I Tried 3 Pregnancy Meal Plans

I Tried 3 Pregnancy Meal Plans

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That is what it looks like it literally looks. Wow. This. Is when my hormonal, rage. How. Do you feel good. Rock. This sauce right here my. Pregnancy. Diet what, is right what is wrong what are we even supposed to eat I don't know I'm Hannah I'm the world's okay it's mom and as many of you have probably noticed I don't, pay that much attention to my diet but, I'm super, pregnant, so for, the past week my family and I have tried out three pregnancy. Meal plans from. Three different sources to, crack, the case of what actually works and here's. What happened. There. Are so many conversations around, diet, in general and what works and what you should do and how much protein you should get and how many carbs you should be having and I don't. Really involve myself in any of that so, for. This Brown of pregnancy, I decided, to pay a little bit closer attention the, rules for this experiment, are my family and I are going to try three different pregnancy. Meal plans each for one day, I judged, each one based on my overall energy, level my hunger, level and the convenience, now before we go into the logistics, of all of this just know that I'm not a dietitian, I work very closely with my doctor, regarding any of these decisions, I make in any of the changes to my diet so please, don't change anything about your diet without discussing with your doctor first we, are starting. A new meal, plan we're gonna try the one from my doctor. Today. Just. Looking at this meal plan makes me hungry so I'm not looking forward to it when, I read, this meal, plan from the doctor for the first time it, made. Me laugh it reads like a diet I would follow if I was not pregnant and wanted to lose a lot of weight today's, breakfast, they give two options, so I'm gonna give one to the boys and one for me and Matt cuz, I know, the, boys really won't like one of them for the boys we're going to do a half a cup of cooked, plain oatmeal half. A cup of blueberries one. Teaspoon of honey 1/2, a cup of full fat milk then. For me and Matt it's gonna be one egg and one egg white one. Cup of spinach, 1/2. A cup of mushrooms, 1 tomato and 1/2 a cup of full, fat milk. Okay. I've already done the measurements, wrong I was gonna do 2 cups of mushrooms but, it's only 1/2 a cup each so, that means, like 2. Mushrooms, per person, sliced. The, portioning. Was so, neurotic. Down, to the amount of leaves of lettuce you're, allowed to eat and it, just it's the, complete, opposite, of the way I live my life Rosie. How does this smell, man. I do not you muttering this is dumb, ok. Just. Looked like watery, eggs I, feel, like I would eat this if, I was trying to lose weight which, I'm not, trying to lose weight right now so, that's why this, frustrates, me because the boys half a cup of oats one teaspoon. Of honey to this which is really tiny, and then half a cup of blueberries Oh, what's, this what do you think it is, blueberry. It's. Just normal breakfast, to, like it mm-hmm. Okay, try. Yours. Do. You think that's enough. Yeah. Julian, I feel, like Matt was faking, a little bit through this about how fine he was with everything because he is, always. Hungry, and when he's hungry he's always cranky about it but with this breakfast. He was like mmm, it was great it was just the right amount of food I like, a nice fish.

Breakfast. When I go he's skinny what, are you talking about. All. Right it's good it's healthy I just, wish I could have made it my way. The. Boys ate it it was fine but they. Weren't thrilled you. Don't like it. Gosh. The. Drama I wonder where he gets it. Okay. I'm packing lunches and save lunch one. Slice. Of quinoa, bread. Four. Ounces of Turkey, one medium tomato three. Leaves of lettuce one, medium carrot, mustard. To taste olive, oil 1/2. A cup of cottage cheese. I'm. Not getting quinoa bread, here's, my thing if I threw in a more than one grocery store I'm. Not gonna get it the lunch was. Probably. My least favorite, part of the, meal plan because, it, was an open-faced, sandwich, it was the sandwich with one slice, of bread which, I'm not gonna pack that in my kids lunch I'm not gonna be like here's a one slice of bread turkey, sandwich, like they're at school all day they're, running around all, day and, I gave them enough food to get them through the day. No. Not do. You think this is enough food yeah. That's fine you don't even get a top piece of bread I'll lose some weight anywhere Oh. Again. Matt, I think was just grateful that the food was normal. So. He was fine with it but. I know he cheated too he, didn't tell me what I'll see ate but I know he ain't more than that for lunch I am already hungry I think I will eat one of my six. To eight almonds. I. Don't. Eat them too fast. I immediately. Cheated. And I ate chips I'm not, even sorry back. On track today and we're making dinner which, is half, a cup of cooked, quinoa pasta, half. A cup of marinara sauce four ounces of ground beef three, small, Brussels, sprouts one, Belgian. Aandhi, and one ounce of cheese so. I'm. Gonna go ahead and mix the andhis, because, I'm not. Going to use those I'm, not gonna buy a whole thing just to use one, for each person because that seems very wasteful. Again, with the portioning, I would like to better understand, why this. Meal plan was, written out in this way because the strict, portioning, seems really. Restrictive, to me so MA has so kindly prepped, the pasta, we. Did find quinoa, pasta, I, call, that a win and then we're just gonna. Divvy. Out the sauce accordingly, to everybody, how, do you feel I feel good ready to rock this sauce right here what I. Feel. Like you're the one having the easiest time with all this I'm so. Hungry and, cranky, okay. Time, to, plate. This. Is a half a cup of pasta. Half. A cup of sauce. Three, small. Brussels. Sprout. - cheese dinner. Dinner. In my house is when, everyone. Kind of goes to town which. Might, not be the best diet. Wise but, that's just what we do everyone, gets seconds, for the most part people enjoy themselves during, dinner at my house question. You can only have three small ones so, take, take, your time oh. Wow. You're going really fast you're gonna regret that. What. Do you think everybody. Ended up GT, hey what's. That oh that, doesn't look like half a cup oh, my. Goodness. The. Only one for usual, who is not finished is Wyatt because, I don't know how crazy he is about the meal. Do. You bite honey. Pasta. You liked it yeah. He. Liked the Brussels sprouts too. After. Eating the doctor recommended meal plan my overall energy, was fine, because, I cheated my overall hunger, level was fine because I cheated in terms of convenience, it was moderately, convenient, some of the ingredients were tough to source like. Quinoa pasta, or, quinoa bread, that's kind of a specialty, grocery. Run, but, overall the meals were pretty easy to cook I just don't think food, can be treated, in a one-size-fits-all, way. Like that and also there, were no treats, like where's, the treat menu come on okay. It is time for a retro, pregnancy. Meal plan. Is where things get weird when, we went really, far back the. Foods were just not. Anything. That anyone should be eating right now especially, while, pregnant, so we got a little more recent, and. Chose. A meal plan from the 40s let's start with our breakfast, medicinal. Iron 2, teaspoons. Of cod liver oil 2. Tablespoons, of wheat germ one. Orange. One, egg and, one. Half of all cereals, and grains need. To be whole grains so I think I have an idea of what I'm gonna make for, breakfast, I like that there are some options here and it's not so strict. Are. You excited, yeah. Do you even know what we're gonna eat yeah. Get. Ready there, were a couple added elements, of. Foods, I've never really had one of which was wheat, germ and one of which was cod liver oil capsules. Here, are the cod liver oil, capsules. The iron pill and my prenatals, do you think you're getting something. Do. You think you're getting something now, looking, at the ingredients and the vitamin, properties, of these it actually seems pretty progressive that, these would be on meal plans from the 1940s, because, they have a lot of really good qualities, but I didn't know, specifically.

How To prepare. The, wheat germ I have this cereal, and I'm just gonna sprinkle some. Wheat germ. On, it, so overall breakfast. Looks like a lot of food, oh and he's just kidding who you starting, the thing that I really liked about the breakfast, was there, was a balance, of carbs and protein, it wasn't, just protein. Or just, carbs, and so it felt like a much fuller breakfast. I put the full two tablespoons, of wheat germ in my oatmeal it, has a very distinct, flavor, of. Baby, formula. Hmm. What. Does it taste like to you how does it make you feel no. I'm still trying to figure it out it's, like baby formula, okay. It's. Not the best I mean baby, formula, doesn't taste good there's no good way to have, a baby formula, flavor it's time to make lunch, very strange, meal plan I'm gonna be honest, an average serving. Of butter and meat two. Servings. Of vegetables in. Addition, to a potato, so, I'm, going to make turkey. Patties and. Asparagus. Roasted, asparagus and, I will put some butter on the asparagus, and, again, half, of the cereals and grains consumed. Need to be whole grain so, that means, we can actually eat some chips, okay. I opted. To make turkey burgers for lunch because the, meal plan didn't specify what, kind of meat I was supposed to make and I, knew that turkey, burgers were something my, family, would eat looks good looks like a nice complete meal the veggies. Were good I love that it just said two servings, of veggies not, you. Know three, sticks, of asparagus, or something like that so we were each able to have full servings, of the, sides that we wanted with our lunch as well, good. Huh. Yeah. I. Actually feel good, from. Breakfast. And lunch today, so. I'm gonna work out I was, feeling it until, we had dinner so. What we have left to eat is the potato. Maybe. Some more grains, and. The other thing that this meal plan recommends. Is liver once a week now, I don't think I've ever eaten liver we are not a huge, meat-eating, household. So this to me is, going. To be the hardest thing for us stuff to do gosh why couldn't it be a rack of ribs I've. Consulted a couple people who have made it before. It. Looks like I'm going to have to rinse it and soak it in milk for a couple hours to get rid of the bitterness and the smell. But. Knowing, that my sense of smell is very. Sensitive. Right now I don't know how well I'm gonna do, preparing. This liver I have, a feeling, I'm, going, to cry because, I already feel like I'm going to cry for the cows whose. Livers I have they, took off on my jewelry's I'm gonna have to touch this right. Oh my. God oh, okay. I need some like essential, oil okay. As oil, in my nose the. Biggest hurdle for me was the texture, of the raw liver, it's very slimy it feels, almost like a heart or something oh, god, oh dear. Lord, and, it's just very glistening. Like gloppy. Bloody. Oh God, slimy. Smells. Not. My favorite alright, it's time to start cooking this I've been putting it off long enough I'm. Preheating the oven to make baked potatoes, which, should be interesting, because neither. One of my kids likes, potatoes. All, right liver is, frying. Up it, actually doesn't smell bad smells.

Okay, Just. Looks odd, so, the kids didn't. Even ask what it was they. Just dug, in and after. A few seconds you could see their face turn from happy to confused. He's like nothing. What. Happened, honey. The. Aftertaste, is bad yeah, I think it was the texture, that threw the moth and the underlying, flavors, so they, ended up not liking it. It's. An odd texture. It carton it is like the, flavor. Is that. Like. Nothing I've had before but now I've had it and I did it and I, followed. The diet I'm proud of myself so now we can have our big potatoes. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Overall, for the 1940s, meal plan my energy, level was high my. Hunger level was low and in terms of convenience it was terrible. I never, want to cook liver again that, was such an ordeal huh the, third and final meal plan was, a meal. Delivery, service for pregnant, people it's called 25/8. I did not know. That these existed, it definitely, didn't exist when I was pregnant with my other two and. What. A time to be alive, yeah. Oh. My. Gosh, it, looks incredible. This meal plan is customizable. Based on dietary, needs and restrictions. And you can choose how many days you'd like to have it okay this morning's, breakfast. Is going to be this, flourless. Seed bread toasted. And. Assess. Me breakfast, full with broccoli and ginger lentils, and I'm, going to be honest I already tried some of this because it looked so good it's black sesame milk and you, thing ever, breakfast. Was. A. Meal, that I was, especially, excited, about because. It is right up my alley in, terms of all the foods I love it's all something that I would eat for breakfast if I had the time to make it which I you don't so I'm really excited I get to eat this for, breakfast, today, hojae's. How. About the bread. Okay. It's. Really good. It's. Very hearty like there's, a lot of food in each Bowl and. I. Know I'm gonna be very full after this the, second, I took one look at it I knew that why it would be pissed. He's over here hiding. Okay. You know try to keep the broccoli, one taste which. Gonna dinosaur are you the. One with the long neck or the one with the short neck. Short. Neck then you can't reach let's, see you try oh. I. Don't think you can, you're next too short see too. Short. Too. Short. Oh. You. Got, it good. Job for. Those of you out there with picky eaters, uh. Maybe. Give the dinosaur, neck trick, a try, see. How it work the. Only thing that works for us lunch. Time I'm. Packing lunches, for me and Matt we're going to do the. Oven-baked Dijon salmon, burger and fall veggie, hash for. The boys they're gonna do egg roll in a bowl looks, delicious, boys, love Chinese. Food so I think that's gonna be good this, looks delicious these salmon cakes. Look, really good and then, for snacks we, have collagen. Almond, butter bites and. I. Don't even know what this is but. Rose. Petal, buttercup bites my lunch. My. Lunch. Say. You. Try. My sandwich, make themselves. Interesting, I probably. Should, have thought about bringing salmon. To work to microwave, I was, that person that day honestly, I was. Pretty full from breakfast. I wasn't left hungry. At all so I probably. Won't even finish this that's a lot of food and its really filling it's really good how'd you like your lunch today, good. It was good when. Everybody got home we, were very hungry and so we had an afternoon snack which, was part of the meal plan which was excellent. He's our, pumpkin. Spice, muffins. What, do you think. And. Your brother in to have one who, are you how do you like that muffin. Perfect. After-school snack, huh yeah. Delicious. This. Food makes you dance yeah. How. Much my cooking made you dance like this. Okay. I'm fooling. My PJs I figured, I should actually give you guys a little bump date does, this I don't know if I've really showed it that much here. It is, it's. Getting there it's really big at the end of the day let me tell you it gets very swollen and, on that note I will show you what. I'm going to fill it up with to make it even bigger tonight's, dinner is a pasture-raised. Chicken. Bootable with, veggies. And quinoa. And it looks delicious and so I'm gonna whip these up for, each of us and, I whip them up I mean put them on place and see. How the kids do. You. Know I took one look at it and I knew I would love. It Matt would love it Jackson, would love it why it would hate it. What. Do you see. I'm. Actually really, proud of how open-minded why, it was that this meal plan usually he refuses, to try anything, new or anything, that's outside of his little wheel, of foods. He will eat and he gave, everything, a try so. He tasted, the bowl didn't. Love it ate a little bit of the chicken but the big deal was he tried it. Mmm. Was, it bad she's our really good star. Like chickpeas and pumpkin, seeds in here, mmm. So super, filling I can tell already, I, think this one is probably my favorite, I don't know the breakfast was really good so it's hard to pick overall. For the meal delivery, service energy, level was high hunger, level was low and convenience.

Was, A. Pregnant. Woman's dream all I do, is heat things up and like put, him in a bowl it was beautiful. It was uh so. Easy, with. A meal plan like this you are paying, for the convenience though so it's just something to keep in mind it, comes, at a price but, it is very very convenient, so how did we fare overall, between these three meal plans well my absolute. Favorite, was the. Meal delivery service, I felt like it was healthy, without being limiting, it didn't limit portions. It, didn't restrict, my intake, of food and it. Was very thoughtful towards, you, know having a bit of a sweet tooth when you're pregnant for me that was my absolute favorite, meal plan and I, would, love to eat it forever, even. Though their opinion is secondary, because these, meal plans are for pregnant, people all, three, boys favorite meal plan was the 1940s, meal plan something, about men, and their meat I. Don't. Know what it is so, that's what I got for today I'm Hannah and if you liked any of those meal plans let, me know in the comments, I want to hear what you would eat from those or if. You have a better way of cooking liver please leave that in the comments as well I feel. Please excuse, me I have some treats to eat to make up for all the lost time. I had with them until next time, yes. I'm in the bathroom, this is how I don't have to share with my kids. Returning. To. My home.

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for liver if you want a yummy way to cook it what I do is I make sure to rinse it then only soak it in whole milk for an hour, or you can use cream but only soak it for half hour. (SAVE IT FOR AFTER..will explain) Then you take your flour and season it to your liking so if you like garlic powder and a salt free seasoning you can do that. Then you take bacon (you need the one with some fat to it) and chop that up into pieces and fry it in a pan and add some thin sliced onions fry them up in the fat and bacon until the onions change color., when the onions are opaque then you place the flour coated liver in that and then watch to make sure not to over cook the liver. then when it is done take it out and place it on a plate and cover or keep warm in a low heated oven..NOW with that milk/or cream add more flour and shake to get out lumps and add to the pan you fried everything up in (YES you will be making gravy ) when it is near done then re add the liver to coat it and then serve over your favorite dish , I like mine over mashed taters but have done rice as well. Hope you like it :)

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Any doctor that put on a weight loss diet while your pregnant is an idiot

for liver: I pat dry and then coat in little dry cake mix and shallow fry. or cut stips and put in garlic, hot and green pepper and salt for marinating and then stir fry. i dress it in a mix of vinegar, oil and cumin. it's good for you and delicious in a flat bread sandwich.

I mean I could eat the first meal plan no problem. And I like portions. Its kind of like making you meals into science. But my body have also never felt good with a big meal. Your body is obviously not in synch with that diet at all so its gonna be rough.

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Is liver actually a healthy thing to eat? My cats never eat the livers of rodents they catch plus the liver is meant to filter out toxins in the body so wouldn’t it be filled with that? I don’t know

He likes brussel sprouts !?!

I missed Rosie

So did u change ur hair from magenta to blue again??

stop doing pregnant stuff. It's boring

Yeah hi in our country we eat liver on Christmas

Me: goes away for what seems like 3 months Hannah: IM PREGNANT! Me: ... “what”

Seriously who lives like that...I had Xavier and we cook together had actually made me turkey and stuffing banquet complete meal...I had to measure out the water and work the over...but he stirred the stuffing with care

I love this series!!!


ew the liver looked like period gunk lol

Have yours kids and husband plan you gender revel but they can’t tell you what they are doing it has to be a surprise. You just show up and see what happens. I hope that makes sense

It does make sense but they already know the gender. It's another boy and I'm pretty sure that shes due this month

I'm arabic from iraq my family cook liver all the time i dont like it

Little boy said: best Pasta in the world. So sweet.


Try stewing or currying the liver with potatoes next time.

In my country (Perú) they always recommed to pregnant woman and kids to eat liver because this is full of iron wich is good for the blood system. So to make the liver tasty you have let the liver rest for at least 2 hours in vinager, garlic, salt and peper, then fry it with some onions and tomatoes.

We give raw liver to our dogs because it’s extremely good for them but when I give it to them I do everything I can to not touch it

We just witnessed history! A child actually likes Brussels sprouts!

As far as taking iron goes, iron is typically absorbed better with Vitamin C, so the orange with it makes sense. Today you can chest and get Vitamin C pills though, which is what I usually do.

So my brother was a terribly picky eater. My parents were very worried, so they to him to a special doctor. They had him put something in his mouth, and he reported that it was very bitter. This means that is a supertaster. This might be the same with Wyatt, which means he has more taste buds than the rest of us, so when he tastes something with a strong flavor, it is too overpowering, and he does not like it. You may want to find answers with Wyatt.

LOL!! Just was thinking to myself if you were in the bathroom!! :D

How do they not like potatoes

Wyatt is so cute

Don’t recommend eating liver on its own, but I would add grilled onions and mushrooms as well. It’s makes it so so much better to handle the metallic aftertaste

when she said my energy level was fine 'because I cheated' it had me gone

"Gosh... The drama, I wonder where he gets it..." Matt, sipping coffee cross-legged by the fireplace while petting the dog: "Not me"

Hate when they try to pass off ads as part of the video

Sesame isn't good for you when you are pregnant..

With liver if you chop it up in to a sterfry with some vegies and some seasoning you might like it better. Also do not cook it for more than 2 minutes. It tends to become too chewy of cooked too long.

Wyatt -that was my worst nightmare

In my country eating liver is a normal thing that everyone does even tho i myself don’t do it because i don’t like it but everyone else does it , mostly as breakfast but sometimes as dinner, it’s cool how different cultures work

Pigs/cows liver has a very strong taste of iron. If you try chicken, its a lot milder and tastes good. I usually cook it in sour cream. Fry up chopped up lover. Salt-pepper, then add sour cream and let it simmer for 20 min. Taste. Salt more. And boom. Amazing. Great on pasta or buckwheat

You cooked the liver wrong af. Probably why u aint like it

Your way of cocking liver is worng, please see any indian channel, how to cook liver. Liver must go with gravy, you will loved it(most probably). Thank u. Love you form Bangladesh.

What a cheat you had cod liver oil capsules instead of actual spoonfuls of cod liver oil

My dad usually cooks the liver with onions, like stirfy, so taste more sweet less after taste .lol

Doctors don't even study nutrition properly usually, so I would always advise getting an RD or a nutritionist to create a meal plan instead of your doctor giving you one. Doctors will be able to give you general recommendations but not proper meal plans.

The first meal plan actually looked like some tasty and healthy meals if it wasn’t so limiting, those portion sizes could have been twice as big for me

I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and this is the kind of stuff I have to eat (I have Gestational diabeties) BUT....I don't do the portion size thing lol I just make enough for me (cause no one else likes it in the house)

Oooh i also don’t like liver

The last meal plan WAS SO *FANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* the pregnant women are so lucky nowadays.......

Yeah, liver tastes like edible rubber

Confused on why you got upset for the cow because you were gonna eat their liver yet you were saying why can't the liver be a rack of ribs instead. And you ate meat throughout this video. Why does whether you feel bad for the animal you're eating depend on which body part you're eating?

You may not make liver again lol but a good way to make it is to soak it in water with 2 tablespoons of garlic puree & 1 tablespoon of ginger puree and then after you rinse and wash it all off, once the smell is gone, you can pan fry it with garlic salt and pepper

Test: fine. Because I cheated

How do your kids like asparagus, but not potatoes?

14:31 "That was my worst nightmare"

That's so funny to see people trying liver for the first time. Ukrainian and Russian people eat it as an everyday dish and I was surprised 2 find out that some people, especially ur age, haven't tried it.

Love a good pregnancy exploiting. Thanks buzz feed!

that food from the first meal plan are kids portions way to little for a pregnant woman

matt sounds like a battered man hahaha. pregnancy is rough.

I haven't tried it, but I heard you can freeze your liver and then grate it, so you can put it in Bolognese etc. Together with other meats so it's not that promint in taste or texture

Matt sitting by the fireplace with Rosie and his mug saying “not me” about being dramatic had me HOWLING

Wow. Her kids sure love veggies. Cool kids!!

Wyatt eating is such a mood

for some reason, wyatt always looks like he's wearing lip gloss

did she get lip injections or are her lips just swollen from pregnancy??? no hate she always looks beautiful i’m just wondering!

pregnant woman aren’t supposed to eat liver ahhhh

. The liver looks like blood clots

Gosh Idk know what kind of Doctor would recommend all these processed foods. Specially for the pregnant women and kids!!!!Only in the US

I have a feeling she didnt clean the liver out properly. It should never be chewy, for it to taste really good and be enjoyable it needs to be completely rinsed out, and then it's mostly just a crispy dissolve in you mouth meat. It's also so much better with sauteed onions, it hides the after flavor

For the liver, I never soak it in milk but I grew up just having it with cooked with lots of bacon( It balances out a lot of the weird aftertastes) and have it with with some rice that is cooked with magi and frozen veggies You could probably make it fancier but that’s the simple was raised with

So, the cod liver oil from the 40s plan is on point. I took it through my last pregnancy and now breastfeeding. It gives me so much energy and it makes my milk fattier as well. I’m not sure why more people don’t take it. We really don’t get enough omega 3s and it’s so important for brain health!

Here in México people loooove to eat liver with onions, it is called “hígado encebollado” my mom used to make it every thursday because of her diet, we hated it hahahahha so she would make us ham and eggs or something like that, also most moms cooks under a budget and livers are cheap ... hate it but it’s very common in here

The wastes in that delivery meals

she KNEW wyatt would be pissed

That first diet was like a diet for gestational diabetes’s for pregnant women

The first plan is a dream come true for me. Today I didn't even have lunch.

Calling Cauliflower Ghost broccoli is also a way I get my picky eater to eat it.

If your a dude leave this video,won’t get it!

Ok I really need to know what's up with Americans and Brussels sprouts cause most of the ppl I've met in my life can't even handle seing pictures of them

You should try all your pregnancy cravings but after you have the baby so you can see how crazy the cravings were

I NEED that black sesame milk

I am so happy for you! Keep up the great videos!

If your kids like ranch...I converted to using a spoonful of ranch on my baked potatoes. It has become my fav way to eat a baked potato. It also makes it pretty creamy like mashed potatoes.

I'm not sure about beef liver but, I love love love chicken liver. It is absolutely an acquired taste that if you give yourself some in a small amount over a couple of months you will start to crave it. Nutritionally, it is so good for you your body won't shut up about it making you crave it. The way I got hooked was at a fried chicken restaurant that had really good sweet rolls. When I took a bite of the liver it was so metallic tasting that I tried to cover it up by putting a bite of the sweet roll with it chewing them up together. That was an addictive combo and enough that my body started craving it within a few days. Eventually, I no longer required the roll or even it to be deep fried. My favorite way to eat chicken liver now is lightly floured with a couple tablespoons of oil browned on the stove with caramelized red onion which gives you the sweetness the roll gave. FREAKING delicious!!

Better Way to eat lever: make lever paste/pâté it is danish stuff you put I. Sandwiches. Idk how to make it but you would prob be able to search up “danish lever paste” and a recipe would come up.

I just realized how much Wyatt's eyes are just like Matts

How far along is she?

What colour lipstick are you wearing at the start of the video?

You should only eat foods that are certain colors for a week, like all yellow foods Monday, orange goods Tuesday etc

Livers are so easy to cook, and the fact that your kids loves Chinese food makes it easier. I will list the recipe in the comments

Wyatt is me with new foods

Is it just a UK thing? But we are advised not to eat any liver or anything with liver in it when pregnant. This really upset me as I was not allowed to eat pate.

I give my dog 2 fish oil vitamins it helps her fur be healthy and soft and she loves them!

I had gestational diabetes and that first meal plan is very much similar to what I had to eat throughout my pregnancy. And I didn't have the luxury to go slam down some chips after.

Hannah what kind of dog do you have? I have a Miniature Schnauzer.

Is it just me or does Matt look like Mark ruffalo?!?!

I wonder when Wyatt doesn’t like the food, does she give him something else to eat or just leave him alone? I need some parenting tips

i give him something else as long as he tastes the other food

Liver tip: In college I went to a sri lankan house party and had some sort of liver with a decent amount of tumeric in it. Between the flavor and the exotic factor I found that it made the liver a lot more palatable than western preparations. Like... I actually liked it...of their white American guests, I ate the most. Really enjoying your vids has prompted me to finally research what it might have been. I now believe it was karal varuthathu. You could probably soak it even longer and still do the milk wash thing if you wanted to. I'm thinking that the vinegar and multitude of spices help to tenderize it a bit more and kill some of the aftertaste. Wyatt still wouldn't like it, but everyone else might be more okay with it.

I love how your kids are willing to try everything you make even the youngest

The way she says endive

That first one was from your DOCTOR??? It really does seem like a diet plan... not a meal plan for a pregnant woman!

The liver was disgusting because its cow liver chicken liver is much better

What's even the point in restricting you brussel sprout intake?? Like it's brussel sprouts wth

Just sitting here as Dane with my open faced sandwich... One piece of bread is all you need

I've noticed that most picky eaters in families are the youngest sibling.... My younger sister used to be super picky but she grew out of it. My boyfriends younger brother is 25 and he's the pickiest person I've ever met!

I’m so glad you’re calling it like you see it with these meal plans!!

Ok, wyatt eating like a dinosaur is adorable and genius!

Liver and liver supplements are so dangerous for pregnant women. Really high vit A beware of toxicity. Please be careful with them in future and talk to a dietician!

i love you hannah

I thought you couldn’t eat deli meat????

Wyatt looks like he got all of Matts genes, they look exactly the same, probably their personality too,

You're not supposed to eat liver when you're pregnant!

2:08 I thought she said "full fat milk" lol

You can cook it with tomato, onion and bell pepper by cut them in cubes and slice up the liver into thin slices season it with salt and pepper . You can eat it as a sandwich or with Rice.

14:30 "That was my worst nightmare"

I love Matt shirt 5:05

Wyatt looks so much like his dad

actually ...Matt is the words, ok-est dad ...lol

Yes Jackson! He got down with any meal given to him. I love it!

HOW does hannah only get YOUNGER as time goes on im shook

The last one looks delicious


I love ur videos I was wondering what lipstick u wore in this video on the first day the pink one

Oh my goodness Wyatt is the cutest little dinosaur

"And here's what happened" *stuffs baby spinach into mouth

Liver is delicious but I recommend lamb liver over beef liver. Doesn’t smell as bad, and easy to prepare. Rinse very well and then cook in a pan with no oil, cook until water is gone. In a separate pan fry some garlic and jalapeño pepper in olive oil and add it to the liver once it is cooked. I eat it with pita bread, it’s delicious and very healthy

Wyatt is my food soulmate

18:36 i saw takis

Lol it’s pronounced END-DIVE not AHn-deeve but she tried

Wyatts eyes are beautiful!!

But also like everything you eat, I HATE but I seem to like similar things to Wyatt (tho still who doesn’t eat potatoes)

Matt: The food is fine. This is fine. Matt: *sits by the fireplace nefariously with his minion sneaking snacks* who me

Omggg aww ur pregnant

I like brussels sprouts too

Is it pronounced AHN-DEEV OR EHN-DIVE?

We have chicken livers, dredged in Fryin' Magic and pan fried, with a little bit of Tobasco sauce on top.

Have a filipino food for 1 week..

Okaaaay skinny

Cannot wait to see your new bundle of joy

The way i prepare my liver is instead of putting the liver in milk, let it go over night with lime juice and salt. It will look different but it will be fine. Wash the liver then add seasoning as you would do for other meat.

Claiming eating healthy is comparable to dieting which with your tone is coming from a place of negativity is annoying. You should eat your healthiest while pregnant. Shows how unhealthy you are

Eating while pregnant has been so hard for me, food makes me cry now it’s such a trigger

BEST LIVER RECIPE EVER!!!!>>>>> In my opinion, and many others..the absolute best way to cook liver is this recipe! - Step One : Dont

“I’m already hungry I think I will eat my 6-8 almonds”

If I had to Prepare the livers I would immediately vomit on looking at it. Preggo or not I would not be ok. You are a strong strong woman

I eat liver at congee queen it's normal for me lmao

Is Jackson adopted? Just wondering.

chinese style stir fried liver with spring onions and ginger is probably a good way to make the liver more palatable.

I love fried liver with onion

still waiting for the next episode of aria and merle

Am I the only person that never has snacks during the day ?

So excited for baby#3 when is the due date!

The first doctors meal plan actually seemed really healthy and like a fine amount of food....

I tried pizza before ... As a goth person?

It’s half a cup of sauce plus 4 oz of meat. The sauce was pre mixed and only used 1/2 of mix, so it could have been a little more.

You should fry garlic with olive oil, cut the liver into cubes and clean it from the veins those gets an annoying crunch to it. Heat uo the olive oil, it should be heated, add the garlic then the liver. Now cover it and stir fry it from time to time till it is done. When it's near done add pomegranate molasses or limon. I enjoy eating it veerrryyyyy much! I loooveeee it! I even eat it raw along with salt, cinnamon and pepper!

Liver is my favorite

My mom used to make us eat liver once in a while when me and my siblings were kids (I’m 22 now) I hated liver but it was tolerable how she cooked it. She’d cook it with with mashed tomato, onion, and Serrano Chile peppers as like a mix. It’s like a staple mix in Mexican food. The onions would be sweated out and the tomato created a savory sauce and the peppers added nice heat. When I ate the liver with pieces of onion it was okay ??? Lol

Wheat Germ is actually really good on smoothies!

I think your dr is completely insane...

Will the dino neck trick work on my 18 year old roommate?

When she soaked the liver o_0 maybe i'm the odd one out but I grew up with a dad who loved liver, keep it simple, low and slow fry with onions and mushrooms

I thought the liver was placenta in the opening bit

Technically health guidelines don’t recommend eating liver or cod liver oil during pregnancy because of the high levels of vitamin A. I’m sure the small amount you had won’t matter but just important to mention.

The first meal plan seems like it would be a plan for a obese pregnant lady...

I could do the 1940's one but the liver is a no. I've tried it a hundred ways and still hate it. My boyfriend LOVES liver and onions with gravy, just the smell alone makes me wanna vomit. Lol

Omg I didn’t know you were pregnant!! Congrats

That's what you'd eat if you're trying to lose weight? It looks super average to me. But where I'm from we tend to eat small breakfast, small lunch, pretty big dinner and then some small snacks in between. So that's a lot like you doctor's diet

Okay the dinner was pretty small. I'd have eaten more vegetables and added some fruit throughout the day hahaha

I thought blue haired cxnts exclusively got abortions?

For liver, I recommend looking up Cuban recipes or buying from a Cuban restaurant.

you'd think this women would know what a condom is by now..

You should do a video of people trying Runza!!

The first diet was totally wrong. I calculated the calories and it’s under 1100 calories. Even for the shortest inactive women, doctors recommend 1200 calories. Let alone a pregnant woman who is taller or active. I’m 5’8 and I’m supposed to eat around 1600. That is not enough food.

Should hav stewed the liver

Chicken livers, prepared correctly, are delicious. I only have one recipe for calves liver that is edible, and it involves a LOT of bacon . . . The German Cook restaurant in San Francisco used to make chicken livers with red wine, mushrooms, brown gravy and onions all caramelized and served with awesome fried potatoes. Unfortunately, they are no longer open. One liver hint, make sure you use calves liver instead of beef liver. But mostly, it is not delicious. Breast of Chicken Normandy uses chicken livers in the stuffing: fancy 1950's company dish, and it is delicious. That is all I got on liver!

When you remember what hanna and matt had to do to get her pregnant

I eat like 3x more than that first meal plan and I ain't even growing a baby

Maybe the first meal plan was for people in the obese category who are not supposed to gain more than 5-10 lbs during pregnancy? I feel like thats the only realistic reason for it to be so crazy

Definitely was told you shouldnt eat deli meats or unpasteurized cheese so that lunch is super odd to me

Dear Hannah, First off, love the series. Hoping to be a Mom one day, but right now I'm an Aunt in Progress. Your videos make me feel less alone, because even as an aunt I struggle with what I should do with my niece and three nephews when they are with me. Your pregnancy videos have been great. My sister has been a vegetarian since she was 12, and she struggled a lot in her pregnancy with food. Fruit and eggs at the end of the day were her saving grace. It was also her saving grace when she was breastfeeding. So I have a challenge for you. Well, two actually. I challenge you to a vegetarian diet while breastfeeding. I know you did the vegan diet, but it's very different from being vegan. You can still have eggs and dairy. I would love to see you fo this. Also, at some point I would love to see you do the gluten free diet with your husband and kids. Again lovd the series, hope all is well with you and this exciting time. Xoxoxox Love from Canada Janna

I absolutely love these pregnancies videos but for the love of God, HANNAH PLEASE STOP BITING YOUR UTENSILS WHEN YOU EAT

7:00 this is so sad to look at.

I relate to Wyatt on a spiritual level. While I'm way less picky as an adult, I refused to try anything new until around my preteens. I pretty much only ate plain pasta for most of my cooking

So happy for you!! Great videos

it was interesting but then it was just an ad, ugh

i’ve never heard someone say “on deev” ! i say “enn dive”!

It’s super common to use liver in some Filipino dishes. You can look up recipes like Filipino Menudo where it’s a mixture of pork or beef and the liver. The sauce it’s cooked in helps mask the taste.

It is common to eat (chicken) liver in Indonesia. I suggest u to cook it by chopping it into small size then fry those

Is it restrictive, or do we have inflated views of portions?

I was told not eat liver during pregnancy because it has too much vitamin A

Omg. I take the same prenatals

“Okay skinny”

I think the boys didn’t like the oatmeal so much, cus you forgot the milk

Love the video!

Omg. Your doctors diet is a joke. I would get a new doctor. Wow. Just wow.

Product containing high amounts of vitamine A are not recommended for pregnant woman. As it can have a teratogenic affect. Product's like liver and the cod oil shouldn't be consumed too much and are not part of a healthy pregnancy daily diet.

Thought it was a misscariage in the beginning:(

I would've cheated on the liver part with fois gras hahah

That's not the best way to cook liver, more of a quick stir fry would have suited best and if you copped them up in to smaller thinner and longer pieces....some onion and peppers and garlic and bit of salt.

I swear I can watch them eat all day

Not going to lie when I was pregnant I watched what i ate and I always ate open faced sandwiches

I'm watching this before going to sleep, your videos are SO relaxing and fun!

The addition of Liver in the 1940s could be propaganda from the government at the time due to the shortage of meat from the war, the government wanted people to eat more parts of the cow like tongue and liver.

14:32 "That was my worst nightmare"

Matt is such a kind husband

i feel like nutrition wise, at least according to my nutrition philosophy, the 40s meal plan was the best. cod liver oil and organ meats are so good for you!

Who doesn’t like potatoes what

Wtf? R they trying to starve pregnant ladies? Have those babies come out skinny legends??

My favorite videos

I just love the shot of Matt just sitting casually near the fire place with Rosie.

"Two Ridiculous Diets and an Ad"

Liver and ketchup sandwiched between two toasted pieces of whole wheat bread.


Just make an Indian curry out of the livers. I don't assure that it would be a delicacy but it would taste better than what you made.

Restriction is bad. Diets are bad. The only thing that works is listening to your body- feeding it what it wants and needs. Gentle nutrition- trying to get in fruits and veggies and taking your vitamins and fun enjoyful movement. Swimming, walking in the woods going to the beach etc.

Definitely gonna give the Dino neck trick a try!

Texas style liver! My mom ate a lot of liver when she was pregnant with my older brother and this was her favorite recipe and mine and other wise I dont like liver. If you cant find a recipe online just comment on my comment and I will get it for you

I don't think I've seen many kids who loves Brussel sprouts XD

Did i just see nasty liver in the intro...

Um, black sesame milk sounds amazingggggg!!!

i'm asian and the thing is i have liver every once a week it's really common for us to have it so it was funny to watch u eat it

Another way to eat liver is liver mush.. my grandma used to make them every time she would come to visit. She made them like little sausage patties and to be fair they were not that bad. I haven’t brought myself to make them since I’ve been pregnant, but if I were to eat liver that’s how i would do it haha.

Autumn Morehead NEVER

For a pregnant woman?

Jackson after eating liver "that was my worst nightmare"

Wyatt and Matt look so similarrr

i really hate liver but i know a lot of people who likes it. the only time i ate it and was fine was when my mother cooked it with sauce which masked the flavor of the liver. anw i still hate it

The liver looks like the blood clots that you get when your on your period just enlarged! lol

I don’t have kids yet but love that your oldest loves veggies. My mom has us eating veggies and we love them. My sister and I would fight over who got the rest of the broccoli when we were younger.

Wyatt is such a mood

Your pregnant??


Have your Husband cook for You!

Jackson is an ANGEL. Wyatt is so cute and sassy, so excited for Buttface #3!

Her hair is gorgeous

in the UK they don't recommend liver during pregnancy because of the amount of vitamin A it contains. That meal delivery one looked so yummy!


like if... -You always hear your name even when if it's not being called. -You hate hearing your voice in recordings. -You use the word "thingy" when you can't remember what something is called. -You pretend you're writing in class so the teacher won't call on you. -You say the entire alphabet because you can't remember what letter comes next. -You and your best friend can say one word and crack up. -You hate it when one of your hoodie strings is longer than the other. -You hate it when someone thinks you like someone when you clearly don't. -You hate it when your favorite song comes on as you pull in the driveway. -You feel like if you turn on the lights, you'll be safe from anything. -You push those little buttons on the lids of fast-food drinks.

Schen 123107 Not in french it isn’t

I eat liver with onions on butter it tastes better - I can't stand liver by itself- terrible experience to be honest

Wyatt is more open minded than older people these days

lmao.. no thanks couldn't get me to eat like that ever..

The older Wyatt gets, the more spoiled he gets

Jackson is such a dream eater... Then there's me being a total Wyatt

I've had liver once. ...I hate it. Nasty.

this was posted on my birthday yayaya

Dude Jackson is the best eater ever!!!! Wyatt is a little bit more on par with little ones

Who still is watching even if your not pregnant like if so

Pate, or stir fried liver ...yum

Hannah, you make the best videos. I always get great ideas from you

Why didn't you just do Chicken Liver? It doesn't smell and isn't offensive like beef

I thought pregnant women could eat fish? It’s cool if they can tho

Very erotic

I always like watching these videos but this video I loved

The almond were the treat

she should leave buzzed and create her own channel

As long As youre Not Do drugs, smoking or alcahol. Its fine. The body will send Signals what you and your baby want. You can eat anything what your body crave for.

Is henna pregnant?

A pregnant woman only need 300 more calories than before she was pregnant not 2 times as many

I'm one of those people who actually like liver.....and all I wanna say is I've never seen it cooked that way

I think I would eat some of the day one meal plan if there was more food. I don't know why the portions were so small, it doesn't seem that filling for a person eating for my friend Ashlie (who has a very small appetite) , never mind someone eating for 2

U look like gwyneth paltrow’s sister

The way my mom and grandma prepare liver is just some pepper and salt with some grilled onions, the grilled onions really help conceal the bitter taste

I’m actually ok-er than her and I’m a man

At 6:38 Matt looks so much like Wyatt

There are a lot of comments on here about how Hannah needs to leave buzzfeed. I understand where everyone is coming from, but there are a lot of personal factors which could influence Hannah’s decision to stay with the company. One that comes to mind for me is the cost of healthcare for her family as a solo YouTuber

Honestly looks like my perfect potion size I get full so quick now that I’m pregnant

who puts liver in milk before cooking it????

Wow Wyatt is the cutest

You should have had kinwa chips they are so good

Liver can be good but you probably underseasoned it.

“Do you think you’re getting something ... do you think you’re getting something “ made me laugh so much the poor dog

14:32 "that was my worst nightmare" in the background omg

ur kids are so picky..

“okay skinny” i-

omg wyatt’s SCREAM HAHAHHA

Why would they portion the veggies so much. Like you can’t have more than three Brussel sprouts ffs.

do her kids have different dads

Hannah kinda looks like Lorelai glimore

There is literally no way to describe liver you just have to try it and see what it tastes like for yourself

I actually love liver

I love eating liver! just fry it up in a bit of butter and season with salt and pepper. None of that milk soaking required!

I am still surprised that Jackson likes Brussel sprouts

If it didn’t specify the type of liver you should prepare, chicken liver might have been a better option. There’s less bitterness and easier to cook

How do they don't like potato but love fries?


I want twenty-fiveEIGHT. And I’m not even pregnant.

i eat 3 plates of these foods

Wyatt is

you can cook liver on stove

please please please don't do that to your kids they need good food to grow it won't fill them don't ever do it

3 leaves of lettuce? what is wrong with people lettuce is just sheets of green water WHY ONLY 3 LEAVES OMG

Yeah...the "3 slices of lettuce" and "3 Brussels sprouts". What?!?! You could double those amounts and add about 10 calories to your food. That was crazy restrictive.


Thanks for uploading mom in progress again it was a while since you guys uploaded an episode what happened

Flipping genius! I’m totes trying that dinosaur trick with my babies when I eventually have them. I know they will be hella picky.

You do not trust Matt about following the meal plan

How do you get your son to eat like every vegetable and stay happy about it

Roasted vegetables that are seasoned well with salt and lime/lemon juice helps

I’m pregnant but also a thrifty sahm so I’m thinking I’ll go to that premade meal plan’s website and try to make the recipes myself.

Oh my god why are your kids so cute.

I know I'm a bit late, but here at home we loooove livers with onion! we chop the livers in small pieces and then cook them on the frying pan like steaks, and then we fry thick onion slices on the fond that's left in the pan along with a bit of vinegar and maybe a bit of worcestershire or soy sauce (the more onions the better in my opinion) we usually serve it with freshly cooked white rice, it's delicious and not chewy at all :'D you should try it again sometime!

Try chicken liver, covered in flour, fried & eaten with fried onions & gravy over rice... Tastes much better than beef liver. Also, You look so beautiful.

@4:09 Hannah: The drama...I wonder where he gets it *pans to matt* Matt: *Sitting by himself by the fireplace with thier dog like some Hallmark movie* Not me


Hannah, babe, beautiful, mama, doll... this baby is KICKING YOUR ASS. You look like you need to ease up a little on making videos and eat whatever TF you want and nap as much as you need.

I tried to eat calf’s liver and I I couldn’t get past the texture and the after taste

"Okay skinny, what are you talking about??" - Hannah 2k19

Hannah, you make me kind of jealous of you despite the fact that that I do not have children. Nor do I see myself getting pregnant anytime soon...despite the fact that at 33. according to may boyfriend I should be pregnant with his child. Blah blah blah. Ain't nobody got time for that, lol.

be careful putting essential oils on or around your nose (or any part of your skin) because it can be very irritating undiluted

Why are y'all using disposable plates and silverware?

I ate liver before

As picky as Wyatt can be it means a lot that he actually tries them at least before rejecting food

10:14 i see candy

“ok skinny watchu talkin about”

She should've stuck some herbs in the liver like thyme or rosemary.

You're not supposed to have honey while pregnant because you could give the baby botulism

Omg at 10:34 Matt’s smile looked just like Wyatt

She’s a really good mom!

Let Wyatt meal plan for a week. I'm very interested in what you'll end up eating.

Instead of 'Ok Boomer' I petition for 'Ok Skinny' to be the next meme

As a birth worker, the first day diet is SUPER concerning and part of why general practice MDs shouldn't give advice about pregnancy, ESPECIALLY nutritional advice. MDs get LESS than one class worth of nutrition education and only perpetuate diet culture, and encourage restriction (which often leads to disordered eating habits). It's just a shame. It's best to focus on micronutrients as opposed to macros. Eat your normal diet, plus a little extra (around ~300 calories, but I don't count calories, and I don't encourage people to count calories), like a pb&j's worth. Be cautious around cured foods, raw foods, etc. We want to avoid listeria and anything that can grow bacteria that can make you sick. TLDR: Eat how you normally would, being mindful of food that could make you sick. If you're still hungry, eat a little more. Wash your veggies, take your prenatals, and DON'T listen to fad diets. Talk to your OB or midwife and don't take nutritional advice from a general medicine MD (please I'm begging you). Chat with a nutritionist if you're concerned!

She should have picked up some fried chicken livers from the gas station and called it a day.

Chicken liver is waayyyyy better. And you cook it in a stew type way and add some lime and soy sauce

Your kids do an awesome job with trying new foods :)

Did all of those individual containers get thrown in the trash for every piece of the last one or is any part of it compostable?

Yup i eat my chocolate in the closet

The only way I've heard of people eating liver is fried liver and onions....

I'm pretty sure the half a cup of pasta was meant to be half a cup of uncooked pasta

I grew up on liver and kidneys as breakfast where am from it was funny seeing Hannah’s reaction but we make it in a different way plus I came from a nomadic pastoralist community in Africa

Could you not have made a half sandwhich?

0:05 OUCH

I love meat.

Liver is soooo good. With caramelized onion and apple! Yummie!

I wanna know how she knew the flavour of baby formula

Eating liver is definitely an acquired taste tho.

Hannah:God the drama I wonder were he gets it Matt:Not me?

Do matt cook for you for a week

Jackson and Wyatt just wanting a normal week : “with the Williams no way “

I like chicken livers sauteed with ketchup. Chicken liver might taste less livery than beef liver.

I don't get it, you feel sorry for the cow who gave up it's liver but no issues with a turkey in a food processor? Your dinosaur neck trick was awesome, your children are wonderful.

In Finland doctors don't recommend eating liver because of the amount of vitamin-A in it

The liver looked like period blood clots

Is it a girl

Wyatt has beautiful long hair! I hope he does not get bullied because he has long hair and that he looks like a girl Ps: I'm not calling him a girl I think he looks great

Liver can be very good, but it's all in the recipe. I think it can be very good only in one recipe: chopped liver + caramelized onions ( adds a sweet taste) and fresh chopped scallions ( adds a fresh taste) with gravy and mashed potatoes. This is very common in Eastern European kitchens and is something that our moms used to make when we were small, so that we can get enough iron in our blood. So it just depends on how you cook it.

If anyone wants to incorporate liver for health reasons in the future... try just doing 1 Tb per 1 lb of hamburger meat. Blend together so well incorporated then make burgers or meatballs as you normally would. I've found that's the best way to get me to eat it with being turned off by taste or textured.

Congratulations Hannah, I started watching your videos a few years ago and your videos are from the only videos I enjoy. The other person I like is Clint Emerson, it will be cool if you can make a video together.

The best way to cook liver is to throw it in the trash can.

3:48 -okboomer

Okay, am I the only one who thinks that the first diet looks delicious? Disclaimer is that I have type 1 diabetes (from childhood) and so it's similar to how I eat on the daily (although more veggies and less pasta and bread). (I also understand that for Hannah, she was hungry and didn't like it... that's a good sign that your body isn't getting enough! So I'm glad it was only one day for her)

I’m so happy to see this video. This was suggested after I finished watching her miscarriage video. I am SO happy for her.

Hanna* I wish my cooking made you dance Jackson*

i loved the dinosaur neck trick hahahahha way better than the iconic "choo choo train" XD

The meals from the Meal Deliver Service are great, but why is the packing just plastic? I woudn't buy it... It may be comfortable, but the environment has to suffer. And without a sustainable environment, my kids ar not gonna have a joyful time on this earth :( But besides this, I love your videos, Hannah :) Congratulations on your little Henry :)

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