How to Trade Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Trading Explained 2018

How to Trade Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Trading Explained 2018

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Live. From the USA hoping you get paid every day, this is the dose of Bitcoin. The creased up of creek dope is your, boy BK and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me I wanted. To do a bit, more of a hands-on, video. With. Regards to getting set up on, trading, view go, over a few to community, resources we have and also give, you a couple tips, and tricks on different swing trading methods, and how, you, can, learn to chart, like, a boss. So, with that being said let's go ahead and. Jump into some, of our community, resources, this is one of them boss, a Bitcoin, comm click, on videos. And you will see this playlist, right here chart, like a boss in addition. To that you, can click the link in the description. And. That will take you to trading, view make, sure you follow my page BB Kelly 1203, I'll jump into that in a second, but I've post free charts and all these are completely, free resources, I've, dedicated my, life to. Trading. Cryptocurrency. Learning, about blockchain technology. And empowering. People like you to. Make money in the markets, and, so this is one of the things that we've been able to put together in, addition to that we. Will be going specifically. Through front. To back setting, up a new account on trading view and so let's go ahead and get started again you can click the link in the description, and that will take you right to it. But. For everyone else this, is what the, home page looks like right, you can. See it's a lot going on kind. Of like just. A regular Wall. Street. Home. Screen what. You want to do is create. An account you. Can do that I think, you can sign in with Gmail. Or Twitter, good, right. And the good thing about these, accounts, is uh you. Don't have to worry, about every. Time you log on you're able to save multiple charts. On here, especially once you get a. Pro membership, but for the sake, and purposes, of this video I. Will. Try. To go through it relatively quickly notice, they do have ads on there again you can just upgrade. To the pro membership and you, don't have to worry about that. Honestly it's well worth it especially with my method, because. We use custom, candles, right so, first, thing you want to do is a click. On. Chart. All. Right welcome to training view you can skip all that stuff. And. Here we go off to, the, races. We. Can collapse. This little side menu, here we don't really need that and. Let's. Type in Bitcoin. Right. BTC. You. See that stocks, pop up by default. We're, not gonna be trading those so. You just pan alone over to cryptocurrency, and you. Can click on the first one BTC, USD, that's coin bases market and this. Is what we get when you pan out it kind of gives you a dynamic zoom to where you, can scroll, in and scroll out so. You're able to do that this. Little thing right here we just click that minus button. Or. Right-click. It hide it don't. Need that right, off the bat you definitely want to save this chart right so. We. Can rename, it to. DK. Boss. Method. And. Click Save that way as we, build this stuff out it will, keep, all of our changes and our metrics, in there as well that we're using right, again they pop up a lot of ads on the, free account and. Then they pop up the second, one I'll, just try to make this really quick so we don't have to keep closing in every five minutes. The. Biggest thing you want to note is that this. Part right here is. Called the candles, the, red and green bars essentially, what that is the, red bars are. Bad days that's when the market goes down the. Green bars are good days that's when the market goes up you. Want more red you want more green than red right you can see a lot of red bars it's not good that means we've lost a lot of money. Right, money. Goes down. With. The red bars so, the biggest thing we want to do is when, we buy something say.

We Buy it right there we want to see all those green bars come behind it and that's what my method does better than anything else on the market as it lets you get as many green bars as possible. Right, but keep in mind we. Don't want to wait you know 18, months to get it this whole chart you, know right now it's measuring, in days see that I'll just click that little D trite there you can drag it down it says one date that's, too long, click on four hours put a star by it and now, that's gonna be your, standard, chart on a free account right. We will don't want days at all you can click on one hour for. That one and now you can liberate a pan from, the one hour to the four hour just, that easy, right. So, for, the purposes of this video we're gonna be using a four hour chart and, I'll show you how you can make it a custom, candle in a second. But for now let's try to clean this up a little bit I like, to have my, axis, on the left-hand side right. So, we can just double click both, photos to switch, that over again just do whatever is comfortable for you this is your chart it's your money and it, should be your settings, whatever you, know you feel comfortable using, right. Down. Here, this is like this, whole messy, little scatterplot, thing this is the volume this is basically the, amount of money that came, through the market at that time. Delete. It click, it highlight it delete, it right. You. Really only need the, candles, on your chart, right, that little red line that's going across that's, actually, the price right now bitcoin, is sixty three hundred dollars they have a default, setting in there to. Give you that red line all the way across I don't like that at all so what I do is I click on the candles. Right, click it actually, you can double, click it and that'll, pop this up. Symbol. Last value shall I turn, that off so. Label on price scale you can keep that on. Scale. Left. Again, if you have your scale to the right make it scale right right, and then I like the dark theme. You. Know look like Batman The Dark Knight alright. So. Here we go now we're starting starting, to get it again we can just double-click this. It. Might make us do it again show. Line no. Scales. You. Want Auto scale. You. Don't want to countdown click, on that one turn it off and, then. Right margin, I like to have about 10% bottom. Margin, you. Know about 10%, that just gives you a little buffer on the edges, that. Small places make sure it's default, because you'll be measuring. A lot of op coins and some of the all coins are very very small in. Value so just put, it on default that way you're always good and then symbol, labels, turn that on and now, you, literally just have the price and the label right there, it's. A lot better. And. You. Can, change. This color to. Change that label over there I like you, know orange. Or yellow somewhere. In there. Right. So. That's good that's, good. Water, mark. Sometimes. I like to have the watermark on you, can just fade it in just a little bit what that does is that gives you the, label behind, the chart that way if you wanted to take a screenshot or you know share it with somebody they. Would know, exactly what coin. It was and the candle. Duration, that you were using. So. I like to have that on crosshairs. You. Can just you know whatever works for you I, kind.

Of Like the dotted ones. Navigation. Buttons you don't really need those say, you invisible, okay these these boxes over here are pretty important, they're gonna pertain, to, this. Information up at the top right. So that BTC, USD 240, coinbase so symbol description, keep, that turned on o h LC that stands for open, high low, close, values. Those are always gonna change it's like crazy they just change all the time so you can turn it off indicator. Titles, keep that on indicator. Arguments. We, don't need that you can turn that off indicator. Values let's keep arguments, on for right now so that's what that looks like. Time. Zones we don't need that settings, tradings, we're not gonna be trading, on, trading. Views so we don't need that and you, can turn all this stuff off this is just for regular. Stock, market, information. You. Keep that on for now if you have alerts and it'll, kind, of show that to you right so. There you go this is this is this is what the inside of my charts look like, now. The only thing you need to do now is you, need to put the boss method, on top, of it remember. That my method, is based on, a. System. Of. Highs. And lows right, you, only want to buy it when it's gonna go higher that's. It and so, what we do is we force the data to agree with, that setup right, how, do we do that. 707. 77. And 231. Those are the three moving averages but good for you we have a community, of tens of thousands of people and it's already coded, in to, trading view right, so now all we need to do is click on indicators. Type. In BK. And. That's. It right there, ultimate. BK. Moving. Averages put a little star by it so you always have it, 1700. People using it right now and, now you will be one of them welcome. To the money team it's just that easy to get paid now this. Is what we got right you, can click that little gear and it, shows you that three moving averages that you have the seven the 77. And the 231. Right, I like. To fade, out the 231. Just a little bit so you, know it's there but it's not overly, cumbersome. You can make the 7 and the 77, a little bit thicker, right. And make, sure it's scale left precision. Is default, good good unclick. That one, unclick, the red and now, you literally have three, moving, averages. The, last thing you need to do turn, the candles, off I can't. Stress this part enough the. Candles, are not important. The. Intersections. Of the moving averages are, all you need to pay attention to right. Again, the. Candles. Are not important. The. Intersections. Of the, moving, averages. Specifically. The, seven and seven, that's. All you need to. Look at right, and. So. How do we turn the candles off click, on that little candle icon up top now. We go down to line put, a star by that, line. Right. And now. What it did is it turn the candles into this little blue line but we still don't want that so we double click that blue line click, on that blue box and pan that all the way down right, now. We literally, just have the, intersections. Of the. Moving averages, right, and. So. We can put together our little. Tool. Bar toolbox a couple things you're gonna need to do that the. Brush right, there click a little star by it the brush what does that let you do that just kind of lets you freehand. Draw in the chart right, and I. Like to have my brush be yellow so it kind of pops out. Right. That's the freehand, drawing and. Then. Also for. The purpose, of my, videos, I like to have the end of it be like an arrow that. Way I can easily, show up down, around and. All that stuff, whenever you want to delete just click that bottom left-hand trashcan, and that will delete for, you right, - ow - now.

Rectangle. I normally have that circle, I. Like. To call out and the price label, as well and. I'll show you why in a minute I. Like. The sign. Line in, the. Cycle line as well. And. I like the Dayton price that's. That's really all you guys need to make, money right sometimes you can just rearrange, them to whatever. Order you know you use most often but. 9 out of 10 times that's, all you're gonna need. So. We can just move that over here and the. Way the method works is again. We. Just literally pay attention, to, the, white and the blue line the. White line. As, we. Said earlier this, is our seven day moving. Average. Right. That's. Our seven. The, blue. Is. Our. 77. And. This. Big great mass right there it all those are the whales this. Is our 231. If. You want to make money, 9. Out of 10 times this, is how you do it. You. Buy when. The 7 goes. Over to 77. And. You. Sell. When. It goes below. How. Much did you make just. By doing that. BAM. A hundred. And forty, seven percent in 35. Days. How. Much did you save, when. You sold it. Pam. Sixteen, percent, right. And you, can literally add it up like this is money on money, over. Time. The. Easiest, way to. Win. Money in the markets is never. To lose money in. The. Markets right and, so. This is almost like a fill. Fill. Fill proof, method, to. Allow you to accumulate. Every. Single, time. Without. Ever. Taking, a big loss a lot of people lost a lot of money right, here. See. That boom, boom. Boom. Boom. We. Did we wouldn't have lost any of that right. In fact, even on the dips we, can still play the dips right. 3%. Right, there. 20%. Right there. 2%. Right there. 36%. Right, there. 23. So. Even on the downs we, got 3%. 2560. Almost, 80%. Whereas. Everybody. Else. Lost. 63%. Right. The. Last thing, you. Want to always remember on this method is that. At 231. That's. Kind of like, the. Ceiling, right, as long, as that 231. Is on. Top. Then. More than likely the charts gonna go lower but once. Both. Lines like, a deer right there just for a second get above it that's. When they have a chance to really, make some money I call that being clean and clear right. For. Example right there both, lines go above the 231, BAM. Off to, the races and. So. That's literally what what we're trying to do right now. Is. We're trying to clear the house so, that we can go, up again, that's why it keeps bouncing, up bouncing down, 7500. One week 6200. To next week all it's doing is its given itself time to. Get that 231, nice. And flat to where. The, seven goes, up to. 77, comes. Behind it and then. The 231, Peaks, up as well just. Like it did right. There. When. That happens it will be a new cycle Bitcoin, will. Be. Going.

On To continue all-time highs when do I expect this to happen when, do I expect it to turn around the. Middle of September when do I expect Bitcoin to, come close to 20,000. Again somewhere, between. December. And January right. Maybe. November. More likely December, January. And. That's given, if this cycle, continues keep, in mind everything is made of cycles what goes up must come down what comes, down will not stay down forever. Given. The, market momentum of what. Took it up in the first place right, and so again all of this may be very very very new to you that's completely. Two, rules. Number. One follow. The boss method. It. Works. Number. Two, remember. If. It ain't paying, it ain't stand do. Not Hottel your, life savings, away, make. Money now if, it's not making money get rid of it. Number. Three we, gonna throw this one in there this bonus. Turn. The bobbleheads on mute, pay. Attention to the markets the, charts tell you all you. Need to know and, for. Everybody out there that. Is how, you chart like. A boss. So. I thank you for joining me thank you to trading view and, thank. You for, watching. I think you are the most important. Part to this whole equation, because. Once you become financially, empowered you can go get somebody else teach, them about this, you. Know miracle, called Bitcoin and how it's changing, world how it's changed, your life and ideally. One day we can all go. Back to helping. Each other achieve. Right. I think all too often we get lost in the cycle, of working, week, to week month to month year, to year and that becomes our whole life whereas, once we get that figured out then maybe we can go back to living, again. With, that being said it's, that time of the day signing, out this is the boats, yo, boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil, - Bay or California, all, the way back out to jerk. Money, good, night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time if you appreciate, this insight this content give me a thumbs up on this video and, copy. And paste this URL text. It to somebody you care about say, I know, how to chart like a boss, watch. This video do. That for me if you appreciate mine till, we meet again stay, cryptic y'all, ease.

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