that into. Orange. Jelly, that will coat the outside why. Am I making this this, dish I want, to be surprised, and delighted. Okay. Well I hope, I won't disappoint you so I'm going to ask culinary. Advisor all-around, good person ray mcclenney to give me some words, of advice hi, ray hi I'm making the meat fruit today I think, you've gotten a peek at the recipe yes it's, gonna be pretty hard right it's very difficult. I think. I'm. Not gonna make his pate. Recipe, okay they use this machine that. Circulates. While it cooks their pate, and it, costs like, $1,500. Wow. I. Want to make a more simple, one okay pets they should be fairly easy though that one if you'll find about okay, for this jelly I'm worried about it just turning into a pool on the plate, I've. Seen that before yeah I could just avoid puddle plate I'll be pretty pleased, with myself yeah. Okay, so, a couple notes about the recipe I'm going to do some stuff we were not able to obtain couldn't. Get glucose, but, we have corn, syrup, which i think is. Like maybe 80%, the same thing 40 grams of, corn. Syrup we got 1 kilogram of Mandarin, puree here, and the recipe begins, by, adding, half of that amount I'm gonna start warming that up you're just gonna, eyeball. It like that yeah, I'm heating this up to 120, Mason, jet off Oh.

Everything. Is sticky, now I hate. This this, feeling, 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a merry. Old English recipe, we'll do this one in the metric thing, Celsius, part of the metric system I consider, those one in the same we're at 34, I need to get to 50 I don't know what happens if I exceed, that but I don't want to find out, speaking. Of Blumenthal. I'm, gonna bloom my gelatin, now look, at that that's, a sheet of bronze gelatin, bronze. Gelatin. Is a. Grade, of gelatin, where you also have silver and gold and I. Think it determines, how firm, it will be okay, break this in half wait, okay, you can't you can't do that you, freaking, kidding me well that is hard. Now. I cover it with cold water sure. Why not and I. Will set a timer for 5 minutes. It's. Like sheets, of, jelly. This rivals, the time that Patrick and I massage the bowl, of eggs doesn't roll in your hands through a bunch, of eggs if I were you I can use acrylic so. The concept, is hard-boiled. Eggs in a bathtub ha ha, do. You see that, how. Funny does that look oh my, god this is some Star Wars this. Is truly, one of the weirdest things I've ever touched do you like it I really. Do I'll just put this in my warm to liquid now okay, oh it's dissolving, pretty quickly oh okay. It's gone so I'm just gonna do a. Portion. Of this into, here and then I'm gonna make a little color, cocktail, here when we start with base orange do two drops, okay, oh boy, extremely. Orange II I'm gonna add a drop of yellow mm-hmm. Okay now I'm gonna add this back, this is not how this is supposed to go okay. So the next step is to. Pass. It through a sieve, to, make sure it's really nice and smooth and then. Oh it's getting very oh oh, dude. It's getting so, jelly. I'm. Worried, wait, what's the what's, wait. A second that's a quick, little. Ball so tomorrow, when I dip the jelly oh my, god it's becoming, so, jelly, you see the consistency that's no good oh my god do. You see what's happening in this pot right now that's gonna be tough to sieve. Are. You kidding, me, we're. Gonna warm it a touch, I. Mean. That way are. You kidding, me an EDA. My. Second. Portion of Mandarin, puree was still, like a little icing, so, maybe it dropped the temperature too much so, I'm gonna gently warm, this. Mmm. Delicious jello yeah. All. Right everything's gonna be a little sticky after, this portion, of the recipe but we're gonna have to deal okay move to a slightly, larger vessel. I found a larger pitcher we're gonna go with this should I put it back through the sieve Oh double. Sieve yeah I'll just do that Oh. God. We're. Losing it you think you're flopping, one way and they can go opps the other that's. Gonna be it okay that's, gonna be it what are you tasting my jelly yeah we are jelly. Frankly. I'd put this on toast. Hmm. You, guys heard of oh, that's. Good jelly. That's. Going in the cool tank for 24, hours. So. The pate recipe that we're following is, closest. To this. Mark, Bittman New, York Times creamy, chicken liver pate, as you can see I'm no longer wearing the sweater I was wearing earlier eaten.

Up So at its core we have the chicken livers which has the consistency of like a, waterbed, and fun fact the cashier at the supermarket asked. Me if I was gonna feed them to my dog which. I guess is a thing people do and, then we got duck fat because, the. Original recipe has foie gras this, recipe has butter so I thought we'll, swap this and that'll steer it more towards, the fatty. Bird, territory. And you, know add some fanciness. To this recipe all right so to begin I'll slice. Up these onions. Is. A shallot not an onion but no it's not if there was a onion. Club and a shallot wanted to come would. They turn it away yes. It's. Coming now the tubes no. All. Right I'm just gonna take some of that oh. Do. Not find curing. Salt but I did find pink Himalayan, salt which I'm sure somebody's, gonna tell me that, not. Gonna do the same thing but you know what this is all we got so I have my spice, grinder, here too which I will add 10 black, peppercorns. 2 allspice, berries, a, clove, 4, coriander. Seeds. Okay. Cool. It's. All good I saved it and, now I'm gonna add my, livers. To the onions oh, that. Is a gnarly sight let me tell you do. You know Adam, you've, cooked livers in the past right am, I supposed to like rinse them or anything. You. Never cooked livers these look ready to go I'm just gonna pop them in there's, also some. Kind of tubular, dude in here are those the veins oh. Okay. Whatever that is that's just other veins on there are, those those little squiggly, I'm, googling, removing. Liver vein for cooking. Did this up royally do these look veiny to you there's some gnarly looking stuff on here and neglected to clean so plop. Them right back in as I go. If. It looks like I don't know what I'm doing it's because I have, no idea yeah, he said he kind of wanted his to still, be pink in the center my, livers, are about, F overcooked. And half nice and bloody so I call it their food, processor, meat. Livers. My. Spice mix into the food processor. Two tablespoons, of brandy, this feels ridiculous, well plop in a stick of butter into, a blender, with meat mm-hmm, oh. I. Forgot to add a third, of a cup of cream that should make it a little bit lighter oh. That's. So thick. Okay. Barely a barely, a difference, so. The heston blumenthal, final. Product is like a strawberry, sorbet, inside. Why, is it so different this looks like. I've. Never made pate, before why don't you try a little bit of it. That. Was yeah, that was chill know what you. Know if that was chilled oh this man good right there. Is a. There's. A lingering, bitterness she's. A little minerality to, it. Yeah. You're supposed to clean livers, apparently, before you cook them. Just. Took the fastest, trip to the grocery store ever. It would have been slightly faster, had I stayed in the checkout. Line that. I was in but it was the same guy as before so, I swapped the lines to, hide my shame while I was waiting that line I did some googling, and, I learned that what you should do is soak. Your livers in water so. That's what I'm gonna do here that looks horrifying. I'm not feeling good about this anymore. Flashback. To when I thought the gelatin, would be the hard part I was like oh yeah you just blend up chicken livers and then you got pet day no. I'm gonna do a white onion this time which, hopefully that will keep. The color a little brighter instead, of shallots instead, of shallots yeah shallows, okay. Did. You trying, to go fast oh that's. Ok. Let's let's get a band-aid oh yeah. Well we already cut don't worry about that. So. I'm gonna recut, my onion we've, sterilized, the area ah. Fooled. You that. Was good, really yeah. I'm. Also going to try real hard not. To brown the onions at, all just. Sweating. Like me okay, my livers, look. Not. Bad so. What I'm gonna do now is take. Each one out and try to remove, any connective. Tissue or ugly, stuff attached, to it and, put that in a separate Bowl if I go through all this work to try to make it taste fine and, it tastes bad then. I'm. Just gonna buy chicken, liver pate, you. Know freeze it my spices same, mixture as before I'll do one tablespoon, of brandy this time there's a little too boozy last time right yep here, they come. Blop. I'm. Stressed. It's. Definitely rosier, than before, it smells less disgusting, than earlier. They. Hate this. There's. A there's a lightness, to it a sponginess. Is. A sponginess. The. First one tasted like, there's. Blood in your mouth. Here, I have my silicone, mold so I'm going to fill.

Up My piping, bag it. Would appear to be a little looser than, optimally. Desired, okay. Maybe. Everyone, just sound like people while you do this okay, these. Will go in the freezer now overnight, I'm a little worried we're gonna eat something tomorrow it might just be puddle, plate pate. So. Yesterday, we, made the, jelly which had to rest overnight we made our pate, as a backup, we also have, some. Pate. From a local, fine butcher store called when here, in Los Angeles and this, should, be delicious, okay, so time to do a taste test. Okay. Oh. So. I guess the outside, of my pate, oxidized. But when I scrape, it away it's. Actually, a rosier. Color inside, it actually looks identical. It's. Not bad it's not gross in any way but, I definitely should not have added all the spices, yeah, the aftertaste, is really metallic let's try this oh and see graters has a gray on top too oh my. God is it much better. That's. Delicious. Okay. There. They are. Wow. Okay. We've. Got a blowtorch, which, I will use to. Soften. Up the edge of the sphere, it, has the texture of like a frozen Wendy's, frosty, for sure but it is meat yeah, it stuck together I mean it's not great. It's there's, some separation, there I think, I can use a little, bit of my reserved, pate as a, spackle. You like Bob Ross with this thing okay I'm gonna go toss, these back in the freezer now for a little bit of a insurance. Policy I'm going to take our, butcher. Store purchased, pate, and put. Those in our silicone, semi. Spheres. It's. Like a weird toothpaste, this. Is the kind of satisfying, activity. That I was really hoping for with this challenge I'm, gonna pop these in the freezer I, need. To start, warming, my. Mandarin, jelly the, recipe really warns, not to exceed a certain temperature, with a mandarin jelly so, it needs to be gradually. Warmed and held, at a, specific, temperature, so, that's why we're using this water, circulator. Okay. Hey. Good. Morning just. Gonna top this off oh, wait. A second, what, happened misread. The instructions, a little bit what I'm supposed to do now is take all this manner and jelly put it in a saucepan. Gently. Bring. It back to a liquid state. Ensuring. That it doesn't go over 40, degrees Celsius, is. It really supposed to be like that probably. The. Gelatin, are. They melting that's, kind of hard to tell yeah there's oh yeah there's someone more liquid is forming at the bottom. And. Now into, the immersion circulator, great. It's submerged, in water well we have a few more minutes the half-spheres from, the, butcher store pate, are pretty, firm and I think I can form them into circles. Now into, the freezer. This. Is my battle station for. Dipping. The spheres into. The orange jelly each sphere is going to, into, the jelly two. Times, then. Stick on here this, goes in the fridge for a minute and then. I do it as many times as necessary, to. Have. A, satisfying. Coating, on the outside all. Right here we go all of. These steps have led up to this moment. Okay, I'm gonna put that into the fridge. Okay. I'm gonna dip again. Okay. It's starting to look really cool. It's. Now like a shiny. Orange. Sphere, this. Is very shiny and smooth. Into. The fridge. How. To remove the stick. Do. You see the way it jiggles there's. Definitely a lot of gelatin, oh this. Is cool it's fun, this is the fun part. So. These ones went in the freezer which gave them more of a texture. I think that's gonna contribute, to the final, orange. Flesh, type texture. This. Is the best one yet dude yeah, the freezer gives, it a matte, finish. Immediately. Net. And wrinkly, okay I've got the good pate, I. Feel. Really good about this it's going straight in the freezer okay. Just waiting for those balls to, freeze. I think this is the best one so far, it's, dimply, but not too shiny oh yeah, it's got a nice texture, to it a nice orange, color it's. Got the light colored pate inside so, I'm gonna pop this off and, put it in the refrigerator. So. The pate spheres have been in the fridge now for, almost, six hours we've, got a nice, loaf, of bread from. Tartine bakery here, in Los Angeles that we're going to use to serve, the. Pate with that's, how it's served at the restaurant, the best parts of this episode are all the things that I've just bought. Okay. Now a nice thick, slice, that. I'll toast up oh, oh. Oh. Oh these. Are the two that. Came from the Gwen pate, you, can see the color is a lot lighter and we, started to get the texture nail down I think this, is my hero, orange here's the, VIP, cutting. Board we have our little spreader. Knife some. Leaves that we took, from a not. Orange, tree, but, not, poisonous, tree outside my, bread. How's, that oh my, god, that. Is one really. Very. Impressive all, right I'm gonna get Rea in here okay don't open your eyes yet so. You remember what the meat fruit looks like yeah open.

Your Eyes. You. Say the best job. Ready. Too big though. So. Alvin cuts, a full, face, off of it okay. You know honestly I think yours looks better yeah. I'm not kidding yeah. I'm. Gonna come right across the front here. Oh, oh. Yeah. This. Is definitely the coolest thing I've ever really yeah, I am, surprised, and delighted. Good. Are, you kidding me. So. Good. Laughing. Yeah. You. Want to try the one with the pate, that I mean yeah sure it's, hot. They should, I be prepared, I'll. Try it first I'll be the guinea. Pig, oh. That. Doesn't look good. Yeah. Thanks. Shane for, opening. My eyes to what, the world, of roots shaped meats is like, thank, you for nailing it except. For the liver. I'd. Like to now show it to somebody who has no idea what. It is. Welcome. Aria hello, hi, thank, you for having me you don't really know what's happening right now absolutely no idea thought. This would make it fancy. No. I'm gonna show you a plate of food and I'd like you to just, have a bite in whatever way you think is appropriate. All. Right here it is oh. All. Right yeah. All right just that much you know like like I like it okay or, however, you think you should eat it hmm give him the context, clues you, know how that his breath oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm allowed to touch what I do I'm he's death, whatever. You want to do whatever is, drawing, you in whatever, things, are oh, oh, that's gelatinous, uh-huh. Yes. It. Is right there yeah. Oh. By. The way I thought there's been some ooze coming out okay I'm just gonna that's, great. That's. Why you, like that mm-hm, this is something. What's. That man the. Man the English guy bald. Heston. You. Know has some Blumenthal oh yes I do I'm known by name and by a couple of shows this is this, is a Heston Blumenthal dish, how, do you know, well. Wow. We. Asked the right person to come in Jeff it's very festive well. Don't ask them. Mystic. I didn't know it was that has a little dish. I've. Ever eaten at a Heston Blumenthal restaurant, know what, love - Wow I have the experience all. Right that's been eating your feed. You.

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Grownup man cooking 12:18

Why don’t white people clean their meats before cooking them?

The thumbnail looks alot like ice cream

Lol it's almost like a liver cake pop when he was dipping them in the orange jelly

Here before 1m

i would very appreciate more content with these four fools i love them so much

This whole video was a mess. Very relatable lmao

The music and them laughing when they're eating it reminds me of tragic movies with happy endings

I thought you were supposed to soak liver in milk. That's what we do in Canada. Maybe liver isn't eaten as often in the US.

Ew no. Love you andrew but no

Arias so cute


Um you know a shallot is a type of onion right?

Okay so Shane is really y’all compared to Andrew, Andrew is semi tall compared to Rie, imagine Shane compared to Rie

Yes Rie is carrying tasty and buzzfeed on her back Yes Rie is a good person But more importantly tasty needs more Shane

You just made me even more so disgusted for eating livers

I hope Shane didn't brought any evil spirits in the Tasty Kitchen..

How does Rie end up in every tasty video? Rie is tasty. That simple. ❤❤❤

Celsius is part of the metric system

i eat chicken liver, we make a dish out of it called adobo

When he pulled out the store bought pate my heart skipped a beat thinking this was gonna be another ad...

This had all my favorite people! What a blessing

When I saw the cover, legit thought it was ice cream

Nikki turns fruit into meat, Andrew turns meat into fruit.

I love how Aria at first seemed clueless then it turned out he knew quite a lot about the dish haha


21:59 smacks bread on table

@17:16 i was expecting a good joke afterwards LOL

I thought it was ice cream mochi tbh

The music makes the ending

Keith keeps getting cuter and cuter

this is.. beautiful

Roses are red I like the blues Put Rie in a video And get all the views

I love Shane! He’s so funny when he’s ghost hunting


Go to a Philippine store say is there any liver spread?

The shallot is an onion. It is simply a TYPE of onion...

I truly have to ask HOW you guys ALWAYS can't get so many of the ingredients?

That looks crazy lol! I love doing fun challenges on my channel but I would never have thought to do this haha! Great video!

In Philippines that is only Reno Liverspread

It looks like meat mochi

Purée more like Pur-rie

"Oh, we already cut, don't worry about that." Savage.

I...we eat that paste on a everyday basis...it's a bread spread

I always thought they were made out of chocolate

u couldve just put a real orange or tangerine and u can still trick rie

pâté is so fancy here we just call that liver spread hahaha but i do not eat liver tho

Aria was so enthusiastic and fun how adorable

I've had the real deal. It's amazing!

"I love when a book has *this* thing" ...a bookmark??


Bob Ross would say: "Happy Little Pate Balls"

The entire premise of this food suddenly made sense the moment he mentioned that lord of banter, Heston "Mad Lad" Blumenthal

Making really good paté takes a long time to learn. My grandmother used to complain that hers was never good enough, even after 40-50 years of making it. It was good, though. Like *really* good.

I need a bite!! Looks amazing!!

Shallots are related to onions but reproduce primarily by the bulb slowly splitting into two or more until you have a bunch of them where as onions just make seeds which then start their own new plants

See Andrew that ain't right you faking an injury!! I flinched so hard!! Anyway.. back to the show.

the chicken livers look like a ballsack 7:50

meat coated in sugar. americans are wack

The music at the end of this makes it 10x better

Eeeweeewwwwweeewtteepateeeee !!!!!!!!


Were the hell is Adam. i’m shaken to the core.

I cook liver quite regularly and I always soak it in milk for 2-4 hours to remove bitterness.

I never realized how large of a human Shane was until 1:12

Alvin should make this for his "Making it Big" Show!

06:59 Andrew : there was an onion club and a shallot wanted to come, would they turn it away? Shane : yes.

Hahaha real ones saw this on The Graham Norton Show with Heston, Ashton Kutcher, and Greg Davies

Your supposed to clean your live first Me: decides to still eat it because I'm to broke to waste food

*sees thumbnail* Oh cool, isn't that one of those cakes? *reads title* Oh-

Rie is an “all-around good person”? I don’t think so She an all-around perfect person

Chicken livers are great for catfishing too.

i love how most people on buzzfeed have never cooked liver. where i live we eat them since we are little kids and most of us learn to cook it around 15-16 lol

Instead of cutting the sheets in half why not just use half the sheets?! Bruh moment

BuzzFeed is all about livers suddenly!

I know everyone in this works at buzzfeed but honestly this feels like the most ambitious crossover of all time

yep thats shane!!!

Apparently you're supposed to soak the cleaned livers in milk to remove the overly livery aftertaste

when andrew sees rie's reaction to the taste and giggles while the emotional music is playing in the background, you can tell how happy he was. that warmed my heart

1:13 XD should’ve added cricket sound there

Andrew always looks like he's either angry or unhappy with his job/life

you guys actually TRY to shoot videos that show your experts not knowing what they are doing, making stupid mistakes and not having the correct ingredients. WHY DO YOU DO THAT? it makes your experts look like complete morons and you KEEP DOING IT!

can we PLEASE see less of Rei?!?!? she is not an on screen personality. I am sure she is a wonderful person. so is my cousin, but he would be as awkward on screen as she is. there has to be better choices for your videos.


The thumbnail is surreal bro- everyone looks so shook, it's making me wheeze.

aria was a delightful guest

Rie is just a proud mother

take that tofurkey lovers, its MEAT FRUIT.. nothing is safe lmfao

So Binging With Babish but food from videos and worse in general?

Is her shirt oddly floofy, or she got a bun in the oven?

Andrew: If there is an onion club and a shallot wanted to come, would they turn it away? Shane: Yes. Me: Dang! Show some love to your rooted cousin, onions! You both come from the same ground!

Also Rie, Shane, Adam and Andrew’s reaction to the first pâté orange is beautiful. It’s like a collective feeling of “this is why I’m alive”. :)


I wanna die

Shane Madej is awesome

bro am i the only one who hates liver from any animal???

best show tasty produces

What happened to Adam?

I've never been so grossed out and i feel bad about it Every tasty video should be called 'chefs try to impress rie'

I wasn’t entertained until I see shane

Damn look at Andrew cheffin and shit. Who is this man

While Steven and Ryan are having a fued, Shane and Andrew is having a collab

Why is the fanciest food come from all the parts no one eats

Who else is enraged that he put the leaves in the wrong way

Is normal pate like banned in California, the liver is supposed to just be able to melt into a paste

*Feeds to my vegan friends*

I love how Rie speaks like Yoda sometimes

All the slightly "fancy" ingredients that they can never find, are they no where near a hipster grocery store? Do they just wander in to any ol' place and go "whelp, we can afford the show "price points", but spending an extra few bucks to amazon in some preserved lemon, Impossible!

Meat cake pops

"We couldn't get curing salt, so we got pink Himalayan" No, just because they're both pink doesn't mean it's the same thing. Curing salt is meant for curing...

being complimented by rie is like being told youre going to heaven

Wait isn’t corn syrup fructose and not glucose or am I just stupid

This episode was so funny... XD

When Rie Walks In NObody: NOt a single Soul: ME: WHAT IS HER OUTFIT GONNA BE TODAY?? Vouge wishes

Tbh this is SO gross

That looks like the best loaf I’ve ever seen

Rie, Andrew and Shane are the best trio EVER

My great-grandmother used to soak liver in milk in order to get rid of the metallic blood taste that liver tends to have.

I don't speak english as my mothertongue and only realised at the end what a paté is

Tasty has peaked

That’s the happiest I’ve seen Andrew in his whole buzzfeed career

what is the song that begins at 18 min ?

@19:45 so cute, w the music, like a happy ending to a film

loved this video so much

Blumenthal is pronounced with a hard to and silent h

aaaaah i love aria

1:08 who else thought that Andrew was the tallest

I'm pretty sure that Andrew got a machine for sous vide

I’m really impressed!

Aria just slapped that bread on the table at 22:00 He was shooketh

Why is that viral? I am upset

Aria is too cute

Andrew did great! ...maybe he could've turned the leaf detail right side up

It's the hepatic ducts.

How has he never worked with sheet gelatine before?

i'm a simple person. i see andrew, shane and rie all together in a thumbnail, i click.

Too many anxious moment oh dear God!

Why is "fancy" food so gross?

Me out of nowhere: Nice kinetic typography.

Casio Royale!

19:00 happiest moment for Andrew on Eating your feed

I hate liver and when he poured a bag of it... i felt sick

I would be traumatized if I ever eat fruit that is meat

Who tf feeds their dog chicken liver...that is expensive and tasty food you have there. Or it's just my country, as usual, where liver/meat paté is an everyday thing and liver in general is a very popular food item.

an overwhelmed Andrew is so adorable. I really didnt't care about what they were making, just watched for the banter between Andrew, Shane, Adam (and Rie)

Don’t disturb Aria! Let him enjoy his time with Merle at their desk.


Whoever does the playlist for this: Why? Make it oldest to newest, not newest to oldest. Yes, I can fix it myself, and I have in order to enjoy it, but just sort it right. It's like two clicks.

who else knew he has to clean the livers first and started yelling at the screen?

How is that safe? Half Rae chicken liver?

I just want to be Rie's best friend. Is that too much to ask for?

is pate the same as a liver spread? or??


We use metric now must old English was imperial

I don't know that Adam can cook lmao

Words on the screen be copying Bon Apetit with Brad


Any praise from Rie makes me so happy

Of course Shane would be the one to request the meat orange

Last episode Niki made a fruit meat imposter and now a meat fruit imposter!! Fruit = meat meat =/= fruit freat = muit ...

oh gosh these handsome bois

Honestly Andrew, it looks stunning! You did such a good job!


Bruh, my two little dorky guys teaming up to be super dorks

Aria made the video better

Vegans/vegetarians: make plant based substitutes for meat Meat eaters: *uno reverse*

LA version of gourmet makes

Now feed it to a vegan ha

It’s getting very uh oh.... This is now my favourite phrase

Don't you think that Andrew is a moron? I'd like to watch any video, even pure trash, then watch Andrew. Even Rie doesn't save.

I had this for an appetiser at Dinner in London. Honestly one of the best meals I've ever eaten.

Why is Shane so huge :|

The music at the end makes it.

Am I the only one who thinks the idea of pâté is a little frightening? Like I can’t imagine the texture of pâté being appetizing at all.

2:40 !!! SAME !!! 7:37 either sounds like fireworks or a pressure cooker 19:19 YUPPP!!! Defo ARIAAA!!

Omg! There is such chaotic energy in this hole video that I can't

The editing is so bad

That was awesome AF!

at 17:07 when andrew says ok ive got the 'good' pate i nearly died..rip to the ones he made


The only creepy thing Shane believes is Andrew cooking skills

All other episodes: anger, pain, crying than relative happiness This Episode: Andrew cries tears of joy while rie laughs gleefully, symphonies play in the background

*Great way to trick your vegan friends*

buzzfeed tasty: sponsored by mouth noises

https://youtu.be/eugVGJkOjsI?t=1185 The sounds of joy and happiness at this moment are fucking inspiring. Make food that brings you joy like this does, y'all.

I like how everyone's looking for rie's approval...she's the look of success

1. These men are super girlie. 2. I have never seen anyone screw up pate before. Ever. And you did it twice!

All the joy when they're tasting it, SO GOOD!

*tears* That's so beautiful!

Andrew's happiness was so freaking pure

ahhhhhhhhhh ore ehhhhhhhhhh

The music is so dramatic in the end

The leaf is upside down upset me

Word of the day Adam: wohhhh wohh wooh wohhhhhh wohhhhhhhhioooooooo woe

Dang I heard them say Aria and I thought Merle was gonna be there too

19:05 *He should’ve put a real orange at first, would’ve been better*

Me: that's disgusting Also me: I wanna eat it

Every one starts laughing when they eat it makes me feel like it hade some drugs in it

That bread was burnt

*I'm* *vegetarian*

“.... it’s so fucking good”

looks like pastiet

Did he notice he stick the wrong end of the tig inside the orange?

Its like a liver spread with mandarin twist.

- I did not find ...I did not find.... We're do you live / shop ? On the countryside ?

i just wanna say, i love shane, he's just fun

I love when they all giggled together while trying it

Beyoncé was right per usual. They weren’t ready for that jelly.

Emotional music in the background XD

My grandma makes amazing pâté. She adds some pieces of baguette into her mixture (not the crunchy outside, only the fluffy white interior.) I'm from Vietnam, and most pâté you find in Vietnam are not smooth, they taste smooth but looks like they are chunky. They also have darker color instead of the rose color.

I teared up at how excited he was that Rie was so proud of him

as an asian i clean my

did andrew pull a kiana cooking again lol

2:39 welcome to a life of a singaporean!

isnt andrews name brandon in like the sibling video

i feel so sad why has eating your feed s3 boring :(

Anyone noticed he put the leaf upside down?

My YouTube buzzfeed favs are just in one video I-

leaves are upside down ?

Oh my god please do more Heston Blumenthal recipes!!!

Traditionally you are supposed to soak livers/ organs in milk. The enzymes in milk take out the impurities.

I love how he did absolutely no research for the video. Supposed to soak EM in milk

Kwek kwek

The editing was kinda rough

19:19 - 19:32 Rie is just like a proud mother lol

the liver part was disgusting

glucose is table sugar

Andrew: *calls for Rie excitedly* Me: Mood

Pâté done right made with like an enormous amount of butter is honestly one of the best things, my mum makes it every year around the new year and it is just so good

How’s about a meat made from orange?

the vegans are gonna lose their minds! hahaha!

they had to zoom-out!! for Shane's height!!!

His looks so much better

So genuinely proud. Good job!

Why does he say “patAAA” like mate

this video brought me great joy

When Andrew said I need Rie we all felt that

The first time making the pate, Andrew overcooked the liver. Overcooked liver has a metallic, minerally taste (yuck). That's also why it was so brown/Grey vs pinkish

You’re always meant to wash your meat/fish/ vegetables you nasty people!

Muricans and corn syrup :D Everywhere!

Andrew:Remove ugly stuff / me: *you mean me?*

"Waiting for those balls to freeze" - Andrew 2019

consistently, i am surprised by how tall shane is

Wait Me and Shane have the same last name woah

isn't foie gras is illegal in the us? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) im calling the police.

There's something real fun about how little you know about what you're doing before you start. It's a great trainwreck. Almost inspiring in a weird way. Probably the chemicals involved in curing salt do something important.

The dude at the end was the coolest

Can't believe my Shaniac heart gets this piece of art

I see Andrew, I smash like. No doubt.

Where's Adam?


“When you think you’re flopping one way and it glops the other” Wise words my lil Andrew, very wise words.

He puts the leaves on it and I cry

”Just took the fastest trip to the grocery store ever. Would have been slightly faster had I stayed in the checkout line that I was in, but it was the same guy as before. So I swapped lines to hide my shame.” - Andrew Ilnckyj, Eating Your Feed, 2019. Thank you for speaking to my soul.

am I the only one triggered that he put the leaf backwards !!!!

Is it me or did Shane have a major glow-up?

shane is like the funnier version of Zak Bagans

13:44 what is that sound?

Shane behind and in front of the camera is the purest thing ever

*music swells in heartfelt victory*

I love Aria's personality, dont know why but I just do

Thumbnail looks like a renaissance painting

They dosed it

The ending was soo pure:')

Ok but this is my favorite tasty video.

I really like this group of people. a super light atmosphere with the tiniest smidgen of dark.

it's funny how Andrew kept on surprising himself in this episode but it still turned out really well at the end, haha... hope he's recovered from his knife cut already...

Actually in romania pate is a very common food and we eat it at breakfast with bread and tea

These guys are chefs right? How do they have no familiarity with pate, jelly and gelatin AT ALL.

fun fact, in Sweden you can buy that pate in a usual grocery store and people eat it all the time on sandwiches

Honestly seeing Andrew so happy at his success reminds me of in ratotouie when they say anyone can cook. Seeing him progressively getting more versed in his culinary skills is very heartwarming.

It looks like mochi

I feel like Shane's presence will increase the views by a few million lmao

“Asdfjkldlala! PATE!”

Andrew is so happy and cute I’m so glad this went well and he enjoyed it - he is so happy with Rie’s approval :) it’s adorable

aria is so cute

Two of my favourite people on Buzzfeed! Yay!

Everyone's so happy in this video

Is pate literally a liver spread?

When I screw up anything cooking related: “ I need Rie “

Why am I so emotional during this lmao

How to remove the stick? 16:33 -Andrew 2019

It tastes pretty good. There's a lingering minerality to it Blaaaggghhhhh, blahhh, blahhh.

The tasting of it was the epitome of “THATS SPECTACULAR, I LOVE EVERYTHING ON THAT PAPER”

Why did it sound like andrew blended little spice fairy people

Aria is so cute and funny

Aria when he sees pate Intelligeble screaming

Rie is an “all-around good person” No Rie is an all-around beautiful kind amazing great excellent fantastic awesome literally the best person ever!

Aria and Andrew in one video . .. what a crossover

Honestly I’m surprised Shane was there but not surprised that he was the one who requested it

Make this a series bc Heston has crazy recipes

He’s so monotone

I’m vegan, why am I watching this?


Food brings people together lul

awwn, there so happy with there success its almost cute

is me when I see a spider 7:36 to 7:39

“We’re not gonna use a sous vide machine” *uses a literal sous vide relabeled as an “immersion circulator”* XD

Gordon Ramsey reacting to Andrew cooking? ;) could be fun :D

The pink color comes from the pink curing salt. The Sodium Nitrite turns meat red tinged.

I need me more Andrew & Shane content

Shane is really tall

Why did the ending make me cry

he should've tried the recipe from Binging With Babish

Andrew has to be a tasty producer

The background music at the end thoo

Is he actually that tall?? I thought he would similar to Andrew’s height


Andrew is honestly SUCH A mood

I love Shane as the camera man/ taste tester/ personal coach

In Latvia its cald pastēte and in latvia you makit a lot

The leafs you got are bayleafs i think

He doesn't know that you need to clean raw meat.

I think you have to use some pork thing not chicken liver

When you are vegan and cheating but not really cheating

an entire episode of Andrew stuttering lol

This was both stressful and satisfying and I can’t say I hate it

not to be the thirty hoe, but who's the cutey at the end?!

7:10 : When my parents ask me if I ate the chocolate

Nobody Absolutely nobody Crazy Russian hacker: PASHTIET!!!

Well the one that Andrew make is not 100% success

Is thr anythng between andrew n rie

Wait...technically he didn't really do all of it cause he bought the pate and then just coated it. BOOOOO lol

Them buzzfeed dudes are funny asf

The ending was so motivational...

Amazing job!!!

what is dis hunny?

Aria radiated such big jeff goldblum energy during the epilogue


“I need Rie” -everyone on this series at some point

I freaken died when aria discovered it was pate

1.16 andrew's face be like "what the hell" " I want to be surprised and delighted"

"Eating your feet"

Previous episode: Fruit that looks like meat. This: Meat that looks like fruit. *whoa*

We have burgers made from plants oranges made from liver, there are just some really stupid things that remind me how much I love this period in food history

Whoever made this was on some high crack.

I’ve never been this emotional about a meat orange

2018: rie a all round chef 2019:rie all round good person

I feel wierd and fun to watch Shane doing other things with another ppl

I love Rie she's so wholesome and supportive


"Surprise & Delight" hmmmmmm ...youtube....

Which track is it at 18:00 and onwards ?

imagine giving this to a vegeterian and they take a bite of it

17:15 dafuq?

.... a lot of outfit changes for one video, I always think you should have a 6 seconds at the end where we, your loyal viewers, could see the time it took, costs,.... and so on,....

Proud Asian son moment caught on video. 19:00

Got creeps when I heard Alvin's name but got disappointed when I realized he's not gonna be there. ☹️ Y'all, our boy needs also interactions with other tasty producers in a vid. imagine if RIE, NIKI, ALVIN, ANDREW, ALIX(and others) in 1 vid. goshhhhh that would be so HILARIOUS!!!!! ❤️

i love seeing andrew so happy. i remember on worth it season 1 he was kind of grumpy lol

21:28 is literally me every time i try to speak to people lmfaoooooo

I love how he put the stem with leaves the opposite way of how the leaves are supposed to look in a real mandarin

Got creeps when I heard Alvin's name but got disappointed when I realized he's not gonna be there. ☹️ Y'all, our boy needs also interactions with other tasty producers. imagine if RIE, NIKI, ALVIN, ANDREW, ALIX(and others) in 1 vid. goshhhhh that would be so HILARIOUS!!!!! ❤️

It makes me so happy to see them so happy

My friend Andrew let me tell you it was all about the pate Which you made but still used the store bought that is why it was a bit good

15:31 Me explaining my science project to my class

Backwards hat Shane is something I didn’t know I needed until now. I ain’t complaining

Can we take a moment to appreciate the raw joy all of them show when they were trying the first one? Like...the laughter after they each take a bite of that first try is so adorable and genuine

Why am i getting teary

Make it Fancy Rie Make it Big Alvin Make it Vegan Merle Make it again Andrew

Does anyone else notice that Andrew looks like the Grinch? I don’t know if I just notice since it’s christmas time, but wow

Feed this to Merle.

Honestly I feel like Andrew would be a great friend

Buzzfeed Unsolved: Ryan: Are ghosts real? Shane: No. spoOky

No one: Rie: wooooooooooooooooooow

honestly, the best part of this video is all of them eating and giggling and being so happy. i love it so much.

Isn't Glucose just regular sugar? Or like Dextrose for Jam?

You can say that I'm JELLY right now

1:37 1:48 1:52 ria ok moments

It's simple. I see Shane, I click.

The "veiny things" inside the livers were definitely gallbladders. And you know what's inside gallbladders? Bile. You don't want to eat bile.

Idk why they kept laughing and it made me laugh

That height difference tho

Why there's some tears in my eyes? It's SO gorgeous.

This is a cursed recipe

Aria’s unexpected appearance is amazing

that sounds disgusting.... Why did he not make it with cake filling....

i like how Andrew get angry over stickiness XD

does he actually know how to cook? i mean it just feels like he just goes with it with out knowing how to do it and if he messes up he just does it again which is annoying because he is wasting stuff

That is honestly his best work yet. It really looks even better than the original.

Next Andrew should make ice cream mochi

Holy shit this is so well done!

The music made it even more special.

Andrew: "This is a Heston Blumenthal dish!" *Aria throws bread down and flips tables*

I think that's Heston's line.

why don't you bring Alvin to taste it?

The fact that he put the leaf upside down really triggers me

The pure joy you see in their faces is worth watching this video alone, really cool to see Andrew make this

Hey guys! You all got to try to recreate the tornado egg! It’s looks so cool. Here’s a link of it https://youtu.be/ZCh1gnN_j-g

I think Aria will become an internet superstar

22:00 The sound of the bread hitting the table

"i need Rie" should be a merchandise.. who's with me?

Why am I almost crying towards the end??The music they chose makes if seem like he climbed Everest or landed on the moon or escaped a POW camp or some other triumph of the human spirit. Which I mean I guess....

7:27 it screams

aria is mostly the right person all the time. LOL.

Who else thought of “I’ve connected the two dots” “you didn’t connect shit” “I’ve connected them”

a way to trick vegan

YOU GUYS NEED TO MAKE BOBA TEA!! p.s love your vids

When he fake to cut his hand, Adam!!!!!!!!!

I ship Rie and Andrew. ldk why

"What should you do is soak your livers in water"

Aria is cute I want more of him plz

I can't be the only one who screamed when he didn't wash/rinse/clean the livers right

I love Aria’s reaction lmao

not gonna lie, those raw livers while inside the bag kinda looked like testicles

I love seeing Rie and Andrew in videos together!! Because they're my fave

When Rie compliment your work. Its a good feeling isnt it?

Aria is a delightful breath of fresh air at the end

Why did the livers look like balls when he took them out?

Andrew looked so proud and I was genuinely happy he made it :,)

The song at the end part tho

Shane is insufferable. I like Tasty. I’m sad it’s affiliated with Buzzfeed.

Haha look at Rie's reaction to him hahah she can't contain her laughter

why is this video so goddamn emotional


This is my favorite episode because most of my favorite producers are on it, we got Andrew, Shane, Rie and Adam smiling at a pate orange and I couldn't ask for more

i loved how aria just slammed his toast on the table at 22:00

When I saw Andrew start cutting the white onion I started cringing, 2 seconds later he slices his thumb x.x

Wow!! From here in England we say well done!

I was horrified when he tossed the uncleaned liver in the pan and he said a moment ago that it's half cook and bloody AND THEN THEY TASTED IT *gaping noises*

Well done

orange flavored reno

We’re gonna ignore the fact that he didn’t make anything except for the shape

im not crying, you are.

4:41 woha

21:27 “hgidrnfiuewniohweew.........PATE!”

What is the ending music called

Andrew seems like he's in a constant state of being pissed

It so good you laugh for no reason.

Andrew really loves to challenging himself with those viral foods. Shane’s choice is one of the most difficult ones. There were hard times of making it, but happiness at the end was worth it.

Yo the goddame text game is on point.

Dude that's liver shit you need to clean it man or you would be fucking kicked out of a restaurant

Does anyone know where I can listen to the last song that played in the video? 19:20

Still andrew’s version of paté aint workin haha

Shane was the camera guy, I know his voice

Okay but why would you even wanna eat meat puree dipped in fruit jelly????

Two pf my favorite people from worth it and buzzfeed unsolve

He literally slammed the bread on the table

Andrew is so happy it warms my heart ❤

@laneofmagic I need a Rie in my life too. :')

Everyone needs a Rie in their lives.

who remember in the brooklyn 99 where charles want to put pate on his gf

I love how Aria is just so incredibly terrified by an orange

Biochemical engineer here, buy dextrose corn sugar if you want that 100% accuracy to the recipe whilst being super easy on the wallet

When he fake cut himself after he actually did I got so scared

Please challenge Adam to cook something in the upcoming episodes !!

it's like an eclair

"Apparently, you need to clean the liver." You don't say....

how cant you get glucose we have it in our basic supermarket

Video: exists Nobody: This comment format is so original and entertaining Commenters: I'm gonna do it anyway

I love the guitar sample for when time passes lol

This is literally the grossest episode yet lmao

Compatibility of the song and emotion during the final part is incredible.

This was the most chaotic episode of Eating Your Feed, definitely. *I enjoyed this a lot. :d*

props to the editor man. all that text must've taken a while

What's with the weird laugh after one of them said it was good lol

You should try making dates into beef jerky!

Andrew is a real gentleman, and an all round amazing guy too.

This video didn’t really amaze me in the beginning but to the results really made me happy

21:49 the guy who should try without knowing what he is eating is spiting out a bread crumble

@20:40 Merle couldn't join too? Was she busy? Was it her day off?

Please recreate the tornado omelet!! https://imgur.com/gallery/FX2KJke

Shane seems like the kind of person to ask his friends to make weird things because seeing them do weird stuff amuses him. Honestly tho same.

When he faked cutting himself for the second time I went: how do manage to cut yourself like that the blunt end of the knife is facing your hand—

It’s look like a real orange

This guy has something about him... Which is so close to being identified as disinterested :D

Andrew's reaction to Rie and OMG Aria !!! RIE laughing !!!!

I love pate everyone that knows me knows

God I love Shane-

... that liver looks like a mixture of placenta and coagulum.

Meryl just left the chat

smoked watermelon that looks like ham.. now orange thats actually pate?

Why that leaves is downward

I feel like everyone is good at filming in buzzfeed. This had nothing to do with the video, and nothing about filming was mentioned in the video, but...

Andrews pate has a certain color mixture that looks familiar lol.

my doggo had kidney problems and we would feed her chiken kidney for protein, so yep it's a thing.

Andrew is like the more Daddy material american pewdiepie

resepies calls for taste test

tip soak the liver in salt before the grinder . he need Rea

don’t we all need rie?

Okay this and the watermelon ham video has convinced me we all need to demand a “meat-disguised-as-fruit” edition of Eating Your Feed XD

You should soak the liver in milk instead of water, milk helps to remove impurities, softens flavour, and tenderises the liver.


Andrew cooking alone... BEST THING EVER!

Wow i'm so proud Andrew

I came from watermelon ham Idk which is weirder now Fruit that looks like meat, or meat that looks like fruit

I love your videos. I want to be a chef or work at tasty when I grow up

Maybe you should have used Clove for the top instead

oh god liver. i've only ever manually crushed chicken liver for science experiments. it smelt like when i used to keep chickens. but worse.

Watermelon made look like ham. *NO* Pate made look like orange *FUCKING YES*

hearing Shane's voice here is super jarring, like I can't process it properly

Andrew: you're suppose to clean the liver before cooking them Me, an asian : can i use your head to facepalm my self? (calmly, of course!)

Just saying, 50% of the comments about how amazing Rie is (which she is) 25% of the comments about him fake cutting his finger And 25% is just other random things that happened

Noooo... i always clean and rinse the liver before cooking

Yo how did you get Rip Hunter to be on the show?

Does andrew have insta ?

Shane is *tol*

21:29 “PATE!!! :D” He’s very excited.

Well, Shane is in this video so it HAS to be chaotic, I love Shane. I love Andrew too. Loved this. My life's complete now

Of course you should clean the liver. We have to clean every ingredients before we cook.

7:49 Those aren't livers, those are testicles


Do not know how clean the liver? I cant take it unless i dont know lmao. Here in the Philippines we rinse everything with clean water and my mom use to boil it first for 5 to 10 mins to remove dirt from the meat... Turns out amazing!

I never really fathomed how exceedingly tall Shane Madej actually is and how big his brain is. I've only seen him next to Ryan and now Andrew. He is truly a long noodle boi.

Is it me or my anxiety but why did he put the damn leaves in the wrong way. I’m like cringe

21:24 that is adorable! XD

this video is very surprising and delightful

i love shane's nose peeking in the upper right corner at 15:03

21:27 Me remembering of something i forgot

Shane:I want to be surprised and delighted Andrew:Do you even know me?

I see Andrew I click

I was at a Star Wars movie whall watching this

1 like = 1tear from Adam

right before andrew cut his thumb, my mind went ooh cool way to cut onions i wonder if he ever cut himself while doing it? and the then, he cut himself the next second!

shane: i want to be surprised and delighted Yup thats shane all right

I think Andrew cutting his finger was the blood offering he needed for success

He cooks the way i cook :: Dont have any idea what he’s doing but over-confident :)

I don't like how he stuck the leaves on backwards

This is like the opposite of when Merle cooks

You've heard of angel food? Rie is a food angel.

14:45 Andrew: "Good morning!" Me, a TikTok addict: "...my name is Tokyo!!"

I think if Andrew would have used the butter instead of the duck fat in the pate it would be better. Idk what do you guys think?

First watermelon that looks like meat now oranges that are made of meat!?

it looks like the leaf is upside down lol

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