I filmed only my saddest moments for a week

I filmed only my saddest moments for a week

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Hello. My people, hello, well, that felt a lot like musically, I try to become well-known, unmusical II and it kind of failed they never accepted me so, I'm. Just gonna put it in my videos now before. We talk about the video idea though hello I have a giveaway from my people I'm going to be giving away Hot, Topic merch if you follow both, instagrams, at Jesse ph e. And. At, Jesse trash, I. Put, it through a lower version. Okay. Yes I have an account for my trash long story and, if you think that more people should start posting some, of their real authentic, vulnerable, moments online let's, get this to 25,000. Like or if you ever just get really I don't know jealous, looking at someone's Instagram, or, if you just ever feel insecure about your own life when you look at other portrayals. Of people's lives it seemed very unattainable, and so on if you just ever feel insecure and, it would mean a lot I'm watching, you I know my kids can do it 25,000. Likes I'm watching, you I love and appreciate you all and you all really enjoy my videos where I open. Up I think it's because for me personally I love just showing the side to myself that are human online I think it's so incredibly valuable and impactful. And, I hope that people can relate, to this so I like to make videos that have messaging, behind them and for this one I decided to upload a video where for a whole entire week I decided to only vlog my vulnerable, moments, they're not incredibly, sad I didn't film anything like mid panic attack or anything like that I didn't think that would be productive it's more me just talking about how I feel not only did I talk about why I felt vulnerable but, then what I did to make myself feel better so, that would be productive I loved this video idea I think it's so great whether it's feeling insecure because they don't have colored hair anymore and feeling, like that's a huge part of my identity or, whatever. It is I got really, really, really personal, in this video and every time I felt something it. A bit of insecurity I decided to film how I felt and then also film, how I was going to help myself and I think there's so, much power with that and it, just shows us that no matter who we are we're all human. And that means that sometimes we're, a little broken but we also know. How to fix ourselves and we're learning on, fixing ourselves, even better and more proficiently, that's what my channel is about yeah. Authentically. Portraying, mental health messaging, yeah so hope you guys enjoy and let's. Get started wait for one week I'm going to be filming all the moments where I feel vulnerable. So that sadness and security, and I'm just gonna be documenting, just genuine. Honesty, so I had, a, really, really really really really. Bad. Day yesterday the feelings, are still just. Circulating, so, I lived. By myself and, I've lived by myself since I was 17, and I'm, so, introverted like, I am one of the most introverted people I know if, that makes sense living. Alone has been really good for me but really bad, for me in a lot of ways too I think I'd still be able to get MySpace if I lived with someone else and be able to get a healthier, balance and, just be happier cuz I tend to kind, of isolate myself. And that, would allow for me it's just really not isolating, myself so I'm looking at moving into a house potentially, I'd be paying way less money than I'm paying here which it doesn't sound like it but if you rent a house and like have so many people splitting it can actually save a lot of money that means more, money right directly, into my career and investing, for you guys which is so exciting but I don't. Have a car here so I lived everywhere or uber, and my, uber driver got, in an accident it, was terrifying, an accident, is scary no matter who you are especially with an uber, when you're not even in your own car like your own safe space think you're already out of your element it was really, scary it. Just reminded me of how little control. I have over the, universe, and what happens to me and what happens to my loved ones and it's just I don't know I just like that's been just laying, on my mind and I had it had anxiety, since.

My, Puppy, had, his seizure. And. I didn't know if I'd be able to keep him so getting. Like quite a relapse without definitely, a little bit nerve-racking, but everything. Worked out drivers, safe I am safe I feel positive I feel, good I feel a little bit lonely and scared. I guess about the world, I don't know I feel, like I don't want to leave my apartment today. I don't want to do anything I'm like reminding, myself life, has to go on every, day there are going to be risks you know you're not gonna be in a comfortable situation all, the time and that's, how we all grow as people and that's a magical. Thing also I'm getting a little bit sick which was another fun I did, like a ginger shot and stuff like that and I'm. Going to pray that I get better today, was, a really interesting day I. Tweeted. Yesterday, about, social anxiety and, my, tweet I don't remember exactly how articulate, at it but essentially it was wording, how social, media tends to portray social, anxiety, as oh my gosh I hate everyone and, I love Netflix and, lol, I love pizza and ice cream and sitting at home and watching movies, and I think it's really important, to realize that social anxiety, is so, much more than that it's different for every human being and, what's really cool is a lot of people were voicing, their different opinions it's your voice being stifled it's, wanting to speak and not being able to it's having opinions and feeling that they aren't valid, it's, so, many things I grew up with severe, social anxiety so, it's just like a very personal, topic for me but anyways um I was a Twitter moment, and the tweet went viral which is really cool out. Of any tweet go viral that one was incredibly, personal I mean a lot of mine are but yeah it was really cool but. I'm, feeling, a little bit defeated, I feel, I hate. Change, I hate. Changed so much one, of my really, really really really really really, good friends that's just been here, for me through everything, is moving, away tomorrow. And it's, just it's really hard because, we just got to know each other and this person it just means a lot to me and has, helped me a lot with my own identity death, if you don't know who she is her name is death my, queen she makes a lot of LGBT related, content, and comedy, as well and, she's, moving away and it's just like it's really hard and I'm really busy the next two days and I'm like trying to make time and it's so hard. I don't know I just. Change, sucks man I mean it's so good we all need it and I'm happy, that she's like she's going to NYU grad, like I'm really proud but. It's just uh I feel. Emotional, and I've also like kind of like avoiding, seeing, her because it, hurts you. Know and, that, also it doesn't make me feel good at the same time either way does it it hurts it just hurts so it's like a sentimental. Feeling of feeling down it'sit's realizing. That a lot of things in life aren't forever, and situations. Change and it's not like I'm never gonna see her again like she's moon in New York City I grew up in northern New Jersey it's just difficult.

Hello. Today. I, had. A, little bit of anxiety. Which, is normal, it wasn't, incredible. And it's not, as bad as it used to be back, over the summer it was like constant. Feeling like I couldn't breathe it was just a little bit just a little bit of moments and it's just trying to give all of myself to, everyone I can't do it and I think I need to realize that also, important, thing quality. Of friends over quantity like there are a lot of people that just aren't there for me and that's okay like we just totally like our personalities, aren't totally the same and like I just need to really, focus on the people that I love and I care about like my really good friends and if just like come to that realization so, I think documenting. This is important. But yeah it just also, made. Me feel insecure. That's, also something I've been facing a little bit today just, a little bit of insecurity, my blue hair doesn't remind me of happy times in my life but I still sometimes. Feel. As, if, I'm not. Interesting. Or. Eclectic. Or unique, without, my, colored hair like I'm like I'm boring, with my blonde but my blonde makes me feel really cool and it reminds me of my mom and my mom's like a really big role model in my life and I'm, able to wear every bit of clothing in my closet, and I appreciate, colored hair even more because I'm able to wear wigs so like it's. Definitely, been a lot but I think that insecurity, is slowly, fading a little bit more and just being hard on myself about, numbers and stuff you know I'm like maybe it's because of my blonde hair and I I don't know I just I shouldn't blame myself for, that you know it's, just like when something, goes wrong and it starts, going wrong after I changed, my hair color I assume it's because of my hair color which isn't fair to myself is this hair color makes me happy, I just wanted to update you I've always wanted to cosplay I love cosplay and, I, cosplayed. As 11. And it was a lot of fun look at my 11 dress. Makes. Me feel so pretty, anything else I want to say I'm gonna go eat food it's like 9 p.m. i facetimed my friend Jaclyn I love her so much if you're watching this just tweet at Jacqueline, Glenn and they, Jessi, Paige told me to tell you that you're a queen because, she's been, there for me through like some, of the worst times in my life and she is an incredible human and she's so intelligent and hilarious and, ok that's, it just me time me appreciate my friends and I appreciate my quality, friends, over quantity it's not about how many friends you have it's about having friends that are there for you I have a large quantity of relationships. And people I talk to you and there isn't always potential, for all those relationships to, have quality, to be a quality relationship and, I'm part of myself about that but it's not possible to give my everything to everyone especially when, they don't reciprocate that so don't be so hard on yourself Jessi ok, so. I'm, over myself and Tiffany. Is looking, for the car. It's been almost an hour and I'm getting, dust and I've been off since 6:00 a.m. I'm. Not gonna lie I'm a little nervous and, I'm kind of scared standing, here for myself, really. Scared. Boy. I'm, nervous hello, my people so I just got back from the premiere and it was so much fun i sat, next to the meryl twins and I got to see Jordan, and Casey where I haven't seen in forever, I watched. The movie they contacted, me to promote the movie on Instagram, but I the movie like impacted, me so much that I'm just gonna mention in my vlog I'm not getting people to actually thought it was a great movie but every but the messaging, like that's why I promoted it it's so great she realizes, that it, was just her confidence, that got her to where she was and, not, the way she looked it's all about confidence, and like appearance. And, judging, people at first and, insecurities. And, how everyone, has insecurities. I thought it was remarkable and it was done really, well but anyways then there was an after-party and I just like I don't do, well in social. Situations, with a, lot of people I don't know I don't know like if it's like five of my really good friends, I am like the most like happy, and like extroverted, person, I don't know I felt really out of place and claustrophobic it's crazy how I can feel the, most lonely, when I'm surrounded by people that make sense it just depends on the people if we did this the other day but I've never been at a house party like, I've just gonna like these like formal, like event for, youtubers.

Like You know what I mean so yeah it was really different but it's okay I went home and I like recognized, that that situation just wasn't the best for me and it's okay and I saw Jacqueline, my queen, there oh and I also I, don't know I was kind of nostalgic, because I saw my whole cast from guilty party I saw miles my, king and I saw teyla and, valet and, I don't know it just reminded, me it just sucks and you like don't see people for such a long time and it just reminds me that like one way that you're feeling and one exact, lifestyle, you have most, likely will, change, in a few months you know even if it's just one little thing like things aren't stagnant, and that's like an incredible, thing and life would be boring but also it can just it can be sad knowing you don't see friends, you got to see as much or you know, no it just like reminded me of that just like in life it's just a crazy concept life is weird moments, like that make, mean almost, relapse, when it comes to like my social, anxiety growing. Up I had severe, severe severe, social anxiety and. Along, with that came selective, mutism and I think I definitely faced. That sometimes, like when I'm not in the right situation. I definitely, find myself wanting, to curl, up and give you but okay. I'm getting better when I met some subscribers tonight, and that was really cool and I'm dyeing my hair like, this I love, it too much I'm literally, like can't imagine, not doing this hair it is the, coolest thing it feels very me it's like the perfect makes, it like starting, to get more mature Jesse, Paige and like not damaging, my hair as much but also like fun color Jessie Paige cuz that's just my personality, also I've started, to, on. My Instagram, I've just started to post more videos versus. Photos and it makes me so much happier, I don't know it's just like with a video like you capture a moment and you get accents, of personality. Versus my photo just like you sure I can definitely portray, my personality, and photos to bits a lot easier in video and streaming, you don't want my Instagram, to just be like hey like this is what I look like like, I wanted to be like this is what I'm about this is what I stand for this, is my, humor, as. Stupid, as it is you know what I mean that's always my goal, yeah and just being genuine. Off and authentic it's just what I strive to do though I was just thinking about that and I think it felt uneasy tonight, because it kind of scares me because it's something new but it's something really, exciting, too yeah okay. It. Is currently at 6:40, a.m. which, is incredibly. Early and you're like why are you weak Jessie like I want to sleep at 1:00 a.m. and it's because no, matter what time I go to sleep I've been waking up really early ever, since I came back from Florida okay so this, whole video is just showing you like all that aspects, of my life that aren't perfect so I thought it would show that it's been happening for a month everyday, like I've been feeling, pretty exhausted. They haven't been getting enough sleep because, I've had a like stay up for various things which sucks I don't want to be awake right now but I'm not able to go back to sleep like I just haven't been and it sucks, about. Nothing to do would I just sit around like. For. Like an hour and a half just trying to wake up because like it's it feels unnatural, yes. All I want to just sleep but I think tonight I'm gonna go to sleep like 10:30, just tell myself like Jesse you are going to sleep at 10:30 no matter what because if I go to sleep at 10:30 then, I think I'll get, enough sleep it's just I don't want to go to sleep at 10:30, Frank and I hang out until like 1:00 I am it tonight minute I like I go to parties I don't been, like one in my life and I've never been like a house, high school party it'll be like a YouTube or after party at VidCon, so, yeah, it gets kind of lonely waking, up this early and stuff, like that but the good thing is in New York City this weekend, so that'll be like the one time it'll come into handy I just feel a little. I. Really like the concept of this video I was watching, someone's, vlog we're talking middle little girls watch our vlogs and she heard that they tell their parents that they're concerned that they don't look the way she does or have the life that she does I don't know I've actually gotten quite a few comments, on my Instagram I, think this is what's the most fascinating to, me like as an influencer, now I get comments to my Instagram, saying things like like, I want your life not too many like just a few and it's, just interesting to me because I live my life and, I did the ugly I guess and I'm, like really like.

This Not. As in I hate my life just, isn't like I see the messy parts of it too and like not to say I'm not incredibly. Grateful because I'm so incredibly grateful but with any person's, life there just comes hardship, and yeah, I just I thought that was really interesting on a brighter note though, I've, always been really insecure about my skin and I still have the little areas, like when I go live on Instagram, I have a lot of people there, like wash your face like I do I, don't never understand, it when people say that it's like acne can be very you know it can be based off genetics, it can even be linked to disease and I think saying that is incredibly, wrong like I don't try to get rid of it like it's it's out of my control and, that's what sucks and like that really like hits the insecurities, but um anyway, starting to get a little bit more clear I've started putting on like bought treatments, and that's really been helping a lot so yeah. Hello, it's, currently, Monday. And I, just came back from New York City which was so incredible, was a lot of fun I love meeting my people I had a lot of like beautiful stories that I heard this past weekend, from all of you and it really makes me happy but I got kind of emotional adesh even like mothers tell me their stories too like it's just I don't know I'm just so genuinely, appreciative. But I just came back and I realized that I'm just like I've been over committing, myself recently and like I've just been doing more than I actually physically. Can and I, mean I just said a music festival a few days ago and then three days later I went to New York City and then was there for three days and then three days later and now my comb and I'm going to Florida again in three days and it's I don't know I like to be busy so I don't have time alone to sometimes be like trapped, in my thoughts and because. Of that like I tend to like want to do everything and, so on and it's all live in the moment but like sometimes living, in the moment is, in a way it's doing something everyday sometimes, living in the moment it's just having when you really crave a day at home where you just watch movies it's just doing that and listening to not, only your body but your mind cuz that's so incredibly important, and I think that's something that I've realized and in the future I'm just gonna start, just, remembering, that in order to live in the moment and to fully you know embrace, life and to could experience, things full-on you don't always have to be doing things 24/7, because you're not gonna enjoy those experiences. If you're, exhausted. Physically and mentally and I think it sucks because it, wasn't until it started affecting me physically that I actually started listening and I tend to do that we all tend to do that it's a thing I know. In my heart that mental, health is, just as, important, as physical health and I think they totally go hand in hand like I personally really, believe that sometimes when I have a really good like happy day if I wake up and I start feeling sick but then I have a really good happy day even if it's super busy like my I'll wake up the next morning and I'll feel ten times better versus, if I'm like bedridden, but I'm like not genuinely, happy and present, then I'll wake up the next morning and feel worse that's for me personally that's really what I've observed especially. Stressed. Dress is horrible for the immune system today like, I feel physically, exhausted. And I'm like wow I'm also mentally, exhausted, and I've felt, this way for a while but one, thing that really is making, me so incredibly excited, is get to me the one you guys I don't know I just I love playlists just for that reason getting, to meet you all I think I'm gonna wear my little rainbow t-shirt, I'm excited, for that I just love my people and I am coming, to a lot of like really smart. Realizations. Right now and I'm proud of myself yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm really proud of myself for uploading, it and thank, you for listening like, genuinely, I love, my people a lot I just I need to like tell you that more often just I'm proud, of you all thank you for listening and thank you for caring, like I just, I stand you all slams.

Table So, I'm gonna feature your, pages I love, your username so we stand creative, kids and also. If you're new my branding, is being a father, it started, ironically, and now it's like actually, happening. I'm. A daddy and yes my shirt is a ton of Jigglypuff on it I love. You all and I, will see, you guys in the future we.

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My friend is never inviting me to things and she’s inviting the people that she doesn’t even like. It’s getting me pretty mad. I want her to invite me like she always says she wants to hang out with me. But she always hangs out with her neighbors who she doesn’t always want to be around d she has parties every weekend. And during the week she has hockey. I really love her though and don’t want to ever lose her. She even invited my other friend. And she sees our friend almost every time they have Hockey I just want her to hangout with me more. P. S. I love you so much Jessie your are such an inspiration and make me stronger every time I see your video thank you

Jessie is so inspirational. These mental health videos help me so much, and I love how she tells the truth. Telling the truth and sharing your feelings with other people is really important. Even if it's a lot of people like YouTube or just one of your friends. Showing your flaws is very important! I'm not saying you have to if it really bothers you, but if you're okay with sharing feelings then share the flaws. Share what you don't like about yourself it will feel good to get it out. Anyways I LOVE YOU JESSIE OKAY BYE

Also, I think you might like and somewhat relate to Charlie Davis from Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. It's a good book. This goes for anyone. She, too, has selective mutism, and she also struggles in social situations and curls herself away. But there is a trigger warning for things such as self-harm, rape, abuse, suicide, mental health issues, drugs, alcohol, swearing, and other things. Please don't read if you can't handle any of these topics. Also, the author's note is so very sweet. I love it. And I feel like the book really helps me. There are about 400 pages in the novel. It's so beautiful and captivating and lovely and wonderfully written (to me) that I'm already on page 361 in less than three days. I love the discussion topics at the end, too. There's more I'd love to say, but I can't remember what it was.

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You are remarkable Jessie

I had really long hair for my whole life until yesterday. Now it’s short and dark brown. You are a massive inspiration for me and you dying your hair blonde made me realise that I can change my hair to. I love you so much

Jesses fandom is hella cute @It_Is_Slimey On musical.ly

I don't know if you'll see this but I have an idea, if you wake up early every morning start meditating, it will relieve stress and anxiety and you will probably feel better and sleep better. Hopefully this helps. P.S you are such a cool dad and your vids have helped me so much, thank you!! Xx

You're adorable. I love u

You should move in with adelaine, shell be in town so youll get her happy self and when she leaves to canada youll get your space! Its the best of both worlds

following both igs ;)

"Wash your face" why would somebody say that? Acnee is serious business and it doesn't just go away. We stan a beautiful dad on the inside and outside (bc you are very beautiful and we will support you no matter what)❤

Go Dad! *points at Jessie* (That's my dad!!)

I love love love you. I’m running for Miss Idaho as a part of the Miss America organization this June and my platform is on ending the stigma on mental health in order to reduce suicide rates by simply talking about it and talking to our youth about these important things. Seeing your content and seeing you fight not only for yourself, but for what you believe in, it’s incredibly inspiring. Thank you for fighting for yourself and for this cause! I’m so proud of you. It’s so incredibly hard to put yourself out there like this especially with the stigma on mental illness, but when people like you fight against that fear and continue to talk about mental health in a healthy manner, that’s when you start to see the change. I hope to meet you someday and thank you in person.

I love you Jessie

Jessie I don't care what anyone says, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! You probably don't see that either, but you are much more of a beauty than I will ever be.

I follow both accounts my Instagram account is grace_michelle_131001 if you need to check

How is your puppy?

wow my queen is slaying my entire existence

I love you. You are probably the most special YouTuber out there. Xoxo

I'm so happy I found your channel. You're a really cool person! And thanks for making this video, it helped me feel better about the things I'm going through.

I love you so much I learn so much how to take care of mental health I have schizophrenia and high anxiety keep make videos please


Everyone should definitely know....... JESSIE'S FANDOM IS HELLA CUTE (Cause we r lol) also #DescriptionSquad

You are amazing, Jessie

Anyone else love that Mulan song and flipped when it came on and started singing along

Much respect for showing us your vulnerability, I love you sooooo much

Do you even know how much I FLUFFING LOVE YOU

omg ur so pure “in my pink dress. It makes me feel so pretty!”

Is Jessie gay because she has a lot of rainbow stuff and themed house pls tell me??? Not to be rude I’m just a new subscriber and I’m okay if she is not against it

this is a beautiful concept. i'm so proud of you, jessie

I love you soooooooooooo much Jessie you are the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

How does this only have 9,531 likes in a day. Jessie your children have failed you


such a great video!!!! love you jessie!

It’s videos like this that are the reason I love Jessie

I love this video and I am so happy and thankful you made it

well....is it just me or people with acne are cute... like some people think its gross kinda thing but like all the girls i have seen that have that problem are still so beautiful and when it all comes down to it does it matter what we look like? because personalities are wayyy better then looks because someone can look not so great but have a great and beautiful heart...and some one who is pretty could not have such a great heart... which is sad.. but jessie...if you see this you are so beautiful and i see that in you it shines through..

Im sorry Jessie hope your better

this is such an amazing idea, especially because most people post stuff just to make their life seem perfect and amazing and idk it gives such unreal expectations and can make people feel so bad about themselves! such a cool video :)

Does anyone else find it offensive when people who don’t need glasses wear them like it’s kinda faking a mental illness because it’s trending idk this might not make sense (also no hate I love Jessie)

JESSIE’S FANDOM IS HELLA CUTE! and this was posted the day after my bd and I’m so happyyyy

I have selective mutism and to hear Jessie knows the struggle shows me I’m not alone. It makes me realize that not everyone is perfect and other people struggle like I do. Thank you so much. I love you.

Sometimes I forget that's a Eleven dress because she wears it and owns it!

Do you know that Jaclyn Glenn has said some really transphobic things? It kinda hurts that someone as supportive as you is friends with someone that hurt my community very much but it's your life and idk maybe she doesn't think like that anymore and yea sorry I just needed to say this, I'm sorry if I come off rude or anything that's npt my intention.

ily, you are so inspiring! thank you for posting this video!

Wow starting was amazing ❤❤

Woah. This video gave me chills like 1,000+ times.

You’re sooo genuine and corky it makes me want to cry your heart is so ❤️❤️❤️

Awwwww JESSIE my sister moved away and the pain is still so cutting :(( ;’( I would 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% hangout with you if I lived in LA

I love this video so much. You are my idol and I wish to be like you and this video just adds to how much I love you. Most people only show happy sides of their life to make their life to seem perfect but also not to get other people down. I wish I could be as courageous as you with stuff like this and this video just made my day better 100 times more. I just love you so much and you are my idol!!! ❤❤❤

I love my dad I know that one day I’m gonna win a giveaway because I’m not gonna lose hope ♥️

a wonderful tip for acne: benzoyl peroxide (idk what it is called in english) it works! just be careful with salicylic acid because your skin will hate it they will react and it will hurt and be itchy but you can live without any acid on your skin (I use Benzaknen in germany I don't know what to buy in other countries)

GIRL!!!! I WANT... WE WANT A ROOM TOUR Anddddd Ilysm

Love you. ❤️

I’m so proud of you!!!

To be honest jessiepaege is the best youtuber

I can’t have any social media besides Snapchat and YouTube I guess? But I had no idea that your first puppy died until I saw the video was posted and then I had no idea your puppy’s seizure even happened I just wish I could somehow get updates...And I really care about you! I know you don’t have enough time to give every single one of us attention and I know you have bad days! I have bad separation anxiety I can barely stay by myself and I’ll overthink and get anxious if someone isn’t answering there phone. I have noticed I get way to insecure and I have had trouble with confidence and sometimes all I want to do is cry because I’ve had a bad week or day. I try and seem and stay happy. You and Joey Kidney help me SO much! And I know you get a bunch of these comments and I don’t even care if you notice me or not because I feel like this comment is just a helpful note to some people! Love yuh! ❤️

"i feel the most lonely when i'm surrounded by people" not even kidding, i say this and question why i always feel this way all the time. it was only this year that i noticed that this has been me my entire life. i think the reason is because i'm observing everyone else and comparing myself because of my insecurities. it's in those moments when i realize how singular i am compared to the people around me and it feels so much more isolating than when i'm actually alone

Do you think you can done a new video all about body confidence because you are so confident but i guess sometimes you might not be. Love youu and your videos x


Love you Jessie, please make a video of your everyday playlist ❤️

We're proud of you Jessie

Jessie this is so amazing thank you for being you and showing is about it

Hi Jessie. This message is basically like an advice, like if you want to take it great, if not it's fine. Well, I have seen that some parts of your apartment are a little messy, which is fine, we all are messy. But talking from personal experience I have realized that the physical mess around you can be a reflection of your emotional state and viceversa, so when I clean the spaces around me I feel a little better about my life and my energy in general gets better, lighter and brighter maybe. So there's that, it has worked for me so. Anyways I love you and I'm really proud of all your personal progress and I wish you keep getting better and better. Bye

The message in this video is soooooooooo good. I relate to alot of stuff that you said and I think you are realy brave for posting this. Thank you.

Me and my sister always sing make a man out of you from mulan all the time

Im so proud of you! I literally wrote down every quote you said

I love watching your videos .They really inspires me and fill me with positivity. I don't know what to say about this video because it's just amazing it inspired me a lot. We all love you Jessie ❤

Favourite video you've ever done. Ily

Tbh Blonde does make u look plain but if u feel good

Cool video Jessie! I'm not gonna lie, my first worry was that it'd sorta glorify the things you were talking about (like having anxiety or feeling sad) especially if there is a younger (or more impressionable) audience watching. -Although, the way you handled the idea (particularly the parts when you reassure yourself or think things out) made it much more respectable, helpful, sweet, and made me feel more in touch with myself when reflecting on things the same way you did. I would enjoy more videos with this sort of 'we can all learn from this' type of turn! I've always appreciated down to earth things and hope this video can teach you a few things!

i love this video so much thank you for everything u do

I'm so proud of you dad xx

*I’d totally go lesbian for Jessie Paege*

Thank you for being my dad

A queen I STAN * slams table *

Jessie you’re an inspirational angel. I’ve always had that life is awesome kind of lifestyle but now I’ve realized that is wrong and you help me trough that a lot. Thnks for being a true queen ❤️

You’re always so inspirational I love you so much


I live in nyc!

thank you jessie you're such an inspiration

I think you should do I draw my life

Why are you so awesome!!?

1:20 Me when I look at Jessie's Instagram

I appreciate this so much. I love this video so much

I really liked this video because I have been feeling super emotional lately because my school year is ending and I made lots of good friends so it's hard to move away from dorm and back to my city which is far away from them. So I just felt like i'm not alone when jessie said that her friend is also moving away and feeling emotional.


Ahhhh I loveeee youuuuu jessssiiiiieeeee just know that we will always be here for you

You have no idea how much this helped me today. Thank you ❤️


i love this video!!!

Omg Jessie... you are literally my favorite person. You're so real and brave and inspiring and wonderful and just incredible. I have been a subscriber for about a year now and seeing you grow and just find yourself is amazing and inspiring. It has really helped me excel in life and continue to find myself little by little and I think that's a huge part of living. I am so proud of you

II love that you're honest and open about your issues... im insecure all the time gurl :D I literally stayed inside for like 10 days straight because i hate myself. Having depression episodes like every two hours. I cant even start my homework for the next week and a week is already gone. I have started to write more often and i decided to make an Instagram account for my poem. I really hope it would grow and people would hear my voice... i cant talk otherwise and my emotions are hidden inside. It would be so great if you can check my poem out. Most of them are depressing but i thing you can relate especially with a poem called JUDGES. My insta is @m_v,poetry .

your body isnt wrong society is, if you have acne or stretch marks or fat or you dont like your hair or your chest size or your face shape ect. its you. you were made this way for a reason, it is hard but you need to learn and try to love yourself. love. yourself. first. Lets take a flower for example, you arent going to pluck a flower then say "oh i wish this flower was blue, and had more leaves, no thorns, bigger petals. that flower is just like you, you are that way. i have terrible acne but ive learned over years that i can still be me and feel happy in my skin and be proud of who i am with acne. you are you and of course we can change who we are on the outside and inside but dont let society tell you youre wrong.

I love her laugh ❤️❤️❤️

I love that you show your vulnerability, it makes us feel closer to you and I really appreciate that. I love u ❤️

It takes so much strength to do this, we’re all so proud of you



This video is really realteable and I think that's why you have so many loving fans is because people can really relate to what you upload. I love this video because I have a lot of the same self confidence levels and feelings as you at times and it really sheds light to prove that you really aren't alone and other people struggle with the same things. Thanks dad we stan **slams table**

When I'm feeling alone and sad I watch your videos and they always make me feel better. I guess knowing that I'm not alone and having these little reminders that it's okay to not be okay, that everyone has bad days, makes me feel more understood and like I have people who understand what it's like (although I do wish everyone and everything was just happy and that no one went through this kind of stuff) Love your videos! Love your personality! Love this video idea! Have a fantastic day!

I never knew you were friends with Jaclyn Glenn!? Literally all my favorite YouTubers are like literally friends xd

you are so real and such a beautiful person ❤❤❤

JESSIE'S FANDOM IS HELLA CUTE (and so is jessie :P)

Love your videos so much ! I STAN

I get so excited when I get your notifications


Omg whata daddy laugh

love you so freaking much!!!!


This is such a beautifully honest video. Amazing Jessie.

Such a beautiful Angel. I love you so much you always lift my spirit

Thank you so much for this. I get a lot of similar problems that you mentioned in this and this made me feel more normal. I often feel like these problems make me alienated from everyone else but this helped prove that there is nothing crazily out of the ordinary.

Come. On . Guys. Just 15K more

awh i love how you put in the text for emphasis


i love this video much :)

Legend has it...jessie might acually pin you if your early and love stranger things

I could honestly never do this

I, person, really needed this




Hi Jessie!! I love your videos and I hope that you are feeling good!! You have such an amazing heart and personality and you are so brave for posting this video!!!! Thank you for being your incredible self! Love from Andrea ❤️

I like when you film stuff and it seems more raw and real, like instead of your fancy table setup, its just like look im filming on the side of my bed , of ow look im in my living room. I like that more then just a fancy set up,. love you Jessie!, and remember Jessie and everyone your hair color is just a hair color and it does not make you who you are. :D

Oh no! I’ve been camping all weekend with no WiFi so I missed another amazing video. This was such an amazing and inspirational video and I have gained so much more respect for you after this video (obviously I respected you before). It is so nice to know that people like you feel like this. You can inspire so many people by making videos like this and it is so amazing that you can open up like this online. I love you and your channel so much! Stay strong because it’s ok to feel things like this and you have helped me realise that feeling things like this just make you human. Ilysm ❤️

When u look through social media and u see someone who is beautiful or just having a really active life u feel so alone and wonder y u can't be like that

This video is so good. I really like your content


I hope you don't move in with Adeline it will make Cloe feel bad since you bailed on her.


I love you soooooooooooo much Jessie you are the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I understand exactly what you’re saying :( my cat passed away a couple days ago and I’m not feeling well with it

It's so cute when she goes "wee"

You are always interesting and unique

You should make a video with just you and frank answering questions from us.

This video is so amazingly creative and I love you so frikin much for this excact reason. You are so real with us and you can tell us anything we are all here for you. WE ALL LOVE YOU DAD ❤️

JESSIES FANDOM IS HELLA CUTE (not as cute as Jessie herself and jessies fan account on insta cough cough @jessiepaege.e)

I was afraid seeing your worst moments would affect my mental health but actually this was pretty educational

i follow both my insta _vickyysalazar_

I can relate so much to the good and bad aspects of living alone, i experienced this recently when i went back to uni. It really helped to hear this, as i've been self-criticising over the fact that I struggled with it. I adore the fact you show all sides to you online, we need more people like you in the world! I don't know if you've watched Brene Brown's TED Talk on "the power of vulnerability", but it helped me so much and really rings true with what you post. I think you'd love it! xxx

Jessie fandom is hella cute!

This is so inspiring Jessie Xx I love that your not being fake to your fans as a lot of youtubes put on a fake act Xx❤️ilysm ❤️❤️

i love u dad

Is she bisexual? I haven’t watched her for a while and I feel like I missed out on things

She's getting skinnier in every video


wow I loved this so much

To the 73 of u who unliked.. whyy


you're very brave to do this video bc a lot of youtubers only show their happiest moments and are insecure about these kinds of moments, so kudos to you for doing this video!

I love you Jessie. I can relate to the things you talk about and it makes me feel like.. I'm not alone. Like your the most positive person and when I'm upset income to your channel. Your probably not gonna read this but I just love you so much

come to your channel*

I'm 18 and I have selective mutism, severe social anxiety and depression and IDK how you survive on your own. I could never do it. I'm hardly surviving with my family.

You’re such a wonderful person and this is a beautiful video with such a great message. Thank you ☺️

Jessies fandom is hella cuteee


Could you be more of a role model?? ilysm

No daddy!!!! Don’t be sad yr children love you. I STAND

This is the stuff young girls should be seeing, a few years back i used to think everybody was always happy and there was something wrong with me.

We love a space queen


the songs!!! The songs!!!

I learned a lot from you Jessie ❤ ily

i am so freaking proud proud proud of you!!!!! you are so strong

Omggggg u r cloes roommate haahahaaaaaaa


Only 75 dislikes!? Wohooo our dad is awsome✩✩

watching your video makes me fell worth it

you make me fell wanted


This is so brave of you, thank you for being so real and truthful with us

We love a mulan sing along ✨

You need a man to straighten you out.

YES STEVEN UNIVERSE AND MULAN AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS I STAN IT ALL *slams table so hard it explodes* Also I love this video so so so much Jessie, I really enjoy and love how authentic you are and this video really moved me and helps me remember that everyone (even amazing people like you) still go through hard times and get sad

loved the steven universe jam


Dad where do you buy your glasses

Jessie, you inspire me to help me be myself!!!! I have Anxiety and High Functioning Autism & i know your stuff is tough. i have it going on but you help make it better. :)-Elizabeth


Your hair! Omg! I love itttt

i just want you to know that my goal in life is to be a discount jessie paege

i love you and i love how you are able to express vulnerability even though it is often mistaken as weakness. I think we need to stop thinking that it is weak to show your feelings. Thank you for sharing this with us. I really appreciate it.

We love an inspiring dad

The intro YAS

5:12 What?! Lol I really can’t understand what was said lmao but it sounds so funny

Jessie's fandom is HELLA CUTE!!!

(ive been following you lol @blushing4multi && @huggingpaege but anyways). im so proud of you Jessie. you’ve honestly come so far. im so proud too be able to say i stan & look up to you. your such an amazing & genuine person. and such a real & caring influencer, and it makes me so proud, happy, and hopeful of how far you’ve come...

This is my first time watching you. I found u so randomly! You commented how much you loved liange on one of her ig pics and kabam here i am! How do u keep your hair so healthy and long if you change it as much as you said ??? Ive been thinking that the whole time ive been watching and u just said right this second that youre dying your hair again! Lol anyways im a new fan :) and your personality (& hair) rocks!!! ♡ jojo

I know exactly what you mean when you say you feel lonely when you're surrounded by people❤️ I was at a school dance a couple weeks ago and I don't have a lot of friends and no best friend who I'm really close with, so I was all alone and seeing so many groups of friends and then all the photos on Instagram the next day just made me feel so lonely. But I just get too nervous around people to get really close to someone. A lot of people think I'm really weird too and just don't want to get to know me. Also in that situation I just felt like I didn't have a place and people who I hung out with for a little bit I just didn't feel like I belonged. I don't know. It was just stressful I guess most of the social/dance. Love you and your videos so much❤️ I feel like I can relate to you in a lot of ways. You deserve to be happy every day❤️

Did she loose subscribers.. I swear she had way more than 1.4 at one moment?

Can you make more of these kind of video's?!

I dealt with selective mutism as a child and I still deal with anxiety daily. I love when you brought that up. I love you more and more man ❤️

i'm rly insecure oh and also i'm not human i'm a chicken nugget

this video is helping me get through my girlfriend's break from social media ah



She’s does not do the giveaways she just does it so u follow her on instagram


we stan a daddy who cares about her sons

Was I the only person who just wanted to push her glasses up

I am an an outrover yet i have social anxiety and other anxietys aswell



I love you so much, Jessie! Your videos and your voice make me so happy and the things you say are always so beautiful and healing.

JESSIES FANDOM IS HELLA CUTE! ❤️ buttttt, on a different note, I want to thank you. You have helped me in so many ways, and I cannot thank you enough for it. I have very severe anxiety, I do online school because of it. But since watching your videos, and feeling like I’m apart of your life in some ways. It has made me realize that life goes on, and no matter what I can’t ever give up. It’s like you’re my supportive best friend and we’ve never met, so for that and so many more things, I thank you.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love so much how you use your social media platform for good! You are such an inspiration even if you don't think you are, you really are!!! I love you so much!!!

Jessie, I love you so so so so so so much. You help so many people in every single way. You are so adorable and sweet and fucking amazing. I'm sending all my love every minute of the day.

I think I'm going to do this, I've been trying to decide how to start my channel but why not just start with the realist thing

I love this video so much.


i really want to meet you. we both went through lots of anxiety and i love you so much jessie. to me being sad is healthy, you have to be at least experienced sadness in your life.


I love you Jessie! You're such a strong person, and an inspiration! You're the reason I'm trying to be a youtuber!


jessie’s fandom is hella cute!♥️

I love you

Thanks for always being so real with us *WE ALL LOVE YOU YOU SO MUCH

Love this video! ♡ ily so much Jessie x

I love the stranger things into

the uber crash sounds scary, and i really hope youre okay :) if it makes you feel better my school bus crashed wheni was 12 but it was only the windows on one side and no one got hurt. Youre not alone and you are an amazing person. i hope that this makes you feel a little bit better.


I love you so much Jessie. I love how real you are with us in every video not just this and for that I love you.

That Steven universe intro song


Jessie, you are so true. Listen to "I'm' not okay" by MCR if you're upset they get you as much as we do. ove you so much.

Omg thank you so much for being honest with us. It makes me more confident to share my feelings with other people. Your so inspiring to me.


Who else is on a Jessie Paege binge watch?

Jessie s fandom is hella cute ❤



How have you lived by yourself since 17!?

i wish i could like this video a million times. this has helped me a lot. just the little things, the little pieces of advice that you give in this video mean the world.

nu bby dont cryyyyy

My name is jacklyn



please to your happiest moments too i love you so much father bean

Every 1 of these of sad moments ive gone thru Or going thru RN I've been crying anxious & so Broken &


This is probably my favorite video of yours

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