I Stole Nick Pages Telephoto Lens in Banff

I Stole Nick Pages Telephoto Lens in Banff

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Have. You ever wondered, what, landscape, photographers, do to keep themselves amused, whilst, waiting for the light to change. Its. Dare - we've come back to bollock in the hopes of getting some. Help and load some good light but the. Only difference is there's a lot less snow on the trees and there was yesterday which doesn't, have that winter wonderland, feel, about it so we're gonna keep. An eye on the sky and just see if anything happens if it opens up and, then we'll get back out there and have a second, shot at it, well. We waited a while but it never did quite open, up again so we decided to hit the highway and head, further north to see what we could find. Well. Hello. So. We were just driving through here on Saskatchewan, River crossing, and then, the sky lit up and then we know it's this beautiful bit of very. Reflective, ice here on the river on the Saskatchewan River we just have to stop so, we're gonna get down and do a bit of bushwhacking, probably up to our knees in snow so. You can get on the ice and shoot towards, the light maybe get some nice mountain, reflections. So. Made it down to the river just, in time, to get a little bit of that alpenglow, that you can see up there and the colour that's hitting those clouds are getting these nice little pink hues, and, a crackle quite happy with this little ice shelf, that you can see in the foreground there but on the, way here I passed, some quite lovely patches, of smooth. Very, reflective, ice so, I'm going to go back upriver see if I can get a composition. There and there's also nice bubbles, and cracks a little, swirls that the wind has made as the ice freezes, so I'm gonna head back up and try and get that as a first, shot of the day not too bad. Well. I'm glad I went back up River just. In time cause the lights getting really beautiful, right now God, just bit of alpenglow, there I'm quite fascinated by this little snowdrift, here because it kind of looks as if the, whole, ice sheet has had snow settle, on it but then the wind that's blasted, through from the I think that's the West and because. There's a rock there embedded in the snow it's kind of created created, this shadow of snow where it's it's been able to keep a hold on the ice which I find quite fascinating, yeah the Alphen glow is really sad to kick off now so this is this is quite beautiful and this is why I love the The Canadian Rockies, so much I mean I hate, faffing, around with, you. Know face masks, and ice cleats, and multiple. Layers and gloves it's such a pain but when, you get out here on the ice and in the snow when you get alpenglow, like this the, mountain has just come alive and everything looks so spectacular it, is a winter, wonderland. Really. Quiet in love with this scene the closer I get to this beautiful. Snowy ice shape from our interesting, it gets and the lower I get the, less of this central, area that you have the, only thing that I kind of struggle with with this shot is that line.

If Trees they're like if it was covered in snow that would be a lot, more beautiful, and a lot more sort of winter wonderland, scene. But it's, still fantastic I have no complaints, but, yeah I'm, gonna adjust. The tripod a little bit get even lower and trying. To feature this a little bit more but what I want to be careful of when I do that is that this little. Shape here doesn't. Outweigh. That, epic mountain, range that you see in the background because then you kind of devoting a little bit too much frame space to. A an, admittedly, beautiful. Object. But. It's all about those peaks. Okay. So now that I've got super low I'm. Very, very close to this now and so and when I have to focus stack, it in order, for this whole image to knit together and that's, going to be quite an easy thing to do because it's, got a lovely deadzone. In the middle you're not going to see the seams where. The foreground shot is knitted. Together on top of the background shot so I'll focus on this icy. Object here and, then I'll also focus, on the mountains, I'm a focus, in the tree line in the middle but, I probably don't need that, with. This lens at f/8 if, I focus on the mountain it's, pretty much sharp until, I get very, close to this icy Rock here so that's why it needs that separate, focus but a very easy stitch, in Photoshop. I don't. Know if you can see these mountains in the distance, there but. That is my favorite kind of light where you get a very. Bright, peak. That's lit up by the the alpenglow by the Morning Sun. Contrasted. With dark slate. Gray almost. Steely. Blue clouds, just behind it you get that lovely contrast, sadly. I smashed. My meta bones adapter the other day so my long lens my long Canon lens will. Not fit on this Sony but I'm. Going to suck up to Nick page and see if you lend me is big telephoto. Well. It's official, Nick page is the nicest, guy, in photography. He was kind enough to lend, me he's very precious. What. Is this. 100. To 400, G. Master, just. For that I'll give it a Polish for him. Both. Ends no, understand. So. Here's the shot that I captured, with Nick's 100.

To 400 telephoto. Lens and as you can see it's, very different, to my usual style, of photography. There's something very empowering. About being able to fill your frame with an amazing, scene that's happening, many miles away it changes, the way that you look at things and that's a way that a new gear purchase, can really enhance, your photography, or at the very least add a new, dimension to your skill set only, problem is now. I've got a buy one oh there's. Uncle, is spotted, me he wants to know what I've been shooting with this long lens I'll, tell him it was crap I guess. I'm good shucks oh I got a shot likes. Always difficult to judge how good your panels gonna be yeah because you can't it's difficult to visualize properly you can't look at the panel on the back of your monitor, for example but, when, I was down there this morning Oh like. Sweeping. Snow. Lines like, curvaceous, snow lines leading through. The scene with the glass River, reflecting, the trees all leading it down and funneling into these mountains and gorgeous, paints, at least soft light, did. You get a good, shot. Okay. Wow, I was terrible and then I went down to where Thomas wasn't I stole this competition, so yeah I got an excellent competition, all right it, was nice it down there cuz it opened up a little bit yeah. There's. Those those, very, very subtle, reflections, they're not in-your-face reflections. You know they don't dominate, the scene they just support, it so, nice yeah you get like if there's, color and the peaks you'll get the color in the reflection but you can't necessarily see, that it's a it's, a reflection of a mountain it's just colored, text you know. I think we got some, pretty juicy light this morning against all odds right I would, say this today, this morning, has been typical. Of, what landscape photographers, experience, which, is it's. Kind of like misery, and ernõ, the lights rubbish, the worthless crap and then, an instant. Turnaround this condition has changed in a split second and everyone's just Scott, gone we're off yeah so I went, from from being at bow lake this morning cold. Gray. And depressed, thinking, god another crap day in the Rockies and then. 20. Minutes later we're here I'm going to be dancing around them a half your stuff you know you know it's like it's like misery. Panic. Joy, yeah, and if you I'll take all that crap if I can get the job, I. Must. Admit winter, light is probably some of the best oh, by. Far I love the pastel. Blue, like. I'm in that peak back there right now oh you, mean this one yeah. The. Blues, but. It's really hard to maintain. That when you. Processing. The images because sometimes people tend, to overdo. It with the blues and yeah it just doesn't it looks too much oh I. Hope you don't mean like this Gavin, was photographing, that mountain for a beautiful, pastel. Painting, Lee like on it because I need more contrast. With. It Oh do you mean like this, no, no not really that's that's actually an abomination, if I ever process. Images like this please, punch, me in the face, well. I'm a I've really, got to say thanks a lot because that was so generous, of you I got some beautiful pictures I couldn't have got that without you it's pretty it's pretty awesome right really well thanks for the loaner okay yeah. Thanks. By. The way if you fancy, coming out and shoot in on location. With me I'm leading, a workshop in the Faroe Islands. We'll. Be shootin, spectacular. Waterfalls, of par off of dramatic. Cliffs into the ocean. Coastal. Seascapes, they're just gonna blow, your mind. Cultural. Historic. Landmarks. Endless. Mountain, vistas. Surreal.

Island, Landscapes. With. Lots and lots of, green. Hope. To see you there okay back to the video oh and like and subscribe if, you would, so. All-in-all it's been an absolutely fantastic there, on the, downside which is kind of a poor Cyprus downside, is now I know that I have, to have this lens I have to buy this lens, but yeah what an absolutely fantastic morning. I'm overjoyed, that we came out here and that these guys came all the way up here with me to come and shoot this it's it's wonderful to share my my years of experience shooting. Here and to show these two other guys who has seen, it for the first time it's, and I'm kind of living vicariously through, them and experiencing. It for the first time like earlier. On Tom was just like whooping, and whistling because, it was so fantastic and, new and fresh to him so, that's that's quite a privilege, to see these guys get super excited about something. That's been a very important, place to me for years I think the moral of the story here is like, I've said before always. Have a plan B and even if you don't actually have a plan at, least have that willingness. And that that, attitude of yeah, I'll, keep going I'll keep trying even in the face of defeat because. Especially, in a place like the Rockies you you can drive half an hour and it's. Completely. Different, whereas, half, an hour before it was a whole person it was sucked in and there was no chance of any good pictures just, keep on trucking and it's difficult, because you do get demoralized when, you've got you your heart and mind set on a particular goal, and then there's just no chance of it you. Get deflated and you feel forget. It I'll go home but, if you just stick with it and follow, it through and, maybe keep traveling, and look around you, might just find something, it was even better than what you first started out with so, this is what you get for leaving. Your bottle of water in the, car overnight in Banff when, it's minus 12 frozen. Solid I'm glad I'm not thirsty. Now. Even though we had a multitude, of world-class, landscape. Photography, locations, to visit during, our very limited, time in the Rockies Adam. And Tom were desperate, to go and check out this hillside full, of ugly charcoal. Sticks so Nick, and I settled, in for a subzero chat, while, patiently. Waiting, for the grumpster, x' to, enjoy their alone. Time so. What is the, very best picture, do. You ever took, it's. Probably a way of shot yeah. Not, one that I like yeah dude. That made me feel so smart because like when, I got one of my portfolio images, is when, I happen, to be doing a vlog and, usually you know how flogs works like you're doing, a vlog and it's almost like jinxing, yourself like you're not gonna get crap, that day but. That day I actually got some, my best stuff yeah, I love, that show that's inspired, me to. Not. Only go and start shooting waves but get, a nice big long lens with which to do it yeah, yeah. And, that's the cool thing about shooting waves is like every shots unique yeah, nobody's, gonna go out and comp, stomp a wave because.

It's Never gonna happen again but what I like about that shot is is the background, there's, there's enough all, the stuff around just, it's not just a wave that's isolated, yeah, there is like where there is all the birds like swarming, the wave and that gives us scale I love the birds in there yeah, it gives you a motion, Photoshop. To everyone. But. Yeah. And, that's. So it's so cool about that stuff is you're you're, in no control over anything, and as, well as a photographer, that's nice, yeah because most time you're sitting there trying to like micromanage. Everything and, it's, cool to just be like fly-on-the-wall just trying to react to what's happening and, then when you get it it's so rewarding, yeah and there's. No guarantee you're gonna get it and when you finally do that's it's, like ah yeah. Sweet so. We're sat here near. Saskatchewan, River crossing we're, in for Gibbs and Heaton, because they wanted to go and take pictures of burnt charcoal. Yeah. I mean I'm. Really, into healthy forests, not, so much dead ones I don't. Know it's kind of cool then it's like contrasting. And stuff but. It. Just looks like more, work than it's worth it looks like an absolute pile of crap, but. You know what's gonna happen do it yeah they're, gonna get an awesome shot I gotta walk out there with an award-winning, shot so. We went to Abraham lake the other day. We. Were all shoot in the classic, ice. Bubbles, cracks. Sunset. Lovely. Clouds the. Stuff that you go to Abraham Lake to shoot and. Gabe's. Is turning his camera around face in the opposite direction or I like, those crappy, trees over there my. Dude. You waste any time this, is where it's at anyhow. I was totally wrong yeah. He's sharing a shot that he got there and it's like awesome, to, true Adam, Gibbs fashion. It's like awesome and unique, and. You. Me and Thomas we're probably going to come away with very similar images, in each other and Adam. Got the one original, shot because he was on the wrong side of the river it was a very juicy, busted. Typical. Typical. Grim. Gibbs. Grumpy. Gamers bloody. Grumpy this. Shot it takes a lot to get that guy excited, like, it he, you, know on his YouTube channel he he, puts a pretty positive spin, on. You. Know that's, him animated. That's. That's. Him with like, a gallon, of coffee. That's. Super, super excited, about life in general but you. Know way I would not want to have a forest, photography. Competition, with Adam Gibbs know he would destroy me but. Now that you've said that that's. Gonna be my new goal forest, photography, you know it always says when you when you go out shoot into something, you'd. Be shooting together in a beeline well. I'm, finished now okay, let's go and. Then you'll show him you shot and I'd be like oh okay I'll, do a bit more shooting, don't to be outdone. He's. Very competitive. But. That's also what makes people good. Usually. I mean, you, can definitely take that too far because you. Know it's not a competition but yeah, it kind of is social. Media makes it a competition unfortunately. Yeah, man. I hate social media it's. Except, for YouTube it's. Its. YouTube social media law yes, it is, media and it is social, mm-hmm. But. It's not like. It's. Not to me YouTube isn't like Instagram. Or Facebook where. Your. Friends and family go there to see what you're up to in life, it's. People who go there specifically, to see what. You create. What, what's your latest creation, you. Know, yeah. Yeah. Whereas, those those people that want to watch your creations. Probably. Don't care that your dog's just had surgery, maybe. They do. That. Yeah, the. Cool part about YouTube, is that like. You're sharing more than just you, know you're sharing an entire story, and people. Try to do that on Instagram, and on Facebook but, nobody actually, reads that crap usually. It's just a bunch of crap, that they're making up just to have something to post with their pretty photo yeah or like, they're you, know they're Sophie, or they're they're, they're, mirror selfie, where they're all they're really doing is showing off their butt yeah but then they try to put some poetry to it make make, it right but, on YouTube, you're actually telling a story or you're actually teaching something yeah, the.

Content Has some value, they. Should do anyway it should but. It's, still social media it's just a different. Breed but. This, is what I love about YouTube is out, of all of those platforms, it's. The only one that pays you to create content you actually get paid I mean it's not huge, it's not much but, whereas Facebook if you want to reach the audience you spent years building, well, you better cough up yeah, what. I like about YouTube, is that when you follow people and especially getting to meet people like this guy and like Thomas and like Adam you. By the time you watch all their videos and you to meet them for the first time you feel like you already know one yeah like you hang out and you're like well it's yeah. It's, just seamless. Because you already know what that person's like you, don't have to have any of that awkward like so. What'd, you do last week because, I mean no way he did last week and. But. That's cool, and but, it's it's, cool when it's mutual, yeah because I don't, maybe, he watches my video and I watch the video but. But. When somebody. Knows a lot about you and you know nothing about them then then that's weird, I like that video you did with the again, with the waves you. Were out there and, you, didn't on, a tripod right you would just handheld, yeah, yeah my best my, best shot I've ever taken was handheld, and shot in auto ISO. Yeah. The exact opposite, of what we do most of the time yep exactly, but. That, was just such a cool morning and what's, crazy about my very favorite, shot is that. My buddy Majeed bad is that again try saying that three times fast. He. Was standing 10 feet to my right and he, got the exact, same shot like within, a millisecond. Of each other we got the same wave same composition. The only way we can tell our shots. Apart are he. Has a couple birds that are overlapped, and I don't Wow, and that's the only way and so I posted, mine first, and then he shared his afterwards. And everybody. Was emailing. Me I got like 50. Emails, saying this guy is like stealing your photo and and, everybody. Just blamed. Him for trying to steal my photo but it was actually his shot, but. It's, crazy now I definitely want to where, was that that. Was at Cape Disappointment. It's the mouth of the Columbia River on. The organ actually, on the Washington Post right and I. Mean people go there to shoot waves a lot but, what they don't do is zoom in on the waves there cuz there's a lighthouse there and that typically people are shooting kind of wide and including, the lighthouse with, the waves at, the base of it and I, shot some of those but my favorite shots were when I actually zoomed in and photograph, just the wave is, that was to me the action. The most interesting. In the most original part yeah was a killer shot and. Was, that so there was in that video that I saw there was a guy with. You who, you, got this also a disagreement, like he didn't like the birds in the shot and you did is that the same guy yeah, that's my dude that's me he was actually he was just being joking. Yeah it's gonna say cuz for me like the birds make it like oh absolutely. Frozen moment in time of action and I've been there probably six. Times the photograph waves that never got conditions, like that because. The hardest thing about shooting, big surf is trying. To get light at the same time as that big surf because when, you get big surf, and big waves typically, it's in conjunction with like, you, know big storms, and rain and, wind and, like clouds but. The, the, clouds broke. Just, just. Soon enough for us to like get, those waves and get some actual backlight so you're, shooting a low is odes and we had all the light we need to phrase the action that's not that's not always the case what, is the most, spectacular. Place, you've. Ever been to oh. That's. Spectacular. That's. Like. The, the place that you when, you came back from that you were just telling everybody you've got to go to this place it blew, my mind like, what, was the well. Okay what was the last place that absolutely, blew you mind and don't say if this place this. Place you. Know. Iceland. Gets bad rap like, it because of the tourism and how heavy the tourism, is people, are kind of starting to be like yeah. Dude. Iceland, is a photo. Photo. A target-rich, environment. Like, there's so much to shoot there and it's so different and whether. It can be so dynamic, there I loved, Iceland I also.

Loved Kawaii, Hawaii. Every, time I go there I try to move there.

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Thanks Tony.

Love the telephoto shot and the best place I’ve been that I tell everyone is the South Island of New Zealand you guys should come down this way

I can In Australia, Queensland and I can drive /tour you around the South Island of NZ been about 9 times also Gavin can I get your email trying to send a thank you email to yourself, Thomas, Nick and Adam grim Gibbs

We should. Are you putting us up?

That long shot is KILLER! God the light was heavenly.

Wow, Nick nailed his killer shot handheld! That again proves technique comes secondary to creativity. Btw, could you please link that video of Nick's here. I'm sure he will appreciate you doing this. Thanks a lot!!

There should be a link to it in the video card above?

Stunning images (as always), great banter (Uncle Grumpy steals the show with his one liners again) and a really inspirational chat with Nick. Best channel on YouTube.

uncle slays me

That’s it Gavin you got to buy that expensive lense.


Looks like you guys had a blast (also sounded like it on Nick's podcast from the pub) the longer I shoot landscapes the more I shoot with my telephoto I dont think ive even pulled my 14-24 out in months.

Since you and nev cartledge came along the humours gone up, your vlogs tickle me and nev had thomas scraping his window for a fiver

I liked the shot that Uncle Grumpy got of the "Matchsticks" :)))

YEAH even i liked that hillside shot he got!

If you can, get the 100-400mm lens, you got some snazzy images with it. The mountains were giving that mystical look to them, stunning. Nick's shot of that wave, that was a clinker of a shot too. Really enjoyed the chat in the car, I'd spend hours chatting to other photographers it's such great chat. I do hope you keep with youtube, Facebook and sometimes Instagram have a lot of negativity, I find anyway. I've learned a lot from all of your episodes and have noticeably improved on composition, bracketing, focus stacking, detail and lighting, even my locals notice this too lol the fact that your out there and sharing your advice and tips and the best of craic is fantastic and free which is very generous of you and it is very much appreciated. Thanks again ☺️

Informal discussions is key to "dress" you youtubers and make it possible to learn the unscripted side of you. It's also very entertaining when paired with a good sense of humor. I like it a lot!

Epic locations and images from you all

Damn, that 100-400 GMaster lens is awesome. Great image Gavin. Sounds like he owed you one after crashing into your car. Enjoyed the BS session too!

Sounds like it time to go shopping for some new gear...

Yeah, Thom and I had a brilliant BS session a couple of days later but the Gopro failed again...

Great images Gavin, and that chat with Nick was really special. Great guy! Been loving this series with my landscape superheroes! It's like X-Men or something!

Thanks Chris... by the way I love the Bubbles avatar

hehehe thanks Chris.

I misread this title as "I Broke Nick Page's Telephoto Lens In Half"! Whew, what a relief.



Nice to see this series continue Gavin!! Your humour really brigs a lot to the videos mate. Glad you love the Homeland so much, winter wonderland in the Rockies is amazing!! Would love to know if you've photographed around Golden, B.C.? That telephoto shot was awesome!

I hope that lens cloth wasn’t the one that Adam lent you.

fototripper based on the video editing that was before that amazing shot, so I’ll say good lens cloth. Now you may have cut the video of you cleaning it afterwards

fototripper nice lens. Wish I could afford that jump to Sony. I’ll have to figure out a transition plan

So does Nick ;)

Ok ... When are you guys going to jointly to a photo camp? .... 'cause I'm down for it. How about some workshops in northern Italy this summer?

+fototripper I'm bugging Thomas about it, too but he's too busy to respond. ah ah ah

Sounds like a plan

I'm pretty sure I'm laughing far too loudly whilst learning things watching your videos. Completely agree on the social media comment, unfortunately or maybe for others, fortunately I tend to stick to IG as I can not be arsed with all the b roll etc but absolute kudos to you guys that put in the effort and it pays off. I'll stick to hiking and taking a few images along the way.

What a perfect ending. Your long shot of the mountain was dripping juiciness!

fo sho +Eric Heath

+fototripper Sop it up with some bread! Portfolio shot?!


Oh god damn it, I subscribed to a lens thief! Fortunately this is my private account and he will not learn about my beloved Fujinon lenses, phew!

Gavin, hope your dog is ok. Really! :). Love the content and creativity.

I don't have a dog but thanks :)

I must tell you that "liking" my comment is a real plus for your site. I subscribe to over 50 sites and no one else is doing that. It makes me think it's actually worth making one. Good job! And I still can't get the long lens image out of my mind. As my friend Tom would say "Stunning"!

Exactamundo Larry ;)

I bag Mr Heaton as Captain Slow!! ;-)


indeed :-)

I really think if u just add the words landscape photography and the country name and the place name where you shoot can really bring more viewers in.. Because people will eventually search those words and they wl come across your channel.. But then i wl keep supporting and best of luck for your future

You are hilarious! Love your videos.

Just the Bugaboos.

Really bad form to show me up with my own lens..... bugger

hahahaha as if!

"if I ever process an image like that, punch me in the face" well you did process and show it looking like that.... So am I allow to punch you? Can I vlog it to get subs? Another enjoyable vlog!!

How many batteries had to be changed and recharged after each sessions?

Brilliant ending!

Nick's fav shot is also my fav shot he's taken and he's taken a lot of killer shots as have you. That wave shot is wicked!

I'm absolutely loving your channel, and watching you all at these stunning locations. My best buddy passed away a little over a year ago, and we had that friendship that you and Nick seem to have. So watching you doing what you love, and having a laugh whilst doing it, helps me remember him and his humour. I hope our paths cross some day. It would be great to meet you all.

Do you guy's also forget to eat when you go out to shoot? I just don't remember food sometimes

only while shooting


4950 dollars for your workshop in the Faroes. Is that in canadian dollars, mate?

British quality chat combined with some photography. Keep up the good work.

Love the content thanks

In Photoshop Alt-Ctl- (*) to add snow to trees. Job done.

Weird, I'm still watching you talking to Nick Page. :D


Another vote. TOP LENS

+abetterangle That would make Adam Gibbs The Stig ...... Bit left field, but I'll go with it.

God no. I'd be bankrupt if it was!

Still watching.... and I am starting to save up for the Faroe Tripp....

07:15 to 07:22 wonderful funny moment! Thanks


Very nice job

Simple question. I do like watching you all. Entertaining. Question is - Were would you all be without your YouTube channels' ? And, could you make a living as photgraphers in the editorial and advertising world ? Hope you reply soonest. Steve Thornton. www.stevethornton.co.uk

The same place we are now. Broke as a joke!

You know how we know you take lot of takes for this video. As the light behind you on top of the mountain just randomly shifts

Notice King Hardcastle is not a sharing his picnic .....woe betide.

I knew what Nick's favourite photo was before he said it. It's a stunning shot.

laughing by myself on my cough... good sign haha

+Fresno1199 +1. Shutter Speed

I LOVE watching you guys together. It's literally my favorite thing I look forward to when I feel bit down on my photography and want to get motivated :) As others said I don't watch TV either. I just watch youtube everyday. I enjoy it far more than instagram and facebook. I may end up just leaving facebook just not sure.

Absolutely amazing photos. What is focus stacking? Is it easy to do?

@fototripper I'm bugging Thomas about it, too but he's too busy to respond. ah ah ah

fo sho @Eric Heath

@fototripper Sop it up with some bread! Portfolio shot?!

@fototripper Thanks!

Such juice @Cass Cas

heheh he may have actually, after the Gopro shat the bed once again@James Howard-White

@fototripper how rude! Segue subtly into it in your next video.

he never asked @James Howard-White

@fototripper he did, excellent photo. Although I don't remember you commenting on your favourite photo.

@Fresno1199 +1. Shutter Speed

@abetterangle That would make Adam Gibbs The Stig ...... Bit left field, but I'll go with it.

@fototripper I will email you for the prices. That shot is one of the best have viewed in a long time. Cpngrats

Great video Gavin. I was really enjoying the conversation - too bad the go-pro died.

Some of the best and entertaining photo videos on the net, bar none. While I can certainly understand why you guys love the Pac/NW and Western Canada, stunning topography. Still, I was wondering if you have ever considered getting out of your comfort zones, focusing on areas of North America that do not have the glorious backdrops of Banff, the Cascades or any place west of the Continental Divide? I am thinking the plains of Saskatchewan, Manitoba or urban Ontario. The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and Virginia spring to mind, Big Bend in Texas or the Appalachian Trail on the US East Coast. Like to see what you guys might pull out of these often overlooked venues. Food for thought...

Good tips there although for me to go somewhere 'flat' it has to have something truly special to offer. I'll look into those.

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