How to start your cleaning business to stand out from the crowd!

How to start your cleaning business to stand out from the crowd!

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Hi, guys and welcome to this week's vlog I was. Asked a question and, we, should I start when I start my kingdom business how to start what decisions to make and what's the most important, things when I first started. As waive induction our meals in women, I have, Ronix a sexual cleaning company for twelve years and I'm now the creator, of the cleaning coach training, academy, I have created a cheat, sheet, for. This so every all the information, on here and you can download from, my website for. Free the, link will be below the. Little, heart, under a read more for you to download it and you have all the information ready, so you could just do it and take as you, go along the. First the most important thing is your business name, a lot, of people take their personal first, name cleaning. Services, which, is fine because it's very personal to you but, I would suggest you, always have the end in mind always bear in mind what's going to happen to your company when it grows. So. When it does grow you want to be sort, of website, search, ready which, means if people go to top of Google and Google. For cleaning services in that specific area you're, up there and you're ready to be found through. Google search, as well so, I would suggest your cleaning service should definitely, have the, area, that you cover in the, name, because. When people do a google search what, they search for ease cleaning. Services in that area, so. If you, have that, area, name in there and you also have the cleaning services, people will find you much easier. So, this is to repair, you for, your future growth for people then to prepare you to actually. Then. So win then later on search for you your, real name it's already established, as that area, and you, might when you first start off with just have like a town but I would recommend not choosing, that town unless the, area isn't available, but. Try to get the area because as you grow a new, business grows you will start getting customers, from other areas as well and that's how you expand, your business more so, if your business name is ready in the beginning, with, the area, and cleaning. Services. Or cleaning. Co that's, a great start to prepare your company. For the future growth so, if you in the u k-- I will recommend you then check that names, availability. Before you do anything with, it before you have any logos or anything done in the UK you can go to Companies, House and have a look, company house does, only lists limited, businesses, but, then do a google search for your normal name and then have a look at Companies House for the limited name and although you will not be going limited, when you're small when you when you first start out it's, very handy, to know if there is a business out there with, your, name already as a limited, company just, do your research and, make sure. Your. Name isn't taken by anybody else and why, is that so important. Because if your friends, recommend, you say Ami's cleaning services and your, friend recommend, you that friend, goes online and search for a me cleaning services, and they, find another. Ami cleaning, services limited they. Might even go to them, and you will lose out on work, so it's important, to check the limited side of things and check, your name everywhere google, it if, there are loads, of companies, that's. Very close to you that will fall into with your. Target market, in the area then, you will have to choose another name and just, keep, going through the process until you've found a name that isn't, found, by somebody else that somebody, else isn't using, already and, that, way you know you are ready to go, to the next level and then I would recommend you definitely, get.

A Domain name, for your cleaning, service name, and you don't need a website just yet but, if you can now for, 20. To 25 pounds a year you can actually purchase your domain name. Which means no. Other cleaning company can actually use that name because. You already own it as a domain name and the awesome thing about that is when, you email your clients, you can then email them your name at your pleading services took courage UK, and not your. Name at Say, for instance it, looks much more professional even, when you start to, have your domain name inside, your emails and you, can have different emails you can have one for customers, one for staff save, jobs add when you start advertising for staff and you can always add other, in this but you already own, your domain name, and I will also recommend getting. It as a dot-com, and as, a code. At UK so getting it in two forms and nobody else can buy the other one have, a look it's like I say GoDaddy or one and one and purchase, your domain name posts for so little, but. Yet when, you grow you're gonna need that because, you are gonna start, doing your website and that's when you're going to need it and it'll be awesome if you already have it and not, get to the stage where you grow and grow and grow your cleaning business and then all of a sudden you need a domain name and you can't get your domain name in your name because, somebody else already using, it so make sure you check this and it's the whole process and, once, you've found a name the eternal company's house nobody, else even near, like hundred radius, of you, is using your name or. Your cleaning business name, then. Check the domain names and go through this process until you, find, one that nobody, else is using don't, let your competitors with. The same name take your business and take your customers. There's loads of cleaning forums there's loads of facebook probes go, on there get your name out there and start talking to people and give them value, don't, spam, don't say call me call me call me I can clean just go, on there add value, to people, make, people aware of you and your name add, value. Add value, that's all to do with marketing, then. When it gets to logo, it needs to stand out but try to make it not too complicated don't go into too much detail I'm as little as five pound form fiber comm you can have an awesome logo done for you please remember to ask them however when, they do your logo to, give it to you in different files so, say for instance if. It's a long name you obviously, got to get that size but, ask them to squeeze it down and give it to you in different sizes like for instance for social media pages like, Facebook you. Need a square photo, so. Awesome for different if it comes in different sizes and, it's worth paying a little bit more to have that although, you, can on your own computer make. It in two different sizes that's, fine but you're going to be busy getting customers, so, pay, somebody to do that for you in the beginning and then remember to always have, your logos ready on your, desk. When you work this you're, going to be dragging and dropping that quite a lot so, that's very important to have it on your desktop so it's ready just to go all the time so. Now you've got your logo your, company, name and your email addresses, and your domain name sorted, the, next is the marketing, side of things which first, of all I will be discussing with you is your business cards once. Again keep it simple when you first start go, to the sir print and get some printed very cheaply, don't worry about the card thickness or anything, like that most people will throw them away it's, just literally for the initial.

Giving. Them your contact details but, people probably, won't keep them it's not something, that you keep with. You at all times, you. Call them and then you kind of like throw it away so only have a few printers I would definitely, say fifty, sort, of a minimum have, a small amount printed and therefore. You're. In a few months time if you haven't done your homework with your name and your logo and if anything, else changes. Then, you. Can then change your business cards and have more printers, but don't go and order 500 you, are not gonna need 500 when you first start out so keep it small and order. Some more wing. And if you need it and remember to always always. Always keep, your business card on you, you never, know when you're gonna run into somebody that's gonna need one keep, one in your phone in your wallet in your back pocket in your car wherever, you go keep one handy, for, just for that customer to come to you and say oh by the way and you can say there's, a business card don't forget about me what. You should include in your business card is your logo your company, name and then. Your very important, the biggest of all is your mobile number email address, the. Services, you do and the areas you're covered, I would recommend, actually putting, on the back people can read on the back but, in front I would also recommend a picture, of you. On the. Front this. Is important, because people can see you so if they then a month later discover, your business card they will have forgotten about that conversation they had with you then they discovered your business card a month later they, would have forgotten about the regional conversation, you had if they didn't call you but, you put an actual picture on there try not to make the picture square, try to make it round and try. To stand. Out a little bit and if. You can when you first start you probably won't have any customers, but, as you grow which, is why it's important not to have too many printers at first but, you can then add, recommendation. Customer, recommendations, at the back of your business card so, that people can sort of like see what other customers are saying about you and trust, you more and they will be more likely to. Actually they'll. Be more likely to trust and to use you if you have recommendations, on the back but people don't just use words when. You do recommendations. Please, have a picture, of that person it, means so, much more to have an actual picture a face, that people can put to the word so if you're doing your business card now and you haven't got any yet just, leave it out for now until. You start getting recommendations, in. The. Next sector piece of marketing, I would definitely recommend when you first start East Karam magnets, and a lot of people say oh but, they don't look very nice they don't look professional, yes, but you're not gonna go and spend three four hundred pounds to have your car signed written when you first start, but. You still need to do marketing. So, at the end of the day it's much, easier just to have them printed and if you go out and you don't want people to see them the, car magnets just come, off and same, with them very important, to have your logo your, name your. Turf phone number and remember. To keep it to your mobile number you don't want your landline on there if you're out all day cleaning because you don't want people to ring and then having to wait all day for, you to get back to them the. Services. You provide and I will keep that short I would say domestic, and office, cleaning and then. The area to cover a very important, happy areas on there, that you do cover if you cover a main area, like. Say for instance sorry, that's got loads of towns in them just put in there, we cover the whatever area. So keep it simple, but your mobile, number big, so when people do drive pass they can actually see it and they don't have to take. The effort to go to your car and then see because, people don't like effort people like easy people are convenient. So make it easy and convenient for them to actually get your number and then when you go to customers, houses and you've got your car magnets on there and this will be awesome for other customers to actually walk, or drive past see, your car there make sure it's always noticeable. The stickers don't, pull into the park and just your back is shown try, to always park outside the property if you have to so people can see your, magnet, because.

Other Customers, drive cars and see those. People are using that cleaning business but if they trust them I can, trust them awesome. But of offline marketing, that literally everywhere, you go your advertising, your business and, you're saying to other people look they I clean for them they trust me you can trust me so you're more likely to get more customers. If you, make, sure your car is in view. Of other customers, seeing that you've worked in a certain, area and when, you start out everybody, asks, me so, if I start out what services should I offer everybody, always starts. With domestic. Cleaning, that's where most people start but, I will always recommend on, your business card and your car magnets when you first start to start with domestic. And office. Cleaning, why. Office. Cleaning is so much, easier, in a certain sense it's, also out of errors cleaning, it's also easier, to find star for out of hours cleaning and it's, also much. More money in domestic cleaning and a lot less effort, so. At the end of the day even, if you just started on you do domestic, you want to make your customers aware that you offer this service so they might actually work in a massive, office. Already. One, of your customers and then, the office manager says to your customer, oh I don't know these cleaning service keep letting us down and your customer goes oh you, know what my. Cleaner she. Does office cleaning I'll, ask it for you that's. How, you get into office cleaning, but, even if you first start in the only have two or three domestic, customers this. Could really push your business forward because if, you say, for instance you have ten customers and even one of them recommends you to offer so every ten customers you get one office that's, that's a major thing offices are a lot bigger and therefore, you earn more money then, it gets you your uniform, you don't have to go out and spend loads of money on uniform, what, you could remember is the. Way you are, the way you present, yourself is marketing, for your business as well that. Is your brand the way you turn up is your, brand your literally from the first minute. You step out of your house you're representing, your brand and your company, so. Don't go out and spend loads of money on embroider t-shirts, to look amazingly. Smart and you don't have to turn up in a suit unless. You, actually go see a new customer, I would. Recommend a golf shirt white. Keep it clean with say for instance blue jeans you, can go to vistaprint and have just a normal t-shirt with you logo on the side here print it out I will not recommend having massive, litters on the back because, from the time you walk out of the house to your car and your cars have really got the magnets on people. Aren't gonna they might quickly, see something, but then you're not gonna stand in the road for them to be able to have enough time to, see your telephone. Number or your logo on the back keep, it simple keep it sweet here keep it professional, always. Turn up nice neat, tidy pay. Attention, to, your appearance show. Your customers you care about them yes you might only be clean and make sure in the summer when you wear. Shorts, to try, to get them so they not too short you don't want to turn up with booty, shorts you want to keep it professional at, all times show. Your customer, you're willing to make that effort you've, got to think about what you want your customer, to say about you to, another customer, the hey turn up needs smile, they're always friendly, and remember, your hands don't. Turn up with dirty fingernails, with, loads of dirt underneath your fingernails make, sure they clean your, hands are the first thing that a person sees about you go and see your customer and your nails are all dirty, underneath. Your nails they, gonna think gonna, move over to clean everything and I also how is she gonna do a great job for me the, way you talk to customers the way you turn up the way you deal with them has all got, to do with your representation. Your representing. Your brand and your reputation so make sure it's smart professional put.

Effort, Into it from the very start and then when you get to say it where you want to employ staff members, they need to follow the same principles, as, you do you. Have managed to get a customer, and then work up to get to a stage where you get new employees and then, remember, that it's very important they know exactly everything. You did the way you act the, way you dress, everything, you do they need to copy because, whatever you did work, to get to the stage where you start needing to take employees, on make sure you have all this in writing so when I go to a job this is how I turn up and literally. Everything, from, making, sure your teeth is cleaned from keeping deodorant, with you so if you go from job to job to job make sure you've got deodorant. With you and just give yourself a quick spray before you walk into your next job cleaning is hard and in the winter here in the UK obviously. People got radiators, on and then you might perspire, because. You're constantly working so, just make sure you're always smelling, nice and fresh and the, next thing then guys is customer, keys very, very important, please guard these with your. Life, these. People are saying I trust you enough to give you a copy of my house keys the, least you can do is make, sure that you look after them properly never. Have a customer, key with, their actual attack with, the keys with the customer, address, on there, please, don't if you ever lose that keys, and anybody. Else picks it up and they, see oh that's the address and that's the keys be. Careful, because if the. Wrong person picks that up and they decide I'm gonna go to the address and I'm gonna take everything inside that house the. Insurance, will not pay out because. Of, the fact that they had keys to the property so it's not actually, seen as, Burgundy. So please be careful I would, suggest that you have by yourself like a locked books that's hidden inside your house even if you only have one key what you need to do is, have, a sheet ready your customer, information on, there with, the key number one and then mark that key one and as you get bigger you, keep your keys all, organized. And they. Stay inside, your property, inside, your house, at night don't leave them in your car please don't keep a big bunch, of customer keys altogether. Because if you lose all of them. You're, gonna have to call all your customers, and say I, very professional and I've just lost all your keys so, make sure you. Safeguard. Those keys, and, remember. To make a point of it has to go back that evening make sure you don't lose them make sure you don't misplace them be very strict, with the key rule looking, after your, customers. House, keys then we get to the very horrid accountancy, side of things or bookkeepers. And I say obviously, guys in the UK you need to register with the relevant authority like, hey Tamar C in the UK, and you, need to make them aware that you starting, your business. Even. If you're not earning money yet get your business name and your address and everything on there make. Them aware that you are starting a business you need to do your books from the 5th of April, the. 6th of April so it's done yearly. But, you obviously pay. Your tax a year. Later so, please please. I would, suggest every. Single penny that you get into your business you. Have three, accounts so, one, it will be for business when, you first start out don't, do a business account unless, you can actually get a business account, for. Free free. Business banking, because otherwise you'll believe young but with charges. When you put money in we take money out when you write a cheque so when you first start just have three normal accounts, so you'll have your business account where all your money from your customers, go in, then. You will pay yourself a wage into, another, account which, basically, is just.

For You to spend on normal things no business, item so keep your business account for, your business. Everything. Like your marketing, your your business cards your magnets everything comes out of your business account your, petrol, can, come out of your business account but keep these separate, and then the third account is every. Single month at the end of the month all the money that's come in keep, the 20%. Of, all. The money you get in every month put in your third account. This, is very important, and you do not touch that money until you've done your self-assessment. Until. You've actually know, how much you owe tax. Wise to the hater Morsi and then when you have to pay your tax bill you've, got the money there, ready you're, not gonna miss the small monthly payments, going out but, you will then, get to say to an end of the year where you do have to pay your tax and then think I've, got, to pay all this money to the HMRC and you have to pay it so, please make sure you're aware of that and then you also have national, insurance class, 1 & 4 they need to consider, four so, please people just, make. Sure now, when you're small you, have this, as a process, to sue cover yourself, so it's less stress, you've got less problems, and, then. Obviously apart, from the obvious that, you need to keep all your receipts. Although. This is updated. All the time going on to the HMRC website and, see, everything. You can claim for and make, sure you take that too and. Make sure you take advantage of the fact that you can claim for work, clothes for, having your work clothes cleaned for. Obviously petrol but if. You use your normal car say for instance for poor for. Work purposes please, make sure you're insured, for, work, purposes, in on that vehicle don't. Just have normal personal, insurance you need to, be covered for business use if. You get stopped by the police and they can see there's work going on they, could actually, give, you a fine, so make sure that, you've covered as far as car insurance concerned for business use as well but. As far as picture is concerned, at the moment what you need to do is work out how much in useful business and how much you use for personal so if you use your car for say, fifty fifty you can claim 50%. Of your petrol for. Business, and therefore you won't pay tax on it so. Make sure you just work out what. A percentage, is personal and what percentage is business, most, people drape finances, most people draped bookkeepers, and accountants, but, I will honestly suggest, when you're small you're, not gonna go and get a bookkeeper, and you're not gonna go and have an accountant, because you won't have the funds available yet however. I would definitely, 100% recommend, nap. Everybody, uses, and everybody knows off that is QuickBooks, it's. Absolutely amazing as quickbooks for the self-employed, and the minute you have your, receipt in your hand you, take a photo of it and uploads, it straightaway, onto the app. It links to your bank account so everything, on there you can go in on a weekly basis, and then, set, that's that expense, coming out that's money in that's, money earned, it's. All controlled, and by the end of the year you have a nice summary. It's easy when you're smaller to get into the habit of doing this keep on top of your finances know. How much you can spend know. How much you can pay yourself and remember when you do first start out it, is your job to remind your customers that you do cleaning services is your job to remind your current. Clients, and current customers that, you offer other. Services than, just cleaning service so it's your job to let them know to, refer, you to get more customers it's, your job it's not your customers job to refer you it's not your customers job to, call, you and to get you in it's.

Your Job to get more customers if. You haven't got any clients, at the moment I would suggest offering. Your cleaning services for free to start off with I have a little business card printed make. Some leaflets in your office and then, go and post them in the area around close to your house and just say would, you like an hour's free cleaning yes, some people will, take advantage of that but when you first start, you. Need that you, need some people to take advantage of you but obviously you're peeling Stander's are going to be that high you're gonna impress them that much and they're gonna then employ you to be their cleaner and that's, how you first start getting, into. Getting your new customer, tell, all your friends are now do cleaning recommend, me you recommend, me I will, come, clean for you or I will give you a ten-pound and then once you even have one customer, awesome. For a testimonial, tell, them look if you refer me even. Say for instance on Facebook, pages, anywhere. You hear anybody ask for cleaner you, recommend, me and I will do free cleaning for you state, other. Cleaning or an hour free cleaning tell, them what you're gonna give them then try not to always give money off because you need money but. Try to offer them something for free something, that they sort of said. Oh I really need to do that at some point although they might already have cleaners. They might then get an oven cleaning company remember, that you tell your customers or why do our cleaning, learn, you, juvett. Learn how you can do oven cleaning easier, and then off with that service that's money that you losing, is money that you're literally just pushing, away you, need to make sure that your customer knows everything, your offer and keep, reminding, them they will forget because they're not going to remember Oh everything. About your company, remember. It's your job to remind them consistently. And tell, them every, customer you refer tell, them all the time at the bottom of your emails you state remember. If you recommend us to one of your friends and, obviously. You have to state terms or conditions which, basically will mean is if you refer us to a new customer they. Obviously, will have to work for them for three, months and then you'll get your error free cleaning there's no point you're going to you're the new customer, that you've been referred to and then you do one clean and then they say oh we don't need you anymore and then your customer. Sort of gets our free clean so, it's all about just, protecting, your business and protecting yourself and make, sure your customers are aware that, you do are the cleaning you can even offer if they say oh you do, you need a book you know about a window cleaner go, and find one and get them to work for your company and tell them that you will from now on you'll be my window cleaning person but, then you, charge the customer a little bit more than the window cleaner did and you can earn some extra money and this is just to. Get your business to grow and then offer clean you know cleaning services to. Your other customer, hi just a little reminder I've, noticed your windows outside look at the gray if you ever wanted a window cleaner um I can sort that out for you you're, taking a pain point away from them you're helping them to solve things and by the process you're earning some extra money always a bonus I guys remember down below will I will have, the link for the cheat sheet for all this information all, everything. I've said in this video will be in there and some extra tips to, help you start your cleaning, business with, a bang, I will also recommend not, necessarily, having a contract, to bind. Them into a contract, have a contract. To state, exactly what. You are cleaning and what, you're not cleaning you, need, to exactly know because customers, are greedy, they will sort of say Oh while you're there can you just today do the fridge and oh can you just do the oven as well we're here oh can you just, spring. Key in my garage while you're here they, will ask they will take, bondage, because if you do do it they're gonna keep asking as well make, sure you've got a checklist of everything that, you're supposed to be doing, and that will be included in the cheat sheet so that, you know exactly what, you do and what you don't do make, sure you've got a form ready which basically, if they say oh can you clean my whole fridge up today you can say yeah sure that'll be 25 pounds extra and I, will, need notice, for this if I, want anything else done because, if you do a job from one drop to the average up to the other job then you are you are I've got a routine you've got a certain amount of time to get to a certain job so if you but the first customer, you stay an extra hour and then and then and then you're late for the second customer and then you're gonna be like later, for the even for the third customer of that day so, make sure you, tight and you said to him if you want anything else done, here's, a sheet that I could do it but I need a weeks notice so I can schedule it into my schedule cuz I'm busy cuz I'm good so.

Therefore If. You want extra stuff done make, sure they know this in the beginning not, half way through because if you if they say to you can you just today and then you're like no and then they gonna be like don't. Like you anymore go, away make. Sure you're covered, make sure you exactly, the checklist. What. Least what, needs to be done any extras. Let them know up front if you want to extras on this is a much and I need notice, unless, you're only at the moment got a few customers and you can afford to do that fair enough but don't start off with that principle, in mind of oh yeah, it don't up worries I'll just do this and I'll just do this you need to make them aware that your set time that you working, there is your set time and you don't have time for anything else, otherwise, the. Set time will be different so make sure that, you charge extra don't, let them take advantage of you for, any other jobs they want doing we get to how do i price why I charge I would, recommend, having a look online and, also ring a few companies in your area and see what the general rate, is what do people generally charge, at, the moment it's between sort of 12 and 17, pounds, per hour here. In the UK so, here general feel around what companies are charging in your area so it's very important when you first start your business you start at the bottom right and a lot of you might say well I'm. Worth more than that fair, enough but when you haven't got other customers you can't be greedy customers, don't know what you do yet they don't know how you work, yet it's can only charge more if you have a solid group of customers behind, you saying, yes, she's awesome yes they're awesome yes they're awesome all the time, so when you first start start, load to get your foot in the door there, you impress your customers then, you customers, start referring you then you build it up and then because. Your customers already trust and know you they, know how you work they, know they're getting value for money and therefore, that's when you start putting your prices up don't start your cleaning business thinking, man I'm just gonna talk 20 pound an hour and yeah, people your people. Are gonna go mmhmm yeah. I charge too much yes. So when you first start please. Start, low and then work your way up don't, be greedy when you first start when you first go into these jobs or customers, when it's a new customer, the first few weeks always, takes you longer so, you need to prepare for that say to your customers look the first few weeks it's going to be a little bit more because it takes you a bit longer until I get my routine until I know what I'm doing and so I kind. Of like am settled, in this house and, once. It is up to my standards, then I will we can go to a lower rate just, make sure they know because you will find if you go in safer in zones they say they want two hours you're going for two hours you guaranteed, the first couple of weeks maybe even three weeks it's gonna take you a lot longer to. Clean. The place especially if I've never had cleaners before then, you've got to go in and. You're gonna be long and you might even damage, your reputation because, you're not going to be able to really, impress them if they haven't had a cleaner for ten years and they're, like really messy you've, got to also make sure that your customers know the difference between cleaning, and tidying do, you want me to tidy or do you want me to clean or do you want me to do both because it takes longer, so, if you walk into the room and there's so much stuff everywhere, that you need to put away before you can actually clean properly, you need to make them aware of look. It's gonna take me longer you, have to make them aware so, they don't take advantage of you so, if you have a customer, that every week you go and clean and it's spotlessly, tidy all you need to do is concentrate on the cleaning that's awesome, but what happens. The week after when, they've had loads of family in and the house is so messy and she said she takes me saying oh I really apologize but. It's gonna take you longer to clean because you need to tidy first, so, make sure your customers right in the beginning is aware, of the fact that they, need to keep / tidy for you to come and clean because they're paying you to clean if, they want to pay, you for tidying. Then that's fine but just make them aware that the, premises needs to be kind of like the same every, week you deliver, the same standards, because you might then get to a point where you might disappoint them because, you spend that, you're two hours tiding.

Instead Of cleaning and then they're like well why don't you clean. Because. I spend it tidying, your house I didn't even have time to clean I was just tidying up for, the two hours so just make sure and it, just stops sort of bad vibes and, it just stops people talking badly about your company and you can't afford your reputation to. Be damaged when you're really small so just make sure your customers know and you're, upfront about these things with them I will definitely recommend using, your own cleaning products you, clean you know what works you know what works the best and the quickest, so. I would suggest that you actually take your own so. And if you are going to supply your own materials, then you can actually charge a pound an hour or more because you say to you that's my look you don't have to write anything I will use everything, I use for, me while. I clean and I will supply all of that so you don't have to do anything you just stay there because your customer don't know what's the best products you open the cover then there's like 20 million products in there and you don't need 20 million products to clean at all but, you know what works best you tell them like this, the clock I prefer I mean even get to a stage where you can say to your customer look you. Can get me this and this and this this is what I use if they, want to pay a little bit less they don't want to pay that pound an hour extra but I found that my customers, was like gobsmacked, when I said oh yeah no I use all my own materials, all my own products you just do what you do and I I die you do you and you I do me and, therefore, and they were like okay so I don't have to buy cleaning, products. Anymore no, you don't oh I, want make sure I've got everything I need to give you the best results, possible if, you like go in a customer's house and you see the cloth on the sides or from bolt and it actually smells and, what. What your going to be in there often with what kind, of clean the kitchen with the cloth that smelly and it's just not clean so, it's best to take your own clean clothes with you everywhere, you go every, single job you, have a part of cloths and you take two new cloths for, that actual, that customer, and remember. Color coding for bathrooms, don't wipe your toilet with the same cloth you do your sink, although. This thing's probably got more bacteria, and. But. Then you put it in back of your car and then the next job you take another to clean cloths and then at the end of, the week you chuck all your cloths in the wash machine and wash them all together all your mop heads everything, wash, them all together on a boil wash to make sure they're nice and clean and fresh, for your next week's clients, that way you got, less rinsing, but you're not taking one houses, germs to the next house I guys if you haven't already remember, to click the link below to get your actual cheat, sheet with all this information, I've had it in there so, thank you so much for watching and, this week's, vlog, I hope this was helpful and if it was for you and you would like more videos like this please remember to give, me a thumbs, up and remember to subscribe to my channel if you have any questions please comment below I'll get back to every single comment personally, I'll see you next week bye.

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