I built a mansion with The Sims 4: Cottage Living

I built a mansion with The Sims 4: Cottage Living

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Hello my friends, this video is  brought to you by EA Game Changers   because they sent me the pack early,  no I'm not being paid, don't worry. I will be paid if you buy my  merch though, lilsimsieshop.com. Unfortunately though, because  this video is brought to you   by EA Game Changers we have this  horrible watermark on the screen and I can't get rid of it. So I want to apologize  in advance. I don't think it's that distracting,

like I thought it would be worse, but it's  already annoying when the game is in regular time and when you speed it up it just, I know. I know, and I'm sorry. I can't do anything about it,  that's literally just on the game.

So for context, when I built this house,   I built this using the beta access  version of The Sims 4 that I had so I had access to the new pack for a week, and I had this weird beta version that didn't  have the gallery, it's got the watermark, that's literally just on the game.  It's not like I put it there. I swear I'm not being annoying like that, the game  just has it on it. So I am sorry, I'm so sorry. But today we're trying to build  a pretty big cottage mansion in the new Country Living  expansion pack in The Sims 4.

This is one of my favorite  builds I have ever done. Although I must admit it took me a  really, really, really, really long time and I cut out a lot of it because I didn't  want to have to speed up the video too much because of the watermark, so I cut out like  the bathrooms, and a lot of the landscaping,   but I did film a tour for you so I'll  show you that at the end of the video. This house was actually heavily inspired  by a real life house that I saw online. This is the house that I was  really heavily inspired by, I actually saw this house  before the pack even came to me. Like I was doing research trying to figure out  what I was gonna wanna build when I got it, and I saw this house online and I was like,  wow, that is beautiful. I want to live there.

And so when I actually got the pack, naturally  I was like wait, now I gotta try and build this. So this was kinda the inspiration for the house,   though it doesn't end up  looking exactly like this. But it kinda has these vibes and  you'll see it sorta come together. I did struggle with the roof a lot actually,  because I wanted it to be big but not too big and the other house, the one in real life,   it looks like its got two gabled roofs  that are like, next to each other.

I couldn't see the back, so I couldn't  really figure out how it was supposed to look but it looked really odd in The Sims when I  tried to recreate it like that perfectly, so   I ended up just like, changing it and trying to mimic it a different way. So I think it still looks okay, it just was a  bit weird. It was weird trying to make it work. The other thing I did, I put kind of like a  sunroom thing on the left side of the house, I actually did this a lot in my builds that I   was making with the pack and it  was very inspired by HeyHarrie.

The build that HeyHarrie did in town, the one in  Finchwick, the like fancy house in the town area it's got a sunroom kind of thing sorta like  this with the columns and all the windows,   and I just thought it looked so beautiful so I kinda wanted to use that on this house. It felt appropriate for like, the big mansion  to have like a nice sunroom area like this so I managed to copy that and I put it in this  one too, so shoutout to HeyHarrie for that idea. And then the landscaping of this  one became really complicated. Because this is a big lot. It's a 50x40 lot,   so there is a lot of space that  I had to fill up on this one. And so I wanted to make use of it, I wanted to  have a barn, I wanted to have some chickens, I wanted some farm land,  like I wanted it to be full.

I wanted a pond, y'know I  was really trying to take   advantage of all of the things they had  offered me, y'know with this new house. So I did just that. I actually like  how it looks a lot. I have like,   in the front yard it kinda  becomes like a courtyard area in both the front and the back. So the front's got  some plants and like, some landscaping and a pond, it's got some seating areas. And then  the back has another courtyard space   and it takes you into like,  the little chicken coop and where the cow is, and stuff like that.

So I think it kinda works out well. Like I  think I managed to use the lot really well which is cool because often times I find  I really struggle when I'm trying to build   like proper mansions and have  these big giant lots they're on. I've noticed that I have a really hard  time filling up the lot when it's this big,   so I've been experimenting a lot with new kinds  of landscaping as I was building with this pack.

I was using a lot of terrain paint, a  lot more terrain paint than I usually do. And I kinda had fun with it. I don't  know, I'm feeling very inspired. I've come out of these pack builds  feeling really inspired to do more which is quite sad, because I  don't have the pack anymore. I only had it for a week, and then obviously I'm  gonna get it back when the actual pack comes out and stuff, but we had this special  beta access for just a week and so now,   they've like, taunted me. They're like, "Here,  Kayla, do you wanna play the new pack? For 7 days? And then I'll steal it away from you again?"   They literally added a separate  version of The Sims 4 into my library, they did it last year for  Eco-Lifestyle and Snowy Escape as well. They give you like, a second version of The  Sims in your library and it's just the base game   and this pack, and you have it temporarily.

Just to finish some videos before the  pack comes out, and then they steal it! It's fine, I'm not upset, I'm okay. I'm not sad, I just -- I miss Cottage Living. I had so much fun with it, y'know,  so it's kinda sad that it's gone. Speaking of the British, I'm  actually going to the UK this week, which is bizarre. When you're seeing  this video, I'm going to be there. So here's the TL;DR, I realize there's a pandemic and I also don't want to be traveling right now,   trust me. But the situation is that my  boyfriend, Dan, you might know about this, but

he lives in the UK, I have not seen  him in a very, very, very long time. But he's actually moving  to the US like, this week, Well, at the end of the month. And so  I'm going there to help him like, pack,   and finish preparing, and like, get all of his  stuff together, and then we can fly back together, so I'm literally going there,  quarantining at his house for 10 days,   and then we're gonna fly straight back.

So the plan is just to help him move, right, but   I'm kind of excited because again, I  haven't seen Dan in a super long time and this pandemic. It's a weird time to be in   an international long distance  relationship, let's be honest. Of all the times, now is not  a good time, but it's okay. It's almost done. I made a couple  videos about that visa process,   if you want to watch them I'll link them for you, but we've been in this process of trying to get  him to move, for like a year and a half now, so we finally have the visa, so obviously  like, once you get it it's kinda like okay,   get a move on before it expires. So, he's coming at the end of the  month, and I'm really excited! But there's still a lot to  do so I'm a bit stressed,   so you'll notice that my next videos, for like  the rest of the month are all prerecorded.

I've recorded a lot the past couple of weeks  because I wanted to have videos ready for   even like, after he gets here, because we're gonna  have a lot of like, immigration type stuff to do, I just wanted to not have to worry about  videos, but don't worry, I'm still uploading. And uploading a lot, because  I made them all already. But that is the plan, so I'll keep  you all posted. I'm really excited,  

I'm gonna have like, probably some  like, pictures and stuff to post online, which'll be fun. Maybe I'll make  a vlog. I thought about that,   I thought about vlogging the moving thing, but I am not a vlogger so it makes  me a bit nervous, I'm not gonna lie. I am not a vlogger. But I mean,  it's a pretty exciting life event,   so maybe I'll film some stuff to  just to have, for like, myself, and then if it's cute, I can  post it for you, I don't know.

But anyway, don't worry, I have both  doses of the vaccine. To go there,   the way that it works to fly to  the UK from the US right now, you have to get a negative COVID test,  obviously, before you even board the plane,   and then you have to quarantine  while you're there for 10 days and get tested on day 2 and 8, but you  can also test out of quarantine on day 5,   so I'm gonna get tested on day 5 as well. but I don't plan on touring the UK right  now. I'm gonna sit at his parent's house, and stay there, and just help him  pack, and then come straight back. I just feel really awful about the  thought of him having to move by himself,   y'know, like the idea of making that  international move, right now, alone, is terrible and this way I can help him like  bring extra bags, and it'll just be better, so.

I'm very excited and he's finally moving,  so we have a lot to look forward to,   it's just I'm a bit scared of  making that flight right now. I know that like, I have the  vaccine, everybody's gonna be tested,   everyone has to wear masks on the plane, I just, the thought of that like, super long  flight right now is a bit like, oh my God, ahhhh. Sitting in a big metal box, a big metal COVID box. But I'm sure it'll be okay,  I'm sure it'll be okay. I'm gonna wear like three masks, mark  my words. Double vaxxed, double masked.

Double tested! I'm just paranoid. But by the time you see this, I'll  be there, so it should be fine. I made it, we're good. Also don't worry, I am  still planning on streaming while I'm there,   I don't know how often I'm gonna be  streaming this week but I will be streaming. Obviously like when the pack comes out,  I wanna stream and stuff like that, so   again, I'm quarantining at Dan's house.

It's not like I'm gonna be that  busy, so I can still stream. The one thing is that we wanted to spend some time  with his family, obviously he's moving to the US,   and he's not gonna be able to see  his family for a super long time especially with COVID, like the borders are still  closed, they can't come to the US right now, so we have literally no idea when they'll open  and when he'll be able to see his parents again so the goal is to spend time with  his family while I'm there and like,   I don't know, watch films with  his parents, and stuff like that, because it's been a while and he has to move,   so we're gonna be spending a lot of time with  his parents and stuff while I'm there, but I'll still stream a little bit. Actually, I think the day I'm posting this  video is the day the patch is gonna come out. They still haven't confirmed when the patch  is coming out, so it's all just guesswork like I still have no idea. What that means is  that there's always an update before a pack   comes out for The Sims 4, like a free update, and usually for expansion  packs, the update is pretty big so for example, like the pond tool is  coming to the base game for every body.

We're gonna have the ability for kids to  cook and garden in the base game soon. I think, if I have guesstimated correctly, if my calculations and predictions are  correct, I think the patch will come out today. So you'll have to tell me in the comments if  I was right, I'm recording this on the 13th so I'm pretty sure the patch is going  to come out today, like today the 20th, but I'm not certain, so if it is out,   have fun building some ponds, my  friends. I hope that you enjoy it. And if it's not out, well, I'm sorry. But I should be streaming today, I  think that's the plan. I'm planning   on streaming the day the patch comes  out and the day the pack comes out, so I probably will be live  tonight, if I'm correct.

But, I don't know. Follow me on  Twitch, just Twitch.com/lilsimsie. It's a weird time, this  prerecording business is very odd. It's very weird to like, prepare videos for this  long, and to be planning on going somewhere, like going somewhere in general right now,  bizarre, I've not been anywhere, y'know. I don't even go to the store! I've been at my  house for the last year and a half straight.

Anyway, it's been a very busy few weeks  because I've been prerecording so much, so I've made so many videos  the last like, three weeks, and I'm still going. But  I think this is the second   to last video I'm going to record before I leave I'm almost done, I'm just gonna make one  more after this, and then I'm gonna be ready. My plan for the rest of the week -- it's  just Tuesday, I'm leaving on Saturday.

My plan for the rest of the week is to  finish packing and cleaning and stuff,   because Dan's moving I've been trying to like, deep clean  everything for the last couple of months.   Like slowly going room by  room and closet by closet, and like helping to clear out stuff,   and make space in drawers, y'know, I've  been trying to do that kind of thing so I've been really cleaning and I gotta  finish up a few things before I leave. I also wanna clean, like, regular  clean too, like I don't know,   I wanna clean the shower and all  that stuff, so that's the plan. I'm going shopping on Wednesday. I plan  to go to Target and buy new mascara.

So, really exciting stuff going on right now. Also, I realized I told all of you I was flying  out on Sunday, I'm actually leaving on Saturday. I lied because I was scared about  people knowing what flight I was on.

I've had some incidents this past week, with people knowing where I am. So. I've decided to be a bit more careful. Sorry  for lying about when I'm flying though, I do feel a bit guilty about  that. But do you know what?   It's better I lie than I don't know, people know. Because that could be bad. So like  I said, it's been a weird week.

Um, I apologize. I've been really stressed.  Combining that with all the work I'm doing, ahhh. There's a lot going on right now. But  the house -- we're on the inside now,   I'm sorry, I'm just sitting here  talking about myself, I don't know. But on the inside of the house, you'll  see it's a pretty open floor plan that whole like, main living space is pretty  open right now. I ended up closing it off  

a tiny bit more and I think this is a very  realistic floor plan for a house like this. Like it's got kind of a closed off entrance.  To the right there's a door into like, a   smaller, more formal living room. And then to the left, you have  the dining space, the kitchen,   there is a TV room, there's like  a sunken sun room living room, there's a bunch of living areas in here,  and I think it looks really, really good.

So I was pretty pleased with this  one, I did close off the kitchen   because I wanted to have it look,  like, a little more interesting, but I do think at the end of the day it looks  pretty nice. There's also like a utility room,   sort of space where the backdoor is, I think if I had all the packs installed,  I would have put laundry in there. Like. I like the idea of some sort of mud room,

type thing when you first walk in from the  back, so there's like the watering cans hung up, there's some counters and a sink,  stuff you might need for storage. That kinda thing, maybe you  hang up the broom in there. I don't know, and then that's kind of a hallway   that'll take you into a bathroom  and an office downstairs. And then upstairs there's three  bedrooms, and a couple bathrooms. So it's not really like, a big  house. It looks really big,   but it's only three bedrooms  at the end of the day.

I think in real life, a house like this  would probably have a lot more bedrooms. But I guess the upstairs isn't that  big. When you look at it for real,   the upstairs isn't necessarily massive. The downstairs is pretty big,   and I suppose if you wanted to make  the office into a bedroom, you could. And then this like, second living  room space could be a bedroom as well. Like I know in Dan's house,  they've got a converted garage   that was already converted when they  moved into it, that like, is his bedroom and then the old dining room's  his sister's bedroom, so   I mean that's the nice part  I guess about these houses is in the US it's not as common,  especially down where I live it's not very common to  have like, doors into rooms.

like we have super open  floor plans, which is nice, It's nice to have like,  arches, and big open, wide,   airy spaces but it sometimes is also nice  to have like that dining room have a door that you could make into a bedroom  if you need extra space, you know? Like that part is kind of a perk. Because  you don't always need a formal dining room,   but you might need an extra bedroom so when you've got a big, giant arch into it  that's a bit more difficult than just a door. Perks of older houses. Less bedrooms, but  more rooms you can make into bedrooms, right? And I guess, this house I sorta  imagined as probably super old,   like in real life this house would've  been built a super long time ago. We don't have that in Florida. We don't  have old houses around these parts.

Orlando, Florida? Pretty new. Everything here,   pretty recent, I'm not gonna lie.  It's um, all built yesterday. And that's not even an exaggeration.  I've always loved old houses so much,   I think it's one of those want  what you can't have kinda things like I've always loved the idea of living in an  old house, a more charming house with character, that really excites me,   but I feel like people that live in old houses  are like aw, I'd love to have a brand new house.

I mean my house isn't brand  new, but it was built in like   2000 or something, y'know,  so it's not old by any means that's brand new in comparison  to things built in like, 1900. So. But I don't know, houses built more  recently just don't have any character to them,   they're so ugly. I hate to say it, but it's true. Like, most of the houses in Florida? No  charm, just weird. Every single one of them. And I've lived here a long time so I  say that with confidence, it's true.

They're all a bit odd. I can't  believe Dan is willingly moving here. To be fair, there's a lot worse things in  America going on right now than just our   lack of charm in our houses Truly, I can't believe Dan is moving here. But it's okay, it'll be fine. Because at  least I won't be alone anymore, right? Anyway, the house has two bedrooms,  I've got one bedroom for like, a   younger kid, and then one more  like teenage bedroom kinda thing.

And I'm gonna let you in on a little  inside joke with my Twitch stream,   you know how I put those little  sports things on the floor, like the the baseball bat, basketball, like  that little pile of sports equipment? The other day on stream I was building a  house and you know when you're streaming   and you've been talking for -- at that  point, I'd been live for like, 6 hours, so I had been live all day. You  kinda lose your mind a little bit. And I was talking and I was like, oh  we can put some sports on the floor!   And I grabbed that item and put it down and my  whole chat was like, Kayla, you're gonna do what? And I was like....you put  some sports on the floor. And now they keep mocking me for  saying sports on the floor, so   yes I put some sports on the floor in this house.

Now you're in on the joke.  It's not even that funny but   everybody was laughing at me. To be fair,  the way I delivered that was kinda funny. Anyway that's pretty much the whole  house done. I know I cut out a few   of the exciting parts of the build,  so I'm gonna show you a quick tour. I did record this like a week and a half  ago, so I'll be in a different shirt.

So I just finished building this mansion with  Cottage Living -- mansion's a strong word,   it's not even that big, it's three bedrooms, but I finished building it and I didn't  record all of the speed build because I   figured that the dumb watermark would be so  annoying like, floating across the screen. It's already so distracting and I  figured sped up it'd be even worse. So I'm going to give you a very detailed  tour of the house now that it's done.

Now obviously I was really inspired by this photo,   and so when I actually started building I  was kinda trying to go for a similar shape. Obviously, it looks different in  the end. I realized that it looked   kinda silly in The Sims, so I  had to make some adjustments. I've been having a lot of fun with this pack  trying to like, branch out with my landscaping, because usually I think that mixing  and matching flowers looks a bit busy,   so I'll pick like one color and I'll have  like all yellow flowers in the front yard, which I guess isn't even that realistic,  I just -- I don't know, I usually do that but with this one I was trying  to branch out some more,   so all my builds have pretty detailed gardens like, really fun, lively gardens.  I also tried to have like,   big courtyards in the front  and back of all these houses which is different than what I usually do, I don't  usually have an enclosed courtyard in the front.

and this one actually has some living space,   like the front courtyard here  there's a couple garden planters obviously lots of landscaping, and  there's a table, a garden hose, there's even a pond. And then  if you walk around it takes you   kinda through a little windy back  area back to the back of the house where like all the action is happening,  y'know. There's another back sort of a   courtyard area here too with a  grill and like a patio table. There's some stuff for the kids, the  chickens kinda have free reign of the   back area, they kinda just hang  out back here in the whole space and then the cow has its own little pasture spot.  

I've been putting like little stacked  hay bales everywhere in these areas, which I think looks kinda cute.  And I used a lot of debug out here,   so you can see like, all of  this is debug landscaping. I tried to fill up the lot, because  this is a 50x40 lot, it is massive. Neighbor's car alarm is going off,   that's cool. I'm just gonna keep  recording and we'll hope it stops. And then if you keep going along the  pathway it takes you to the little like,   plant, crop area. I probably  shoulda fenced this in.

I feel like if it were fenced in, you'd have  less of a problem with like, I don't know,   foxes destroying it or something. But I left it open. And you can see  on the outside of the house -- ooh,   window glitch. Don't mind that.  Just some move objects problems. The outside of the house, it's kind of an  interesting shape. It's kinda long and skinny,   like this room is a bit weird, you'll see.

Also, this part, the sunroom, I was really  inspired by one of the builds that's in the town I think it was built by HeyHarrie, she did this  with these windows and I thought it looked so   cool so I did it too on the outside of this.  I think it looks really realistic, as well. Like the columns with the windows, it just works, like, really well. I don't know,   I really liked how that looked so I  stole it and put it on this house. On the inside, it's supposed to be  like a slightly older floor plan   that maybe has been updated a tiny bit. So I opened up the living room area a little bit,   but you still walk in to like a  small, closed off little hallway.

There's a door into the fancy like, formal   living room, I don't know. There's  just two chairs and a fireplace. It's a big house so it's kinda  got like three living rooms. This is one of them. And then to  the left, you come into the dining   room and then that actually leads you  into another living room that's sunken in that sunroom area. And then there's like the  

TV room area that you kinda  just walk straight into, too. And then there's an archway into the  kitchen, which is actually really big,   there's a lot of counter space in here. But not a lot of good spots to  put cabinets, believe it or not. There's a lot of wall, but a lot  of it's covered in window, so. Like I didn't wanna put cabinets next to  the windows because it kinda looked weird,   so I just didn't, I don't know.  But I think it's cute in here.

And then if you come this way -- this in my  mind, I was pretending was like a utility room. Because it's where you walk in from the back.   so I feel like in real life you might have  laundry in there, or like lots of storage.  

You'd put like, the broom and -- I don't  know, you'd have stuff like that in here. Nice spot to have. And then  there's another hallway that   takes you into the downstairs bathroom which is pretty simple and  small. And then this little long,   skinny room off to the side is the study.

I feel like this floor plan is pretty  realistic, to be honest with you. So I kinda liked it. And then when  you go upstairs there's a big hallway,   I put a desk in the hallway because I always do.

I just feel like it's useful to  have extra desk space, you know,   so I put desks in my builds like everywhere. And then there's three bedrooms and one bathroom,   there's a hall bathroom up here  for like everybody to share. There's one kids room, for like  the little brother, I'm picturing. I think maybe a teen lives in this room,   it's like a pink bedroom. I love the  new bed so I wanted to use that swatch.

And then the parents have their own side of  the house, they've got a bed, and a dresser,   and a little desk, and a smaller  bathroom, but they do have an en suite. And then that's the whole house. You probably  could fit something in the attic if you wanted   to put like, a ladder into the attic somewhere,  you could put storage up there if you wanted to.

I just don't really do that in my sims builds  because I feel like it's not necessary,   like what do you need to store  in the attic in your sims builds,   because you have a household inventory, y'know, so I just don't always bother, but  you totally could if you wanted to. Maybe like the old bassinet, you know, stuff  like that you could throw up in the attic. If you have seasons you could like, put the  decoration box and stuff like that up there too.

I think that kinda thing is  cute. But that's the whole house! I've been having so much fun with  landscaping and terrain tools with this pack. Like I've been spending a lot more time  trying to make more detailed paths and   obviously using the ponds and stuff like  that, trying to make like, really nice areas. I haven't tried to make anything raised but I have  been sinking things and filling them with water. I'm getting slowly more comfortable  with terrain tools, maybe now I'll   start doing more things with like,  putting houses on hills and stuff. I just, it makes me a bit nervous. I don't  know how to make it look good, so I just don't.

Maybe with this pond tool now  I can start branching out more. The house ended up costing 102,000 simoleons,   which isn't actually that bad. To be  fair though, it's only three bedrooms. Like it looks like this really grand house  from the outside and it's really expensive,   and it only has three bedrooms so it probably could be better, I guess  if you wanted to you could make this like,   second living room, and the office into bedrooms, and then you could have five,  and that would be better. But yeah, for now it's only three and that's  a bit sad for a 100,000 simoleon house but   it's okay, it's okay. It's meant to be grand. Well I hope you enjoyed this video,   and with that being said, I will  see you all tomorrow. Bye everybody. I'm gonna take this opportunity  to plug my social media.

I'm gonna post on Instagram this week, follow me. It's just lilsimsie, same  handle literally everywhere. But I swear I'm gonna post pictures, and  they're gonna be good so I -- I mean,   you should go there, immediately. I'm just saying.

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