How To Stay Positive When Building Your First Business

How To Stay Positive When Building Your First Business

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All right grussy. Welcome back to the channel max torno here in this video, we're in uh zurich and uh i want to talk about positivity. Consistency. And perseverance. In entrepreneurship. So if you're just new, to getting started with your own business are you thinking about the idea, but it's difficult to stay positive. It's or you have started, already, right and it's difficult to stay consistent, and just plow, through, then this video is for you because what we did here is we actually met with, two of my one-on-one, vip, clients here we had a little bit of a chat you know, talk about all kinds of things but every now and then. The topic of positivity, perseverance. And also how to stay away from negativity. Kind of surfaced. And i'm gonna show you these clips now and i really want you to dive, deeper onto this this is a little bit more of a heavy, mindset, driven. Ranty, type of video, but if you're a person who has trouble staying positive, staying consistent. Staying on track with their goals, then this video is for you i'm very excited to be sharing this with you let's get started, have you ever wondered whether there is more to life than a boring, dead end 9-5, job, have you ever dreamed about breaking, free you know traveling, the world making good money and just enjoying, life. No more office dress code no morning commute, no boss. This channel, is for you, so here's to your freedom. So i think, because you're cynical. You're a person who's. Who can push, very hard. Much more. But at the same time at the level where you are right now. It's easy for you to get frustrated. And that's that is something you got to get rid of. Because here's the thing. Entrepreneurship. Is this. Very beautiful, thing. Because you have the freedom and everything is epic. But it has this very ugly side as well, because there's always going to be issues that you have to deal with. Some haters, posting, about you. Some sales call you're going to get on the guy says yes buys and then. Doesn't buy it you know then you reach out to him again and they're like oh i decided i don't want to be in the program anyone then you have to deal with this there's always, you have to deal exactly. There's always, the next question actually. So, you can do two things with this. This is always gonna be there, no matter how amazing your business is no matter how many testimonials. You have no matter how successful, you are there's always gonna be, you have to. Now you can do two things with that, you can number one. See it objectively, as what it is, this, i gotta deal with. I'll deal with it and then it's done or number two you dwell on it. And you're constantly. Looping it in your brain like, i'm sitting here enjoying my, coffee. But. So and so wrote a review about me. And if you don't. Learn to make that decision, of saying, this is, i gotta do and that is it, you do it exactly don't think or exact, or anything you just deal with it and you move on. If you don't learn how to do that entrepreneurship, is going to drag you down and you have to be like again this is, you know. But so what let me do it you're still in this negative loop of like. This, this i don't like it this sucks, you gotta get rid of this negativity. See it as it is, and be positive, and continue with it. That positivity, is something that i've learned through game. Just like you will have learned through that through the dating game you know. But you haven't yet adjusted, it yet to the entrepreneurial. Context. And that is something you have to do i'm very aware of this by the way good i already made the parallel. Good all right. So stop it. Stop with the stop the cynical, the cynicism. Because it will flow, over. Because you see how i was positive throughout the entire conversation, i'm like you got this you're gonna do this thing it's gonna be great it's the foot in the door i'm all positive. I'm sure it's gonna be hard work but i'm like how you got this but you're like ah. You always have this, bitterness, that you sprinkle, in yeah because that's where i am at the moment, yeah, i have the food of the mountain. So you know what. So come on. Come on. At least i'm aware of this, so that's the first step right.

Next Step is to execute. You got to practice this positivity. All the time, you're sitting down and when you get this feeling of. You tell yourself, let's, crush. This is something i've trained myself on especially, over the last year there's a lot of there was a lot happening in my professional, life in my personal life. That, really really. Really really hard. And that's where i'm like. All right my new mindset, is, at. Bottom. Is where i'm most comfortable. Hello, darkness, my old friend like that literally like. Back at it motherfuckers. Because i've lost that. I had lost that. Last time i was at the bottom, was in 2013. When i started. As an instructor, for my first dating company. Where i was, had nothing not a dollar to my name no, money i was traveling the world unpaid. For a full year. Working my ass off being sick because i was malnutrition. The entire time, yeah. And back then i was like fuck, it like all go out it's just, all out, all i can do is go up and then i've built all these epic things. And then a lot of my private life happened i had issues with my heart, i had arrhythmia, develop shit like that and burn out, right burnout, and then a lot of something in my business life. That i'm like. I'm like no no no resisting, resisting resisting because i had peeked, into. The beauty of it all. Of where you could be with money when everything was working out well but then around last year it was all kind of going down. And then i, remembered, like remember, max. How it was when you started you were at the bottom. Just like you are right now. And that's where i started. Instead of, hunching, over metaphorically. Speaking, i started leaning back and say. Welcome, back, to ground zero, that is where. Thrive. This is the darkness. That is my old friend it's back let's. Crush it, and i've done that and i dug up the old max the old. Hustle or die max. You know evolve, or die. Swim, or go under, max that kind of. And i did it, and i went back to the grind, of. Of just leaving everything behind, of not letting that cynicism. Get to me, and just being positive, positive positive. And i climbed. Back up. And now i'm more resilient, than ever before. And now you have. Pandemic, going on you have fucking. Riots. Like that and, crisis and whatnot and i'm like. I've seen worse. You know, let's, do it let's. Smile. At the devil. Let's wink, and just keep crushing. And that's what i love, the head man, it's all in the head and i'm like, cool wild give me even more if i get dawn on the bottom again i'm like yeah hello dark with my old friend let's go. That's the beauty of it that's how you become. Literally. Anti-fragile. So yeah that was that was the thing. About the positivity. Because. That's something i wanted to tell you that's also why i wanted to meet you. Because. You. You got pretty close. Right away, after you worked very intensely, on your goal remember that. And then he got so close. And just because he didn't hit the deadline. You got into this like self. Destructive. Almost, behavior. Into this where you where he said like oh i have to punish myself, now right and you you message me like i'm so wack. I'm so wet i gotta deal with my wackness, now. Right and then you got into this like and then you close yourself, off and you're like i gotta deal with my own wax now and i message you back i'm like no don't do it. You know. And the important part is that's that's something that a lot of people do that's something that that i used to do as well this like self-punishment. And, the reason why that happens is because. You're deriving, your identity. From. Your success. So you're probably also when you're doing well, you're on fucking cloud nine you're like yeah i'm the fucking greatest, i'm so amazing and that's cool you know you want to be happy about that. But at the same time you have to shut yourself off if things don't work well, you have to again like and i said this earlier to a different client as well. See it objectively. When you're having your own business even when you're just getting started like you. You have to see failure. For what it is something objective. All right. I tried this, didn't work, right and you're obviously in a good position because you have us as mentors. So you're like hey guys i tried this didn't work right and we tell you what to adjust like oh adjust this go on this way right so, at least you don't have the whole.

Wondering, What it is that you did wrong type of thing right like if you try it alone you're like i did this wrong, what is wrong i don't know why didn't it work, at least you know why things don't work right because we give the feedback, but then you have to get away from, deriving, your identity, from these failures. Because. Being an entrepreneur, is, there's always failures, that you do even, at our level right, even if you've done it before even if you have mentors. Entrepreneurship. Is is. Such a complex, thing with so many different influences. Like i couldn't close that client because of this because of that there's so many different things, that. It's never perfect right because you you work with people, it's exactly the same with my first business the dating advice business, it's like every person that you talk to is different, you know there's no perfect, line or perfect thing to say because every person is different, the context, is different there's so many things that play along with it. So you're never going to do things perfectly, and if you expect from yourself. To always do things perfectly. And, and maybe even. Give yourself, this ultimatum. If i don't do perfectly, i suck i'm a useless, piece. Then you're gonna have a hard time because then you're constantly. Dragging, your own confidence, down, you're dragging your own self-identity. Down. Whereas someone who's more experienced, in entrepreneurship. We make mistakes, and we're like all right, now i know what doesn't work, right, i mean. Dude. At our level, for example i made a big mistake, earlier, this year. Um. The mistake cost me probably. Around 1.5. If not even 2 million dollars. That mistake, this was one mistake this one marketing mistake is like oh. And once we got this mistake we're like oh my god it's so logical, why did we not see this, we instantly, changed it but overall it cost us around, around, 1.5. 2 million dollars in opportunity, cost. You know, so imagine i would now. Imagine i find this mistake. And, it's already bad enough that it cost us this money and opportunity, cost, imagine i would find this mistake. And then on top of that, i would now self-punish. Myself, with that, you know, at my level i have i have team members, i have hundreds of clients, i have people that i'm, personally, close to my family that are reliant, on me, and if i'm like sitting at home like i'm a piece, that i'm so whack, which would keep me obviously from executing, further from fixing the mistake. I would create even more damage for myself for my company and for the people that are reliant, on me, right.

So You can't have that you have to be clear-cut, there and say, this was a mistake. Objectively. Speaking, we now know this doesn't work. Let's move on let's adjust. Right let's move into the pain. This is it painful, can't change it no more, you can't change, the past, that this is the damage. You can learn from it and make sure you don't have that you don't create that damage again anymore, you know, and. And that is what i did and and. I feel like when you're when you're building your own business. There's always times where everything is just going so well. Where sales are coming in and you're just like everything, i touch. Turns to gold, and i've been in that situation, many times but these are always phases, you can never be there 100, of the time, there's always someone posting, about you someone's, talking someone's spreading lies about you someone trying to screw you over. Someone, making issues if it's whether that is a partner. Or someone from your team. Or or a client there's always going to be some issues, and if you don't learn to see that as an objective, thing, you're always going to suffer from that in life you know what i mean. And. Once you learn that though, you're on vacation, you have a good time, and some issues arise and you're just like all right these issues arise. But that doesn't mean that on my personal side i can't enjoy this evening now with my friends, or with my girlfriend or with my partner or whatever. Right, once you learn to just separate these two things. You're going to have a really good time because then you can be sharp with the decisions that you got to make, and on the private level you can enjoy your evening you can enjoy your time and you just have a good time and that's what you got to learn too. You have to stop with the self-punishment. Thing. Stop thinking just just because something doesn't work doesn't mean you're whack. And just because. You were whack doesn't mean you're a bad person, right remember i've told you that on a phone call too, it's like, even if i give you feedback.

It's Never hard it's always harsh feedback because, that's what we do we always call people out right. That's what you pay us for, but at the same time, we're hanging out here personally, you know. And maybe you're going to make a next mistake tonight, and i'll give you i'm like what. You know. On a personal level we're always going to be good. So it's never an issue. You have to stop with this. Self-punishment. Stop it it's not bringing you any closer, objective. Made a mistake. Move on learn from it move on. That's interesting, that's that's a very good point because. That's what we see oftentimes, as well, i like working with with complete beginners in this regard. Oftentimes, we get people coming to us and they're like look we're making 20k a month can you give me 100k, and i'm like. Easy, in the world, from this stage. Easy, in the world i know exactly how to scale someone from 200k. Technically. I know the steps that i got to take. But. It's hard because their ego was involved. Because, i'm like okay if you want to make 200k, do this this and this and they're like. Yes but, that's not how it works because, we do it like this and i'm like yeah i understand but we'll catch you here won't get you there. If you want to scale from 20 to 100k, you have to stop doing this do this and they're like no that's not how it works and i'm like, that's exactly how it works you pay me. You want me to know, you're paying me for my expertise. You want me to tell you how to get 100k that's how you're going to get 100k, so you have to first. Learn how to break people's egos, down, so you can build that tower up newly. You know. So. Yeah. Wonderful, that you said that. It's difficult for people who are making some money to learn how to make more. And that's also why we give harsh feedback. Because we know if you give harsh feedback to someone, it breaks their ego down better. And once their ego gets broken down better they can rebuild. The things that they got to rebuild up right, if you're sweet talking someone who makes 20k, you want to get 100k. They're never going to get to 100k, they're going to be best friends with you and they're going to say the program is great i feel really good but at the end of the day they're not getting the. Result that they should. So i'd rather have people be like max is an asshole max is arrogant. Good. If at least i get the results. That's all that matters. Right i can totally be fine with someone hating me but they're getting results. It has always been like that even in my first business. That was people like max. The program was so harsh. I did not enjoy a single bit of it, but thanks for all the results. Hey like max i'm really happy that i don't have to hang out with you anymore but thanks to the results i'm like that's that's all i need to do here buddy, gg, you know. It's kind of like being in the military.

At The end you always remember the great results and the cool stuff from it, but. While you do it you hate it i remember when i was at the army in austria i hated, it it was. Physically, tough mentally, tough. Even though we were not at a hardcore. At a hardcore base. But it was still pretty tough and then, uh. As as much as two months later you reminisce. All the funny parts, all the cool shit that you did and you completely, forget about the suffering, that you did, you know, kind of funny. Like we we calculated. All the time. How many days we got left and stuff like that you know. I told you the important thing that i wanted to tell you which is that you have to stop. With the. Self-punishment. And now also that you told me that it's also from your prior business experience. That you've built a certain identity, of i should know this i should get these results. Just because these results. Have been, have have been. Held off for a while. Right, doesn't mean that you're a bad person doesn't mean that you're an idiot, and in fact right after. I told you that. When we got back to execution. Instantly you got the first person on the call, right, instantly, what was it like 24, hours late or 12 hours later even something like that, you instantly got these results once you stop. Seeing it as this like personal, issue that you have and once you start seeing at this, as this objective, issue. This is something i gotta fix you instantly, started getting results. You got the second call booked and easy peasy. You know. That's how we roll. Crazy. And now we're just gonna build upon that, and whenever, you make a mistake again. Who cares. You let us know we adjust it and we're back on track, you know. Because there's going to be more mistakes there's always going to be mistake i make mistakes all the time. That's the issue the issue is if you don't learn from it. But if you have great mentors you're going to learn and then you readjust, and that's it you just keep going and then you get mentally, sharper. You get. You get a a. Spiritually. More resilient. If you will you develop as thick as hell skin. Where you're just like nothing bothers you anymore not even in your real life as much, if you're like girlfriend, or, your family is like nagging, like.

You're Just like yeah you remain, cool, you remain chill, you remain this go-getter, type of personality. That go gets the right, done, the goal gets what they want to do they achieve it and funny enough, all these people that are. Years later they're always like it's so amazing what you've achieved. It's so crazy, what kind of personality, you've become, you just always get things done. And they almost make it sound like it's this lucky thing like. Like as if it's like in your dna or some shit, but deep down inside you yourself know like this is because i failed so much, and i've learned to not care and i've learned to get back up brush myself off and keep executing. You become this mentally. Extremely. Tough, extremely. Resilient. Personality. That just can't, get pushed down, whether that is some noise in your video you just talk over it you know whether there's some issue you just talk over it where there's going on behind you you focus on the goal and just keep at it there's the goddamn, world can burn around you you have your goal to get shit done, and that's an amazing, thing to see these are, world class athletes, michael jordan if you ever watch the documentary, last dance, he has this. Burning around and people, talking to him, his team is not winning and he just, gets, the shit, done, he gets done what it has to be done and he wins, and that mental resilience, is literally coming from failing over and over again, having great mentors so you can adjust. And not. Tearing yourself down, not giving yourself. And not just, having your identity, be dragged down if you fail because failure is inevitable. All right welcome back now one more important thing when you say you're ready to get started building your own freedom business when you're ready to stay positive. To get that feedback, from a mentor to be working together with someone who is where you want to be then you can book a free consulting, call with me directly or with an expert from our team there's a little description. A little, link in the description box below, you click on that and you can book the free consulting call right so, if you already have a skill and you want to learn how to monetize, it this call is for you if you're already making some money with that skill but you want to do it more consistently. That call is for you but also, if you just like the idea of being free but you have no idea how to get started. Or what it is that you could be offering people and you feel a little lost and that color is especially, for you because we can analyze your strengths, we can tell you what options fit well for you we know the market by now and we can tell you what exact steps that you can take, from your specific, situation, right now, in order to get started with your own freedom business as an online coach or as an online service provider you do not need to have any prior business experience.

Right You do not need to know what it is that you want to be doing exactly, we'll figure it out together with you on that call so like i said there's a link down in the description you click that, link brings it to a page there's a little bit more information, on there on the page if you want to read through that and at the bottom of that page is a two minute application, that you got to fill out and then you can book the exact date and time where you want us to call you right call is entirely for free there's no hidden international, cost whatsoever. It's just a thank you for me to you, for the long, term support over the last couple of years and it's obviously the greatest way that i can offer you it's literally, as easy as i can make it for you for you to take that step, into becoming your own boss and finally get started with that sweet freedom of yours, all right so if the link still works it means we still have a spot open for you obviously we can only do so many calls a day. So if you click that link it brings your page means we still have a spot for you so let's talk soon, thank you very much for watching and listening. And uh bye-bye. I, had, a wonderful. Call. With a guy who now is a client, of mine. I closed the full, up front, for. 2.5. K. And, i have to thank, robert. And uh. Yeah i closed him. Uh, it was. It was, relatively. Relatively. Easy. Guys. That's amazing.

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