How to Turn Our Biggest Challenges into Our Greatest Opportunities

How to Turn Our Biggest Challenges into Our Greatest Opportunities

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Hello. And welcome to the countdown to sapphire now, vision, we've. Got an incredible, lineup of speakers, and presenters that, we cannot, wait to share with you in just a few minutes you'll hear from sa P chief executive, officer, Christian, Klein and later. We'll, have an exclusive, musical. Performance, from sting, it's. Going to be an amazing, day and we're delighted to have you join us, since. Our founding 48, years ago sa. Piece purpose, has been to help the world run better and improve people's lives and that's, never been more needed, than in today's turbulent, times. We. Now find ourselves amongst. A renewed civil rights movement, being heard around the world, the. SA P family, is united to take action, for justice, equality and, peace, sa. P is committing, to investing, in organizations. Dedicated to social justice reform. Education, and. Supporting, black owned businesses, impacted by current events in addition, we are emphasizing, our si Pio, fund, and Foundry efforts, towards black founders, and entrepreneurs and. This. Is just the beginning if we. Think back to when the global pandemic, began si. P moved quickly to open our platforms, and services wherever, possible to. Provide the most impact, for, example. In my home state of New Jersey governor. Murphy tweeted, that they desperately needed supplies in their fight against, kovat 19 so. We offered our qualtrix pre-screen. And routing platform, to, help get people the necessary, care across the state and at, a time when supply chains have been challenged. ASAP. Has opened, access to, our Arriba network, to, connect buyers with the suppliers, that have the goods and services they need this, has been key in getting items such as life-saving. PPE, into, the hands of people who need it most, our frontline. Workers, for. Example we are proud that we were able to support Ram tool in sourcing 500. Hospital, beds in just. 30, minutes, we've. Also sought, out ways to make a direct impact on the lives of people who are suffering the most, partnering. With Jen Youth the, child health and wellness nonprofit. We, created, the SA P for Kids program which. Helps families, find food and other resources. During the crisis, we. Also established, a 3 million euro kovat, 19, emergency, fund to help support, the needs of the World Health Organization. The CDC. Foundation, and other, enterprises, serving, communities, in crisis, but, we're looking to do even more we. Want to help beat, this. Shortly. We'll be launching a kovat 19 tracking, app in Germany, that will alert people who've, come into contact with infected patients. This, will allow public, health workers, to stop the virus spread, as quickly, as, possible. The, fight against, the invisible, enemy isn't over, and we're, not backing, down. Together. We, will overcome kovat. 19, together. We will adjust to new operating, models, together. We will come back stronger. Than before. Together. We. Got this. Like. Many of you I really value. And desperately, miss the in-person, interactions. That are such a part of our daily lives and our events, like sapphire, now now, this clearly isn't how we imagined, this year's event to be but. There are many positives, for. Example, our new digital experience. Is being shared in 14, languages, around, the world allowing, us to reach more people, than ever today. Isn't, the start of sapphire, now reimagined. We, launched, our experience, in April with sapphire, now unplugged, which, features conversations. With many of the leaders thinkers. Influencers. And experts, you'd. Expect to see at our in-person. Events, they. Shared their thoughts on a range of issues from. The future of workplace, collaboration. To, tips for doing our best during, these challenging times. Sapphire. Now converge, is a digital, network with, live streamed, and on-demand, content. Designed. To deliver the insights, you need to, stay connected, each. Day this week you'll hear from a member of the S AP Executive, Board as they. Set the vision and strategy ahead, of the various converge, episodes. You. Will hear customer, stories that cut across all, business and industries, you.

Will Also hear about our latest innovations, and be able to participate in live interactions. And expert, conversations. We. Will end this week with a very informative. Q&A, session, with, each member of our SCP, Executive, Board you. Can submit questions any, time this week through our event platform. Also. On our platform, you'll. Be able to access one of our new showcases. We. Have interactive, experiences. That take you on a journey through. The intelligent. Enterprise to learn about customer. Experience. Procurement. Manufacturing. And delivery. We. Want you to maximize, this experience. So please, let us know what you think because. As always. It's. Our goal to help your, world run, at it fast. If. You are just joining us welcome to the countdown to sapphire now, vision, we. Have an incredible, lineup for you today, soon. We'll, hear from sa P chief executive, officer, Christian, Klein as he, shares his vision for the intelligent, enterprise and how, that can able you to become more resilient more profitable. And more sustainable. Christian. We'll also be joined by Lutz Mushka, deputy. Chairman, and member of the Executive, Board of Finance and IT at Porsche to. Discuss the challenges the, automotive, industry has, been facing and how si. P has helped them Excel and, finally. We'll, be welcoming 17. Time Grammy, award-winning, artist and Rock, & Roll Hall of Famer sting. Who. Will perform three, songs he personally, selected, just, for you so stick, around. One. Of the benefits of taking sapphire, now online is that, this is now a truly. Global event, to. Celebrate, this I am joined by three of our regional, leaders DJ. Peony Steve's, the caucus and Scott, Russell welcome. To our countdown. Nearly. Hey Lisa hi everybody, Scott. Let's get started, you, run sa P across the asia-pacific region, talk. With us about what some of the big challenges and. Priorities, are for your customers, right now in your region okay. I think you're customers, are facing challenges all, around the world whether. It be cash flow how to serve their customers look, after their employees, the, real focus is resilience, really. Driving resilience, in the business and the only way they can really do that is with digital, technologies, such as we're using today to be able to drive their business forward, which, I think will sustain not just in the short term but in the long term, so. Steve same question, for you what, we see is very very, similar and to, complement, what Scott. Just said I wanted to add that, here. We. Feel, that customers, are very focused, on return on investment, and return, of experience, so, trying, to see what. Can we do for them quickly in short time that can have real. Impact, to their customers, and the customer, of the customer, so B to B and B to B to C so DJ, when. You think across your. Customer. Portfolio, in North America, is there, anything unique that stood out for you be. It by industry, or by location, that. You've recognized. Or. Are you seeing some, pretty common, needs, across, this kovat, period, I think, customers are looking for for. Us as si P to provide them a little bit of stability and. Also business continuity in difficult. Times but also in good times and I think that starts with people. Right they want the best and the brightest and, most talented people in the industry supporting. Them keeping. Their mission-critical applications up, and running at. The same time you know we're a company born on innovation, so they, want us to continue to innovating, into the future think. Ahead invest, in their into three I, say for now and in the future they, want a company like sa P to stand behind them right show some compassion and, help. Them deliver their products and services to people who need them and and, to help them do that digitally and, in, what the new norm will be virtually, so, Scott when you think about what.

Your Customers, have been asking us. For, during. Kovat 19 talk. With us a little bit about that and and do you think that that's going to change when we come out of this period are you going to see some similarities, in terms of, what. They're prioritizing now. And in the future. If. There's one thing that I keep on hearing from that custom, small medium, and large whether. You're in the manufacturing. Which is really strong in this region, or in, other industries, that ability, to be flexible, agility. And speed, and. That's the expectation, of s ap you, need a digital platform, that doesn't just give you the information gives. You it if the real-time so. They can make better decisions and. Adapting, to a situation which, for all of us is very, unpredictable, in a short while we're going to hear, from Christian. As he talks about the, vision, for, our intelligent. Enterprise and, then, that will be followed by several. Channels, of, content, throughout. The week that touches. On all, of, our priority. Solution, areas, and how they work to enable an, intelligent. Enterprise so let's talk about what, are you most looking forward to, this week well thank you Lisa for the first time I have to say that I'm gonna watch sapphire, without being deadlocked so, that's, a, probably. One of the beauties of the. Digital experience I, think. Our customers, and apartments, want. To see how, s AP will. Will make the structural, changes, needed in their offerings, to, ensure that the. Ability, the flexibility. The resilience, the. Empathy. Towards, the needs of its business, are met, there it has to be cloud it, has to be integration, it, has to be industry, solutions, and it, has to be speed, and time to the morrow so DJ how about for yourself yeah. We said this is my 24th. Sapphire. This is gonna be a little bit different experience, I'm really excited about it I just learnt the buzz that Sapphire creates, you know the keynotes are always, very inspiring, you know where we go and where we take in our customers, how we're gonna get them there I love, to hear our customer success stories, at sapphire, I mean every industry every.

Size I, mean our customers are the, ultimate barometer, of our success, so I'm looking forward to hearing from a dear fox Martin later who's gonna be speaking with Chobani. They're us-based company, I think, skyrocketed, it into a billion-dollar business and, it'll be great to hear from them on how, they're investing, in technology, to differentiate, you know themselves out the marketplace, and Scott, what about yourself any examples. That that jump to mind for you of customers. Or or, things, that we've been doing with an S ap that that come to mind for you it's, probably a couple of examples Alicia typical London that, I love is our partnership, with the Malaysian, Ministry of Health together, with ey and using. Our s AP and Qualtrics, technology, you, know they were really focused, on getting ventilator, and health, equipment, and PPS, to, the communities, in the right places and working, with us we built an app in less, than a week, that. They were able to use to, be able to navigate to get the right information but, also the right logistics. The right equipment. In the right places to, support the local communities, so you. Know no matter where you are in the world the use of the digital technology, to. Drive a cause, to help the community, you, know that certainly made me very proud so. DJ seem for you so any, examples. Of be, it solutions, that, we've, put out in the market that have helped our customers significantly. Or customers. Themselves that. Have, been thriving during, this period what have you been seeing one, of my favorite stories is how. Sa piece helping feed children across, America right. There 124. Thousand schools closed due, to the pandemic there were more than 30 million children depend on school, meals as a primary, source of nutrition every single day in. A matter of days sa P developed an application called, sa P for kids to. Help families, find feeding, sites in their local communities, you know given all the school closures, and you, know our employees has jumped right into action they volunteered, there and you, know put our technology, to work for those who need it I think. We can all agree that this. Has been a great, period, of. Inspiration. And innovation. During. A time that has been challenging. But we've remained committed to helping. All of our customers, around the world, maintain. Business as best, as possible because. That's always been our vision, at si P I want, to thank all of you DJ's, Steve, Scott, for, joining us today and sharing with us, insights. From across all of your markets, and thank. You to everyone who tuned, in to our countdown I hope, you enjoyed it the Sapphire now Vision, keynote, is about to begin so I'll see you back here in just a moment. Hello. To everyone around the world joining. Us for sapphire, now reimagined. I am, delighted to welcome you and we look forward to providing you a best-in-class, experience. Over the next few, days of course. There's a reason we've, called this year's event sapphire. Now reimagined. We. Would have loved to be spending time with you in person but, we all know that's not possible at, the moment, instead. We're, happy to share with you our new sapphire. Now reimagined. Experience. We've, been working diligently over, the past few, weeks to transform. Our in-person event. Into. A digital experience that, is unique and relevant, to you our. Presentations. Which include, s AP customers. Experts. And guest speakers from around the world have. Been translated, into 14 different, languages, and tailored. To your time zone for, your convenience and it, doesn't end this week, everything. Even. The live events, are available, on-demand. So. You can watch when it's most convenient, for you it's. Always on if, you. Can't find anything left to binge-watch we've, got you covered, kicking. Off today's sapphire. Now vision, is s, AP, chief executive, officer, Christian. Klein, Christian. Will share with you his vision, to help all businesses, become, intelligent. Enterprises. He'll. Explain, how we are leveraging our strategy. Expertise. Solutions. And partner. Ecosystem to. Help every, business, run, at their best. Over. The course of this week s AP.

Executive, Board members will welcome you each day as they, discuss, the building blocks of an intelligent. Enterprise, you. Can look forward to hearing from Adair Fox Martin Jurgen. Mueller Luca. Mucha SH and Thomas. Sarris AG as they, are joined by valued. S ap customers, and make. Sure you tune in at the end of the week when. We'll host a special Q&A, session, with, all of our executive, board members. Traditionally. Safire now includes, a fantastic. Concert just. Because we can't all be in the same room doesn't, mean we can't celebrate together, and that. Is why during sapphire, now vision, will, be joined by seventeen, time Grammy award-winning, artist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer sting. He's. Personally, selected, a playlist to perform for us that you don't want to miss as you. Settle into your home office be. It a desk your, kitchen countertop, or your sofa, we, invite you to engage with us throughout the week by, using hashtag. Sapphire. Now on social, media. Now. It's, my, immense. Honor to. Welcome the chief executive. Officer, of sa, P Christian. Klein. Over. The past few decades. Technology. Has helped businesses, to thrive. New. Economies, to emerge. And the, lives of millions of people to improve. All, across the globe. Thanks. To the proliferation of technology. The. Entire, economy, has been accelerated. Business. Has become digital. Processes. Have been automated, and. Operations. Have been scaled. Agility. Has become the key determinant. Activities. Have been globalized. Things. Have. Been connected. Enabling. A multitude, of innovations. To emerge. And. Since 1972. We, have partnered, with you and led each and every evolutionary. Stage of your business. We. Helped you serve rising, demands with technology. We. Helped you run your processes, digitally, end-to-end and. Allowed. You to get transparent. 360, views of your business. While. Doing so we. Forged, long lasting relationships, built on trust. So. Today we stand strong together as we face some of the biggest challenges, of our time. At. This very moment as, we are all affected, it. Is clearer than ever how tremendous, the impact can be when. The processes, we rely on come, to a stop. Our. World has suffered from the impact of the economic evolution. Of recent decades never. Have we used so many natural resources, and. Made it so much greenhouse, gas and produced. So much waste, to. Brave the challenges, of today and seize the opportunities, of tomorrow, it, is our collective responsibility, to. Care about a sustainable, world as much, as we care about business success, so. That we can achieve prosperity, and, health, for, future generations. If, we continue the way we're going business. Success and quality. Of life will soon be restrained, by, diminishing, environmental. Conditions. Now. Imagine. We could change this together. Imagine. We can change our world for, the better. Imagine. That individually. We become more resilient and successful. While, collectively. We. Become more sustainable and. Responsible. And now, we tell, you. We. Can. We. Can and together, we, will becoming. Intelligent enterprises. Allows us to achieve incredible. Business outcomes, across all dimensions, it. Allows us to try for Cillian, see to, steer your companies, for challenging, times it. Allows us to try forfeitability, both. Top and bottom line. Enabling. Quotes and increase. Productivity it, allows. Us to, drive sustainability. By, reducing, carbon footprint, waste and, transitioning. To the circular, economy as, intelligent. Enterprises. We can achieve all of this at the same time we. Can become more resilient. And make sustainability. Profitable. And profitability. Sustainable. Ladies. And gentlemen, a warm, welcome, to this year's sapphire, now I don't. Know about you but, this short video gives, me goosebumps I'm asking. You asking. All of us to, become resilient. Sustainable. And profitable. Growth, companies, I believe. Sapphire. Is the perfect, place for this call to action there's. Hardly any event, that brings together so. Many decision, makers of the world's most important. Companies, I'm. Convinced. That together as intelligent. Enterprises, we, can turn the world's biggest challenges into, our greatest, opportunities. The. Reason pandemic, showed, us how, helpless we can feel if something, hits us unexpected.

This. Crisis, would twist eclis impact, societies. And businesses, for months or probably. Even years, the. Digital transformation is, no, longer an option but, a must, when. We can't interact in person, we, are forced, to find other ways of doing business. With. The world in lockdown business. Leaders across the world worry whether. Their companies, have, the resilience, to survive. We. Have all realized companies. Which use innovative. Technologies, we're. More competitive before. The crisis, and are. More resilient in the crisis, those. That enable, new digital business, models 12. Automation. And adapted. Their supply chains we're. Better prepared, for the unexpected. This. Crisis, shows us if, your, business is not resilient, you, will be left with nothing once. You. Have mastered resiliency. You, can focus on profitability, no. Doubt your. Priority, probably, was to first organize, survival, mode and take care of your employees, but. Let's face it to. Emerge stronger out of this crisis, it is now more important, than ever to set, up your end up wise foreclose, today's. Technologies. Allow, you to. Do just that. With new business possibilities. Personalized. Customer, offerings or new license models these. Levers lead, to a better customer experience. And as a result. To additional, revenue, streams for, your enterprise. But. New technologies, also increase, the scale of your operations. Infusing. Artificially, intelligent drives, office automation and, productivity. All. Of this helps to, secure the profitability, of your business. No. Doubt in the current crisis, health, safety. And, business. Continuity are, top, priorities, but. Let's not forget our. Biggest challenge, out there is the. Climate change. We. Are at, the turning point just. As we cannot ignore pandemic. And its impact we. Cannot, continue to ignore climate, change and the, contribution. Of our end devices if. Major, industries. Such as utilities. Agriculture. And transport. Alone we're, to use digital technology. To significantly. Reduce, their karma output this. Could equal, the positive. Impact, of 500. Billion trees. Just. Imagine, the impact if all industries. Joined, the effort. We. Can, make this happen as 85. Percent of the largest carbon, emission intensive, companies won our software. To manage their processes. The. Current situations, has shown us we, can quickly, try to change if we, want to, let's. Seize this moment of, change to, build resilient, profitable. But, also more sustainable, enterprises. Do. You feel this responsibility, I definitely. Feel, it we. Are all business, women, and men and. We. Care about our business success but. At the same time we, are members, of our communities, and we are. Responsible, for, what kind of earth we will leave to, our future, generations, we. Have a unique, opportunity for. Seven. Weeks now I have, not a great reason to care her. Name is Emma I can, tell you I can hardly wait for another sleepless night I, want. Nothing, more than to see her and my, three-year-old son, Max Quora in a healthy environment without. Limitations. Caused by us the. Good thing is we. Are in the driver's seat and this. Is not only about the next generation, this. Is also about our customers. And employees, who. Choose companies. Which, are will about, sustainability. Today. And in, the future, companies. Are not, only measured, based, on their financial performance but. On their contribution, to society. Together. We can lead this change and become intelligent. Enterprises. To, make, sustainability. Profitable. And profitability. Sustainable. The. Business values of becoming an intelligent, and the price are clear, resiliency. Profitability. And, sustainability. Our. More than 400,000. Customers don't, question the business outcomes, but.

How To. Master the transformation, is the key challenge, for many other, companies, out there we. Can help you achieve this, as. Chief. Operating officer, I was, responsible, for SDP zone business transformation. And supported. Many customers, I learned. That, a real business transformation, will be only successful. If an enterprise, is willing to lead from the top a true. Business transformation. Does, not happen, only with an intelligent, workflow solution, or. By selecting many. Best of three trenders leading to fragmented, IT landscapes, or. By just moving your, IT landscape. On a public, cloud infrastructure, and creating data Lakes no. Other company, is more experienced, than si P to, transform, your business because. We have been doing this for almost 50. Years. I would. Like to focus now on our product, strategy, and demonstrate. Why only si P can, deliver the business outcomes we, just talked about our. Products, where did she is tailored to one goal. Being. The innovative, and trusted. Partner, for your holistic, business, transformation. We. Have spent a lot of time with you to understand, and address your requirements. Challenges. And chances. As, a, result, we. Have evolved, our vision. Of the intelligent, and a voice, I will. Pre flee touch upon the, components, our intelligence. Suite supports, end-to-end. Business processes, energy is using, new technologies, to drive, real, business, innovations. No. Other software, has our ability, to connect, demand, with supply with. C4 HANA and digital supply chain and our, important, business processes, like whoa to cash to, enable new licence models, when. We talk about lines of businesses, we, will stay number one in finance, HR, spent. Management, digital supply, chain and we. Will enhance our efforts regarding, solutions, like c4 Hana commerce and use, our partnerships. To, further expand, our capabilities. In the front office our, experience, management solution, offer insights, into the emotions, and feelings of customers, employees and, other. Critical, stakeholders. They. Bring experience, data, into. The intelligent, Enterprise wines. Myths and the Qualtrics stream will share more details during. The experience, day. Our. Business, technology, platform, is D technical, foundation, of the, intelligent, enterprise it. Allows our complete. Ecosystem to, integrate, si P and non, SI P implicit, applications. And data, across, hybrid, landscapes. Extend. Existing and, create. New innovative, business, applications. Besides. Its integration. And extension, capabilities, it enables. Cross analytics, end-to-end, reporting. And planning, classes. With sixty few of your business, using. Real-time as AP and, non-si, P data. With. Regards, to the commodity, infrastructure, layer we, will continue, to partner with Microsoft, Azure Google. Cloud platform AWS. Or Alibaba. But. We will, own the business platform and we. Will own the application, layer. ASAP. Industry, cloud offers. Cloud native industry. Applications. Delivering. Differentiating. And innovative. Business capabilities. For, the fourth Industrial. Revolution. We. Will partner with our ecosystem. To gain port coverage, across, all industries. Building. On our partners, expertise, to, expand the scope of our solutions, and enhance. The vertical, capabilities. Of sa P. Thomas. Will give you an impressive example, and together, with you our. More than 400,000. Customers worldwide, we. Will further evolve, this because. You know best which. Industry, best practices, matter most to you and bring. You a concrete, business outcome. Today. Most. Business processes, have, clear processes, indicated. Diagrams, you. Order, you, sell you, pay you, deliver it's one step after the other between. These processes and, the poster steps there. Are many dependencies. Only. As a pecan, twing together all this, data from the many different, stakeholders in one business network allowing. You to manage all these dependencies. In real time. With. Our new climate, 21, program, we, will support our customers, to, become sustainable companies. By, building, analytical, and transactional.

Capabilities Into. Our core business applications, this. Helps you to understand, and minimize, the carbon footprint of your products, and operations. A huge. Step in taking, climate action then, again all, of this doesn't work without three, key principles, one. In the creation -. Innovation. 3. Activity. And speed. Let. Me tell you why this principle. Matter for, all of us at sa P, and which concrete benefits, stapling, to you. Regardless. Of the size or industry. Of an enterprise, it is fundamental. In the digital age to, one your enterprise seamlessly, across the, value chain, without. Integrated. Business processes, and harmonized, data model, you, cannot make use of billions, of data to. Offer, personalized. Experience, for your customers. You. Cannot manage real-time, demand and supply seamlessly. Because. At the end of the day selling. A broad application, portfolio without integration. Is like selling. A car without an engine now. Let's, come to the second, key principle. Innovation. For. Us this is all about how to increase, the effectiveness, of your enterprise, we. Are embedding, artificial, intelligence, in our, business applications, to triforces, automation. And. Productivity. Every. Day. ASAP. HANA proves. Its role as strategic, and innovative. Enabler, at more than, 32,000. Customers, why. Else, should. 92%. Of the Forbes Global 2000. Companies use STP technology, in addition, to artificial. Intelligence and si P Hana together. With our customers we. Will develop, game-changing. Business capabilities, for, your transformation. On top, of our, business, technology, platform, the. Third principle Atilla. T and speed. Today. An accelerated. Time to value for ERP is key the. Times of three year-long IT projects. Until. They go live are over, you. Need to be able to quickly react, to business needs in today's fast-changing, environment. We. Have made excellent, progress to, deliver faster, innovations, to our customers. We. Modernize, the stack now. The average is a ps4, Hana public. Cloud implementation. Takes less than four months. We. Increase, the speed of our release cycles, in the cloud delivering. Innovations, every, four weeks. Now. Let's, see how, all of this works together in reality. With a real live customer. Example, today. And showing the upcoming days I want. To bring the intelligent, and applies to life, please. Join me on an end-to-end. Journey, from buying to delivery and beyond showing. How you can achieve quotes, and sustainability. With, integrated, intelligent. And highly, resilient, digital, value chains for, this I have, chosen one of the most disruptive industries. You can think of and which, has a tremendous, impact on all other industries, one. That. Represents, unlike, hardly. Any other how. Business, models are changing how, enterprises. Need to work differently, and how, much. Sustainability. Matters, D. Automotive. Industry, we. Know most, people are not thinking about ordering, a new car right now and certainly. Not a luxury sports, car, many. Are understandably. Worried, about, the economic, future because. Of the co-owner crisis, as a. Result the, kinda Sui is struggling with a sharp drop in sales and it. Is, technologically. Challenged. Like hardly any other by climate change which. Is exactly, why we wanted to show you that few, other industries are, as innovative, as, globally. Position, and as, economically. Significant. Mobility. Is, and remains. A prerequisite. For quos and increasing. Prosperity in, the world, our. Partnership. With Porsche began. Long. Before the, crisis, the. Company, is a wheel showcase, for innovation. Transformation. And the, will to reinvent. Itself in response to, the challenges, of our time. So. Let us gain first-hand, insights, into the fast changing industry. Insights. From, one of the most innovative. Automotive. Manufacturers. Worldwide. Please. Welcome, Lutz Mishka CFO. Of Porsche. Thank. You Christian, for the kind introduction, and for their coming Porsche at this virtual, sapphire, we. Are happy to be part of it ladies, and gentlemen mobility. Has always been one of the most exciting, industries. At least from my point of view but. At the moment it is more exciting, than ever before, we, are right in the middle of a huge transformation. Mobility. Like many other industries. Is at the beginning of a new era and, this is currently putting us under particular. Pressure we. Are experiencing. The tension, between innovation, pressure. Competitive. Pressure and cost, pressure. What. Do I mean by that let's. Start with the pressure to innovate our customers. Have, always been, demanding. But, some of them have different requests, today than.

They Did 10, years ago in. Some cases they, also have additional wishes. They. Won't digitized, connected. And electrified. Cars. Sustainability. Has become a hard currency, and yet, the typical, Porsche attributes, must not be missing but it's not just the customers, wishes, that, are tightening. Our conditions. We find ourselves in, a political, climate in, which driving, bans in inner cities, or even total, prohibitions, on certain, vehicle types are being. Discussed, and all. This is happening under, increasing, competitive. Pressure but, many classic, VMs are slowly, adapting, to the new era new, players from the tech industry, are entering, the market this, radical, innovation, and at. An incredible. Speed and, why. We invest in innovation and, our competitors. Are anything but asleep, we, still have to keep an eye on our, returns, my. Third point is cos pressure, we. At Porsche have grown very fast as a recent, years we, have many clever minds in our company, of course, our fixed. Costs have also risen as a result, in. Addition, we must continue, to invest in, new technologies. Until. 2024. We, have plan to invest 15, billion euros for electrification, and. Digitalization. But, there's even more to it than that the. Corona pandemic. Just showed us, insistently. How, important. It is to act with a sustainably. Profitable. Setter and, secondly. It, reminded, us of how, crucial it is to work with a resilient. Supply, chain, in. Order to all map new business, areas, we integrated. Digitalization. As a central, part of our, portal, strategy, in 2015. Our, goal to, transfer, the partial, brand experience. Into, the digital future, thereby. Creating, a benefit, for, the customer on the one hand and added. Value for the company on the other our. Efforts, include, topics, such as connectivity. Automated. Driving new. Mobility services, and digital, sales, channels. But also, production. 4.0. Total. Production 4.0. Is smart lean, and green our. First, purely, electric, Porsche sports car has, been launched, last year the. Tie card it, is produced, co2, neutrally. At our headquarter. In regards. Of a nozzle and, it will not be the only purely, electric, Porsche in, 2025. We expect, to deliver more, than 50%. Of our cars with, an electric, drive. We. Have great respect, for the enormous, challenges, faced, by the automotive, industry, in times, of transformation. But. We also see a unique. Opportunity. We. Are in the midst of driving. Our transformation. Towards a truly, digital and, data-driven. Company. As. We know that in, the digital area we, don't have all the competencies, that, we need in-house, we truly believe in strong, partnerships. Just. Like our strategic, partnership, this, as aap we. Have been collaborating for, several, decades already but. That was only the beginning last. Year we have sealed a new strategic. To. Allow each partner, tap, into the expertise, and experience, of. The other we, have together set, ourselves the. Goal of, driving, forward, Coe innovations. And jointly. Develop, new solutions for. The digital transformation, as, IP. Benefits. From tausha's industry, know-how and, incorporates. This knowledge in, their standard solutions. We, in turn are leveraging. Their, standard, capabilities. And we aim at exploiting. The full potential, of our, two key drivers, first. Data-driven. Business, models and second, a highly, scalable. And flexible end-to-end. Processes. Driven, architecture. With, embedded, AI, functionalities.

Becoming. A data-driven, company. Means putting. Data at the heart of everything, we do and it. Means finally. Enabling. New and more efficient, ways of operating. One. Example of ramping up the way we operate is how we will approach, decision-making. In. This new era the, goal is to embrace, immediate. Fact-based, decision, making, on all. Organizational. Levels and have a 360-degree. View on, our, company. To. Set the course we are currently working on a central. Master, data management solution this. S IP and, the, Volkswagen, Group as ap master, data governance allows. Us to harmonize, and manage our master, data across. The company and increase. The quality of our. Information. On top we. Are already burning, our portion digital boardroom. Digitizing. And integrating. The entire reporting, process, across. All functions, we, are starting, with finance, followed, by human, production, and all, other business, areas, this. Might replace, our department, specific, manually. Prepared, PowerPoint, decks and exegetes. In fact, this, s IP analytics. Cloud we, will have one integrated, and single. Reporting, based, on real-time information. Offering. A role based insights, and visualizations. You. Can already today see impressive. Outcomes, for, instance, our management. And sales reporting, has decreased, from three days to twenty seconds, lead time but we even think bigger let, us have a look at the entire value chain and, focus, end-to-end processes. We. Are working on a highly, standardized. Seamlessly. Integrated. And thus, highly, agile solution, landscape, this, provides, us advantages. In various. Business, areas, such, as customer, service, manufacturing. Logistics and. After, sales we. Know that we are in the middle of our path in shaping, the digital, transformation and, we are happy to have as AP as a strong, partner, at our side there. Are already visions. How an intelligent, automotive, enterprise, could, look like in the future let, me be honest I am personally. Already very, much looking forward to, turning, these visions, into reality. Thank. You. Thank. You so much mr. Mishka for this impressive, insights, it, is an absolute, honor to partner that closely with you and Porsche to, make you worry for success now, and in, the future thank. You. Ladies. And gentlemen let. Us now dive into, such, a vision, of an intelligent, automotive, company, our. Vision, let. Us experience, the intelligent, Enterprise potential. By, putting ourselves in. The shoes of, someone who, wants to buy a new car something. Fancy, of course but. With a lightweight eco, footprint, here. Are the milestones of, the journey we will go through, configuration. Planning. Procurement. Manufacturing. Delivery. Operation. And second. Life. Everything. Starts with the configuration, of a car according. To my likes and needs I can. Do this directly on my mobile I. Go. With an electric, model in black. With, artificial ladder. For. My sports it's let's. See what, else I can choose. Many. Options, are already pre-selected. According, to my liking this. Preset, configuration. Is based on multiple sources, the. Battery capacity for, instance is based on my average driving distance, and intensity. This. And further information can. Be accessed in my customer, profile, the. Intelligent, driving assistance, was, selected, in addition to cruise control, this. Combination, was highlighted, as it. Led to an increased customer satisfaction in. Previous, orders, other. Elements, such, as the metrics lights come, from my peer group social, trends market, trends most, popular combinations, of options and the. Number of service incidents, and maintenance, cost per option. What. Further simplifies. My selection, of options is that a system informs, me about. The environmental, footprint, and a, sustainability, impact, of my choice. Finally. I can request, a quote directly, wire the app and get, a callback for, my local dealer to finalize, my order. Thereby. The, request is welded to the dealer we presentative, with, the highest digital, satisfaction, scores, increasing. The likelihood of a greater customer, experience, after, Christina's. Finalized, his purchase, it is time for planning, where, his order is coming in what.

We Can see here is the so-called digital, twin, a key element and enabler of data driven manufacturing. It, is a virtual, copy of Christians. Car which. Reflects, the components, he selected, such, as the model the battery capacity and. The artificial leather seats. Supported. By technologies. Such, as IOT, 3d. Simulation, tools and predictive analytics the. Digital twin will represent Christians, car along, its entire lifecycle. Put simply it. Brings together the physical, and the digital world it, reflects, all they done information. About the car the. Digital twin is one, of many elements available, in the control, tower, the one-stop-shop for all, information it. Provides us, with the transparent. And true, 360. View of the, organization across. All business metrics and the entire supply chain we. Can see potential issues in real time, soft challenges, before they even akhira manage. Exceptions, and orchestrate, responses, in. The control tower we. Can see the, available planned and workforce, capacity as well as supply of required components, to fulfill Christians order. Thanks. To intelligent, alerts we. Learn that we may run into fulfillment, issues if we don't adapt our plan but. As the. System also. Directly, suggests solutions, we. Can easily do that thereby. We don't only look at our own company, but instead we are provided, with an overview of the whole business network. This. Allows us to. Fill any potential. Gaps with the help of our ecosystem. So. Let's. Select a bigger manufacturing. Plant by. Doing so we, see that we resolved, our capacity, shortage. But. Our carbon, footprint, increased significantly. As. We also want, to be sustainable, which, is another more, eco-friendly alternative. With. Planning, done let's, look at the next step when, integral, part of any manufacturing, business is strategic, and operational, procurement. Strategic. Supplier, selection for, instance is crucial. To create a more sustainable profitable. And resilient. Business. Supply. Is traditionally. A skort, based on a multitude of criteria that. Mainly, drive profitability. Such. As timely deliveries, good quality, and low cost scores, but.

As An intelligent, Enterprise we also want, to improve other dimensions. Such as business resiliency. And our environmental, footprint. Therefore. We, also include, elements such as risk assessments. Or sustainability. Criteria like, working, conditions, geographic, proximity and, carbon, output and. This. Is exactly. What, you can see here allowing. Us to make strategically. Sound, responsible. And future-proof, decisions. Moving. On to operational, procurement, this. Involves all activities, around the day-to-day business and. Here. With, the global economy more volatile, than ever especially, exception. Handling is becoming. Increasingly important. Because. If, a supplier cannot. Deliver the requested components, on time or in, the right amount it can, shepardize, the entire production and, the ability to fulfill our customers, orders. As. An intelligent, enterprise however you, can benefit, from transparent. And actionable, insights, into your entire sourcing, Network you. Can see that, in case of critical, situations. The, system not only notifies. You it also suggests and, takes counter, actions to, mitigate negative. Business, impact. Having. Seen how intelligent, planning and sourcing, for Christians electric car and its component, take place we. Now wonder how, it gets assembled during manufacturing. Of the future, here. We, are inside an intelligent, factory where, industry for that o enables. A highly, digitalized, and connected, planned with, machines robots. And humans, working side by side all. Seemingly. Disparate, parts of production, are connected, via IOT, devices or, advanced, integrated, circuits, we. Can measure control. Everything. That's happening, throughout the process, let's. Have a look at how, this flexibility. Enhances. The customer, experience. I just learned that a new sustainably, sourced, fabric, has been made available I like, this a lot and would, like to go with that instead of the artificial, black leather for, my seats and when. I trigger this change I'm immediately. Informed, about the impact, on the environmental, footprint, and I, can see it going down as well as the impact on the delivery date of my car, back.

In The manufacturing, plan we not only see, Christians car come to life moreover. We, can observe, the consequences. Of the change he made we. See the necessary, actions, triggered, along the highly integrated value, chain and eventually. The, seats with the new fabrics, are received from supplier and built into the new vehicle. Living. Up to such last-minute, changes, needs, complete horizontal. And vertical, integration to, have the most important, factors for production, in an intelligent, Factory. Essentially. Vertical, integration, ensures, that, machines devices, workers. And processes, work together seamlessly. Horizontal. Integration on, the other hand allows, production, data to be used for making business decisions it. Allows communication, between the shop floor network and other systems. Such as ERP, or manufacturing, execution system, this. Increases, with ability, in collaboration. Throughout, the value chain. Once. Christians, car and the newly chosen seats, are assembled, it's, ready for delivery. I have. To admit I'm really, excited. Thanks, to blockchain, I can track and trace my order and see, that it will arrive momentarily, at, my house. After. The delivery comes, the fun part, driving, the new car my. Wife and I decide, to spontaneously. Take a white into town spending. A nice evening in the city with, a great dinner in a western wall followed. By a movie. Thanks. To the building digital assistant. We can see where parking, slot is available we. Can reserve a table in our favorite, restaurant, and we. Can book our tickets for, the cinema, and when. We drive home later we. Get one invoice, thanks. To integrated, finance processes, also. Just. Imagine, you try, to Italy, on vacation, thanks, to SVP you. Can book an insurance, on top, on the, fly. During. Every step of the product lifecycle Christians, car is generating, data, vehicle. Data can. Be used for many different purposes, one. Is to improve the driving experience as, we've just heard from Christian. For. The intelligent, automotive company, this, means staying, in constant contact with Christian, for instance by collecting, both direct. And unsolicited feedback, it, is coming in through over 40 different channels, like voice texts. And social media now. We, can easily find out what we can do to increase customer satisfaction. But. Real data can, also be used for other purposes to. Improve road safety to. Reduce energy consumption, or to. Optimize, products, and services, as this. Vehicle data includes information about the condition, of the separate parts it can also play a crucial role in future, design and engineering, for. Example potential. Weaknesses, in a built in part can, be detected and swapped out in future productions. Further. Insights, on usage and condition, of components, helped to help determine second, life options, after. Market, volume is growing rapidly and becoming. Increasingly, important, to all industries, so. When, the car has served its purpose, and it is time for its disposal, it has provided us not only with a continuous, learning cycle, it. Further, allows us to turn the end of the cars life into. A new beginning, we. Create a true life cycle, in which parts, of Christians electric car add value. Even, after, its disposal, and this, ladies, and gentlemen, is how we can transition to the circular, economy. In. Closing let me sum it up to. Transform, into vasilia. Profitable. And sustainable. Intelligent. Enterprises. Three. Principles, are key in. Equation. We. Will deliver a strong, business, processing equation, across, the entire value chain, innovation. We, will infuse, intelligence. Across our whole portfolio and deliver. New, differentiating. Business innovations. Agility. And speed we. Will further accelerate, both, time to value and innovation. Cycles. All. With. One focus, our. Customer. Success. ASAP. Was always, best when we listen to you, we. Want to serve you with, the best possible business, outcome, help, you to, quickly adopt, and get, the value out of our solutions, to ensure your. Long-term success, this, doesn't stop at the point of sale it is, all about ensuring adoption. And generating. Value across the whole lifecycle. True. Business transformation. Is about holistic, solutions. It. Is, about, identifying. The wide set of products, and functionalities. To address your needs it. Is, about their, appropriate. Implementation. And seamless. Adoption, my, colleague, Adele Fox Martin, will, show how we turn the, intelligence, Enterprise a, reality, for, our customers, and. It. Is not only a dare, who will share her vision with, you over the upcoming days, Thomas. Aww is again young Miller will.

Add Further, detail, to our evolved, vision of the intelligent, Enterprise Luca. Mooch each will talk all things business transformation. Please, make sure you. Join my colleagues, and their guests during, the many sessions that this year's Sapphire holds, and I'm. Already looking forward to our interactive, QA please. Bring all your questions and feedback. Ladies. And gentlemen I'm convinced. My, daughter Emma my, son Max and their, entire, generation. Will, one day hold me will. Hold all of us responsible. For our performance. In achieving, these goals and, I. Feel pretty confident, because. Together, we. Embarked, on the journey to, becoming intelligent, and the process we. Have come a long way already and you, can be sure that you have our full commitment all the, way, together. We. Develop, optimize. And deploy, solutions that, help us master. The ultimate, challenge, making. A significant. Contribution to, growth and social, well-being while. Acting. Sustainably. Together. We will make decisive. Progress, making. Sustainability. Profitable, and profitability. Sustainable. And that. Is how the best will be measured, never. Has, the purpose, of our efforts, been better never. Has our contribution. Been more important, for, Emma for, max for. All your children and grandchildren for. Your whole families, and loved, ones and for. All of us let's. Show the world that when people and technology meet amazing. Things, can happen thank. You all for joining.

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