I Solved The Disappearance Of My Dad's Best Friend

I Solved The Disappearance Of My Dad's Best Friend

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This, story, could go a million different ways but, the thing is that we. Have nothing, people, just some vanish like this do you know anything about him being in prison or anything jail no, no, not at all, one of my biggest fears with this project is that regardless. Of the outcome that my father will be disappointed. You. How. About uh, how. Do you feel about trying, to find your friend after, all this time, well it's. Exciting because I be trying to, see, where how to get, me. Excited. That, they would leave together and see how is, possibility. To to. See where it is. Well. We moved to San Francisco in. 1985. Your, mom and I really love the city that, many people we left our hearts, in. San Francisco I met, Sarah admission odorous, Park finished corporate, boat and we. Start talking you, will notice they sell you, speak French because of my accent and what, did you learn French and we've been talking about example, bombs that's the place in South of France I like it. Was from there as well so so. That's what we, put. Us together. This. Way because it's when a lot of things in common I was, working in the hotel business it's, the traditional. Predictable. And work environment, and people really nice nothing wrong observe, was. Giving. Me a different, side. Of life where life is about having fun that's why left he's working, is it Germany's to becoming a salsa dance, teacher and, go. Around the world and discover the world so nights with, the audience, initially. Have a simple, meal and, certainly the one that one part ago to tell, them rationally conclude music, louder and even Cushi table it will take every on the dance floor and then the restaurant the caffeine will become a nightclub, until you know fall five o'clock in the morning that, was. When. Was the last time you saw sash, it, was soon Bobby, can. Drop me at the airport tomorrow I said why are you going as, we are I need to go leave. Quickly, we, see that it was a live way to Cuba, but they, stopped in Mexico, first and. He didn't want with you papa cause he took that from in front and and then, that's about last. Time I saw him, what's there illegally in the country I know that some talent time he was working Northern, California, to. Work for farm but, you know I don't think he had a work permit authority, to teach salsa. Anthony. Was there a race, for sure his. Parents names were all their issues that is, apparently nice, friends.

Padma. Everything. Is the name of this parents. Are different than him oh. It's. Keep. She. Yeah, you, don't know why he would have changed his last name I don't. Know you know, media. Did you meet any of his family no I. Miss. Her. Well he said he liked what they were still together he just left yeah oh yeah they were dating, they worked together, he. Lives. You. Know Sarah. Really. Had. A mark on me what doing my conscience, so if Santa's who was one of the best part of our lives mrs. was followed this, experience, he must know like I said you cannot, forget, now as, we, age I want to see him and see. How we can be connected and. Spend time together, life is short so there's. People living the life that you want to see, again we, will make extra. Sure to, find them. I'm. Gonna move over and talk to my brother cuz he you, found one of the only light leads that we have about, two years ago my, dad told me the story and I thought was gonna be a simple Google search and pop up but he, was an anomaly movies, almost like he didn't want to be found only lead I got was from a photographer, he, posted. An image from exactly the same time period it was just black and white beautiful, shot over sound sales. Came from example balls I had a while though well-controlled streaking, him love, salsa and Spanish and lived among Brazilians, down Mission way so, this author Lalo Raisa here say ouch ended up in Havana so, he did make his way to Cuba, you're, a contact, form email. Come. Here to see Mellon I. Think. The abrupt, way in which he left San. Francisco, he's, a little bit alarming as well but, I wasn't telling you this but there's some stuff probably should talk to mama by but there's some stuff that he may have done I think there's more to the farm I think. From what I've heard from mom you need to ask ask, her these questions why, would mom tell me about Papa you know about why he thinks - you think the best people all the time I think there may be more to it. Even. Though he, most likely is it on Facebook. Or social media it doesn't hurt to check. Absolutely. It's a very common, name. Hey. Honestly. Just grass people I have what I can so, far this, doesn't with manage pretty much no digital trace they're just making it hard so I think the best steps moving forward are gonna be to try and find people that know, him or knew him and, maybe then they can lead me to. Him. Respondent sorry. To disappoint but I have not heard of word since I heard from him being cubed sometime in the early 90s I received, a postcard from him from Havana said, he was involved with a theater group dance, etc but, nothing else but. The Colombian woman named Jenny in San Francisco, is, separated when he got busted, sometime.

Around 1988. Project, what do you mean you got busted. Was. It a good time yes, but he also uses a word who's, on the lab - when means, that he was running away from something so your thing was just like the immigration team no because if, it's immigration I'm sure you didn't have the paperwork is staying in the United States but even if that was the case after, he left the country I would have been done with but the fact that you want a lamb and then he's been so my, communicative, means, that this means there was more at this story I'm, sure there is a. Monkey. Hear me yes. I can hear you I just want to know a little bit more about selves pop I mentioned that he, worked on a farm was this a pot farm that he worked on he was working. Where. They were growing marijuana. Illegally. Yes. That. That. Could be a reason for him leaving obviously, you, don't like oh. I. Don't know members. I think that they were raided. Maybe once to. Clarify he was raided because. Of just being a being there illegally I have, anything yet. Well. What, Jenny she was also there illegally. O-positive, the thing is that cannot open a bank right, so. He has to have cash and I think he buried it. He. Just buried money like, a treasure. Papa. Never mentioned anything about but you didn't mention anything about the the pot farm. This. Story could go a, million. Different ways but, the thing is that we. Have nothing. Nothing. So. I had asked Lalo if you had any more make sure you give me as far as search goes I have not a clue of whatever happened, after his disappearance and jumping, bail in 1988. And 89. Jumping. Bail that's, that's a big, and. That obviously means that he, was hounded. By authorities, for something. This. Was always gonna be an, uphill battle all the leads we've had come, to a standstill especially, with now all those saying that wasn't, that close with him with. Every little thing we learned more it's just seems like this this whole process, gets, harder, and. The mystery surrounding salish gets a little deeper. I. Think. By, the end of me cataloging, all these different instructors and schools I'd probably be sending out probably, around 50. To 70 emails tonight. And. I'm just hoping that one of these people know something know someone I was, wearing some babe just a big waste of time. If. Any of you out there either live in or have direct connections that can help me in either Havana, Cuba, or nice in the South of France please. Let, me, know, I. Have a call right now with padeen busyness she's a French journalist, who responded, to my Instagram story that I posted a couple days ago asking for people in Nice or Havana to help out with a search it. Sounds like it, was a very secretive person like maybe would. Need to do a bit more digging in, his background baby. My father said they never talk about his family and he, never like it never reached out to your father I never gave any reason, like it was just dead silence, for like yeah, that's. What's weird to me too because, even the photographer, got a postcard I don't know. People. Just don't vanish like this like did, we'll. Find something I'm sure. Can. You see me. Unfortunately. Nothing big yet. You. Know so, he was definitely in Havana in the early 90s Oh. Lalo. Said like one the last time I saw him was after he he, jumped bail do. You know anything about him. Being in prison. Or anything jail. No. No, no, no. Not at all I mean I don't I mean you never mentioned, that to me so that's new unfortunately. There's not much else that I was able to find pop I'm sorry. You. Don't have to be sorry thank you for trying baby thank you very much. Here. Is his, first big one measured with this bad. As. Much as my father paints, out as this person, that lights up a room and that brings people together, so. Does my father. When, you see him with his family and friends you. Can tell how, much people, love him. And. Then one of my biggest fears about this project is that regardless, of the outcome that, you, know I'll just that. My father will be disappointed, you, know and, he'll never say that he's disappointed because. He's. Just too good of a person to. Do that but. I think that's even more of a reasonable high I kind, of want. To give this to him. We. Found something we, decided to go back to just using search engines looking for sale charm all we started using alternate, search engines like duck taco in case they were indexing, search results better than, Google work and I. Guess we found something that we had missed maybe on Google it's, a website for an Aikido School in France it said that at some point at the end of the 80s they were able to organize some sort of like session or class, I guess with, a dancer, and choreographer so, our, mall but the more interesting part is is this it, says that he sounds disappeared, tragically, under mysterious circumstances in.

2006. In Cuba, this. Articles written by someone named Jean Mattoon I managed to find his phone number so I. Mean. We. Just give him a call. Bonjour. Excuse. You say Monsieur, to, dr., King I have. Aa doctor tune she told me about her optic issue, of aliquot and she I keyed oh she, was a belt buckle on. Your kind of shell shape when I need them on purpose I pass ceremony, on say Pass Cecil, mm cells are more. This. Is like that well he'd make he's dissing healing that I'm wondering once were. Either, a dead end or there's just more questions than there are answers which, is kind of just how this entire investigation has been. Nice. Not I, have. You most from what's a high V most from blanking. I got a double email from this guy he says the friend that introduced him to sale knew, him in San Francisco, with, his sister in the 80s so. It's the same cell. Basically. He's saying that she was, married to a learning bobbed eventhough, I don't know if this sister is Sara's, or if it's the sister of his friend and then on top that he says the friend that reduced me is named George Feeny he gives me the phone number of George this, is what's interesting here he says it's George who told me about the brutal disappearance, in Cuba that was apparently, an assassination. Yeah. Yeah. Just. After, me and I'm a little shocked about the way he said that rule assassination, that's what scares me too I mean an assassination, is much more than just a disappearance, I mean it could there's some sort of grants for them to think that it was an assassination my. Heart sank literally went to San Francisco and then. It's not cute anymore when, I read that the, brutal disappearance, because when you use words that grill disappearance, for an apparent assassination, it's just like. Let's. Have what happened to, me. I. Was. Gonna be crushed. Yeah. We. Were on the front for like an hour he's, got a lot to say he, was very emotional when, when he called me. George. Told. Me Sept 1st journalist in Paris in no. More than even a stroll he was very involved with questionable, people from questionable, organizations, far-left movements. Very like, how could I say this you need a minute on Chris mu as they go. To Google me more very extremist, like an extremist, proof very.

Extremist, Very very so. He had like a huge network, of people he, used to hang out with very fashionable people very des Vosges people always taking risks at. This time unison inches 80s he would always go to the Netherlands, Latin. America, and he would always come back with a lot of cash another breach and you would never tell where he would be like but it done it was like I really felt I was in a movie when he, told, me all that and I was like wow. Okay this is just another level it's, just crazy how many stories. They, have on this guy and no, one knows what happened to him. Pauline. Sent me some emails last night and she found something interesting on my heritage calm which says that slouched might have died of suicide. And. We didn't think about looking at my heritage calm, because he's not American that, was a big lapse on my part, imagine, what dr. Jim told us about him disappearing in Cuba under mysterious circumstances or. Being killed there if, it's kind of mysterious circumstances, a suicide, is something that the police could rule it as he. Has a sister with the last-named eventhough, listed, on his profile, and if you look at my emails with dr. doom he says here the friend who introduced me to Sam's new home in San Francisco, with his sister in the 80s, she married a lawyer with the last-named, eventhough, oh. Wow. I think his sister passed away too in. San Francisco. She. Died in, 1993. She wasn't making that sound to that. There's. A relative listed on the page, I think, she's don't want to create its algae's entry if. We didn't touch her there that'd be incredible. We. Don't know about but yet I think which, I get as much information as it can I'll try to reach out to to. Elizabeth. Relative. Hi. Is this mr. vataj really. Hi. Sorry, to bother you I'm actually trying to help my, father, learn. More about one of his best friends, who disappeared, 30 years ago who's actually related, to you his name is Sal Jamal. We. Were told it was a potentially, a murder I mean how much do you know if his what happened in Cuba. My. Father had no idea that he was living there with a sister no. Because. He was about to be arrested for drug, distribution, apparently. Feeling. Loved survived, he. Went out and then eventually, Cuba. And. Living. There, dancing. But, he never really. Seen, he married, a Cuban woman oh wow. Five. Jumping, out about buildings the, only way we know that. That's. Very, sorry for my posits, that's that's just I didn't know that information would you be, at all willing at some point to actually speak, to my father just to share this information I, think hearing it from you would mean a lot to him.

Of. Course I appreciate that. Lila. Cause reason why he jumped. Bail, the. Reason was that he was busted, for selling marijuana he, was living at the time with a woman in the pictures, Jenny it, was said she turned, him in not. Corroborated by anyone and, the apparent reason was that Sarah had. A terrible habit of a spousal, abuse. It, seems like now I'm not only battling this question of how did he actually died was it a suicide wasn't, murdered but now on top of that he, was abusive, I. Don't. Know if I should stop the project I don't know if I really don't know if I should stop the project at this point love's. Email says that his own girlfriend hated, sales because she was the recipient of all the stories of abuse that she, had been told by his girlfriend's, at the time, so that's multiple, people I. Mean. Yeah I mean at this point I, mean, I did of course I mean at this point it's I'm at him if he was abusive or not it's a matter of like how do I tell the story with. The knowledge that he is abusive. Or. With stop telling the story maybe. It's important. Fuck. Yeah, that shifted no Wendy we need to say that supposed to lose my heart is what this my. Head spinning long enough I'm sorry. The. Hell was another shocker to me because I destroyed my perception, completely. About. Who he was as a person okay fucking, you stole you stole marijuana okay, whatever. But then but then abuse. Is another thing goose is like. Continued. I mean. Like. A buzz painted you paint this beautiful picture of this man he'll be fuckin, devastated. I mean I'm. Worried. We're. Trying to get a hold of sales as nice to get the final bits of detail senator's. Cousin seems to believe it was a suicide you also mean that he told, dr. tomb and they posted that it was actually a potential assassination, Adam, always commits suicide that's one I could believe someone. Being thrown off a building could be misconstrued as suicide -. It's. So specific. But someone could also push you off a building. Of. Course how. Much do we tell Papa it's, the question or do we tell him all I mean would, he want to know everything you know. The. Photographer, told me that potentially, the person that turns south into the police was actually, his then-girlfriend and. He mentioned that it might have been because sales had a habit of abuse. It. Really, doesn't surprise me you know their their father I don't I don't know that their father was physically, abusive because, he wasn't really around but, he was certainly an emotionally, abusive person, a very, emotionally, abusive person so. But. I'm I'm not surprised to hear that but I never heard that myself, you know their father was. A really, complicated guy on their birth certificate, is not. Their, biological, father's name my, grandfather, and so.

I Was retained. A very. Romanticized. Hero. Picture, of his father and later in life when my grandfather got very old that was said, to my grandfather I want to come home and, what I want to take care of you and my, grandfather, said no I don't want you to come home and take care of me I can take care of myself and, he basically rejected. Sascha's reaching, out to be with him and I think this hurt so profoundly. And I think that you know that was longed to have this connection. With his father that, I don't think he ever had and I think it really impacted, him deeply. The. Strongest, memory, I have, is of the. Last time that my, mom and sash saw each other and it was probably, right before your dad, drove him to the airport my mom was very sick, at this point and he called my mom to bail him out of jail I think. My father of Asli I was kind of like this kid who never grew up and was always meeting, other people to take care of him, and so here my mother was dying of cancer and he's calling to have her bail, him out of jail which she, did and then he came to say goodbye I just, remember, after, he left how. Sad, she looked, she, knew it was the last time she was ever gonna see him because, she. Knew he was breaking, the law by leaving, and when be able to come back into the country and she also knew, that she. Was really sick. After. My mom died we never heard. A peep, from him. Because, it would have just been a reminder, of all that he lost and, then. I learned about his suicide and, then. Sometime after that I was contacted, by his, widow remember, she went to share with me about herself and, her life with souch and how much he'd meant to her, I, don't. Know that, there was a note or anything like that I know that it, was a hotel. Dilemma. Could certainly, give you that information if, she felt open, to that some, people, suspected. That she might have been sick some, people suspected, that maybe he had debt you know there were all kinds of like suspicions. Of what it was but you know I I, actually did see him one. Last, time than, France about a year before he died I got the sense when I met. Him and talked. To him that. He was a deeply, unhappy person, yet, there was this other, vivillon, that was there but that it was masking, a very, very, profound. Loneliness. And, unhappiness, he had charisma and like some of that were born with and some of that we I think build, up in order to defend, ourselves from, the sad feelings, that we can have. You. May only know of his, death but. The 30 could, even be involved, in my beauties, obviously, terrible. And egg no settable, and. It's frustrating because I wish, I could just call again, the truth from him is, how quickly because you know. You. Have some flashback, math and then there are people. Moments. Along with that machs make. Your own marks in your life and then circle, these. People and now. I feel like I, don't even know who he was.

Well. I guess when I'm worried about as far as my father is is that, through uncovering, all this, I've distorted. All these positive beautiful. Memories he had not just have sales but specifically. Their friendship, the, impact, sales I had on him and this time in his, life which I think he views as some of the best years of his life and, I'm. Just scared that this truth that I've unearthed. Has. Tainted. It. What. Would you do what would you do if you were to see him again in person. Oh it hurts, long a. Long, time I'm, showing the, blue ball whines and, then, so, busy can work in the desk took two of us even if there's nobody around us, are dancing, and so put. Us from something I'm busy because some Brazilian. And we'll do the, dance around the room that's. What we'll do. You. You. Hi. Pauline, this is my father, it is Simone, hi. Sweetie. Bozo. Bozo. Bozo. Mr., científico. So non-emotional. Ask, a search, medicine, emotionally, for Microsoft's. Hearing. Pretty tough for my co but, Donna pestle, dis same or medicinal, tonic comment, at your back wanna be empty 3d Appleby. Hello. Sarah's of tamuca Choza, traversée. La vie particular, parameter, uncertainty Kingu, Argentine. Dissipate, revealing. More about s-curl, Yaya. Said. Fastened, of while explicit, auto shows so. Unity Bozzio, clear, purple, associate. Applicable. When. I see. That Abdullah busy potato shizuha. Aki, meku. Karate special master. Shabazz fukiko power from the leak detected. Agreement server second, candle crystal detail, Caribous, wanted, $32. To choose to move quickly to, the problem the study yeah, you see the cow the donkey tail $0. Dollar fee Casino. Resort. Phuket, passes, Adam, went Olivia heavy. Element, in the pub to see OCC. Yesterday Moshe Papa seat. Anime mythology. Yeah there no more mor, sorry ma incroyable, to. Skip evil. She. Purposely. Honestly. I don't think anybody really knew who sells was except for himself and I think that's. The tale of life in generals like how well do you know someone I want do you actually know someone what they're putting on I think. That's one thing he was struggling, with as a person some people Club the happiness it's without sadness. I'm. Knowing. Everything now that you know are you glad that you know this information. Yes, I'm glad to know because I rather Moodle choose. But. It's difficult because I have to find a way to keep all these, beautiful memories, that have we said while. Living. With. The darker, truth or who he really was. He. With. The mysteries, ending. And that's the person he was, mysteries, he said is, similar. To, the story of the person I. Was. Happy that I got to work on this project with you and. I. Thank, you for letting me tell. The story of you and your, friend thank, you thank, you thank. You both, of you and did, it I'm. Glad we did it too. CRIO. Bode aha Marlo eat, ambien podia hodr lo car, TN TN estradiol como, lo vo SE como los in co y como lo v vo yo. Tengo la mina, todos. Las cosas más que, una pareja ave SE hablamos una. Pareja arabic una familia, con, el poder, momento que fueron del estado race, pero. También poder, momento, que fueron muy hermoso, a spiritual meant a metro, full oh yes, oyo siempre se lo voy a hacer, cómo. Es qué VA Strasser Co mm en las palabras. You. Had, played. The part of. Stun. Innocent. Abandoned. In, the dollar when, he was young. Drum. Five, countries. I've, seen. Many fire, things. Never. Loved this. Man, shake, cages. Shaken, out of their, skin, a. Picture. Of little. Boys, here. Each to watch that Sun and. What. Signs gone, through, the clouds. When the stitches slip. My seams. Into. The darkness. God. With. Our dreams.

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