i am going to rebuild all of newcrest...

i am going to rebuild all of newcrest...

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So recently, I've been trying to rebuild  Newcrest, the empty neighborhood in The Sims 4. When you're playing The Sims 4 base game,  you get three neighborhoods: Willow Creek,   Oasis Springs, and Newcrest, and  Newcrest comes completely empty. Which honestly as a person who builds  a lot in this game, I really like,   but maybe as a player is a little bit annoying. And so I've been kind of working on building new   lots with just the base game  to fill up this whole area. I'm picturing some residential lots, a  pool, I want to have a museum and a library,   a bunch of houses, all new townies.

And today I want to show you the first house  that I built for this neighborhood, but first,   a word from our sponsor. Now I know a lot of you probably already know  about a game called Word Farm Adventure because   I did a video for them like, a month ago, and they  have very kindly sponsored this video as well. It's a free puzzle game  available on iOS and Android,   so I'll have the link to download down below. It's a word game, you basically solve crossword  puzzles and complete word scrabble missions,   and as you play through levels, you  slowly rebuild areas of the game. So for example, you start rebuilding this  farmhouse, and you slowly choose like,   the colors of the towels in the bathroom  and start to update everything inside. This combines like, two of my favorite things,  the word games and the like, house decorating.

You could not get a more perfect game,   and I'm dead serious, I've been  playing this game a lot recently. I just flew like, eight hours  to help Dan move to the US,   and I kid you not, I played this game  like, the entire time on the flight. I was sitting there doing my little scrabble.

It's really, really fun. It's actually  the first game ever to cross over word   puzzle games with scape adventures,  and I'm not kidding, I love this game. So here's what I've been playing through  and how my house looks right now,   but there's a bunch of levels to choose  from and a bunch more coming soon. I play a lot of games like this, I'm just  a big fan of like, word games in general,   but this one is so cute, and  it's just rewarding to like,   work through puzzles and level up slowly,  and then also watch your farm improve. So thanks again to Word Farm Adventure  for sponsoring this video and like I said,   it's available now on iOS and Android,   and I'll have the link to download it for  free in the description of this video.

And with that being said, let's go ahead  and jump right into the speed build. So in this house I was kind of trying to juggle  making a nice pretty house, but also make it base   game only, and also make it affordable, because  a lot of times when I build houses in The Sims   like, fancier houses in The Sims, if I'm  not trying to use a budget and I don't like,   limit myself at all, I'll build a house  that costs like, 150,000 simoleons,   and that's just not attainable like, you cannot  use that house without cheats, and I don't want   that to be the case, because it's not fun to  have to cheat for money always in The Sims. I'm very much the kind of person when  I'm actually playing, to want to like,   play rags to riches challenges and start  out with zero simoleons and work my way up,   because I find The Sims is kind  of boring when you're too rich,   which I know sounds weird, because in  real life money makes everything easier,   but in The Sims I feel like I'd rather have  my sims struggle, it's just more fun that way. So a lot of times I build houses  that are more appropriate for that. So this house in general is a pretty useful one  for probably most of you. Base game. Costs like,  

50,000 simoleons, which is still a lot of money,  but you can actually earn that much money in The   Sims like, it's not impossible for your sims  to have that much, so it feels appropriate. But it's this like, craftsman style, and I know  I build a lot of houses that are this style,   but look I'm just -- I'm projecting my dreams  out into the world by building them in The Sims,   because this kinda house I think is like, my  favorite style of house ever in real life. I love how these look, and they just don't  exist where I live. Nothing like this exists   in Florida. Nowhere is it possible to achieve  this look, especially not in central Florida,   and I wish it was because I think it's so  pretty, but this kind of thing just is not   around where I am, and so I um, I live  out my dreams in The Sims 4 instead, so. I'm just projecting, okay.

Now I've actually built like,   four of the houses that are all in a row  in this neighborhood on stream already. I've only posted this build on YouTube, but I  have built a few more of the houses that are   gonna be in Newcrest in this area, and I'm kinda  trying to go for similar styles with all of them. They're not all like, a craftsman house,   but they all are very much like,  a simsie suburban type of house. Like, they're somewhat realistic, not super fancy,  affordable-looking homes. Kinda like this one,  

and they're all made with the same materials  like, I wanted to use the same brick foundation   and the same front pathway, but like, different  colors on all the walls, so the houses look like   they belong in the same area, but they're not  all identical, is kinda what I was going for. Speaking of identical, um, where I  live, I think a lot of you probably   have this kind of thing too like, all  the neighborhoods are the same, you know. Like, the neighborhood might have like,   two different houses and they're just  like, repeated next to each other. That's not what I'm going for with my Newcrest,  I want my Newcrest to look different than that,   but I think a lot of us probably  live in houses like that, right,   where like, the house is just the same as  the one next to it, just back and forth.

My grandma's old house, their next-door  neighbor was the same house, but like,   rotated so like, the side of the house that  was my grandma's house was their front. I think this has been happening for a long  time and their house was built in like,   1920 or something, and they even did it  then, so. We're all -- we're used to it. But luckily in The Sims, we don't need to do that. Okay, you may have also noticed that I   really struggled with the floor plan  on this one, so my apologies for that. I wasn't trying to, but I was really struggling  and going back and forth with how I wanted it to   look because I was wanting an open floor plan,  but I wanted a big dining room, and it was a   big rectangle, so I didn't know where to put  anything and I just -- it was -- it's tough.

I find that floor plans are usually kind of  pretty easy for me like, I usually can do it   somewhat naturally, but whenever I have a house  like this like, a very symmetrical looking home,   the floor plan is a lot harder  because, I say this all the time,   but the floor plan kind of creates itself when  you've got like, bump-outs like, that one on the   side is obviously the bedroom, you know, it's  the perfect spot for it, it's the right size,   put the bed and the parents' room  in there and that's -- that's set. But when you have just a big box,  how do you split that up? Like,   how do you logically do that? Especially when  it's so symmetrical because then you've got like,   giant windows in the bathroom,  and where do you put anything? And it just -- it -- it's  a lot more difficult to do,   so if you ever struggle with floor  plans, don't worry, we all do. Some houses are definitely easier than others  to do floor plans on, that's for sure, and this   house was a -- was a tough one for me, and I  will admit um, this is a blue suburban house.

I know that I can't build things that aren't this,  but look, I have not built many a blue suburban in   years okay, when I was in high school, admittedly  I did used to build houses that were blue   and looked like this pretty much every week, but  I have departed from my blue exteriors, okay? At this point, it's like, a  joke when I do them. I like,   make it blue on purpose because I know that  it's a meme that all my houses look like this. So this house was kinda the meme, I was  trying to embrace the blue suburban.

I did it again, and I'm not mad about it. But one thing I liked about this house is  that the parents' bedroom is downstairs. A lot of times in real life  like, luxury real estate,   you'll notice that they always talk about how nice  it is that like, the master suite is separate from   the other bedrooms and like, how fancy that is,  and it's a major perk which I guess makes sense,   so this one has like, the parents' bedroom  downstairs and the kids' rooms upstairs,   which I think happens a lot  in houses in Florida, too. Like, my parents' house doesn't have an  upstairs, but their room is on the left and   then all the kids' rooms are on the right,  so same vibe with the separated bedrooms. I don't really intentionally try to mimic like,  real-life floor plans that often in The Sims   because sometimes like, what is a nice feature  in real life is kind of inconvenient in games,   because a lot of times it's nice in The  Sims to like, have all the bedrooms near   each other just because it's easier when you're  trying to get your sims ready for bed to like,   have everything next to each other, but it  also is nice to make realistic looking homes.

It's just sometimes things like the  bedroom layouts don't really matter   if they're that realistic like, just put  it where it works, you know? It's fine,   it doesn't matter, it doesn't make a difference. I really do pick and choose where I want  to be realistic with my builds, don't I? It's fun to do though, sometimes it's fun to  like, pretend to make an ultra-realistic home.   The issue is that realistic houses are oftentimes  really ugly in The Sims because when you make a   house in real life, the window placement is very  much based on the interior, which makes sense,   but when you look at houses in real life from  the outside, a lot of times they're really ugly. Like, if you look at it from a bird's eye  view kinda like how you look at sims houses,   they look really weird. So we're  a lot more nitpicky about like,   layouts and roofing and stuff than you would  be in real life like, in real life, the roofing   is not based on what looks the nicest from the  top down, you know, because no one sees it.

They want a nice roofline in the front and  the back probably, maybe not even the back,   at least the front, but real roofing  you've got to worry about like, drainage. We don't have that problem, I just make  it look nice, I just want it to be pretty. Okay, build aside though, I have a small  life update for you because I know a lot   of you might know this about me, but  I've got pretty bad driving anxiety.

Have for a long time, but I've been working on  getting over myself and I've been trying to like,   put myself in stressful driving situations  on purpose because that way I can, you know,   get over it better because otherwise I'll  just never do it and that's not gonna help,   so I drove on the highway alone  for the first time this week. I've driven the highway a lot, but like,  with my dad to practice for years like,   because I have always been so scared of doing  it so I've like, practiced a lot with my dad. I've gone places with my brother before, yes my  younger brother who is a better driver than I am.

He's almost 18, um, I'm 22., but uh, like,  for example I've gone to pick up my dad   from the airport before, me driving, but  like, with Brett in the car, which to me,   that's driving on the highway alone, right, but  it doesn't really count in my mind as driving   on the highway alone because Brett was there  and he's basically teaching me at this point,   like he's -- he's a lot more confident and um,  less stressed than I am, so to me that makes him   a better driver, so it doesn't count. It's like  I had a teacher in the car still, but I went on   the highway alone yesterday, well Dan was in the  car, we went together somewhere, but I did it! I did cry twice. The first time -- not on the  highway, though -- the first time is because   somebody like, ran a red light and pulled  out in front of me and it scared me and I   started crying before I even  got to the highway, and then   we were listening to Taylor Swift in the  car, and as I'm getting on the on-ramp like,   about to get on the highway, Taylor Swift  comes on and yells, "Are you ready for it?" Great album, love Reputation, but come  on, Taylor, the timing? Just the like,   the music -- and right then? And then  I -- I started crying again, but like,   almost out of laughter because  I sat there and I was like, no? And then I got on the highway and it was  fine. Everything's fine. It isn't even   that big of a deal like, I know for most  people, this is like, such a non-issue. I just don't go many places, I very  much um, drive to my parents' house   and the grocery store, I don't really go out much,   mostly because I'm scared of leaving the house  and also scared of driving, so that's my problem,   but I'm really proud of myself for doing it, and  it was fine. I got there, I got home no issue,  

which is a big improvement from how I was like,  five years ago, so. I'm doing a lot better. Anyway, this house has a total  of three bedrooms, could be four   depending on how you furnish the last one,  so there's the downstairs parents' bedroom,   upstairs there's two kid's bedrooms  and an art studio space, but obviously,   that art studio could be a bedroom if you wanted  it to, I just don't know how many sims you have. So I tried to make two like, kid maybe  teen bedrooms, things that could kind of   go either way, depending on how old  your sims kids are. One of them has a   non-binary pride flag in it. I love this  bedroom, I think it turned out so cute. I was trying to use like, furniture  that I never use really, and also   wallpaper I don't really use,  so I tried to pick that like,   dark blue color on the wallpaper and I  think that it came together really well. Like, I really like this bedroom  and it also isn't that expensive,   so I was kind of proud of myself  for making like, a decently priced   nice looking bedroom like, it's  an -- it's an achievement, okay? A lot of times in like, starter homes -- this  is not a starter home, it's not even close to   being a starter home, it's very expensive --  but a lot of times in like, cheaper or like,   more affordable sims houses, I feel like I  personally really skimp out on the bedrooms,   even in general when I'm making sims  builds, a lot of times when I'm making like,   a generic house like this that's kind  of like, here is a base game home that   anyone can download, my goal is to make a  thing that like, everyone could download.

And so a lot of times I'll put like, a really  generic kid's bedroom because that way you could   just adjust it, maybe change some swatches  to fit your sim, and then it would be fine. Because I know at least in my own gameplay  when I'm downloading a house off a gallery,   which I don't really do anymore because I build  so often, but back when I used to get houses off   the gallery, I'd keep pretty much the whole house  the same and then adjust the bedrooms for my kids. And so I kinda picture other people doing  that too and that's why I kinda just like,   make a generic green kids  bedroom and then call it a day,   but in this house, I was trying to  make some more detailed looking ones. Plus, I'm gonna make sims to  fill this whole save file,   so I'm kinda like, imagining the sim  in my head and making them a bedroom,   and then when I actually make them,  I'll be kind of inspired by the room.

Which maybe is a backwards  way to go about making sims,   to make their bedroom first, but I build  a lot, I don't know. It works for me. So that first one was kind of  like, space-themed in my mind,   and then the second one was guitar-themed or  like, music-themed, I don't know. Very generic. I was trying to use this furniture  that I never touch either because I   don't really use that bed very often,  I'm not a huge fan of the swatches,   and so this room is admittedly a little  bit ugly, but that was on purpose, okay? I like -- I wanted to use these swatches that  I don't really use, so I picked that orange and   like, gray combo intentionally because I've never  done it, and so I was like, this is the time. Granted, it doesn't look that  good, I definitely could have   picked better swatches, but I  -- I like the orange and gray. My Twitch chat didn't like it, um, but I  liked it, so that's all that matters, right? But if you don't like it, don't worry, you're  not alone. A lot of people didn't like it.

I was trying to branch out, I did  put a trans flag in there too,   so it looks -- I thought it looked  nice together, but I don't know. And also, in my opinion, kid's rooms  don't have to be like, that nice. There can be some mismatch stuff going on  in kid's bedrooms, it happens all the time.

You're telling me your bedroom  when you were a child was like,   super put together and fancy because mine wasn't. I had hot pink walls and like, a Spongebob  bedspread, okay. Didn't work. It didn't match. I liked it though, and I'd do it again. I'm not kidding, I -- I had a Spongebob like,  comforter/sheet set and it was blue and had like,   Spongebob print on it, and I had the  hot pink walls, so I think it's nice. If I put that in The Sims, it would not be  nice. It wasn't nice in real life either,  

but I was like, six so, what are you gonna do? Yeah, I definitely, um -- went a little  bit out there with the wallpaper upstairs   in this particular house, okay, but  I -- I was trying to branch out. I thought it was nice, when else can you use  a boat wallpaper, for example, other than here   in this office slash art studio room. Perfect opportunity. I swear, I like to  have one of these skill-building type   rooms in pretty much every sims house if I  can fit one, and I say this all the time,   but it's because there's so many random things  that you need, but you can't put anywhere.

Like, random skill-building objects, and like,  cupcake machines, and just all these giant items   that you want to use, but how do you fit  them into your house? They don't work,   you need to just have room. And you stick it  in the room, and you just let it exist there. Granted, that room is not so bad because it just  had a computer and an easel, but some things are   less appealing than computers and easels. Like  that giant microscope, you gotta put it somewhere. Possibly the porch, I do that a lot too.  I get a giant thing and just put it on   the porch. Put it in the side yard, don't  worry about it, just stick it over there. It'll be fine. I should start putting  basements for this kinda thing.  

The problem is that basements are  kind of expensive in The Sims like,   you want to use a basement to stick  your like, giant stuff in, but then   you gotta build a basement and pay for stairs,  that's expensive, it really starts to add up. I used to put basements in so many sims builds  like, right when the basements first came out,   because they didn't come out with The Sims 4 on  release, they added basements like, pretty soon   after The Sims 4 came out, but they came out in  an update like, a little bit after the game was   released and I put them in so many builds at the  time, and I think this just kind of happens where   like, a new feature comes out and you're like,  oh my God platforms, put them in every house. But realistically it's like, not  that practical to have platforms   or basements in every one of your builds,  so you kinda just slowly stop using them. I think it was a novelty for me too,  as a person who lives in Florida,   we can't have basements here, the water table's  too high and like, the ground is sand. Literally  

all sand. So you don't find basements in  Florida, it's just not a thing, so I think   when I got the chance to put them in my sims  houses I was like, ooh a basement, how exciting! How new and fun and different, but now I don't  really do it anymore, maybe I'll start again. Get ready for basements in every build. Oh, we  could put like, a games room in the basement. Ping pong table, big TV like,  movie setup with some video games.  

Oh, now I'm inspired, I have a house in mind. I feel like this house could work with that  honestly, if this house had a basement,   like a games room in the basement, this  one would work, but, it's too late now. Maybe in the next one. I'll catch you in  the next one, give me a week, I'll make one.

I do all of my builds on Twitch, by the way,  like, my speed builds sorta like this one,   I mostly build these on stream so if you  ever want to come by and like, build with us,   we very much take suggestions, uh you can laugh at   my guitar rooms before I post them  on YouTube, it's really great fun. So I'll link my Twitch channel down  below, but now the build is coming to   a close and I want to hop into a quick  tour and show you the house in person. I guess in person is the  wrong word, it's a sims build. Let me just show you around. I've actually made some pretty decent  progress with Newcrest here. Not really,  

I made like, four houses and a pool and a  park, but we've made some decent progress. And this is the house that we built today. So you can kind of get an idea for what  the street's gonna look like already   with the big oak trees. This house has like, the little  walk-up, the brick stairs,   the brick porch. I hit my elbow on my desk. I got a flamingo, a gnome, a  mailbox, all the bases are covered.

Then in the backyard, it's really  small, but I put a little tiny garden. We've got a table, a grill. God I  would kill to have a backyard like   this, I know it's small, but I currently have  zero backyard space, so this to me, a dream. And the porches too, I want a porch so bad.

Anyway, inside the house,  it's just one big living area. So you walk in, there's a small TV section, you've  got a little dining table, little kitchen in here,   the hallway takes you to a  small half bath downstairs,   and then the parents' bedroom,  which is -- which is purple. I know it's different, I was trying  something new. Unlike this part,   which looks like every build I've ever made. The parents have their own ensuite bathroom,   and then upstairs there's a decent-sized  hallway, there's a kid's bathroom,   which I tried to make look used like, kids have  been in here and made a little bit of a mess. There's that art studio space I was talking about  with the boats on the wall. Yeah, I like it, I do.

I know it's weird, I kinda like it. The first kid's room is that  space theme I was talking about,   we've got like, some space movie  posters. They even have a laptop. And these rooms, I think could  both very easily be teenagers'   bedrooms too depending on like, who your sims are. Also yeah, that's an alien. A real one. It's  a live space squid, and that's baby Yoda. And then over here is the other kid's bedroom.  This one's more like, sports and music-themed,   I was thinking. So I based it off this bed.

It's not as bad as I made it out to be, I just  know my chat did not like the orange wall when   I put it up, but I think it looks okay in  here, and it also feels very realistic. But that's the whole house, it isn't very  big. It actually costs 65,000 simoleons,   so I had that whole spiel about it  being affordable. It's not really.   Um, I was trying for it to be. The goal was  originally 50,000 simoleons, and then I went a   little bit off the deep end there, but 65, that  -- you -- you could still make that much money.

It's not that bad, as far as like,  actual gameplay goes. It's a little bad,   you just -- sell the laptop,  you know. That'll fix it. But that is the whole house, thank you again to  my friends at Word Farm Adventure for sponsoring   this video, I will have that download link in  the description box if you want to check it out. And on that note, I will see  you all tomorrow. Bye everybody.

I am determined to make that boat wallpaper work,  I'm trying so hard to fit it places. I have never   used it until now, and I'm -- I'm gonna use it and  keep using it. I will make you love those boats. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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