How To Start Social Media Marketing and Run Your Business Online|Marketing Guru Seminar | Must watch

How To Start Social Media Marketing and Run Your Business Online|Marketing Guru Seminar | Must watch

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Did. You know that. One, point. Six, six, billion. People, purchased. Goods online, in 2017. Do. You know how to capture their attention is. That why you're here look, I've, got, something for you here based on Gary B's new book crushing, it and I'm ripping it apart and, telling you to how to start applying it in your business today to, start generating leads let. Me tell you what today is about it's about stop, trying, to be everything. To everybody. And, start. Being, able to pick, your niche and lead, with value so, hopefully. You're understanding. If you're attending it weekly I'm going live Thursday, at 3 33 every single week and teaching, you how to implement. What Gary Vee is calling, crushing. It so if you want to crush it in your business in your life and live life on your terms, make sure you attend weekly and I'm gonna walk you through how to actually apply, this so. Again using, social media it's gonna allow you to become an influencer. Where you can get endorsements, sponsors. People, pay you to promote their products and you can use your influence, to generate, leads through, video, by, direct, marketing, your, existing, sphere so, you're probably still sitting there saying okay I kind of get it I get that life video is important, that's why I'm here but help crystal, help how. And, that's, how do. I actually. Apply. This well. I'm, glad you asked because chances, are if you don't know how to get started you're paralyzed, you have so much information and, Gary, Vee I love, what, really matters, he gives you eight principles, that really matter you break some down their authenticity intent. Speed. Patience. Work, into. Our focus. Attention they, all come out in content, yes he says it these things so you can leverage the internet to, start building your personal brand, but. How, so. Welcome. To triple 3 Academy, because, we are talking about how do i, livestream. Marketing, mastery. Seminars. And if you're looking for learning how to apply, the garyvee. Crushin, it philosophy. For your business, you're, in the right place and, if you're watching this in replay I want, to say thank you now. This week specifically, again we're talking about the number one step, to begin to apply what. Gary B is calling crushing. It so you want to crush it in your business you need to start, taking, action and he, tells you massive, action is required but he doesn't tell you the first step so I want to really walk you through what it is you need to do last. Week we talked about 13, step, process, to actually begin to apply this I want, you to really filling, up before. You get started and how to leverage live video and you know all of these things I watched you do so make sure you watch last week this week again I've got two part for you around the buyer persona I'm going to tell you one the top five reasons, that Gary B would tell you to do your buyer persona, and then I've got a seven step process on how to actually complete your. Buyer persona. Next. Week we're, talking about specific. Strategies to increase, engagement again, I'm not talking philosophy, I'm talking, strategy, and how you can actually apply what, Gary, Vee is talking, about so, next, week you'll see in part one he talks really about what still matters in those eight principles, then, he goes in to pick your pillar content, that's what we talked a little bit about last week now, this week he's going into really breaking down each and every channel and that's, next, week where, we're going to talk about specifically, what, he recommends. For each channel, so stay tuned that's gonna be a really great one or you're gonna get specific, strategies to increase your engagement and then, we're gonna finish out this five-part, series with how to leverage your existing sphere, and pick, your technology and budget, so, I'm Krystal Lindsay with triple 3d social, media digital. Marketer, entrepreneur. And college professor, and I want to help you harness. Power of, land, video, that's, right, get ready to ride the sweet ride because when you harness the power of life video nothing. Can stop you it's the only way to connect with your clients second, to meeting in person, so. I want to give a special shout out to the people who inspired me most Gary, Vee you, were rocking it you know I'm ripping this apart but you know I love you too that's why we're doing this, right I also, would get a special shout out to Tim Ferriss, he's our next book in this, how do I live street mastery, seminar, where I'm taking his 4-hour workweek and applying, it to live stream I also, would give a special shout out to iron garlic, who really inspired me on how to use case, studies with. In storytelling, branding, to generate results and of, course Ryan, Deiss the digital, marketer, love, the content, optimization.

And The funnel, optimization. Specifically, but Gary B's where it's at right now so we're kicking it off with Gary, B's book first then, we're taking it back to Tim Ferriss next then we go to Gary, B crush it book the original one and then we jump in to tony robbins, unleash. The power within are you excited, because, all of these books bring something unique to you as an entrepreneur but what they don't do is how, to tell you to start to apply these. Tips in social, media in the most effective, way to generate, leads and after. The January 11th, algorithm, update on Facebook now, more than ever you, have to make comments, and get comments to, get seen, and how, you get comments hmm. Live. Video. Because. Live, video outperforms. Pre-recorded. Video, ten-to-one. Studies. Show that people, engage ten. Times more with your content, through live video, that's, why i'm going live right now I want you to comment I want you to engage I want to help you apply this to your business so. Again ten to one so, make sure that you're using live, video and not just some type of social media strategy, where you're posting out content, those days are long gone okay. So, get ready because we're in the third of a five-part, series to teach you how you can live life on your own terms which is what Gary B says a hundred times over in this book and that is when you're doing something your love where you would already be doing it that you're getting paid to do it we have the flexibility, within your life to be able to do it but he's also talking. About working 16. To 18, hour days, now. Hey, as a digital marketer an entrepreneur, I'm, guilty, of it, okay, just, yesterday I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and I worked and I went to bed at 8 p.m. so, trust me 16-hour, days are part of it when you want to be successful, but what I want to teach you is you don't have to do that all the time and you do need to delegate, and that's, why I'm bringing in Tim Ferriss so. What. With Gary, Vee he gets the 8 principles of what really matters and this again we're gonna integrate into this whole training. Today on how, to apply Gary, Vee and again, those, eight areas. Of what really matters for Tony Robbins is intent, authenticity. Passion. Patience. Speed, work. Attention. And. Content. That's the new one for this book that wasn't in the previous one he's, also telling you didn't mean shove he, says that a hundred times over he said look if you want to be the next best, whiskey. Grammar on, Instagram. You need to have some darn good content, if you're the 88, twisty, grammar, so. What I'm trying to say there is maybe, somebody's, already picked your industry, and is telling, it on social but, knee shop even further and you will make your splash again, one, point six, six billion, people, purchase. Goods online last year so what you need to do is Miche up and get in front of the people who need your services, specifically. He, also talks about document. Versus creating document. Your business but create tips of value, how do you know what to create in your tips huh. Are. You just sitting around are you thinking out of thin air are you just gonna like. Play. It off by the seat, of your pants, right are you going to write. Down very, high-level, sophisticated. Terms and start breaking them down guess. What people. Buy at level, one two three of understanding, and you're probably an eight nine ten so, I'm really coaching, you on how to bring it down to that level one two three of understanding. So you can, start applying this for your business that's, why you need the buyer persona, all right and one of the things I really admire about Gary Vee man is he, says don't overthink. It just create, content so. Look I wanted, you to switch your studio today long story short Wi-Fi, didn't work I don't have multiple camera angles I wanted to show you this and show you that I want to be able to write on the board really cool things here right but, look I'm not going to overthink, it or stop the show we're going to continue because at the end of the day doesn't matter how many camera, angles you have that, matters if you're actually creating, it because, that's Iyengar looks at his version done is, way, better than version then so.

Again, I am crystal Lindsay with triple three social media I speak at California, Association of, realtor San Diego Association of, Realtors Orange, County Association realtor, is hopefully Beverly Hills Association, Realtors okay, we specialize, in real estate we. Help real estate agents, in entrepreneurs, figure out how to use live video marketing, to generate leads. I specifically. Specialize, in helping real estate agents, how to use story, telling. Branding. To generate leads in live. Video okay, so that's, my my, approach is really leveraging, live video could because again it outperforms, ten to one and that's, what you need to get seen but, everybody kept saying to me you must be a big Gary Vee fan right hmm. Gary. Vee, let. Me tell you I wasn't a Carey be thin Shh. Don't tell, him though but, you know he did say in his book that like three out of ten of his most strongest. Fans. Actually. Didn't like him when they met him so. I have to say I love this content, and his his, gusto, for getting people to stop making excuses and, start taking action but he's a little crass you know the Kaseem and and real in-your-face real, New Yorker, you know and I, get, it but it just didn't really resonate with my touch you feel good you know type of inspiration but, once I read his book I'm just enthralled, this is the second time reading it through and I can't put, it down so, my, biggest critique of the book though is that they don't talk about Lyon video, in the book now. We spent all of last week talking about what that means and the implications, of it I've dropped a few statistics here, I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole but what I want to really emphasize and. The difference, between Gary Vee and I is that Gary, Vee is saying you need to work 20, hours a day and throw, your life into, it and do, something you're passionate about and get seen on social media by responding, back in the comments, by being human, by putting out good content by, me she I documented. By creating, yes yes, yes, but, again he's, not saying. You need to do like video and if you don't get that you're, going to do yourself a big disservice, so, make sure you take the time to learn how to use, live streaming. And live, video, so, that you can break through the noise and start, becoming an influencer, using, all of the tactics he's teaching, it's just not stayin out right you need to do live video, he. Also doesn't talk to you about the profitability and how to apply preparados. Principle, to your business to figure out the most profitable, service, that's, what we're talking about today so, again he says you just need to Nisha. Miche up in a true New Yorker sense, of like pull yourself up by your bootstraps and, just Nisha, okay. I get it I get it I hear you Gary Vee I hear. You you're, right but. How you. Didn't give us any tips on how to me shut up how to pick our niche and that's, why I'm so passionate about today's, broadcast and I'm bringing sapphire because, I want you to be able to actually apply this I'm, so, tired of hearing people say they got good ideas or good, insights or they want to do these things but they're afraid to go on camera or they don't know what to say once. You finish, today's broadcast you will never have, a time in your life where you say you, don't know what to post online now. Let. Me give you an example, for. Example I worked with a client who was, coming from a place of wanting to go live because, I told him it's important, he understand, statistics, whoo he's, probably about you know I'd say maybe 60, year old gentleman, working in landscape, architecture and when I said look all you have to do is hit this button I will repurpose. It I'll write your subtitles, I'll boost it I'll make your make it list I'll do all the things I'm telling you to do in the strategy seminars, because he paid me I'm like I will do all of these things for you I'm going to rock it but you need to turn your phone on and, hit, just, this button and two clicks, you can go like he, says Oh a scary, button so, he was so intimidated. By going live and he said even after working with me for over a year getting, good results he, was still afraid of going live now during, this last year we've been working a lot of LinkedIn appointment, setting and using Facebook, online and it's just a huge missed opportunity because.

It's, Completely uncertain. About what is good content, now I use, the analytics, I figure out the top performing post lowest, performing post post, I walk him through this and help him create content, but what matters, is not and this is what I want you to understand what, matters, is not necessarily. What. You're talking, about, it matters. What your clients, care about so. Stop trying to talk about things you want people to care about and, start. Talking about the things that they already care, about in this case this, client you know when he was talking to me he says look you, know I I. Know people struggle the engineering. Problems and these can delay that the. Timing of the construction, and the budget can go up but these things happen and we need to make broadcasts about these very high-level things and I said to him very clearly look you're a level-10. Of a, professional, knowledge, in your field if not he's like little 15 this man knows it all okay, so he's a level 10 but, what I needed him to understand, is that people buy at level one two, and three, right, so, we need to shift that focus I, told him right shift that focus away, from these really high level problems, to what he's passionate about and what he wants to talk about because, he's an expert in the field and shift. It to the beginning, of the buying cycle what. Questions. Were his ideal, clients asking him before. They signed up see. It's, different right apply, this to your business or to industry and when, you first meet a client and you're saying hey I'm gonna do these things for you maybe you hear the same concerns, or the same questions, maybe, you hear different ones but what is always. True, is that, those questions they ask you right before they sign on the contract, is very. Different, on what they ask you at the end of. Your. Time together when you're wrapping up the contract, so, just know if you're looking for new clients using live video you'll need to use this process of the buyer persona to, bring it back to the basics on what they actually care about and don't worry I'm going to teach you how I'm not just gonna give you some philosophy.

No This, is actual application. Ok so, again I really, help the client be able to see that, this shift into, documenting. And creative, was all that really mattered, as long as he was using live, video. Now. We've, been able to set up a weekly broadcast, where he's able to interview, his LinkedIn counterparts, that we've been prospecting, and staying top of mind awareness with, we're, also able to leverage existing, influencers. For influence. By tagging, them in the post we're. Also able to go and see result. Ten, times of what, we were getting before video, again, not, being changed, his Nisha's been the same since we started working together his. Content. Has been on point since I've been doing his social media we, have been able to repurpose, all, of them flat still images to LinkedIn but he still wasn't getting the engagement he was looking for why not because, it wasn't going live so, again today is the buyer persona, about the number one way to apply, this it's Gary B's book and, start taking action but I just want to drill home don't, apply Gary B's book and do your buyer persona, and then start posting some, still images, or blank, blog, or words and, nobody's going to read look, the average attention span is 8 seconds. You need to be able to pop and prop in the first 30 seconds as I call it to, capture somebody's attention, and get, them to click on your video you, need to be more than a talking, and you need to leverage live, video in order, to get seen, then, and only, then can you be like this client here and begin, to leverage your influence, leverage, your existing sphere. Increase. Your reach lower, your cost of marketing and become an asset and an influencer. In your industry all. Right so, one, thing that we realized with this client and I what I want you to understand, is that taking, action, is, easy. Absolutely. Easy. All. Right so keep this in your mind, it is easy win when, you. Know. What. To do, all. Right it's easy, when. You. Know. What. To, do and that, again is why, we're doing this today because. I want it to be easy for you I want, you to know the exact steps and I want you to be able the same this is what is working these but best practices. Is that I don't have you don't have to stumble through you, know I'm a social, media marketing world or, Gary these blog posts or all these blog posts everybody, telling you what you need to do for live video and you can just break through based on the tips I'm giving you I do this for real estate agents, and entrepreneurs, every, single day and the number one thing I do with every single client regardless. Of if you're in the fashion, industry children's. Book if you're, doing landscape, architecture. Real estate or mortgage, we, start, with the buyer persona, this, is how you create a professional. Level, social media campaign, and empower. You, as an entrepreneur a real estate agent, to, start, creating content without thinking, about it now. The, top five reasons this is why I say you can you to do the buyer persona this is in crystal language but, what I want you to note is from our dear friend Gary Vee here why he would say you need to do your buyers summit so, I'm, going to extrapolate a little bit and put on my Gary B hat and from his perspective here, I've got five reasons, why garyvee says to do your buyer persona one.

Is You. Need to inform, all of your pillar content, marketing. Efforts now, he, spends a lot of time talking about pick your pillar content, pick, your channel, that you're going to go live from as your broadcast, and hub and then, figure out what type of content you, can then go live on and then, transcribe, and turn into blogs and tweets and posts and, put across all of your channels so, the process, he gives is where, you're going to be able to take a, triangle. Right. It's kind of a pyramid it's, the garyvee, pyramid. Scheme, mm-hmm. So up here at the top we're, going to go, live that's a little camera okay, and, then over down here now we're going to have one two. Three. Blogs out of. That piece of content now I train, people on how to get the free YouTube transcription. By, taking, any video whether you do a Facebook live or whatever pairs go whatever and putting, it on YouTube you get a free transcription, with just a little bit of editing hat right so, here you go live and then, here's your blog and then, you splinter, off each one of those into. Three, kind of mini posts and then. From there you splinter those three off. Into. Your. Tweets. Right. And then here so you can really repurpose. Repurpose, repurpose, all the, way down this chain all, right so in order to be able to go live on a topic, that you're then going to write three blogs on get five mini. Blogs have you know 15 social, media posts and 30, tweets, you. Have to have a content that actually matters to your target, audience and that's why I'm saying stop, talking about what you think is important and start talking about what they think is important, right so, intent. He, says intent, a lot in the what matters. Right the most important, part of marketing is intent, you need to leave with value and be intended, to, create value for your niche but you need to know your niche in order to create that intent so, that, also increases, your message to market-match think. About it like this. As. A marketer, I started. This firm with, a real estate agent, and an, interior designer if. I had an article on the top ten ways to create. Leads for, an interior designer on social, media and I, sent that to my interior designer client would they find that to be valuable. No. They absolutely would, find that to be valuable would they read it would they use it who. Knows right but they do business with me because I send it with them all those are variables but at least they know I thought of them and it creates top-of-mind awareness all right message. To market-match, so. Then I then I take that same article and, I send it over to my real estate agent top, 10 ways for, an interior designer to get leads on social media aren't, they going to find that valuable, no. So. Again if you don't have your niche you don't have message to market-match you're, not gonna have a higher click-through rate, you're not gonna see the responses, you're looking for you're not gonna see people come out of the Woodworks and raise their hands and self-identify. As your clients so you need to have that intent to, inform, your pillar content, all right the, next thing I need you to do is Tiffany. Should I, need, you to inform, on, what. You should be creating every single week so we talked about it forms your pillar content, right this is how you're gonna do that now, we talked about it informs, your niche so, I just talked with the gentleman today and he's very.

Active In, several different industries he started even an Amazon store he has an interest in travel, he has a lot of different things going on in his life and I would say he's five let's, say average of level five of expert. Knowledge and let's say all of you maybe suddenly seven maybe eight maybe, somebody's three but, he's a jack-of-all-trades so you can relate to this stick, with me here in. That case I'm really, encouraged, him to figure out what, makes him authentic, where, does his passion, come from where, is he focusing, his attention in, his personal, life and so one of the questions I asked him was when. Was the last time you lost track of time. Now. What's. The last time you lost track of time and how does that relate to the buyer persona well look Gary, Vee says in order to live life on your own terms you. Need to do what you're passionate about and so you don't know your niche then, you don't you're not able to authentically, show up and talk about how, you're changing people's, lives all, right so, again in order for you to be shocked and really show, up authentically, and passionate, just as Gary B wants you to you, need to have a niche the, next thing is it. Enables, what, Gary B is known for which is the hustle, right, he, is known for work, which is one of his 8 things that matter so, he's, never had you'll, never have writer's block again. If you're, able to just push through get to work right the last thing you want as an entrepreneur, is where you're staring, at a blank screen and you're just trying to figure it out in your waste of time you could be spending that time doing so many other things to build your business so, you'll, never have writer's block again, once, you complete your buyer persona, the, last two is that it allows patience, now, this, was another one of his, virtues, his values, here of what really matters and allows, you to create patience. Around. An annual, strategy, so, hopefully. You know social. Media is not an overnight success look. It. Takes, time, I can, show you how to go live leverage. Your existing sphere, use that buyer persona and you can get leads off your very first facebook, life very, many times so many times my clients get their, first client off of their very first life so it's very possible I'm not saying it doesn't work but what I'm saying is the long-term game, takes, patience, to be successful, so you need to have an annual strategy, and each month needs, to be tied into the, topic, of what. Your client already cares, about so, it allows you to have patience, it also gives you speed that's something he's really known for right he actually started showing behind. The scenes foot 18-hour days and how hard he hustles and how quickly he works you know this is in the short-term you got to make sure you're focusing, on bursts of energy for you through those barriers and take massive action right, so, in order to make your broadcast. More, successful, you, need to have speed, and being able to jump into it and know what you're gonna do it know what makes the most makes. The biggest difference right so. In, order to do that you're gonna pop and prop in the first three seconds so in my case I got a Gary B book and I'm coming up like what so. Then you click on the video I'm not just a talking head I got a prop in about you know I mean but, you're pop and pop is based on what your client already cares, about right so, the next thing you want to know is what questions, to ask them to generate comments, again the name of the game in live broadcast, is to get comments so, you need, to know what, questions to ask them, to elicit, comments, all right you, also need to know what kind of downloads, are resources to offer as kind of clickbait core reasons for people to give you their email after, the broadcast you need to know what influencers. Are people to tag in order to increase. And synergize, with them that's free marketing, so, again Gary, Vee is an influencer. Who I'm going to tag in this broadcast one, day he'll know my name too you, know what I mean but in the meantime I'm promoting his content, so I'm becoming an asset, to him but that's because he's an influencer. Reaching, my target audience, already. And. I respect what he's doing you know what I mean alright so, the next thing is you wanna know the actual topic of what you go live oftentimes. When I do the buyer persona, I actually, help people understand, that fa Q's the obstacles, the concerns, that people have again, we're going to jump in how to do this right now in just a moment but, in that moment they they, they, realize, they have an epiphany oh you. Mean that question, that they always ask me right before they sign is what I should do a facebook live on yes.

If You, have an FAQ section, on your website. Each FAQ. Is a, Facebook live broadcast. Alright and you'll also be able to write more effective posts by being able to engage them, in are, you struggling with this do you this how, do you know what they need if you don't have a niche how, do you know if you didn't do your buyer persona, so again I'm, going to stop talking about why you need to do at the buyer persona and give you my seven tip percent, set process on how to complete it comment. Below though, and play devil's advocate and, what, else you need to do first, and spin, of the buyer persona because I challenge, you again regardless, of industry I always. Start with the buyer persona what do you think is most important comment below all, right so, the seven step process to, complete your buyer personas starts with what. I know. Captain, Ava's important, to duty so, step, number one, is make sure you understand. Pareto's, principle, 80/20. Rule and how, it applies to your business now. I know you're, like look here crystal I thought you were committed, to giving me a real steps this, is just philosophy, no no no this is the only one in philosophy the other ones are real steps but, you need to understand, the content, in the concept. Before you can apply, it alright so let me break it down for you kirino's, principle, this is why I love Tim Ferriss and why I'm doing his book next because, he talks a lot about this Pareto's. Principle, is when, you apply this concept, that. There regardless. Of industry, regardless, of business, regardless of topic, regardless. Eighty percent of your efforts, is making. Twenty percent, of your revenue and twenty, percent of your revenue your. Effort is making 80 percent, of your revenue so, if you can begin to apply this to your business Tim Ferriss says I know he's next book not today but stick with me he. Says applies to your business you start outsourcing, and delegating, the things that don't matter where you're spending your time that, aren't generating results right, but, how do you apply this to picking, your, buyer, persona. Hmm. Think. About it, 8020. So, 80% of your efforts, is inspiring. 20%. Of your revenue, and if 20%, of your efforts is implying 80%, you're right now then, which service, is the most profitable for you the highest performing, now, and, you probably, profit, Maximizer right, that if, they buy this only one and a hundred will buy it but when they do it's pure profit for you that's great that's not what I'm talking about here okay I want you to think about the most popular, product. You have what, are the people buying the most what is the easiest way for somebody to enter your organization, or business and be able to start spending money with you and you can figure that out and say oh yeah, ah yeah, that's that for me editorial, calendar all day long if I get to do something that a toriel calendar that will lead into, managing. Their social media you see what I mean so, apply that to your business and figure it out if you're a real estate agent and, you're going after first-time. Homebuyers, then, that's going to be your. Your, product, or service okay versus. You might be going for expired, listings, you and for sale by owner and maybe military, maybe those are the three categories you're going after but, eighty percent of the actual money you're making is from first-time. Homebuyers then, one that tells me is focus in on the first-time homebuyers, so again apply, this to your business and figure out the product or service that is driving, your revenue, an eighty percent your revenue is generally, associated with, one, product, or service pick that out that. Takes me to tip number two were you going to identify, your, top performing product, or service. Captain August already would do that number. Three is you need to figure out what type of client, is ideal, for that product or service so, again let's go back to the first-time homebuyers, so, first-time, homebuyers is where you get 80% of your revenue so. What, clients. Need. First-time. Homebuyers well, didn't. Obviously be a first-time, home. Owner. Okay it's a little obvious in the example but you see what I mean, you. Can also say well there, are a first time homebuyer who, generally, is looking in this neighborhood who. You. Know they, have a young child or child on the way so. You can extrapolate, right it doesn't just have to be first-time. Homebuyer, give it a little bit of you know some parameters, about what, type of first-time.

Homebuyers. Generate. The most, for you all right so, that is a tip, number three tip number four then becomes then, think of a client, that you've worked with that. Fits, that mold and. And. This is the kicker and. That. You want ten more just. Like. Don't. Do this by episode a-- for, the client that drove me crazy, please you, don't want any more of those okay so think of that first-time, homebuyer so, rewarding to work with you, know they had a new, day a new baby on the way and, you were able to help them get that home and, and now they're able, to you know be a first-time homebuyer and their whole family and they never imagined they don't property, and they can you know just celebrate, their friends and have a house for the family grow up in the kids gonna go to the right school district, and all of those things yes find that client, that you want ten more just like then. Step, number five is I want you to write down either. Their. Needs or. Their goals, okay. And, they sound almost similar but, think about it from challenges, and. Goals. Here okay, so in the sense of what, were they struggling, with when you met them or. What, did they need or want, when you met them okay. So goals and challenges think of it like that so if their, goal was that buy a house their, challenge, was they, weren't able to get they were getting out big maybe, on on properties, because it's a seller's market right, so. Or you, know if their their goal was to be in this, school. District, so their kids could go to school there they're, challenged. Ones that you, know all. Of the houses were getting multiple offers you know or it was outside the price range or the renovations, that were required, were too great or they, didn't have the financing ready or they weren't pre-approved, or they didn't have I mean you can go down that list right but generally, and this is true again regardless, of industry children's, books to to. Mortgage and lending fashion, to real estate, you, either know their, goals or, their challenges it's, interesting and, I haven't found a pattern because some real estate agents know either, one so figuring out when you talk brainstorming, you'll quickly realize if, you know what they their challenges, were or what their goals were and, then, you simply.

Evaluate. The other based, on on that one so in this case again if they're first-time homebuyer maybe you have a list of what their goals where they wanted three. Bedrooms, in the school district, they wanted you know single story master, you know by the kitchen, you know big backyard. No. Homeowners, association. I don't know okay you could write those lists right you looked for their house but. Then. The challenge, becomes, each one of those you play that was advocate okay, why, weren't they able to easily find a single-story, home why. Weren't they able to get, in in that neighborhood, why are their schools, so renowned. And hard to get into well, then you can kind of play that without it so if you know their goals just, say why didn't they get that why don't they have that yet and then, write that down for their challenges, and then you wind up with, their challenges, and their goals and then, you can extrapolate pain. Points, and values, okay so. This is tip number six here where, you can really begin to understand. How. They felt, about it think, of the internal, versus external alright. So a, pain. Point is the. Fact that I you. Know I'm feeling triggered, as my emails blowing, up and I don't have enough time okay, but, the goal then, becomes, is to have more time to check my email, the challenge, becomes too, many things going on to check my email the pain point is I feel anxiety what, I don't have time to check my email and my value, is. Communication. And being able have same-day communication, of my clients so you can see how one thing you can spin it across all four so, think of challenges, internal. What were they feeling what triggers them on a day to day things, that happen to them and those, pain, points let me tell you those challenges, and pain points are the sweet spot of how you write a social media post so you say are you struggling with this do you need this great. You're in the right place click on the video right so. Again make sure you do that you also want to write down their obstacles, or concerns, now, this. Is where it gets really really good. Mm-hmm. This, is where it's really easy let's say you didn't you didn't do any of this you just, say crystal I don't, have a buyer persona I'm gonna give you in you, say I don't have time okay, you do but you're like I just died having that one okay all right just. Take the time to figure out the product or service then. Figure out that client, you worked with that you want ten more just like related to that product or service and then, ask yourself what, were the questions they asked me before they got started. Brainstorm. Those out each, one, of them is a live broadcast. All. Right I had a bow this tip can. I can I be honest I actually eight steps but seven sounded so much better but no really the bonus, tip here is you. Need to interview, that client, or do your own research online, and figure out what sources. Of information they're, following blogs. Are they reading what books do they read what, youtube influencers. Do they subscribe, to you. Know what Facebook groups are they in what LinkedIn groups are the end are, they reading the, magazine. Or a paper, newspaper. Or, are they going online to the Wall Street Journal, narrow, back down and the reason why that's important, is because you. Need, to synergize with, them by, reshoring that content, that that client cares about to, show you're an influencer. And a leader a thought leader on that topic and. Bonus. Points every time you share that content you're gay radar, of those people and those influencers, and all of their following so.

With. That hopefully you. Are ready to go ahead and fill out your buyer. Persona, so, you can start taking massive action and, start, crushing, it and living life on your own terms so. If you want your buyer persona go ahead and DM, the. Facebook, page on, the Facebook channel of course three three three social, media you, can also comment below with your email or go ahead and send an emo to Krystal at three, three three social. Media, comm, get, a hold of us and we'll send you the buyer persona you can also go to triple, three social media comm, and download. The buyer persona from there as well so let. Us know how we can help you but the form is there and it walks, you through the template of how to take massive action and, you don't have to fake it to make it that's the other thing I love about what, Gary's, saying there, are no more gatekeepers. Or directors, or talent, agencies, or people, that are going to determine whether you're worthy enough to get seen now. With, the power of the cell phone you simply turn it sideways and hit, go live and you have the power get in front of the, people who know like and trust you because I'm YouTube and Facebook it's, very easy to, put the emails, of the people who already know you inside. So, you can make that video, get seen by the people who are most likely to convert, refer, you business or engage with that video so stop spending all your money and trying, to get seen with what I call a cold audience, based on zip codes and keywords and start, taking massive action, creating. Compelling. Content on what, your clients already care about in the direct, market your existing. Sphere, of influence, I. Feel. So much better now that I got that off my chest. What questions, do you still have does this make sense are, you prepared, to do your buyer persona what's stopping you I want you to comment below and, if you want some more social media tips on tech act and software, I want, you to join me for tech Tuesday, on Facebook, live where we go live on the three three three social. Media. Facebook. Page every, Tuesday that's, tech Tuesday, at. 3:33, p.m.. I know you're shocked all right time of the day best, time of the day 333, so, again that's tech Tuesday, on Facebook. That's a live broadcast, but you can ask me questions and if you want an actual strategy, seminar, those will be shorter tips on face book long full, strategy, right here on YouTube every. Thursday. At. 333. P.m., so make sure you bring in your Friday Eve with me and join me at 333. P.m., so. You can, get access to top tips to help you be able to harness the power of live video now. We are giving away full. Kits today. Based. On who. Commented. Last week's comment. And reach out to you to let you know the wins but, all you got to do is comment, youtube. Is so easy on Facebook you can have 60 70 comments, any day of the week on a broadcast but right now on, YouTube, there may be one, two, three maybe, five comments, so you can win so easy and I'm giving away a full go live startup, kit so, you get your tripod your cell phone adapter your selfie, like your lapel, mic Ratan, de bag to carry it in it's a $97. Value so, make sure you comment below so. You can enter to win your. Go live startup, kit and. In the end all I want, you to do is stop making, excuses and, start taking action, this, is your time to be able to step up and become an influencer. Using, live video and social media and the tips that Gary B and I are delivering, so, stay with us and we want to offer you a breakthrough so, you can. Go live and go live with confidence, and just remember you just kind of comment to win so comment, here and comment on Facebook old ones enter to win now. I'm, gonna sign off with my Gary, Vee quote and I want you to remember the, only thing stopping you from achieving a, lasting career and, life, happiness, is. You. So. Stop standing in your own way and go, live and go, live often I. Mr. Lindsey and this is a triple, three social, media and I'll see you next, week at 333.

P.m. On Thursday. ChaCha.

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