I Taught My Gay BFF To Fight In 30 Days

I Taught My Gay BFF To Fight In 30 Days

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I'm. Gonna learn how to box I have. Never ever been in a fight before at the end of 30 days I'm, gonna fight somebody for the first time right now Cody's like the little baby he won't hurt a fly I think a lot of times as like fan people, we don't really use our bodies, a lot, in aggressive. Ways and I'm not speaking for everybody I've never tapped into that side of being rough with my body and being aggressive with somebody so it's gonna be really interesting for me this all started because gaudiya was staying with me when. We first became friends and one of the first conversations we ever had was, about how I have this social anxiety, about leaving my house sometimes, and I think that it's something that's shared with a lot of people within the queer community in, that, we feel like we have to hide we have to be in the shadows we have to tone down our. Queerness. And I think that that is a reality that a lot of us really. Face, though I hope got a yo like you know I don't feel really comfortable and, he was like you know what like when you're with me like I got your back like you can be as gay as you want to be I feel like everybody, in this world should feel like they could be themselves when, they walk outside, and not feared to be attacked I always thought that that was really cool and I immediately knew like that's my brother like we're gonna be friends forever this is very personal to me because I have a gate system and not so long ago she, was walking outside to, her place and she, was attacked and the first thing this person said is if you're gonna act like a man I'm gonna treat you like one I proceeded. To attack her until, this happened to my sister and having that conversation with curly turns, out that this happens, a lot within the community, people in my life I've always been like don't worry like I got your back at your back but I'm like Windham as an adult and I have my own back this is the purpose of this video not, only, to Train curly, to fight to defend himself to show awareness on what's going on within the LGBTQ community I'm training for, 30 days straight, with Manny. Pacquiao's, strength, trainer, Justin, fortunes I'm the owner of fortune. Boxing gym, Hollywood California how many you've been fighting a 30 years I've never fought anybody in my life I'm like the most gentle I'm like oh my ladybug, like I'm like the most hippie as so, I'm wondering could. I get to the level one thing we, beat the hippie ivy. This. Is some a leash like I'm about to learn how to fight with them back when I was 15 years old and I was in high school I used to be a boxer what are the things that boxing, taught me is to be, confident, within myself I knew that could protect myself I was not afraid anywhere, I went and I want to be able to give that gift to Kurt you want to get to live when it comes down though you have to defend yourself. Right. And. Waiter will, teach you everything I'll teach you some more. That. Dirty super. Anxious about the whole thing because I'm like I don't want to look dumb I want, to win talk about what the month might look like just, follow me. What's. Wrong outlook crying, let, us swing easy, maybe. Even you regular. Stuff but what do you need for me like what what, should I be bringing to the table beside, you should just have you know just a clean clean. Slate no. Man and we'll just teach you from basics, when you're with that boss. I'm gonna pray really hard I'm, gonna work really hard I'm gonna light a lot of candles and I'm gonna have a long conversation with Jesus because I really, need to win this fight after we done with this video he's gonna be a monster I'm not trying to get fuckin the face you see I'm pretty good faces is day 1 it's 6:30 in the morning I'm, gonna go and train new credit right now super. Excited, to solve it you're maladaptive. Boy the first week I have been training every day except, for Wednesdays. And Sundays and, it's, been kind. Of intensive. I've. Never used my body in a physical, way like that where I had to like punch and it's interesting cuz like I kind of liked it I kind of thought it was like really cool to be able to be like yeah I'm pumped you up confident first day clearly is learning how to throw a punch how to hook, justin has him on the mid justin, is like you could tell that this man is an experienced, man he's been doing it for a very long time.

My. Knuckles, were like bleeding like right, off the bat like immediately, and I was like we're doing some damage we're doing some things all right so today was day 1 it, was super amazing it was super dope I learned. A lot I'm. Very, sore and very tired when I walk into the gym I feel, like it's very masculine energy, I'm immediately, comforted, because it's Hamra foolish, Justin's wife she is just like this beautiful, warm energy, back in. 2009. I, was hired to fight Kim Kardashian, and that's celebrity boxing Matt and I flew out here trained, with him and then we, fell in love and, ever since then it's been bliss, we describe our gym is like we're one big family but we're one big large dysfunctional. Family you know once you're in here you're family but it's tough you know you're gonna leave your sweat crying tears it's gonna be full-on, it ranged from being nervous about having to be all men and not, only dealing, with males with dealing with males who are there to fight, so it was definitely, nervous. But what was really cool too is it everybody, there kind of just let's you do your thing like nobody, really is watching, you have that vibe that boxing, love I feel like everybody, goes over there to train people I serious over there working out with Justin is dope. He, is like this huge, man with. Like this heavy accent, well I hope. Sam. And. Holder there and you can feel the. Strength, when he barely like taps you like this man is wrong. But, he also wanted me to learn how to breathe so he would make me run like the running part from you with heart is good like we would come on Saturdays, early in the morning and it was hard it was hard to keep up but it look. Good. It's. Hard I was like if he makes me run one. More lap yo, C Mon Modi he also had me on the punching bag the punching bag was dope I never thought that I could punch a punching. Bag. Softer, softer softer, we. Did practice unlike the feed, bad thing but like I don't care how long our practice on that thing for like I could not pick up the rhythm. Sometimes. Sometimes, you know Tamara was like I got a fight coming up pretty soon I think curly should go and see this and I'm like that's that's a great idea let's take curly over so like that he could see how this rose and he could see how a real fight is. So, the fight was. Interesting. And intent and there, I was being like I don't want to do that I wanted him to get a feel what a fight night is it's pretty cool. It. Was really cool to see people live within their normative glory like when they did good they did good I also want him to see like it, doesn't matter how a person, looks some people could look scary and they could look built but that doesn't matter fighting, is all about skill it was so dope to see hammer, fight it was nice to see that somebody from like my gym family, basically, going in and, getting down. The. Second week I could see his punches get a little bit more sharper, he, knows how to throw the punches, his hooks are really, good his overhand, right is the strongest, are even, better than good.

I Hate. Spying. My. First part was up against this amazing. Fighter sweet, spirit, sweet soul and then Franky cardis like really nice I'm like oh my god I'm a bum die yo you're training for a fight and I want him to be more aggressive. Have. You ever seen the Incredibles not to compare, him to Elastigirl but like Elastigirl moves like this and like you're, like that. Was Frankie like I could not land, a punch like he was too fast, and I, was. Like cracking, up and every time I was fight I would just be cracking up because I'm like this is ridiculous like what am i I. Did. Land one punch and, I was immediately like like, oh my god I'm so sorry. When, you spar they put like this huge helmet on you I can't breathe in this helmet I can't see in this helmet I can't see it I have my glasses off you have to remember to like I'm super, blind without my glasses and if you're claustrophobic this. Thing is not for you like you will not like this hey man I go and spar with each other but it's like I also, don't have it in me to really. Go, hard, on Kurt, it got especially, hard when I had to fight. My brother gotta go so we go in bell, rings were. In there guy do is a trained. Fighter he, was in the military he knows how to handle himself, I. Never. Seen curly in that light you know I got a lot of love for curly curly always had my back so I got this brotherly, love for. Curly that is like I never see myself throwing, a punch at him he lands, a punch that. Sends, my head back like, a little egg and when I come back up he's. Laughing and, if you know cardio's lab you know his laugh is loud. As. Even. Though I laugh but, in my head I was also thinking it's curly I can't believe I just did that to Carly, I don't know this much I'm, laughing at, me right now so then I like, this. So I get mad and I start swinging we start going at it. This. Part was over it, was interesting, when I took off my helmet, I hear Tamara say Guardians, bleeding curly you mean patio bleed. It. Was a mixture of it. Being like oh shit like I didn't even like. A punch like that and then it being like I didn't. Need I want to learn that on someone who I like love is my family, there's, no Freddie no no. I. Never got a bloody nose in my life I don't want to get emotional again but, I think that punch really, opened, up a lot of different doors in, my mind that, I didn't. Know. We're still there every time I hit you yeah I felt like pure shit inside. Yeah, I don't like it like it's it's weird it. Is a weird feeling like I'm doing it cuz I have to defend myself. When. The car and then curly gets emotional, and you starts crying in a way I also understood. Because it's like you gotta hit somebody you care, about having, to hurt somebody that I'm really connected to hurt, it's a weird place that to like tap into as a human being like you're.

Just Like, well, you know all day long you're like oh go. To work I gotta feed my dog gonna do this gonna pay my bills and then like those two hours we're like I gotta get aggressive and, you gotta reach into a place and you hear like oh. I'm. Not gonna lose, like I'm not gonna do this delicious complete. Had. Been very open about growing up like in an abusive household, things got better for me but it was like a thing that I had forgotten had, affected, me so deeply and, I didn't realize that it was still. A huge part of me which I never thought I didn't think I was gonna feel like that I thought um but yeah I thought we done this before tonight nah that was also like somebody I care about like and I was 30. Training. Continued, I kept going I was still working out camera, hits me up she was like I found, somebody he's perfect. I basically wanted to fight somebody who, was a had. Never trained before and B, had never been in a fight before because I wanted it to be a little bit more even he's like almost the same height as curly he's never fought before and we, could start training, him but he's also a marathon, runner look at we like I'm out here I just thought being a potato a year ago I was worried that was like nah none there's no weight I don't think this is a good idea all the talk was about him, being like a marathon, runner you know he's. A marathon, runner you. Know he's really buff you, know he's really beautiful and I'm like Nick what. I don't what. About me I'm like curly, you needed me Alex, I'm thinking, like you're this is a time that you need to be aggressive son. I found. You on Instagram, but now I see my real life building, boo hi how you know incredi sees them he's like dying you want to get tea I'm super, nervous I'm super like I'm excited, but. I. Expected, more like a combative. Stuff but you guys. Ready. I was like what, are you doing like you need to be like harder.

With Him because when I met Alex all I wanted to do was be like ah what's, up like how are you. We. Hit it off right away, Gallo is like don't, be his friend like what are you doing sobbing, curly, for a second and just be a fighter. And. There are not like whenever I saw videos of him training or him fighting or I would, watch him fight while I was jogging I kind, of just felt like oh I could take this guy like I could take him so Kurt he had to travel he. Went down to Mexico for a couple of days so he missed some days of training and he also had to go to Florida. When I got back justin was training Pacquiao, so he had to leave so I trained with Marc Justin's BFF and then the amazing Kenneth, hunt I know he's like pretty busy so we've been trying a little more consistent. But, you know we've been doing the best up kid. When. He came back we're like you know what we got to kick this into high gear because, the fight is around the corner. I saw. A, shift, in curly I first he was to like nice and and. Painting, around and smiling, and joking around a lot to apologize for anything. No, there we go, ever since the rappers. Apologizing. Bro I saw a change, in him to be a little bit more aggressive. Everybody. Was like you have this fight coming up you were sparring, for several, days leading up to this, fight I went up against three girls, I was super. Intimidated. And then on the flip there's the whole thing of like the way that men are taught or at least the way that we should be taught not to hit women or get violent with women it's, ingrained, in us I'm like listen credibly don't feel bad because, either way when I used to fight I used, to spar with women too so I was like I don't want to hit a girl but also like I'm scared, of you I went. Up against Tamra she is trained she knows had a fight she teaches other people had a fight mostly Tamara Tamara is a tough one, she's aggressive she's, tough I can see that the first punch landed and it was a hard punch, I saw, her. Waddle, and I was like whoa he's, he stumbles, up but he feels bad again, it's a mixture like I didn't know that I could do that but then also like, no. It's. Definitely like the two sides of me battling, it out and I also went up against other girls they've been training for a long time it was interesting to see women put themselves in harm's way in order to teach me how, to be stronger, after, that I went, outside and I. Saw kriti crying again how do you feel though, honestly. Yeah I have like a lot of mixed emotions again. Hey, boy I just liked it it's, kind of like um like. Triggering, it's like a lot of different, like. I know these girls are like trying, to help me be a better person and I'm like I'm gonna have to hurt you to do it but I started, crying when I do it when I fought with you yeah don't. Feel bad for nobody because, when you're out there in the street nobody's gonna feel bad for you and, they're, not gonna think twice and hurting you or even taking a life out there here and we see that you, see that well then just I came back to take over. It's, hard to be like oh we're gonna train you but you're gonna fight within 30 days because there's a lot of things that you need to learn we're getting down to the. End actually. I've learned a lot but I most like still, not. Used to like, fighting, I'll go in and I do it and I'm like that. Was so I was so cool like I could use my body like that was so cool and then, I wake up the next morning to come back and I'm like. So. Before the fight I could see Carly, being different. At work leading, up to the fight I had crazy. Anxiety. Like I couldn't work I couldn't think, straight crazy, crazy anxiety.

Gatos It's excitement, it's, and this is also a. Crucial, pivotal. Moment for you and yourself. What. Are you doing. Getting. Out of energy the. Anxiety. You're. Running around the office and, he was just like trying to just. Like get that energy out like he didn't know what to do or how to feel and stuff like that I just wanted to make him feel better. Was. There 10. The, night before the fight it's. Really like the day that we've all been, waiting for everybody, who's trained me I got. Contacts and. So I can see you're, not supposed to wear them by the way when you fight I'm kind of sad like I thought I'm gonna go in and I have to fight somebody I just tense mom we already have a winner, hopefully, it's me hope. It's me I actually. Asked, to take the day off the, day of the fight because. I just wanted to reflect and I literally just sat here in my house I laid on my couch and I just reflected. A lot and just thought a lot and prayed a lot is now, surely an hour and a half away to our fight I just gave myself a little pep talk in, the mirror and I think that I never, in a million years imagined. That I would. Be here I gotta kick his ass. And. I don't feel happy thinking that I'm just trying to amp myself, up. Before. The fight I wanted a surprise credit, I'm gonna do something special for him you know and I want him to walk into that ring I want him to be proud. I. Got. Those boxing. Trunks I took into an embroidery. Then. I had them stitch the Salvadorian, flag in the front and I put the curly show in the back which was cool man like I just want him to be happy and proud like that for me like regardless of anything, like anything anything anything whether, I win or whether I lose like we did it I trained so hard I did give it my all I, gave it my absolute all, week and geared up he had a wait in the locker room I was making. Sure like everything is ready set go there's, the point where the audience, is cheering I, think Scotty I asked, who's here to see curly and the crowd is loud and I cringe. Cringe. So, hard because I want to make sure that Alex knows that he has support too and then they, ask who's here to see Ali. People. Screamed and I was like gasps I'm so happy that people are here for him like I'm so happy that people here this behave I'll walk into the room he goes like how's Alex doing I'm like don't, worry about Alex. Right now like you're gonna fight this guy right now I was sitting down trying to talk to him that you need to have this fighter instinct, you need to have this animal instinct, right now right now when you get in the ring yeah, are not cool bro yeah but I just want to make sure he's okay I was. There warming up in the locker room. They. Introduced the fighter. In, the blue corner, from. They. Do this thing when people are about to fight they make you poop gloves with the opponent, and I look him dead in the eye and my head I'm like okay. Like I'm so excited to see him like let's do this, Alex's, face was like that's, a huge game on and I'm like oh shit, Carly was not game on it started. Once. That bell rang that guy was on it like he was on a mission. He, was a bull like 30 seconds, in I think, he landed a couple of punches I saw him Curly's head fly, back and I remember thinking like. Just. Like in flow more like that shit hurt and I'm in the corner I'm also thinking about McMahon there's a lot of people from BuzzFeed and I used to sing something like this I started.

To One point black out a little bit he, knocked my contact, out so there I was blind. What, I could see was the. Crowd going, from like what. -. Like oh. And. I'm thinking like you should have more faith in me. Your, first fight you're, not thinking about technique. Even the other guy both one was just going like this none of them Bob them weed none of them blocked the referee like pulls me he's like are you okay breathe, breathe, and I'm like I am breathing the. Second round came in and that's, when curly started landing more his right hook I saw, curly natural like animalistic, start coming up. But. I don't, give up I've never quit anything I, never give up so I keep going he is ruthless, he. Is a, good, fighter you, know Alex I don't know where it got him got him a couple of times and after that curly couldn't see anymore I'm blacking out again I'm like I can't see anything I didn't, have time to catch my breath let, alone open my eyes let him I'll be able to see and I'm falling against the ropes again but I also still did not want to give up so I kept coming back up and the referee kept being like are you good are you ok and, I'm like I got this I got this so we keep going at one point I tried doing the trick where I hug him so that he thought he, pushed me off I think and he kept going and I was like this is intense, and so the ref grabs, me he's like you're done and I was like ok. I'm done like. I I can't do this and it was a moment, of defeats, and it was a moment of feeling like all of that for, this moment to lose. It's. A mixture, of emotions you know but one thing that I could say is god, damn clearly got heart he's getting punched by a grown-ass, man but. He never hit the mat this was Carly's first fight and to, be honest with you I'm proud of him I was in the state of shock my body was in shock I was in shock so I go I'm like I just need a moment to collect myself I just need to figure out what happened and as I'm sitting down I'm, like nauseated.

I'm Extremely. Dizzy. I can't, focus and, I'm like I'm about to throw up. And. I. Literally, start to throw up all over myself this is not where we thought this video was gonna go but we're like are you okay what can I do did it and, I could not stop throwing up. They. Thought I had a concussion and they were like you need to go to the doctor you have to go to the ER and make sure you don't have a concussion and so we went. I don't. Think we need to go I think I'm fine. I think, I was just panicking already. Else uncanny, thought, was. That's. Busy, I got, my ass handed to me my body hurts but, I don't feel like he. Didn't deserve his victory and I don't feel like I, didn't. Try, it was good I knew, that something had changed I, knew, that after that fight I was a different person it, also changed me spiritually, it's okay if you are a. Fighter it's okay if you're not a fighter it's okay if you. Have other ways of surviving, I use comedy, I used. Allies. To, survive as a queer person for, so long you could walk around with his head high. Because he did something that most, men, today do. Not have the balls to do sometimes, you win and sometimes you don't and it doesn't make you less than it doesn't make me weak they both had a great fight they both trained, hard yeah one man was better than the other he took an out but guess what that's life we take else how will I be going back party, man I do. Feel a lot more confident, I do feel like if I need to defend myself I can do this, I recognize. That I'm capable, of doing a lot of things that I never knew, that, I, would be capable of we did this fight for a good cause Alex. Did also did it for a good cause I'm proud of both of them he walked into that ring he, walked in there with his head up high, I hate fall. And you're supposed to get scared you're supposed to be afraid to do things you're, supposed to fail and you're supposed to get up and do it again or do better be the best version of yourself.

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Well the title wasn’t that 2 days ago so it’s obviously because they think that’ll get them more views

Currrrlllllllyyyyyy OMG I'm so proud of you

But Im dead ass crying rn....

i love this video!!

Ughhh this makes me to want to learn to fight because I don’t know how to and if given the circumstances I wouldn’t know what to even do to protect myself

woa. curly i admire you more now. i wanna do this too someday.

Curly this video made me feel so many different emotions. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Curly I’m so proud of you as a boxer you are one defeat or not. Love you ♥️

Two beautiful men. ♥️

These are mostly amazing videos, but Can't the title just be "I Taught my BFF to Fight in 30 Days"? I feel like you're using the Gay label as clickbait.

Love you Curly !!!!! You did Great

Really inspiring video!! I've been doing boxing for four months for self-defense and I feel more confident to go out (my country is a very insecure place). I really admire Curly, only 30 days and he was in a fight...!!!!

Ah, I love Perolike.

Yo this is great but if you're in a fight and you lose that means you definitely need to go back. Otherwise, how will you be strong enough to win if you need to?

YOOOOO we need a new series. CURLY FIGHTS. Next he learns BJJ!


I was so afraid to go to the comments and see a bunch of stuff about how violence isn't the answer blah blah blah. I'm glad people are seeing this as a way to get confidence and to protect yourself. Yay!!!

Curly, you made me cry..stay strong Luv..and beat the snot off a motherlover when they come for you!!!!!  Much Love Baaaaaaaaaby!!!!

Curly you are a beautiful man with a beautiful soul! Adrenaline dropping off can also make you throw up

Curly is sooo sweet!!!

I love this, even though i'll admit I kinda chuckled that they are training w/ the one who trains a homophobic boxer. I love their friendship--it made me realize that's how it should be, not a toned down version of yourself.

I'm so proud of you Curly!! What an inspiration to latino gay men like myself.... and all people for that matter. This video had me feeling so many emotions. I laughed, I cried, and I felt so connected to you. Thank you for sharing this with us! I'm gonna go sign up to a kick boxing class now, I ain't scared no more! If Curly did it, I could too!! ❤

This is adorable

just subscribed! I need to watch the rest of this video later. this is great!

Running at UCLA!!! Go Bruins.

this is the purest friendship i’ve seen

This video was outstanding. Bravissimo guys.

Oh my god i FEEL SO SOORY for his sister :'( that broke my heart. It's true though we get harrassed on a DAILY BASIS. I be having anxiety to leave my house every day too but I know how to defend myself so everytime a nigga tries me I call they bluff and usually they back down.

What were some of the drills that you guys learned?

I’m still so proud of him even though he lost. Keep working hard. WE LOVE YOU CURLY SO MUCH❤️

Yooooo 22:20 too 22:28 is soooo funny!! Crowd went from HURRAAYY to oohhh... L M B O!!

I love this concept. And platonic love in male friendships.

I was afraid to see this video

This makes me want to box.

Gadiel is an amazing person for helping Curly go through this journey and props to Cury for going through this life changing journey!

I have literally had bones broken by my best friends and laugh about it. Get over your whiny feelings and hit each other. You don’t have to hate each other to compete

If gadiel were gay he and curly would make a really cute couple

I'm glad you went through this experience. As a gay man we need to know how to defend ourselves. It is easier to have a gentle spirit when you know you can defend yourself when needed.

12:30 WAIIIIIITTTT Alex is fucking hot. Damn. plot twist Alex and Curly end up together after this

You know I havent watched any videos of curly in a while since buzzfeed fractured all the channels, but he looked like in pretty good shape now even at the beginning of the video. Looks like he's been taking care of himself. He may not want to go back to that gym but he seemed like he gained a lot of confidence going there.

omg... Curly.... I am so crying right now.... really....REALLY love what you do and who you are!

I cried and I love this video! ^_^

15:58 to 16:03 Facts


Curly seems like he would be a great friend!

this is the content we need

I need a Gadiel in my life ❤️

Paused. Because I need that queer fanfic where one boxer dude falls for his opponent, who he never even wanted to fight in the first place but agrees just to be around his “opponent” more. Lol.

I cried so much watching this omg

They did change it!

Curly and Gadiel are my favorite. Best wishes for you both.

"Marry it"

Gadiel and Curly’s brotherhood makes me emotional!!

Aww Gadiel is a good friend. I wish I can have a friend like that.

curly is such a pure soul omg..

This video is amazing, i saw it several times on my feed but because of the context i was kind of refusing to watch it, but im so glad i did, this is so sweet, refreshing, content, thank you Curly and Gadiel

I fucken love you Curly! I had so many emotions watching your journey. Your spirit is amazing and that friendship you and Gadiel have is precious. From 16:00 onward I couldn’t help but laugh at your version of how it all went down. I adore you.

I love Curly's heart. And Gadiel is just the best friend ever. I love this so much!

This was such a good video..

he has heavy hands

I loved seeing curly's growth throughout the course of the video. This was such a good watch. As I often do when i watch boxing i found myself bobbing and weaving throughout the fight .

You guys literally represent love for me you guys make me so proud to be apart of the Latino community. All the messages of awareness peace and love that you are spreading to our community I am so grateful for that. Los quiero muchooooo

this is positive masculinity , boxing is beautiful and violence can be fun

I love Curly so much

Gadiel has done so many workout, body transformation, training, and/or diet videos. I love that he tries so many things!

Arriba Curly! un Abrazo Tio


wait so did he have a concussion or not??

Props for stepping into the ring my boy

Which one is the gay one


its not often to find un latino who accepts the lgbt community, gracias Gadiel ❤️

I love their relationship .. this is everything .

It’s not ok that growing up, Boys are equipped with self defense skills and taught how to fight but women/femmes are told they will be defended by whatever man is closest. It doesn’t equip femme people to defend themselves as individuals in our society against hateful ppl or ppl who are just out for blood

first of Alex is fiiiiiiine! gawd damn! and secondly, I think him and curly would make an adorable couple! ugh my heart!

My advice for Curly: I know you may not want to do this again but you must try. Train yourself. Become stronger. The video was great and you have received this experience but definitely continue growing so you can become stronger.

You both are the sweetest

This is the sweetest video ever. Curly is truly the kindest person put on earth and Gadiel is the most genuine. This two men are going to receive blessings on blessings, I love them both.

and i dont know but the trainer for me looks kind of sexy hehehe

a person who feels uncomfortable with a person gay or lesbian is insecure, i am sorry about your sister...cowards,!! did they catch them? you guys are so nice to each other...

This made me cry, this is such a great video. Curly you’re amazing, don’t stop being you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gadiel and Curly being besties gives me life

This video cleansed my soul, the space I'm in, my energy. I love you Curly and Gadiel

Everybody feels like you felt when you spar with your fellow classmates, it sucks but it makes you better

God bless you Curly. Old demons suck. Fight or not you will overcome those demons! Rock on! Love, rainbows and baby bunnies to u!

How tf did i miss this vid?!!!!!??! I think this was one of the most emotional videos I've seen from Pero Like

I love Gadiel es como un bebe oso

If gadiel was gay he and curly would make a really cute couple

Oh wow! what a great video, I didn't expect it!

Curly was whoopin those girls asses

Te amo mucho curly

They have such big hearts I cannot

Meanwhile, my bestfriend and I are fighting each other on the bed

I've met them before

This video was strong and real

I love them so much. What a beautiful friendship.

This was amazing, like a mini documentary. Congrats, Curly! I would have been so scared, so nervous.

Omg. I couldn’t watch the fight. I was screaming sooo much.

i fucking love gadiel oh my god

What a faggot

I love this video

Awwwww beautiful loooove gadiel looooove curly muah!

Curly and Gadiel are the best duo

Curly is awesome, I think everyone knows and agrees on that; but this is just another reminder that Gadiel is an amazing dude. Who doesn't need a friend in their life who sees you clearly, accepts who you are without judgement, and only seeks to change you in ways that allow you to better protect/take care of yourself. I'm legit wishing I could move to L.A. and be friends with these two.

Curly I’m so proud of you for having heart and going through this journey. You are an amazing human being! So much love for you!

This video was a journey.

This has been the most purest and love filled video!!!! Great job you too!!!!!

So proud of Curly. He managed to become stronger (physically and mentally) while still staying pure and genuinely sweet. I also love the relationship between these two "brothers" and we need more videos showing non-toxic masculinity and friendship.

I love Curly and gadiels relationship ❤️

I grew up poor! My dad taught us to fight, always know your surroundings. I did the same with my kids

I love you guys.

My brother and I are the opposite we love to fight each other

Que buen video termine toda llorando

..y'all this is beautiful..cried cause the pureness of this is just....amazing. Bless these two souls. I'm an advocate for this type of issues!! I'm sorry about your sister, people are the best and the worst sometimes. Things like this make me sad. Blessings to all yall

Lmao I'm still a potato Curly!

I'm so proud of you curly I grew up in the bario and have always been a mix of a lil fem with a lil masculine cus of where I grew up. I've been jumped, I've faught straight fools that just didn't like me cus I was gay, but Yeah I think everyone should know a bit of self defense. Can't win them all but glad you stood your ground!!!!

Curly grew up in an abusive household?

Awh guys ❤️

best version of yourself

Gadiel is the sweetest ✨ someone cuff this man omg

Sometimes these titles... As if a gay man can't fight is kinda how it comes across.

Adrenaline rushes can make you wanna throw up, totally understandable

Very inspirational. Congrats bro. From one Salvi-American to another, you made us proud. Also, your brother from another mother is true. Don't let this friendship fade.

I think it's beautiful that he literally couldn't take hurting people lightly, but I'm also so proud. Proud of him for doing something hard to bring awareness and also proud that if he is put into an awful circumstance he has tools to defend himself. Even if you never do much as step an ant again these tools have value

Why am I so fucking proud!!

Dam curly sexy af

In my opinion.... you ended up the winner!!!! #growth

Wtf someone actually did that do Gadiel’s sister that’s horrible just because she’s gay

Curly really turned me on in this video lol

"they make you boop gloves" LOVE!!!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say his again... CURLY IS SO FINE, ESPECIALLY WITHOUT HIS GLASSES

Gadiel you are a king. We love a man that is comfortable with their own sexuality and is accepting and loving of other’s too!

Starting a series about Curly learning different martial arts would be amazing. He's such a sweetheart and a joy to watch.

This by far is my favorite episode. U go Curly .

Curly what you have never been in a fight. I'm a Mexican American girl that has gotten in many fights. Probably to many to count. I trained when I was young. My dad would say "if you get my ass kicked , I would get a beating at home". It didn't matter if i fought guys or girls. It's not something I'm proud of but I only fought to defend my brothers , sisters, and friends.


U r a rockstar Curly u did amazing!!! Love this video so much!!

Omg Gadiel love yoouuu❤️ I know this video was about curly but it brings out how amazing of a person you are. There are not that many people left in the world how are so purely loving and will do anything including put themselves in harm's way to stand up for the people you care about and I loved the whole time curly was training or fighting I could hear your voice in the background getting him amped up giving him tips and when he had to step away how supportive you were in those moments that no matter what was going on you were there and supporting him that nothing ever seemed like an inconvenience that most people do now and how you never just apologized when he was upset you ask why he's upset and try to understand where he's at mentally etc honestly I could make this so long but I bet no one will even read it lol

10:38 felt so bad , i almost cried

Awe Curly women do this knew and made that choice and know what could...we love it too and choose this. I want men as partners to know .... They always love me. Boxing/ maa is a sport.

Curly my love..... That how you learn. I'm so sorry

TL;DW: Man realizes his own strength

I feel this. Everyone has the right to feel safe on their own outside their home. People can have your back but it will never be assuring when you're alone. I'm glad Gadiel has so much love and awareness for Curly. The story about his sister was also v.personal and brings about so much awareness for the community. God bless.

So when’s the 2nd match?

So proud for both of u!

their friendship is so sweet. This was a great video

OMG I'm so proud of Curly! And Gadiel tu si eres un buen pana!

This is one of my favorite videos. The relationship between Curly and Gadiel is so sweet and caring. I just really love this so much. You are amazing, Curly.


Gadiel got so much sexier with all that non-toxic masculinity.

this makes me think of me and my straight best friend...☺️ that's some good friendship right there. you dont offend see that portrayed in entertainment with out this idea off the gay guy being into his bff

Made me cry and laugh. This was a great one.

Curly is cool!


Omg I love you so much curly..... I’ve been to the place where you can’t leave the house sometimes..... I get you man..... gadiel you are so sweet and accepting.... love both of you

3:19 dumb! Ask Jesus? Lgbtq is poisoned pill... my friends a man and he gay and i cursed him cause Christian hate lgbtq and he downed and cured form lgbtq to normal . Cause Jesus did not going take lgbtq to heaven, in bible said that a lot. Yea my friends told about that... u hate me! I dont care. I am not too religious, but all of Religion hates lgbtq. Sorry for said that but The fact is Jesus hate lgbtq just like bible said. In my country too religion, justice really curse lgbtq.

I love them both so much.

As a gay man, I totally understand the emotions. I was seriously crying through this whole video. My sympathy comes from a place of fear, old pain, & deep anger. I can understand the mixed emotions Curly was feeling, but also proud to see him see it through.


Curleys voice deepened about 2 octaves lol Ily Curley can we be friends.

esos dos después que pelearon como que se fueron a mangar por ahí

Curly is one gorgeous SOB. And he's so freaking sweet.

cried multiple times watching this skdjdjdj love you curly


7:25 Curly literally went from

Watched this with watery eyes. Idk curly, you’re awesome ! As are you Gadiel

Great job Curly!! You gave your heart in the ring!

God bless u curly this gave me inspiration- love your guys friendship

Gadieeeellllll so sweet. The friendship you two share is amazing

fags you got to love them

He knows how to take a punch, and that's something you can't teach...I sure respect it... he also seems to have decent power...good stuff

You did a good job curly. Perseverance its key

Love u

Curly and Gadiel you guys are the men that people should aspire to be. You guys are stepping up to be better in always and that is frickin' amazing.

Curly is a true gentlemen, and also a total BEAST! I love him, he is a beautiful soul, and he is a winner !

Love this!

curlys looking beautiful af lately. way to take care of yourself curly!! and way to show support for the people you love gadi. love you guys

Bahaha awwwh

This video was so interesting on so many levels. Way to go Curly! I comend you for your courage and perseverance. Also Curly and Gadiel are friendship goals!

This is a TRUE friendship.

Okay but Frankie fine as hell

Cause giiiiiirl, Frankie could get it!!! Shiiit put me in the ring with him. Hit me Frankie, HIT ME HARD lol

This video is amazing !!!

Did he have a minor concussion?

Curly and Gadiel are #BROGOALS if your brother is like one of this two, you my friend are winning in life!

Curly is so handsome and gadiel got so much hotter after this and alex is finnnneee as hell AND this was an amazing video to watch and im so proud of all yall for representing something a lot of people need to know about

15:14 gadiel was like oh shit

Please have Curly try Judo! Judo is a Japanese martial art, it's name means the gentle way. Judo can get very aggressive, but there are no strikes, so I think he would do well. It's more about redirection and using your opponent's momentum and body weight against them.

Great Job Curly! Win or Loose What Matters is You Gave it Youre All! Gadiel Thank You for Being an Ally!

God I hope his sister is ok

Good job Curly! You did it ❤️ I hope you never need this skill, but I'm comforted to know you can protect yourself if ever necessary. I love you two as brothers.

Most heart warming thing ive seen all year! YALL i was not READY

Whenever Curley was talking about how he felt terrible about hitting his bro, I just wanted to tell him that in a boxing gym, when you hit your friend in the ring it's not at all personal. When your in the ring you are a different person. If anything, it makes all my friendships with other boxers stronger. I understand that he has history with violence. All I can say is boxing is violent but it really has to do with respect, friendship and family in the club

Gadiel is so sweet....like, he comes across (sometimes) as a kind of a stereotypical macho dude - I'm sure he's not though - but he's a really good friend

I want to see him fight more ! This video was awesome

So proud of you curly !

Good for you Curly. Glad you are ok.

Was I the only one who thought it was going to be a love story in the end? I was totally shipping Alex and Curly❤️❤️❤️

Gardiel your asume friend .

I love this friendship

this is such a good video. this video could be so influential.

Not gonna lie. When Curly started getting some good rights in I soared! Curly can be a gentle soul all day and a bad ass when he needs to be. Please keep practicing Curly!

Ay Fighting is for men not Bitches

I used to practice boxing and the "pear" bag (idk why I call it like that lol) was my favorite part

I love gadiel about that ❤ I love you curly ❤ this is so beautiful

He should have got into martial arts

I have a gay brother and watching these videos teach me that there is nothing wrong with being his best friend!! He is my older brother and I am tough because of him. He taught me to be tough because life was tough. Now he’s and alcoholic and idk how to help him like he helped me!!???

jorge as a former alcoholic i can tell you that it provides a solid escape from reality. I know its hard to take time off to take care of family because you most likely have competing priorities. if you have the opportunity , take a few months off , because you'll be saving a life. I was saved at the age of 22 . since then i made it a mission to take a year off every 4 years to help others. everyone has a function in life . save a life, god will thank you because he knows you love your brother.

That’s TRUE Friendship/Family ♥️ it!!

Yay curly !! Thank you for representing Salvadorans in a good light

I want to learn how to fight so bad. I feel unsafe every time I leave my house...

I love you Curly and Gadiel

I love these two. Pure love for each other and genuine people. I watch pero like almost every day and It’s starting to be part of a good mind set ☺️

Gadiel: this is the time you have to be aggressive Curly: * hugs Alex * Lmao that’s as aggressive he can get skskks

Curly looks really fit these days. Good on him

I really, really love you Curly. I know you will survive, you have much more tools to use then only aggression.


Okay. You got me at Manny Pacquaio's trainer

Proud of you, Colocho! You should try Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I practice boxing and jiu-jitsu, and jiu-jitsu is a gentler martial art that is great for self-defense!

That other fighter is hot. Alex.

Ima make you eat lightning & crap thunda.

You know, for someone like Curly who doesn't have much experience fighting, I applaud him for what he's done in the short amount of time he trained to fight. When he said he didn't want to give up while the ref was stopping him from fighting, you know what I thought? That is the true spirit of a fighter, be it physical or mental, because no matter how hard life is, you get back up and keep moving forward. All the blood, sweat, and tears he had gone through while training gave him the strength to carry on and for that, I applaud him. Kudos to you, Curly! Despite the loss from fighting Alex, you're a winner at heart.

Monochromatic curly looks good.

Curry is a pure soul, I love that he know that he’s not fighter but he is because he kept fight and training, he didn’t give up not one bit. He pushed himself to do what he doesn’t feel comfortable with. I love that Curly, your a strong amazing person!!!

Not for nothing but the way Gadiel held Curly down that's a real one! When you find friends and people like that in your life you know it's real. That's when you have to value them!

I love ya'll you guys are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!

“ohhh that non-toxic masculinity” -purple haired cat lady liberal living in her step-dads house with her mother

OK CURLY I see you with the RnR shirt!


Keep training and put that work in

The thing is curly is too emotional, he needs to be tougher, he needs to man up

Dumb internet always pushing the gay agenda

He said curly is like "Hi wanna get tea?" I CAN'T! lololollollll

They both so cute

I did not expect that outcome

Good fucking shit curly!! You did great! I know lots of people that wouldn’t go in there

This is interesting growing up my cousins and I would “box” all the time and would not hate each other... just laugh

Get it curly!

Curly plz...where did you get your white shirt your wearing in the interview segment

I am so proud of him!!!

If u have siblings u go AT IT HARD idk what feeling they were talking abt I been throwing hands since I was 3

Pathetic as a human could be.

Couldn’t beat a girl that weighs way less and he cried after and said he was triggered. This is what is wrong with America. Glad he won’t be passing those genes on.

He is such a weak human

El Salvador en la CASA

Curly is my favorite Buzzfeed potato!

@Charli’s Channel no theyre just women who are toxic

Tobias Hillier-milton she must be from CA or NY where she hasn’t met a real man.

Is there toxic femininity?

"non toxic masculnity" this shit made me cringe so hard. all masculinity is non toxic its just some arseholes who are toxic as people not because of their masculinity. get outta here with that bollox



Ha gayyyy. Imagines these men having a discussion.

Shhiiiiit you know how many fist fights I've gotten in with family members? TOO MANY!

I know Curly is gay and I am, literally, the gayest straight girl I know, but I have a crush on Curly.

Mad respect for Curly

Not gonna lie these boys were throwing hands toward the end

Curly got a strong mf chin for sure. He's got mean hooks as well.

I am not a supporter of homosexuality or LGBT, however, I am proud of you bro and encourage you to keep training. God bless and be with you in your day to day life.

9:48 but those calves tho

curly isnt gonna be able to defend himself....NOPE.

This is absolutely brilliant and the most heartwarming video I've watched! What an eye opener and Curly you didn't win the fight but your warm heart wins our hearts and we stand with you.

Man, this shit gay as hell

I’m just pissed off that they had to put gay in the title

men atracted to woman beacuase the woman beutifull woman atracted to man because the man handsome man atrcacted to man because the man is ...? answer it. A.Crazy B.Mental Dissorder C.Pretty D.Handsome E.Beutifull F.Hot

Curly looks so good wtf!!!

Damn I know girls tougher then him


I always wondered what bff meant (best fucking friend)?

My heart

queers cant fight for shit

i like this content bc it didnt high light the LGBTq community as much as the story... the "super gay" stuff is off putting sometimes this was cool tho

I am disappointed to see Curly is going to stop training. There is no reason to be bummed out about the loss. It was a first fight!

Thank you so much for sharing that. I have always wondered what learning to fight would be like from the perspective of a "fem gay man". That was highly insightful and enlightening. I hope you continue to spar, to build upon your empowerment! BRAVO!!! P.S. Big props to the ring girl!

Another Bullshit propaganda video.

"they make you boop gloves" - I died.

Bro, Curly, you kicked ass out there in the ring. I’d love to see more of you boxing but if you never do it again, I’m glad this was a positive experience! Some queer kid out there is going to see this and you’re going to change their life. I believe it.

Be gay but don’t act like a bitch

He was mixing her shit

uhh isnt manny pacquiao super against lgbt?

i think he needs jiu jitsu :)

If someone doesn't know that Curly is gay, he still looks like someone that can f you up. Like for real, he has that badass look already. (pluse his tattoo) Now he's close to being the legit badass.

i mean i dont support the gay thing but ehii do u fam,

Curly looks like a sims character

The homie Curly never gave up. Respect

1:43 "you gonna act like a man, you're gonna get treated like one" I feel like that's a butchered story.


I love you guys both !! God bless yalls beautiful heart !!!

Nobody will challenge him..... If i win, i beat up a gay guy and or get charged with a hate crime. If i lose....let's just say there's no winning either way. Not that i would attack anyone based on where they put their dick. I could careless

Calm down with that quernis

No curly’s were harmed during the making of this video

No curly’s were harmed during this video

Curly should keep going

I wanna throw hands w that gay dude.

Classic bait titles. We don't need to know he's gay, nor should be care. I get this is all for fun; and I get gay people won't be offended, but it keeps prejudice and stereotypes alive.

I love the brother bond! I wish I had a brother like that!

why do you have to include his sexuality?

Curly: being such a beautiful caring person towards his opponent Gadiel: WHAT ARE YOU DOING MENGGGGG

Sometimes i wish they did longer than 30 days to give them more time to get there. I feel like another 30 days would have made a huge difference in his output.

Im so proud of gadiel for being there for curly and for curly for stepping out of his comfort zone and he’s a better person because you know how to kick ass but have the biggest heart in the world

«i never tought i would be able to punch a punchingbag»

This is called Masculinity, nothing toxic about it only makes you stronger/better.

it takes very little trauma to cause a minor nose bleed, ive seen one after a moderately hard slap to the nose.

Why does the headline say 'gay friend'? Do you think people who are gay are automatically bad at fighting? I am gay and have beaten up loads of so called tough guys in the army.

He would have enjoyed BJJ so much more

"If you are a man, i will treat you like a man" Props to the man that said that.god only gave adam and eve. not adam and steve

Curly is like a dog that wants to be friendly with everyone

Everyone should learn how to handle themselves. That being said Curly and his friend do not know how to coordinate their body in an athletic way. Jiu jitsu or a sport that minimizes injury would have been a better choice.


A Im happy to see this men defend his self , a im proud you thit well . Go forwards en never look back

Conversation with jesus when you're gay.... haha?

The trainer is like fuuuuuuck ima woop your ass legally haha

fuck white people

"I kinda liked punching" you mean doing things like a man and not acting like a girl was liked by this guy! Yeah it's called getting in touch with your Masculinity, which you've been rejecting. Glad "Toxic" Masculinity won.

Gadiel is the prime example of a gentleman, he is brave and caring at the same time.

I love you, Curly!

no, you didn't. you failed to teach him how to fight lol he's got heart tho

So soy boys can't fight, fair enough

Could still beat cm punk

I give the man props for trying it, it’s better to learn in the ring then in the streets. Not everyone is built for violence and aggression, but people forget that violence sometimes hits them and have no choice. So he has to learn to access that aggression.

Pinche joto!

isnt it eric andre?

Y’all learned boxing for fun I’m learning to survive and keep me outta the streets

Looking at these comments the idea that masculinity is toxic is not accurate. Masculinity isn't toxic but people are. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk.

omg I love them! there such good best friends❤️

Curly is badass

Tbh I don’t like boxing instead I love doing kickboxing because I could do a lot more

I need to see that kim Kardashian boxing video

Fuck Alex.

man curly should just learn wrestling and fucking slam people

It’s interesting seeing someone get emotional about punching someone they love. I’ve been in martial arts since I was 6, I’m 24 and have a 2-1 amateur mma record. I punch, kick, and choke my best friends every day so to me sparing and stuff is bonding, I can see who you really are when we spar, like I can see your soul. So it’s kind of funny see someone get emotional about punching a best friend, because to me that’s what best friends do.

uriel bautista

justin is a gem hes pacmans strength coach

Wait these isn't buzzfeed lol

im not suprised this gay fuck, id murder him in the ring

gays are gay

How can you be Salvadorian and not know how to fight

Brotherly love...helping and giving advice in order to be a better person.Just beautiful

kayaye Yeah cool

No one should have a fight after 30 days he didn’t even teach him what a clinch was. Respect tho

Who came here after the fight with Thurman and Pacquiao?


how do people live to like... what is this guy... 30? and don't know how to run.... literally struggling with running on flat surface....

You have never been in a fight, and you were able to do this in 30 days? One thing you should understand is, you have HEART, and no quitting on you!!! Something that many "tough guys", for sure don't have - and you throwing up, means you gave it your all! You did take an L, but you didn't lose! You either win or your learn, and you learn so many things with this.

Damn I’m proud of Curly too.

lmao why are there these people that after one month fight instead I have trained for 2 years and yet have not seen an amateur ring.


I literally learned the speed bag in my first 3 days when I started boxing

What a video

After watching there channel a few times, I realized they were gay. I'm not surprised.

First of all, is "fighting" necessary ?

The friendships at pero like are so beautiful, they really be havin me in tears. I love me some them

Reall? Nobody is gonna talk about Gadiel looking just like yk osiris? Huh?

Why no one ever told me Kim Kardashian had a boxing match lmfao

Curly you did so well. We're all proud of you. If anything, this made you even more sure about who you are

Wowwwwww!!!! This video had me bawling ... so many emotions!!! I laughed, I cried, I winced ... I covered my eyes ... i screamed ... oh my gosh!!! Curly: I'm sorry you have to experience the ignorance of people out there who aren't happy enough within themselves to live and let live, and so feel they have the right to harm others because of their ignorant beliefs. Continue to do you, Curly ... ALL day long! I hope and pray the only physical fighting you have to do is in a controlled ring! Curly, Gadiel I LOVE you guys. It warms my heart soooo much to see the love you guys have for one another ... Curly I always feel so protective of you when I watch Pero Like videos... you bring out so many 'awwws' in me ... so funny too

I'm so proud of you curly

I LOVE YOU Curly. You remind me of my work son Chris. He's witty, good hearted, handsome, funny and smart just like you. Keep up the great work my friend.

Damn that was intense Curly... and after only 30 days!? good job!

Fighting is such an amazing sport. Fighters are some of the most humble and nice people you can meet man. Don’t worry about hurting people there, that’s the name of the game. It’s fun and it’s almost brings us back to our primal roots as humans. It’s an amazing thing

This video fucked me up to watch

"im not trying to get slapped in the face,do you see how pretty this face is"? that had me dying

She fought Kim Kardashian

*Yo y’all got me crying I don’t for anything and I felt this on so many levels*

Curly you are an amazing being! Never doubt who you are. Also I would watch a series of these with all the “fight styles”

12:43 Gadiel looks like me when I'm setting me friends up

Seeing Curly cry breaks my heart. And the reason why he has to learn how to fight breaks my heart

Curly is just so sweet, I kinda want to be like him.

I feel the same way about hitting a friend. I got in an argument with my friend and one thing he said pissed me off. Next thing you know i threw a punch and he dropped. The next week i didnt talk because i knocked one of my closest friends out.

All you asshole's saying 'They're going to hell', FUCK YOU

This is so beautiful...Qué Dios me los Bendiga... From the bottom of my heart ❤

I have the same Selena shirt as Maya

What a sweet friend I really needed friends like this when I was younger

LMFAOOO “Salvadorian Prince”

This sweet gentleman NEEDING to know how to protect himself is so sad to me but I'm at the same time loving their friendship

Curly is fuckin wild boy lmao

Bro I have a gay friend and he got jumped by these 2 dudes and then I went to them and beat they ass like if like legit full anger I broke someone jaw and I broke the other guys nose If you fuck with my, I'll legit fuck you up


I love this one it brought me into tears love curly

I wanna see gadiel box too


I admire you Curly

Bruh i cried

ugh i LOVE curly. You are everything.

This is amazing and so absolutely expiring!

Random but Curly has beautiful hands

I love Curly he's soo Pure and genuine awwww I just wanna hug him ❤❤❤ You're the true champ


omg Ikr just found out from this video oh well

all i wonder why man like Gadiel is single☺️

I really want Gadiel as my husband I just love that man so much

This video- its so cute

Curly looks good sweaty

I am not crying you are

So proud of Curly!!! You did great papitas fritas!!!

I am sitting here crying at how beautiful and gracious and vicious Curly was. Love you both

When is your next fight?

I love you Curly!!!

You see Gadiel... I knew I loved you for a good reason.

Me encanto el video, ojala yo tuviera un buen amigo que cuide de mi!

Alex from Detroit is hot!!!!!

I was wondering why i kept seeing all the potato comments, then i saw it. I

I'll get em for you Curly! Bastardos.

Go Curly! You are strong! You took a W in life! Heck yeah Curly!!!

Now I love curly even more...

We are all so proud of you Curly for how well you did and we are all so proud of you Gadiel for being such an amazing person and brother to Curly and your beautiful sister ❤️ Thank you for bringing awareness to such an awful still very relevant social issue in our society that effects the LGBTQ community each and every single day!!

Lol he said “I’m out here, I just stopped being a potato a year ago.”

I hope my son is just as sweet and strong as you curly...Great job papa..

Curly is such a pure sole

Where is that guy who beat up gadiels sister?? I got some words for him

The gays are ORGANIZING

Curly is Super Nicee. He's more concerned about Alex than himself lol

This was great to watch. Wonderful souls all around. After a year of training Curly has good form for a non physical person.

Necesito un cibaeño como Gadiel en mi vida

Gadiel is a real one, ride or die

I didn't expect this to be one of my favourite videos. Wow

This coach is honestly trash. He’s not even reminding him to keep his hands up when he’s hitting the padsZ

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