How You can Sell a $500-Product for $4000 by Increasing its Value

How You can Sell a $500-Product for $4000 by Increasing its Value

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Hatred, this is Jonas here from Saigon and in today's video you gonna find out how. To. Sell a product or service that. Other guys sell for five hundred dollars online. How. You can sell this for four thousand dollars and more okay. And I know that there's a lot of gurus, who promise, magical, numbers you're on YouTube but, in, this case it's actually possible why. Do I know that because I, am doing this myself and, I'm. Coaching. A lot of sales people who are doing this in my team in the mastermind, that I'm part of and I've, been personally closing, more than two hundred thousand, dollars in sales in the last year plus. I have all these people that I help and coach and I, can promise you it's, actually possible if, you. Know why if you know how and the best thing here is you. Don't even rip off your clients, you. Know when you think about this like hey other guys do that for five hundred dollars and clients, pay me for thousand, haha you know like I'm basically, cheating them it's not like this at all you're actually helping them and the, four thousand dollars that they invest in you is going to be invested, way better it's, a better investment than with these five hundred dollars guys okay. And in this video I'm going to show you specifically. How this works and, I'm. Gonna give you examples. First, let's dive, into the theory, because this is very important, to understand, and then I'm going to give you some hands-on, examples. From my business from. Explainer. Videos what, we do and some, other examples, as well so you can actually translate, that to whatever service, or product you are offering, and. What. We have to look at first really is the sales call so you. Need to get on a sales call if, you want to sell high tickets, like 3,000. 4,000, 5,000, dollars it's, impossible, to, do that without talking. To, the client in person okay. That's the first thing that we have to understand, by. Online. Add to Cart pay now it works, for a few. Hundred dollars maybe it's not gonna work for five thousand dollars and you have to get on say it's called them and now. Let's have a look at the structure of the sales call and also. What's going to happen after say it's cold why are you actually worth $4,000. While, other, competitors. Online. On some freelancer. Platforms, offer, kind. Of the same service, for $500, but, even. Though it looks the same at the first side when, you continue, watching this video you will understand, where your service, is worth. A lot more to your clients what do you want to do is you want to find out what's, the actual pain of the client okay, so, this is the first step I'm going to write this down here, in. This, amazing app called Rio which, I'm not promoting there's no affiliate, program my program, I just really like it and the. First thing is you have to like find. Out the. Pain of the. Client okay so. Here's. What most guys think, sale is about most. Guys think sales, is about, talking. To the client convincing, him to work with you and telling. Him reasons where your company is better than all the other companies and telling him hey this is this is how we do that we are so good we're getting the best results, for our clients all our clients are happy and really, trying to you, know qualify, themselves. Convincing. The client, that your. Company is doing awesome ok this, is not what sales is about real. If you, really do sales the, most important, thing in sales and I say that a lot but it's actually true the most important, thing in sales is, you. Have to, help your client ok if you don't. Have this intention, if you don't get on the call and you think ok this guy I'm really gonna help him I'm really gonna take his business or his personal, life to the next level you're never gonna. Become really good and breed once and say it's ever ok that's that's key and this, is why the. First thing that we have to do is find. Out the pain of the client and, here. You know. We. Have to ask them questions about if, it's b2b about this business if it's, b2c. About his personal life some, of these questions can be unpleasant, but that's also part of sales so, you have to figure what's, the status quo so now the next thing that you have to do is. You. Have to tell him. Or even, better you have to help him find out on his own because, only if you know his pain that's not enough to close the sale what you have to do is. You. Have to make sure that your client is aware of this pain as well okay, so. Let's. Put it like this make your client. Aware. Of. Where. Of this. Pain. Okay. That's, the second step so. Now. If you've done that you. Know, my client has this problem, he, knows. I have this problem so what is the next step the next step is you, present. A solution, specifically.

To His problem. That he has so, you're not gonna do if. Whatever, your service is you're not gonna do the same pitch over and over again different, client with different, problem, gets. A different pitch because, what you want to do is help him and believe, me or not it doesn't, mean that you need a different, service for every client the, same exact, same, service. Can, solve very, very various. Kinds. Of problems and I will as I said I will get into, a very specific example, in a second but let me first. Finish. With. The theory. So let's. Divide this pitch even into into several steps so the first thing is you. Tell him, tell. Tell the client how. You. Will solve, or you. Will. Solve this problem. Or this pain. And. Then. When. You tell him when. You told him how you saw you gonna solve this pain, for him then, you're, gonna tell. Him you. Make a specific, specific. Plan for him, okay. And. This. Is not the entire sales call okay there are more phases of sales call there's. More there's, more things in between maybe, you show some case studies, maybe, you do some pre handle objections maybe. You do actual objection, handling that might everything. Might be in there, these things that I've written down now that's key okay, if you, up these parts of the call you will not cause a sale especially not, high ticket sale and if. You do this properly and you up everything else you will still close ok this. Is really essential, what we have now, written, down here ok and now I will, as I promised, go into a very, specific, hands-on. Example, so. Find. Out the pain of a client. Ok what could be a pain, of a client let's say, we're doing. B2b. Sales here ok so business-to-business. Sales and, let's. Say let's stick with the, example. Of my company, we're doing explainer, videos, animated, explainer videos, and I, show you example. You, know how. Different paints how we can solve different paints for clients so, let's say the. Pain of my client, that I have on the phone and I'm, asking, him so how, do you usually find your clients and he's, telling me he's. Telling me y'all usually. We. Find them, when. They, come to, our website ok. And then you have to dig deeper and dig deeper so how, many people usually come to your website every day every. Day you know every month maybe like a thousand, people ok, interesting that's that's not so bad and what's your conversion, rate and you dig deeper and deeper, and I simplify, a lot here but. I, don't want to make this videos 3 hours so. At. Some point when you dig deeper you find the pain ok there's always a pain it. Doesn't mean that you can always solve it but there's always some, sort of pain and also. What's. Important, here don't assume, that there is a certain pain because some pains, may be you hope. That the. Conversion rate is bad on the website because you think hey I have the perfect solution if the conversion, rate is bad but, maybe the conversion, rate is actually pretty good ok, and the, problem, is somewhere, else but I will give an example for that so the first client, I dig deeper I dig deeper, and he says yeah we. Have really low conversion rate only 2% of people who come to our website actually. Sign, up ok. In this second you know ok this is the pay you dig even deeper why is it like that how long has this been a problem for you. Know like do. You like is you. Can't even look at the website you can help him find this out so let's say you understand, that and you say. And I, already see this videos gonna be longer than I expected but, that's okay because I think there's gonna be a lot of value here for you so, let's. Say the, client. Says low. Conversion. Rate. Okay. So. This is his pain in the first example and his. Conversion rate is low you know that now okay, now the next thing you have to do is you have to show your client, that, he understands, that as well so, you, ask him questions, like for example what. Would that mean if your conversion, rate instead of 2% would be 5%, how. Much more revenue would you make you. Can ask him how much money are you spending on Google Ads each, month, to, drive traffic, to your website how much of this money is wasted because people, come to your website and then they don't buy you. Can ask him how, long has this been a problem for all these, questions, that make. Your client understand. I'm actually. Wasting. A lot of money here I'm actually, not using my potential here you, help him to understand, that he has a problem okay and once.

He Understands, that. Then. You, make a pitch, specifically. According, to that so and it's. Important, of course that you can actually help because if you set wrong expectations then, you know like this. Is basically scamming people but. If, you actually can help them and my company for example we can help with that because explainer, videos, it's. Proven to work that they will increase the web the the conversions, on the right website if, you, know how then. You, can make a pitch according to that and you can tell them look what we have to do for you specifically. In your case is, we. Have to create the video in a way that. The. Conversion, will be increased and what, I believe, is that the conversion is law because people they don't understand, your service that don't read the text on your website ABC. That's a problem and here. This, is what we have to do we have to make video specifically, to increase your conversion. Okay, so we, write this here, make. A video, to. Increase. Conversion. Rate and in the second I will give a another, example where you know like the, use case will be different even though it's still the same service, still explainer video and, I will make another example, which is not explained with you as well. Just. So you you. Know you can understand. For your specific, case how, this could look for you so. Make. A video to increase conversion, rate this is what we're gonna do. And. Then. You make a specific plan, you tell him the next steps you tell them okay the next thing that we have to do is this that and that and you. Go into details, how the production is going to be and you. Really show, him the easy way, how to get there okay, so this is basically. Just okay this is what we have to do, now. We can even change this year. Tell. The client, what. We have, to, do to. Solve his, pain like this is better. And. Then, tell. The. The. Client, how. You. Gonna gonna, do that okay so first. This here's, what we have to do we have to make a video that will solve this problem and then the second thing is here's. How we gonna do that first, we're gonna have a kickoff meeting we're gonna do this we're gonna do competitor, analysis whatever like here's the plan that's what we're gonna do what this is gonna be the outcome okay. Now. Let's. Go to the sales call again back to the first thing and. We are thinking about pain and you like okay so. How. Many clients do you have on your website a thousand, every month oh nice, that's that's, not so bad so what's the conversion rate oh the, conversion rate is 25%, well, respect, that's really good so what, do these people do 25%, of leads who come to your website oh they, all book a call nice. So you have a lot of people booking a call so how. Many of these people who booked a call actually, buy. Almost. None of them interesting. Why is it like that. Yeah, because most. Of them they are startups. And they don't have the money to work with us, interesting. That's a pain you, know that's a pain point and the pain point here is not our. Conversion. Rate is low the, pain point is the. Quality. Of the leads that we get is bad. Ok. That's entirely different pain point and, if you pitch to this guy who, has. Who. Is getting a lot of broke startups, who can't, afford to service if you, pitch, to him here's, what we're gonna do we're gonna increase the conversion, wipe right on your website, he's never gonna buy from you ok. So the, next thing that we want to do like here's example. But. Quality. Of leads. Ok. So this is the second use case again. You help him understand, that like, he that he has a problem you know that now so now we are here in this face and you, tell them ok so how. Many hours, are. You. Or one of your sales guys on a call with clients. Who are not qualified, interesting. How long does the sales call usually take interesting so, how much do you pay a sales guy per hour interesting. And, so on and so forth and he will be like, I'm actually wasting, a lot of money a lot of potential because. I'm getting unqualified, leads that, sucks, what. Would it mean if you. Know you would that, say the conversion, rate on the website is lower than 20%. Only 10% but, all, of these guys are qualified, to work with you what would that mean for your business and he. Starts thinking is that yo like this would be so much better this would be honestly so much better for me my sales guys wouldn't waste their time with talking to unqualified, leads anymore, and I, wouldn't waste, that much, that. Much money on that and everybody, is happier because in, the end you know like it's more satisfying to do, a call and actually help somebody than to tell them I'm sorry like our, services. Too expensive you can't afford that so, in, this case what's. Going to be the pitch and we can actually solve this with explainer videos too is we. Have to make an explainer video in, a, way, specifically. In your case that, we. Pre-qualified. Leads to get on a call with you so in this video we're not only gonna explain what your service but, we also gonna.

Tell Them who. Is that service for, okay. And what. Does the mean that means that you, will not get people on the call anymore who are startups, so we could specifically. Communicate. In this, video. In the 60 second video that a start-up. Is not. The right fit for us and bam. You will not get unqualified, leads anymore, okay, so this is I will. Put this here make a video. To. Qualify. Qualify. Leads and, you. See how. Both. Times, I sell. Them a video both. Times, I really help them I actually help, them to solve the pain I actually help them to bring their business to the next level but, the pitch is entirely different okay. And. Now. Let's make one last example that is not explainer, videos because, I'm, like I know that you might not be doing explainer videos so, let's say we do this with websites, and it's exactly the same you figure, the, pain and there is like a bunch of different pains there are like 10 standard, paints, that. People have one is no conversion rate one is no traffic, one. Is you. Know the quality of the leads is bad there's, a few other things and. Basically. Yeah. You can you can solve them or. Some, of them of your service so for example let's stick to these two examples low. Conversion rate, we're. Gonna make a. Website. Specifically. To increase your conversion rates and what we're gonna build for you is not a website but a landing, page, okay. We're gonna put a landing, page. Because. We know how to do that that people actually, you know start applying, to work with you or buy your. Product. Online okay. That's, a different, pitch for, a website, for the quality of leads is bad yeah, the quality of leads is bad so what we have to do specifically, in your case is built the website in a way that. It's, only for. Like. Only appealing to people who, are actually qualified to work for. Example let's, say the quality of leads is bad because people. Get. On the call and they want. That. They misunderstand. The product, and this. Is why because you, know they're not from the right niche or look from the right industry that, we're targeting so, you tell them specifically. What we're gonna do is we, make this website in a way that, it's only appealing to your tight, group maybe, your target group are I don't know like, farmer like farmer industry so we will use a lot of you, know, specific. Copy, on the website that is very technical, there, is a lot of technical, terms that. You know all the people who, are not qualified to work with you they, they don't understand, the word but, your target group they. Will be like oh wow that's exactly, what I was looking for and this. Is the way to create. The website you know and so and so forth so, you. See how you can with one service how you can solve different problems now. Let's go back to the, initial question which was how can we sell product, for, $4,000. While, other people our competitors. Are offering, the. Same product, for $500, only why. Would people still buy from us it's, very simple because, we. Actually help them to solve a, problem. We actually help them to solve, their pain and if, we do our job well we, will actually help our clients, to grow, their business to make more money okay, it's also translatable. To the, b2c. Industry, by the way so, if. You actually help them to whatever it is you know start, their business, or, if it's like get, in shape or if, it's like find a girlfriend whatever, it is if you actually help them to solve a pain your. Service, is worth more. To them and. Why. How, would you client know and and why is it like that so. Imagine. The client has this problem with low conversion rate on the website that we've just had as an example if, the.

Client Has this problem and then. There is a freelancer. Who, was building him a five hundred dollar WordPress, website, then, super fancy and, you. Know the first side the kind is really happy is like wow it's such a professional. Good-looking. Website I'm really happy with your work here's your five hundred dollars and then. What's gonna happen is he, gonna get more leads. Is he gonna increase his conversion rate probably. Not this, five hundred dollars is probably wasted, why because. These. Freelancers. They are usually, craftsmen. Okay, what we have to keep in mind is somebody. Who's good at technical. Things like building a website it's. Not necessarily. Good in, you. Know funnels, in online marketing and sales and all these things that really matter if you want to help your client so, keep in mind if you want to sell a high ticket product, what you have to do is you have to get on a call with clients, you or, want somebody of your team you. Have to figure what's. Their pain you. Have to find. Out if you can actually help them to solve this pain and if, you can help them to solve this pain then, do it you will have super happy clients and they will be willing to pay more for that guys, I know that this video was a little bit longer than most of my videos but. Why, the reason, why I did that is a few, weeks ago I published a, video that was in the same format, it was a half, an hour or something like that but, I shared, my entire business. Structure. I shared very, deep details, how my business is built and how, you can build the business from scratch to, forty, thousand dollars a month and more and I, got a lot of feedback very, positive, feedback guys, saying hey Jules please make more of these videos where, you give specific, hands-on knowledge that's, the reason why I made that one. Here, and if you want to see the other one you can check it here in the corner just click on the I in the corner, or on, this link and you can watch. The other one it's not for everybody it's only for people who are actually serious, about starting a business since, it's half an hour video so. If you're if you're not really serious about this then don't, watch it it's probably a waste of your time and, yeah. But if you're serious about starting a business and if you want to automate, this and build this - such. As like forty thousand dollars a month and more then, definitely check this out this will be great health for you and yeah, also let me know what you think about this one do you want more of these videos please let me know in comments, because, I can only make. Videos, that help you if I know what. Kind of help you need or what kind of questions. You have in your hat so just comment that below I will make videos, specifically. For the. Things that you want to know and yeah, thanks for being here hope to see you in the next one and that's, it.

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