i tried to build a museum in the sims...

i tried to build a museum in the sims...

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Today we're going to try and branch out a little  bit and I'm going to build, believe it or not,   a community lot in The Sims 4. Now there is some  context to this and I'll explain it in a second,   but long story short, we're building a museum  in Newcrest, so let's just get started. So basically, for the past couple months I've been  trying to rebuild all of Newcrest because right   now, obviously it's completely empty, so I've been  slowly trying to fill it up with lots. I started   off with houses because that's what was easiest  for me, and now I'm working on the community   lots. I want to have like, a museum and a library,  and a gym, and a bar, and a park, and I've done a   couple of those now. This is the museum though,  this is gonna be a science museum in Newcrest.

I had a couple goals for this, number  one: I wanted it to be base game only   so that everybody could download it and  use it, and number two: I wanted it to   be a science museum because I was looking  to have a spot to put all those weird items   that we can't ever fit anywhere, like  the observatory and that giant telescope,   and all this stuff that's like, really hard to  fit in your sims games, I wanted to make sure   there's a spot that you could come and use  it if your sims needed to, so I made this. And it is really big and it's also still like,  a regular museum, like it has all the art and   requirements and stuff, but it also has like,  a lab upstairs. So if you need to come use it,   you totally can. And admittedly, this took  me a long time to build. I actually did an   entire stream building a different museum  that then I decided I hated and bulldozed,   so um, that one no longer exists. You're not  gonna see footage of her because she is dead, so. Like I said, it took me a while, it's kind of  embarrassing how long it took me to build this,   but I'm just not very good at building  community lots, and I know I always say   that and everybody's always like, "No Kayla,  you're wrong, you totally are," I know the truth,   I know that this is not my comfort zone, and I  think part of the problem as well is that when   you try and look up reference photos of things  like this, like the museums in real life are   either absolutely beautiful, built a long  time ago, so many carved bricks and like,   really fancy architectural details that you  just can't pull off in The Sims, or they're a   big concrete cube. And you can't do either of  those in The Sims 4 because they look silly.

Like, you can't have the fancy architectural  brick detail work because it just doesn't exist,   and then you can't just do a big giant cube  because it looks dumb in The Sims. I feel   like it's a lot easier to swallow  a building like that in real life,   like just a big concrete cube because you see  it everywhere. And you look at it from like,   a person scale, so when you're standing on the  ground, it looks fine, but then you come into The   Sims and you zoom all the way out, and you look at  it from this like, bird's eye view kind of scale,   and it just looks silly. So that's why I struggle  with community lots all the time. Always. But this one, I feel like we managed to make  it work in the end and it helped once I got   this done because then I had sort of an idea  for the library that's gonna be next door,   so this is the 50 by 40 lot in Newcrest, and  then next door there's going to be a library. This lot also kind of has like,  a park on the side of it because   it's so big that I had a lot of side yard that  I kind of wanted to turn into a park space,   and again it has like, all these  skill-building items inside,   there's a whole kids room with like,  all kinds of kids skill-building items.

Definitely a good spot to come if you need  to like, use a computer, or use a telescope,   I mean, all the bases are covered. It just took,  you know, embarrassingly long to get there. Also, the entryway was really difficult for me  to do. I really struggled to figure out like,   the scale of this space and like, how  I wanted the entryway to look. Uh,   we managed to get there in the end,  but I left in all of the struggles   of me trying to figure out the space because  I figured that it was good to see, you know? Because I'm not that good at building, I think a  lot of people think that I am, and I am sometimes,   but this was not one of those times, so. It  took me a while. I did manage to make like,   a sort of fancy entryway though with like, fancy  stairs, and I used platforms a lot for it. It does  

come together in the end, it just took me a while  to get there. I think that happens a lot with   builds though, like once you figure out the front  and like, the vibes, then it all sort of starts   falling into place, but that beginning part where  you're trying to figure out where everything's   gonna go, that's the hard part. That's the  part where when you look back at footage of it,   you're like, oh my God, get it together, figure  out what you want to do, why do you keep changing   it! But once you actually find what you like,  then the rest of it just falls into place. This   is the part where it hasn't fallen into place  yet, so if you think it's weird, don't worry,   I did manage to fix some things. It still looks  weird at the end, but less weird, which helps. Now I'm going to tell you more about  the build later, but I have a couple   life updates for you that I want to talk  about first because this is a speed build,   and that's what I do. Talk about myself. So number  one, I'm going to my cousin's wedding this week.  

I'm posting this... I think maybe on the day of  the wedding? I forget what my schedule looks like,   but I'm going to be gone for a couple days at  my cousin's wedding, and I'm actually really   excited about it because I haven't seen my family  in so long, obviously, I'm sure many of us are in   this similar position, so I'm really excited  to go to the wedding and like, see everybody. Also, Dan gets to meet most of them  for the first time which is kind of   fun because Dan's met a lot of my  family, but most of my cousins like,   are very spread out all over the country, and  it's hard to get together with people when like,   they all live in Oregon and like,  all these places everywhere far away. So Dan hasn't met most of them yet, he's met  my aunts and uncles, he's met my grandparents,   but my cousins are harder to get a hold of.  So no pressure. Gotta meet 'em all at once.   I feel like a wedding -- this happens to  a lot of people though, like meeting the   family at a wedding. Because that's like, one  of the only times everybody's all together,   you know? Because most of the time  everybody's busy and spread out,   but like, a lot of people come back for the  wedding, so that's a good chance for people   to meet everybody. I think that we've all  been through this kind of thing. I met most  

of Dan's family at his great-grandmother's 90th  birthday party, so similar situation. Everybody's   all there. Everybody's all in one place for  like, once because it's a big event, you know? And I think it also helps because the focus isn't  on you, you know? Like, when you're meeting your   partner's family, it's not fun when like, you're  the reason everybody's together, but when you're   there for like, someone else's wedding, you're  not the main event, so there's less pressure   on you for it, you know? Because you're not the  whole reason everybody came to it. I think I am   personally a bit nervous though, I've only been to  two weddings ever before. Well, I went to a couple   when I was like, a little kid. Like, I was my  uncle's flower girl and like, stuff like that, but  

those don't count because that was like, 15 years  ago. More than, oh God. That was a long time ago. Um, but I've been to one of my other cousin's  weddings, and I've been to a friend's wedding,   but that's it as an adult, and I  just feel a bit nervous about like,   wedding etiquette. I truthfully -- I  still don't know what I'm gonna wear,   and I -- I'm -- it's not that big of a deal,  it's fine, I have a couple options, but like,   I still don't know for sure what I'm gonna  wear. And so I'm a little bit scared about that. These kind of events are always scary for that  reason, you know? But it doesn't matter that much,   it's fine. I just -- I think everybody feels  that way, everybody feels like, awkward   in a fancy dress that you don't normally wear,  like it always feels wrong and different,   so I think we've all been in that situation, but  uh, I'm leaving in a couple days and I still don't   know what I want to wear, so. Maybe I'll bring  like, two options. I didn't buy anything new   because I already had a couple things, like  things that I wore to the other weddings,   I probably can't wear the dress that I wore  to my other cousin's wedding because like,   that was the last time I saw most of  these people, but I could wear the dress   that I wore to my friend's wedding  because these people don't overlap,   see? That's kind of what I'm thinking, but I'm  still undecided, so I'll bring both and we'll see.

No, I shouldn't wear the -- I shouldn't wear the  other one for my other cousin's wedding, that's   not a good idea. Maybe I do know what I'm going to  wear then. Yeah, I don't know why I'm telling you   about this, you can't even see the dresses, nor  do you care about them. I'm not taking advice,   by the way, by the time you see this, it's going  to be too late anyway, so. Doesn't really matter. The other fun life update is  that Sasha is coming to Orlando,   which is going to be before the  wedding, but this is going to be   a busy week because you all know Vixella,  you know her, you love her, she's a simmer. But her family is coming to Orlando,  they're driving to Orlando next week,   and she's gonna stop by my house  while they're on their way down here,   And I'm really excited because  I haven't seen Sasha in so long,   and like she's one of my very best friends, and  I just, I really can't wait, so um, that's big.

I haven't seen anyone in a long time, but now --  but now, it's happening. She's going to stay at   my house for a night, and here's the problem  that I'm having: I don't have space for her,   so I used to have a a guest bedroom because I had  a roommate for a while and then she moved out,   um, and then I just like, had a guest bedroom  for a bit, and then Dan moved in and so um,   now it's his office, it's where his desk is. So  I still have a bed, like I have a mattress. We   donated the bed frame, but we kept the mattress,  and so I still have the mattress in my garage,   and so I'm thinking about just like, putting the  mattress in the living room and then being like,   here you go Sasha, but there's not really space.  Even if -- like, there's not really a spot to move   the couch to, like I could put it where the  couch is, but then where does the couch go? I could put it up here on the floor probably,  but like, how do I get it upstairs? These are   all concerns that I still have to figure out, and  I'm running out of time to figure out, so I don't   know. It'll be fun. Sasha's gonna love to sleep on  my floor on the mattress, looking forward to that. Yeah, I don't have like, an air mattress  because I never needed to buy one,   like I've not really had people stay that  aren't my family, so. And I have the mattress,  

so I haven't really needed to buy one, and then  obviously like, pandemic happens when really   nobody came to stay ever, so like, um, an air  mattress would probably be ideal for this, though   the mattress is gonna be more comfortable. It's  just a question of where and how to set it up. I also went to Target and I bought some  new towels, I bought some like shampoo and   conditioner to leave in the bathroom  in case they need it, I don't know,   I want to be a good host. I've not hosted friends  ever before, so this should be fun. Anyway,   you totally don't care about any of those things,  these are like, super like, non-issues as well,   like they're gonna be fine, I'm just -- I'm just  talking out loud about how I'm gonna solve both of   these problems -- the dress and the mattress  debacles -- because it helps to talk it out,   but I'm not actually that worried about it,  nor do I need suggestions, it's gonna be fine,   I mean I can get my dad to help me carry the  mattress, like it's not a problem, so it's okay. Actually, one last thing, speaking of my dad.  I wanted to tell you about this because I feel   like it's good to um, normalize and help uh,  those of you that might be concerned. My dad  

actually had his third dose of the COVID  vaccine this week, he had his booster shot   on Wednesday. They're giving a lot of  immunocompromised people the booster shots now,   I mean he had his first doses of the vaccine  like, longer ago than I did because he got them   kind of early, and so now it's kind of, in time  for his booster shots, so you might not be like,   anywhere near your booster shot timeline  yet, I know that like I have no idea   when they're gonna tell me to get a booster  shot, but I will be there as soon as they do. But my dad had his booster shot this week, um, no  symptoms, was totally fine. I mean he didn't have   any symptoms from the first dose of the vaccine,  but this third dose, no symptoms. I mean he got   it, it was done, his arm didn't even hurt. Like,  he was okay, but most importantly he is protected   from COVID, so if you have the ability to  get vaccinated, I really would appreciate   it if you did that. Um, I know we've talked  about this a lot, but you know, for example,  

my dad has cancer. I'm really worried about COVID,  um, and I would really appreciate it if those   of you who could get vaccinated did because that  would help keep everybody safe, yourself included,   obviously. So, yay vaccines. Yay science,  and here in our science museum in Newcrest. I did want to tell you one weird thing I noticed  about the science museum. So I hung up a lot of   these paintings -- these you might not recognize,  the ones on that far right side of the building,   those like, space looking paintings and  prints and stuff, those are base game.  

Uh, you can get them from debug. The  way that you can get them in game   is if your sim uses the telescope or  the microscope, they can get like,   prints of what they see. And so you might like,  get them as a collectible in your inventory. Uh, but if you want, you can access them from  debug to get them in build mode, and so I put   those up because I was like, this is a science  museum, that's totally appropriate, like, makes   complete sense, but I realize that they don't  count as wall decor for the museum requirements,   so you can see the museum tells you that you have  to have like, 10 wall decor items as one of the   requirements. Well, for some reason, those debug  paintings didn't count, which is weird. I mean,   I get it, they're not from build mode, but like,  they are wall decor, and they are paintings that   you can access in game. Um, I guess you have to  cheat to get them in a museum, but I was surprised  

by that. I like -- I kind of was fascinated to see  they didn't count, but we had plenty of things,   so it was fine. Like, we have lots of paintings  everywhere, so it's -- 10 is not a hard number   to achieve, but I tried to make like a couple  different exhibits here, so that far right side   had like, the science-y paintings, like the space  ones all together in one space, and then in this   room, I put the music artwork because I wanted  to have like, all the music things in one place,   and then upstairs we kinda have a couple more  like, modern art sections. And I kinda liked   that about it, I feel like it makes sense to sort  of separate the exhibits in that way because that   was -- that would be how you would see it in  real life, obviously, but this museum's a lot   bigger than the ones that you usually would find  in The Sims 4, so I wanted to try and do something   to make it seem organized because I feel like the  other ones -- the ones in Willow Creek are kind of   just -- they just have paintings on the wall, like  a bunch of different random ones, and that's it.

Which we love, but when you have this many, I  feel like you don't want to stick the random,   I don't know, cell prints next to  the guy in his trumpet, you know? So. The other problem that I was facing  was trying to figure out what couches   I wanted to put in here because I knew  I wanted to have seating, but I was so,   so undecided about how I wanted to put  the seating. Because I was thinking about   putting ottomans, but then all the base game  ottomans were like, not really the right style,   like they felt too traditional and I wanted it  to be like, a little bit more modern because   that's the whole vibe of the museum, so I  was really unsure of what I wanted to put.

I ended up using those base game couches  in that like, gray and white swatch,   but they're not my first choice. Like, I think  that I would rather they were a different color   scheme, but I really didn't know what to do  instead. Like, I felt like we didn't have   many other choices, so that was annoying,  but I think it all works out in the end. It's kind of ugly inside the museum, like there's  definitely some weird choices, and you'll see when   I post the library speed build as well, in  like a week or two, the library definitely   has some weird interior choices as well. It's  like they built a modern museum of science,   and then that was 20 years ago. Is kind of what  I'm getting from this. Which is okay, I mean that   happens all the time. Things get outdated. But  that's definitely what it feels like, like they  

tried to make it modern in like, 1995, and so  now it's not really as modern as they intended. D'you know what? It's kind of like, Tomorrowland  at Disney. Like, Magic Kingdom has this section   that's supposed to be like, the future,  and they call it Tomorrowland. And the   architecture in there is very much not the  future, but they tried. They just tried   like, 30 years ago, and so it looks a little  outdated. That's kind of what these are giving me,  

but maybe not as bad, because the future of  stuff in Tomorrowland is -- I don't know,   it looks like -- picture like, a future movie  from the 70s, like that's what it looks like. That's always the problem with this kind of  thing because it's never gonna last. Like,   you try and make something futuristic, it's always  gonna look weird and outdated no matter what.   I think this about ultra realistic  game graphics in The Sims as well. So hear me out, I think they tried to do this in  The Sims 3, like they tried to have more realistic   graphics in The Sims 3 ,and now you look back  at The Sims 3 and you're like, ooh, that looks   horrible. But it's because they tried to do it in  2009 and the tech just wasn't there yet, you know? Like, the sims' faces really do not  look very good. That's not their fault,  

but it just -- The Sims 3's graphics I don't  think aged very well. And I love The Sims 3,   don't get me wrong, like that is my favorite  game of all time, I'm dead serious. But it really   did not age well I don't think, and I worry  about The Sims 5 possibly trying to be like,   super realistic when it comes to graphics  because it might look really good today   and we might be super impressed by it  now, but is it going to hold up in like,   15 years? Are we gonna look back on The Sims  5 and be like, eugh. That looks horrible. And that's why I like The Sims 4 because  it's supposed to be more cartoon-y,   it's not trying to be realistic, like I think  that the graphics of The Sims 4 really do hold up   because they aren't trying to  be something that they can't be. And d'you know what else, realistic graphics just  are kind of eerie sometimes. Like, thinking about  

The Last of Us, it's this game -- it came out last  year, you might have heard of it. It's a really   small indie game, um, The Last of Us 2, anybody?  The Last of Us, the first one's like, one of the   most popular games of all time, and they had  a sequel come out last year and it's awesome,   like the graphics are so good, but the humans  in it look so realistic, it's kind of eerie. And I think it's because of the  fact that the graphics are there,   like their faces look so good, but the animations  in these just can't match real life. Like,  

it's not up to par with like, how their faces  move and how their lips move when they talk,   and so like, you look at it and it's like,  uncanny valley, like kind of scary because you   know it's not real, and there's like, something  off about them. It is kind of freaky, to be fair,   it's a freaky game about like, an apocalypse,  so that doesn't help either, but um, it is kind   of weird to look at those sort of realistic  graphics, they're kind of scary sometimes. D'you know what? I feel like a game like The  Last of Us, you probably can't get much further   from The Sims, like that jump from  those kind of games is a pretty big one.   I like that game, I didn't play it, but my  boyfriend did, so I watched him stream it.  

So I've like, seen the whole game, but  I didn't -- I didn't play it myself. I don't think I would like to play that game,  I get really stressed playing games. Like,   I've played Life is Strange, which is also kind of  a choice based sort of game. Not as hard to play   at all, but inLife is Strange, even the smallest  things cause me so much stress because that's the   kind of game where like, your choices impact  the future of the game, so in Life is Strange,   um, you might have a simple choice like, just  simple in conversation with one of the other   people in the game, but it has ripple effects,  and so those choices completely change your   gameplay experience all the way until the end,  and so it's -- I don't know, I get so stressed. I'm really indecisive just in general,   and when you know that what you're saying could  impact like, the rest of the game, it makes me   nervous. I like my little safe sandbox games  like The Sims, I feel a lot safer in this space   than I do in like, other games, where  my actions don't have consequences.

We're kind of close to wrapping up  the speed build portion of this now,   you'll see that I cut out a bunch of it,  like the bathrooms and a couple things,   and it's just because of how indecisive I was  being, speaking of indecisive. I spent so long   doing the smallest things, like the bathrooms, it  was genuinely embarrassing. Like, I had -- I had   to delete the footage, no one needs to see that.  My poor Twitch stream had to see it live, and   that's more than they deserved. So this museum  did take me two streams to finish as well,   which I mean, is a long time, so. No way we  could have kept that all the footage in the  

speed build, it would simply be a very long and  nightmarish one. Could you imagine watching like,   a two hour long speed build of me just like,  doing the bathrooms, doing something else, being   like, mmm, the bathrooms are weird, going back and  changing them again, like no one deserves that. You already had enough of that  with the front of the building,   okay, we don't need to relive that  on the interior. And like I said,  

this build is, in fact, base game only and it's  on my gallery, so if you want to download it,   you totally can, it's available for you.  It's called Newcrest Science Museum. Um, I'm gonna slowly, obviously, rebuild  all of Newcrest and all the lots,   I'm slowly putting them on the gallery so that  you can grab them too if you want to use them.   I'm not done yet, I still have like, about half  of Newcrest left to finish. I have a couple more   community lots and a couple more houses, plus  all the sims I still need to make. I've been   putting off the sims and the community lots  because those are not my strong suits, so. No one's surprised by that. Uh, I think I'm really  

good at building a little suburban  house, but the rest of those things   are not my finest abilities. Now, that is  the speed build kind of wrapped up here. I'm gonna pop into game though and give you  a tour of the whole thing, it's just easier   to see that way. So you can see, this is  the progress we've made so far in Newcrest,   and down here is where the science museum  is. No spoilers, about the rest of it. But this, my friends, is the museum. Oh,   I should have brought a sim here so you  can see the fountains and the ducks,   hang on. Okay, Brandie is here. Oh, well  now the weather's bad. We just can't win. So here's the fountain, I put ducks in it. And  also obviously the fountains are there, I just  

think this is adorable, like I love the vibes  of this. The entry has a big astronaut statue,   which is also base game. A lot of people didn't  believe me because they've never seen it before,   but this astronaut statue, you get  it when you max the astronaut career,   or level nine of the astronaut career. It's a  reward, but sized up. It's like a reward, see. Okay, anyway, this is the park. There's  like, a little pathway, there's a couple   kids toys, we have that observatory. In the  back, you can keep going down that pathway,   we have a couple chess tables, of course. Uh,  there is a rocket ship very close to the building,  

truthfully, but that's okay because  it's The Sims. I feel like in real life,   that's probably not the best idea,  but you know, Sims 4 it's fine. And then inside, you can walk up these big  fancy steps into the inside. There's like,  

a check-in desk, or like, a reception desk,  basically. We've got another astronaut statue,   and then you have a few directions you can  go, so if you choose to go to the right,   this will take you into that like, more science-y  section where we have like, all of the rocks and   geology stuff, there's some prints, space,  you know, all the things you might want. Uh, if you choose to go to the left, down here  is that music section we were talking about.  

There's also the bathrooms downstairs, there's  two bathrooms in here. And then through here   is the kids area, they have like, everything  you could possibly need: toys, science tables,   lots of things to skill build,  and also a small kitchen. Because I was picturing the kids coming  here for like, summer camp, or daycare,   or something, and so I wanted to have  like, a small staff room for like,   who I'm picturing the daycare workers to be  here all day, and they can like, you know,   keep the kids lunch boxes in the fridge, and  then give it to them afterward, you know? And then if you go up the stairs, up the big  staircase, that takes you to the second floor.   There's a few more paintings up here, there's  like some modern artwork on this side,   there's also some like, landscape work over here.  A couple interesting things, like a typewriter,   you know. And then through this door is the  lab, so there's three microscopes you can use  

and a couple computers, if you need one. There's  also a bathroom upstairs if you need one,   and then down the other side, there's a small  like, art studio? So this place is in general   like, pretty functional if you need to  come here all day. I'm picturing like,   playing a legacy challenge and not owning an easel  and wanting to come here to use theirs, you know? So all the bases are covered, like  skill-building-wise, which I appreciate   because I -- this is the kind of thing that  I like to use in my own personal gameplay,   I feel like there's not really a reason to come  to the museums most of the time, but when you   actually put stuff that like, you wouldn't  have in your house, because let's be real,   you probably don't have this in your house. It  makes the space like, more reasonable to come to,   there's actually a draw for it, so that was  the concept, and I think I pulled it off. I hope that you enjoyed this video,   I love a good speed build, I can sit  here and talk all day, as we all know.   So I think on that note, I'm gonna go, and  I will see you all tomorrow. Bye everybody.

Also, if you like the hoodie that I'm  wearing, check out lilsimsieshop.com.   Grab your own today! I'm sorry,  I had to plug it at least once. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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