Hurricane Dorian Party

Hurricane Dorian Party

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You. There, we go, Wow sound, it it's going on when everybody portrait. Of my founder, of mojo day trading I'm gonna do a little Sunday. Night hurricane, action. Hurricane. Dorian. What's. Coming in it's pretty big pretty strong check, it out, get. On over to the main screen this is my database, I'm. Going to be reviewing, right here. 1532. Stops, that, come, up in the database out on that screen. And I got the umbrella. Patman Dave. Briella, got some good feedback. From, the course. Email. I just got right here. Lessons, good it should be its own course. This, one priceless, course. He. Davey said it Vega days, on YouTube there. There are the channels, for one second, folks there. We go hello. Sara, welcome, stay dry sure, we'll try. They, will try. This. Chat. So. Dave thank, you for the course three hours ago Dave was in level, six part one. Very. Very nice. Another. Not testimonial. This, one. Also. Level, six. This. Comment, from. Dave. Lesson. Was great, I have, seen these patterns. But. Never could label them as you did or document. The way you did so, I can never use them brilliant, you're, giving people the map through. The woods to the castle, thank, you, that's. Very nice. Ah. They've in the chat right there. John. Standard. Another testimonial. This. One says. Lessons. Good it should be its own course, great video, it's a must learn system. This. One Luigi. Three days ago. Wing. Training, course part, 2, sweetie. You. Testimonials. In there. I answered. Some Aceros questions, too let's check this out, and remember. The, rest of the thread. Right, here, so she's, this person, said in the course, right. Here I see the picture, of the timestamp at 3:43. Will you say traders, only and if you watch my courses, and you make a comment I get, it in me I can come back and ask the instructor and, fill, you in on the, results so. I can't see the picture of the timestamp, at 34:33, we see a traders, only and I, have Pro traders, that come back to mojo university, courses and retake those several times, you. Have to take it at least four or five times in it in order to be a master. Repetition, is the key to mastery, and, the. Traders. Are there for the first time so, when I I'm. In live mode practice. And I say trade, was only I don't want the pro traders, to give out the answer, they've already done it a couple times it's an easy one for them so, they don't need it for the traders that's what that means so I'm not sure why they say fold on it because I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at I wanted to time Stan want. To the timestamp this so I can come back and ask my so I said it's a phone because. Four dollars and forty seven had a 533. There, and I wanted to see the, trainer's answer it as it's obvious, for the pros and I don't want them giving it the answer depending. It for all your traders the, stocks going lower it has a big bid and then, at 103 54. You say got. The volume and the signal, what's the signal, the volume is five hundred and seven at the house and looking, for the signal, on this. Picture I don't know where to look it's on the ants EDG, X at 6:52. There's, an 800, there it's a large size once they start squeezing me ask you, can buy and watch it by buyer and. This. Was at 103. 54. In this video. 103. 54. 626. 39:45. Yeah. I tell you exactly how we do it with the buys in the cells. This. Is such a valuable, information. 103. 54. Here. 102-103. 2103. 56:52. 570,000. Has an 800, there that's a large axe that's going higher. Has. It right there 852, 647. Another. One t buy up to 85, with, mother 1 another example. Another example. Mother. Example. Why. This is, such a good course guys. Got to be taking it it's. Free, used. To be, 1497. For the last 7 years but, I'm doing a special promotion, that where, I'm offering, this force for free if you go to mojo, day trade and look at the video.

Below Yes, I want to start day trading oh yes I won't start swing trading each of the course is amazing, coming to each, of them right here, I should. I have to put the course is this clickable, to the forest you. Can see the courses right here click, up at the top. See. The courses. You, can enroll right there, a low jump with the poorest day. Trading course right there check, it out you can review the first two classes, I promise. You if you watch those two you'll. Say dude I want to sign up and watch three four five and six please. Finally. Getting it out getting, it out to the people that really want to learn because. Everybody. Teaches. Creating. A lot. Of people, out there teach that trade. Let, me show. Make, sure the chats right here yeah. So there you go Dave check out this so. You. Have like, I just got an email a, couple of minutes ago from. Jason. Bohn. This. Who wants an extra paycheck so it's confusing, to me. It's, confusing yeah everybody, now wants an extra paycheck sure. Look he's. Losing, 45 south he's making, 45,000. And losing 39. Making. 57. He's doing big, option, strategies. Their. High level. Option. Strategies, high. Level and. And. I go, in and I'm like alright let's check it out. Look. And. There it is it's options windfall. Fast. Followed it a little bit. Yeah. So. I'm gonna play this in the background but cut. It out cuz when it gets to this part. You. Ain't gonna believe it that, guy what he says right there so what he's got going on on me just play that's right there so, I got this folder right. Well. I get this email from him the other day and he's like dude check this out. Two. Hundred and thirty two thousand, dollars I donated. But. Dude look your name is Jason, Bohn. The, checks written out the Raging Bull. Because, that's the account, says. Right down here if you look in the fine print, it. Says past, results are not indicated by future the table, is accurate, though not every trade is represented, profits, and losses are actual figures from the portfolio, Jason. Bohn manages. On behalf, of Raging Bull. Not. Just trading. It's. Fine or it could be as dollars but that's, one little mistake that, add. On this thing going on and they do other mistakes. Like. This. And then they erase it from the video you. Know show and look at all my profits, they make you know is it believable or is it not believable. Let's. See if all. The traders man but. Them not, that. Adding, instructors, had trader so he made 9 grand lot of cheddar 150. Second thousand five hundred, thousand, net liquidity, making. Profits, mines thousand, dollars on the day right. Here, but. The accounts, simulated. Trading say, it it's, simulated. Because, no no. Here's. The thing right here. But, you just started over. Seven years ago they don't millions dollars like to say and help thousand, students hungry but. What I understand, you taking the same strategy, and, applied it to an option, straight extraction, okay I need a turbocharged, suit yeah, this is definitely turbocharged. We're talking about amplified, profits here more, training on average women suffered a higher, percentage, win rate less, management. And kind, of the percentage are portrayed, the, nice time trading strategy, so while my strategy. Is. With. My. Time. That. Sounds like a cool package, I. Can't wait to hear how you're doing we sell revolution, me to more, trade more. Profit, per trade and a higher percentage. Of profit person all. Right I see, how you doing this so, I have an option trader I've been trading 20 years. Option. Rockets, I wonder how this one's doing, rebound. So. They have a straight, out options, buying options. This. Was back in, November. Of. 2018. And. They're. Constantly doing option. And. The, selling the service for, over a year. Options. Follow, my pitch you can make 200, percent means 300%. Means now all of a sudden that's. In the garbage, options, is the hardest, thing in town as he even says and.

Everybody, Loses so. If everybody's been losing that means all the clients, have been losing, now, they're trying to figure it out. One. Of the best to. Me it sounded, reasonable you, know actions, by, side. So. Yeah Dave. You 10%, of the time. They. May win 30 to 40 but you the average person, you winning 10 the. Seller wins 90%. Of the time I've been talking about salary options with my triple threat to seven years nobody. Listens, nobody. Can even understand. It they. Think it's the scariest, thing in the world they never want to do in their portfolio. They never want to do it in every time and accounts the greatest strategy, collecting. Premium, but nobody wants to do it I've tried and tried and tried but. Buying. Options, this. Is the service they've been touting he, even says it's the hardest thing I do I. Got. A lot of losers man so I really need to hit that big winner to offset that loser I'm. Giving everybody a lot of losers so I really need to hit that big win Hey, and if I hit loser loser, loser and then, that next one comes up and I can't do it because I hit loser loser loser I'm trying to rebuild up, some bankroll, so I can get the next one and I missed the big winner I just missed a 200%. One then I go loser loser, loser loser, loser again and then I missed the big one because I was miss that big you. Know what I'm saying. I'm. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. So, rather. Than getting charged, and. It's. A ridiculous, amount of quiche. To, do that I mean. It's it's, crazy so. It's. A thousands, of dollars and then, if you lose you, have no money to regroup, and. Refresh. The account. Yeah, it's, mad until, you become, super. Traded of Karen, let. Me show you her. Until, you become super, trader Karen, she, made 41, million, dollars. Of profit. In three, years, option, trading. Pretty. Much. He. Made 41, million, dollars, of profit, three years by collecting, premium. And. Then she lost. Over. All that training, all. The practice, and study. Work. All the, states I think maybe. Decent. Confidence level, but I could make this work so here's her story is amazing, so, from 2007. Woohoo money over at nine hundred. Thousand. One day possibly and, you. Start trading and at, this point you also train change your strings a little bit your company because you're, focusing more on strategies, anymore anything else you're. Believing a little, bit different approach to the short volatilities, in short premium and in, turn one hundred thousand dollars remember, 2007. Was, severe that volatility and. I am down to 10 percent, 2007. Summer. 2008, from the market hype top, down and. Sometimes. You've done the seven to two thousand eight hundred hundred thousands 155. Okay. So with a 50% return and you support yourself. Goes. Up a. Certain. Percentage, because she have to cover the. Review. Right, so, since. I'd be a better witness so. That was just starting me to, that. Point so all of it clicks so let's, just say some point that really 2008. 2008. 2008. Milk. But. There was, a difficult, market. You. Sure they're watching business, plan, options. Options. In size. Slowly. Slowly slowly moved, over to the Nexus, as we. Move over to the indexes. Then we applied more safely and then we started, circling, and shorting indexes. Very. Brief supporting, premium, roaring shorting, for me. So. As we've built the strategy, it's a, very simple. Strategy, so. One. Area is improved, what we've done some simpler, and simpler and simpler we, gave up a lot. Of the technical studies, we. Watch. Price and buy and aren't, to blame on them here that mojo. Forget. The charts. They. Just played price, and, volume. Of, the two main items, super. Trader. We. Have the winter bands on our charts, that, we watch the truck they ride the railrunner, aren't. We watch the movement. And we train very short. And. We're going so. We, are and. We, work on Vega and. We're. Just in town or the market within about. Long. Beach. We. Keep pulling that in shorter shorter, the, thing she says the best. We. Never, give, up a premium. That's. The thing I always stop, when I watching her videos she never. Gives up a premium, once they enter a trade they, never give up the premium, and trying. These things rap but, doing it in a very actually, very conservative, way trying.

To Stay safe in all our positions my. Philosophy, is once you get listen, make, money you're not getting it back cig, once. You give me the money you, ain't getting, it back so. Once that drinkin, comes in. We. Have strategies, in place where, we do not get lean back so, very rarely one, of the things that makes us. Successful. Is. The. Way we see how I knew that was coming up in the video I saw. This video years, I knew that was coming up right clothes I, remember. Losing. Rare. Thing, would. You say that because you're just playing it's a straight probability, game so, you're going outside to. What we. Teach a lot of different when. We're doing a short premium, more. Like a leadership, which is kind, of wide and extracts, right closes. Plot. You, stick to you said to me told me yesterday to three different indexes primarily yes apiece. Antti. Niemi yes okay so the three favorites, right real, urgency and I'm. Guessing. It is your, tendency. To go to hell for what. Is to. Get to the breaking point which against the probably expand inside eighty, percent seventy, five percent five, percent you're labeled, we're working. More. So. What happened to her. Was. Why suit, betrayed a Karen, lost. All her money, okay. Why. The supertrain. Lost. This is what happened she made in this store run, with. The money. After creating years, of buzz through, advertising, through tastytrade. Through, that video right. There. According. To the numerous, interviews posted, by tastytrade. Karin's fun was concentrated. On spy. Shorts. Strangles. A tasty, trade favorite, if you had the opportunity to watch the interview you would have noticed that Karin at very little understanding of the option Greeks and their associated, risks I don't blame her for that I consider, her a victim in many ways which I discussed throughout the article Karin's, approach the option to selling premium. Neat huh. Out-of-the-money. Near 58, days to expire, and managing, her margins, but, there are a myriad of things she didn't understand about the options, which put her in serious, danger which, is happening to all of the. People they're, going to be following this new system, when. The market is going up, it's. So, easy to sell premium, or. If it's. Bottom. Than coming up and then stabilizing. But, at the market at a high with the danger, of a drop it. Is, terrible. For. The strategy, unless you Warren Buffett Warren. Buffett, would want. The. Stock. Put. To him so. Then he can come in and buy, multiple, millions of shares and own 51%. Of, the company and, take it over and then drive the thing back up that's. How he did, it so there's, a lot of things that they don't understand, that put him in serious, danger, you're. Not Warren Buffett, she took the approach of high profitability. Which, is very common, to trade options it's, really the first and most option. Traders learned it appears her fun lost over a hundred, million dollars. From, what I can gather through, public records the short strangle, which, they're doing in that you're buying, one.

And You're selling the other is. One of the most risky option strategy, of all time ins article revisits. The risks, of why. The fund didn't have long-term success. With the method. And it's, all right here. Till they should have resulted, in increased margin of 200% for us and character closed trades at millions, of dollars and losses because. Everything, is on margin, it's. Very one can go way more than the other it's. Very possible that a fund lost over 50 million matching, the launcher or the portfolio. Naked. Strangles. It there. We'll. Stick to the Sonics. Because. For the last seven years the, stocks. And. Can. Slim, system. Is. Used, by millions and. Approved. By millions. Not. By a select, few, what. Is the canceling. Investopedia. Its, referred, to as a system. Of selecting, stocks created, by the investor's business daily founder. That's the newspaper. Investor's, business daily. Oh yeah. Yes, it's a crappy strategy. And. We'll shoot very well. Most, people it's way above their heads but, this is an understanding, of Ken's limits, an acronym, that stands. For the key factor. When looking to purchase shares in a company each, letter, is an acronym, of the, factor, Ken Slim is intended, to help investors, identify, growth stocks using a combination of fundamental. And technical, analysis. The. C stands, for current, quarterly, earnings per share that have increased sharply from, the same quarterly, earnings report the, prior year. Generally. Investors. Using. The can slim. For shared growth of 20%. But. The higher the better with. My proprietary, system. On the small cap side I'm looking, for, stocks that. Are 50%, of red and. In. My newsletter, which. I send out Sunday, night that's one we wouldn't be doing tonight. I'll. Show you last Sunday's, newsletter, right here. Got. Mine. You. It, is swing. Trade newsletter, August 25th. The. August 25th. Good. Evening, mojo. Traders. The. Mojo, market, analysis. Has been spot on the, seven, years. Never, missing, a beat as mentioned. In last week's newsletter, the stock it's, a stock pickers, market, the Dow plunged 700. Points last week but, our stocks did great. You're, going to like this. Thank, you for oh yeah, absolutely it's, a huge risk, they. Stick, to the Ken slim. Right. Here it's, a stock pickers, market let's see the power of the Ken slim system, as it always, performs. In any market, good bad or indifferent the. Stock selected, for this newsletter are called the New America stocks, with this system you, can't be on the sidelines, as as a new crop of upcoming smaller companies, that display, exceptional.

Throws And promise therefore, you'll always see these stocks performing, as long as you stick to the Ken slim system. And. The. A stands. For annual earnings. That increase, over the last five, years some. Of the smaller companies don't have that lonely bit history so there are other characteristics, that I use when stock selecting, for, the kenna slim was my proprietary knowledge, base that I've developed in the last 25, years and. As. New products, new management new information, that pushes the stock to, new highs this. Type of headline, news people as short-term excitement. Propelling. A surge of optimism. Within the market and subsequent, price appreciation, the. S is a relatively, scarce, supply, coupled, with strong demand, for, a stock trades excess, demand this is an environment, in which stock, prices, soar companies. Repurchasing. Their own stock reduces. Market supply and can, indicate their accept application. Of increased, demand along. With the inserter confidence, in the firm, choosing. A leader over a laggard within, the same industry we, guide using, relative, strength with ranges, from zero to a hundred an RSI. Indication, of 30 suggests, a buying opportunity bullish. Well above. A 70, indicates, a chance to sell, bearish, i, picking. Stocks with institutional. Sponsorship, and and market, momentum, that's, the Ken Slim system, right there as, per. Investopedia. And these, do tape statements, are always true, stocks emotions, stay in motion and the trend is your friend, we know making money in the market and keeping, it is about timing and good stock selection, Pro traitor Mike me, will, help you gain perspective I go /, the Mojo high-quality, growth, stock, picks pro, trader Mike's looking for strong stocks, that are in play or going to be in play stocks. That are resistant, pull backs exhibiting. Great chart patterns, and ready, to make moves higher showing. You how to recognize, signs to point to new leading industry groups and stocks moving higher within them mojo. Swing trade, Musa is ready to act on new market leaders breakout, and this, week I've identified four. Stocks to download, this week's PDF, version, of the newsletter. Click. Right here. And this is the newsletter, on, August. 25th, Sunday, before the markets even open, and you, have right here for, stock, picks the, structure. Of the newsletter, read, that very. Carefully. Before. You, start getting. In and creating, the pie for. Your portfolio, position. Strategy. How. To maintain the. Selling, for the profits, how, to maintain the.

Stop Losses the. Market, analysis. The model, portfolio. Which, was seven, wins, six. Losers. Knocking. Out trades right here. After. Positions, closed for an average 49%, win. Or 41%. Amina picked on August 11th, right, there 85, cents is a dollar 20 so the previous, week. 85. Center, dollar. Xx, 41%. A CRS. On August 11th 82, cents, at a dollar 10 34, %, IM w kc for 30 to 75 and p CPI from 560. To 650. BAM, here's. The pips Oh PTT. Resn. And. Roxy. Are Oh. X the third pick right there see. It and Wendy's. At 21, is a 22. Look. At this pic Castle. Brands. 70. Cents, in play, right there. This. One got bought out a dollar, 26. If. You come over here and you go into any kind of news I, think, it's an actually unlike Twitter. Scroll. Down this video right here can tweet is one of the best videos I've made that describes the, whole day trading and swing trading system, for mojo. All, you, replaceable. Long it shows a good blog article, I work today I show you about that when I show you these guys too. The repetition, that's another good article. Couple. Good things I'll go over here. And photos on here. Here's, the link for the, courses, in the curriculum right, here if you scroll up this, was the last, this. Guy sold his firm for 8 billion that's pretty nice. Double. Tweeted this by accident. At, a trade level - is a really good article this, was a 90% winner Roxy, right there castle brands Baja right here watch the video. 90%. Winner on Castle Brian's. Right. Here, really. Nice and. Then. This. One right here is a million dollars, of profits, from one trader on the mojo team that within seven, weeks made a hundred and forty three thousand, dollars per mojo this, guy he's a smaller, tray to make twenty thousand, to ninety year-to-date my planning today with. Mojo and this guy's a fifteen, hundred this would be sick, this guy's making five flavors with mojo. Amazing. This. Was one, of the guys did that thank, you for doing that. This. Was a good article repetition. Is the key to mastering. And you know the blog article, was even better so, rainy, congratulations. Buddy hole-in-one. And. We're showing here one more fun with the video exactly, but. Did, amazing. Hit a hole-in-one. Congratulations. Protrader rainy and earlier. In the day pro, trader Renteria, won ten thousand, a fifty, nine dollars and, eighty six cents on the slot machines. Great, job pro trader Renteria, my. Man continues. With the Mojo now. If you think mojo. Doesn't, carry on from the day trading them the positive, expectations. Environment, into the rest of you like this proves that it does right there folks. So. This was a good one right here. Is. You have job security on, you, replaceable. Hector, sir. I started. Mojo day trading in. 2012. After working, for several companies.

Over. A five-year span I hated, working for other people. Hated, working for other people. The, owners only cared about themselves and, you were only as good as your that saddle, if it came down to it I was replaceable. What kind of job security is that all which people have several businesses they, all trade the stock markets, so if I want to be rich and not poor I've got a copy what successful people are doing I better start understanding how, to trade the stock mark and what it's all about and, having knowledge to be a successful, day trader is something that can set you apart from the rest of the world I would, go to Disneyland, on vacation, with the family I, would think I know all the thousands, of people I'm walking around all the people how many people day. Trade, for. A living here am, I only one of the few select, the elite money makers, that can make ten thousand, dollars in a week just, from trading a few hours out of my house we're, 99. Percent, of everyone. Around me is struggling, to make a thousand, miles in, just a week is, it true you, can get better and more consistent with, trading, in and out of stocks and growing a cash pile if you, want to do that yeah. When I started, I had nobody, to help me I learned from the losing, my own money those, days are over and for the past seven, years I've built a team of traders, that all trade together every, day each morning at 9:00 a.m. the traders log into the chat room the, chat room is an online, interactive, platform. Where all the traders can follow the pics and the ideas this. Is the chat room as the day trading channel right here they, even posted their nice little pics. Over. The weekend. Awesome. Thank. You so much for doing that and. We. All share ideas, most. Of the other chat rooms have, a thousand, people in there most, trade small-cap, stocks within. Floats so think about if the, chat room you're in has a thousand. Traders and a quarter, of them only not, even on just a quarter, of them, 250. Traders, get in and do the trade the stock let's say $3.00 per share HP. And average. Somebody panels and some by 5 some by bigger let's say the average is only 2,000. Shares. 2,000. You need 500 thousand. Of volume, in and. 500. Thousand of volume out, just to do the trade now, that's unrealistic. And deadly. Because it's, sure easy to buy all the shares but, when it comes to selling, the shares there's, never a new, buyer and, if the volume dries, up. 240. Traders, get stuck, holding the bag, ten, people and three moderators. Still. Proper but how the hell, is that happen the, traders, lose but. The mods win, it's cold front running it's. Pretty simple, the moderator, alerts, the stock for himself, and his inner circle so. If you're in a service that has a higher price ticket, to be in the, inner circle. You. Get what you pay for they get the picks first makes sense right they all buy the shares first, then. The moderator pulls, the pic out to a thousand. Traders, in the room and a 250 wound, up doing it ten people, in the inner circle and the quick ones and some of the lucky ones by happenstance. When, and two hundred and forty traders lose its a Finley price small cap stock that creates the surge and you get burned so listen if this happened, to you you. Know why if this never, happens, in my room because we only have 20, to 50 traders at one time just, following, my picks when, the trading day is over, 95%. Of, those traders are winning in the Mojo it's tough enough to win against the stock market, your, broker, is also trading, against, you to. Have your own moderators. Trading, against, you to make money in their account, directly from, the money from, your account and you're.

Paying Them a monthly, fee to do it is ludicrous, so. Please consider this value of the law firm since. 2012. I've charged. $2,000, to teach traders, my system, of what's, been successful most. Of the traders have taken my course and retaken. It six times over because, repetition. Is the key to mastery, if my system, didn't work why, would my small, group be. With me for such a long time you. Don't see me advertising, on Google, Yahoo and all over Internet let's, cruise on over to Yahoo, right now and let's look at the home page of Yahoo Finance. There. We go there, they are there's Jason, and Kai. California. Man 2.8, trade million per month right there scroll, down they'll, be there again I go. On to youtube and I got Ross I go. On to YouTube again i refresh, it I got Jason. They're. Spending a hundred thousand. Dollars, a month on. Google. Ads I can't compete. I'd have to outspend. Them and out. Click them and I. And I just I would I don't I'm not paying Google that much one it's hard you, know you pay a million, you pay a hundred thousand, dollars. To. A hundred, thousand dollars in a month yeah. You're good right there look I'm gonna pay the ninety. Two thousand. Dollars and clicks I'm gonna make one hundred and twenty six thousand, it's a lot of money to. Be paying Google yeah, you're making a lot of things you're commanding. 6513. Keywords, warrior is their paid keywords I know whatever you want mrs. six thousand, nine twenty five our estimated pay, per clicks is sixteen, point eight thousand, and their organic competitors, of ten sites Raging, Bull Jason. Bohn, did. It it's all right here their shared keywords, between, the group their keyword, universe, their, exclusive. Keywords, their exclusives. That coordinate, their paid keywords, their. Organic. Keywords. Their top by performance. Their ad word history, right here for a month how, much their average click is in their coverage, and you'd be organic, and I got it it's. Like how can you compete. Against. That so I'll get the tail end of all the 240. People that are losing come. On all over check. It out the, other ten that are winning stay, where you are but listen it'll, cost you, after, you sign up for mojo day trade and see my courses, you'll. Come over and, you'll, just click on this thing right here. It's. Below. And you'll, subscribe to the day trade and chatroom and as. A free bonus you're, getting this course. So, you have to join the chapter because, I have to coach you I have to mentor you that's what the newsletter, continues. To say say. Let. Me shut I'm in the blog article, there's. Narratives. So, right here. If. My system didn't work. They. Wouldn't be with me and I don't have to advertise because, I got these guys and my group I'm trying to get a little bit bigger that's why I'm I'm paying, it forward for, this limited, time only you're gonna be able to get the same courses, these. Trailers, have paid thousands. For the, free now they don't care they've made millions, they. Want to pay it forward -, he's, been with me since December. Of 2011. It's September of. 2019. This. Trader hasn't lost only, one, day since November of 2014. Five year winch streak Boggan. He's. An older gentleman in the room very, respectable. Since, 2014. And, pro, trader hopper, is a dedicated. Pro. Trader with. Over five years a tenure, and the list goes on and on and on and on let me show you murdered H I worked a little bit on the website so, if you come to the homepage. Roll. Down these is what some of the pro traders, say listen to their videos they're great guys pro. Trader Alan, right here is his. Testimonial. In his video. 2013. April. But. This one is 2004. Column, young guy in New York check it out I've got 75.

Pages. Pro. Trader ant, read. About in his video testimonial. Characters. In the room walls come look at the letter she wrote me and hers. And. So. Many more guys, spell. Many more okay. Lobster. And. Say. When. Letter. After letter after, letter, from, years, and years and he's tried to vein and she's still with me in the room every, single day, so was caressed so it's sailing, every. Day they're in the room right now. Here's, Bohan. Here's. Sailing. Right there. We. On the meramec cows always in here. Those. Are the people guys so, if you come up to the top and you click swing, each rating, check. Out the transparency. This is the swing trade newsletter, that I'm building now I'm going to do some picks, outperform. The markets, by focusing, on the Ken Slim system. Experiencing. Great returns, every Sunday night you're going to get five up to five swing picks in video, like this and PDF. Format, the, stock trading, newsletter, is educational. There's the newsletter, archive, right here where you can click this. You. Can come right here, and view. On the bottom tab. You. I have, the chat you were right there beautiful, on you yeah. Put. This over here. This is the chat viewer for, a YouTube. Or. I have. Potential. Is right. You. Relax, and I covered my top tabs he, knew I had that for me for so. Right here check it out along the bottom if you scroll, across the bottom you can go all the way back to, the year, 2012. Seven, years ago when I picked Facebook, at, 25. And Advanced Micro Devices at, 2:00 a.m.. These, at 31, and Facebook's, at 185. You. Have the next month some. Of these spots like generics. By our farmer. H-e-b. Which. Were up three thousand. Five hundred percent, for 1,000 percent respectively. God. Bought out what all these pics have done these are the cancelling picks throughout. The years, and. Where. They are now. And. Not the ETF's, because, they do splits, but. The stocks alone, it's. Quite, amazing, what, they've done and I've got seven, years of them right on that page on the Mojo day trading website, so go ahead through, the archive, and go look through. That and if, you want to see the corresponding newsletter. For it you can search the archive, as well this, is the videos, there's. 105. Swing. Trading, videos. That. Have been made since, 2012. And, you can watch them that correlate. To all of the months within, the swing trading so, if you go to the portfolio and, you're in the month of July, this. Is the newsletter, and update, for July 13th. Look. Jason say. Look at that a multimillionaire. Stock. And. When. I call out a pic there's. Only a small, handful, of us that jump in and then, thousands. And thousands, are gonna get left holding the, bag and then, I'm gonna change the name of service, to something else and try something different with.

A Whole new group of people and then say oh dude that's sort of the thing I was doing really didn't work yeah it was hard. Jason. How'd you, how'd. You build such a good team of the inner circle. How, much did money to take again you won tons of debt and you've, got. An account trades, work, from your company that's not even your own account and you showed it in that one check. You. Need money I have. A private. Trading. Firm let. Me show you let's check out this firm. I have, this firm. They. Love mojo, traders, it's, called te FS, Trading, experts, on financial, private, investment. Firm so. Let's go to the FAQ. What. Is te FS. How. Can I become a pro trader. All. Of, this information. About. Us, what we did. That's a science company, fun that's a private, fun, and I'm watching these guys on Twitter that are getting turned down by, prop firms, and have to take these. Incredible. I mean. Jump, through hoops in, order to become. A trader come. To mojo day trading for, 149. Dollars you have to join the me because I have two men to you I have to coach you I have to get you to be key of mastery, and then you can get with a firm like this that, looks. And cherry-picks. Traders, that receive enhanced financial, resources. While using their own trade and stills to profit, the most exciting. Liquid markets in the world using. Crowd wisdom, smart data mining techniques in accepting only traders. That have graduated from the best trading. Academies, like mojo, day, trading and university, in the world, TFS. Is able to achieve highly, profitable returns. For, the company's capital and you can get up to a million, dollars, in an account and, up to 95, percent of the profits. Bera not smiling, I think she's smiling. Can you tell she's not smiling minutes. So, this is what the firm does, cherry-picks. And you can get in with this company, it's, quite quite, amazing, and. You. Can be trade in st. cloth from I use every single back. So there, you go and they. Give you eighty thousand, dollars of capital to start you, only need a couple of thousand, you don't need twenty five thousand, dollars to be a day trader come. To the mojo I'll show you exactly how to do. You. Let's, go over -. That's. The swing Trish we Roxy got more that look from 7d, he Jason bought Roxy before he was big into Roxy, did. Pushing, only guy from husbands but was inevitable, accident, about did videos on that one through content. Let's. Go back here to this job security, so, watch. My. System, of trading can work for you the tenure, of my average, trader, is four, years. Should, tell you something my, system, of trading works and it can work for you too this. Is the only time, in the last time I'm going to be allowing people to watch my courses, for free yes that's right in the online day trading for some only fourteen ninety seven is yours pick three, how, do you get the deal if you, enroll in the course you'll. Need, a computer. You're. Gonna need a day trading, broker. And platform, like I showed you you're. Gonna need my coaching, and in, order, to do that we must trade, together in the chapter, the monthly subscription is, the same as any data feed a broker. Will charge you and I'm worth more, that my, stock picks with the best on Wall Street's and you need to be in my chat room for 149. A month membership, you're going to get the Mojo online, course for free click. It yes I. Want. To start learning and you're gonna be taken to the page right. There and you, can enroll for, 149. You, want the swing trading course to and both courses, do, the combo, pack for, 199. Right there. Absolutely. Well let's check out some ticks it's night shall we. ELT. Kay rocketed. 3.1. Million shares versus. 143, on a low float of two million, only three percent owned by funds. You, want a free trial. Yeah, free, trial you can come to the chat ready you, get a temporary, membership, you can watch what's happening but you don't get real-time screen, share and, you. Can listen on the chat but. You're way behind and, you can stay for a couple of days and check it out but. I. Would. Join if you want to join I, don't. Have a free trial but I could give you a reduced, try, if you want you. Know like a cup, of coffee a day, what.

Is That a dollar a day thirty, dot twenty nine dollar trial for a month, but. You don't get that living, in my courses, you can go to review pre trip just, go to look at courses. On time just go look at the courses right, here. The, online swim, training course I don't have it I'm. Not giving a preview of that, but. The online day trading course, do. This to previews, go watch this. October, 1 lesson. 1 here and lesson 1 here is the same entry on same - but, do you watch less you're gonna be like dude let's. Where do I sign up I, want. To be a pro trader. I want, to be a pro trader I'm gonna get that swing newsletter, he's putting out tonight. But. I want to do. That's, the day trading in my online, course. Back. To to. The chart and get someone I've already paid fourteen fifty three of us getting through. Amazing. Anyway, let's. Check out some stock shall we. PLT, k with a 12 Center, let's check out why it went crazy in, grim, news. So. You type exclamation, point. News and then the symbol ELT. Cat and hit, enter and you, can see what the news is and let's, see if the float confirms, two million hit exclamation. Point slope. And then. The. Symbol. Anybody. Wants to use this feature in the room the, float comes up it's 4 million in there so it floats 1.5. Tip anybody. Wants to go into the information. And you. Have to if, anybody would like to use, the, process, the commands, for the stockpot, you go to this website so, Alan or any you guys that have trouble putting, in the commands go. Here, type, agree, yes and it'll. Register. You in so you're able to do that in. And you can go like chart, e. Ltk, pulls. Up the charts on that sucker to look at that chart of pretty nice. The ltk. Doesn't. Say what they're going to be doing but. Let's see what they do. Israeli. Company, for something they dat accountable to release the earnings, on September, 4th so their early going up in anticipation, of earnings, which a profit would be good and. The. Council, in Amman it is for loss of forty two loss of 23, loss of 31 in 1812. Huge. Game. Huge. Game, and they, did eight point seven year eight point five seven point, eight they maybe eight, point if they break ten million. The. Company record on, September. 27th. It's. Coming out of earnings it could go above eleven, fifty six. Could, go above 11:56. What's, my view on Tim Sykes he's amazing. At what he does. Great. Marketer. Great. Guy great. Family, guy. Down. Mine, sound, good guy I've been with a lot of shows, he's. A shorter, of stocks his style, is completely, different than mine. He's. Taught me a lot I wish. Him the best of luck of everything he continues, to do and is a world traveler. Kind. Of jealous of his, success but. He's. Been, doing it for a very very long time, and. He's on a celebrity, scale, and so you can like I'm not most celebrity. He's. A celebrity, man he's with Perez Hilton, and the pop bands in the world brah. He's, a multimillionaire, now. We're in my league. You've, seen him before here, he is right here richest, bloggers, in the world you see Perez Hilton. Then. The. Top earning. Loggers, in the world for, 2019. Look. You. Peter Rojas. Bring. Fisken. He. Makes. Six. Million a month. It. Makes 4.2. Million a month, this. Guy from Mashable makes, 2 million, a month this, guy makes. 2.5. Million a month Brian. Clark, makes. 1 million, a month. Didn't, make it this year. Let's, see this. Year. The. 10 most successful. Blogs The Huffington Post. Estimated. Revenue 14, million.

TMZ. Number. 2 Business. Insider number. 3. Mashable. Number, 5, gizmo. Lifehacker. Verge. The, beast, he's, not on this Perez, Hilton, he's. Dropped off. With highest, earners, that's, 2019. Right, here. This, is not in here. Years. Ago it sure was. Let's. See this year. Matt. Marsha. Gina. Trapani. Look, it's Ross. Big, look, it's, the ad for Ross if i refresh the page let's. See it comes. Up again it's Ross again. If chase. As, we Ross again free trading Forex slang. That's, Ross again, refresh. It again, this. Ross again webinar, how to trade and burden Ross is three secrets line up. There's, a American. Express. As Ross again. There's. How to trade options yeah. Go right down here this guy made 55,000. A mullet Ross again look, his. Ads in the middle of the page man -. This. Guy makes 80 to 110, thousand, a month there. He is Timothy, Sykes makes. One hundred and fifty thousand, to one hundred and eighty thousand, per month just, driving, traffic to his blog which he sells his videos, online and, makes, ten. Million. Dollars. A month. Yep. Vitaliy. So. He's their duties Perez, Hilton, he's. In, the elite. Well-respected. Nice nice work. Yeah, he bets for stocks to go down. And. I'm better for stocks to go down I focus. On the counseling system if you don't know how to start can you begin to knee the show watch money or any other videos, let's. See what's next from the list. Just, be careful a lot of people numeric copy news website got standout of $2 month. And thankful, are very common mojo yeah, so, this one's breaking out if for platinum, metals group for $2 break in a double double, saucer. We. Got a really, really really. Good one right here. I swam. Really. Really good. We got a really good one. You. Side, of the channel. You. Look. At that Sarah. You. When, you watch, his UT doesn't have the strategy, that mike has betrayed and I know he makes money shorting page with Mike system is legit and through but on the 20s correct 100%, spot-on. Very. Very, spot on. Do, any kind of research on the last 20 of my trading videos, especially. In the last 30 days let's. See exactly how, mojo. Makes money and the, great thing is. 99%. Of the people in the mojo room all make money and if. You're losing you just learning you've messed up in the demo. Whatever it is, but. We got ourselves a really, nice winner here. And. A blast over to 17, and crests to the two, we. Got a beautiful. And. I'm. Gonna take this one off. But if you actually look at it it. Created. A huge one I put it in. Black. I'll. Show you right here on the chart. So. If you look at this. It's. Got a 217. And a $2 break, and it's going to rip it it's. Going to rip it. We got this, right. Here. Which. I'll put it in blue-screen. It. Down it's this little cup right here. I got that and then we got this long ass. And it's, in the break out so this thing is really. Super. Super it's. Got a. But, 1.5. Million, versus, 142. Which. Is. Unbelievable. As. Far as the. Volume increase. Many, good circles, to appreciate, and they're. Not coming out with earnings until November, which is good so it's got a lot of room to run with a maybe seven, relative, strengths we. Got ourselves a winner winner winner for.

The Swing. BL. G91. 2019. Swing. Pick so if you want to get the other three, picks, that I'm gonna put into the newsletter, you. Got to subscribe and, when you do you're, gonna be getting a swing course also, which, goes through, historic. Stocks like Apple, and Amazon Facebook. Cisco. Applied Materials integrated. Device technologies. Will and the research, all these greatest, wonders of all time how they became the winners what, they look like then what they look like now, how to identify the stocks we will be doing the same. Same. Thing. I'll put this in my newsletter this is PL G. If you come up here to the newsletter. This. Is going to be the 9 1. Newsletter. 9:1, and. The. First pick is. This. P LJ. Mine's, $2.00, play, right here. Right, there beautiful. So, it has many, good highlights. This, pick. This. Pick is PLG. Many. Good highlights, for the nine one. Newsletter. Sunday. Night, newsletter. Pick at a dollar maybe, nine. If. Lower, we're. Going to add at. 177. 168. Exactly. 272. I don't have to change it, fire. We're, going to add to. The. 205. Then. Add. In, a third time. At. 2:11. Looking. For a move to go through. 250. Mini, Heinz. Now, looking, just to go through to what's gonna rip, it. Last, time it went to. Doesn't. Even show. You. Lo is. Thirty. Three, point seven million. Funds or. 17%. Low. Risk, after, Scanlan. 10. Cents, reward. 50. Easy. Five-to-one. Risk/reward. Blg, if you'd. Like to get the other three, pics and get. Access to the swing trading, on the go through the rest of these I'm going to look at a cup of them you can tell you which one it is and. You. Want to get the swing trading, newsletter. These. Are the videos so go check out like one of these videos right here. He's. Even set up everyone. He loses on all of them got to cover more of his wonders in these losers, look at that I was telling trying, to bring me in that's. A snake that's an oil sales huh. Here's. Whacking wine this day I made, another strike, 148. It. Ain't that bad people. Tell me thing I absolutely crushed. Use, your best so. This is talking about the string trading you my letter e. TR. And number one gonna show you today. This. And this it goes through 140, really. Rocket, now the same thing the swing look you'd, want to buy just. A little time. Anywhere. It'll be here so I I like a hundred, years. Is gonna do a Heinz I'm telling you how to do the Heinz if you like my videos guys right down here click, subscribe so any time I go live. You'll. Get that action, ok, if. It went right through here. Right. I Phi gonna. Buy again it's like I told you when you were three times nine. Hundred, I'm, long. Right now if you like it give me a like on this video guys. Oh yeah you know how much now. I buy a hundred, right here at.

128. If one. Today, and Roma show you exactly had to do it. Instant. Paul you. Grind it and dig more look. Right here trade-off, right here 40. Any pension talking, about bricks. Well. Yeah. Pause, so. Nineteen, people made. One two five hundred dollars. Five. Hundred to, a thousand, was five people a thousand. To two thousand, four people, three, thousand, to five thousand, dollars one person, made, money in the demo nine, lost. Money for real zero, lose. Money in the demo serial. That's. What this slice right. There. You. Hold, on one second I'll be back. All right so. I had to go get my phone. Yeah. I. Know you do. Once. Oh yeah. That's, the mojo you want to see something cool I have these things from mojo University. Which. Is check this out. And, find it along. Give me one second. Learning. Though these are my learning boards from mojo University, you could look at those for a second. That's. The 1+1, formula. You learn there. You'll learn a trend trading. And, how to do the simulator. I'm. Looking for this one thing right here. Here's, a video with all my testimonials. Won't. Have it anymore. Try. This. Breen's, black eye on. You. Or, it as I found any of your body this is perfect trader might I'm. Going, through mojo University, right now this. Is my new line lining for us and I want to see some of the comments that the, trailer Brazil leaving for each of the loved look carolien, here comment. Totally. Cow, look, Carol. Go. Being boarded. Wow drew. It's. Very important. Awesome. Having, enjoyed playing, my wife it's less painting manager American my goal to let her quit her job and stay home and take care of the kids don't be nice so, this is the testings, a. New. Career in life. He's. Afraid, I love the new layout, easy. Coleman. Cool, cool cool, cool cool. Cool. So. Yeah these videos the swing one room didn't, did more i Ross, I'm on 546. I think I have to sell three so, swing trading newsletters a lot of good videos for. Fourteen and Showtime. Me. Going. Over the shuttlebay Anita great. Old. Movie, I saw. Everybody. Run the register, today big time so you got to love that folks, all, these, swing, trading, videos, that go over the newsletter, 102. Of those and then, if you come to my you, too at. 1700. Day trading videos, on YouTube. And definitely check out the forces, guys and. See. How I. My age holy. I might. As well commit suicide. I mean, wanna live I had, a pretty good work for somebody's like money jam you. Mind just. Go take, a look on my forearm. Telling. You man you're working for somebody you. Ain't watching these forces, coming into the room. $200. A day folks. Making. Five minutes, don't. Do something else man. Allen. Yeah nothing. Better than that day trading, that. Room and that team of players so, easy to make money in every day, that. I have the right platform, had. The right trading, account have the speed, the, action, and hitting. The big winners every day, this. One whoo. Jason. Industries. Be, change. You. Hmm, this. One looks interesting. SEAC. That. One. Oh I'm standing there brace. And pick stocks for the snow. The next one telogen TL, GT. Two, days in a row that thing's gonna little. Spank. Spanking, right there. Mlss. Stoney, science. If. It's. A device. That, injects. Two, dentists, and the delivery, of anesthetics. It's a computer-controlled. Injection. Device, used. By dentists. And physicians. For the delivery, of anesthesia. Looks. Like a rib. Mlss. As us, warm. What, else we got here. NSG. Four, dollars and 44, cents they designed. 5g. Wireless, PC. Cards, and Bettis modems, and mobile. Hotspots. For the network it's, five, four, hundred, and forty four dollars which, I mean it's gonna. Be four hundred and, forty four right. Now it's only four, dollars and forty four cents this. Is a stock that is, exactly. Like. A BCD. Allen, and those, other ones just so solid, can swim, you, can, freakin, go wrong. Look. At this dude. They, did fifty, million fifty, six million 56. Million increase, earnings estimates. With that stuff, right there boys. Look. At those huge increases. Box. Gonna go above 596. Lynette. On, this one so many times. 10. Bucks breaking, in. Community, health systems. Dennison, mines ooh. Rite Aid's moving, got. Volume something's. Going on right. They're, gonna lose 76. Cents per share they're gonna get bought out by CBS.

Very, Low-risk 612. Gonna. Go crust 7 and test 7 could get bored out just like Roxy, are. OPEX. Roxy. Was all the way up here down, at 70, cents and I got bought out by 127. The Rite Aid. Would. Be like a low-risk. High-reward. Scenario. Where. It can get bought out by CBS. Imagine. If it does this week and I called, it and I. Called, Roxy, last week and you're not in the swing trade newsletter, you don't know what's gonna be in it do it or Majan. Two. Weeks in a row email two badass. Can you imagine oh, my god. OPTN. 1. Million. 3. Million. 4. And a half million, and six, point seven million, oh my gosh. Louis of 61, loss. Of 64, losses they're gonna lose less money make. More money huge. Funds. Amazing. Shares. Winner. After, winner. After. Winner, took op dinos they develop, products, with patients, to treat, your ear nose and throat an allergy. Specialists, in the United, States, it's called op. Dino's. Alright. Let's. Look at the website. OPTN. This. Is cool op Dino's. Dino's. That's. Cool. XC, you are I love the symbol. Brand-new. Company develops, therapeutic. For, amino ecology, inflammatory. Diseases, and genetic. Disorders. Alrighty. Oh this, is PRT, and this has a 999. Increased. PRT. K was one of the gainers for the week. Oh my. Gosh will, you look at this. 400%. Increase two. Hundred and thirty six percent, $9.99. And my 95 man. Is this company brown. Pair. Attack. $3.74. They develop, innovative. Antibacterial. Therapeutics, based on, tetracycline. Chemistry. Even. Medical. Water, I've, been in this stock many, many times I like it they producing, develop marketed. Bottle, out the learning water in the United States I think this company, also is. A potential, like buyout. Of water purification I. Picked this company. Back. In the day which was one of my special, stock reports. On. A. Water purification, company. I think this stop also goes very very well. Alkaline, water. One, stop, systems. Right here look at the earnings on this mind when you percent 800, percent making. Six cents earnings on fourteen, point nine million, a record they're gonna go from losing, a penny to back to six cents they used to be at six bucks there's all right. Bonus. Breaking. Out towards fifteen, they're gonna go from the loss of one to making twenty, seven cents huge. Earnings, nice growth, easily, gonna go test seventeen. Dollars. And seventy, seven cents continue. To Trek up higher as it goes to positive twenty. Seven cents and next year should, be a forty, dollar stock. If. You'd like to hold this for three quarters. Right. Here as. They do twenty, seven cents which, would be four. Cents positive. Reporter, versus that loss. This. Loss of twenty two this. Loss of thirteen, as the revenues, get over three hundred million they used to be four hundred ninety, six million right here don't, worry that one quarter is, different from the others but it is it's. Called Sona, you. May want to just keep it on the watch or right here. Fona. Nine. One. Pretty. Good one. Both an event. Only. Single-parent. Homes. Or. DWT. OSN. We trade. They. Do Chinese. Manufacturer. Plane where zinc-coated. Stress, materials. Known a lot. Increased. Earnings estimates, LP th. Egle, bulk shipping. Resonant. Which I picked last week at 3:13. As, 3:33. Continues, to be solidly sweet. Very. Nice loss of 98, to a loss of 53, stocks when we go to $10, as. They. Go from a hundred, thousand. In revenues. To a million. Mara. Bro-bro. Looks. Good with a 98, relative, strength provider. Of investment, advisory, services to mutual, funds and bonds by the company. Alright, it. Looks like it may give it up and go above two O's that already is and. Go set new highs, looks. Pretty good bro. Fifteen, million the float 17%. Owned by phones. Next. Yeah. Look. At that, final. Except. For a second. You. Adn, pay. Twenty. Four cents. We. Know which one I want to look at that's going in this week's newsletter I'm gonna do it over here so you can't see it, look.

At That nice scene. Really nice pics going out for tonight's newsletter, I got. Two more. They're closing rite aid stores here and putting in CVS, also, they're going to be going. Or on that we're on that for sure. Listen. Thank you for watching the Mojo show tonight I hope you gained, some good knowledge in. The, midst of the, hurricane. Subscribe. To my channel, and. Which. Is just below right here along. We do this one right there we go. Let's. Look at hurricane durian, right here, this. Is a zit cream the homeowner Kansas through in, the Bahamas. We. Pray for them in the Bahamas, - at Maria. See, the latest. What's your satisfaction. Guaranteed for your first customers, I'm giving, you the course for free and if. You want to sign up and you don't like the course and the day trading chatroom of coaching, after like. You. Know a week. Or two let me know refund. Your money for. The chatroom and you could stop watching the courses, but you're not gonna go through like all the forces and step. Two weeks and the chatroom and say oh you know I've watched everything and I've been out of like it you'll, be able to know after, one. Day you. Go and watch the courses, and you tell me Mike this is not for me, no. Question. About it, refund. Absolutely, you, throw a 149. Down tonight you're gonna get both costs. Both, courses. Lawrence. My, day, trading and my. Swing trading I can't. Mess with that dude. So. I'm pretty confident, you give me a man, shot, at it and be a businessman, and you judge it for the value that you feel that it is. Easily. Easily easily. More. Question, I've, never had a refund, the Mojo University since 2012. And this, will hurt comes big it's, really big. Really. Big. Let's, look at like WPTV. We, have good. You. Hurricane. Right, here the National, Hurricane Center. This. One right here. The. Winds let's go to the real time. National. Hurricane Center. Wind history. But there was a live one. I've hurricane. Say. Oh. Hurricane. Ah. Unbelievable. -. Our, last. Year can't get away from the love education. Can't. Get away okay. We'll. All breaks down wish, for the best. Peace. Keep. It profitable, Lawrence, you're gonna try it tonight thank. You very much I look forward to having you aboard. Work. With you help, you out no questions asked. You. Should this one on and. Looking. Forward to having you in the chat room after you join I'll send you an email so, you can enroll in the forces I'll load even though it's 1497. I'm gonna load the courses, up for you and I'm. Gonna start watching them and then tomorrow the day off we'll be in the room on Tuesday please. Give me your honest feedback and, peace. Keep, it profitable, Bass Pro, traitor my blade. Give, you a good send away here what do I got. You.

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