I Don’t Fit In (the Beauty Community) & That’s OK!!! | Jackie Aina

I Don’t Fit In (the Beauty Community) & That’s OK!!! | Jackie Aina

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel - girl Jackie. Ina take. A Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka, Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka, Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka, Chicka Chicka so today I have, a nice healthy roster, of new PR new products that I haven't tried in well. I haven't earned them at all today we're just gonna be giving you an update on what's new what's crack-a-lackin', what's popul, opping, all that good good RS, couture new glosses, have reloaded, refreshed. I never really, paid attention to. The fancy brow products, they just kind of came and went I never it just I like what I like and I'm a benefit. Brown girl I'm not gonna lie but lately I've been kind of cheating on benefit with Maybelline, and omma Beauty so if I can get open enough to do that I'm gonna give these fancy brow pencils a shot as well also I never got a chance to feature Carli bybel and Nastasia palette so we're, gonna get into all the good good on today's video I, was actually supposed to film as hours ago and then I. Kind. Of happened, and here we are I am oyster eyes in my skin right now for the sake of the tutorial but, like if you wanna ask me why is my skin so shiny and it's like cuz I have oily, skin obviously, I, mean also, I film, in really. Really high-powered, expensive, lights everything's, intensified, you know my skin is not as shiny, I think it's people exaggerated. In the comments sometimes some, of us have a natural glow and the rest of us are ashy so if you can't play then just be a sheet, I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding that was my Tasha water cream by the way sometimes I'd like to do a little skincare, in my videos just to keep you know keep you guys oh there whatever also, side note I'm not gonna do this in the video I already use these earlier today but these eye patches, from pixie you guys are really good I use them for the. First time was. It these days. Yeah. It was these it was the fortify, firming, eye patches I used these in the afternoon this morning after I did my mask routine, they were really nice like I actually really. Liked the little serum they leave behind on my eyes yes I know my lid just I know it's claw Keable don't judge please leave, my lace out of this she didn't sign up to be a youtuber, I did, leave, her alone I'm a prime using my milk, hydro, grip, primer, shots, of his being like the primer of the year for me 2019. We haven't really seen a new, innovative. Primer, since, the tatcha still, what was that called the silk Candice base I was all about that primer 2018, and I feel like this is the next best thing when it comes to primers they're all kind of the same but this one. Has. Been it really has been the next best, thing since, the one from tatcha first, of all real quick if you got this far subscribe, don't be disrespectful, okay we're on the road to formally, representation. Is important, there is no one in the beauty community that looks like me that has hit that milestone yet let's work on it even if it's not me I just want to see you done anyway, I was talking to my best friend earlier spilling, a little tea. Will. Kombucha. If you will I always stress how important, it is to have, a, mix of friends that are like industry, friends, and non industry, friends this is the new loose setting powder from minted I haven't tried this yet I've been holding out for a, video for you guys and I pretty much love everything.

From Minted but and calm however I'm, really picky when, it comes to translucent, powder so, oh. Wow. This, looks darker. Than I thought this was gonna be a highlight powder this may just be the powder, that'sthat's, my whole face we're gonna see them oh you do know I love to set my primer with powder first so, I'm gonna go ahead and do that definitely, mattifying, soaking, up all the shine that y'all come all the time meanwhile, I haven't, found wrinkles. And have not been I'm 32 and all thing on that was good is good for something my, good this spring, I cannot, stick, to the point wow so constant, creator alright that's my main gig. We, can we can just say that that's my mate one main gigs right I think that, what. I was telling to her is that it is so important. To. Kind. Of like be so, much more than, just what. You put. Online the. Reason, why I say, that is because if. It wasn't a thing then, I wouldn't have to say that you know what I mean that was my maybelline, superstay stick. Foundation, I would like to use a really dense brush to blend out stick foundation so I'm gonna take this one from venti and. Just go yeah I. Just, feel like when you are getting. So. Much positive attention online and. People like you and people are constantly praising, you 24/7, it's very easy to get caught up in that it's a lot easier than you guys think and put, all of your self-worth and value in. That and not much more outside of that and that can be very dangerous I appreciate. And I try to cultivate as much as I possibly can the relationships, I have outside of YouTube because they kind of bring you back to reality in. A way in, a lot of ways also, because, this is for the moment for me I can come to you guys the same way with my friends right so if something. Isn't conveyed, in the most verbally, perfect way I apologize. In advance sometimes. When you film you, don't think in a way we're like oh okay, I can, predict, how this is going to be interpreted you're just kind of like venting, at that moment unfortunately. Those moments are documented, it's like even more, harshly. Scrutinized. Oh please just be graceful in that I'm just really just, speaking, right from, where, my head's at right now, in this moment even though I have had these thoughts for a while but anyway there's, a reason, why even. Since I was a kid there's always been a reason why I've never really, fit into like, groups or cliques, the number one thing I thinking has to do with is seeing, my, mom never. Really fitting into groups or cliques because I feel like the way we cultivate. Friendships, relationships they. Can either come from our parents we can be a byproduct of what our parents are or we can build a new life you know and and change our own preconceived. Destinies. Of how we were raised right I feel like I'm a combination of both my parents, don't, really have friends. I. Have friends, but. When it comes to group. That's. Where, from. Me like, it just never really fits, it, never really fits, or. When do you. When. Do you. When. Do you it becomes. That. Kind of vibe let's go back to the point okay basically what I was trying to say is growing up I always thought my parents as like these two standalone. Individuals. Who kind of like fought for, themselves thrived, for themselves and all, of the above y'all have been harassing, me about this brand l maquillage in, their complexion, products and they just sent me their concealers, which, is kind of strange like, I don't know why they sent the concealers, but never send the foundation, whatever. I don't really know much of anything about this launch but they seem. Like they're gonna be a pretty full coverage launch now, because we are chatting. In, this video very serious, topic I'm not really gonna give like a full review I'm just gonna kind of like move past all the products and keep moving I hope you guys don't mind but, of course I'll share my thoughts as they apply so, the first thing I'm gonna try out is, 16.25.

That. Looks a little too neutral. I want to use one as a corrector. This one is shade 22, and it's straight, Orange, I don't know if I want that under my eye though, I don't know fine. Fair, game and so, far these are actually. Pretty good colors, because I'm seeing a little bit of all of them seeing a little bit of neutral but. 15. To 5 is pretty nice and this is the one that I'm kind of peeping, that's the darkest shade by the way I lied I forgot one more that's a really good color I don't know if y'all see that here let me just give you my close up hand that's a good that's, a very rare color you see on neutral that is so, I'm using a little bit of. 16.5. Around. My mouth and it's, pretty red also, pretty neutral hopefully. It doesn't make my foundation. Look too wonky there's, a lot of really interesting takes. On being. A youtuber, and specifically. Being, a beauty. Influencer, like you guys also have to remember that like I've been on YouTube for 10 years and I always say, that because I feel like context. Is important, I don't say that because I'm childlike, are my way into making people feel like I'm grandfathered. In or something even, though I kind of am I used to think people were, like exaggerating. When they would say oh, the. Beauty industry is so catty no one gets along everyone's, fake everyone stops each other in the back no one is loyal to anyone no, one can keep any friends, everyone, smiles, in your face, and will still upload, pictures of you on the Instagram blah blah blah I always thought people were exaggerating. When they say stuff like that because to, an extent I do kind of still feel like that does rain true it is it's. A lie okay, it's a lot but this year okay. Okay. Oh that's, dark that's dark the thing is with under-eye correcting, you gotta find something that is like red enough but like don't also. Make. It look like you have dark circles and I feel like I might have just did, the opposite of what I want but it's okay it's blit okay it's blowing out okay all right this is a very weird formula it's like apply, snitch but then waters down girl, know what you mean by I'm fabulous. Fabulous, means, full coverage and I'm not getting full coverage by pipes so we need baby but I look at how nice though like oh my that blended out pretty good the Realty is there. Is a lot of sadly. A lot of truth to that a Dodge about, people, being fake and it's. I've. Never experienced, it to be true until like this year I know you guys see. It and you, guys know I don't talk about it and like we're not gonna sit, here and do. A tell-all it's, really not that deep I actually wanted to make this video one because I feel like you know I'm human I have a right to vent especially, to the people who support my channel sometimes. Where there's smoke there's fire and I I want, to turn an. Opportunity. To talk about you know maybe somebody else's out there is going through this similar, thing at a job or at school and they just feel like they don't really fit in and I honestly like, as the, role model to a lot of you guys that I am whether that's intentional or not like I wanted to talk about this because I want y'all to know like deep down from the bottom of my full.

Lace, 32. Inch chocolate. Brown oblong, lace, wig. You'll, be alright bro, like if I can be alright you, gonna be alright so I'm gonna take fifteen, as my, highlight, shade and I'm. Michael I these. Applicators. I have a love-hate, relationship, with these applicators. Like I like the way they apply the product, but I feel like once I go to blend this out it's gonna disappear so. That was 15 now I'm gonna take 13 point 5 because 14 was a little too pink for my liking and this is like a really nice buttery. Yellow golden. Shade and I'm gonna also double. Up on these two I feel like these two are gonna be nice together I don't know if I'm having, a tough time as, an influencer, it's not that I'm having a freaking awesome time you know I am, living a life I never thought I would ever be able to do 10, even, 20 even. 5 years ago never, saw these things for me I'm using. The bellas brush now I do wish, that sometimes the circumstances. Of the life that I'm living were, a little different but you know what this, is just the cards that have been handed, to me and I'm gonna do the best that I can in the position that I am to, make the most out of them and that's what I think I just do most. Of the time in general like that's why I'm sitting here and I have this platform that's why I make videos today oh. Damn. I, didn't even know I had this my, bad let. Me stop cuz I'm getting way too concealer, happy I'm scared, now I know that there's a lot of stuff you guys pick up one I do realize, that even, just by me making this video it is gonna open up possibly, for more speculation, what I don't want to do is create, an environment where. People feel like because, they saw me talking about this that they now have to go trying, to figure out who it's about or what it's about that's kind of not, really the point at all because like I can handle my own and I do handle my own put, it this way the only reason why I'm even talking about most of this and eyeshadow now is because it's already been privately addressed so the difference between a lot of other people is I actually pull up in person you, know I don't just run this little show here first, but I actually pull, up in person, what's good. A lot. Of people can't relate including, your face but no. But seriously though like I, don't. Want anybody to feel like they have to go crusade, I'm having me please don't sometimes, I find that kind of corny especially, when you do it blindly, you don't even know and then you come for them please don't do that please, look at all this blend it out not too shabby. It's kind of sheer, definitely. A lot more sheer, I don't think f uck. I'm flawless, is an appropriate name for this concealer, because when I think of flawless. I think of completely, free, of any flaws, I think, of complete, spackle. I think, of complete, complete. Block, me out coverage. And I'm, not getting that but I do think it is a beautiful, formula, and it just looks like my skin and, it's. Doing what needs to be done at them, at a minimum, at a bare minimal, level if that makes sense I'm put on some warning I really. Really, really enjoy, being a youtuber, I think, there are so, many amazing. Positive. People that I met in this industry I, really.

Want To hold onto those experiences, as much as I possibly can, and try, to focus on that more, than I do trying, to figure out you know why you're not liked by somebody. Or why you are liked by said whatever ask yourself, in five years is this gonna matter probably, not and if the answer is probably not or just flat-out no then, you gotta move on like who cares I'm, gonna take, 16.25. And do, a little bit of comp, nope not, dark enough and to neutral nope not gonna do it on this side to even it out I meant to grab seventeen, there we go, that's why I was confused, seventeen. Is really. Neutral I was kind of inspired to talk about this in the video because my girl Rocio and I just love her like she's just such like a gym in this community she tweeted, about how she, also feels, like she doesn't really fit in she never really feels like she's fit in or I guess she was like saying like when am I gonna fit into the industry or you, know like just yeah just like what, am I gonna fit somewhere and thought, it was so. Personal, to me that I spoke on this because what I told her in response to her tweet is baby girl like, I have. Never, fit in anywhere. And it was the time why I didn't fit in where I really was able to like hone in and focus on, my craft and perfect, my content, and take. A look at like why people weren't and you're like I got to focus on so many other things when I wasn't focused on what everyone else thought of me or why. Everyone, else wasn't accepting me if that makes sense so I spoke to that and I said that to her because it was something that was extremely personal. Because I was like girl if you only knew it doesn't get easier at, the top either like I'm at the top of course I don't have the most subscribers, on YouTube but I'm definitely not a beginner been here for a while pretty, notable voice in the community the, beauty community the black community, communities. In general even, for me like you would think it gets easier, once you become pop in I try not, to become jaded I truly, do try not to become jaded from this industry like when you're just like over it and you just kind of like stop participating, and you're stopped going to events and stuff and you stop when it trips and there are people like that that I'm just like girl you got to put yourself out there if you want to be like accepted, and now I never I hate this but like I understand, those those influencers. Who have just been sold withdrawn, now I now, understand. Them more than I more. Than I ever, have. In my entire life, I thought I told it, now. For, people who are you know aspiring. Influencers. Or influencers. Who are already, doing, it making it growing, climbing, all that good stuff if you don't see. Yourself as being accepted. By a particular group of people or, just being accepted, in general, honestly. I'ma, just say that's, kind of like what you, gotta prepare for don't get so bummed out if you, aren't, being. Accepted. The, way that, other people are because, it, is not an experience that's unique to just you it is, definitely, kind. Of to be expected I. Guess, I'm trying is what I'm trying to say I'm setting my under eye now with my mented powder. That. Sucked up the oil real, nice I'm. Using the brown one by the way I'm also gonna set the center, of my forehead, gang. Unfortunately. One, thing that I can say from, experience is. That when. You, aren't. Accepted. By. One person. In a clique it affects, the dynamics of the entire, clique, and I just, decided for myself that I am too. Free, thinking, of an individual. To participate in, that at all it, doesn't work for me because you know what I'm gonna ask questions, and I'm gonna be like but wait a minute but why don't you like her but she didn't do anything wrong, like I'm sometimes, loyal, to a fault, but I know how to call a spade a spade the, thing is is I won't do it in front of your girls I'll pull you aside and be like girl you definitely you got me try it like what are you doing girl I'm loyal to a fault but not to the detriment, of going. Out of my way to not. Befriend, someone just because one person says, I shouldn't, unfortunately. There is a lot of that there really is a lot of that because I've, just been in too many situations where I'm just like something's. Just not adding up, I'm gonna go back to shade. This. Concealer, and I've. Been doing this lately with like liquid. Concealers, and foundations lately. Instead of my bronzer, and I'm gonna blend this house my, little fake a nose contour, without actually, having to contour, you know it's like the way this looks when you blend it up into your brows you know dr. Brown spent time Vale's the, real truth, the truth she'll come out now I'm gonna take my minted bronzer this is season 1 from, the Ashley, Blaine Featherston collab this dark one here, and I'm gonna take that I think this would make a really nice bronzing, brush this is nabela's, brush from her ELF collab i forgot i think we use is for blush last time but you know what she kind of hit different, with bronzer, nabela, is somebody, that i truly.

Think Is such a gem, in this industry, she's such a breath of fresh air when, I have friends like, her, like deepika like Alyssa like, Nima then. Don't I have to fit in we separately, fit in somewhere, I truly, do have a wonderful. Inspiring. Group, of young women that I admire, and look up to and, I don't think anybody, in this industry is trying to like go out of their way to be it well that's not true there are sometimes people that do go out of their way to just be, downright, not good person, it's, very rare though as far as like but not fitting in it's not at all to say that those people are bad I'm sorry I'm just trying to get comfortable these. Aren't bad people you guys and that's why I don't want anybody to feel like they have to go out and like verbally, unleash, someone please don't I feel like that's very childish, I'm gonna take care of myself I know how to handle my own I just feel like everybody. Is just doing what they got to do to try to fit in sometimes, it means not being so what the hell is. This, okay. I was not expecting this I was expecting a spooly but you know what I'll sure, I remember those are teeth brushes I used to love those brushes but look that's, exactly what, the opposite end of the brow pencil looks like not expecting, that but okay a lot of nice people in this industry who are also like, I. Mean. You can be a really nice person and also be really fake and inauthentic you can two things can be right at the same time I'm just saying. Personally. Like what I struggle with is like nice to your face but like these people don't actually support you which also brings me to another thing I got a lot of comments I saw a lot of chatter about this with my palette coming out I really, do appreciate people's, support of, me. And like I know that you guys want to see me do well and I know that you guys want to see me get the support that I often lend to other people I totally understand that but I would rather focus on the people who did support my palette and who did do looks it on my palette and instead, I, saw a lot, of people you know making a big fuss, about wasn't. Talking about the palette and it's okay, you know like I don't think there's anything wrong with pointing, that out in a respectful, like we can have a healthy discussion about it that's totally fine but I, feel like that was.

Bigger Than. What it needed to be in my opinion I do feel like it took away from so many of the people who really really did like calm through, and support that palette and there were so many people who did you know so the shade that I'm using in the affinity brow pencil is black brown. This. Is dark brown so black brown must be darker than brown. Dark. Brown yeah. You, see no. You see the precision. Ma'am I don't know what I was expecting but it definitely wasn't, this I thought thin sea brow was gonna give us something real soft, and real bushy but, this is giving me precision, honey we're shaping honey you know I don't do the concealer, on my brows anymore I like a really. Waxy. Hard, consistency. With my brow pencils and I do it on top of foundation so it's got to be even more waxy, and hard on top of that it can't be too soft can't be too plushy it just looks terrible. Over foundation so this one I really like oh this, dark brown is a really. Pretty Coco, E Brown cut that's so, pretty I'm gonna, use that right. At the head of my brow and draw upward, you, know what I took, a quick Instagram, break and I saw a quote that really, resonated. With my spirit, and it said never regret being a good person to the wrong people because it says a lot more about you, everything, about them never regrets, being, a good person, to the wrong people that's, a good way to actually segue, into the, continued, part of this conversation and, that is never, change who you are for, anybody you, know don't become hard as a rock because, you're so used to being stepped. On and, and walked all over like I get it I get it I come from both sides of the fence because when I was younger I was believe it or not such a pushover and, like I couldn't be assertive. And I couldn't make decisions for myself I couldn't stand up for myself the way that I really confidently. Can now and. This. Is this new you a palette, it looks really pretty I'm wearing, pink and stop sorry about if you don't like it okay I like pink chaddi I'll complain about that I'm. Gonna use the. Shade, kiss, me and garments, oh. I. Was just saying how it's, a lot of things slide now, I'm an adult I find myself sometimes I have to tell myself to calm tone it down Jackie, like you know don't let that to keep that ego in check I'm, working on finding a pretty good balance between the, old me who was a pushover and, was, a little too nice and me. Now. 10-15. Years later who. I go a little too hard you know I'm learning. To find that balance now, are we is so sweet by the way she's definitely I, would say one of the few youtubers, who just hasn't, switched up I'm so happy for her phone, call her for a long time and I feel like a BH is like her first big, big big major collab, I could be wrong I mean she, did misguided, but like for beauty though now, that she has her pallid with a pH I'm pretty sure this was like her biggest make of collapse at 8 I think it's amazing, she made a palette that works for her complexion and she made a palette that she likes and just.

Like I did with like a lab like I don't believe in people making collapse for the sake of it like don't put your name on something that you don't believe in period, when I made my palette, everybody was like we thought she was gonna do neon why. When, have you ever seen me wear like I rarely, do that why would you ever think that hello. The. Action reminds me a lot of why started my channel because when it comes to black road and makeup it's like they either make you really soft or they make you look like a page, out of them at like I don't want to look like eclectic. Just because I have dark skin and really. As some people like to describe as, strong. Features, I don't want to look like an, editorial, piece all the time I want makeup to look pretty so I made a power that's pretty for me thank, you and Carly has done the same needless to say she's, obviously on the opposite side, of this shade, spectrum, as I am and do. I think it's the most world, I brush, is. What. I was about to say is that I love the, color scheme of this palette but it, is definitely a palette, if you are a chocolate girl with myself like you're probably gonna have to use this with something else because as far as like, this, except. For moo-moo looks like a really cute shimmer shade I wouldn't, be able to use most of the mattes in this palette, they would definitely, read, Ashley, I like Stev is that stab receive I'm not sure the shippers on all the way here for like I love mandala. I love Libra, I love Oh a I, love aura I love my angels I love Jodi libras. But like all the shippers are bomb real, quick though I'm gonna highlight using, my Fenty, Paulo, at, me when, did this come out I feel like I don't think I've actually used this in a video yet, oh oh, she oh, she, is, I see honey, so. Pretty though well that being said what Bible might be a little too light so here's here's my module me take my pallet I'm gonna take Pinker, and Bible, and mix them both together I'm gonna start off by sleeping, them both into, my crease area and all over, my eyelid, and the two of these colors together, actually. Are looking real tasty, that's, pretty, then, I'm gonna jump into. Stab. Which, is this this burgundy is bomb like, that needs to be all over my lid ASAP, now look that she just did and she, put like basically stuff like all over her lid and made like a red smoke that's such a Carly look was so pretty so, Amy who I'm gonna sweet step. Over. To. Are pretty that. Is. Gorgeous. So far love, that I'm gonna love stead, even, more once. I sweep, her along, my, bottom lash line. Okay. And then Bible. I'm gonna sleep right underneath. It, to buff and soften, it out that. One's pretty with my eyeliner I'm just saying okay or bra is, really. Doing something to me so I'm gonna take that and, place on the center of my lid. This. Is so pretty, Harley, oh my god aura is freaking gorgeous that is so, pretty, it's like chunky, glittery - I see how she kind of played around with texture, so there's some better a little bit more chunkier, foil II like, mu aura and my.

Angels, And Jodie is just all shimmer, Libra, is all shimmer mandala, looks like it's all shimmer - yeah, these, are a little bit more flat and these have a little bit more texture, on the bottom row but baby aura is, the prettiest color I mean I like all the shimmers but or is my favorite this is so gorgeous I was gonna put glitter on top and. Now. I'm gonna do it even more so, cuz, I just really, wanted to use this glitter I feel like it was gonna look really pretty on top of this look this is from JD glow cosmetics, in the shade X. See, wait. Is this the one that I wanted I think I actually wanted. To use sherbert. Yeah, yeah, you know what I'll use exclusive, and sherbert hold on let me open these show ya how pretty they are they were a little leaky, though the packaging, probably, not ideal for travel, but the glitters are absolutely. Gorgeous so we just gonna beat my at home glitters. Oh no oh no hand me I'm using the exclusive that's, it I made I made this exclusive, was so pretty cuz it has like purple, and gold and champagne in it the camera is just not even doing it justice and then exclusive. Is a little bit more pink a little bit more yellow so, I'm using I. Decided. To use exclusive. On top of orab this is bomb this. Is its sweetie, I'm, ready for my eyes to look like jewels honey this looks gorgeous. Don't worry glad I wore pink again too, damn bad glitter, everywhere girl. Probably, the one time I, regret doing eyes last because, honey so for my lash I'm gonna take level up from unscripted, beauty shots oh my girl crispy, this, is her new lash line her lashes are actually pretty bombed these, there's a banger, throw this. Actually looks a lot like my, drugstore B makeup story I just did, but. In person is telling a different story so I'm gonna stick with that damn on this is dry I need to get. My life together um I'm, gonna take Moss this, lip, lip. Glaze from, Lime Crime I love these things and lately what I've been doing instead of wearing the look that's really dark oh my god lately, I've been doing to like line, my lips for Lu Colusa cause I'll just take a dark brown liquid. Lipstick and line my lips like that I just like the way that that looks. And. These lip lasers are so soft and creamy girl then I'm gonna fill in the rest of my lips using the. Liquid. Matte lips with Too Faced in the name suck, it's I'm not, telling, you that's, what you gotta do I'm just saying that's the name of a lip product I thought this would be a really nice muted, mauve to, go with the eyes and, I was right right, yes. The nail on my thumb did come off I'm gonna hear it these top two gotta be my favorite formulas. For liquid matte lips hands, down Lime Crime really. I did something with these lip glazes I mean to face Ben did some with these but Lime Crime has all these these, all come in basically new colors so love. Them they're so good now I'm gonna finish up with a pink. Then. I'm gonna finish up with the pink gloss this one's from artist to tour his newly, relaunched lip glosses I remember back in the day I was, so obsessed with the Sun sensor, and it's, actually, so this day one of my favorite, and chocolate, nudes for brown girls I think he changed the formula and the packaging, is also different, so it's a new and improved applicator. We, love upgrades, shops artists Couture and the shade that I'm using is shameless. So it's not uncensored, the new this one is the pink nude oh it's. So pretty mmm. There's, a massage, minty, smell this, applicator, really does coat, the, lips really, nicely and. I. Always think I'll say y'all can see my hair I was kind of proud of how I did my hair I, mean.

I Don't know if you watch this video while doing dishes or, babysitting, your kids or helping with math homework I don't know what you got going on in your life I know we all have our own stuff but I thank you for taking some time out of your day just, to spend it with me I mean I know that this kind of ended up being an impromptu vent, session, sometimes we need that I feel like all content. Creators would have a lot less problems if we talk, things out and if we vented, if we see therapist but, for real though I guess the one thing that I want to take away from this is everything. Is, not what it seems, online all that glitters is not gold for. Those of you which a lot of you who do watch me are aspiring, influencers. And content creators from whatever industry, I just wanted to let, you guys know that no, matter what level you're at one, watch, how. You treat, people and how, you talk, to people because, you. May need that person, on your way back down someday and I'm not saying I wish anybody, to go down anywhere I don't not saying anything but watch how you treat people on your way up because if you ever see yourself coming back down you may, need. A hand, here, and there and also I just want you guys to know that like it doesn't get easy once you get to a certain number or once you get to a certain subscriber, count and I, deal. With stuff too I deal with not feeling like I fit into it's, totally normal it's totally, okay, I feel like I'm the most proud of the fact that when you guys come to my channel what you see is what you get and like I say it like I mean it you may not always like what I say but it's me and I stand by it but you know the beauty industry is we're, here to make things look great so unfortunately. There are some people that I've been fans of I get to know them and privately, they're not that nice so, that. Sucks too and that can be really hard to cope with especially. When it's not like a oh you she said she's having a bad day girl like leave her she'll be cool tomorrow you know not like that nobody's perfect I'm not perfect I have my off days too but I mean like people who go out of their way to, be really, vindictive and mean I mean a lot of that does unfortunately, happen behind the scenes from. The. People that you would least expect it from and it, sucks but you deal with it it doesn't, make or break you as a person, what, you got to do is find anybody. Like. Just find anybody, that can help get, you out of that and don't seek validation in, places where you don't meet it because let me tell you something no one ever needed to validate me on my way up and no. One is gonna need to validate me at. This point I mean I'm damn near 4 million can you name a single person who's put me on. No. You can't you absolutely, cannot no, you can't. Okay period, I'm sometimes what needs to be done can, be done with or without a, pack. Of wolves to help you get there there's nothing wrong with wolves wolves are nice animals, but, you know I'm saying crazy cuz I feel like people think just because influencers, live in LA everyone's friends like we're all Barbie dolls that you can just you play with her you. Know. I have my own. Personality. And I'm, free thinking, and like I don't maybe. Mess with that person but hey I'll see you it's branch trip one, takes shots. That's. All I have to say on today's video hopefully, you can relate hopefully, you learned something and hopefully you don't take this F shade because, it's just not she. It's just me talking with my girl and. My boos and, that's that now while I'm over here looking good what, you're gonna do is watch another video support your girl support, content core support black, content, creators and support all of the work that I put into my channel, to keep y'all matched. Thank. You.

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I was at Sephora today one of the girls who worked there said her name was Jackie so as I would I broke out in song n dance of ur theme song. She said that she had a couple girls do that to her & she didn’t know what it meant

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You are making an impact whether beauty community influencers support you or not. You can stand alone and still succeed

why fit in when you were made to change the industry?

Yass, when you said YOU PULL UP I nodded in content. Girl sometimes these people nowadays forget that there are genuine people who will call them out for who “they” are or act to be. Jackie don’t playyyyyyy!!

1738 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao !!!! i fell TF OUT

I definitely appreciated this video. I loved the makeup look & appreciated your candor. Indeed, how U treat people on your way up, may roll back around on your fall. So true! Love U, Jackie!

I appreciate your smart conversations on your platform.


I gotchu girl......dont worry about them haters

That's my take too with the palette, why will go out of your own way of collabing and doing a palette that has your name on it if you can't get the most of it, just for the sake of being in the clique with the times. Black and Asian representation in the beauty community has a long way to go, but that does not mean we are going to harass everyone that does not go with our vibe. If you don't like it, don't buy it, just don't go out of your way spreading negativity about it.

For years I’ve been feeling like this so thank you Jackie for this video. Love you mamas

I definitely felt this! I now know it's because I don't fit in, because I was meant to stand out! Thanks for being an inspiration Jackie! When I start to feel this way I'll just come back to this video to remind myself that I was born to stand out PERIODT!

Sooooooo.... what about a video reviewing brushes... but imma wait

Omg we saw you do your brows on camera !!!!

Considering how toxic it comes across, its a good thing you don’t fit in!

you fit into the hole in my art

I’ve seen you rock every hair color and KILL it, but there is something about this one. You look incredible.✨

Just watching as I prepare for my video lol!! LAWD Jackie please do my make up and sis your sis real at this one!!!

Loved the video Jackie and loved how the eyeshadow look came together!♥️

Girl you don’t need to fit in when you

Girl.......... Your nails like the high life ❤

You speak the truth, and the truth will set you free. Thanks for always being real with us.

Love you Jackie. Stay pure. This look is my favourite. I love it.

you are breaking barriers jackie! you are such a great role model for girls everywhere!

Yes oily skin is blessing!

I spent so much of my life being the doormat to other people and trying to fit in with them because I didn't want to be weird. I'm 24 now and I'm growing more and more away from that. It's not worth trying to "fit" with other people if that's not the real you. Anyone who's worth fitting with wouldn't want you to be anything different!

I’m glad you don’t conform. That’s why I love you!!! Keep being you Jackie!!!

Sis!!!! You’re winning!!! Periodt.

Just wanted to say... Thank you for being who you are. :)

17:50 i lost it LOOOOL

Thank you for your transparency. Much love xoxo

What shade was the Mabelline stick?

Love you girl!!!

I have been stalking your channel and I've watched all your videos. I literally have posters of you in my room. you are truly my favourite YouTuber and I mean it!

The yams potatoes expert lmfaoooo

1738 remix

this look wooow!

Ctfuu at your editing and facial expressions! I appreciate your videos like these, especially when you share your insight and advice from your experiences✨

Love your nails.

Well said Jackie

dark skin makes makeup look so much more natural no matter how much is on with jackie she could put on 12 concealer shades but me being fair i could soak my ass in some drunk elephant oil for 12 days then i go in with 2 concealers MAYBE and it's like cake cause my skin shade dont let me have no secrets man

And that's what it is!!

I feel you 100% I just feel like I don't fit in whatsoever. my parents also don't have group of friends nor super close friends. I also think being an Aries I also am like that and I know you are a Leo if im not mistaken and fire signs whom have parents whom have that stance , tend to maybe follow suit

I need the products you used!

Omg I literally just did pretty much this exact same eyeshadow look with the carli bybel palette on thanksgiving with glitter and all. We’re on the same wavelength! ❤️

When are you dropping 17 ft greensbeanspotatoestomatoes on iTunes? Also will it be available on Spotify too?

Imagine if that hate comes from your own family? Chile!

The freestyle mix with the “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes” added in took me out!

Love you Auntie! Such an inspiration

"Imma put on some more"

“I used these in the afternoon this morning.”? what in the...

Girl we just alike... never been a cliche type chick...I roll solo yolo..boo booo. Yes I go out to eat and play by myself...play I mean movies n things like that...y’all just nasty wit yo corrupted minds

We love you jackie

No one: .... Jackie: I used these in the afternoon this morning

the il makiage foundation is super sheer too... also gave me hives, so maybe it's good you didn't get that

I always smash that like button before I watch. Anyone else?

I absolutely adore this woman

WAIT!!! There is actually someone besides me called Aina!!!

I like the gages gagea thing

Nice video ❤❤❤❤

I have been sent, that 17 remix. goodbye earth.

Watched this while cleaning my room

I thought she had as many subscribers as Tati... these white men are taking away from us women.

So true! My experience with cliques generally is that they aren't for me. It's crazy to watch how the mean girl mentality can go viral in a bunch of women who haven't exhibited the trait before. I never really fully fit anywhere and so I enjoy/value friends individually and opt-out of the group vibe.

Jackie Aina, I think I've had you all wrong. I was so quick to want to bandwagon against you, but I really appreciate you now. You are a wonderful woman and people need to stop painting you in other ways

Just wanna say that you’re the only influencer I watch from the beauty community anymore and that’s because I always get so much for your channel. Not just about makeup and beauty but about life. And I always have a good time watching your videos

Omg jackie has the same message tone as me!!

Yes you do I just seen you on the movie Broken on Netflix

that intro had me reeeling like the “the prophecy is true” cat.

Beautiful video thank you

Auntie Jackie. The reason you don't conform to the " online beauty community" is the reason you're the only beauty YouTuber I care to watch. You're honest and that's why I give a damn about what you have to say. Keep doing you. Your uniqueness is why we're here.

You’re great, Jackie ❤️

Jackie. Baby. I don't usually click your vids because I don't do make up. But I def am happy to see a beautiful positive WOC on my recommended. I don't fit in either. But that's because the straight and narrow path(if you know you know) is not for everybody. Amen. Those who stand alone have miles of people they are leading somewhere while those of a group lead each other to destruction. Stay different. Your supporters like you best that way❤

I needed this. I'm going to leave it at that.

36, and Cajun. Not a single wrinkle. Proper skincare since 25. The great pickling is well underway

@17:48 me like

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?! ~My motto

lol great convo i can surly agree with a lot here... and lol 1738

I love you Jackie, and whenever there is anything that is female dominated, there will be clique-ish bull, and of course the mean girl’s who will always be in the middle of some bulls***! Do you boo, you’re killing it, and some people just can’t fathom why they can’t it like you do it. I’m just waiting for the mortgage clique, or the car note clique, so bills will get paid. Otherwise, screw em

My chest

The Gaga clip you used LMAOOO

Hi Jackie! So my belief about fitting in is that the act of fitting in is puts too much stress on that individual. Be you, continue being you, and just do you. Once I accepted the fact that I am “me,” I began getting a lot more friends. This is just my advice. But, life experiences speak for something, right?

Okay are we just gonna ignore all these edits?! Lmfaoo

i have to lmao @ the editting. excellent work ahahaa

Reeeallllly like Jackie. I had a friend recommend her to me years ago because she thought we were a lot alike and I never looked into it, but I'm really glad that I finally did. The not fitting in thing is so up my alley. I really wish I watched this when I was in high school, but I''m glad that I'm watching it now. Such a gem.

The advice I needed lol thank u miss Jackie

“i used these in the afternoon this morning” i’m deaddddd

I love how you are so mature, logical and honest. You’re just about positivity! Those qualities seem rare sometimes and I really appreciate hearing them from someone one a big platform like yours!! You’re gold!! ♥️♥️

I honestly dont buy makeup alll the time but i love watching your videos

I feel like this all the time, especially on instagram in the blogger space! everyone has their cliques and its like they dont want to be nice?!?! makes me feel uncomfortable on youtube too

I really appreciate your honesty in this video. You are successful and to know your going through not fitting in is letting know I’m the road to success. I absolutely fit in nowhere, but on the outside it looks like everything is all together but really I am ostracized

I was finally able to snag your palette and I can’t wait till it gets here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video is so needed and relatable, thank you


I'm a fan of Drake and don't follow him on instagram so what is your point

I tried to build my Instagram, and this right here, is why ppl give up. Cuz there are some damn bullies in the community. They will never give u a chance. I offered shit for free. Thank you for putting this out ❤❤

I love u

I honestly never seen or heard about you before, I recently purchased your ABH palette, OMG it’s the best eyeshadows ever great colors (every single one) amazing quality i been using it everyday, U gained one follower

Jackie's a prophet. Everything she says has meaning. Not sure if she knows that about herself or not, but it all boils down to the fact that you weren't called to fit in. So many are in competition with you and will never accept you. Envy and jealousy can't help but reveal who they are. Continue to do you, be good always, seek truth, and wipe the dust off of your feet. They aren't capable of leveling up anyway!

You’re so authentic but yet still make it funny. Ive been going through the whole, “Not fitting in stage” for awhile and sometimes don’t get it. I’m very confident and come off strong sometimes but not in a bad way. I will do anything for someone I love. It’s hard to feel like you’re not validated or loved the way you feel like you should be. But I know I’m not alone with this. With time it’ll get better hopefully.

This is something I’m heavily struggling with right now... fitting in. This video really hit me where I needed it. Thank you!!

I swear never a dull moment with you

Who is the lady at 24:13? Which video is that from? That was funny the way she tilted her head

This was very relatable ❤️❤️❤️

Lol I literally hit Subscribe 30 seconds before you said "If you made it this far and haven't subscribed..."

*Specifically ... I Got Ya Back Jack

yo jackie I'm wheezingggggg chill on the edits I'm finna bouta break a lung from laughing so hard

You’re so bomb

This whole video was really inspiring and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you

I want to start a channel but lowkey feel like I wouldn’t fit in with anyone either

Thank you Jackie I really needed to hear this

17 38 17 38, I've got greens, potatoes, yams...LOL

We LOVE Rocio in this house

Looking absolutely stunning girl! Thanks for this video.. i needed it! hope it eased the load - we know despite how good you make it look that it's not easy. xxx

Louder for the people in the back!

I was doing dishes... are you spying on me?

I wear BASIC ten minute makeup...I have two babies...I come here for the positive vibes and authenticity ❤️

“I actually PULL UP IN PERSON” WHAT’S GOOD ? Yes Jackieeeeeeeeeeee ❤️

What is the name of the Blush Palette?!

I can't find the jd glow cosmetics glitter eye shadows. Where can I buy this?

That's true.. I don't do the clique thing at all.. Too immature. One friend at a time

You don’t fit into the beauty community? Hmm is that because you don’t say anything bigoted and are basically scandal-free?

Baby sitting your kids

Your makeup turned out gorgeous as always. You look amazing. I definitely support black content creators. I love you Auntie!!

Why fit in when you can stand out?

Best advice on YouTube right here!!

I feel like you should try doing a 90s theme makeup week bringing back looks,techniques (hairstyles included) the whole package doesn’t have to be now, your hair been saying it

“normal” beauty influencers are boring. like stale white wonder bread u feel me?

you don’t fit in the beauty community and that is more than ok. that is SPECTACULAR

"I used these in the afternoon this morning" ok jackie

WHEW *takes spongebob breathe* the endlessly reads so shabyyyyyyy! We love you Jackie and that just THAT ON THAT! AUTHENTICITY goes a LONG WAY!

I have seen a total different side of a YouTuber/Instagram girl since she moved to LA so sad and I am so thankful that you always keepin It real with us!

you’re in such high resolution sometimes i forget to listen bc i’m watching your hands move. then i get snapped back to life when you do your meme parts and i love it.

Jackie is literally that best friend where if we were together we would be laughinh everywhere

Jackie I feel like your palette is the most versatile ABH palette I own (and I own all of them). It's truly for everyone and every single time I use it I reach for it and use it with the carli bybel one too :) i'm a medium skin tone so I can make most palettes work but yours was just IT for me. Hope to see more from you soon

Your videos are so calming like. What a nice way to start my day.

Im watching this while doing dishes!

nothing red, and nothing gOlDEnnnn

No Hand Outs 2020!!!! This was needed.

Expensive Lights!!! PERIOD. I love it!

Love you and this video!! I’ve never really fit in either and as much as it bothered me in the past, it doesn’t anymore. Like you quoted, never regret being nice to the wrong people. You are doing such great things with your platform and I stan!! Keep being authentically you Jackie!❤️❤️❤️

I met carli she is so down to earth and real she was so nice to my mom, who had gotten lost lol !! Luv her

Why did I stop mid video to go order them brushes from elf

Love that shirt. Where did you get it??

I love the effects in this video!


Thank you for this talk. You are a inspiration. Love the look!!

Just so you know I LOVE your palette! And I'm upset it didn't get more hype yet I'm hearing too much about this piggy set that came out. Not downing another's products but quality deserves recognition. You picked an awesome color set because I'm fair & can use all of them. I have friends with deeper skin tones & it looks gorgeous on them! I hope you continue to do your thing!

Thank you!

You don’t fit in because you were called to lead. Embrace it. You’re Beautiful!!

Everytime she hits that cigarette I cryyyy

you're right its nice to know non social media influencers too, it helps in staying humble

I am confused. Since when is fitting in the goal?? Nothing wrong with standing alone and moving to your own beat.

I love the Maya Angelou quote: “You are only free when you belong no place-you belong every place- no place at all”

I too love the Milk Hydra primer. Its changed my life and I am obsessed. But super broke, so

I really enjoyed this video! walking it like you talk it!!

I love Jackie more than I love some family members lmao

Thank you for all your advice! ❤️ As watching your videos seens 2015 i haved build my self business CEO and i can definitely relate ,you help me alot by being you AUTHENTIC JACKIE ! You definitely a part of my journey! Stay bless beautiful

u are a dark beauty thats what drawed me do u

this video right here is why I'll continue to cut for you!!!! your reactions in this video have me over here rolling I love you and be blessed!!!

I love you so much

17:48 had me in tears

Who said that?Love ya!

Love you Jackie ❤️

I didn’t take it as shade. I never fitted in either lol

Honestly, after being subscribed for 4 years now, i still checked to make sure the buttons really clicked cause I really don't wanna videos. Love love looooove them

I enjoy listening to Jackie speak so much. She tells the truth, Jackie tells her truth. No one can disrespect a woman for the truth and I don't who you are. Not to mention Jackie's about half crazy, in the best way possible and I'd love to do shots with any time, any place and I'll buy.

The 1738 remix came outta nowhere girl WHAT

Your editing is EVERYTHING!!!

Jackie!!!!! You are soo amazing. Like, I f#*! with you. You’re real, gratefully shady lol (like myself) and you’re just doing you. Plus u make me laugh

Validation is for parking.


This video was something I definitely needed to hear right now, even though it’s not especially relevant to me as a white woman who does not and has no desire to work in the beauty influencing community. And I only bring up the “white” aspect because I find it sort of an interesting reflection of myself because, Jackie, you are the only beauty influencer I really pay attention to, even though much of the content doesn’t exactly translate to my skin color and skin type (Fenty shade 150 and dryish skin). However, hearing someone talk about being successful even though they don’t “fit in” or “click/clique” with the group is something I’ve been needing reminders of. So, thank you again @jackieaina for being YOU.

The list Of products are not in the description box

You’re so straight up - luv your attitude - you are 100 percent tht bitch !!! So proud of all your growth!

Jackie, I love you

Never change, Jackie! The world needs real ones like you ❤️

just subscribed! Love you and your hilariousness!

Yall, I absolutely adore Jackie. She inspires me everyday

You fix in my black girl beauty community ❤️

Looks soooo damn good!!

When your the only one in your friend group that’s tan skinned and Arab, and always gets called “the adopted one”....

Shayla with her fake black girl friendly aesthetics but when it comes to a real one hmmm with all her white friends since no one wants to say it..

I love your videos and your personality. Your so unique, beautiful, and a real human. We need more people like you.

This was a really timely video for me. Sometimes people use their professional power to settle personal vendettas. It seems to happen in all professions. You’re doing great, you’re speaking to people like me that really needed to hear this today. Thank you.

Definitely watched this video while washing dishes/cleaning my kitchen. I'm literally about to order your palette now on the Anastasia website. Love you boo ❤

I can’t do groups either. I have a few mental/personality/traumatic issues that result me in having social difficulties that will cause people misinterpret my intentions or they just simply sense there’s something “off” about me and decide to make my life as difficult as possible.

Jackie this look! You look so gorgeous

Hey Jackie I feel the same way. I'm 17 and I feel like I am not fitting in when it comes to school and j think that if we cant fit in we should stand out

Someone please tell me where I can find the video at 6:19 bc I died laughing

Sis gorgeous af

“Also, I film in really really high powered expensive lights” STAN

This is a loooook! And this was what I needed; I was feeling alone but this video made me realize that’s better than being around people who don’t fully value me. I love coming to your channel

Imma put on some more

You fit in with me and so many other brown girls that look like us! Thank you for being a leader in our community that we so badly need! You are a role model and we love you!!

Same here Jackie...I don't have friends

As long as you have God, nothing can stop you.

Omg when you started talking about not having a main friend group I total get that I thought it was just me I have very few friends and they are not all connected, but the friends I do have I consider them to be true, but it would be nice to have a solid friend group.

oh nah that 1738, greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes took me out

What's funny is the fact that everything you discussed happens in the real world. YouTube,/ beauty vloggers are no different. Being young black & successful always it's detractors.

You have skin that's perfect

She’s really beating around the bush about what she wants to talk about and I still don’t know what she’s talking about

I definitely do not feel like i fit in at work. Some days it doesn't bother me others it has me feeling small.

Love you Jackie! This morning got so excited almost at 300 subscribers. You keep me motivated as a black creator of content. Keep the movement going.

Love you Jackie

Love you boo

Loving your honesty, realness and positivity you are a true role model

Such a missed opportunity to say “what’s the sitch”

We all know exactly why you don’t fit in the beauty community. I wish you were more bigger

Such a gorgeous look! I am so envious of her lid space!

You’re amazing girl

13:22 LMAO

is no one going to mention how she casually brings up beans, greens, potatoes..? lolllll

Jackie don't need to fit in because she stands out!

Jackie your palette is seriously one of my favorites of 2019 and in general. I use it all the time. I'm in the very fair category but cool-yellow to golden undertones, and it totally works for my complexion. But even if it didn't, you're damn right you should be making your palette with yourself in mind, because that's why people are going to buy it. And dark skinned ladies of all ethnic backgrounds are still so ignored in the beauty industry, which goes beyond just complexion products, that your palette was very needed. I'm sure you already know it, but you are doing the right things, girl. Keep it up.

Okay message and makeup aside, the wandering of the storytelling is hilarious! And I'm glad you acknowledge it with memes in between. and then 17:49 !!! dead.

Same in love with the hydrostick primer!

Omg I loooove your shine!!! It makes me so envious haha

I’m sick af watching this, but Jackie’s one of the only content creators who can naturally get me out of my funk with her authenticity, wisdom, and hilariousness! If that means she doesn’t “fit in” to the beauty community, then I don’t want her to!!!

anyone know where she gets her nails?

The video I needed to re-watch today and share thank you

“I pull up in person” Mama!!! We are best friends!


do people really come for you for being moisturized and wearing pink?? ...

This is the vulnerable content I am here for. Love ya.

People are fickle...including me. But, tis life. Your indus.....wait...



Nyma Tang, Dimmah Umeh, Ohemaa Bonsu.....these women also fit in your “not fitting into that industry “ but their amazing ❤️

I just randomly found your channel and this video has me tearing up. You got it goin on. Thank you

Omg I absolutely LOVE you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I loved this video...thank you ❤

Thank u for being real

The beauty community is nothing with out you you are the pretties among them

I just love you Jackie ! Always keepin it 1000 ! Let the haters hate

Natural beauty!!!

I love me Jackie!

Love you your so beautiful , never judge you keepen it real


Didn’t Jackie say she wasn’t going to review the Carli Bybel palette (when it came out) because she wasn’t sent the PR ?


Us free thinkers always have a problem with “fitting in.”

Not fitting in causes you to shine. And baby you are Shining!! Continue to be your authentic self.❤

Oily skin will keep us young and smooth. Dry skin will get dried like grapes when older lol it’s better to not fitting in...just be yourself. because all those fake friends will try and burn you from jealousy look what’s happening with all those so-called friends in beauty community. They’re all cancelling each other lol.

I was wondering why you haven't used the fenty brow pencil, I love it!!!

Jackie, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wanted to say that I really appreciate and admire you. You are what I consider an amazing example of strong femininity—you work hard, you don’t back down from the things you believe in, and you got a brain in your head...let’s be real, those things can be hard to come by on YouTube.

......who put out the single best palette of the year........ that's you Jackie

*So much makeup! I just can not!*

the last bit is hilarious @33:57 my girl jackie

You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out!

This editing is SLAYING ME! I'm dead. ⚰️

This is the best funniest most interesting beauty vlog.

Seriously adore you! I really enjoy how real you are. You're one of the few beauty youtubers I still watch. And btw how are you so freaking beautiful!!!

Jackie: friends bring you back to reality Me: SNAP BACK TO REALITY-

Girl, beauty community sounds like freaking high school! Man people need to grow up and mature. I figured it was immature and petty, it's just sad when people are adults but shallow and self centered.

“I did them in the afternoon this morning” - Jackie Aina 2019

When she brought up kombucha I automatically thought of that meme

It's good that you don't fit in. "We" need fresh perspectives on beauty.

I Love You so much aunty Jackie

I say “and that’s ok” errday!!!!

Love your advice Jackie! Keep paving the way in spite of the push back and lack of inclusion from "others" You are making your own lane; which is what trailblazers do! This is so good! Thanks. Feel like I may be coming back to watch this in a few years lol.

do you or somebody else edits your video? Because I would love your editing equipment

"I pull up in person" :)

Jackie you have me dying. Your awesome. Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie jackie

You are in your own lane sweetie, representing the minorities in these awful times. The beauty community is messy, entitled and very privileged in LA.

Of course you don’t fit in the beauty community you’re over here doing collabs with Naomi Campbell and the rest of these clowns are running around releasing moldy makeup and supporting racists

I was watching this while eating a bag of chips

@jackieaina 6 mins in to this video I had to pause and leave a comment. Fist of all thank you for doing this video. It took me the longest time to admit to myself that I just don’t fit in to groups. And that is why just don’t have a clique of Friends. I used to wonder if it was me but now I and just comfortable being different.. it made me build an inner worth and confidence in my uniqueness.. Thank you for speaking..

Wow I love this look! You did so good, and are so beautiful!

Jackie: "I love Libra, I love Libra" Me: umm yea who doesn't

The intro alway hypes me up and i throw my *** in a circle while getting ready.....that aside, thank you for always being the realest

Took you forever to get to the point

Omg. This message really hit me. I was meant to hear this. ❤ thank you Jackie!

Can you really "fit in" in something that's so virtual?

I live in LA, I know these people in real life and also Fitting in online is important too because visibility and inclusion is important!

To be honest Jackie, I see a lot of y’all black female youtubers go from being small channels to these very popular channels, but I remember watching you and women that look just like you create their own lanes that eventually got caught in traffic of the industry. Please find a way to create another lane outside of beauty or YouTube. One we can merge in to ourselves. YouTube don’t need more influencers.

Dang. That powder matches your skin perfectly. I'm loving Mented. They are doing the thing

Jackie, it's crazy. I am the host of the podcast, Worldly Church Girl. Being someone who never fit in with the church (to worldly) or in the world (to churchy) I’ve found that there are so many other leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians, artist, authors, and countless others who are just like me. I desire to release the stigma that we should live in a box and that God is too big for us to be one dimensional. So to hear you say this is another confirmation of why I'm doing it. THANK YOU for sharing♥️

Jackie Aina Thank you! ♥️

I love this and I’m definitely going to check out your podcast!

My mom has the same ringtone for messages

Deadddd youre videos are so chaotic lol

I've also never fit in to any clique or scene either. I've been a part of scenes, but I was never core to it. I think it's because I never needed that to feel complete, and I've never been 100% only one thing. Thanks for all that you do!

Jackie... your Leo is showing.. and I love it

I love that you love nicki

I loved this! I never fitted in and I don’t want to. I needed this video.❤️

Omg that song had me

You are beautiful Nubian Queen the original woman on the planet


I went and bought your pallet the second that I watched your video announcing it’s the best thing I own I wear it everyday

I feel exactly the same. I have 3 pretty close friends, and they all have their separate friend groups. They always go out in large groups and I’ve never enjoyed it as much as I’ve tried. I don’t click with a lot of personalities, and that’s okay I guess.

God I love you Jackie

You are such an inspiration Jackie! ❤

I lowkey want to know who some of these people are so I know who NOT to support.

not having a friend “group” ........I FELT THAT ONE AUNTIE

I so agree!!! I get really confused about beauty community... also it’s unfair to minorities... but you are awesome!!!

I just saw your st.jude ad and it was really beautiful you could you really cared about what happened to the children there. Also the intro with kids

Pink looks beautiful on you!

I just seen your ad with St. Jude hospital. Your AMAZING!!!! You have taken your platform and just utilized it in the most beautiful ways. You make my heart smile

So i tried the Il makiage concealer, and yes your right, it comes out thick and then waters down,i did buy it to try, but i will not repurchase, because it says full coverage, no way this is full coverage, and it's 30 dollars, to much money, for this not to be full coverage. So basically it feels like i paid for the plutonium, back to the future, bells and whistles package it came in. Rip off!

You’re red/pink/purple looks are always my favorite because they are so flattering and pretty colors.

When your at the very top of your game...leaders fitting should not be apart of the plan. You are the best, and especially at your age no disrespect.

Jackie, I know what u mean when u say u love hydrating mist sprays they SMELL AMAZING and feel great

Kinda love how your closer influencer friends are black and brown women

Jackie, there’s nothing wrong with how you talk sis, thanks for being an example to women and women of the Black community


Yes Sis I Never like clicks

I love you ❤️ Jackie !! I NEVER FIT IN !!! I understand TOTALLY WHAT you mean !! I’m an aspiring YouTuber but I always feel like no one will ever support my content because I don’t “fit in” but God loves us all !! Thank you for this video Auntie Jackie !!

As always I love your energy Jack

I have a terrible time fitting in and I’m 41 years old! I don’t know why I even care, but I do.

Would you do a review \the Mally and Rupaul Rupalette” eyeshadow palette.

“I don’t want to look like an editorial piece all the time” ohh how I felt that

She's cute or whatever

I appreciate this video. I think you handled this topic professional and well. That remix...Yes!!!!

I love jackie's edits

so we're just gonna glide by the "pacifically"

that fucking intro........

the beginning of the video caught me off guard. I was looking around my room like the mr.krabs picture. lmfao omggg

I dieddddd at 17:54 - 17:56

I just...yea...I'm a fan of Jackie Aina

I have seen a couple people use these 2 pallets together, they seem to complement each other in real nice ways. I think everyone feels like that don’t fit in a lot of the time. We all have to get ourselves to a place where we feel good inside with confidence and self esteem inside and then what others say and do doesn’t matter Keep being real and awesome lady

I feel like I don’t fit in either and it’s almost made me quit YouTube. I’ll keep pushing though Aunt Jackie! Thank you for your honesty.

I hollered at 1738! lol.

Jackie, jackie, jackie, jackie, jackie

I saw a speach from an old fashion influencer on BOF and she basically said its all about sitting on the front row and it seems a never ending battle. its exhausting, as if you were valued on shit like that..

that glow is what is gonna keep you looking young. I'm a dry ass and I would love to have that shiny skinnn

I get naked for a living they'll never let me feel like I fit in


No that wasn’t me yall always get black people mixed up

ok so...don’t? lol this is a makeup channel, what did you expect?

thank you ❣️


what point....? It’s a makeup tutorial while sharing my personal experiences I’m going to speak how I see fit. if you want a college lecture go to Stanford x

Next video should be u doing a full make up look using all ur favorite product of 2019

Jackie - Lisa Elridge just used your eye palette on her latest tutorial. It looks beautiful! Congrats! Woohoo!

30:48 me: "You get me. I think I love you." also me: SUBSCRIBE ❣ What a queen.

17: 48. "SEVENTEEN..." But at Seventeen minutes thoooo! Had me DYING GIRL!

bahahahaggaagaaaga (that's me doing my ugly laugh) at the "was it these?" edit

Feature article in NYTimes confirms to me you don't fit in...you blaze. We love you for it!

Jackie, you are beautiful.

This intro

Your skin is so beautiful thank you for this video

“When do you...when do you...it becomes”


Wow que padre maquillaje.

I love Jackie's energy. She's like a coffee but in person form.

90% of the beauty community is trash anyways

Girl you shine so much because you're angelic obvi

Artist couture has the best lipgloss ♥️

Lol this video was nice and funny , true personality

Totally needed to hear this. I just started and I just love how ur so honest and goofy. Makes me more open to be my silly self on camera. Thank you for this. It really helps.

whenever i get ready for the day its almost always watching your videos!! i love the conversation and that we can sort of get ready together

I'm gonna be honest Auntie Jackie I did stop watching your videos for a while, and it was for the silliest reasons. I've been watching your videos for the last five years and subscribing for 3. So I've been here a while, but as I saw you growing in popularity I became scared that you were going to change. Much like the influencers that you've described, I thought you were going to become jaded by your growing fame. SOOO...Like the weirdo I am, I broke up with you before you could break up with me (figuratively speaking of course), but after watching this video I feel like I was all the way wrong. You are and forever will be Auntie Jackie!!! P.S. I am still a huge supporter even in my weirdness I bought your palette and carried it in my purse every day for a month. I Love You. Grow, Flourish, and Shine!!

Can you please test out Victoria Beckham beauty for a whole day pleaseeeeeeeee

“The difference between me & a lot of other ppl is that I actually pull up in person” Yesssssss Jackie

Fitting in is highly over rated. Just do you and the right people will find you. I think a person is happier if they can be their truest selves. You will find your tribe, group, posse, friends ☺️. And how I found my friend of 37 years, i was told to not hang out with her and i was like challenge accepted.

Are you coming for the girls with your own press on nail collections because you do not want to give us a name?? What’s the secret.

Hii Please help me reach 1k & subscribe to my channel ❤️

I’m weeaaaakkkk @ the 1738 remix

Jackie Try Beauty Hut Cosmetics ❤

This editing had me

Lmaoooo your edits though! "Whats a thingy's ??" I could watch your videos all day. Why fit in if you were born to stand out ;)

Jackie :Wanna take shots HAHAHAHAHA


It really sounded like you were saying 17:48

wow Jackie, that's crazy. I've always felt the same way and just like your parents my parents don't have friends like that.

someone make a separate vid of the shade 17 song pls.

Queen x

So Beautiful....You inspire me to be more bold with eye colors as a brown girl.

Honey the beauty industry needs to be tryna fit into yu cuz tf. . Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie! Who are they again pfft haha

Let me tell you about the “1738” part. I rewinded it at least three times.

I hate the milk primer! It empathizes my pores

Felt this... I never felt I belong anywhere

Video wasn’t on two minutes and I’m already dying

LISA ELDRIDGE JUST USED YOUR PALETTE... I’d say you don’t fit in a very GOOD way!

Love watching your videos ...best advice ever I needed to hear this♥️♥️

Loved the makeup but the message even more so, love u Jackie

Nicki Minaj ** What's good?!

Watching your video lifted my mood.

"i used these in the afternoon this morning" ....but it makes sense!!!!

JACKIE'S TEXT TONE IS THE SAME AS MINE LMAOO her phone went off and i grabbed my phone

Just continue like that. Being a good person will never hurt you. Very proud of you Jackie

I just watched the 2019 Rewind.

I have both your palette and Carli’s palette and I love both

I like the Milk primer & it has been a stable for me. I like that you used the Mented powder, & FB Foundation brush. I have been eyeing those products. Love your videos.

I'm late to the party, but I bought your palette during the recent sale as my one big makeup purchase for the holidays. I am floored at how pretty the colors are. You made some truly lovely choices that I'm excited to use for all the holiday parties coming up!

Because you Are boring

That makeup is bomb Jackie

The goal is too Glow!!!! Girl that melanin is everything

Jackie can you do a 12 days of christmas with holidays looks!!!

I think I have an idea of what that is but tell me what you mean

Love you Jackie

Thank you for this video, there was a time when I tried to fit in, and it didn't feel right, nor did it feel like me at all. Eventually, I found the right people in my life, and learn that it's okay to be alone. Also this look is hella bomb! I actually love to use both yours and Carli's palettes together most times.

Well you made it very far in the beauty community and given so many opportunities that other influencers especially woman of colour struggle to have. You don't need to fit in, just get them coins sis.

Uncle: What the fok are you watching Me: 0:07

Waiting for another video likkkke

Stay humble. That's why you're the only influencer I watch

I would totally agree! My mom didnt fit into groups or cliques just like a couple really good close friends. Love your video!

Is baking powder you put on your eyelids??

Jackie Aina: in Broken series on Netflix (Episode 1 - Make up Mayhem, 7:04 mins) Also Jackie: 'I don't fit in to the make up community'

miss mamas you're the beauty communitty

Hi Jackie I wonder if you can help me I saw one of your videos where you were wearing a African head wrap you had a box set of head wraps I was wondering if you can tell me the website where you bought your head wraps from thank you very much beautiful lady

Your words will really Help me at the moment

your edits have me turnt up!! 1738 is a bop!

Woah some of these edits low key scary tho

Can you do a review about il makiage

JACKIE! Lisa Eldridge used your frigging Anastasia Beverley Hills palette in her most recent video! You frigging excellent thing! The ones who know quality come to you!

Omg the 1738 edit had me screaming

No well- behaved woman ever made history...be you unapologetically.

you have my sisters complexion , i absolutely adore it

beautiful !!

I love you, love the topic , butttttt you lost me at the concealer part!! (Not in a bad way) like you used 3 different ones plus doubled it up & you still don’t look too light under the eye.. like it just melted together & it’s perfect ! Now if I tried something like that in my normal skin I would look a hot ass mess ! Lol

you gotta practice! can't be an expert on the first try, plus you don't have to use multiple concealers like I do!

You are my favorite influencer you have stayed true to yourself values and morals. I love just sitting and watching you listening to you just talk as if we were in a room having a face to face conversation. Listening to you lifts me up and helps me to have more confidence in myself. So thank you for what you do and continue to do everyday ❤️


You being unabashedly yourself is the VERY reason why I subscribed to you. ❤❤

Who are these people disliking this video?

Jackie you are so beautiful.

I can totally relate...I can never fit in anywhere...everyone is just not my cup of tea..I have standards and morals that I live by and some people just don't fit in with me I guess...I mean that in the most humble way...I really do...

I have been binge watching your vids for days and girrlll I am going on Friday and buying your pallet

After 4 trash years of ignored knowledge and unnecessary lessons I’ve found myself seeing that a relationship is not needed to feel whole like I’m not broken if I’m single but I’ve been stuck and I’m just like

I have this issue and I just try to remind myself of my destiny and growth goals because .... I’m like not trynna go to jail

I really loved this video

The editing girl I-

“ I was right! Duh, I’m always right “

Skin poppin !!!!

I know this is about makeup, but I'm also interested in how you became a more assertive, confident person. You even managed not be to be starstruck around Naomi Campbell! Help some of us out? Maybe a makeup story time?

can’t say that I have a story time for that one!

@jackieaina : in Broken series on Netflix (Episode 1 - Make up Mayhem, 7:04 mins) Also Jackie: 'I don't fit in to the make up community'

This is such an amazing video and wonderful message! Keep thriving because you are amazing and a great role model to other girls.

Love your palette!

I just started watching you and I’m sooo in love with you already, your soul, your personality are beautiful

I WAS doing dishes lol


Girl, you CREATED your place in the beauty community!


so confused by the thumbs down.

Same here. I love u jackieee

It seems like I hear a lot of influencers saying that they don't "fit in". I can only imagine what the "community" is really like, but I'm glad that there are so many different kinds of personalities, because what would the point be if everyone was the same? I love Jackie's energy! She definitely has a seat at the table of the elite influencers and she deserves it!

Jackie Aina Maybe a makeup "discussion", then? Kind of like this video? I'd love to know how you turned it around, being assertive is something I struggle with at times irl.

Why fit in when you were born to standout. That's my mantra. Love your video and tips. You can rock Glitter like no one else. Merry Christmas.

You should act Jackie, you'd be amazing!!!

I love you


I love you my Leo sister! Thank you for this video! You’re literally such an inspiration to all of us. I’m proud to be able to watch and look up to you.

Yassss we love an authentic queen!!! You literally spoke to me

Makeup tutorials give me anxiety, don't know why but I sit through your videos and I actually enjoy them because you're so beginner friendly and a hoot!

You’re my absolute favorite


I really really like how sweet and honest you are Jackie, I just found your channel but you really inspire me by how noble you are. Thank you

To those show say we can't sit here, we're fine just by ourselves. I internalized every work sis.


Checkout my channel for an AWESOME Orange-Ginger Recipe that BURNS FAT FAST and GIVES you BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT SKIN.

Hi Ms jackie I wanted to know if you would ever try reviewing some clean beauty brands eg kjaer weis, rms, ilia,kosas etc. There aren't alot of darker skin tone makeup gurus reviewing clean beauty and I think it would be helpful for alot of consumers into clean beauty. Just a thought. Love your videos. Keep being you its better to stick out then blend in.

Hey gurl you are bomb..... Did you know that you were featured on Netflix Broken Makeup Mayhem?

Lmfao I love you and you are one of the best ones doing it. I definitely can relate

Ok sis it’s been two weeks what’s up

Can you do a review on the coach d pallets

My mom and my sister name is Jackie. Woooooooooooooooooo

We stan a self-made queen.

A lot of people have used her palette. White people, POC, and black women have all reviewed her palette

Good morning, I am Hussein, a small channel, with old content. Can you help me with a subscription? Don't subscribe to my channel. By God, I will subscribe to it, but write a completed and how many of my subscribers

Suddenly none of them “fit in” and that’s why people are drawn to them. Okkk

That shirt

Me listening to Jackie from 17:10 - 17:45 and being like, this is why I love Aunty Jackie, truly a women to look up to and view as a role model. Then moment 17:50 - 17:58 happens, and then I remember another reason why I love her, LMFAO!

I love you Jackie!

Hi Jackie,,,, Love your channel. I have never been big on wearing makeup, but following your channel has helped understand what all of the brushes are for how and why you apply the eye coloring. Plus the candid conversation, while you teach, is what I came back for. You share a lot of sincere advice that I hope those who needed to receive the message received it. On a side note, what lens size do you vlog with? I like the blur setting. Thank you for all you do. Keep on shining ,,,,

I really love your edits LOL

I Love Your Videos! Very Informational & Funny!

the intro scared the SHIT out of me lmfaoo

Periodt Pooh we pulling up in person can't wait to start my channel u my only real makeup influencer

Beauty Goddess!!!♥️

Hopefully I be the same changes for the better good

I absolutley adore you and your outlook on life, you are literally one of the most real gurus on here. Keep going you makeup Goddess!

Why fit in when you can stand out? Girl you do you and let the others trail beHIND!

awwww, Jackie! i missed these videos, i haven't kept up in a while :( keep on keeping on! :)

where r u Jackie, misssss u :) from Sweden

Hey Jackie! I have an up and coming lash business and I wanted to send you a pair. Is there a PO box I can send it to by any chance? Thank you in advance! - Kiki from Keen Kosmetics.

That Jackie Jackie Jackie get me going...

Haven’t enjoyed a makeup vid in a minute !

Lmfaoooooo whoever’s editing your vids I LOVE IT !

Lets just call it what it is and talk about colorism in the beauty community. YOU are literally the ONLY big time dark skin black YouTuber...which is why I watch you. Thats a problem.


“real BUGHSHY”

I feel like this is too late to ask but can we get a top 10 products for the decade??? 2010-2020??

Sometimes the reason that you don't fit in is because you were meant to have your own lane.

I saw this video at a perfect time of my life.. thank you Jackie

I rarely comment on videos but I L I V E for your channel! Videos are literally life!

u dont fit cuz ur a nasty negative spiteful person

Hey is it possible for u to do a video on the products that u liked using this year (meaning any products that u use for a full face that u frequently use or use everyday). U are a favorite, and keep going.

Like you a Lot!!! Happy 2020!!!

we love u fuck the bullshit

2 wks girl where u at?


Why do you not fit

I tell my self don't let people take the good out of you and keep it moving

I agree with you on everything you said.

Of course you don’t, YOU’RE A QUEEN! (You educate, entertain, uplift, and be a role model for all (black) WOMEN!!!!)

Love watching you. You’re awesome. Saludos

Concealer Happy

Quite frankly black beauty have NEVER "fitted" or has been fully excepted in White Society. Some black beauties are allowed to participate because they can't deny their talent. We know that they are tolerated and not truly welcomed in those spaces. It's a shame that this society won't allow it self to except that we ALL add value. "Jackie Aina, doesn't fit in the beauty community"??? ha I can't with these people. When YOU are able to get "Naomi Campbell's" Uppity arse to get Glam with you. ha No pun intend...we all know Naomi ONLY messes with the BEST! You can BELIEVE that you are respected and your skills are recognized.

All time favorite video! Thank you for this Jackie! ♥️

This is my 14th time watching this video

Hair is on it! Color looks very, very natural beauty on you!

The concealer looks goooood on you and I think it would work for me, as I prefer that it NOT be spackle (at my age, over 50).

Thank you for saying that cause no one wants to say it.

Hmm, I never really considered the notion that the way your parents interact with others can be passed onto you, but it's completely true in my case now that I think about it. My parents don't really have a clique. They get along with a lot of people, but they don't have really close friends that they always hang out with. I'm the same way.

U are the beauty community

Meant to say I have NOT fit into cliques or groups

I love Lisa! I’m not even super into makeup but her vids are so informative and her voice is so soothing

Your videos are the only things that excite me lately, you are amazing

Society definitely programs us to believe that in order to survive we must find a group. Especially in high school. When I transferred to my current college, I felt so out of place because I was a sophomore, and I felt everyone had already formed their cliques when they were freshmen. But overtime, I realized it's ok to have friends who are not in the same group. I think it highlights how versatile and cool people can be to get along with different people. It also taught me how to be more independent and enjoy things by myself. And sometimes thats more fun than when I'm with people. I love this video and I think you are such a great role model and you are one of the few authentic beauty gurus/youtubers out there. Keep on shining Jackie

1k of those who dislike this video must have pretty sad lives. I pray for them to find inner happiness.

17:50 is where I spit out my coffee!!! LMFAO!

I'm a silent subscriber of yours and I love your contents. I have been following beauty gurus dramas and you're the queen they don't deserve. I love you Jackie and keep up the good work on sending good vibes to young girls and boys.

Rip to headphone users in the beginning but honesty anything for Jackie

6:13 I literally DIED

I love Jackie but it came off as "not like other girls"

This is Leo energy

Why not??? We are watching you. You’re part of our beauty community

Lol I would love to chat with you.....lol

Quite frankly black beauty have NEVER "fitted" or has been fully excepted in White Society. Some black beauties are allowed to participate because they can't deny their talent. We're merely tolerated and not truly welcomed in those spaces. It's a shame that this society won't allow it self to except that we ALL add value. "Jackie Aina, doesn't fit in the beauty community"??? ha I can't with these people. When YOU are able to get "Naomi Campbell's" Uppity arse to get Glam with you. ha No pun intend...we all know Naomi ONLY messes with the BEST! You can BELIEVE your skills are at least recognized.

0:07 Me, sauntering into the dispensary to request a'lil jackherer. 0:03 Me, after I get it.

Loving the look

Jackie, Aina. girl you are perfect as a person, funny, creative and amazing in your craft and in singing if you didn't know that, girl, Don't care about what any haters or non-confident people say, if you notice girl HATERS ALWAYS LACK CONFIDENCE IN THEMSELVES

IM THE SAME WAY! Wow that’s crazy that makes me feel so much better that someone else can relate to my feelings lbs

I appreciate this video so much.

speak for yourself that ain’t me mama. I love my circle of amazing women friends

I just realized that youtube stopped recommending me her videos for a MONTH

LMAO I swear I love you so so so much with these gifs and videos.

1:41 oh my god

fuck all those moaning about your shyne -- least you shyne - hell id love to have a shyny face - aka shine for those assholes who want to correct

Thank you for telling me I'm gonna be alright.

Is this you addressing the beef between you and MakeUp Shayla ??

you been the realest.

Girl, you re so alive and give us such bomb af good energy❤️

“Lemme put on SOME MORE!” AAAHHH!!!

Oh man!! This video!!! This video!! This is it!! Thank you!!

i am a beginner beginner with less than 3k subscribers, and i stay away from groups and other people who are also trying to grow their youtube because i don't want to wake up one day and have someone talk bad about me on their channel related to something i overshared from being too familiar and too friendly. too scary...

Love Alyssa!! She seems like she would be a good friend..

Jackie: I used these in the afternoon this morning Me:

There is an Arabic subtitle

You are hilarious

Jackie, you give me life girl! Do you have a recommendation for makeup brush cleaners? Do you like the electric cleaners or do you prefer to clean by hand?

I use the sigma brush cleanser it’s amazing!

I love watching you and your personality is electrifying! Much love! ❤️♥️

I don't wear make up. But I enjoy your commentary about the make up...... its entertaining... i like your authenticity

I definitely can relate to this and not fitting in with a certain group. Throughout middle school and high school I never just stuck to one group. I made friends with people that were all in different cliques but I was never really accepted in any of those cliques or felt accepted. In college I made friends but the friendships were more fleeting because the dynamic is different and I did not live on campus so that made it harder to keep friendships. Now I’m very selective with friends because of things that have happened, it almost feels like the process of dating where I have to make sure that that person would be good for me, a good influence. But I’m so glad that I’m not the only one, it sometimes gets lonely as I have moved a lot because of my parents and it’s hard to keep friendships throughout the years. Thank you for your words Jackie!

You are literally the dumbest person on Earth for that quick music mix snack dab in the middle of the video

I'm here with you Jackia @friendshipgroup

Even tho I kinda am

Jackie is the beauty community bye !

you don’t “fit in” because you’re awesome, funny and REAL!! you’re the only makeup influencer I can watch and actually laugh!!


Soooo this is like my fifth time watching this video, Jackie is so relaxing to watch lol, nearly to the point where you respond as if she sitting next to you and you're like "girl yesssss" lol.

I thought she usually write all the products she use?

I am a free-thinker and I do not fit in. I don't want to fit in. I guess that's the LEO in me, as well. Love you Jackie. Keep being the fantabulous person God created you to be! No, they can not dim your light. They'll get over it. Smooches.

24:09 This moment reminded me of why I follow you. You have been a blessing in my life bc all my friends like you are far away in florida and im here in dry ass personalities, LA.

All I have to say is..... 17:48 Jackie I love You so fkng much....!!

As usual you don't disappoint! Super proud of your representation as a black woman. How you carry yourself and how you confront the issues of life. God bless you!

same on not really having groups, ive always wanted that spice girls, bratz dolls sort of group where everyone is close bffs, but im naturally a drifter so pretty much none of my friends know each other XD it really does make it easier to stay in reality tho. in small groups its very easy for ppl to get caught up in tiny stuff


That ringtone brought me back.....

It’s very true

I'm so dead @17:47! lol

“Pull up in person,” that’s what I’m talking about!

You must be psychic... I was just feeling this way at work. I’m the only black person, and the youngest... so it’s kinda hard for me to relate or feel included. I swear I started thinking that they don’t like me.

You're a sociable introvert. I totally can relate.

The beauty community screams high school culture. What a surprise

was it THEese

Girl you do. I love you. I did not like your controversy with Juvia place , until she went too personal SHINE ON SIS SHINE ON

Stay Awesome Jackie!!

I like how she shows the eye patches and she said she said she used them “in the afternoon this morning”

it must be a Leo thing. I am like that as well.


Jackie Your Personality Is amazing you weren’t born to fit in ‼️‼️ I’m glad you know who you are

17:50. yeah Ok. I just subscribed

also that eye look is GORGEOUS

Ok I'm so confused how do you pack that much product on your face without it getting cakey

You are so damn stunning. Wow.

30 seconds in and im subbed


One more thing everyone watching you you’re almost 4 point something million people got you where you are if FANS could get 50 to change his tv show theme music back to the original as soon as you do something your audience does not forgive your career is over remember that and that goes for every one asked Jesse smallet

The fact that

Well said

I don’t fit in in groups either. I just don’t seem to understand the rules. It’s like trying to play a game I don’t understand. I’m kind of sensitive, so it stresses me out.

Skin is hydrated hunty and I love it!!!

Jackie: I don't fit in the beauty community. Also Jackie: has a mansion, great camera, nice clothes, tons of makeup

has a mansion?????????? TF are you talking about?

Make up setting spray? None?

Amazing as always ❤️

The freestyle mix had me dying laughing

All the people Jackie is talking about knows themselves and they are watching this video with fake account and commenting

My friend had me watch some of your videos so I made a video of me doing her make up on my channel. Tell me how I did

That bronzer and brush applied amazing! Great fit!

Absolutely I've been searching for so long and I am so glad I found her

She's 32?!?!?!?

Jackie : you guys always comment on my skin being shiny. Me, dry as fuck : always jealous of the shiny skin.

i watch your content all the time and it literally uplifts my mood if i’m feeling down about school, life, etc. i love you so much

i appreciate u being so open with us. i love you ❤️❤️

Embrace your YOUness - there isn't and will never be another YOU. I have had to learn this, embrace and roll with it. You do you, girl!!!!

8:07 is one of my biggest pet peeves. SP SP SPECIFICALLY

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