i journeyed to batuu irl

i journeyed to batuu irl

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I don't know if you are aware of this, but  everyone's favorite Sims pack, you know, the widely   renowned Journey to Batuu, it actually exists  in real life. And now I personally love Journey   to Batuu, I think it is the best pack for The Sims  4. I'm sorry I can't say it with a straight face,   but I'm not kidding. So they made that Star Wars  pack Journey to Batuu last year and it came with   a new world, obviously a Star Wars-themed one,  but that area was actually based off of the Star   Wars area in Disney World. So from what I've  heard, they're like, kind of the same layout,   but I've never actually been myself to see it.  They built it like, five/six years ago I think,  

but I haven't been to Hollywood Studios since then,  and I live in Orlando, so it is my duty to all of   you to be the one who does the research. It's like,  an experiment you know, I'm gonna go there and I'm   gonna experience my favorite Sims pack in real  life. But obviously if we're gonna do this, we   have to do some research first, we can't just go  in there unprepared, so we have to journey back   to Batuu in The Sims. We take a vacation, I'm not  bringing the rest of you. Why is Judith Ward here?   What are you doing in my front yard? She really  has to weasel her way into everything, you are   not part of this. You are not in Star Wars. Anyway,  this is where our destination takes us. I'm not  

kidding by the way, if you've played the Star Wars  pack you probably recognize these things, like   Oga's Cantina. They've got it in real life! Do you  know what's embarrassing? I recognize these things   from The Sims. Everyone else in the whole world  recognizes these things from you know, Star Wars.   Not me though. Not me. I've seen Star Wars, but  like, not enough to remember what the cantina   looks like. But look at this. I don't know if  we're gonna be able to get in here, I think you   need like, reservations. But we can film it from the  outside. But they also have Docking Bay 7, you  

can't go in it in The Sims, but in real life you  can, and the food you can order, I'm pretty sure you   can actually get in real life. Like, the outpost  popcorn mix. They also have like, a lightsaber   workshop in Disney, now I will not be doing that. Oh  my god, look at these photos, it really looks just   like The Sims, it's so weird. Ugh, okay. Anyway, you  can book like, a lightsaber building experience   and it costs like, a couple hundred bucks, and  you can build one -- I'm not doing that. Even for   the video, you cannot get me to spend like, two  hundred dollars on a lightsaber. I already have   to buy Disney tickets. But we're gonna go to Batuu  tomorrow, and I'm gonna vlog it. I also wanna try a  

lot of the snacks, I am a little bit concerned  about my ability to try them. Basically, I don't   know how many meatless options there will be. I  know there's a couple, and things like the blue   milk and the green milk are just vegan by default,  they're made out of rice milk and coconut milk   instead of like, cow's milk, so we'll get our share  of snacks. And the Ronto Roasters place, they've  

got a Ronto Wrap we can get in real life, like all  this stuff exists at Disney, it's so weird. So just   take this in, study the virtual version because  tomorrow, we experience it in real life. Just with   a lot more people. Like, significantly more people.  It's actually quite nice here in The Sims, you know,  

we got one or two folks just walking around. I  don't think that our Disney experience will go as well. Good morning everyone, today is Disney day.  I'm currently on my floor of my office, I'm like, getting ready before I leave. Turning on the tree,  you know, all such things. And so the plan right now   is that I'm still gonna stream this morning, and  we're gonna leave probably at like, noon. I don't want  

to be there all day anyway. I don't actually know  how late they're open tonight, but probably until   like, eight, so I think that's enough time for  Star Wars, but since we're gonna leave like,   straight after I get off stream, I want to like,  pack and be ready now. So right now I'm trying to   figure out what backpack I want to bring, and  I just released this new merch backpack, but   I don't know, if I want to like, ruin it by  bringing it to Disney. I know that's dumb,   but I only have one of them and like, she still  has the tag on and like. So should I get myself  

another one and then ruin that one, so I can  keep this one all clean? Because it's not like,   using it ruins it, but do I want to put it on  the floor at Disney? I don't know, I'll keep you   posted. I think I might bring one of my old ones.  Okay, I'm just doing my makeup now, but while I   do this, I'm kind of curious to hear: what are your  like, must-haves, what do you pack for a day like   this? I guess maybe I can give some pro tips, as a  Floridian. If you're going to Disney, besties, you   gotta bring some extra sunscreen, also water. Loads  of people don't bring water bottles and they just  

walk around buying Disney water like, the plastic  ones, they cost four dollars. Why would you pay for   that multiple times a day for like, more than  one person in your group? That is ridiculous. So   I always bring a water bottle because you can  refill it for free, and then there's no plastic.   Also a snack or two, like a granola bar or  whatever because Disney food is so expensive.  

You're gonna want to buy like, one thing or  something to try it, but when you get hungry, you   don't need to pay a million dollars to Disney, you  already paid a million dollars to go there. When   I was younger and we would go to Disney, my mom  and I used to pack like, a full-on meal. Like, if   we had annual passes, we would go like, after work  sometimes or school or whatever, and we would like,   pick up sandwiches on the way and then eat them  there because you can bring in food, like   it's fine. And bringing sandwiches is  significantly cheaper than buying food   there. Obviously if you're on vacation, you might  want to like, buy dinner, but it's a lot cheaper  

to pack some food, at least some. Oh, you can see  behind me, one of my plaques fell off the wall.   I have um, that's my million subscriber plaque  and I had the 100k plaque. I have 2 100k plaques,   but the newer one for my second channel fell off  the wall in the middle of the night. It didn't   break or anything, but it was only on by a command  strip, so it makes sense that it fell, I guess. I've   never had problems with command strips, but of  course, my plaque fell, so. It's still in here,  

but it's just on the floor instead of on the  wall because I haven't hung it back up yet. See   you're getting all the embarrassing details of my  life, like how I have plaques on the floor. Oh god,   stabbed in the eye, oh my god. Maybe I'll become a  vlogger and do this like, daily. Well. No, I'm not   cut out for that. Okay, I finished my makeup, but I  do need to make a thumbnail still for my YouTube   video today, and then obviously, you know stream,  but I will see you afterward. Okay, I'm in the car,  

I'm not showing much because I don't want you  to see the outside of my house, but Dan went back   inside to get his sunglasses and then we're gonna  leave. What's the angle like, is it okay? - No. - Okay. Well, we're like, 15 minutes away  from Hollywood Studios.   It's like, gonna be one o'clock when we  get there, so it's not like we got there   super early in the morning or anything, so I  don't know how big the lines are gonna be.   - It's gonna be busy! - Um, it will be busy, but that's okay because we can, you know, Genie Plus. - We can spend more money.

- It's a business expense. I'm not actually gonna put it on my business card, that's kind of weird, but anyway we get to um, we're gonna try and buy lunch, right? So we can pick out one of the Star Wars snacks maybe. - Yeah. - And then - - Is that the first thing we're doing? - Yeah. - I mean that's the point of going, right?

- Yeah, and then I don't know, I've never been so I don't really know what all is over there, like, I'm just gonna have to figure it out, but. Well, I do know what's over there because they  have it in The Sims, but otherwise, I don't know  like, what they actually have in Disney, you know, I  know what the big overview place looks like, but   otherwise, I don't know. - I don't know. - I don't know.

For those of you in Orlando, you might know I'm on I-4 right now. - Spooky road.  - Big fun. Oh, there's trucks on either side of me! - Ah! - Ah! - It's for the camera. - What was that about? DAN: It's a Jeep Truck. Holy land, wow, we got all the music! Weee. DAN: It's a volcano.

KAYLA: Orlando's so weird.  Look at how close the waterslide is to the highway. DAN: That's so weird. KAYLA: We made it. DAN: Disney World. KAYLA: The most magical place on earth. DAN: Wow. We made it! - We parked. Well, we're here. - Cute pink bag. - Thank you. Oh, it's open in the front.

- Oh no, all your secrets are in there. - Okay, look I got extra mask, I got -- oh, maybe don't show that. I got my wallet. - That's your -- see, those are your secrets. - I'm gonna need my keys. Okay, oh, I don't want to forget my sunglasses. I can put your sunglasses in my bag too, if you want. - Thank you, I appreciate that. It's a get ready with me. - It is -- I did a get ready with me, I filmed myself putting my makeup on this morning.   - Oh, did you actually? - Yeah.

- I didn't even know that. - Okay, we can go now. - Okay, bye. KAYLA: Look, you can see the Skyliner, there's Hollywood Studios over there. DAN: That's the Swan and Dolphin. KAYLA: Okay. We're going to security. We made it in, now we're going to go -- well,  

we made it through security, now we're  actually going to go in. Now we're in. [ JOVIAL MUSIC ] KAYLA: Okay, we just ordered food for pickup in  one of the Star Wars places, they have like,   some sort of zucchini wrap or something we're gonna try. DAN: Ah! KAYLA: Now we have to go find it. I don't know, I paid for it. KAYLA: Here we go. DAN: Here we go. KAYLA: I'm kind of nervous. DAN: I'm sweating so much. KAYLA: Because of the nerves? DAN: No, it's hot! KAYLA: Oh boy. DAN: Oh boy.

KAYLA: Are you filming? DAN: Yeah. KAYLA: Here we go. DAN: Wow, lights and rocks! KAYLA: Look, even the trash cans. DAN: I like how that's what you've pointed out. Wow, bins! I don't like how tall I am, I have to like -- I'm holding   up so high. KAYLA: Yeah, get back down to Simsie height please. DAN: Yeah, I am, I'm down here.

DAN: Are you excited to see The Sims 4 in real life? KAYLA: Very. KAYLA: The wait is 105 minutes! DAN: You can't tell. It's up. KAYLA: Well, it's 105. DAN: We're not doing that anytime soon. DAN: 72 questions with Vogue. Do you feel like you're in The Sims 4? KAYLA: Yes. DAN: That's the only question I have. KAYLA: Okay. DAN: Cool.

DAN: Look, see, rocks and rides. KAYLA: Let's go this way. DAN: Yeah. Oh, that's a spaceship. DAN: Picture? KAYLA: Well, just a video. KAYLA: I hit my elbow and it really hurt.

DAN: I know, I'm sorry you hit your elbow. KAYLA: It hurts! KAYLA: They're like The Sims! DAN: Just the lights, nothing else? KAYLA: No, all those lights are literally in The Sims 4. DAN: What about this one? KAYLA: No. DAN: So you lied. These ones? KAYLA: Yes. It's kind of cool.

DAN: It is kind of cool. Only kinda though, that's  all they're getting. KAYLA: It's the outpost popcorn! KAYLA: You can get this for free in The Sims.  DAN: Oh, we have to pay money here. KAYLA: Yeah, a lot of it as well. Too many people! DAN: Although we're in Disney after all. KAYLA: Yeah, but it makes me nervous. KAYLA: What does the sign say? DAN: This sign? KAYLA: Yeah, oh it's Docking Bay 7! DAN: Wow. KAYLA: They have this in The Sims too. DAN: What's Moof Juice?

KAYLA: I don't know. DAN: I'm scared of that. KAYLA: We have received the food, apparently they messed up our order and they gave us a meat one, so now we have both. DAN: Yeah, they gave us both. KAYLA: So that's kind of fun. DAN: I mean, I'm fine with that. KAYLA: Show them -- what does it look like more.  DAN: The meat one? KAYLA: Yeah, I guess. This is what they have in The Sims, this is the Ronto wrap.

DAN: And then this one is the -- KAYLA: That's the zucchini wrap. DAN: Yeah. That one looks good to be fair. KAYLA: Yeah. DAN: And then this is -- KAYLA: Fruit. DAN: Fruit, cucumber and stuff. KAYLA: Okay, nice. I'm gonna try it. DAN: Yeah? DAN: What does that mean? - They're pretty good. DAN: Just pretty good? KAYLA: Yeah.

DAN: I mean it looks good. DAN: Cool. KAYLA: I like it. DAN: You like it? Is that your review? KAYLA: Mhm. KAYLA: Okay, thoughts on it? DAN: It's pretty good. KAYLA: Okay.

DAN: I mean, the only -- the bite I had was only the  sausage, so. KAYLA: That's disgusting. DAN: I can't say I've had much of it. KAYLA: Okay, so we just ate our lunch, right? It kind of  worked out really well because we bought one   of those zucchini Ronto wrap thingies and some  fruit, and then they messed it up and they gave   us a meat one too, so we got two of them for the  price of one! And then we decided to go get the   blue milk and the green milk stuff because they  have like, that you know, it's in Star Wars, right?   They sell it -- they sell it in Batuu in The Sims  as well, but it's plant-based, it's made out of   rice milk and coconut milk, so we can try it,  but they're like, eight dollars each, so it's   gonna spend more money on the drinks than the  lunch. What is the noise that's talking in my ears? DAN: I don't know. KAYLA: We're sitting in a corner, I'll show you. Look,  I'm way back here in this little corner. 

DAN: Yeah, we're the losers in the corner. KAYLA: But I wanted to vlog and I was embarrassed, I  don't want to be sitting here holding up my phone   I don't know, it's embarrassing, but we're waiting for the blue milk   now, I guess we have -- we actually have to go  over there and like, tell them we're there. [ OBNOXIOUS ALARM ] Ah! I don't like this area. DAN: Alert, alert!

KAYLA: First of all -- DAN: This is why literally no one's over here. KAYLA: It's very busy here. DAN: This is Oga's Cantina that you can't -- you have to reserve 7 years in advance to get into. KAYLA: Yeah, we're not going in there. Look!  In The Sims, Kylo Ren, he stands like,   right there and he waits for you to do stuff for  him. Or maybe it's there that he stands. He just stands there and waits for things.

DAN: Look! KAYLA: Oh my god! Come here! Come on, Dan!   STORMTROOPER: Resistance activity will not escape  notice. KAYLA: Can you film me with it? STORMTROOPER: Resistance supporters will not escape this outpost. Good. STORMTROOPER: Have you pledged your support to the First Order? DAN: Thank you very much. KAYLA: Thanks. KAYLA: Look. We need to get a good spot for a taste test. DAN: We can stand over by the bins.

KAYLA: It's so weird, it's like kind of like a slushy, but.   DAN: It's like, thick milk. KAYLA: Yeah. Thick, frozen milk. DAN: Frosted up. KAYLA: Okay. It's taste test time, which one should we try first, Dan? DAN: Which one people say is worse? - I don't remember. DAN: Is it blue that's worse? - I don't know, I feel like I want to make my own decisions. DAN: Okay. - Okay.

It smells like something familiar to me. It's good. DAN: You like it? - Mhm. [ UNCONVINCINGLY ] I can't tell what it's supposed to taste  like, one of them is supposed to be flowery   and one of them's fruity, right? DAN: I think so, I think this one's the flowery one. I think.   - I don't remember, check your phone. DAN: No, we'll just find out. KAYLA: Let me compare. Oh.

DAN: You didn't like that one? You don't like the green one? - No, no, no, no. I don't like the green one.   - No, this one's better. DAN: Alright, so I should have the blue one first? KAYLA: Yeah, have a blue one first. - That smells good. KAYLA: Yeah. - That smells very familiar.

KAYLA: Yeah. - I like that one. KAYLA: Yeah, it's good.  - It's just, that one is just sweet.   KAYLA: Yeah. - Maybe kind of fruity, I don't know.

KAYLA: I think it's got a hint of fruit in it. I can see why these are controversial though. - I don't smell much. That one's fine. KAYLA: Oh, you can have that one then. - I think they're both fine. KAYLA: No, that one's bad. - They're both pretty good. KAYLA: I really dislike the green one. Can I have your phone so I can see in the app what their flavors are supposed to be?

Oh, here's where we're sitting by the way. DAN: There's lots of beeps and boops going on. KAYLA: They have this in The Sims. DAN: Blue milk is a plant-based blend of coconut and rice  

milk with an alluring fruity -- with alluring  fruity characteristics. KAYLA: Yeah, that's -- they call it fruity characteristics. DAN: Green milk is a blend of coconut and rice milk with zippy citrus and   tropical characteristics.

KAYLA: Yeah, well -- - You can get one with rum in it. KAYLA: Yeah, you can get them with alcohol. - Rum and the green one is tequila. Shut up.

KAYLA: You can't -- we can't vlog over here. - It's so loud. KAYLA: It's so loud. - Alright, well I do like both of them. Yeah, the blue milk is better though. He's trying to force me to try it again.

DAN: Yeah, try it again. - No, it's creepy. DAN: What do you mean? - I'm not trying to be dramatic, like, I can't. I don't like it. Something's wrong with  it. It's weird, it's really weird, I don't like it. Immediately no. DAN: Nothing is wrong with it, it's fine, it's good. DAN: Is that your palette cleanser? - Yeah, I need to wash it down. - Okay, well, she sucks.

[ CINEMATIC MUSIC ] KAYLA: Goodbye Star Wars. DAN: Bye Star Wars, see you never. KAYLA: Hello Toy Story. [ JOLLY MUSIC ] KAYLA: Look how cute, it's a pencil holding  the lights up in the Toy Story area! KAYLA: We're not gonna ride this because the wait's like, 90 minutes, but we can watch them riding. KAYLA: That's terrible. KAYLA: Oh my gosh, and one of the food stands  has vegan grilled cheese and vegan nachos here. I was not anticipating that.

KAYLA I don't know if we're gonna try it because we already ate something, but. DAN: Well, maybe later. KAYLA: It's good to know for the future, I guess. DAN: Yeah. KAYLA: We're walking towards Tower of Terror and it's so busy. It's like, actually kind of scary. DAN: I know we're part of the problem, but like, it's bad. KAYLA: You don't understand. I don't even think you can  tell in the video, but it's just like, people.

DAN: Uh, you can kind of tell. KAYLA: Okay, I've been looking at LoungeFly backpacks  for a while, look at how cute this one is.   I think I might get it, I'm turning  into a Disney person, this is a disaster.   DAN: I mean, we watch Disney videos like, every day. KAYLA: Oh, we do watch Disney YouTubers. Oh no.  

KAYLA: They have two of them, but  I think this one's the better one   because he's right there, and I don't know,  I'm so excited. I'm embarrassed. Secured the bag. DAN: I was literally gonna say the same thing. KAYLA: Literally. KAYLA: Rock 'n' Rollercoaster's closed.

Well. Maybe later. I put all my stuff in the new bag, look. DAN: Looks good. KAYLA: I hate how busy it is here, I'm  so stressed. KAYLA: Okay, we're about to ride our first ride of the day, we're going on Star Tours. DAN: Yeah, and everything else is down KAYLA: Oh yeah, everything's down. Rise of the Resistance is down, um, Tower of Terror is down, everything. [ SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC ] KAYLA: Okay, the lighting is bad because -- DAN: Well, that's fine, we look pretty cute.   KAYLA: I'm embarrassed. DAN: It just looks like we're taking a picture, to be honest.  

KAYLA: Anyway, we just rode Star Tours. DAN: It was a lot. KAYLA: It was a lot, it's like, one of those rides where you sit in a chair and then you put glasses on and then it moves the whole room.   DAN: Yeah. KAYLA: And you're like, on a ship and then  there's things trying to shoot you, you know? DAN: It was a lot, it was good, but I feel like at points I felt a little bit sick. KAYLA: I never like rides like that because they're always too much, I always end up feeling sick after them, but it was fun. It only was 15 minutes to wait, so.

DAN: If that, I mean it was like, 5. KAYLA: The sign said 15, but you just basically walked straight on, so it was worth trying, but. DAN: I'm glad we did it, it was cool-looking. KAYLA: I probably won't do it again. DAN: It was cool looking, but there's probably a  reason that it only had a 15-minute queue.   KAYLA: Yeah. DAN: When everything else has broken down. KAYLA: Yeah.  DAN: No, it was good though. KAYLA: Yeah, but it was worth trying out, so anyway. There she is. And now we're gonna go ride Tower of Terror.

DAN: Yep. KAYLA: So that'll be fun. DAN: Very fun, very exciting. Okay bye. KAYLA: Oh my god, we just stopped to take a photo and the guy was like, oh are you a couple, and then he told us to kiss.

DAN: I had to kiss in Disney, that's terrifying. KAYLA: I bet the photo's gonna be terrible as well. DAN: Oh, I'm not ready for the photo, oh god. KAYLA: Anyway, we're gonna go ride Tower of Terror now. DAN: Can you even see it? KAYLA: There it is, I was like, where did it go? DAN: It's there somewhere.  KAYLA: Anyway, we're gonna go ride it now. DAN: Okay, bye. [ CREEPY MUSIC ] KAYLA: Oh my god, it's so dark. DAN: Are you ready?

KAYLA: No. DAN: Ooh. KAYLA: Tower of Terror review. DAN: It was good! KAYLA: It's fun, I like Tower of Terror. DAN: I mean,  I've never been on it before and I didn't -- I kind of knew what it was, but I didn't really know.  KAYLA: Yeah, it's one of those rides that goes up and then drops you down. DAN: I wasn't expecting it to like, move forwards and I wasn't expecting it to be on a track a little bit beforehand.

KAYLA: Oh yeah, when I was a kid I used to think it was scary because it's like, Twilight Zone. DAN: The theming is scary, that's the scary bit is the theming. KAYLA: Yeah, I didn't think the dropping was scary when I was a kid, I thought it was like, the lightning, but it's fun. And it was only a 20 minute wait. We might ride it again.  DAN: Yeah, maybe. KAYLA: We're gonna go ride Smugglers Run first I think. DAN: Yeah, I think so too. KAYLA: Because that one's shorter right now too, so okay, back to Star Wars.

DAN: Love Batuu. KAYLA: I got it right there! KAYLA: Don't care about this really at all.  DAN: Kayla just said that was uh, Darth Vader KAYLA: Sh!   KAYLA: We're gonna go ride it now. Oh boy. DAN: Oh boy. [ CINEMATIC MUSIC ] KAYLA: It's like, in The Sims! That was pretty cool. DAN: That was really cool. KAYLA: It was a little bit scary, but it was pretty cool. DAN: A bit terrified of what's going on, but. KAYLA: Yeah, it's one of those rides again like, the simulation looking at a screen thing,

but you're like, controlling it  with like, and it's all like, press this button quick, pilot! It's kind of fun. DAN: I sent us to hyperspace twice. KAYLA: Oh boy! KAYLA: I know we came here like, specifically to see Batuu, but I think that Toy Story Land is probably my favorite place here, it's so cute! Like, look at all the lights  and stuff. DAN: Little fairy lights. KAYLA: I don't know, it's fun. DAN: Weee.

KAYLA: Anyway, I like it. Alright, we're gonna ride Tower of Terror again. DAN: Back again.   KAYLA: It's only a 30 minute wait, so we might as well. DAN: Yep. DAN: Weeee! DAN: What are we about to do? KAYLA: Are you asking me or are you telling -- are you asking them? DAN: I'm asking you. KAYLA: Uh, Toy Story Mania. DAN: I don't know what it is, I think it's a shooter ride. KAYLA: Yeah, but it's like, one of them 3D guys, so I'm probably gonna feel sick again.

DAN: I'm gonna win. KAYLA: Okay. DAN: I always win. DAN: Wow, you look so good. KAYLA: Yeah, I know. DAN: Yay. DAN: You excited? DAN: I can't -- oh, ducks! Look at the ducks! GAME: NICELY DONE! DAN: You can't see anything I'm doing. Yay, I won! Kayla: No! I did so bad!

DAN: I won! I won! DAN: How did you like it? KAYLA: That was really fun, that was probably the best ride that -- well aside   from like, Tower of Terror, the best ride we did today for sure. DAN: It's just fun. You shoot things in it.   KAYLA: Even though I was bad at it. DAN: Well, you know the meme, you're bad at games.   KAYLA: I'm a Simmer! DAN: You're not bad at games, but I won though, so. KAYLA: Yeah, that's not surprising though, you always win these   stupid games. DAN: They are pretty stupid, you're right. Okay bye.

KAYLA: I got half as many points as him. DAN: Was it half? KAYLA: Yeah, you got like, 150,000, I got 75,000. DAN: Just get good, I guess. DAN: Okay, so um, this was down for like, the whole day, Rock 'n' Roller coaster, but uh, just after it came off that little ride we went on, uh, it reopened, so now everyone is running  over to it and uh, we're gonna go on it. DAN: We did it! KAYLA: I haven't ridden that since I was like, probably 14. DAN: I'm so glad it opened back up because I was actually sad about it, I was like -- KAYLA: We basically just walked on as well, it was probably a ten-minute wait. DAN: Yeah, max. Maybe five, five minute wait.

KAYLA: And we were in the back, the very back, the 12th row. DAN: Yeah, very back. DAN: Oh look, wait. Ooh. Look at that. KAYLA: Merry Christmas. DAN: Merry Christmas. They started to do fake snow down there.

KAYLA: Oh yeah, we were running though, so we couldn't show you.  DAN: And you also couldn't -- I tried for a second but like, no it stopped. KAYLA: Yeah, but there was like, fake snow coming from like, the light post, basically. DAN: Yeah. DAN: I don't know if you can tell, but it's not snowing anymore, nevermind. KAYLA: But people are still running to get to --

DAN: Oh yeah, look. Oh, there's no one running, there we go. DAN: But there's crowds of people going towards it   There's someone up there being like,  you don't need to run, stop running.   KAYLA: Walk, please! DAN: Walk, please! KAYLA: Dan, the angle -- I'm -- it's just my eyes. DAN: Well, I'm glad we did it. Okay. KAYLA: Now we're gonna go ride Mickey's Runaway Railway.

DAN: It's snowing, see? In Florida! Wow. Are you excited? KAYLA: Yep. KAYLA: Very. DAN: I have no idea what this is. KAYLA: I seriously have no idea what this ride is. DAN: Well, let's go.

[ MINNIE MOUSE SINGING ] [ ELEGANT MUSIC ] DAN: Hello? DAISY DUCK: Ready? And, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, oh, excellent! You're all lilting so beautifully together. DAISY DUCK: Oh! DAISY DUCK: Now, let's conga! KAYLA: That ride was quite fun. It was kind of weird, but it was cute. DAN: I mean, I think you can tell that it was weird. KAYLA: Yes, you could tell from the clips that it was kind of weird, but it was kind of fun. Now we're kind of thinking about just leaving.

I don't know. DAN: Yeah, I don't know, but we'll see. KAYLA: Everything else that we haven't ridden has like, such long waits. Like, I'm not going to wait 90 minutes for Rise of the Resistance, like, I'm gonna go home. So. Oh, here, look at the tree. Where is it? DAN: That does not look impressive. KAYLA: See? DAN: Yeah, that's the tree.

KAYLA: It's nice over here. DAN: It's a nice tree. DAN: I could barely see you, do that again. Bye Hollywood  Studios, see you next time. - We made it. - We're in the car. - We haven't left yet. - Thank god. - We are sitting down and in the car. That was fun. DAN: I had a good time.

- I think um, I know we came here to see Star  Wars, that was probably the worst part of the day. - Yeah, I feel like we might have like, brushed  over it a little bit too much. - Because it was crowded. - Crowded. - And when we were there, it was hot, and we only went on one of the rides because the other one was like, a two/three hour wait the whole time. So um, it was nice though. - We like, we rode a bunch of stuff other than that.

- And I also got weirdly excited about things that I recognized from The Sims. Like, when I saw -- the first thing I saw was those lights hanging down from the ceiling and I was like, oh my god, those are in The Sims 4. So that was kind of fun, I don't know, but it was a nice day. - Yeah I had a really good time. What was your favorite ride? - I think I really like, I've always liked Rock 'n' Rollercoaster.  That one's up there, but I had never ridden that   Toy Story like, shooter ride, that was really fun, that was a good one, so. We didn't get a chance to   ride like, the two most popular rides here though.  Rise of the Resistance and the --

- Slinky Dog Dash. - Both had ridiculously long waits. - Well, the queue right now is like, 50 minutes, but we still weren't gonna wait, we're tired and we want to go home. - But, so we didn't ride either of the two most popular rides, but we rode everything else pretty much, so that was fun.

And we got good snacks, I wasn't anticipating to have good food here, I thought I wouldn't be able to eat anything. - Yeah, well we didn't have that much. - Yeah we only paid for two meals.  One each, but. It was fun. Now we're gonna  go home and eat tofu, so nice day. I'm a vlogger now. You're vlogging me, but I'm a vlogger now. - Is that it? Yeah, I think that's it. Alright, have a   good night everybody, um, I'll see you tomorrow.  - Bye.

- Bye. KAYLA: Should we do the end card right now? DAN: Yeah KAYLA: Like, make a joke or something? DAN: Well, you have to make the joke, you're the YouTuber. KAYLA: Um, yeah. DAN: This is really good. KAYLA: Alright, the video's over.  DAN: Can't wait to put some jazz music under this. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC [

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