I Trained To Become An MMA Fighter In 4 Months

I Trained To Become An MMA Fighter In 4 Months

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Fighting. An MMA fight in three months is completely. Crazy aria is just so sweet like, I couldn't see him like her a fly, I don't, want to see Aria get hurt I get, the impression that there's an underdog, within, you that is trying to prove something through, this experience, I don't know if he will survive, this. Fight. Basically. This, is saying that you are voluntarily, doing this video BuzzFeed, is not making you if you. Were to get injured doing it or anything else BuzzFeed, is not responsible because you are doing this on your own, gotcha. And when you say anything else at a good stuff that includes I mean death is possible, at all of life like every morning you wake up death is a possibility, very, true my. Name is aria I love romantic comedies Christmas. And I will be dedicating, the next three months of my life towards. Training and mixed martial arts before competing, in an officially, sanctioned fight against. A trained and experienced. Opponent, is he really gonna do that why, would he do that just, three months are you straining three. Months is not a long time, three. Months of training before a fight is a very unrealistic, timeline, already so, this will be the biggest challenge of my life are you gonna be wearing headgear oh. I. Don't know how this is gonna work for him I love, aria but no I. Will not be seeing it I don't want to see it I don't want to see the fight I'm. Not very physically active I don't think most people think of the word fighter, when they think of me I don't know if Aria has ever been in a fight, Aria, told me that he was Buddhist I'm worried about him I don't know if he's a fighter, but, what is a fighter because for me this journey isn't just about trying, to overcome the physical and mental challenges that I will be facing but, more so about trying, to get inside the mindset, of what it takes for those that actually do compete. In. One of the world's toughest sports a. Combat. Sport that allows its athletes, to utilize, a variety, of fighting, styles mixed, martial arts continues, to explode, in popularity as. Fighters, from all walks of life seek, to test themselves inside. The cage I think, my car can impact, a lot of life because of discipline. What separates MMA, from any other sport is that you're, forced, to deal, with fear to compete in the mixed martial arts fight the fact that art is doing that first why I think takes a tremendous amount of courage it's, gonna be a difficult process for arias, first fight honestly I would just recommend take it all in it's, a whole nother world try.

To Just open your eyes open your ears and see as much as you can. Hey. Who. Are you well, thank you thank you so much for being. A part of this journey with me it's gonna be uh we. Road gonna. Be a lot of fun one of the individuals tasked, with getting Oriya in proper condition, to compete is Steve Zim an accomplished. Coach who has trained athletes, including undefeated. Female boxing champion, Laila, Ali this. Is what I do for a living I train people to be the best at what they do arms, down he's. What I would call skinny fat 12, and, 3/4. You have way too much body fat for, what we're trying to do working, with Steve to improve, my strength and conditioning, is not, easy at all let's do two minutes and see how you feel on this anything. Burning yet. Getting. To a push-up and let's see what we got going, into, this I knew one of my biggest weaknesses was, my conditioning. Yes, your blood sugar just dropped, okay. So why. Don't we sit down this isn't like going out and trying to run a 5k and, just, hope I finished the 5k this is way. Way, up there you are gonna put your face your body on the line you have to make sure that you're gonna come out of this hole that's, why we're doing this otherwise. You're gonna get in there and find out that you don't have what it takes it's scary, but. If, he puts himself in the right position, works, his butt off eats right shows, up then we're gonna have a big, big change in him any which, way he does not lose from this. So. Your chin, is where a lot of nerves are that's kind of like one in the mean target, areas so, you always want that chin down and the eyes up coming. Out of retirement to, teach aria the combat, skills he'll need to survive in the cage is Chris. Riley, a former. Champion and coach who once helped lead Quinton, Rampage, Jackson to. Capturing, the UFC. Light heavyweight championship. You're basically what I call on the snowboard. The minute I see that. When. Aria first reached out to me about this project my initial. Reaction was no, first, of all I'm not coaching. Fighters anymore so I, didn't really think it was something that I wanted. To be involved in or or, would necessarily even be the best person, for him and then after giving it some thought, the reality, is during, my time in the sport there were a lot of people, coaching. MMA, who. Shouldn't. Be coaching, them at may you know we do have to remember it's. A grown, man in there whose, entire. Purpose is. To. Hurt you as bad as possible you know I really, thought. To myself maybe. I was actually. The best person. To help, with this I'm, not gonna keep punching, hard here I'm a top top tapping I. Think. The hardest, part, of the, training, process over. The next three, months Ferrari. Is going, to be when we, have to face some real contact, that's always when. People. Start. To learn whether. Or not this is something they really like doing, or not so that that will be the you. Know kind of key determining. Factor, as to. How this is probably, going to turn out. I. Mean. We've. Worked so hard and, here, we are it's. Fight night now it's. Gonna be what its gonna be. It's. Been it's been a journey but I have, a full full belief in him that he'll he'll, do well he well he's done everything he's needed to do in preparation pick, it off before you get in, the cage yet I know. There's a lot of people who. Kind of laughed him off a little bit and whatnot but I know what he's made of I know that he's gonna go in there he's gonna move, a lot of people wrong that's for sure.

As. Training. Progresses chris is able to secure a gym for aria to train out of I've. Known Chris for a long time he was like a mentor to me he called, me on Sunday. And asked, if I could help him out like with this project I could not say no you know of course I'd say yes. Hanging. In a fight in three months is, absolutely. Crazy and a, dinky as the, biggest, pair of balls ever, we, actually, Pat it up and got in the ring especially. Since he's never fought anything, he's gonna have to get used to getting punches thrown at him he has to get used to getting kicks donut and he actually has to get used to getting beat up the, sparring session was definitely a shock in the system it was like okay this is how it feels to get hit by, someone who's not even trying to really hurt you biggest challenges, are teas in the face is, mentally. Getting, ready to train so on top of the fight training I'm supposed to do with Chris I also, have five days a week with Steve, doing a strength and conditioning work at his gym and then on weekends I'm also supposed to do cardio so there is no day of full, rest for me while, training multiple, times a day Arya's. Diet is also, under scrutiny by the team at trifecta, nutrition, who are trying to help ensure that Aria comes in at his scheduled. 145. Pound featherweight, limit. Trifecta. Basically, came up with a diet plan it's basically focused, on just clean eating and making sure I'm hitting my macros, so for example I'm supposed to hit 150, grams of protein in a day while, keeping under 1900 calories, the excitement, of the first week, falls away after, the first week, when, you start to see how hard you're pushing how hard you're pushing this, entire, project seems to be the only thing on my mind I'm always thinking about things like my diet I'm wondering if I'm training hard enough I'm wondering who my opponent's going to be I'm thinking about this constantly. And, it's, just it's it's a lot it's a mental thing he's never done it so I don't know which, way he's gonna go it's, a combination. Yeah the physical, but I I can handle the physical that's not the problem it's, going to be up here. If. I'm trying to meet you in the side your leg or into your gut and you. Dump down to try and grab a double, and eat that mean we, will expect you to fight through that unfortunately, because basically, your face budding his knee at that point I mean like everybody I feel like this, was unexpected, for aria cuz he's the like, most gentle, polite, nice person, but, I've also like, believed, in him since the very beginning of this I feel like he can. Definitely do this I'm sure art is going through a little, bit of nervousness but it's gonna be okay you know usually, nothing, really hits until you walk like right in there and then they close the door and, then that's when everything gets real you know so, you. See what happens if, you get choked out guess, what then you wake up we'll. Let you know who won okay. I'm not gonna stop a choke, I'm. Not gonna stop a choke. It. Was very scary and intimidating they were they went in blood Oliver yeah I hope that doesn't happen Arya we, need to get into the mindset that we're gonna see him get his ass beat even if he wins.

My. First fight was fifty seconds, where I got punched in the face and then I shot the worst double leg I've ever shot in my life and I got choked you, know fighting is nothing, to be taken like Leah it's, not a game the entire point of the sport is to hurt the other person, that's a reality that's not often talked about I'm. Afraid of what your face is going to look like have you used me watching fights I've been watching a lot of fights in there like their eyes some. People can't open them when it comes to the, dangers. That exist in. MMA. The. Truth is there's no limit, to them and I took this on with, that, weight, on my, shoulders, I mean I'm very aware of how, bad. It can get can you talk. Yes. There's the ability to tap out but, you, know what makes the person tap out is that they're in so much pain they, can't take it anymore I feel like you wouldn't done I feel like you would wait until you're passed out yeah. I I. I. Told, myself this now but yeah I my, plan is I if. He wants to where he's gonna knock ya. I've. Been real pleased with what I've seen from, aria so far I think things are starting to come together. I always. Get a lot stronger than when we first started, I mean when we first started it was not spectacular. Now, he's picking up much heavier weights he's break between sets are down to 30 seconds, or less sometimes. We'll go 4 sets in a row with, almost, no break 5 10 seconds back on five seconds, back on. The. Biggest thing that's gonna come there's more of a mental issue that's, the biggest thing and fighting is your is your head I'm. As far as for the other people on the in the school today as we're. Going to kind of increase, the toughness. Training. Sparring. Will probably, be more, of a factor. No. One's gonna give you advice when you spar and, now they're gonna you up you know they're gonna try to get you they're gonna try to tag you and they will tag you they, will tag you right. Ru, is gonna get hit he's gonna get hit pretty good. At. That moment is going to be real like the pain will be real the. Shock will be real everything, will be real and, then, we're gonna see in that moment where. They still wants to do this or not I. Love. You Aria but no. I. Don't think so I'm just gonna say no I'm, just gonna go ahead and say no I don't think he can fight someone he's too nice I, think, that he's going to lose I know that he's going to lose he's, probably one of the softest, people I know I, honestly. Feel like he's just gonna go into, the match, and get hit like a couple of times and like okay that's cool that's enough for the video every time you throws a punch he's gonna apologize I. Know. He'll give it his all but. I. Think. It might be a waste of time mostly. I. Get. The impression that there's. An underdog, within, you that is trying to prove something through, this experience, and I'm. Wondering what that is when. I think of MMA I think of just I guess. I think about how fearless these. These fighters, are these men and women mm-hmm, the courage it must take a common, thing that is brought up as always people saying oh you. You can't, do this you're too nice to be able to do this and, and. You want to be fearless. Yeah. One. Two, body, shot remember how you scooted, on it you're. Too far away oh and you dropped your right hand I'm, trying my best friend to just sort of focus, on why I'm doing this but, at same time you know maybe all these people are right you know maybe I'm just not cut out for this I think.

You Are putting, a, very. Hard timeline, on yourself that's making your challenge. Greater. Than the average person. But, is that a bad thing anytime. Anyone. Chooses, the path, less traveled, what, you're gonna get from the peanut gallery is, you, know a bunch, of doubt and negativity. Because. Most people honestly, are afraid to take, a road. That's not been, traveled, before you guys love, to critique. You would never have even made, it to the cage because, the minute your hands started getting wrapped your, legs would get so weak that you would never make the walk from, the dressing room to, the cage in, many ways I kind of resent the notion that, I'm, a nice guy I don't like that label, I like every day being, friendly to people I like greeting. People opening doors for them but, I don't like the idea that I'm incapable of switching that off the. Fact that Aria is such a nice guy is, in. No. Way shape or, form related. Or, connected to, his ability, to be, successful in MMA I think the biggest myth is that we're all a bunch of meatheads, that just want to punch each other in the face and we're all angry all the time completely. Not. The case I think they're some of you know the nicest most humble people on earth I think the true martial arts is humble and I think one of the main reasons for that is you get your butt kicked a lot, one of the things that keeps drawing me back into, the sport even as I try to get out is it's, always really, nice guys I'm working with our heads so far he's a really nice guy aria, is really, sweet down, earth humble. Now whether or not he can you. Can turn that switch on to being a fighter is. You. Know it's completely up to him you know that that's all in his head everyone. Has the. Capability. Of doing it whether or not you can do it in 3 months I. Guess. We'll see a big. Fire this I also just want to let you guys down like what if what if I lose I mean. Every, fight one. Guy wins and one guy loses that's sports, that's competition. I've been training guys as you know for over a decade, you think all my fighters won all the time, no. We, don't gain confidence and, we don't truly, gain success. Without failures. Failure, is one of the best ways than learning something and we're so fearful of it I think, in so many ways we create, this false sense of security because, of it and we never take risks we never take leaps of faith and I, think you look at the special people in this world they're, doing something different, you're, testing your own limits and, you're going to be stretching.

The Boundaries of your identity. And that's an amazing experience for anyone to be able to be aware of you. Being accomplished. It's. From the process, and the journey not the outcome, jab, it head kick. Good. Breathe, again. Good. Cross, hook kick. Nice. Even. Though I tease you and I say it's crazy and all that I wouldn't. Be doing this I wouldn't be coming here, you, know I'm taking an uber you, know 30. Minutes each direction right now like it if I thought this was a ridiculous. Waste of time and you weren't capable I, mean. Why would I sign up for it I believe, in you I've seen. This for a long time, obviously. I spoke to Daniel he, thinks you can do it so if we think you can do it you can do it now. What's left is convincing, yourself that you can do it. It's. Crazy for Aria, to come in after four, months of training a lot of these guys you, know come out of the womb wrestling, or doing karate or whatever it is so they have years and years and years the thing is if if, you're ready and if. You can demonstrate a little bit of aptitude which she has you, know we'll give you a shot because, so much of what we do isn't just skill it's all heart and mind you know you have to be strong to get in there I want. Your wrist firm, so, that way I wrap it too tight it's, impossible, to really anticipate how, someone's going to react the first time they've ever done something like this it will for sure be in. Somewhat. Overwhelming. Experience, for him but, he is about to tackle something that's very very difficult so I think he gets a lot of props for just going through with it. This. Is how they filmed reality together just the way you guys attracted, that happens ripples records. One. Month before his scheduled, fight Aria. Receives word from spar star that they're being forced to push their event back until, July 6th, giving, Aria an additional, five, weeks, of training. They. Were supposed to find me someone when I was June first but now that. I. Mean. At this point I don't know like how much more experience I gonna have. On. May. 31st, Aria. Receives, the news that his opponent, has been found. Kayson. Match a young fighter who recently lost, his debut, fight by decision I. Grew. Up in Chino California I've. Been training in total, for a little, bit over a year. The. Past month or so has been tough it's been law training but now knowing, an opponent seeing a face it kind of just makes it all real, and just gives me kind of like this this finishing, line this end goal to barrel, towards okay, let's, see let's see pics we have photos I'm thinking which one is he. I can. Tell you, this. Guy's a real opponent. I've. Always wanted to fight on my parents always told me no it's, homeschooled up until a junior, high and then I eventually dropped, out joined, the army and now I'm here I mean he's a military guy so that one one concern is that he is in really good shape the military, does, ingrain. A certain level of conditioning. Also, a certain. Level of fortitude, the, fact that he's lost his first fight means nothing to me I mean tons of great fighters have lost their first fight I'm more scared somebody, that loses, in, somebody who wins, because. When you lost you, know what that feels like it doesn't feel good and you can do anything kid not to lose again, he wants that a career in MMA so it's a lot more riding on this on him than Dario sorry hasn't won one fight and done he's already lost his first fight so he's a chip on shoulder and I can't want to lose I mean when you. Want you want only two starting off your career that's bad my upcoming fight means a lot to me it's only gonna be my second fight I'm trying to make a career out of this I want to go pro eventually, and I want to make it with all the big guys I believe. My first fight opened up my eyes to see, the improvements I need to make. That. Opponents hit me tough no, joke. The. Fact that he wants it doesn't mean like he's gonna be hungry and he has a lot to prove and he wants to live law but so is Aria like Aria has invested, so much time and effort into this that like if Aria loses it's not gonna be for lack of effort I think that in the beginning I was, very skeptical. Of arias success, rate and now like he really has been so dedicated so my. Expectations, have already been, surpassed. Now. We're at the point where there's no time for doubt no time for fear it's.

Do-or-die. Time. What's. Up aria I think it's. Crazy about again in this cage with me but props. Teaming. On. Fight, day casein, weighs in three, pounds. Over the 145. Pound, limit. My. Cutting process, was a very, drastic this time I should have dyed it a, lot, sooner than I did and I had it cut a lot of weight in a short amount of time yeah, it's kind of tough that he didn't make weight because that's, five pounds he has an argument just, might replace, it. Despite. Being at a disadvantage, due, to the weight difference with the risk of having the fight cancelled altogether Aria. Still agrees to take the match truthfully. The the thing I'm most worried about fer Aria is that he wouldn't get to showcase what, he's been working on I think the worst case scenario is he immediately, gets taken down and submitted, and so, he can't show off his stand-up training is grappling training, I'm. Nervous like always don't care who it is everybody gets nervous before if I just. Trying to calm, the nerves my my last fight what was my first fight I have stuff I plan on doing, it's. Just a another stepping stone for me I feel, like Aria is gonna give this everything he's, not half-assing, any of it his progressions, been fantastic. At first I was. Hoping we get him through the first round then. I was thinking maybe we can get him to finish this fight at. This point he. Can win this he's. Not weak you know the Aria is a pretty strong kid he gets hit and he hits back which is a great thing when, it comes to my hopes and expectations. I just want RIT, to come out of this with. Positive. Feeling about himself, and, about the experience, and I. Think that he's. Done everything he can do to make that happen. Of. Course I have days where I've thought why, do I do this why am I doing this to myself I do have a lot of mental doubt I think a lot of Fighters have self-doubt, I think what brought me into fighting is doubt what. Brought me into fighting is fear I've, always had a problem with confrontation so, I think this is me, forcing. Myself to deal with those fears. I fight, mainly because I think if I didn't I would read it it's 20 years down the line I don't want to look back and say oh I wish I would have done this even. When I came up with this, dream people, thought I was going, crazy I'm, like I'm not born, to survive, I want, to leave I want, to have this feeling that I'm leaving I've, had people tell me this is stupid you shouldn't do that while you're spending your time in the gym go work full-time go, do this go do, that Riaan, let's go in the army again I'm, in LA people ask me why are you doing this why are you doing this for a video why are you doing this for BuzzFeed and, the, thing is I'm, not doing. It for a video I'm, not doing it for BuzzFeed I mean.

I Guess the simple answer is that I'm just doing it for myself you. Cannot gain strength, and wisdom without, adversity. I think, you just have, to have that faith in yourself, and faith in your journey in France they, said something like first, take. Away a mountain, when, you have it fed you, can climb. A mountain without. Realized. That amounted. You. Don't need to have a successful, fight to. Have the I proved, myself moment, you. Don't have anything to prove about who you are to. Anybody. Like. You have nothing to prove to anybody. Here. We go folks featherweight, bout cases, with a size advantage here also weighed in about six pounds heavier than Aria. Love. The piece of headgear that Ryan speaks, is way the exact is for the BuzzFeed documentaries. With the referee, Camden. Aria. Come before calling that jab case. A look at a counter with the reach a. Little. Bit he, is not throwing out of it there's. A right hand. Although. Four months in a tie it looks like car has got a bit of a stance on him kind. Of the loops here some other information to make smart straining. He's. Certainly made the stand right gonna case in the throwing punches so he's. Not afraid to get in there and mix it up he's fought in the front headlock real danger getting guillotine the case in connect his hands there, he goes. Always tap as he taps no matter back he, was driving though body shots okay he's in trouble here though I can't, see the other indication, hello well walked up it is do all. The way out joking all the way. The scale indeed so it's, audience at home. Unconscious. Here, one. Is about 104, seconds, in. And. Are you hit the ball goes to sleep in his debut fighting, a bush casein match. Now. It looked like it, wasn't. It's. Weird because the past few months have been so. Frantic. Non-stop. Chaotic. At times but. Now. 24-hours. Before I actually fight someone it's all just. Calm. And, whatever. Happens tomorrow, win, or lose it's. Weird. But it's like it doesn't really matter to me I, started. This whole journey trying to learn more about the, world of MMA. This, this culture. Around fighting, but. If there's one thing I've learned it is really, that all. Of us, we. Really are more than the labels people give us. Whatever. Lies, ahead tomorrow and. For. Whatever stick come after that. I'm. Ready. Hey. Aria we've. Just gone through some. Really, crazy. Whatever. The result, has been it's. An incredible, accomplishment. Look. You'd want. To say that you're. A good guy and you, did something that. Is, pretty. Impossible, for the, average person to do win. Lose draw, dude, you're my freakin hero, I just. Want you to remember that that, you got heart man you go hard you got balls I want you to take that that strength and. We take it with you and everything, else that you do in life it, doesn't matter you want to lose you know it. Just matters that you get in there. You. Should be really proud of yourself, however it worked out I'm super, proud of you I believe, you know you're gonna get out of this a better stronger, man with, a great story and an. Experience, that will last you a lifetime I. Think. What makes someone a fighter is, truly. Did their mentality so, much of what a fighter is is what you don't see it's their heart is the determination. Through persistence, when you're beating up another fighter or winning, a fight with ease I think, it's easy to say. That oh you know they're a great fighter I think a true fighter is the one that is dealing. With the struggles dealing, with the adversity has. The ability, to suffer. And training, and perhaps, suffer, in a fight and find, success, in one way shape or form I think we're, all fighting in, different, ways and I think that's why we have a lot of admiration for people in combat sports is we, do see a piece of ourselves and, if, we don't see a piece of ourselves we.

See Something that inspires, something. In us because we all are fighting in some way shape or form and I. Think when you see someone who can really deal with adversity and answer, with, courage, that's what a fighter is it's not necessarily whether they're winning or losing it's how they respond, to chaos, look. At the commitment, that isn't, somebody that came in here to have a good time and oh I'm gonna do, a show about fighting, this. Is a guy who, became a fighter. Coming. Something. Says. When. See. You. You.

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Hey there! Thanks to everyone that took the time to watch this, I know it’s a pretty long video! I hope you enjoyed it. Since there were a lot of deleted scenes, I’m going to be doing a follow-up video where I talk about the actual workouts, diet, the fight and more - so if you have any questions about my experience, please reply below and I’ll answer some of them in the video! You’re also welcome to slide into my DMs @ariainthavong - if you do that, please also name me your favorite ABBA song. Thanks! ❤️

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Not even 2 minutes thats bad bro

Great respect man!!

2 Questions for ya: 1. How did you feel after the fight? More in terms of were you immediately sure you wanted to do it again or was that slow build after being away from it for a couple weeks? 2. Would you do a follow up video at your next fight? Would be super interesting to see your progress after being in the ring one time before.

Damn, you are hot as an mma fighter

I was the same i was told i was so nice and now im wrestling people and playing football but its not anger its the mindset

Aria Inthavong nothing but respect for you man

Bro!!! This was amazing! What an amazing journey man! Props to you and you’re f$*king amazing! You’re a hero and inspiration! Great vid and awesome job man

Aria, this is @harshlites from twitter who couldnt wait for your video to come out until now. just wanted to drop by and say that in my opinion, this one is the best work you’ve done so far. in it i can finally see more depth to what i was always used to seeing - you are more than what you’ve been labeled as “the nice guy.” and sacrificing so much luxuries in only a few months can be a tough terrain to ever cross. it amazes me that you’ve pulled it all through. i call this one the best work so far bc we get to see your growth and journey as a producer and as a human being. speaking of sacrifices, how did you deal having to give up some of the usual luxuries that you once were comfortable with all the time? and how much has this experience training like an mma fighter change you? like, has it changed you in many ways and opened your eyes to something bigger than you expected? if you ever see this, i want to let you know that i thank you so much for being with us, for bringing us the content we never knew we needed until now. thank you for inspiring lives and bringing impact to those who needed it the most. this is why you’re my favorite buzzfeeders today. thank you thank you thank you aria for your service!!!!!!!

Aria Inthavong much respect ✊

Aria Inthavong you’re a legend

I really like the fact that your opponent didnt go easy on you at all. Thats how it should be done.. there is no space for gimmickery on the octagon. As I said before, you went out on the honourable way, the sword way

Hey Aria you have become an inspiration to me! Thank you for getting out there and doing this! You have heart bro!

This was a GREAT video, I absolutely loved it!! Congrats to Aria on achieving his goal!! Looking forward to the next one

U proved urself bro.. be proud of urself


I really want u to fight again and I think u will be a great fighter

Hey Aria, thanks for sharing your epic journey! What were some responses you got from people after the fight, and do you feel like that "nice guy label" has been lifted?

Aria Inthavong loved the video Aria, you’ve got me feeling inspired to take on some of the challenges and projects I’ve been putting off. Mad respect to you brother.

I hope you continue with your training and life style of a Martial Artist.

You are still a hero dude! Can't wait for the follow up videos

You did it bro!

Wow. So many people doubting you. Huge props for you for even continuing to do what you did. Going so far outside of your comfort zone it makes other people uncomfortable. Badass

I am so inspired by your journey, and my question is if you want to do another fight and when and if you do, please make another video about it. I sure hope you give it a new try, keep up the good work

My only question is what was the worst part? PS: my name is pronounced coffee

Good job guy, damn good job.


Aria Inthavong I'm so proud of you

Dude mad respect for getting in that cage, that takes courage.

Dancing queen

Aria Inthavong I wanna fight u

According to the thumbnail a 4 month transformation will also give you a tan

This video is brought to you by Trifecta

BJJ / grappling / wrestling is a fundamental for MMA, and it takes YEARS to be good. Not putting Aria down but a kickboxing / boxing would’ve been better for a non fighter to start training in 3 months.

The people that doubted him... I wonder if they’d do worse than him in a fight...

His "so called" friends were not supportive at all


I wish I had this much discipline!

The guy training him looks like nick cage

Thank God I clicked on this. I have no regrets. This is so inspirational and motivating. By far, this is the best buzzfeed video I've seen. I feel like I'm part of the journey.

How long fighters usually trained before their first fight?


Wow! It’s crazy to see buzzfeed staff on social media claiming to be tolerant and supportive, but when an opportunity to actually support a real person and build someone up presents itself, they show who they really are. Good job, Aria!

Wait so he trained for that whole time and lost within the first two minutes without showing any of his moves? Thats awesome that he’s carried on then, I’d just give up, but tbh i have an awful mindset

Thumbs up. Way up. Hold your head up high aria

Get the guy a conditioning trainer that actually trains fighters. This is the guy who do the "Getting abs in X time". And the skill trainer its a guy who doesn't train anybody for years? Throw the guy in the lion cage already

Some friends yall got no faith and honestlu disrespectfull to ur homie

Years from now Aria will be a world champion and this video will be worth billions. 7:37am 28 July 2019

MMA Christian Guzman lol

Wtf did you just do . You should have at least trained for a longer time

"Im fighting a true experieced fighter" He's opponent has 1 fight and 1 loss, lol. Pretty experient

Aria's a badass

What a legend

30 minutes to watch him get chocked. lol

Loved it!

I really hope that Buzzfeed/Aria does more videos on combat sports. Also the people at buzzfeed are so unsupportive towards aria

Got subbed in 60 seconds by a 0-1 ammy. Great that he tested himself and respect his guts but he should have trained for at least a year I think.

Outro song?

30:04 thumbs up if you see it

Rare species- A good buzzfeed video!!

much respect! salute to you aria!

it's not me the one who fight, but i friggin nervous. i joined a taekwondo maybe 1 or 1 and half year ago.. after watching this i want to do kyorugi (fighting) but i have asthma, but like it challenges me to pass my limits.

I got a little teary during the fight. This video was something. Something special.

Dude Aria... reconsider who you call friends

So not only is aria at a disadvantage having only trained for 3-4 months, he's also at a disadvantage being 5-6 pounds lighter than the other on top of that since he didn't make weight. Talk about a one sided and super unfair fight! They should have at least gave the other guy heavier gloves or something like that to even things out since he didn't make weight.


Aria you're good-looking

Respect bro! Good fight

This video made me cry so much. Love Aria and I feel so much inspired by his attitude. One of the best videos I have seen from Buzzfeed in 2019

Such an insipiring video. Aria is such an inspiration. He showed us how to go out to achieve your dream no matter what the rest of the world thinks. You the man Aria. Screw everyone at buzzfeed for not believing in Aria.

What. A. Warrior.

How do you apply as volunteer for future videos?

Me being a fighter myself much respect to this guy

Wish i could do this. i’m way too lazy for this shiznit. But i am so jealous of the amount of dedication that went into this.

He should totally keep going with this and do a “I trained like MMA fighter for a year” video

Waiting for aria to pull a rocky. Buddy you're the best.

I'm crying. Like... a lot.

I'm happy he didn't get hit. Props to his opponent for choking him out instead of punishing his lack of experience standing up. Lights out from a choke is a lot less damaging to the body than a getting knocked out.

ending song?

cmon guys this deserves a like


Can we buy " Team Aria " merch please? @buzzfeed

This was dope!

the trainer looks like the guy from THE FLASH

The fight was fake

3 months is enough lol tf is this guy on about

his friends are douchebags. how about a little optimism?

"Every day you wake up death is a possibility" Working at Buzzfeed around women like you is basically daily death.

After the first fight, Aria punched that friend and apologized. LOL

I knew I had heard that background voice before, nice score Luke.

Your word is your bond. That bond is your life. I'm glad that you stuck through with what you set out to do. Proud of you :)

“Oh is he tapping???” “No, just body shots”

Love this video, aria you're the best.

Well done for not tapping

Gosh. I haven't finished the video yet, and I don't know what's going to be the result, but I am rooting for him so much. Wish I had his guts.

The people st buzzfeed are dicks

What an amazing video! Aria you are an inspiration, well done for being one of a few great people in this world ❤️

This needs to get more views than Logan paul vs KSI

sure aria lost the mma fight but in this experience he’s the true winner.

Actually inspired me to get off my ass right now and do the god damn things I need to do right now. Thank you

Truly inspiring. You go man


Bruh I'm high key disappointed not at Aria but at the dude who won. Who latches themself onto someone and puts them in a choke hold. I'm so proud of Aria. The other dude just took the easiest way out cause he didn't want to lose. AGAIN.

I was already amazed at Aria watching his journey. But when I saw that he was the one who edited the video! Damn!!!’

You’re an inspiration to us Aria. Thank you.

He's thai and kick boxing is kinda big in their culture. I watched the movie, beautiful boxer and it was beautiful.

Conor: taps Aria: hell no

Buzzfeeds staff looks completely littered with feminists, leftists, beta males and cucks. Not surprised one bit. That being said big respect to the guy stepping into the cage!

Probably the best Buzzfeed video to date.

24:21 CREED SCENE hahaha

Respect! itd be cool to see him fight again!

Aria is a fighter, buzzfeed what a dickhead move not wanting to be in any resposnsibility with the subject of the video they are producing.

he needs better friends they're pretty negative

So much respect for you and your team, Aria.

Aria. I want to personally thank you

The mf got knocked out for a video!!!!! BF give the man a raise

Amazing Aria, what a great start to a journey. Keep it up!

this one is lit

Going from this to "Keith Eats Evetything at Arby's" just feels wrong. Lol

Aria wasn't even half of his opponent in any way, not a very active life then just preparing for the fight itself 4 months prior while opponent was in military which automatically makes him go into fitness then decided to go down MMA route professionally training for more then a year, there was absolutely no match but props to Aria he still went for the fight! It takes guts it takes courage to be in that situation and it takes wisdom to stay focused and high in spirits after any loss of no match!

In the end, the opinion of others don't matter. It's what you feel on the inside and although what other may say can hurt. The flame that burns in side can keep you moving forward even in the darkest light. Thank you

Holy crap, 3 months and those are the results LMAO

So why is this on buzfeed and not on another channel if they're not a part of it? :3

Best Buzzfeed video of all time. 1m views guaranteed

Ahahahaha dude gets choked out, kudos to him though,very few would even try this.

Really enjoyed this video

Nice job. Got a little jumpy in the fight and then caught up but the outcome doesn't really matter much. You got shredded pretty good and can say you fought an mma match. Like the trainer said. The ones who lose don't want to lose again. So losing plays an impact. Good job



Aria is known as a humble, nice, soft and sweet person but got a mentality of fighter. Damn, i wish i got husband like him.

@takitezy7 hes got heart

You did pretty good considering!

Super Trouper and Knowing Me Knowing You

How did you even find a fight with 4 months of training? Who sends a fighter out with 4 months of training?!

Respect to you for not tapping

you should carry on doing this for a year then make a part 2 and have another fight cuz then we can see the improvements

Aria Inthavong are you Lao or Thai? What wat did you go to in the vid? I always went to the one in Ceres California.

Aria Inthavong bruh your coworkers had no belief in you at all I reckon you leave those people behind cus friends don’t downplay their friends


You have heart and strength beyond the physical changes you went through. You're amazing and you should be hella proud of yourself. SO inspired by your grit, determination and your journey. You'll be a great fighter!!

Did you have fun?

Wow, you didn't even tap out... you are the MAN heads up & keep going, life itself is a fight. We all know you will never tap out, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Pease

Man, you've worked hard for something you wanted to do. I have a great respect for you. The attitude you went in with, was just amazing.

I’ve been doing martial arts for many years now, and after seeing this it has inspired to keep at it. Aria has to overcome so much adversity to get to where he is and it’s so inspiring to lots of people out there. this has brought tears to my eyes, you are incredible. ARIA DONT EVER GIVE UP!!!

We love you aria❤️❤️

You did great!

Respect man❤

Great Job to you and the film crew! Thanks for the motivation.

6 more months and you knock that guy out.

So much respect for you ! You're truly amazing!

I belive plz fight again plz you is a øegend

You’re awesome!

So great to see your journey! Fantastic work on the video too. Auri and I were so impressed at the fight by your willingness to give it your all!

You are a real inspiration. Keep it up!

Respect brotha, you decided to be choke till unconscious than to tap out

I really liked this video. I learned a lot from Curry’s journey about how to defend myself and fight back as a gay man and this video gave me some more tips and info on how I can defend myself. I hate violence and fighting but seeing stuff like this I learn what to do if I ever have to become violent for my own safety.

Aria Inthavong this was amazing!!!!!!! Great job!!!

Did you have a cheat meal after the fight?

so inspiring! waiting for the follow-up video to get a look at the details

Aria Inthavong you got heart man

You did awesome bro . You were the aggressor in the fight. You took center control of the ring. You threw the first jab . You initiated the clinch. You acheived a irreversible accomplishment!!!

Mad respect, good job!

Aria Inthavong I hope you win your next fight!

You did good job. Only in 4 months you completed 4years university program. No A+, but you passed all courses. Congratulations

Congrats on your first match. Can you share the cost of this endeavor? Privates with strength and conditioning coach, gym rental, head coach, meal prep and others fees (promoters' fee, required health exams, etc, etc)? Thanks in advance.

Aria Inthavong

You look good man. Hard work pays off. Keep it up

Why did you not tapout? Take a chance on me

Hey Aria! I too am labeled as a nice guy, and nowadays I practice Taekwondo so I get where you are coming from. I am so so SO Stoked for your journey and everything is to come. Loved the video, your hard work, and dedication and I am excited to see what you do next!

This is absolutely one of the best videos that you have made, that buzzfeed has made.

Aria Inthavong hey Aria great accomplishment I want to see you succeed and KEEP ON FIGHTING

I hope you keep at it

I love you

This is so inspiring!

loved this! you're inspirational!

Congrats man!

Was your diet specific to your body type or is it for everyone?

1000% respect to you man, you had the fire from the start, I saw it and so did everyone training you, I hope your growth continues and we can see your next fight. Win or lose your the man just for trying and proving your metal and proving yourself to yourself.

Aria Inthavong can we get a part 2 please

Aria Inthavong gay bastard

Fair play takes courage to jump in the cage dude.

Congratz for stepping up dude! You did great. Don`t forget to fight the hands next time someone is trying to choke you. Hope you fight again! Cheers!


This was a great video Aria! Proud of you man! I see a lot of me in you, I have never fought anyone and I have been going thru the same, I want to overcome my fears, I want to be a fighter!

Aria Inthavong can we see before and after, compare your physical state at the start and end of your training? Are you going to continue training, or fight ever again?

You should try out muay thai .... not mma muay thai but authentic muay thai go to a gym like sityodtong or coban or evolve .... make a documentary on that

Still better than cm punk

Aria Inthavong you don’t know me and vice versa but I’m very proud of you. The dedication and heart you put to prove not only others wrong but yourself that you CAN do anything you put your mind to. Sky is the limit !

That was so brave and awesome! Well done Aria!


Okay, first of all, amazing video and mad props to you. And I have a very simple question: how much were the combined costs for all the training, coaching, meals etc.?

Aria Inthavong MMA fighter have a variety of martial arts training, which requires flexibility, so how do you train so heavily and maintain a level of flexibility to fight?

Good job man! win or lose, you’re still a winner to all of us :)

Major respect

Goat bro

Tons of respect man good stuff

Aria Inthavong you want to be the lion and the lamb. Born the lamb, and you’ve proven that you were also born a lion! Stay strong

Biggest respect

You should continue mma fighting

Aria!! My hat is off and I can only give praise and respect! Well done! A true inspiration! Ajarn Toby

ok now quit buzzfeed

Aria Inthavong damn good job bro I’m so proud of you

Amazing video man you sort of me of Ryan Higa (nothing personal) but good video though very inspiring.

the best video, maybe, EVER on youtube. Inspired and amazed by what you did

You are a great guy Aria. Thanks for sharing your experience and story with us!

This video made me so happy. It would be an honor to train with you!!

You nailed it! Awesome journey

I want to see you fight again

Hey Aria! I wanted to ask you if its too late for a skinny 21 year old without any athletic background whatsoever to start training in MMA. And props to you man! Great video. Waiting for the follow-up video.

Did you carry on training after the fight? How has this experience changed your everyday life?

Hey there! Could you do a follow up on nutrition with meals and recipes? Cheers.

"you wanna be fearless" "yeah"

Your determination moved me. That was an amazing journey!

inspiration video

YOU DID GREAT ARIA, much love ❤️

Aria Inthavong You earned a sub

Aria Inthavong you done amazing buddy!

Aria is the only real one at BuzzFeed. I say this after watching this video and interacting with him during his IRL live streams for a video he did almost a year ago.

Mad props, training for just 3 months man that’s amazing

i feel like aria WILL COME BACK all buffed up for another round. and this time, its going to be a BIG DEAL

Wow finally a really good buzzfeed video big respect for Aria amazing job

14:47 beautiful words! Also, many others constructive advice from these professionals.

For me u r the winner bro!!!

His gym coach/ PT looks like jimmy kimmel.

I hate buzzfeed

A lot of buzz feed employees are as cancer as the company itself

They really gonna put this man in a MMA fight with no guillotine defence.

He looks like chris heria

Why am I crying?

Okay so this is an epic video and all, but that trainer looks like he could be Sasha Baron Cohens dad. Which makes it sooo much better.

What great friends u have bro... -.-

This inspired me to compete again!


Best buzzfeed video ever.


smh for doubters!

Anyone else try to accomplish something before the microwave timer ends?

Was anyone else waiting for Steve’s full introduction again? “Hi, I’m Steve Zim and I’m...”

geez they literally hv no support for aria

Way to go ari! I 100% value see your journey and can relate to the idea that people don’t see your grit because your nice

Aria my man, youre co workers are bad energy bro. You are surrounded by losers. Just sayin

I hate MMA fighter choke other figher, it's not a real fight -.-

then you know literally nothing about MMA. part of MMA is Brazillian jui jitzu which is choke holds and the other submissions

What do you mean ? Its a perfect strategy to win a fight without getting hurt.

Guys he gets choked out till unconcious.

Narrated by Luke Thomas was probably the best thing ever and I agree with the rest here, having those kinds of coworker is something I would never want... but then again, how many of us have supportive coworkers.

Do more fight more

Wow all his colleagues are dickheads lol

All that hype

Great video, much respect to Aria

Honestly. As a result. Probably the best outcome. No excessive hits to the head, i.e. low risk of concussion and long term damage. Now he knows whats up, can train more for the next one and is humbled but hungry for the win. Bit ups for fighting through the doubters

i thought he would be able to put up a good fight but good job man

This is literally the best buzzfeed video I have ever seen. Inspiring af


Buzzfeed is hilarious

Aria you're incredible! I'm so inspired by you, you are a fighter in and out!

i dont like the part where they wont do anything for Aria. But Aria would do MMA for BuzzFeed

Being nice is underrated and I hate that people see it as a weakness, being nice is a choice- everyone can be a dick if they want to, its nothing to be proud of! Nobody is inherently only good/bad so being placed in that lable is kinda unfair, I can see where he's coming from, it must be frustrating! Also, got his co-workers were unsupportive! smh Well done Aria!

Bro, this is the first time i liked a Buzzfeed video. I think you need to take some wrestling classes and you be good.

This video is a great lesson on what type of friends not to have! smh

Is that Luke Thomas narrating?

That's not scary. Getting decapitated now that's scary.

This video is so inspiring! Congratulations Aria for a job well done!

yo where are my ads? guy deserves to get paid for such a video


Even though hes no professional, he definitely has the skill and tenacity to kick all his coworkers’ asses now

I severely dislike his coworkers already.

Mans got merked

Quality video by buzzfeed. Respect to Aria for stepping into the ring.

Damn I would love to try this

I actually watched through the whole video cause I see myself in Aria, I am Aria and this video was amazing

Those are some trash friends.. You did a great job Aria.

If you pay this for me buzzfeed I want to do it too. I would love to fight so much


Man you’re a thai-nee human.

This is easily the best buzzfeed video I've watched. Aria gave up weight and experience and didn't tap. Dude is tougher than 99% of other people.

wow, this is a very meaningful video .. you are very brave sir! whenever we face something difficult or hear people say things negative about whatever decisions or actions we make, we tend to doubt ourselves and go back to what is comfortable for us .. we fear what other people might say then it stops us from trying but this video shows that any person just need the right people around you to help you understand what you can do and give you right mindset then continue to support you to whatever result you may get at the end. because you'll never really know until you're in that ring

if you had done more bjj training i think you could of won. but sometimes it is not about winning its about the experience. Mad respect to you

He should of had better coaching as they didn't even show him basic defences

All his coaches were mostly strikers. They should've brought in a proper BJJ or Wrestling coach

Aria’s such a g for not tapping. I don’t like buzzfeed usually, and being a diehard mma fan, this was an amazing video. Aria has the heart of a lion, he isn’t afraid to go unconscious, he stuck to his word. He’s gonna have to make him unconscious to beat him

What a warrior! I'm Asian American who boxes while working a typical corporate 9-5. I felt like I lived vicariously through Aria throughout this whole doc. This society we're in does not like when we push past what their idea of the Asian man. I admire that he ignored his haters and chased that feeling of fearlessness that he wanted.

Bruh this guys training wasn’t good enough.

Learnt so much life lessons from just this one video. YOU GO ARIA!!

Niggahas the worlds smallest nipples

Good stance

lol all these fake ass "coworkers friends" in Buzzfeed

This is probably my most favorite video I’ve watched on buzzfeed so far and the production looks so good!

The world without buzz feed would be nice

Train and just getting used to get punched and kicked

I never lose! Only i win or i learn

Loved Aria. Hated those co-workers.

I’ve been doing martial arts for many years now, and after seeing this it has inspired to keep at it. Aria has to overcome so much adversity to get to where he is and it’s so inspiring to lots of people out there. ARIA DONT EVER GIVE UP!!!


geez no wonder buzzfeeds articles look like they do...look at the people writing them...

Why does the girl in 1:28 looks like James Charles

Best Buzzfeed video ever

Wonderful and amazingly difficult challenge. He's got a lot of courage. Great video! Hope he continues to apply himself and keeps going down the path of self discovery

This touched me a lot because my first BJJ competition i was also out due to the guillotine choke.

Training in yeezys? Hell yeah

I’m a 17 year old female Muay Thai fighter and I’ve been doing it for 7 years, I’m soooo happy aria has such an amazing drive and did so well for his first time❤️he did amazing

Big respect to this rookie. Everybody has his first fight, and I'm glad Aria trained enough to even last a minute against a dedicated fighter who'd been training for twice as long as him. My first formal fight wasn't until over two years after I started training for it. I won, but it wasn't any more impressive than what this guy Aria achieved.

watched 27 minutes to see you get choked.. anyways good video

The quality of this video is phenomenal

Sign me up l luv to Train everyday

I would like to see him keep this up


Looking good Aria! Also awesome fighting:)

you can't learn mma in 4 months. 4 years is even tough.

6 more months and Aria knocks that guy out.

Wow, a BuzzFeed video with random guy gays here and there and a reference to RuPaul's Drag Race? You don't say.

2021: Logan Paul vs Aria

I just wanted to say this is like one of the most inspirational videos I have seen. Like I do kenpo and we spar but we have gear on and I still have a mental block of getting injured. But to see you do something so fearlessly and defy what everyone else thinks around you has been extremely inspirational. You can and definitely will become a better fighter. I’m only a tan belt (my school added belt colors so that we get the basics completely down) and I’m sure I have improved in sparring but seeing you do this makes me want to become even better. This couldn’t have been a better video

I hope his "friends" watch this and apologize to him for not only doubting him but for laughing at him. If your someone's friend you don't laugh at them like that, being nice is not a weakness it's a strength

I don’t think he tried to become an MMA fighter, I think he successfully became a MMA fighter

Buzzfeed should make more videos like this

Lot of negativity from his coworkers but he can kick there ass now


Such an inspirational video, thank you Aria for doing this! It is truly encouraging!

Proud of you, sir. God bless

Aria I just want to say that you transformed into a beast, your eyes were terrifying to watch to. You were very inspired and your opponent sensed that too. You lost only due to inexpirience in that choke, which was the only way your opponent could stop your fearless posture. I am from Greece , long time martial artist active and inactive and I got to say that YOU ARE A TRUE INSPIRATION! WELL DONE!

You did an awesome job. I miss fighting and if I had the budget today I'd be in the gym. Like you, I'm the "nice guy." I use smile emojis, hold doors, and strive to make sure people are heard and understood. Often people view me with a certain lense because of that. But that lense doesn't reflect how I think about myself. Fighting absolutely makes sense for me, but most people would be shocked to learn that. Thanks for doing this, I wish you well and Godspeed with your training.

Long? Nah it was perfect length. I wish more creator's would do this because everything nowadays seems so ADD with Fast cuts and 7 min long video's. Maybe Im just old school but I like the longer formats.

It was mentioned that you struggled with the "skinny-fat" body composition. How did you overcome that?

Aria you should have tapped. Much respect tho

respect man. Most people cant do what you have done. Good job.

Good job Aria..!! Nice try. You didn't take that loss because of who you are, but because of your level of training.. If you are actually planning to fight again, I certainly look forward to seeing that..! The important thing is that you tried and you went in there. Just take it as a learning experience for your future training.

That running form tho. xD Good job dude! You are amazing!

can't wait to see your video on your training routine. good job, Aria! you are a fighter!

Absolute legend. Your commitment to challenge never disappoints!

So inspiring!!

Props to you.

Looking forward to your next fight. You had a nice stance in the stand up.

I definitely want to see the recording of the next fight

Great man, work on your grappling. BJJ4Life

Aria Inthavong do it for a year!

You fought well, Aria. I'll be waiting for your next fight!

you lost

Aria Inthavong thank you so much I am a football player and soon to be wrestler you helped me realize that I should give it my all try the diets and become great athlete thank you:)

This video is so inspiring!! Thank you for showing everyone that anyone can make their dream come true with some hard work and a good mindset!

You're strong bro, because you fought with heart and courage. Keep training and see how strong you get in a year. I saw a quiet strength and confidence grow in you. Nurture that bro.

Will you do full muay thai next? Since you’re half Thai

Big respect to you

Take it from an ameture fighter, good for you man mad respecr

massive respect to you for doing this

Warrior heart!

Awesome work, Aria. You are the man! Is training and fighting something you want to continue doing?

so proud of u my man!!! watched the whole thing and teared up at the end. huge kuddos aria!

U did awesome! Looking forward to the follow up video and the next fight. I can't say that I could/would do it so ur a champion for getting that far. Kudos & Keep it up.

Give us 4 more months of training! I want to see THAT progress! You've got plenty of physical growth for the same weight class.

Doesn’t matter that you lost you have it your all hats off

Seriously Aria you should be proud of what you accomplished. You got in there and mixed it up on a ridiculous timeframe. Getting caught by the choke- that is the 5 months factor but still happens to experienced fighters as well. He just saw that opening and took it. You should keep going with it as a hobby, maybe some Muay Thai as your base and anything grappling, you should fight again.

Very insperational youre the man

@Alexia Siachami yup need to know

In the end of the video it was mentioned that Steve will release an app for his training. Could we know more about that?

Honestly man i love your mentality and your passion. I really respect you for that. I don't know if i would be able to make it with so many people doubted me. You gave us all a good message! Keep fighting!

Buddy you did awesome. Way to challenge yourself. It takes courage to do that. Good stuff

massive respect to you bro

Respect for your challenge! It's an awesome experience! From a BJJ practitionner OSS!

Did you feel victorious? You went in there and faced a real fight. It's a feeling like no other and you should be so proud. Did your family/friends throw you a celebratory feast?

You should keep going with the training and go again. Even though there are more and more people fighting MMA, it's still only a small amount of people worldwide. You've earned your place in the club. P.S. Your coworkers are snakes.

Aria Inthavong only half way through vid. All I want to say is that your not a nice guy, you are a good guy. You put thought through your actions and don’t simply say.

You looked pretty good for only a few months! I say keep at it

does the fact of going out in 1'04 creates frustration or do you feel it was not the most important ?Did that make you want to do another fight ?Anyways congrats incredibly motivating to see so much dedication.Respect and wish you the best

What will you be doing to prepare for your next fight?

as they say, in any competitions, its always you vs yourself! I started powerlifting and I'm hoping to sign up for a meet in spring :) Lifting and weight training has honestly opened my eyes and whether or not I do well in the meet isn't the point, the point is the process and the effort that you put in so kudos to you!


Outmost respect for you Bro!!! Respect from Portugal! Btw, don't care much about the opinion of those jealous idiots that you're working with! the only thing that they've proven is that they don't know you at all and are not even supportive!

DUDE!!!!! so much respect for this! I was routing for you so much, you better not take anything negative away from this! You did more then most men would ever dream of being able to do! You the man Aria.

this was a beautiful video, so happy that you went from "nice guy" to "fearless." you did amazing (:

Super job Aria. Waterloo

This was the most stressed I’ve ever been just watching this

sooo inspiring it brought tears. Thank you for sharing your journey with us

Dancing queen

Good job bro, blessings from Spain

i'd like to know more about what you felt when you came to. what did it feel like to train hard for 4 months and then lose in under 5 minutes? was there regret? Was it overwhelming? thanks for any details you can provide.

Yo aria you should definitely give it a another shot

Aria Inthavong hey dude. As someone who does fight and train, by watching the video I feel like they did you dirty by not giving you much grappling training. I see in the video you working an arm bar 1 time and that’s it. What was the extent of your ground training and do you regret not training more jiu jitsu/wrestling?

I'm still watching this, but I just want to say I respect you stepping up to this challenge for yourself. Most cant do it and I dont know you. But I'm proud of you man.

Were you dissapointed in the way that your collegues thought you were "too nice" to do it, and did you find a difference in the kind of relationship you had with the men training you compared to your collegues

great vid man seriously

You supercharged us - you are amazing Bro

Thanks for making this public! I wish I was capable of such discipline! You deserve all the respect in the world my friend! Glad to see you've still got that fire on and still "want more"

How was it working with nicholas cage?

Respect to you, Aria! You're inspirational!

You did an excellent job man! Very inspirational. Real champs don’t tap and never give up

Aria Inthavong I watched this on PS4, and opened this on another device cos I just had look at the comments. I had to commend you. You ought to know how much respect you earned from all of us just by going through that training. Mad props to your guts and bless your soul. You are such an inspiration. Good job bro!

Aria Inthavong keep it up warrior

I actually enjoyed the lenght and content of this video way more than any other buzzfeedvideo. keep it up aria. great guy!

This video was incredible

Aria, no matter what happened during your fight, won everyone's heart with your courage and dedication. Thank you for being incredibly inspiring.

MUCH LOVE FOR YOU ARIA !!! Hope you continue this life changing journey !!! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you grow!

Good luck on your next fight man! It was really inspiring video. I was expecting the usual Aria video, but instead got inspired by you and learned from this video.

He shouldve never done that. He shouldve done a year

You rock!

This is like the best BuzzFeed video ever, I hope to see you fight again

Congratulations brother u inspired me a lot

You’re an inspiration to me, Aria. You not only inspired me by your hard work and dedication, but you also reminded me that I am the one who determines what the labels people put on me actually mean.

Hi Aria! Great job, was wondering if you could provide the specific macros on your diet? Like total calorie intake, carbs, fat and protein intake. Along with your height, weight and BMI. Thanks!

Aria Inthavong mad respect, You did something No one would even attempt and went for it 100%, That's heart

This is the best Buzzfeed video I've ever seen.

Are you pilipino???

im commenting before the end of your video. i'm proud of you brother

Hey Aria, I know my comment will be lost somewhere in the comments but I just wanna say that you are such an inspiration to many people out there and I’m glad I stayed to watch this 32 minute video.

Aria Inthavong really respect you for doing this!!

The title should really be "I BECAME an MMA Fighter in 4 Months!" you really achieved something great here

Notice that every single human that aria encounter has the tag FRIEND

Damn... he do have a big hunk down there.

People don't understand how mentally strong fighters are... well done Aria

1:43 Pam

9:23 - for all the people complaining about the people in the beginning... *There's a difference between colleagues and friends!*

Who else though he was training to be a my hero academia fighter

he looks like Gabriel conte from the side

You can tell everyone from Buzzfeed are liberals

30:05 now wtf is that shirt tf

Never surround yourself with people that don't support you. Regardless of the situation. Those so called friends took of their masks and showed what they really hide.

I gotta admit, the women being condescending is kinda hot.

What fake friends at work not backing him up and believing in him. Goes to show how people label you based on how you treat them. Be nice and all of a sudden you’re not a capable person somehow.

I guess we can all agree on is that Aria is one badass looking fighter plus he's hella handsome as fucc ( no homo)

Dude, huge props to you man. Ive trained MMA before never took a fight tho, i trained more than 4months. 4months is literally nothing, you can get some basics in some martial arts. So that u went in with only 4months of training im giving you huge props for.

Exactly the type of people I thought worked at Buzzfeed at the beginning there.

What an awesome video and journey! and legendary input from the living legend himself: Kenny Florian. I'm gonna say what everyone already knows: 4 months is faaaaar from enough time to train for an MMA fight. Even 1 year isn't ideal. Look at how CM Punk looked after ~2 years. But the fact that he saw this through from beginning to end was absolutely awe-inspiring! Thanks for putting yourself out there and you are an inspiration!

The opponent standup was trash, jeez, I mean he couldn't be a super experienced fighter agaisnt a guy that's only training for months, but he didn't even knew how to punch. Edit: Forgot to shoutout aria cause he acted like a champ, he didn't care what other people said. Nice try and keep training

Aria, you are already a winner for doing this! It takes so much courage to fight someone. Don’t listen to your co workers! You are amazing!

More of this!

He was submitted in the first round what a pathetic boy.

Beautiful!! What a powerful perspective of MMA - Aria you’re a badass and I totally relate being labeled as the nice one - you’re tough af for going through this truly inspiring!!

Most of these guys are humble. If you get slapped. You'll probably get grounded pretty quickly. And having the knowledge that you can kill someone can make you more confident and kind to people. Unlike insecure weaklings that are very hostile to other people. Because they are scared.

His co workers are Dickheads.

Best video BF has had in awhile. Congrats Aria!

The flop with his nails done said that he is gonna apologize every time he lands a hit

Aria you're mental. in a good way!

26:04 begin

Do any straight men work at buzzfeed? At that point its actually more offensive to just hire gay people than people regardless of their sexual preference?

The peanut gallery

Anyone else think the head coach sounded high or had sustained a few too many head injuries?

3 months?? Damn u looked like you had atleast 8 months to a year. You just need some ju jitsu

This. was. art.

Man wtf, learn at least one year BJJ.

Buzzfeeds usual eceptive thumbnail when it comes to this type of video: One pic with the worst lighting ever vs the other pic with lighting from the gods. Irresponsible advice imo

เก่งมากครับ love from Thailand


His coworkers are some hoes

Wow he was unprepared af

Damm last person I would've thought to have the warrior mentality to pass out before tap out would be a BuzzFeed writer. Either that or he had no actual grappling lessons to realise how much danger he was actually in and how fast you can go out from a tight choke

The turnover rate for employees at buzzfeed is as bad as it is in kitchens. I swear there’s not one person here from 4 years maybe even 2 years ago

worthwhile video

No wonder Aria wanted to prove himself, when you have colleagues like these :-/

That trainer dude is either super high on weed or has lost so many braincells from fighting. He sounds like such a stereotyped stoner. * Note: Anyone that went to the conclusion that I think weed kills braincells, not what I meant.. It's an either or situation.

Your not an mma fighter.

Im just a hole sir.

Any one can train to be one but are u any good at fighting is the question

I was kinda disappointed but good try! :D

How can he be so inexperienced at fighting when he has a brother

My eyes are watering :'(

You're getting trained by top professionals for free (or at least on your employer's money), HECK YEAH

Could of skipped all the strength and conditioning grab ass in the park and just done 4 months of Jiu-Jitsu and you wouldn't of gotten swallowed by a weak guillotine

Ohh God!! I am out of words..The inspiration i have received from this is beyond words.Thank You!

What a legend. Respect my dude.

why tf would you doubt your own friend? Yes, he's never done this before and you're scared for him. But be a decent person and lift him up

Proved... hehe...

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

His trainers are super wise, great guys

5:18 Dude, I thought he was speaking in slow-motion lol

this so beautiful

Se paso de verga el viejio

I honestly did not expect this coming from buzzfeed. If they create more of this stuff, my respect for them will be higher.

He loses by getting choked out. There saved you 30 minuets of your life

Cool video. I think his coworkers are ignorant about mma. This is great education for him and maybe he can teach others. Most martial artists are nice guys.

Yooo the way they doubting this guy Jesus

Wtf is this, gay people found out camera and youtube?

Good on you. This is a really good vid from buzzfeed besides the food. I wished you could've gotten more support from your "friends", man.

I trained and he's better off wrestling/BJJ more than striking -- especially for ammy fights.

There are so any problems with this video, 1 where is his jiu jitsu training, 2 where is his wrestling train we saw him get thrown is training, and last he simply doesn’t have the personality for fighting because he is a bater male not a alpha male, can he become a fighter yes but he need to change his personality through suffering and hardship because that changes us

he weighed over so Aria won let's all just say that

This was probably one of the most inspirational videos Buzzfeed ever made... I freaking teared up! I love you Aria

Wow his friends are dick heads

Well his opponent was 5 lbs overweight so it’s somewhat expected that would’ve lost

1:42 lol being Buddhist doesn’t mean you don’t fight

This is the most masculine video in buzzfeeds history....... what is happening

Still did better than CM Punk

That’s one nice ass amateur event, the fighter room is nice af

Brush all of that just for like a 2mins fight like bruh

LEGIT one of the best videos on this channel, although BuzzFeed not responsible for anything that could've happened. Awesome job Aria! Hope we can get a glimpse of your next fight, if you do decide to keep on fightin'

Is he tappin ? No those were bodyshots xD


The part at the end when Aria and all of the fighters talked about why they were doing it. So inspiring.

This is really awesome man. Anything is possible, this is more proof.

anyone else notice the small expose of buzzfeed higher staff at 0:27

did i just watch a three minutes ad for trade war?

i really spent 30 mins watching this just to see him get choked out after 1 minute, no blows thrown or anything

forget it... cant learn ground game .. not even in a year!

Best YouTube video of 2019 period

This is awesome watching a buzzfeed employee get choked out make this a series please

Getting knockout is not a joke might not look like it now but he will have serious injuries when he’s older

MMA is not a game don’t treat it like one buzfeed

His "friends" are trash

It already takes so mutch to go in the ring or the cage. Only resprect for everyone who dares!

This is one of my favorite buzz feed videos.

This video is a representation of which kind of trash works at buzzfeed,selfish,gossip talking hipsters

how tall and how much did you weigh before and after?

I’ll give you my strength of big foot

Good content!

Good job krab✌

You're a badass man. I personally would be too scared to get in the ring with someone. The loss is irrelevant. That took a ton of guts and hard work. Tons of respect.

My name

You have a true heart of a warrior! You went out and put it all out there. Amazing.

You are a beast my friend. So inspirational. We need more stories like this to inspire others to stretch and do more.

What a dangerous exciting adventure, bravo!

RESPECT... looking forward to your next journey!

Amazing journey, a lot of effort, pasion, and guts,and in a some beautiful strange way that energy is contagious, in all the video Waterloo it´s my favorite ABBA song, great music, a costumes are so strange (even in that time) and talk about Napoleon, whos fight almost every battle in disadvantage Greetings from Argentina (and sorry,for my english)

that took guts. very inspiring.


Keep up with the fighting man! You did great!

Dancing Queen is my fave. I don't have IG but looking fwd to the next vid about workout and diet. I'm gonna do this. I'm a female.

You did Great Aria! Way to put pressure on him...you looked BRAVE in there! FEARLESS Mission Accomplished

Aria Inthavong you’re the man, dude! Ps. You need new friends

That was inspiring...

Did you train wrestling or BJJ for this fight?

Dude wtf did you just do? I've been a fan of MMA for a long time and I've never heard of anything like this happening before. Did you have any competitive combat experience or even high school wrestling before you took on this challenge? If I had a hat I'd take it off, that was crazy brave of you, irrelevant of the outcome you're the man!

Mad respect bro ✊

My question for you, was there any point there any point where you broke mentally or had a mental barrier to get over? Hey aria! Amazing job with your training and your debut! This was so heartwarming, the way you held yourself at the end was a complete change when you first started. Thank you for this video, and I admire the dedication and time you put into this! From one student to another fighter, I’m so proud of you.

Awesome work Aria!! Really happy to see that you’re planning to fight again! Best of luck man!

Very courageous!!!!

Keep fighting bro , let's see you make it to MMA

Aria Inthavong bro no cap everyone at buzz feed was throwing Shade , thru the whole video, but I believe in you aria keep the work bro and get more blessings and fight again

Amazing, simply amazing. Feeling so proud of you.

Aria you have a ton of heart my man. Tremendous respect brother !

4 months into it and you went from NONE of your co workers believing in you into actually throwing down ! Continue training ! Its beneficial for you physical and mental health plus it becomes fun when you become more experienced even if its just recreational. Continue the good work and for anyone skeptical about starting something difficult even if all odds are stacked against you Just Go For It and prove everyone wrong. He went from super nice guy unable to hurt a fly to putting everything on the line. Good Job ! If that's what 4 months of solid work looks like imagine the progress at the end of the year.

Good for you Aria!

Respect ✊! I’m not doing that.

your hard work and guts to take up the challenge has inspired me a lot! Congratulations and you're a real one !!!! Kudos to you!

So proud of all that work and effort! I've always been in a similar situation, where I'm nice and helpful or whatnot because I like to be, so nobody believes that I could be dangerous or hurt someone. I don't think I'm going to do MMA to prove it, but I've been looking at jumping into other martial arts (wushu). How did you build up the motivation to finally be like "Hey, I actually want to do this"? Because it's a big jump from a little idea swimming around to taking action.


When's your next fight?

I train jiujitsu and honestly I would have been shocked to the point of disbelief had you won. I don't think the human brain is capable of taking in that much information in such a short time. However, wow, I know the pain that everyone gets when they first start training no matter their starting levels of fitness. When you start asking muscles to move in ways that they aren't used to it hurts. Even if you start off as an athlete. Congrats on your amazing journey. Although I would have recommended more grappling focused training, then again I am biased on that front.

How much Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / submission grappling did you train? And when is your next fight / when are you planning to fight again? You did great, Aria! Only warriors step in the octagon and there are no losses only lessons. Keep it up! Hoping to see more of your MMA progress!

Great Job Aria! Keep it up! I am proud of you!

Dude, you are amazing. Most people will have no idea how hard it is to face someone with qualms about hurting you. I think it is incredibly brave for a normal person without any psychotic tendencies to practice martial arts in 4 months and fight an mma match of all things lol.

Aria Inthavong Which fighting style do you like best so far?

Thanks dude, this is really inspiring. Hope you maintain your physical shape

Aria Inthavong im so proud of you for being able to do this and show your courage through this video to everyone including friends and viewers, also since you’re Lao I feel like I can connect to you somehow? It’s really inspiring to see how you never backed down and wanted to show people that you can do what other people don’t expect you to do. This video overall has made me look at things in a new mindset especially when overcoming challenges and again it’s truly inspiring to me and many others. Thank you, and we’ll be rooting for you on your next fight. Good luck.

You rock bro..Super Proud of you .

This was so cool to watch Aria! Seriously awesome.

How did you get your proteins? And what was your daily intake of protein? Well fought my dude! Respect to you. :)

Aria Inthavong r

I watched every minute of the video. Great job Aria you did something that most people would never have the guts to try.

This is truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Aria. Will you be in training for longer and comeback to it? I love the message in this video. Trust yourself, Aria, we'll always cheering for you no matter what you do! Just don't rob a bank,jk lol

Duuudeeee, you're a stud! Just the fact that you only train 4 months prior to this fight is freaking awesome!

good job! but should have picked him up and slammed him on the floor! having 3 brothers really improve fighting :) btw we dont fight to one is crying we fight to we bleed!

As someone who boxed for 5 years, took 5 years out, then tried to get into MMA and stepped back, I have nothing but the upmost respect for you for getting in the cage. Walking into the boxing ring for me was nothing, but the thought of walking in to the mma cage against an opponent trained in multiple disciplines was enough for me know it wasn't for me. Congratulations man, you're awesome! I'm sorry it ended the way it did, but we've all had those moments in the ring/cage and it was nice to see at the end of the video that you plan on going back in.

Good job man!

What a beast. Keep inspiring and defy all odds man.

Aria Inthavong you gotta train more and train harder, you did good man, you should keep going on this path.

You went out on your shield, nothing but respect. To all your "friends" who were talking down on you: not a single one of you have half this man's heart.

Mcgregors too big of a chicken to get chocked out but Aria didn't tap. Respect.

great work man. keep going!

Aria Inthavong hey man stick to it don’t stop fighting

We love you Ariaa

Aria - you are my freakin hero man! Props to you dude!

Respect man

Amazing, i really enjoyed the video. Very inspiring, can't wait for your next fight man.

Awesome job man! I was hoping there's a video of your post match!

Did you manage to train much grappling prior to the fight? In my mind learning to wrestle and do jiu jitsu well in that length of time would have been the most difficult thing

Aria Inthavong are you gonna continue your MMA journey?

you got heart of warriors aria

Aria, you're the man bro. You got great courage to do what you did. That was awesome, this is coming from a martial artist who had his share of street fights, bar fight and competiton. Good job.

This is buzzfeed, he should have identified as a woman and fought a girl. Still would have lost tho lol.

"My name is Aria, I like MMA and Christmas"

Buzzfeed staff = wolves in sheeps clothing.

They should have at least had him cut to 135. That guy probably cut 10 pounds already before missing weight. Cutting 7 pounds for him wouldn't have been a problem.. Too much of a size advantage in addition to the gap in experience.

Props to you, Aria

At the fight the first jab 26:24 showes he isnt ready for this, also it doesnt look like he has knock out power, good sport though

The mindset and supportiveness from his coaches as opposed to his “friends” really says something about Buzzfeed and the people that work there

If someone told me that Chris Reilly, Chael Sonnen and Nicolas Cage are brothers, I would believe it.

25:50 For the fight

Brooo that coach was a hype beast

Death IS a possibility.

Aria has the power of Buddha around him

Why is there this stereotype that you need to be a mean and hateful person to be a fighter?? Smh. Most people i met when training are nice and humble people

Good luck on ur next fight Aria, also work on Jiu Jitsu

What's the closing song?

Big respect to you Aria you just did something a lot of people wouldn’t have the courage to!

Good Job Aria majority of people wouldn't even want to fight (let alone in 3 months)

Skimmed through the video, but still had my heart racing as the fight started! Great video, really evoked the feels!

Yeah this is the issue with race lol. Cant even uplift your Asian brother. but when you see these rich asian kids you shame up on them.

So... was that considered sleeping on the job?

I trained to become a medical doctor for four months and I made it.

The title said 4 months then they say 3months

Is Buzzfeed new Vice?

11:14 mur mur mur

After this is done he’ll go back to his old self everything he done there was people to help but when they gone he will lose it all

lol he completely sucked XD couldnt get worse...but he took the challange. respect!

Best video i have ever watched on buzz feed, would like to hear how his next fight goes if he does it. Having won and lost, its all just a part of the process man. Get em Aria, and if by chance you are looking for an opponent then this amateur kick boxer might be your guy. It would be fun man!

Great video. Life is a journey, not a destination and it looks like Aria had an awesome journey.

His colleagues all looked down on him while all fighters was encouraging him.. yet ppl say mma fighters are only violent lunatics

Ending song ?

Admit it! you did it coz you inlove with blondy

"Is he tapping? Oh, no, that was body shots" bruh....

Man, did you see the look in his eyes when he's fighting?

mans was ripped by the end !

Better title: "I Trained To Become An MMA Fighter In 4 Months just get choked out in 1 minute" ... but hey, RESPECT for doing that! Fighting without protective gear is a TOUGH nut!

Buzzfeed *Men* are something else

Much respect!


Just want to go ahead and run this waiver by ya. It says that. even though Buzzfeed will be the only one to profit from your risk, and you're doing it on company time, with company equipment, Buzzfeed have no responsibility toward you whatsoever, because reasons. Now get out there and earn your dinner, pleb.

i love this. i trained for a very long time, and i can say, that you have what it takes to be a fighter.

More than striking, avoid the grappling aspect, as a beginner keep distance and strike the best you can.

I can’t believe the amount of negative energy his liberal office mates cast off.

Absolutely the best thing from Buzzfeed I have seen!

Great achievement dude! Keep training!

Who did he fool that he taught he was going to win.

This was awesome, Aria is a well rounded human. Unfortunately some of his co workers are a waste of space

Aria you need new friends tbh .....the "friends "you have now...pshhh

all those hypsters...get some ballz. Aria went from a feminist to a beta-male! he now is more men then all of his friends together! well done. you became a fighter! respect !

This dude has some fake as friends

Holy u got choked out rip that was like brian otega and cub Swanson fight

they got Luke Thomas to narrate, nice touch

Only 4 months XD!!! Get rekt!!!

choked out at 104 seconds... sometimes 104 seconds is all you need to prove you are worth your weight, and sometimes 104 seconds can save your life. well done dude, a very brave attempt and a solid performance for someone that wasnt born to fight.

Aria will get them 2 million more subscribers I think.

Aria definitely had a better striking advantage, if he landed 1 or 2 it would've done some damage

He need Jiu jistu

Aria is real person,he is kinda guy who've transformed himself very badly like an athlete in 4 months keep it up buddy you're such a bad-ass I've ever seen.

Ayye yo props to the guy

3:33 oh no

My thoughts throughout the whole video up until the match were: When is he training his grappling and submissions (at least defense)?? They only show striking and conditioning... I guess it showed in the end (not fighting hands, etc). Big props for stepping up and giving it your all. I hope that people see that it's not just going to a gym for a few months and think you're gonna be an MMA-fighter. MMA is a complete commitment and takes time, effort and sacrifice. Nice video and well done, Aria!


well... that was anti climactic.

1:07 Trevor Wallace anyone???

Respect for this Aria guy for stepping in the cage but i hate all the other shitheads in buzzfeed those SJW females who are safe just stfu

tl:dr let me know if he won the fight or not

His signature seems really easy to forge

lol why is everyone gay

Is it just me or do y'all also get nervous when watching the fight??!

Ah... I'm so conflicted- I mean, getting choked out- it's almost like you wonder where your full fighting potential could've been. But hey I'm just glad Aria wasn't fatally hurt.

Aria should leave buzzfeed with that type of negativity, he had some inspiring coaches, and if he kept with it for full year then he definitely would’ve had more of a chance

If the psychologist is watching the video and reads this comment, there's an interesting quote I saw in a book that I want you to consider. "When you have reached the pinnacle [of martial arts], you will have achieved... serenity, extremely good health, and the inner and external strength that will enable you to be gentle and courteous to ANYONE because you know you can afford to be." - Essential Karate by Mas Oyama

So this is the best shot and edited Buzzfeed video I've ever watched and I don't want to cheapen the artistic skill and merit here, but I gotta say...goddaamn Aria's a pretty man!

he got fully destroyed

i can respect that. good job Aria. you fought and showed us your heart.

The only time you get reminded that this is buzzfeed, when the SJW are displayed. ARIA Awesome Guy!! Congrats!! Be strong, stay cool

Spent all that time training and just ended up getting up caught in a basic chokehold for a few seconds.

I want to congratulate you for what you did in this video cause it’s not easy to commit yourself to something like that and mentally prepare yourself for something like this

this is it chief

best stuff buzzfeeds made, really inspiring

I don't watch a lot of buzzfeed videos but half way through and I can say this is the best buzzfeed video I've seen. Kudos to Aria for attempting this and I'm actually excited to see this fight cause 4 months is insane. In all honesty 4 months is not enough to learn how to defend from every angle of attack a fighter can throw at you, even in the amateurs. But I hope he wins this.

He got in there and as corny as this sounds that makes him a winner to me

The way he moves makes me wanna cry

bro how did his head shake it's hips at 2:19

12:27 woah that f bomb kinda surprised me there

When he got guillotined, he should’ve worked on tucking his chin to protect himself from the arm choking him. And if he either planted his feet or stepped back, he could’ve gone for a single leg trip. Or he could’ve elevated his neck and head when the the opponents arm cane in over his neck to avoid the guillotine in the first place

Best buzzfeed video ever...

Let's all be honest here, neither of those guys could fight, Aria was not built for fighting, to say the least, his dedication and hard work is inspiring. For a better shot, he should have fought at 135. You can see in the fight they both were swatting at bee's, I think Aria's training went out the window with the amount of adrenaline pumping through his head. Good job training.

his coach sounds like hes taken one too many hits in the head man

The entirety of Buzzfeed should follow Aria's example this is probably the most wholesome video Buzzfeed has ever put out. If his friends and co-workers don't get inspired by this I don't know what they can be inspired by.

So BuzzFeed is wannabe hipster HQ?

Welp. I saw that ending coming.

Great video. Super strong narrative and execution. And, of course, you rule Aria.

I go to that park that his opponent was training in, almost like two days a week haha.

Those "friends" are full of estrogen.

lol all these guys saying he won't win are some of the biggest douches out there. some of the nicest people who i've ever met in my training are the deadliest. anyone who makes the walk deserves their respect.

Fantastic job Aria. Pure resolve and determination. Proud of you and I don't even know you! I suppose that 4 months is enough time to get a decent striking structure in place, but jiu jitsu is a whole other ballgame.

My mans is training him in yeezys

So I am planning to apply for BuzzFeed. I feel like my personality has the right balance of flamboyance and toxicity. Wish me luck guys!

no words

Yes, would love to see more of food and training struggles. I like to train but have always been skinny and a bad eater. Also stretching and foam rolling sucks.

Dude, you inspired me. Taking steps back and this.. life lessons right here. Thank you!

Much Respect bro! You did great!

Aria you inspire me so much!! I have just been offered my first Exhibition Boxing Fight for a charity event for Cancer in 8 weeks time. Just like you, I am heading in there abit nervous but the my underdog spirit is telling me it will be okay. You showed me and give me a sign of how I will be in the days before my fight. Thank you!

dude fight again!!

massive amounts of respect for you man, it's not easy going through all of it but great results

great fight man, you put pressure on him. gotta fight the hands when you get close like that. but really good shot man!

You did an amazing job should be real proud of yourself

dude, i am so proud of you! you have an amazing spirit, you are great! this video has made me decide to get back into fighting and training!

give me some advice or something

End i won't to start fight in MMA

As someone who fought for many years I am so proud and in awe of you taking this sport head on! You have a amazing spirit and I am glad u found your inner warrior! Keep up the training you looked great for only training for 4 months! Also I have also lost a few times to the guillotine choke, its no joke you just have to keep getting up! Don't give up,  you will learn more about yourself and what you are truly capable of if you don't give up

Awesome work Bro!

I'd love to see that video. Awesome stuff man! Good on you and congrats on your journey! very cool! Glad you shared this!

Good job man keep it up

Great job man, but get new friends. You dont need friends who don't support you

Please fight again, I'd love to see it.

Bro popped some anavar for sure

”He is too nice” This says so much about people that don’t understand fighting. They think it’s about being angry or rage. It’s a sport. If you get angry in there you can’t think straight and will probably lose.

Why is there too much hate on Aria's friends? They were just telling the truth. They didn't wish him bad luck. It wasn't that they weren't supportive. They were more concerned for him. BuzzFeed has great people in it. Good job to Aria, good job to his friends and trainers and good job BuzzFeed!

Ngl aria could knock me out

Is Luke Thomas narrating?

dropped out of homeschool, not behd.

Takes courage to step in the ring. Wow.


i know this is mma but this vid gave me hajijme no ippo vibes

Buzz Feed is very Fake News! WWG1WGA

I did in a day. OOOF

This is fantastic guys! Sick job!

Honestly he should have never fought 145, he never cut and it's obvious the other dude did and easily had 15+ pounds on him. Should have at least fought at 135 or not have agreed to fight a dude who couldn't even make weight.



Haha! So good! I'm glad his opponent didn't take the dive. You know Buzzfeed was willing to pay him as much as $20

Is this one of the Try Guys?

You should continue your traning man! You are a winner! Loved the video!

I've seen a few crime documentaries and news magazine stories where some of the people who work at BuzzFeed were interviewed because they had prior knowledge of the case. They completely stoodout (in a bad way) from the rest of the journalists, medical examiners, lawyers and law enforcement officers who were also interviewed for the story. Their observations were so superficial and of little incite. They seemed so out of place and took me out of the program everytime they were on camera.

The buzzfeed staff look like the staff from lifeinvader in gta V hahahah

wants to break the nice guy cliche outro is an o.c. california season finale montage

That Sport Psychologist ruined it... When you step in the octagon it's all about being hungry and wanting to prove to yourself you can do it. When you do all the self-acceptance bs before the fight it's like "why am I doing it in the first place"

aria your friends are mediocre,not their fault though


This is interesting to me. I have trained before and I am some goofy video game nerd who works in that sector. I find it funny. I think he is a little more athletic then me naturally. But I can tell I naturally took to the sparring and drilling easier, I guess its some competitive and kinda small mean streak in me. I remember being hit in the face for the first time and I wasn't shocked and tbf it felt exciting. Anyone who goes through the journey has my utter respect.

3:02 Wait why is the girl fighting the coach? tell me the person she's punching doesnt look like the guy whos training aria

You're an inspiration my friend! Respect for the journey so far, and good luck with the rest of your way!

It doesn't matter if you lost. You inspired to push myself harder. So thank you and keep fighting!

sorry to say fight is ridiculus and even if was looking fake you still almost died... i say died because if they choke you like this for to long oxigen wont arrive to brain and you risk life or at least brain damage ... you can train your body to be able to fight but if you are not a fighter in your mind and in life you cant fight ... i'm not a fighter btw so just giving my opinion !

that dude's a champ. Don't let anybody tell you you're not able to. You can and you will.

Buzzfeed colleagues drag him down, he felt the need to prove himself, he's way braver and stronger than the average person to get this far out of his comfort zone. Looking forward to his next fight cuz the hardest you go is after losing a fight. Change your circle my dude.

4 months training? 4 years would be better!! Much respect for getting in the cage though man, takes real courage.

what happened there 4:58

Aria gives me taxi driver vibes

Obvious different voiceover at 4:56

Well he clearly has more testosterone than the rest of the guys at BuzzFeed .soprobably average levels

His cowers are so negative.. daam

Facts, but cant be surprised. Its buzzfeed

30:07 is that her boobs

I wish i have friends like aria’s friend❤️ Oh wait never mind hahaha!!

I hate his colleagues omg

ARIA YOU ARE THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People don't know what kind of fighting spirit it takes to step into a combat sports ring. Alone seeing your opponent in front of you will mentally exaust you.

I feel like if aria keeps training n working hard he can beat anyone that steps into the ring with him

Give him some steroids and he will win the next fight. Joking joking joking bro. He just needs to continue learning. Good job

True and that guy looked like 15 to 20 pounds heavier than aria. More training and muscle and he wouldve stood a better chance.

So I was hella in the video and then this man got knocked out unconscious in a minute

Great job aria

Wow Aria get out of buzzfeed you will get enough supports building your own channel!!

frick those buzzfeed losers

The real progress is how he switched from normal headphones to airpods

Respect Aria

23:44 That's one pretty decent high kick. Great job, man. Truly inspiring there what you have done. I have been training Jiu-Jitsu (and a little MMA) for over a decade, and still didn't have my first cage fight. You really showed your colleagues you are a winner. It just exemplifies how much regular people don't know anything about fighting itself. Being a nice guy doesn't mean you are not a warrior inside. Nice guys do fight, some of them do it fantastically. Bad/mean guys/girls are often just angry at the world or just plain evil people, but that doesn't mean they are fighters intrinsically. If nothing, fighting in a sanctioned sport can only help them become better people, reducing that level of anger they have. You have no anger, whatsoever. You have just found a true inspiration within yourself to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, get in shape, and most importantly - learn self-defense... Man, I still didn't see the whole video, I am still at that high kick moment, but you're a winner already, regardless of the outcome. Hope you keep doing combat sports / martial arts after this. All the best, Aria.

Respect for not tapping and going to sleep. If you have never been in that position you cant imagine what it feels like, and for him not to tap, dude has a heart. Well done

The way his coworkers “supported” him, now I can tell why so many people leave buzzfeed. Aria’s a true fighter, hope to see him fight again.

I was actually pretty impressed with Aria. I think they should have focused more on grappling, the vid mainly showed striking etc. Dunno, just my thoughts. I'm so proud of Aria doe, good for him.

If he learned anything the guy needs new friends who speak life into him. Respect for taking on the challenge.

dam those co workers nasty and unsupportive made me mad tbh

"If he wants to win, he's gonna have to knock me out" ... Lmao, no way he believed that.

You need better friends in your life, buzfeed employees really live up to the stereotype

Glad he didn't get seriously KO'd... this isnt Rocky, champ. MMA fight after 4 months sounds like a horrible idea.

thanks Arie for seeing and experiencing the mindset of a martial artist, hope you make videos that are really this touching! fighting!

gives this one more chance i want to see aria grow more

Respect, man!

Good on him. He is a NICE guy, but a real man. Good on you Aria,... you stuck it out, and I think you were looking pretty good in there.

chris is a lowkey hypebeast

You did amazing so happy that you want to continue on this journey mad props to you and continuing on your goals


What a champion, great inspiration. Keep proving the haters wrong

t you can believe all you want if you dont train and think your just going to fight a mma fighter your straight stoopid and need a head evaluation this isnt pop warner football or a softball league you can just sign up for every bodies acting like his co workers were so negative they were just being in tune with reality no matter what all you people think you cant just start fighting mma and think your going to win what are all you powder puffs talking about co workers could have been a lot meaner and negative, however it is a good learning experience and a reality check on what you can and cant do to an experienced martial artist btw iam not saying his opp was experienced he actually could have beat him with a couple more months training lol

Your friends dont deserve you

The dude with the bushy mustache is a dick

Cheers from Thai. You push the limits and you doing great. Thais people always surprise the world.

trash buzzfeed friends

What's up with his opponent's shorts changing colors. Was that a color correction issue? Or did they edit two different fights together?

Oof that's ruff

got fuckn bodied

Aria you're a champion, keep killing it. Your courage is to be admired and I really hope the bullies at buzzfeed aren't dragging you down, you only deserve to be built up.

Dude skimped out on kicking and jiu jitsu. Of course he gets submitted...

Where do I sign up to choke a Buzzfeed reporter out?

I wish I have watched from the end. Feels like fake stuff... This is the reality about youtube videos... Good filming, good story, not good content...

does anyone know what the song at the end is called???

I really dont like buzz feed or weak men. So this video is hard to like, but you have heart.


LOL he said

Yo, you got some stones on you boy. You got in there and fought and on top of that you didnt panic and tap. You fought the choke till the end. Hold your head high and be proud you did this.

What a dickhead

Listen SJW, snowflakes, soya-boys etc... 16:33 "EVERY FIGHT ONE GUY WIN, ONE GUY LOSE"... and it doesn't stop there you stand up again and go to the next fight and that's life, that's how successful people become successful.... you should learn a lot from this video! thanks Aria

Respect for Aria this video touched me because i never took my wrestling sport in high school seriously N this is my senior year and the first match is shy from 3 months from now but i know if i quit ill regret it so i plan on giving it my all but food will be my biggest challange

Aria you did great. Your opponent was a gentleman too. He beat you about as gently as possible.

I hope Aria beat up all the soya-boys that work at Buzzfeed... put them back in the lookers!

Whoa....friends like that......that's the reason I'm allergic to humans

how do I work for buzzfeed?????!!!

man this video came out on my birthday and remembered me how much i tried to win a wrestling match, it took over 22 matches but when i finally did i cried so much, I had never done wrestling before, I was a exchange student that had never wrestle before, and I presisted until I knew that I could do just like the guys in my school that were wrestling since ever. that video reminded how good was to experience something like that. Thanks very much

all BUZZFEED people are trauma haters and seen this guy improving is hurting their butts... liberals don't want more strong people... they want more weak people and that's how they survive!

if people like Garou from OPM is real in real life, idk if he manage to survive this long...i feel like people who wants to challenge every person who good in fight are everywhere.... what are they thinking actually? isnt that scary? just like this guy... hes too brave enough to take challenge entered the MMA... even if its just 3 months, that would be painful... i dont say MMA is not good, but my point is atleast you have the reason why you want to become a fighter... if its just for fun, then better dont do it

this dude is crazy. omg good stuff dude

I can’t wait to see him get back in that cage this man has a lot of heart you can teach someone how to throw a punch but you can’t teach someone heart ❤️ respect dude✊


Brother you should start hanging out with fighters more, we're a better support than those fragile snakes you work with.

BuzzFeed is so fucked up , we can clearly see how fucked up they are

I watched all that for him to get submitted that easy ...

thats the thing, it doesn't matter to you. That guy who choked you out could see this isn't your world and he went easy. Most fighters need the money, there's a difference in urgency.

Just trains standup then gets submitted

20:52 I'm still scared of Khabib

Being nice doesn't mean you can't fight like look at GSP. He's one of the nicest sportsman I know and he's in the UFC.

Buzzfeed, you can make a video of me, I haven’t had my mma fight yet but been training for a very long time and I believe a video of me would be a great video for buzz feed

F - irst A - ttempt I - n L - earning Well done Aria, you done something alot of people can't do. Be proud of yourself!

All the top comments here tells me how many people don't have any good friends. You think they are just supposed to say "Oh, you can totally fly if you just want to." No, they aren't supposed to just lie when your safety is on the line. If you are safe while doing your impossible dream, then sure, they can lie. But MMA is not at all safe, you cannot expect them to lie.

Yeah,nice support from his colleagues...what a bunch of assholes...

As a guy that competed in MMA you have my respect. All ofthe "you are too nice to fight" that you heard is exactly what I heard to. If you choose to continue I will follow your journey

Conor McTapper should watch this and learn.

Whats the outro song?

*After ages* i saw a Buzfeed video with a heart.

he is thai, fighting is in his blood

Good job brother! Keep on training. You can do this aria

for once no SJW, Feminist or liberal propaganda. *Well done BuzzFeedVideo* keep those assholes and their twisted agendas and narratives and away from everywhere i hope to see it come and destroy their agenda especially in gaming where they force game plot, story, characters to change like in BattleField 5, CoD WW2 by adding in female soldiers and black nazi women crazy right?

You know what's really fucked up? Someone you don't even know is rooting and believing in you while someone you know isn't

6:48 he left coach hanging

26:35 what is this

you'd be surprised the people you find in the gym. That "type" of guy has choke me out and kicked me in the head at least 100X

Damn dude, you have a strong mind and heart to be able to do this sport in the first place. Don't listen to your coworkers that know nothing about the sport but listen to the coaches and trainers. A loss isn't what defines you but its what you do after that that does. Much respect to you and good luck on your next fight!

You should’ve pulled his hand and place your opposite hand over his shoulder and sweep the back of his leg to get out of the choke

"I've been watching some fights and they're eyes, some people can't open them" seems someone watched Cowboy vs Ferguson fight lol.

Well done bro! You inspired me, not to start fighting but to live better, be more bold and better the things that I am currently into, like skateboarding, going to gym and be the healthiest and best version of me!

What if you get a random boner

Aria, biggup. Takes great heart to even begin a journey like this let alone go through with a fight. Peace

Our training in volleyball is almost as hard as this training even though we're elementary students In my school age is not an exception

His friends who didn’t support him are scumbags.

This shows you how fake liberals are. Very fake people

This is honestly the most inspiring video Buzzfeed has ever done. Aria is a fighter.

Buzzfeed employees are the worst type of people. Condescending with no sense of humour.

Hey, at least you got abs

He should have done boxing

“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” ― Michael jordan Be proud, Aria!!

is it just me or does the brother look sorta like Quinton Qarintino

there's a difference between people who go out and train and put themselves to the test with competitions and those who look exactly like the buzzfeed personel... useless couch potatoes that offer nothing than being target practice tbh...

damn aria had him in the standup but 4 months is too little to learn grappling

inb4 someone dies making buzzfeed videos.

He’s got small nips

Yeaaaaah love this kind of content! Should be a series!! You go, my dude!

Damn it took me a year and a half to get into the cage and that’s with amateur boxing experience mad respect to Aria

that psycologist was cringe af

trains for 4months still better than cmpunk

Waiting for fight number 2!

Is it just me or is everyone or nearly everyone at buzzfeed gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course..

You’re not an mma fighter. You didn’t fight a pro. You fought someone who trained marginally more than you and lost. Clickbait journalist.

ahahahahahahahahahhaha trains 3 months fights a scrub and gets choked out, gets emotional about all the hard work. This is an insult to people who live this life. Dude pulls guard with a one arm guillotine and you freak out and flail.

27:15 nighty nite mfer!! lol lol

My Respects to Aria for doing this but ooouuuffffff that choke tho!

Wow... Just wow, a total inspiration Aria

Bro your opponent had more respect for you than your coworkers

I love you Aria. Well done, sir.

Seems like he accepted that he was going to fail that’s why he said he was calm before the fight. Once you make that decision it’s already over

Your friends and coworkers are fucked up bro

I respect Aria for giving himself this challenge and following through.

If you see anyone with cauliflower ear, give up

He fight better than traditional martial art practititioner that train in years

Well one thing is for sure. While aria can’t really fight yet, after 3 short months of training, he surely could beat the dogshit out of his colleagues. Props to him for having the intestinal fortitude to at least commit to it and give it a shot.

Mad probs for stepping in there and am super happy you didn’t take some ninja spinning heel kick to the face. Awesome courage man!

Really shows that all the so apparent "friends" that Aria works with at buzzfeed are pricks and just there for money. Hope Aria stays in touch with the coaches as they were closer to friends than his own co workers were.

you had that man looking scared on his feet aria , you was out there looking solid. i hope you stick with it for another couple months, i promise you would be good as hell. just inexperience you got in a position that wasnt favorable and didnt know how to get out or what to do. i need you to do part 2 this video is great

And that’s all folks!

The head coach is legendary bad Santa level

I've got mad respect for you bro.

Well what can you do? You only have 4 months to train. You train stand up striking, no time to train bjj. If you train bjj, no time for striking. Love the agressiveness, the standup look good for training only 4 months!!!

aria!!! kudos bro!!! u did very very good... that loss was a learning experience... all the best in your journey brother!! OSS!!

he didnt tap... what a guy

Todid Sampson body hack copy maybe ????

he proved himself worthy even before the fight because im sure 75% of the people in this world would not start training from nothing in 4 months and fight against a experienced fighter

Damn he lost I got a little sad to see him like that . He had to pull a cross face off in that front choke . I've trained in all types of fighting for years . Only for self defense purposes . That's why not many people fight me it's not for money with me it's for the basic reasons of self defense . If he would have forced his forearm and shove his elbow into the chokers face it would hurt more than hitting the rib over and over . There's more sensitive nerves in the face than th body too . Plus it causes separation between you and the guy choking you leaving room to get your head out and continue your assault on him . He was winning the stand up parts of the fight too . I honestly thought he would win when I hear people talk down on other fighters I know that's fuel to win . Good to see he didn't get hurt though in there . Now he can say over all the people around him I've been in a legit mma fight and won the stand up parts just not the grappling aspects .

this was cool to see. you cannot do this with football or any other sport really. awesome job!

Im confused. said it was gonna happen after three months, started training physically 18 weeks out from the fight date, then fight is rescheduled a month later than previously scheduled. so it's not 4 months? it's what? 5 1/2 months? he's going to fight a more experienced fighter. The opponent has only been training a year and has one loss under his belt? more experienced yes, much more experienced in context, no. His journey is still impressive but lets get the story straight or this gets pegged as clickbait fast.

aria's a beast!!!! congrats!

Cant learn to grapple in four months lol. Nice attempt tho. keep it up!

"I waited 4 months to choked the f out" Would be a better title.

he became a fighter? didn't land one shot and got choked out within the first minute...


I hope they show him some bjj and wrestling.

Wow this was amazing, honestly you looked like the better fighter up until you got choked out, to me i, i love the way you looked and i hope you keep training if its something you liked. Also find a new place to work dude.

He's such a cutie

very engaging vid

Is that narrator Luke Thomas?

Major respect Aria!

a beautiful story! very inspiring....well done Aria. you're a true champion!


Imagine getting called soft by a bunch of people that work at BuzzFeed lol

Nice people are just people hiding a raging demon inside

U gotta respect the men

This is a good buzzfeed vid, apart from the low energy cow workers

what is the title of the song at the end? :)

Know what it feels like to be the underdog and hearing from the peanut gallery. Love this stuff, man.

I have been training muay thai for about a year now, and people tend to think fighters are jerks and meatheads, but they are honestly some of the kindest, most humble, most supportive people you'll ever meet. If you are serious about putting in the work, they will 100% support you no matter what. An MMA gym is like a family. The friends and coworkers' reactions are actually very typical. When someone is serious about fighting, it's very common for people to tell them they're crazy, they won't make it, etc., and doubt them. But we train anyway, because of our love of the sport. Best Buzzfeed video I've seen in a long time!

Luke Thomas King of donks

Didn't even tap when in that guillotine. Dude is a beast.

Good job buddy. Really really good job! You fought the choke! Nice job on everything.

i wish aria told y he really wanted to do this, share more of his story

Also, I don't think the co-workers were hating. They were just being honest and were seeing him as he saw himself before this all began.

I think one of the biggest motivations when training for a fight just like many other adrenaline sports is you can really tap into your survival instincts.. When you're running and so tired you want to stop you can picture yourself running out of breath and then the pain of your opponent taking over at that point and that can give you the adrenaline boost to continue. Theres more on the line then just failure theres also pain and that can be utilized. I had such an experience when I used to paintball a lot, knowing that you will feel pain if you fail it heightens your senses, makes you process ideas and strategies faster, lets you map out the area and find the opponent much quicker, its a hard feeling to explain but it cant be compared to sports where you dont have the fear.

Even champions have tapped, you didn't. Love and respect, man!

I’m a former pro mma fighter myself and seeing Aria do in 4 months is insane. I bet if he continues, in a year or 2 he be super talented!!

Did pretty good in the begining of the match, just lacked some bjj training and calm to win, but still, congrats!

Luke Thomas's fake deeper narrator voice is so distracting, his normal voice would be perfect.

No way you fought one of my parkour friends that recently became a mma fighter! Good fight, good training, and amazing video! Very inspiring

Misleading thumbnail.. definitely not a pro lol. But great job Aria, I hope you keep training, good for the mind, body & soul.

Fight George st Pierre next

All his friends are dickheads

get aria some better coworkers goddamn

You opponent is not a professional fighter

Did he not train Jiu jitsu?

Aria Inthavong you have an amazing spirit! Love that you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation in a journey of ever-learning!

Bro you're amazing. you're strong

Aria, great stuff my friend. You did not tapped props to you on that! Now get your ass to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Eddie Bravo 'The System". Oh and if you want to know how to utilize those elbows inbox me :)

He's doing it on his own but SURE, Buzzfeed take the profit from this video. OKAYYYY BUZZFEED Ya'LL FAKE AZZ AF


These buzzfeed ppl.. dude wtf.

This is super inspirational

aye my boy Kasen Matsch was reppin pomona, respect haha. My hometown

Lol is luke Thomas narrating this??

u got your ass beat but at least u had a go man - are u going to continue fighting ?

The fact that he went out instead of tapping shows everything you need to know about him. He’s got heart. Even professionals tap to chokes much less painful than a Guillotine

Buzz feed employees are so cringy. Nothing but soy boys

Fighting isn’t a game lol

This douchebag put sunglasses on. I really wish you would have beat him! GREAT JOB!!!!

Im honestly not tryna make a joke but are all the male buzzfeed workers gay?

How hard are you lifting and exerting max effort if you are even sweating? Way to go on trying something everyone ELSE SAID that you couldn’t

His opponent was very nice. He didn’t strike much, and went for a fight ending choke instead of damaging strikes.

listen I just watched a 32 minute video to just choked that's cheap

Every male at his job is gay. Dude get some male friends that know what being a guy is really like and who also understand that men fight. These people who are supposed to be your friends have no faith in you at all or support!!!

This head coach is a joke!

You should fight one more

Not a pro

I knew he was going for a choke, reminds me of Mickey Gall vs CM Punk. He capitalized on the inexperience of Aria. Much respect I’m a fan of Aria now

We fight in any shape or form be brave from what you do and make peace to people you hurt and people who hurt you. Because nothing is braver than giving forgiveness, especially yourself.

Jimmy Saldaña, you can do this too. I believe in you, Superstar!

That’s what I’m talking about Aria!!! Could tell you’re Laotian by your last name

He'll never admit, he actually tried to tap there for sure.

Aria GREAT JOB! Nice- all in- all win! Hope you continue your journey! :)

whats going on with the fuckin mustaches? are u americans walking now like that?

I feel for you Aria. Not because of what you did, but because of what kind of “friends” you’re surrounded with. One toxic person can poison an entire group, now imagine an entire group poisoning one person. As someone who’s been doing martial arts while losing 90 pounds, get rid of those people around you and focus on yourself and the people who want to help one another instead of calling you “too nice”. You did something tremendous for yourself, now keep it moving. There’s always another mission in life. Proud of you man.

They are soul sucking, its the crabs in a bucket mentality, hope he leaves there tbh seems to good for most of them.


You need new friends man these people are way to negative it's soul sucking.

He’s not pro he an Amerture mma fight but has more experience

Great job....No Shame. Thank you for sharing.

Buddy didn’t even tap out. What a true man

It's not about winning or losing, it's about showing yourself that you can overcome your fears whenever you propose it. Sometimes the people that is surrounding you, may not have faith in you and their comments may hurt you. But hey! Use those negative comments as fuel for your motivation, as a way to know that even though things may see complicated you can overcome them. Just have faith in yourself and you'll see results. Pd: Congrats on your fight bro, even though you did not won the fight, you did impossible! I may tell you that only 5% of people or less are able to do! Good luck on your next fight champ! Salutes from Guatemala

I thought he was gonna win but damn he went to sleep

10/10 one of my favorite videos wow I got so much chills MAD RESPECT ARIA

We like videos like this, but it isn't uncommon to see people fight within a couple of weeks of training if they show some promise, I've known guys to do fights within 4-6 weeks of training be it kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, mma etc... I waited longer and done Tournament's but still good job most people don't even try to do it so you have my respect for going out there and doing something most wouldn't dare :)

Beautiful video I’m a fighter myself and this video touched me in so many ways it’s not always about the outcome it’s about the journey and going for anything in life no matter what anybody says or thinks of you anything is possible you got the right attitude Aria with your drive and dedication you will win a fight in no time respect ✊

This piece has a hidden message and it says a lot about the work environment and how it makes aholes of human beings. His co-workers putting him down, probably didn't even realize it or some did who knows. Clearly Buzzfeed is an example of this.

Aria you did amazing man!! MUCH respect

Man that one coach sounds like he had CTE

His friends at buzzfeed thinks too negatively, I've seen and know a lot of people with such mindset and attitude especially millenials and the newer generations. They think that they are thinking "realistic and compassionate" but to be honest they don't see past the point of the lessons we learn from sports, and that's more than enough than sitting and feed your ego with hollow empathy. Sports isn't just about the sport itself but the lessons we learn in life, we learn to be humble and strong. I'm so fed up with the defeatist mentality, try and try, and keep on learning. Nothing is gonna happen if you keep yourself inside a bubble, get out of your comfort zone, learn the world yourself, and be a fighter.

Looking forward to that next fight Aria! Keep up the good work

He’s Asian he’ll be fine

Aria this is weird man this whole year ive been saying and wanting to really become a fighter seeing this makes me more eager

Who The Fook Is That Guy?

"if he wants to win he's gonna have to knock me out" You can call him mystic mac, cause he predicts these tingz (issa joke relax, major props to aria)

Lemme save u 30 minutes the guy got choked out unconscious this shouldn't even be a thing now way you will win a fight with 4 months of training

Ha! You can spot all the AssFeed beta cucks in that full room instantly! Is Aria still gay after all that manly training?

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