Humber Spring 2019 Convocation - The Business School

Humber Spring 2019 Convocation - The Business School

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For Herself for itself and success breeds more success. President. Whitaker thank you for joining us thank you for your time today. Okay. Thank you for interviewing me have a great day everyone and, now, I have, with me senior, Dean Alvina, Cassie Annie from the Faculty of business, thank. You for joining us today good morning so. What. Sets apart graduates. Business, graduates, from Humber Humber, colleges business graduates from other colleges, well. What's that some of the part is that they've been taught by the I think, the best faculty the. Best business faculty in, the GTA, and I think they've been taught, not only to, to. Work hard but also to be good citizens once. They graduate, and go out to the world of work so. The time has come and now they're one step closer to the dreams what, advice, do you have for business, graduates, as they move on to the next stage of their lives the. Best I advice, I have for graduates. As yes put your best foot forward but more importantly, put, your nice foot forward, I think what. Will serve graduates, well in the future is to be kind to one another to. Appreciate, that everyone has. Something, to offer and I think that will make them, not, only better. In the workforce but just better citizens, in life, in general so I think being a good person is a good way to start life outside, of Humber College, Alvina. Thank you for joining us and thank you for your time it's been a pleasure thank you and. Congratulations. To all the business school grads thank. You and as, you can see the mood is chirpy, and everyone is really pumped, I throw back to Dan and Rafael for more. Thanks. Aaron and it was so great to hear from president, Whitaker and Dean. Cassie Annie and as Kay and, as the Dean mentioned you, know the teachers, here at number do work really really hard to make. Sure that students get the best out of their schooling here I know, a lot of profs who have I know, a lot of profs who you, know make themselves available at. Night and on weekends, to you. Know help look over papers and assignments and, do a bit of extra marking and just make sure that they can do all that they can to, make sure that these graduates, get to the, stage today right, dan and that's really the faculty that makes the students they, are the ones on the in the front line grading the papers and. Talking. To them and trying, to fulfill their needs to make sure that they're ready for the world themselves, and the faculty not that they don't just teach them the material, but also teach them character, and teach them good work ethic to make them prepared for over the world wherever the workload may be and I know else as students Dan we've had first-hand experience it's up with some great with some world-class. Humber. Profs is that right then absolutely, absolutely, and Dean, Cassie annie also mentioned, you know putting your nice foot forward, and I. Think that's something that all Humber, students are really, well equipped to do I know you. Know going to either North campus or the lakeshore campus you know it really does feel like a one, big family everyone, you, know seems to get along with each other and is, happy, to be sharing a space with each other you know everyone might have their own small friend group but nobody's. Shy, to hold doors open, and say hi in line getting coffee and, chitchat. With some of the staff working at, Humber, so it's a you know it's a really great group of graduates that we have and. A. Great group, of graduates that we're going to be sending out into the world and, don't forget you can also share, all your photos and experiences, using the hashtag Humber combo I know, it's trending right now on Twitter so get those photos up there because we want to see exactly how you guys are celebrating we. Want to see photos all over Instagram all, over Twitter we, want to see your families, friends siblings your, dogs cats, rabbits what have you whatever, you do to celebrate this special day for you we want to see it on social media now. These are early morning graduates although, they may have an early start they've, actually kind, of because, you know they should be done probably around noon so, it means that they can go get lunch maybe, go get a couple of drinks if everyone's old enough and celebrate. The graduation, in style I know it's gonna be a really nice day out and. I think a lot of the families, and a lot of the graduates are going to have. A great day and a great week this is how happiest I've ever seen anyone at 8:00 in the morning Dan I'm, sure everyone is very excited to get going and start, their journey into their career path or whatever that may be and you're, right it really is a testament to the faculty.

Here And how everyone's getting along everyone's. Chit-chatting, with each other very excited to walk across that stage and, there are everyone's getting gound up and you can see behind us people are starting to file in well. Now. Go now we're just going to show you a little sneak preview of what's to come this morning here's, a video highlight package from last year's spring convocation. Buzzer, takes, the old. National. Champion. Morning. Everybody we are Humber. Music and, we're here to entertain you for the duration of this ceremony, if. You guys enjoy. Wake. Up everybody. Before. Sleeping. Babe. Don't, move back, good thinking, time, for the Gator. The, world has changed so, very much, what. It used to be. There. Is so much hatred. War. Poverty. Oh. Wake, up all the teachers, time, to teacher away. Maybe. Then the listen. To. Watch have to, say, cuz. They're the bozos, coming up the, world is in their hands. Where'd it teach the children teach. The, very first, UK. If. We just. We. Got a change again, I just, you and me. Wake. Up all the, doctors, make, the old people. When. They're. The ones who suffer I, catch, all the heads. But. They don't have much very, long before, the, Judgment, Day, so. Won't you make them happy, before they all pass, away. You. Know if. We all. The, bottom, we, have to do is. For. Daddy, do. It every. Time. No. If. We just. We. Gotta change again, or. Just you. Everybody. Boyd. Everybody. Boyd. Everybody. Everybody. Thank. You. Now. Here you go, can. You say, you. Want you, freedom. Now. It's. Only right, you. Should. Play, the. Way you feelin. When, will. The Sun can. Flee, to. The shower. Of. Your, loneliness. Like. A heartbeat, drives. You mad in. The, stillness, of. Remembering. What. You. And. What you are. And. What you have. You. Only. Happens. When, it's raining. And. Please. The, say. They. Will come. We'll. Go. The rain washes. Ooh. But. Now. You. Go, looking a. Seed, rustavi. I. Keep. My visions. Jumbled. It's. Only me, I. Want to wrap. Around. Your dreams and, have. You. Any dreams. You. Like said. Dreams. Of loneliness. Like. A heartbeat, drives. You, mad in. The, stillness. Of. Every. What. You had. And. What used. And what you had. Oh. Only, happens. When, it's raining. And. Please. They. Will come. When. The, rain washes. You. Clean. Holy. Hi. Sweetie. Please. They, say with, me, they, will come. When. The rain. Oh. Thank. You. This. Next song you're about to hear is actually an original of mine it's, called it's for everyone, I hope you enjoy it. We. Were walking on the edge of, time. I'm. Glad you're mine, I, know, you stay, this time. Free, words writing it by you tonight. What. Will a fire. A treasure. Innes, my.

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It Was interesting coming, from University, where we spent four years they're kind of developing ourselves coming to move to a really fast pace. Program. For over a year but I think, one. Of the challenges we faced was like doing a lot of group work together and, that always required some kinds of ups and downs sometimes, but it was great at the end it all worked out so how. Has this course shaped, you as a person I. Think, development, was something I was always interested in so it was nice to have a more academic stronger. Academic standpoint, from it so, it's also shaping the career, path that I'm choosing to do for the rest of my life so pretty big I'd say so. If. You guys have actually secured, a job so, how has this course. Helped. You in getting, a job and training you for for, employment the. Thing about the program was that when I went in I didn't really know what aspect of the development. I wanted to do and now in my job I work in logistics, and I love it and so it's just interesting the way going. In you don't really know and coming out and kind of have a better understanding, for the future, so. We have tutor from paralegal. Program, so tell, me more about your program, the. Paralegal, program is all, about providing, access to justice, to, people who, don't have that access in their day-to-day lives if they find themselves in. The legal system sometimes. It's really hard to get out of that to. Resolve their disputes, and things like that so paralegals. Provide a way to do that at a lower cost and, provides. Opportunities, for people who might not have it otherwise what. Does it mean to graduate, today it. Means the culmination, of the last four years which have been the best four years of my life meeting. New classmates. Gaining. New experiences and having new opportunities, it's, really, really. Exciting to be here today and and. I'm really grateful for Humber to give me the opportunity to be here what, kind of effect has Humber, had, in your life I, would. Say it's had an extensive, effect, it's allowed me to not, only meet. Amazing new people that I'm gonna be friends with probably for the next next. You know next part of my life but also just. Having the opportunities, to work in the field that I'm passionate about and to, take.

Part In opportunities, that that I'm really interested in. So, we also have caught me here who's from the International, Development Program Han has also secured, a job at the Global Affairs Canada, so could you tell us more about that, journey and about getting that job. And securing, it so. After. Humber we had to do a coop as part of our program, which. Did really help with getting job experience, that, led me to the my current job so, I'm, currently working for global affairs as you said doing, capacity-building for their counterterrorism nan to crime and so, providing assistance, to governments, from other nations on how to bring up their capacity to combat, things, like terrorism and, crime. Human, smuggling so yeah, can, you elaborate more as to how has Humber's training. Actually helped, you and your job and actually, helped you undertake, all of those tasks, that they, told you at in your job so. As part of our program we learned a lot we used a lot of the Canadian, government resources so with doing project proposals. Budgeting. Sort, of those sorts of things and so all of that is actually directly. Applied to the job that I'm in right now so. I think it was definitely beneficial because. We got that hands-on experience in, our classroom, setting that, immediately, just transferred over to the workforce so, thank. You so much and, congratulations. To. All of you guys it, was thanks for joining us and throw, back to Dan and Rafael it's really, exciting thank, you. Thanks. Erin always great to hear from the students so excited, and ready to walk across that stage and. We'll be back in the studio in a few short minutes but, first we've, got a video from some of Humber's diverse and multicultural, students. Here's what they had to say to, today's graduates. Hi. Everyone and welcome to convocation the ceremony, is about to start we are reaching capacity and convocation, Hall in, order to accommodate, as many guests as possible, we ask you to remove all personal belongings for open seats and do not leave any empty seats between guests thank you and congratulations. To all of our graduates. -. Roberts in civic Alameda, grotto. Rock the observant, she considers. A paella. Morrow. Clitoris. In the. Time of a person achieve nobly.

Allah Yeah. Yacouba, slamming. Tanto para loosen Hamburg. Constitution. And of Vieira, servo. Turner with the heart and lahardee curvature, man's, not a fabricator, whom, she died up a year formic. Acid eaten Mubarak. Juhani, Thiele, the, Jane and energy and the Blair. Felicitations. Diploma. Saffiano, bought bought maracas. Humble. Shop graduate, scheme Amy I'm on, eco-villains, Angeles, Urban and NVIDIA Theo mullets. Out to and croissant, or ellipse I'm. A graduate from. Your. Hamburg. Complication. And. I really believe this and you often hear it at convocation ceremonies. But people start off and I often do myself saying it's the best day of the year at the college. On. The day of the graduates, ceremony. They will arrive at the Toronto Congress Center where, they will be down in the regalia that fits their program, that they're graduating from they'll, be marshaled into a venue at, the time in which their name is called they will cross the stage shake, their hand with our president, and Board of Governors at the events conclusion. And they will have the opportunity, to get, together, with their guests and family, the. Real highlight and the significance, for me is standing on the stage because I get the privilege of shaking. Hands and when. They cross the stage to receive their diploma and there's, and there's nothing, better than then. Looking, over and watching the next person, walk, across the stage because. You get every, mix, of emotions, some are terrified, some are really savoring. The moment it, is a celebration, for. Sure of our students, but, it's a celebration, of everyone's. Contribution. Towards student success as well. Jennifer. Dodd an essay carefully Calahan oh no no both fought with Anya from Dara when I phoned earlier my visa. Felicidades. Colorado. Congratulations. Graduates. Imagine. There's no. Countries. He's. In a heart. Nothing. To kill. Die. For. Living. You. You. May say I'm. A dreamer. But. I'm not the, only, one. I. Hope. Someday. You. Will join us. And. The world. Would. Be. One. Imagine. There's no heaven it's. Easy. If, you try. No. Hell. Below, us. Above. Us. Only sky imagine. All. The people. Living. For. Today. Imagine. No, possessions. I. Wonder. If, you can. No. Need. For greed or. Hunger, a. Brotherhood. Of. Imagine, all the people sharing. You. May say I'm, a dreamer. With. Nothing. I. Hope. Someday you'll, join us. I. Wonder. If. All. The people. Will. Join us. Thank. You thank you. Seven. Days was all she. Kind. Of, ultimatum. Lord she. Gave to me. She. Gave to, me. When. I thought the field had cleared it. Seems another. Suit, appeared to. Challenge. Me. Woe. Is me. Though. I hate to make a choice my. Options. Are, decreasing. Parsley. Rapidly. Well. We'll, see I. Don't. Think she blushed this time I really. Have, to make her mine it's. Plain to see. The. Chip all me. One. I could.

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Yeah. I'm very very proud, of him, because. He didn't give up right so I keep on encouraging him, that I know. There's only like two or three subject, that you're having a hard time so. Just, push yourself you, know the it's. Gonna be a, very. Bright future for you if you finish our study it will mean a lot to me. To the family to your company, finishing. Your education the world it means it reflects a lot of. Your. Personality, as a whole as a person certainly. Graduating. Is a very special occasion so what kind of challenges. That he faced but. Before he. Graduated. Yes. Technically. For him, the. Last few, subjects, were really hard for him so he, kind of having. Really, like a struggle there but I told, him why won't we get like a you know like a mentor. For you like, let's, try to get another resources, to help you overcome. This child and show that you can finally finish the last there, are stretch. That. Now that he has overcome, all, the challenges what. What do you feel right now like actually walking see, seeing him walking or wasn't stay, yeah, that's why we are very happy it's, really like for. Us I told him from the beginning this is the reason why you studied, from kindergarten. This is the last end so we want to make sure that you you really finish, it and I'm, very proud I'm very happy I was a parent, Thank. You Jocelyn. Congratulations. For, Joshua and thanks for joining us. Thank. You, so, we, also have Trisha. Whose sister, from Trinidad is going to be graduating today which. Course is which program she's going to be graduating she did a diploma in global. Business management and. What. Kind of role did you have to play in, her life in her graduation, journey, well. I think first and foremost I was the biggest cheerleader so you, know my sister had to move here, two. Years ago to pursue. This course, and, move. In the middle of winter which. We Canadians, know that it's can be very difficult but. You. Know she pursued, and she. Just perceive, a persevered. And she. Just prevailed and so for. Us it was more just. You know cheering her on and just letting her know that she can do it and. Here we are and. You were also talking about the sacrifices. That you made in order to actually come here and graduate. Oh can you just talk. About that please, well, I know my sister left an, amazing, job in. Trinidad and she was set in terms of her career and we, thought that you know pursuing. This course. Of study would, be better for her career in the long term and. So, we just encourage her to do that so. You know a lot of sacrifice, went into it because I know she had to leave a job and. As a student she only could work part-time or she. Had. To take transit, a lot of times and and. Just moving to a new country has. Been very difficult for her thankfully. We were already established here, so she had family which. I think made it a lot easier for her it's, certainly a challenge, but what led you to decide, to, actually take a course in Humber and leave those that amazing, job she hadn't Trinidad, well. She was looking at a few different options and, I think global, business management kind, of made. More sense to her especially. Based on the qualifications that she already. And, so you. Know that's her feel and she loves a challenge of it and, so I think it was just a matter of what, fit better with what she had already studied, in the past Thank. You Tricia so much and congratulations. For. Your sister who's gonna graduate today thanks for joining us thank you so. As you can see people, are really excited family. Friends, everyone is supporting, and cheering and, back. To Dan and Raphael for more. Thanks. For in and that's a wrap on our morning. Pre-show coverage but, we have one more video to show you about life at Humber College but, stay tuned afterwards, because, we've got our main event coming up the convocation, ceremony itself I'm, Raphael and Gerta and I'm Dan hauling berry and on behalf of our reporter here in Mount sacani and the entire broadcast television production.

Crew We just wanted to say thanks, for watching. We. Are here for a convocation class. Of 2018 we, are so happy, I love, Humber I. Just. Want to thank all my professors they, all did an awesome job chef Kumar chef, Sergio and, chef. Ku and. Chef Gonzales for, all their ongoing support and coaching I. Would. Like to thank all the professors because. They really helped me and guided me through, I even, feel proud that because, of me I graduated, and my parents got to come to Canada from India and they. Came with me to celebrate this day I. Am. So, proud of my students, this, is like, the, culmination of, so much hard work and, it's such a joyful, time to see them so happy and and it, for teachers, it's it's. A really proud moment for, us they, know what to expect and they know what to teach us and what will be really helpful in the industry so they were really helpful to guide us in the right direction the, people the teachers I, love, everything about it. A. Lot. Of hard work put into this program and now. I'm, at the end and, ready, to start my my. Career and future I chose, Humber because well. My parents chose Humber as well I did the landscape program, and, I was in the fashion marketing and business program in 1988. I do. Want to thank my parents for being so supportive and, my family they were always there when I, needed, it and they. Kept on pushing me forward you can do it. It's, not expecting, that my parents will be here but, it's, a great opportunity for me I'm feeling blessed today so now I'm done with my internship so now I'm full-time working there I'm thinking to come back in a Humber College again and to complete my bachelor's degree, also it's, incredible, the, fact that I've gotten here through like our program is really really heavy so. The fact that I got here I have so much family support, it means a lot to be here we're, very proud of her yes now we are Humber are. Who we are. Hi. Everyone and welcome to convocation the, ceremony, is about to start we are reaching capacity in convocation, Hall in, order to accommodate, as many guests, as possible, we ask you to remove all personal belongings for open seats and do not leave any empty seats between guests, thank you and congratulations. To all of our graduates. Ladies. And gentlemen please welcome to the stage Brianne. Cole. Good. Morning everyone welcome. To the 2019. Convocation. Ceremony, the. Music you have been listening to this morning has been performed, by third and fourth-year students, from our internationally. Acclaimed Humber. Music programs, this. Year we are profiling. Students, from our Bachelor, of Music, degree program. Who, have been immersed in performance. Composition. Songwriting. And production in. A variety of musical, genres including. Jazz pop. Contemporary. R&B, Latin. And world, music. Showcasing. Their amazing talents, today are five up-and-coming. Artists. Gabriella. Rogers, and tarik Henry on vocals. Jeremy. Hoot salon keys. Bassist. Jared Craig. And. Ben. Green on drums. Graduation. Is an occasion, that is very important, to the graduates, and their families we, ask that you respect the occasion, and remain, in your seats for the duration of the ceremony, and refrain. From talking we. Ask you to please turn off all cell phones and personal, electronic. Devices, fire. Regulations, state that we must keep the back Isle of convocation, hall clear so we ask that you not stand in that area in the, event of an emergency please, note, your nearest exits, and follow the staff and. Now. Please rise as you are able to welcome our 2019. Graduates, and the platform, party. Lives. We. All have pain we. All. Have sorrow. If. We are wise we. Know. That there's. Always. Tomorrow. When. You're not strong. And. I'll be your, friend I. Help. You carry. On. It. Won't, be long. Till. I'm gonna need somebody.

To. Lean. On. Please. Swallow. Your. Pride. If. I, have things. You. Need, to borrow. No. One can feel. Those. Of your knees. That. You will land. Solely. On me. But, you're not strong. I'll. Be your, friend I. Help. You. It. Won't, be long. Till. I'm gonna need somebody. To. Lean. Your. That's all. Somebody. Oh. I'm. Gonna need. Somebody. To. Me. Ah. Somebody. Oh. I. Justified. Have, a problem. That, you understand. We. All need somebody. When, you're that strong. I'll help you carry. On. Oh. So. Bad, to. Me. We. All. When. You're a straw. I'll, be. You. Carry. On. Tada. Somebody. To. When. You're not strong. Just. Call me. You. Going. Home today I. Believe. I missed each and every, face. Care. The replay, my, music. Turn. On every. Love light in the place. It's. Time I found myself. Totally. Surrounded. In. My circles. My friend. Please. Celebrate. Me. Home. Celebrate. Me, no. Give. Me one more, song. That. I'll always remember. And. I can, recall whenever. Myself. Too all alone I, can, save. Me. Busy, highway. Travel. Where, the worst of the winds may fire. Somebody. Try to tell, me it but. The man forgot, to tell me why I. Gotta, kind of be gone. Come, on. Come. On. Me. Cuz. I'll be. Celebrate. Can. Wow. I. Please. Celebrate. Me, home. Give. Me another, please. Celebrate. Me. Who. Give. Me one more, song. That. I'll always remember. And. I can, recall whenever. I found. Myself. Please. Be seated. Welcome. To the 2019. Convocation. Ceremony, for the graduates, from, the business school in fact, this. Is the first of two ceremonies. Held for the business school graduates. The, second, one will be held later today. My. Name is Alvin Akashi ani I am the dean of the business school and it is my great pleasure to, serve as your masters, of ceremony, this morning. We. Would like to begin the ceremony today, by acknowledging, that that, Humber, College, is located within the traditional, and treaty, lands of Mississauga's. Of the credit, known. As. Known. As Adobe. Goq, in. In. The place of the black elders, in the Mississauga, language, the region, is uniquely. Situated along. The Humber, River watershed. Which, historically, provided an integral, connection, for the ANA shinobi, Hasini. And when, that peoples, between, the Ontario, Lake Shore and the Lake Simcoe Georgian. Bay regions. Now. Home, to numerous, nations. Adobe. Kok continues. To provide a vital, source of interconnection. For all, today. We, acknowledge, and honor the, land we were walking. On the, moccasin, tracks of, our ancestors. And footprints. Of the future, generations. To come. Thank. You I'd like to begin our ceremony by, introducing, our platform, party please, hold your applause, until all the platform, party members have, been introduced. Mm-hmm. Jennifer. Dawson, member, Humber College Council. Silvia. Ciociara member. Faculty. Union, Michael. MacDougall, director, professional, and continuing, education the. Business School Janet. Stewart admissions, advisor of the register office of the registrar. Reesatoni. Tony, member. Humber, College, Council. Freddie. Maha president's support staff Union, James, cullin, associate, dean the Business School dr.. Paul Griffin, associate. Dean the Business School dr., Susan, Kelso, associate. Dean the, Business School Peter MoDOT, associate. Dean the business group dr.. Marc an associate. Dean the Business School Anna, Fernandez, member. Board, of Governors Reynaldo. Paycheck readers. School, of Liberal Arts and Sciences, barbara. Riche associate. Vice president enrollment. Manager, and registrar. John. Davis president. Emeritus. Dr.. Robert, gordon president. Emeritus. And. Dr.. Chris whitaker president. And CEO of Humber College Institute of, Technology. And Ventura. Anthony. Longo, chair, Board of Governors Ronnie. Dhaliwal, senior, vice president, transformation. And strategist. To strategic. Partnerships. Variability. On Dean, of Liberal, Arts and Sciences. Ladies, gentlemen your, platform, party.

At. This time I would like to invite mr., Anthony, Longo to bring greetings from our board of governors. Good. Morning everyone. Okay. 823. Graduates, we do better than that right good morning everyone. Excellent. All right it's a celebration today remember that. Graduates. Honorees, parents. Family, members friends, faculty staff. And. Our, honored guests is my, pleasure to bring greetings from, Humber's, Board of Governors, first. And foremost congratulations, to. All of our graduates, for achieving, the success that we are celebrating here today you. Have worked very hard exactly, good yelling there you go okay. You. Have worked very hard to complete your programs, and we, on the board are proud, of your achievements, well done now. We can clap again. And. Second. The board wishes you success, in all of your future endeavors you, can move forward into your chosen fields, with, the confidence, of having being educated at one of Canada's preeminent. Colleges. The. Knowledge and the skills that you have developed at Humber will, provide an excellent foundation for. Your future success, and. I, would not I would be remiss if I did not also recognize, all of those present, at this ceremony that. Have supported our graduates, in their, studies at Humber the. Board of Governors, understands. The important, and the crucial role that are, played by all of our parents our family. Friends. And other key supporters, in every, student's, life. Congratulations. To all of our graduates and best wishes for the future. Thank. You mr. Longo, I'd. Like to invite president, Chris Whitaker to, say a few words to the graduating, class of 2019. Well. Thank you very much Elvina for that introduction. And thank you for your leadership in the business school as well oh. Yeah. Well. Good morning everyone this has definitely been I'd. Say a week of celebration and. The GTA and, and. Even though we're not celebrating the Raptors, today, we're celebrating you. So. I think we can have just as much fun as if this was a Raptors. Victory. Party right am i right okay. So. Let's get started. Members. Of the platform party, honored. Guests faculty. And staff family. Friends and, especially. Our graduates, who are looking very fine by the way it's. My pleasure to welcome you to today's convocation, this. Year, we'll recognize, more, than 10,000. Graduates across ten ceremonies, a significant. Number and certainly. A reason to celebrate thank. You all for being here with us to mark the occasion. Thank. You as well to all the Humber employees, who helped to make this event happen a day. Like this takes many people to produce from. When our graduates, arrive and receive their gowns to when they cross the stage in a few minutes you, our faculty and staff work tirelessly to, make this day memorable, for our graduates, and their families and we are grateful, for your efforts. I've. Been part of many convocation. Ceremonies, as, a professor, as a, president, and most. Importantly, as a parent, I share. The many emotions, that we're all feeling today the.

Pride Of achievement the. Joy of success and, yes. The relief that this significant, day has finally come. Convocations, my favorite time of the academic, year because, it's a time for our community to celebrate our students achievements. And to look ahead to, the new beginnings, and abundant. Possibilities. That, await our graduates. Now. Before we recognize, their accomplishments I'd, like to take an opportunity to thank those who helped our grads along, the way. To. Humber's faculty, and staff thank you for your dedication, and commitment our. Students, wouldn't be here without your support wisdom. And encouragement let's. Give our faculty, and staff a big round of applause. Thank. You also to friends, families, and loved ones for supporting, our graduates, through, those inevitable ups and downs of college life your. Support comes in many ways, financial. Emotional. Financial. Lending. A helping hand and, did, I say financial I. Think. You deserve a round of applause as well. And. Now. To our graduates, you, did it you. Deserve, the spotlight you're, receiving today. Yeah. The. Spotlight is on you not just because of what you've achieved. But. Because you are the leaders of tomorrow. According. To an article published last year in the Harvard Business Review great. Leaders are confident, connected. Committed. And courageous. All. Of these attributes are, within each of you you. Have spent the last weeks months and years honing your skills and, knowledge in classrooms, and in workplaces your. Experiences. Have helped grow your confidence. You're. Connected, you have network to fellow students, faculty and industry representatives. Throughout your program you. Are also now part of the growing community of Humber alumni around the, world who are making their mark and making. A difference. You. Are committed, you, made the decision, to change your life through education and have put in the work to get to this day. You. Are courageous as. Students, each of you came to Humber from somewhere else from. High school or another post-secondary. Institution. From, a job from, another city or even. Another country. It. Took courage to reach this point and it will take more in the future as you are faced with new situations and, environments. Some. Consider courage to be an innate character, trait something. You're born with others. Consider Kurds to be a skill, something. That, you developed, and constraint, in over time I. Believe. It is a choice, here. At Humber we chose to make courage one of our core values, we. Need to be bold to chart a new course when, it comes to education, to. Change our programs, to ensure they are relevant responsive. And anticipate, how, the world is evolving to. Change how we operate, to give our students more choice and flexibility. We. Believe everyone at Humber should feel empowered to make bold choices tackle, inequity, and try new things and, we want the same thing for our graduates. We. Want you to leave Humber with the courage to act to, take risks, and to fail and if. You fail to have the courage to get up learn. From what you did and try. Again. Right. Now there's a special on Netflix by, University, of Houston research professor, brené Brown called. The call to courage and, yes. I am almost hip enough to know what's trending on Netflix. So. According to Brown courage requires, two things. Vulnerability. And involvement. Vulnerability. She says is not about winning or losing, it's having the courage to show up when. You can't control the outcome. It's. Having the courage to admit you, don't have all the answers, it's.

Pushing Yourself, outside of your comfort zone, because, that's where you'll learn the most it's. The courage to let yourself change, and grow. Courage. Is needed now more than ever and you, have the skills and knowledge to, lead the way. We. Live in uncertain times across. The globe we're, all grappling with political, tensions, climate, crisis, and changing, economies, I encourage. You to get involved and be the change you, want to see in the world. Remember. That global network of Humber alumni I mentioned, let. Me give you a short example of someone who did just that. Rolla. Seng graduated. From Humber's paramedic, program, in 1993. Soon. After, he was backpacking in, Nepal when, a series of landslides. Wiped out a village. He. Ran a disaster, response team to help manage the crisis, but found that most of the funding got lost in administration. Before, getting to the people who needed it, he. Changed that by founding, globalmedic, an organization. That provides efficient. And cost-effective, disaster. Relief, global. Globalmedic. Has led more than 50, missions in more than 50 countries. Since. They started their efforts have helped countless people around the world survive, life-threatening, situations. Following, catastrophes. In. 2009. Raoul, was named one of Canada's top, 40, under 40 and, in, 2010. He was included, on Time magazine's list. Of, the hundred most influential, people, in the world, all. Of that because, he had the courage to be the change he knew would, others. So. No, pressure but, the world is counting on you and I. Know you're, up for the challenge, as. You move on remember to think critically to question. And challenge with, some accept at face value and seek. Ways to contribute, give. Back and get involved. You. Leave here with the strength and ability to make sense of the world to. Make the right choices to engage, and make a difference, for, yourself and, others even, when. It isn't easy as. A. Humber student you've been part of one of Canada's, most diverse, and inclusive, institutions. So, embrace diversity in, all its forms, from. Race religion place, of origin culture. Sexuality. Gender, identity. Age to, economic, status and more it's, up to each of us to acknowledge and seek to understand, these differences and find ways to build bridges, establish. Common ground and be, allies. You. Are now one. Of more than. 250,000. Alumni, who are the college's, reputation in action I encourage. You to continue in their footsteps by, making your mark on the world doing. Your community, proud and of, course keeping. In touch with us we'll. Keep an eye on your Instagram, stories. Everyone. Here is proud, of all you've achieved you. Are now and forever part, of the Humber family, and like, all families, our doors are always open and you're, always welcome, home. So. Be bold be. Brave be. Amazing, because. We, know you can. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank. You president, Whitaker what, a great message to all of our grads. We. Have a special achievement award to present today, this, award, is the Board of Governors achievement. Award which will be presented by mr., Anthony, Longo the, award is given to one graduate, in each school who has achieved their, academic, goals while participating, in a significant, number of college. Community, and personal. Commitments. The. Business School is pleased to honor Stephen, dang Bale with.

This Year's Board of Governors. Award. Once, when, Steven started at Humber he set a number of goals to achieve while. Studying, in our paralegal, graduate, certificate. What, he wrote down were not your typical goals, instead he made a compilation, of, what he, felt was. Were, his past failures. Disappointments. And he was determined not to have them happen again, some. Of these goals include, being actively, engaged in his education, by giving his schoolwork his full attention and having, a sense of accomplishment, raised. In a single, household, by his mom he, also set a goal. To learn Vietnamese. So. That he could better know what would makes what, would make him his mother proud of him by showing how he wanted to take his, cultural, background, seriously, he. Also knew that this would help him be, a better, marketable. Paralegal. All, goals that he can see are now accomplished, it is with great pleasure that the Business School presents, the 2019. Board, of Governors award to Stephen dang Bale. We. Have now reached the moment that all graduates, have been waiting for the. Awarding, of their credentials, with. The graduating, class please, stand. As you are able to, get. A stand. Thank. You graduates. Today. You're admitted, into the proud fellowship, of the graduates, of Humber Institute, of Technology, and Advanced, Learning, an honor bestowed only, upon those, who have met long-established. Standards. Of conduct, and. Learning. In the. Name of Humber College, I hereby, charge you to, safeguard, the professional, dignity, and ethics of this, fellowship, to. Cultivate, the spirit, of inquiry, and experiment. To. Maintain a fresh, viewpoint, demanded, in an age of rapid change and, technological. Advancement. To. Contribute, generously to. Society, and the community around, you. President. Whitaker. Mr.. Longo I. Am. Pleased, to present to you the graduates, of the Business School we. Also ask that you acknowledge those unable to attend, today's ceremony who. Are graduating, in absentia I. Certify. That each graduate, has met all of the academic requirements for, the credential, they're, about to receive, and we, ask for your approval on behalf of Humber's. Board of Governors. Approved. Thank. You, we. Now ask that the rope you can sit down now. Thank. You, we. Now ask that the first row of graduates, to proceed to the stage to, receive their credential. The remaining graduates, can now be seated I already, said that okay to, ensure that everyone, is able to enjoy the ceremony and hear, the names of the graduates as they, are called we ask that you hold your applause, until the, list of names for each program, has been, completed, and to, remain seated throughout the, ceremony we. Will also be announcing, the academic, achievement award for the top student, in each program please. Turn, to page 43, in your convocation. Program for. The first group of graduates. Good, morning everyone my, name is Renaldo peerage and I will be reading. The names of the graduates today. Please. Join me in welcoming the, graduates, from the business, accounting. Program. Nishta. A. Gyum. Azua. Rhythm. Aurora. Joshua. B'Elanna. Andre. Bernardo. Sumeet. Bhatia. Su. Canberra. Kyra. Constantino. Lloyd. Danzo. Whoo. Ow. Muskan. Dhingra. Pioche. Dear. Rachel. Diljohn. Arshia. Arshia. AUC. Gupta. Rajiv. Grover. Bhowmick. Gupta. Nusrat. Jahan. Such. It Jane. Ashley. Jones. Regina. Conroy. Anishka. Here. Ball. Preet, Kaur. Our. Street, core. Parminder. Kaur. Harmon. Shot core. Kemal. Preet Kaur.

Lubner. Moraga. Amira. McCloud. Balki. Sir Muhammad. Man. Mere core. -, negan. Truong. Nhu ghen. Khalid. Kureshi. BB. Rahim. And. Fam. Ravine. Rini. Ruby. Andrea's. VML. Shushant. Cigar. Simran. Jeet, sunny. Sonia. Sunny. Gerson. Rat Sandhu. Balam. Sancho. Sulochana. SAS. Imani. Elaine. De Silva. Pal. Veer Singh. No. Condor sing. Prussian. Bar sing. Saran. Beer sing. Parse. Feat SIA. Angelina. Ten. Fam. Tran. Leticia. Thompson. Ellis, please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, from business, accounting, program. The, next group of graduates, is from the business management, program. Bija. Had. Akari. Sukhdeep. Ahluwalia. Muhammad. Ali. The. Angelique, Alec. Marco. Elvis. David. Reyes. Shivam. Aurora. Aaron. Ash, whiffy. Cara, Mirage f1. Mina. Aziz. Farina. As our. Academic. Award of excellence recipient. Damian. Bent. Prabhjeet. Bagua. Anoosh. Man barrage. Tanya. Bauer. Jobin. Preet Brar. JD. Sheena. Navneet. Buller. Linea. Was, be. Kirill. Borissov. Allen, beador. Brittany. Bond. Miriam. Hello. Muskan. Agarwal. Our. Vendor. Indra. Our. Pan. Deal. De. Man preach de man preach. Simon. Bandsaw. Parminder. Bra. Kellyanne. Cambridge. Sharifa. Campbell. Marina. De, Macedo. Harpreet. Chavo. Al, Saleh, chan. Row and. Sakshi. Chu, Han. You. Gancho Lua. Michael. Ginny, Ramsey. To, Chopra. Shana's. Chauhan. Ricardo. Co. Matthew. DeMarco, de, Caro. Jasker. And deal. Huyen. Doan. Stephanie. Koval. Adzick. Kaveri, deer. Kelsey. Durians, Oh Costa. Victoria. Eddie. Parker. Foley. Shaniyah. Forbes. Gibran. A key K. Nitesh. Guerra. GU. Preet Herman. RT. Giri. Rahil. Koya, Koya. Nav. Karate, Gil. Paramjeet. Gill. Nab. Shot kill. Hector. Harrow. Amanda. Hennessy. Harpreet. Jorah. Love. Preet jawanda. El. Epirus, dorando. Dionyza. Joseph. Daanish. Acharya. Pallavi. Jetley. Manic. Jindal. Parker. An core. Salmon. Kippur a. Man. A man Preet. Kaur. Simran. Jetkor. Jasprit. Cor. Baljit. Cor. Randeep. Core. Rav, neat kaur. Simran. Preet, Kaur. Quran. Deep core. Sooo. Preet Kaur. 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Andreas. Diaz. Vignesh. Aram her. Rommel. Marshall. Upon tez. Yeah, sure pun. Dear. Keya, richer. Austen. Raju. Jovica. Rhonda. Add. A. -, Remora. Fish. Bar. Rafi. Manchu. Rathore. Devine. Row. Zarah, chaps, achoo. Ma, Selita. Mowett. Sharma. Ah boo, Saji. Aleem, Gomez. Rahul. Sekar. Jack, Vere. Sororo. Karev. Satti. Asia, shop. Jatin. Sharma. Smit. Shah. Silky. Sharma. Sudeep. Suresh. Spot. Moshe. Sylva. Chan. Preet Singh. Goo, Simran, Singh. Paramjeet. Singh. Jaspreet. Singh. Parven, derp sing. Shaniyah. Smalling. Juliana. Summer. Preach, pal Sohail. Sonali. Sonali. Do, hip Soneji. Arvin. Schwinn, Bassin. Man, deep core tank. Jaspreet. Katla. Sighs, shun them, ready. Reah, oopah. John. Jonas. Vasconcelos. Tanvi. Verma. Ronnie. Launched. Eh. Ty, v, vu. And, mole. Deep what, ha. A cache, yadava. Phoo Han yang. Ludmila. Shibata. Jose. Sepideh. Please, join me in congratulating the graduates, from global, business, management program. The, next group of graduates, is from the human resources, management, program. Beatrice, abalos. Leader. And worried. Marta. Vanity. Kathryn. Craig. Marian. Cruz. Anna Lima. Jinan. Futa. Sonia. Vasquez. Gayatri. Gupta. Aditi. Joshi. A run. Core. Aram. Jaw core. Giant. Eagle country. Jahna. Krzeminski. Ashley. Kiran. Molly. Modi. Laticia. More. Tara. Jessica. Or 4e, Boateng. Basarat. Hola, lay. Cassandra. Packin. Ro. And, Raisa. Pachelbel. Oh. My. Yank Raj pal. Misha. Raha. Romana. Shaheed. Sakshi. Sharma. Hamachi. Sue. Claw. Urmi. Sinka. Emilia. A tunas. Stefani. Stanovich. Ciao, moon does War II, by. The Athan. Laureen, Williams. Please, join me in congratulating the graduates, from human, resources, management, program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the insurance, management, property, and casualty program. Hakeem, adda, so a. Dinesh. Agarwal. Rita. Aurora. Debbi eshwara a row. Nithya, Bhatia. Ilana, D, Bellotti. Morrow, ignosi. Preso. Jake. Jetty. Neru. Amrit. Singh. Arsh, Shran. Caused, a boon L. Please, join me in congratulating the graduates, from the insurance, management Property. And Casualty program. The. Next group of graduates, is from the International, Development Program, Jun Baldwin. Kortnee, black. Desiree. Miss, Ellie. Felisha. Naren. Zara. Pizookie. Please, join me in congratulating, the graduates, from the International, Development Program.

The. Next group of graduates, is from the paralegal, program jazmyne. De, sans. Stephen. Ujin. Mowett. Popli. Devendra. Southsea. Are. For, Sharda Williams. Please, join me in congratulating, the graduates from the paralegal. Program. The. Next group of graduates, is from The Bachelor of Applied Arts, paralegal. Studies program. Marcia Ahmed. Dianna. Vajura. Madison. Archer. Nicole. Our menus. Hayley. Morado. Zara. Chaudhary. Emma. Coleman. Chloe. Davies. Victor. De, neve. Gag. On deep Dylan. Ryan. Endo. Ashley. In it. Manek. Foot, a. Fionna. Francis. Veronica. Friggin, say. To. Door Gaggia. ELISA. Gaudin. Catherine. Hernandez. Sabbat. Ishmael. Rajpal. Jammu. Sara. Joseph. Paul. Call, me sir. Jacqueline. Linares. Shania. McDonald. Parrot. Johnny. Neiman, Jackson. Today. Sorry. Ilya. Lamas. Jennipher. Paco. Daniel. Peleg. Rosa. Porco. Julia. Ride Oh. Jennifer. Rogers. Christian. Summer. Jian. Andrew. Silvera. Amanda. Sing. Samantha. See, no Polly. Shannon. Thomas. Joanna. Correct. Ilana. Vile. Alexis. Wallace. Please. Join me in congratulating

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don't they mention who graduate with honor?


No. It says it in the program, and on the diploma.

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