I Make Forex Look So Easy Don't I? (Heiken Ashi Gang)

I Make Forex Look So Easy Don't I? (Heiken Ashi Gang)

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All right. All right. All right. What's up guys? Lindsey here. Super tryna effect. Since the history of Katrina affects it's Monday morning, Monday morning.

Let's see what the market has in store for his goal was ripping last night. Oh, we talked about it in the gold group, but before we get into video, man, I just need to talk about this air Jordan one carbon. I noticed not as sneaker channel, but I have to just show this off. I mean, look at that. This is like liquid gold, gray.

This is one of the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen. I had to get this. I you remember, I don't know if you guys saw my last video where I told you the orange ones are my favorite. They're not my favorite anymore. They're not my favorite. Those are my favorite. I got my coffee here. You guys know I gotta have my coffee. It's piping hyping. So annoying when people slurp the coffee. All right. So let's see what we got here, man. We got the hiking.

That's your breaking point on the left? Uh, we have super trend on the left. We don't need this. We can get rid of that. Um, that was the Salvador Dali indicator. It just kind of helps like with like, um, market structure, highs and lows. Um, so again, we have right now, I have the one hour on the left, the five minute on the right, looking for those scalp trades. Um,

like I tell you guys that I try to tell you guys to focus on one side of the market. So let me give you an example. Let's say for instance, this was resistance right here on this side. Now you're looking for this breaker resistance obviously, but what happens if resistance just can't break? It just can't bring a Canberra Canberra. Canberra can kick it here. Look at that by right there.

If it can't break and then price just refuses. And then what happens? Um, matter of fact, I'm about to enter that trade. What am I doing? Hold up. And I just got a notification that I need to call my insurance company company.

What is this? Make sure I'm on the right account. Yes. Yes. Right? Well, we got here on CAD. Okay. Okay. We're in that stop loss down here. We got a 98 Oh two, one stop loss. I should be doing this on a live right. 98 Oh two one.

Okay. We got our stop-loss set. Let's go ahead and do our one-to-one and do a one to one on this one. I don't want to get too greedy on my first trade. Pull that bad boy there. Powell. Bow.

Of problems, serious problems. Now let's do a two to one to a two, one right there. Boom. So take profit is 98, four Oh five 98, four Oh five money in the bank. So,

um, again, like I said, you want to have your one hour on the left five minute on the right at you looking for exactly what I just showed you. You look for that hike and actually break. As you see, the high can actually break is currently happening. We have our by, uh, we're bullish right now. So that looks like a great entry. We'll see how that one plays out. Uh, data will be done by the end of the video, but, uh, let's also see, cause it looks like there's a couple little blockers over here and like, we have a little bit of resistance right there and I could see the resistance reacting right there and right here and right there. So, um,

we might not be able to get that two to one. Maybe it'll get that one-to-one but for now we're just going to move on. All right. So, um, again, the best ones to get are going to be these that are already in a Supertramp by, so this is in a super by boom. We marked that previous one right there.

And then we wait for that by uh, so this one was already happened in boom, this right here, where it was breaking through. Okay. It came back in, retest it, you know what I'm saying? We tested with this candle right here. Bam. That's the retest. So even though this is the candle, half of it's on here,

the other half is there. This is the actual half that we're interested in. Uh, if you guys aren't on camera sticks work. Remember when you see a canvas stick, half of it's over on that side, the other half is actually over there. So you actually see, I marked the middle. You actually marking two halves,

obviously Not just one candle. Totally. You guys know what I'm talking about. Okay. And then you get your bicycle signal right after that price took off. Boom. We're good to go on that one. That's why it's great to jump in. And that's why it's great to have the super trend, uh, as a super strand set on a one-to-one over here on the one hour that really helps with, uh, with market direction. Okay.

So let's see what we have here. We have Ozzie dollar Japanese yen. I could see, we have a little bit of resistance right there. We just broke through it. Little bit more resistance right there. And little resistance right there. We're about to break through this one. It's jumped over to regular candles and see what we're looking like. Uh, ESO. It is cracking right there. It's cracking. Let's get it cracking. You feel me?

Um, I do like this one for a buy. I'm actually going to take this as well as all Japan. I know I just took the other Ozzie, but I'm going to take this one as well, because I can see that it's pushing up. This super chin is curling around. It did not want to, uh, it did not want to go down. It just broke through all those little different barriers of resistance. So I'm gonna take that one to put our stop loss as good and get rid of these and get rid of those.

Now I'm going to put my I'm sorry. Yeah. My entry right there. Put my stop loss right. There and I'm gonna put, I'll pull a two to one. Don't make it complicated. Guys. Get the indicator.

Simplify your trading here. Super chin effects. My wife told me I have a radio voice. Yeah, I think I have a radio voice. Let me know in the comments. Should I start doing it? Radio and quit for X.

All right. So stop loss. 82, five one four, take profit. 82 seven one five. Yeah. She'd be doing this live. I don't know why I'm recording this from now on. I'm gonna start doing these live man. So y'all can jump in and get some of this, her. Okay. So this one, it doesn't really interest me that much because right now we're pushing up.

We're pulling back. Now, if I do get another, uh, hi can actually break and put somewhere around here. It looks like one's coming up and that will be looking to enter that one long. Um, but currently it's, hasn't set up correctly. Not yet for me,

but it looks good. Um, Ozzie dollar right now. Let's see what we have here. We have a little bit of resistance coming up there. Uh, we just broke. Well, no, we didn't break through that.

When we were about to see what the regular candles look like, uh, it's just sticking the wick through. So we have to wait on that one. Um, and you can, if you want, you don't have to use these previous candles. Oftentimes I just ignore them. We'll go. We're in profit. Now both, both of my earlier trades are in profit. Now, as you can see, we just pushed right through that level right there. So this is the actual hiking ashy breaking point that we're looking at, Oakland marked the wrong one right there. And so probably smashed through it.

Retested retested right there. You know what I'm saying? That's pushing up, um, that one's a little late for me to get into. So I would, I would ignore that one. Uh, this is a great one. I looked at last night. Uh, was that last night? It might've been Friday. Um, this one I marked up right here. I already see. Yeah. I think this yesterday, cause at one, two, three, four, five years, uh, yesterday, um, when the market open, this is what? Six o'clock. Yeah.

So we got the first hike and actually break apart right day. You Mark that one up. It kind of just hovered around there. We finally got that bite. You just have to wait for the buy that and that again.

That's why I don't have the buy and the seller you don't want to buy in and sell on at the same time. You just want one so that you can be patient and wait through this sale. Let me show you what I'm talking about. Wait through the sale. Bam. There's a sale right there. You didn't want to get caught up in that. You were waiting for buys, buys only buys buy, buy. You guys ever watch Kramer.

Bye-bye bye. All right, let's see right here. What do we have? Bam. So that one's already taken off. You see that you see they retest right there. Perfect. Retest. Perfect. What I'm saying to the tee is a perfect retail to see what they see, what the actual price on that one is. Uh. Off by one point by one point close, very close. Um, but right.

There's really nothing. I don't, I don't see anything great right there. I can, I can see too that we do have a little bit of resistance. Bam, right there. We just crossed that resistance. I don't know if you guys see how accurate this is, but look at that right there. I just marked that one. Uh,

previous high can actually breaking point there's one right here to be. So we just cracked through both of those. Um, but again, it's too far away for the bio for me. Uh,

this is the buy would've been looking to get into this super trend that curled around and then price bought up right there looking to get in right there. Um, this is one from yesterday. This one ended up wrapping around and dropping into a sale. So this is what I mean. So if you have a buy,

so this one would have been a buy right here. Boom. Um, I don't know if this was bullish when it was a by using this right here. I don't know if it was bullish and wants to buy. So I don't know if that one we would've taken, but it eventually ended up falling through. And then when it did,

that's when we would have been looking to make that sale soon as it turned red. So that's how you use a buy to find a sell. I use a buy to find itself, use a buy to find a cell. You feel me? See years ago right here.

See how this one is a was a Bi-Rite right here. It curled around. Dropped down below. This one was looking for a sale. Was this year. I'm going to sell that one down your a Z let's take half the position on that one. Boom.

Look for. The South position short. I'm going to sell right here. Boom. Bring that to here. Um, this one looks a little over a standard.

Let's see where we can take this too. I'm going to write down here, going to this period. Right there. What have we got your ID? Your stop loss is going to be 1.55763. Take profit five, five one seven five. Is that right? Five one seven five. Yeah. We're good. All right, let's keep it moving.

Um, this one's too far away. I don't see any signals close to that one. So ignore that. Uh, this one took off right here. Let's see, we had DM nicely. The doji right there. If you see a doji right before, uh, you know what to do, you know what I'm saying? You know what to do. Uh,

this one is rocking and rolling. Let's see. Right here. We have one. See that resistance right there. See, I marked that way over there. And the resistance was right here. Boom. It was just taken off. But again, that was too far away from my current signal. This one looks like it could be something interesting.

Let's see what we have here. So we have boom. Um, this one's closing right here, actually right now on this line. You're a great British pound. Um, I don't know if I love that. Cause it's come all the way back down to the line. I would have to see how this one reacts off of here, but I can also see right here. We have resistance there. So we're underneath that level of resistance. We have resistance there.

So we're caught up under there. If this pushes down lower than here, I'm gonna go ahead and Mark this up. Uh, you could see us forming a red candle currently is still bullish. Um, kind of looks like a sort of an evening star pattern here.

It's sort still has 49 more minutes. So I'll be looking forward to crack down. Now I'm going to come back to that one in a couple of minutes and see how it's looking screen is blue. I repeat screen is blue. So, um, just something like to start the day with, I like to start really light early in the day. What I'm saying? I don't like to go all in. I think that's stupid. I just woke up.

I'm still trying to get my brain together and I could do this all day with these scalp trades, uh, one hour and five minutes scalp. I could do this all day too, too easy. Let's see. So right now I could see we're heading down here on the super Tran sale. I would love to see this curl around, but currently it's not kind of trapped in this little deal right here. Um, it still says it's bullish. It's not in, um, it's not ranging just yet. Uh, but that one's, doesn't really interest me that much.

Now here goes a good one right here. So this one is pushed down right now. It's kind of forming this. Doji underneath the line. So this one is little too early for me to call, but I can see that we do have some resistance here. A double resistance. I don't know. Yeah, it does that sometimes. I haven't. There we go. We need to maybe tap it right here on them, on it. You to have a right above the Apple on the mouse. I like that.

So anyway, so that one looks like it's kind of curling around here. Boom, boom, boom. I would love to see this one go down. So I'm just going to leave that there. I'm not going to jump in that one just yet. What is this Euro USD. Your USD just spiked. Um,

it isn't a buy. It just looks a little weird to me. Um, I don't like the way that one looks just yet. And those other Euro pairs are cracking. Uh, let's see, we got some stuff taken off where we get our cats taken off.

No wicked on the bottom. I love that. Um, our Japan is about to take profit. What are we on? Great. British pound Ozzy dollar. Let's go look at Japan about to take profit on that and just like that money in the bank, cash out.

All right. So, uh, Japan just cashed out. See, I use that once guys. Okay. What do we have here? This is odd. Cat is still pushing. It is up to that resistance on. I'm going to go ahead and take the profit on that one. I'm not going to get greedy because it really, when I first marked that up, I didn't really anticipate that resistance civil. So that's money in the bank right there.

Euro Aussie dollar is pushing down still, uh, wish I would have taken a bigger position on that because that looks good. But who cares? Right? We on what's this? Nope. Yeah. So what's do you remember what? You're a great British pound. We talked about this earlier. This one's pushing down. Let's look all the way over here. It's also pushing down underneath that level. Um, this one is almost ready to go. Let's see. It's still bullish.

So it needs to come underneath the, the, the, for it to switch over is all the way down here. I think it'll probably end up making another bias signal underneath here. And then we'll just wait for that. So let's go ahead and leave ourselves a little note. You feel me? Let's leave ourselves a little note. Okay.

Wait for a buy signal to bail. Wait for buy signal to bam. You guys ever watched that movie? Grandma's boy, that's hilarious. You guys should really watch that movie. Grandma's boy. It never, it's never not funny. Never not funny. Um, I don't know what I'm doing. Oh yeah. Let's move on.

We already marked these up. Um, we're still waiting on this one. Let's look. Same thing right here. I want another look for by fail. The guy in the movie thinks he's like some sort of a comic book robot or something. That's one of those movies. You smoke a lot of weed and then you watched the movie and you'd be dying. Yo,

if you guys smoke weed, you know, you have to watch this movie called smiley face. You know, that is the, like the most, the funniest movie I've ever seen smiley face. Man. Let's see what we got here. You know, what I'm excited for is that coming to America that comes out in like three days, maybe coming to America part to see that. I don't know if you guys know what just happened, but I just marked this right here. And then look what happened? How? See that. I mean, I, listen, I can't make this stuff up. You know what I'm saying?

Even if I tried, I couldn't make this stuff up. Um, this one is curling around. We had, did have a nice push up so we can have a low, we have a higher, low right here.

If it continues to push up. Um, I would like to see this one. Um, it's just, let's wait for the wait for hike right there. So I'm going to wait for another hike on that. And we'll just, we'll monitor that one. See if later we can get in something. So this is interesting right here. I actually saw this yesterday.

I should have jumped in there, but this candle kind of threw me off. I was like, I don't know what that is. It's obviously when the market opened that thing. But it just looked too weird and sometimes candles like that could be confusing. So if you just feel uncertain something, just leave it alone. You know what I'm saying? Don't force it at the way you guys are get used to enough forcing trades.

You know what I'm saying? It's hard at first, but you'll get used to it. Now. This one does interest me, but I can see right here, we have this deal over here. Bam. And I can see we've already touched right there. So I'm not quite sure about that one just yet.

Who's ringing me on the tele. Uh. Hold on. Somebody just bought the indicators.

Please send me your username. Excuse me. Sorry guys. Business first. Yeah. When people, when you guys buy the indicators for me is that's my top priority. I want to make sure you guys get what you need ASAP. See as army girl,

you still in line army girl, Um, recording a video. So army girl, if you see the video right now, chatting to you and recording this video at the same time. All right. So we'll get back to army girl in one second. All right. So, um, great. British pound. Swizzy Franco. So again, I saw this yesterday and it kind of looks like we have some sort of a double top that has never been retested retested. I like that word.

You know what I'm saying? It's not a real world, but um, so I'm looking at maybe this being the retest. So I feel like it might get jammed up in there for a while. So I'm going to avoid that right now. I'm going to avoid that. Um, this looks good for this looks interesting for a cell. Uh,

I dunno why I marked out I might've Mark this on a four hour. Um, let's see what we have here. Yeah. Yeah. I don't really love this one. What do we have? Boom. Nah, I'm not awake for that one. The Carla route. It's too much in the downturn. What is this great British pan? New Zealand is a great bridge. Pound might be headed down just overall.

I think this is very similar to the one we just saw over there. I showed you guys where I wrote a little note right here and then it kind of looks like we have a little bit of a, an M a deal right going on right there. I have a little bit of resistance there. A little bit resistance right here. Okay. So let's get rid of that. Let's get rid of that. Boom, boom, boom. So I'm going to write myself a little note. You know what I'm saying?

Write myself a little bit. And whatnot, doing my thing and whatnot. You feel me say I'm white for I BARR re [inaudible]. Waiting for by rejection. Hanging out with my friend Gemma. Jimmer Jimmer. Um, yeah. Great. British pound. I'm looking for a sell on that bad boy.

The great British pan. Um, USD is Carlin around. It's in a cell, but there's a lot of action going on right here. This is really sloppy. If you see something like this, it's best to avoid it. It's not really. It's doing too much. You're doing too much, bro.

You're doing too much. I'm starting to. Think. I might have like split personality. Yes.

Yeah. I just like to do accents. You see this right here. This is what you don't want to be involved in when you see something like that, just run away. Cause that's just pure manipulation or low volatility.

Yeah. There's a lot of resistance in here. Um, now one doesn't really. Know this and. That as 100. Now that looks interesting. That one looks like it's ready to pop out the top. You feel me? But. Bought, bought. It does look like it's a bit of a.

Double pole right there. Look it up, hanging out with my mates at the pub, we saw a couple of double tops. Decided not to take, uh, sorry, not to take the trade. That would be dangerous. I'm like mixing like the kangaroo guy. Um, the kangaroo guy. What was his name?

Something or when you guys know the, um, what was that guy's name, man. Steve Irwin. She, this was like a double top right here. So I would be a little bit weary. It's like a double tap within a double tap right there. Um, it looks like we have a break retail rate. Retail is retail. Retail is retail. So I don't know. This one looks a little too crazy for me. Um,

I do like it for a sale. Maybe. It is bearish. Right there. It is bearish over here. So we'll wait on that one. But that could be a nice potential big drop at that drop some selling all the way down to here. That's money in the bank. That's going to buy me an Audi.

All right. Uh, yeah, Steve [inaudible], you know the guy that was it. The crocodile Hunter. I don't. Know. I just so calm to kangaroo. Guy. I used to love watching his channel. You know, he got like,

he got killed by a stingray, a stingray, and that long thing on the back of the steam Ray, like stabbed him in the heart while he was scuba diving. His son is crazy as a terrible. Um. Well we have here at New Zealand CAD.

This was a little far away from the entry point for me. You can see, we have our buy there. Buy broke up, came back down. Oftentimes when you get this type as well, where it breaks up here, pulls back down, underneath, and then Carol's back around. Those are also really good entries, but that was a little too far away from me. Um, this one I would be looking for a retest somewhere around here and then for price to take off. So I'll visit that back in a little while. Excuse me. I think I like burp so much.

Cause I'm slouched in my chair. I think that's what it is. I'm like, I like to slouch a lot. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. I was shopping for couches the other day and I realized the ones I liked the most were the ones where I got to just kind of like lay down like this. I'm not really, I can't sit in like a 90 degree angle. It just doesn't work for me. I like to be on complete relaxed mode.

Cause I worked so hard. Do so much physical labor. You know what I'm saying? Pressing the buy button and the sell button. So a lot of work guys. Let's see right here. I'm not seeing. So we already broke through these two levels of resistance. That's great.

And you see one up here, one right there. Um, uh, yeah, I miss my entry on that one. So you guys have to realize like, I know, I know there's a five minute charts, but, but look over here to your right is 50 points. 50 points, 50 points, 50 points, 50 points, 50 points. So that's 10. What is this?

This is 10 pips, 20 pips, 30 pips, 40 pips. That's 40 pips. I just missed out right there just by missing the entry. So you don't want to try to jump in. You see that 40 pips right there. I call it. You don't want to jump in. Um, when you're 40 pips past the entry point, that's just stupid.

What's this is that this I like now you see this, all this crazy consolidation and now price is starting to kind of rip. This looks interesting to me. Now this, this, my friends is what I want. This is the moment I've been waiting for. Um, your ads taken this little sweet time, but for now let's go ahead and get some of that SPX. You feel me? SPX. It looks good. Take a Nat.

Let's go ahead and get our entry and everything set up nicely. Good entry right there. It's pushing up. Uh, we're in profit already. Don't you love that when you click the button and you go into profit immediately. I dunno. I love it. Maybe you guys hate it. Maybe you hate it. I don't know. But this one let's go three, two, one.

Cause that one's a clean break right there. And we went into profit instantly. So we want a three to one on that. Not a three. I'm really like, man, I'm a stickler. It's got to say three.

It really annoys me when it says 3.01. You know what a hell it does that man. I got to get in there. What are we doing? Profit level is bring it down to, there we go. I can't do it. Like I can't say 3.01 that it just really annoys me.

And it drives me like a little crazy. 38, 48, 38, 48.7, three TIG. Prisy 38 66.63 bow. And just like that, I was rich. I'm rich. Biatch

what do we have right at us? 30 is poverty. Uh, I can't take us 30. It's too far away. It's too pricey. You as dirty boy, you don't know what you're doing. You might as well just give all your money away to the broker.

Just giving money away. Just give it right to it. If you don't know what you do. I remember this is a great entry. I'm gonna tell you why you want to know why I want to know why you want to know why, because you see this right here. See this. We were, we were pushing up really nicely pushing a real nicely.

Then we just got a two candle, um, pullback, two candle pullback. So if you guys are, if you guys are in the Fibonacci's [inaudible] uh, let me show you guys. I don't know if he's fibbing at you, but I, but I get it. You know what I'm saying? I totally get it. I get it guys.

I get why people love Fibonacci so much. That's my little customer Fibber. Ruchi uh, let's play defaults. Let's use one color. Let's use black. Let's turn away the background bow. Okay. So we got rid of that. All right. So this is kind of how it's the same concept.

So boom price went up there. Okay. What I'm doing here is I'm pulling it to there. So this is my relative low. That's my relative I, to my relative low to my relative, I as my Jamaican voice Jamaican accent. So we basically, we pushed up here. Boom,

pull back to the 23 and now we're pushing up. We could also pull it a little bit closer to, we could pull it to this one right here, bow, and then you'd have a 50% retracement. That's a little bit better. So I guess I kind of missed, let's not do this right here. So we have our relative low to a relative high relative. I then it pulled back down there to the 50% retracement. You know,

I got my 50% retracement made a pool back there and that's pushing up. You see that? Uh, yeah. SPX in profit. You're in profit, man. I make this easy, bro. All right, we're done with that. I did enough accents for today. Where are we are us dirty. U S CAD USD CAD. If us, if us dirty, it's going up, us cash should be going down.

Me bow right there. Power. How do you like, you know, um. Kind of like this one, a little too, too much action going on in there. The cat, the Canadian dollar can sometimes be a little aggressive.

This one's curling. Around USD, squeezy, Franco, um, curling around again. It's going to be a, to our left. See, I don't want to go to ancient history.

You see there's too much stuff. I could be marking that I could be [inaudible] I don't want to do that. I prefer to just stay right here within my comfort zone. Um, but it does look like it is curling around for a nice evening star pattern.

Here's USD, JPY. It's already dropping. That's good, but what we want to see this? We want to see it under here. Okay. We want to see it under there. As soon as it goes into there,

then I might be interested. So let's write a little note right there. Wait for by rejection. Yeah, guys. I'm crazy. My wife definitely thinks I'm crazy. He thinks I'm crazy. She doesn't think I'm crazy. When she's spending my money at the mall. She's got her own money. She's not worried about my shame. Worry about my money, guys. Do yourself a favor. Get you. Get yourself.

A wife with her. Money. Get yourself a woman with her own money. Okay.

It solve a lot of arguments. What do we have here? This is gold. Gold is up and it came all the way back down here. I want you to see this go came all the way back, down there and retest. What did we get? SPX? 500 taken off. I'm looking for gold. You feel me?

I'm looking for the gold. Looking for the Dallas SPX 500. Let's go take a look. It's PX. 500 SPX, 500. What are we doing? What are we doing? Oh, look. At that. We just took profit. We just took profit. Well,

that was easy as I call that money in the bank. I don't know what you guys call it. I call it money in the bank. And what I'm saying, you as the dollar still taking its sweet time. Oh, look at that. Wow. You telling me you did just by. Planting some stuff on there with the indicator and it showed you exactly where to, okay. Cool. You said you could pick up the indicators where on my website,

super train effects.com. That's correct. I guess that's it for today. I showed you guys how to make money. Um, I don't know what else you want from me, but if you guys found value in this video, which I really hope you did, please make sure you hit that like button, that subscribe button share button and let's get it. Oh. And then music, the music in the background is by my brother.

I'm going to get the link for that. People keep asking me the link is, is, is by my brother. You'll be all right. Let's get it.

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