I started a business for my husband, marriage works and women should also provide -Eldah Mukeithi

I started a business for my husband, marriage works and women should also provide  -Eldah Mukeithi

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the problem with ladies is we always want men to give us but why not give also when you get a breakthrough, because we also expect to receive learn to give also once you are blessed and that way both of you will rise together you can't expect a 21 year-old to have enough money to give you all you need ladies must also be understanding and patient with each other especially if you get someone from a humble background we have come from far, when I met her she was having self esteem issues whenever she saw people talking, she would always feel they are backbiting her she hated herself totally most of you have been asking me who is the man behind the camera, so let me allow Edwin Ochieng to come and close the show come on I am putting on a jersey no worries just go you are okay you might become an ambassador for sportpesa I want to encourage the young couples and people who are in marriage I have come to learn most people part ways because of lack of support and understanding of each other both of us were still in school we met in a funny way because we were in the same school we just met in a certain place my dad used to give me pocket money but it was not enough so I decided to look for a side hustle I decided to prepare coffee and sell to guys around that area you used to go round hawking? yes, I had a small flask and I used to prepare mandazi also in the process I met my husband, he used to hang around a squad of 4 guys and they used to speak a lot of English I was a village girl so I couldn't speak fluent English I used to speak Swahili, although I understood English I would meet them almost daily, say hi and ask if they would mind a cup of coffee and they say yes, so I sell each a cup I had noticed my husband already because he was always neat and official so it was love at first sight? yes, I loved him because he was always neat, in suits, a tie and would speak fluent English but he never used to talk much how was he talking? a lot of English there I wonder where it disappeared to I used to feel a little bit intimidated though in as much as I had feelings for him but God works in mysterious ways, one day I was on my way home after hawking coffee he came to tell me later that he used to live with his brother and cousin the cousin had a shop in the same area I used to hawk coffee I met him pushing some goods on a motorbike that he used to sell, he had flour, sugar and all that I am not sure if he had run out of petrol or the tyre had burst I said hi to him and asked if I would help him push the motorbike he said yes and I assisted him after offloading the goods he asked to give me a push which I accepted whole heartedly and we set off, on that day he wasn't talking that deep english like he normally does he asked where I came from and with the kind of conversation we had I felt perhaps he had an interest we even exchanged contacts and as days went by I kept falling in love although he never uttered he loved me I had a boyfriend but I never loved him, he was dark just like me and I wanted someone lighter I also wanted someone serious whom we would start a life together I did not want anyone to waste me when I came to Nairobi I remember there's a day both met at the same sport I used to hawk coffee at this other guy was serious with me but my husband back then had not made his intentions clear so when he saw him he asked who is this, I told him his name is Kim and he was hitting on me he asked me why haven't I told him I have a boyfriend he was really furious, he told me he will meet both of us the following day so that I can chose the one I want i told him fine I woke up prepared coffee as usual, he came and told me how much he loved me and said I should chose him I was really excited deep in me they both came in the evening you mean two guys just brought themselves for you to chose one? yes, at my work place my husband spent the whole day sweet talking me because he was free after classes but the other guy was away working he even helped me carry my flask on that day, he kept sweet talking me and honestly my heart was with him when we met in the evening they asked me to chose and I said I want Kim the other guy left like a gentleman later on Kim told me he wasn't comfortable with where I was living while he was in Dandora he suggested that I look for a house in the same estate as his I did not hesitate in fact I asked him to help me get a house so that I could move I can't remember when exactly we got married, we found ourselves in it I was still in NIBS studying tourism 3 months later I got pregnant and with all the stress that comes with it I told my mum about it she told me dad would be furious and suggested I drop out of school because he would not pay fees for me I said okay I dropped out after that semester ended so my husband said since no more support would be coming from home he would also have to hustle to support me so I suggested that he supplies flour and rice to some eateries that were around that area the cousin informed his mum that I was pregnant so he also had to drop out of school so now we were on our own he was 22 years old and I was 21 it was tough, I was hawking coffee and the little money we used to get is what helped us survive he did not have a stable job yet most guys would take his supplies on credit and take long to pay he decided to drop it because it was a loss one thing I always believe in is if you have something say like a car, you must maintain learn to maintain it from the start at the back of my mind I knew he was my husband so I did not want to give him pressure at that time I said I would rather give him peace of mind today so that we can live long together you were sure this was your husband? sure, the moment I fell pregnant I asked God to guide us through the challenges life went on and at times we would be locked out of the house he did not have a job but he would go out tp look for something to do I would hawk coffee and come home in the evening with what I had collected I have never wanted to wash our dirty linen in public I would strive to buy items in the house and at the end of the month combine our savings and pay rent, if there was no enough money we would be locked out I was 6 months pregnant at the time my husband would hustle the whole day the come to the centre I used to hawk coffee wait for me till evening then we go back home I remember one day we arrived home at 11 pm only to find the door locked, mostly I used to sell coffee till late Dandora Phase 5 and you understand Dandora really well we decided to go back and spend the night at my coffee kiosk on our way we met the police in a Landcruiser and they arrested us we had to spend in a police cell, I cried the whole night there was a place for men and a separate area for the women I remember I cried till morning I was not crying because we had been arrested but just telling God this is not the kind of life he wanted us to live, he had purpose for us it was not that we had committed sin getting married at that age I wanted God to just show us his purpose for us so that we don't quit you loved each other sure, I knew even if we sleep hungry the future was still bright for us in the morning his brother came, when the OCS saw me he asked madam id you spend here? I said yes he asked why I told him I was accused of prostitution I can't remember what my husband was accused of he was shocked how possible it was for me and my husband to engage in prostitution I told him we had been locked out so while on our way to get a place to sleep we met the police who arrested us he released me because of my condition but my husband had to pay a fine of KSh 1,000 we left the station and remember the house rent had not yet been paid we used to hawk coffee but nowhere to go to when night falls, but I thank my husband because he never left me he would call his friend and explain to him what we were going through and we would both go to his house the friend was living in a very tiny house which could only accommodate a 3*6 bed and a stove we would spend on that bed the 3 of us, remember I am not his friends wife but his the friend was not married yet we would stay at his friends house hustle and get money for rent, people used to talk but they never knew what we were going through in some plots the landlords used to throw us out completely but what kept us strong is the fact that we never gave up on each other we were always together and that kept us going strong he suggested if we could start hawking food to see if we can make a living so we would hawk food and coffee we woke up at 4 am prepared food and sold, at around 3 pm I started feeling pain and I was rushed to the hospital I delivered safely but I did not have money for maternity my husband would visit me but he never told me he did not have the money to pay for me to be discharged but I was not in a hurry because I knew what he was going through but he took a loan from his brother and settled my hospital bill but later he had to close shop because of so many debts It was tough we had no otherwise I had to go back to business with a 2 weeks old baby where were you going to? to hawk coffee with a 2 weeks old baby, I would carry the baby in my arms to the kiosk she would sleep just in the same kiosk as I hawk coffee I would go out sell maybe one flask then come back to suckle the kid but God is faithful my child never caught flu to the time she started teething I would leave the baby in the kiosk to go out hawk coffee in order for us to get some money because the parents were disappointed with us we raised our child with a lot of challenges but the best part the dad was always present he was always hustling for us one day I told myself we cannot continue like this, I remember one time a tout asked me where we normally take the baby at 4 am i told him to work and he was really shocked because the baby was still very young he was really sympathetic, he asked us to give him our contacts so that in the morning they would be dropping us at work God uses so many ways to help out His children the driver used to call us every morning to rush to the stage so that they would give us a lift at 4 am? yes at 4 am and we had a kid they never used to charge us anything but if we used other matatus no one would understand our situation they would ask us to pay at least once in while if we had anything you can imagine being transported on credit everyday and the way we despise them we have good people out here, carrying of credit daily, they carried us for 5 months without us paying even a single cent we would appreciate them at least once in a while, we used to sit at the front with the driver in most cases we did not have money I decided to join a chama with the little I had knowing that some day it would be of help one day as I was selling coffee I bumped into a man, a stranger, Mr Muturi wherever you are may God bless you I was just singing he stopped me he asked me my name and I told him I am Mukeithi he told me you have a nice voice why are you selling coffee I told him I have no money for the studio he asked if at all he offers to support me financially will I record a song I told him I can't refuse the offer because I had written so many songs only that I did not have money for the studio he told me to get ready he would give me money he gave me KSh 7,000 cash for the studio a total stranger, I had never met him before he just gave me money and I went to the studio where I recorded a song called Nakupenda i did the song because it was through God that I had come that far back then after the song was released I begun receiving calls from people asking for help, I was just telling myself if only they knew I was struggling too but I kept praying that God blesses us all I recorded the song and a month later I received my chama money I told my husband that I had received some money and I did not want us to waste it how much was it? KSh 60,000 I gave him the money and told him to start up a business, I have always believed unity is strength you gave all the Chama money to your husband? yes, he told me he wanted to start hawking eggs on wholesale I told him such a business needed a lot of capital maybe he should top up you did not hide even a single cent? no, we were already going through a lot so I needed all of us to go out there and bring something on the table there was no need of keeping the money to myself yet my husband was straining there was no need of me allowing him die of stress yet I was in a position to help the problem with ladies we always want the man to give us why not give also when you get a break through? you want this man to support you when he is in a position, you need to do the same and by so doing you will all rise together he took the money, topped it up with some amount and bought a motorbike but misfortunes started following him, he was being arrested every other time, so he would pay fines with all the money he had made in the day the motorbike was operational for a whole year but we never got any profits from it I suggested we go for prayers, we did and we were given anointing oil. I told him we have to anoint that motorbike after that he never go arrested everything was smooth I always say when someone give you money pray for it because you never know where that money is coming from I am not sure even if it was the Chama money but always anoint anything you receive from someone after I released the song I made sure I gave a copy to Mr Muturi so that he doesn't think that I squandered the money he gave me he congratulated me and asked did you just record one track? I said yes, he said the studio was expensive I told him I didn't know of any other studio other than at Vickys he said okay and suggested that I do another song then through it we could hold a fundraiser so that I can get money to shoot a video I worked hard I made sure I sent money to Vicky at least each day for the project he then allowed me to record a song then settle the balance later after recording the songs, the old man started organizing a fundraiser for me, he told me to invite all my friends and relatives I managed to raise some money and I was able to shoot the two tracks Nakupenda and Niongoze I believe that is the time my life changed not because of music but through our daily hustles we would always put on table what each of us made at the end of the day that is how our lives changed, my advice to me is never lose hope on the woman you have there's no perfect person out there, we have disagreed in our marriage so many times but I never thought of walking out, we have gone through life challenges together did you receive comments like what are you doing with this man? people used to ask me that so many times, a friend once told me my husband was using me as a stepping stone to his destiny i told her it's fine before he gets to that destination I will be there already we have so many haters, most marriages are breaking because we open our ears to haters when someone comes to gossip to you about your husband just tell them you are already aware that was the person will not have the courage to gossip again, not everyone is happy when they see you in love when someone comes to gossip to you about your husband just tell them you are already aware and you are okay that way tell that person the situation will change eventually most young couples commit murder over a break up because you wonder why someone would decide to leave you yet you hustled together guys decide the better option is to die together, no walking out guys commit suicide because they can't stand being rejected especially in time of need, they feel unwanted they feel that if they had trusted in you and eventually you walked away who will accept them anyway young couples go through a lot there's no way you would expect a 21 year old would have enough to provide for you anything you need ladies we need to be really understanding unless if someone comes from a well off family, but with the ones from humble backgrounds we must be patient and understanding you never know you might put this person under stress and end up with them, in their 50's you will be there treating high blood pressure with the little money you invested you will stress this person during your early days but end up regretting in the near future maybe they develop a condition that you cannot even handle make this man or woman happy while in your youthful life so that you can enjoy in your old age together hustle together, don't just leave that responsibility to the man alone I was talking to friend of mine recently and she told me Elda, if you want to eat beef and your husband has no money buy it don't ever go out to eat in a hotel then in the evening prepare plain green for your husband just buy it and make your husband happy, once he gets money he will purchase a whole goat for you to enjoy he has concurred with that point I am not preaching but the boy child has a lot of pressure I have been out there and I know how it is a man would leave the house and go out there to hustle but in the evening they come home with nothing and we insult them when they come home that ay but we don't understand he did not manage to get anything some even just sleep at Uhuru Park the boy child is suffering, they go out to look for food for the kids but they don't get anything, it's tough out here but if you as a lady go out too maybe you will be lucky, fights always occur when it's only party that is hustling and fails to get anything when both of you make efforts you will make something together unite in all responsibilities, don't just make it a one mans effort and burden one party trust me you cannot go through hardship together then when you finally make it one partner leaves, unless if that person is not normal I don't think my husband can decided to walk away after all we have been through, hustling with a 2 weeks old child in the cold a friend was telling me recently they are surviving on her money, the husband never bring home anything I told her God has a reason for everything, He knows why that money is not yet able to provide for the family God knows maybe if the money has the money maybe the marriage will be experiencing problems that is why God has decided to give them woman money in order for peace to reign in the house if the man has the cash maybe he would start indulging in women out there, alcohol or other stuffs but the woman will remember there's no fridge in the house, TV set, seats but a man with a lot of money will want to spend it out there on just fun by the way not so many ladies can open businesses for their husbands sure but why not do that when you want the same to be done to you when the man has money too why find it hard to open a business for your man anyway it is my happiness to see my husband happy, when a man has peace of mind he will have a very open mind to think of great things for the future men are so occupied, a married man will always remember the baby has no diapers he will remember the bills, rent, water, electricity and dressing the wife they rarely take care of themselves, they don't remember to buy something for themselves a man who has been through a tough life will always put his family first it is you as a wife to remember to buy that pair of socks for him, most men put on nice suits but with torn socks I used to ask God is there a day i will live in a bedsitter? we could not afford to raise just KSh 1,800 for a house in Dandora, what of a bedsitter but when things started changing my husband asked me to get a bedsitter and he would afford to pay for it and we move in shortly after, we upgraded to a one bedroom I can't believe we once lived in a house made of just iron sheets I can't say we have made it we are not even half way but we thank God for this far because those days we had no hope for the future I have no idea how our parents forgave us and in fact they are promising to visit us I thank my dad he told me when you climb a tree you will find all shapes and sizes of branches but it is up to you to chose the one you want if you chose the bigger one don't complain be contented with it because that was your choice if you want a thin branch have it, the choice is yours what he meant is whatever path you chose to follow in your life, don't complain about it you chose it so make it work how has life changed for you guys? my husband is able to pay rent comfortably, he provides diapers for the baby he does a lot I can' t even count but just try and tell us a few he pays house rent, house girl at times he tells me my hair is bad I should go to the salon, not that I am bragging but God knows and those who know us know just how far we have come especially at my coffee kiosk, I haven't abandoned it and I am about to because that business is the reason we are here today so I will continue doing it I thank God because my husband is not employed but he has a number of small businesses that he owns when a man wakes up in the morning and says he wants to open an mpesa shop, a car wash or a start dealing in scrap metals do you have all that? not all but we thank God we thank God but at least I know God is not yet done with us, I know this story will inspire guys out there I believe we will come back here to testify more that God has done because he is not yet through with us We will testify that indeed marriage works and inspire those who never though so there are people who don't want to hear about marriage because of the things they have gone through but let us not wait to make it like The Wajesus or Bahati and Diana in order to say marriage works we have nothing, we are here by the grace of God but marriage works my people marriage works as long as you love each other, you have God and you support each other, marriage is easy when your husband leave the house, give him your blessings pray for him and wish him well as he leaves the house I have a baby at the moment I can't leave the house but I will not encourage women to stay at home, go out with him, hustle together we have a group called marriage works, if you see the stories women are sharing please ask them to come so that we can talk I want to discuss about marriage works I will talk to them, the boy child is suffering but we have to unite because with that if I win he has won, if he wins we both win I love that but I know someone might be saying this lady talks too much wait until the husband leaves her he can't leave me and if he does I will go with him guys pray for us because the devil doesn't want people to prosper sure, we have guys who don't want to see someone like you who has lot of faith, they say your marriage will end up in tears they have said that about Diana and Bahati but it did not work, so we are not breaking up any time soon may God bless your union God will bless us because he is still faithful so what exactly do you do because I always want my audience to know so that they can support even in prayers you mentioned that you hawk coffee and guys can order you also mentioned you are a musician, where can guys get your song? on all social media platforms to guys can reach you through that? yes what businesses do you engage in that Kenyans can support you or rather where is the car wash situated, we want to bring our vehicles Landmawe, industrial area. Immediately after the railways bridge just opposite railways police station guys can come to the car wash it's at the same place, all our businesses are situated in the same area we are still at the same spot we started it off that is the where we are enriching ourselves from e are still trusting God I always say still to the same place so that when God starts uplifting you other people can witness and feel encouraged so we own an mpesa shop, a car wash, my husband is dealing with scrap metals and also the coffee shop what about your business contacts which one should I give? mine or my husbands? let me just give out any let me give out mine he will speak for himself maybe he can give out his if he is comfortable my number is what of your official mpesa names? now give guys your parting shot guys marriage works, support your partners be it your wife or your husband care for each other no situation is permanent, ladies if you believe truly the man in your life will become your husband I am sure you will not be happy to see him suffer in future I don't think as a husband you will be happy to see your wife die of blood pressure in her 40's or 50's support each other, pray for each other and everything shall be okay I am heading to Youtube to watch your song I know my people will subscribe to your channel I wish you all the best I want to come back to this place in 2 years time to witness a testimony this already is a testimony and you have a beautiful house thank you I wish you the best, thank you for being such a strong and a positive woman I can't imagine hawking coffee with a 2 weeks old baby but you see there was a reason there was a reason Lyn I always tell guys never quit because you never know what is ahead of you you might just give up at the exact place where your blessing is so now we want to talk your babe, welcome him on set I have heard you calling each other babe, sweety, sweets the baby was asking me why I always call her dad sweet, she wants me to call her sweet too she has no idea that is your swee I don't want her to know that, I want it to remain that is her dad you know she will start asking me if she can also have a sweet you call each other swee? the baby was even calling him swee but I started calling him baba so that the baby can get used to it also okay, swee, your turn now My name is Kim, this is my wife have 2 kids all I can say is marriage indeed works, we have come from far when I met her she had self esteem issues but I transformed her whenever she saw people talking she always thought maybe they are gossiping her she hated herself but I transformed her, right now she can confidently start before people, perform she is now okay and strong so both of you have worked to make each other better right yes

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