How to Start Pure Water Production Business in Ghana Process & Cost Explained, Sachet Water Business

How to Start Pure Water Production Business in Ghana Process & Cost Explained, Sachet Water Business

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Hello! viewers, my name is Esther Otoo. And I welcome you back on Fofoofo Tv once again. We bring to you another episode of Start-Up Chat show. Today, I have found myself at a pure water factory and I'm here to find out more from them, how they started, and the benefits involved, so be with me as I go inside to find out, thanks.

Okay, so now we are inside the factory, and I will ask them how the sachets water are being produced, how they package them, and how they even deliver them for you to see how the whole process is been done. So I have with me these two Men here, and they are going to tell us everything we need to know. So pls tell us, how do you start this business? Okay, to start first, you need a place that has enough water below the ground, because you need natural mineral water to start the production. And it's different from buying it from Ghana water.

So we use machines to drill boreholes about 120 or 100 meters down to make sure we get clean water. But before that, you would have to let a specialist come and check the land if it's fertile ground. Then from there, we direct the water into poly tanks and store it, we also have three poly tanks, we store raw water from the ground in one and treat it in another poly tank. For the treatment, we have Osmosis and Bombola which is used for the treatment.

The Osmosis removes every salt in the raw water from the ground. And the Bombala too contains carbon dioxide chemicals that shakes the water and kill any germs found in the water. Before it comes through the Osmosis then from there it goes to another poly tank, then it comes to the KOYO machine and even that one there's a light on top of it that also scan through the water and check if everything is clean. Before it reaches the packing bags. So this is how the sachets water is been produced in factories. Okay, Please kindly let us know the capital involved in this business.

In fact you need a huge amount of money to start, even the building along cost Plus the machines you are going to need and they also cost, now that I'm speaking to you the Osmosis over there is two Tons. And the cost for that two Tons alone is GHS20,000 plus [$3400]. And the Bombola too each one cost GHS3000 [$500].

And other minor machines needed, so you need money to start such business. You need about GHS400,000 [$67000] because even one KOYO machine is GHS13,500 [$2300]. And as you can see, we have three KOYO machines here,so you multiply it by the price, you can tell you need a huge amount to start. After all those things, you have to go and cut rolls, the rolls are the sachets the water is being sealed inside.

And then packing bags, you would also need workers even before you start the business. Yeah, so in fact you would need a huge amount to start with it, and cars that will deliver the water too. Alright, the way you are lecturing us on this business, I can see you know much about it.

Tell us were you into any other business or this is what you have beeen doing ever since? Oh I was into drivering at beginning, but we were been disturbed my the police. So I decided to start a different business. So I consulted a friend of mine who also does this water production business, for him explain to me how it's done. Then from there I went to school and learned how to treat water. So after school, I needed to do the establishment, which I am going to need capital to start. Then I decided to go for loan, and because the amount you are going in for is a huge amount.

You would have to provide a lot of requirements to get the loan. That is how we manage to start with this business. This one is not even all that set up yet, but it can still produce enough and with a good taste. We still need more Osmosis and other equipmebts, but since it's a start-up that's why we have this few quipments here. Please can you elaborate us about the challenges you faces in the business and the costumers as well? Oh, it's normal to face problems in your business, for the customers, they all have their way of tastes. There might be complaints sometimes about the water being salty and too tasty. And because of that we test the water in the lab in every one hour, to check the level of it, before we produce.

If not there would be a lot of complants, but for now there is no problem concernig the customers. Okay, so please are the workers here working permanently or temporarily. Oh they are permanent workers that recieves a monthly salary. Do you provide them their transportion fee and their chop money? Okay, they provide for theirselves because they get paid every month. The payment is not that higher, because the business has not grown upto an expectation, due to that we prefer employing people near by.

Please I want you to take us through and show us around. This one is the Bombola, it's contains carbon chemicals, which shakes the water that pass through and kills any germs. This one too is a set of Osmosis, and the one been pointed at is a high pressure pumps and filters.

And this machine you see right now has a device inside called memory, it takes out the salt from the water. So from there, it comes to the filters and the pump. This one you see right here is called UV, what the UV does is to kill any germs the Osmosis and the Bombola coukd not kill, because from here it goes straight to the KOYO machine for production.

And also the roll is been inserted into the KOYO machine and one by one. Thiis worker over here has also been tested to make sure there is no form of diseases on her. As she is seated, she is not going any where still she completes her target, thus packaging 500 bags of water. She only has 30mins brake, and comes back and continue working she would be check again if she is completely hygiene. So my sister you can check out how she is doing the packaging. And with the packaging, if you don't have any skills in doing it you can not do it, she has been trained so she has more experience in it doing.

You see how she has packaged them in the flat position on the floor. Yeah this makes it easy when packing them into a truck for delivery. So if you are staying at home doing nothing, you can learn this skill too, and at the end of the day you can find a job to do with it. My sister you see that you are tired right now. Yeah so the youth who have completed JHS and SHS can learn all this skills and it will be useful to them. Is not easy you've done well. Please can you tell us the sales you make.

Please kindly tell us how much sales you make from this business. Okay, for sales it is not contance, it depends on the cars, the drivers and the customers you have, so if you are lucky they can sell thousand bags of water a day. Now the bags we don't have a specific price it, here we sell one bag for GHS2.20ps. And the drivers also sell to the customers for GHS2.70ps or GHS3.0. But in case you are buying a lot, the driver can sell them to you for GHS2.50ps for bag. Yeah, but it GHS2.20ps in the factory. DO they make the sales on weekly or monthly? They make sales every day, they come and pick them to the market to sell, then comes back with the money and pack another bags to the market again.  

Or you can buy from here and go and sell them in the market straight ahead. I believe you have cars that are used for supplying? Yeah we have cars and tricycles that are used for supplying. The car can pack 300 to 500 bags and the tricycle to can pack 100 bags. Please is there any secret in this business that you can share with us? The only secret I can say is you have to be brave, if not you can't run this business. Because just imagine the kind investment you have made in this business and marketing is not going on well. And you have to get an experience in this business before, you can not just wake up and say you are starting thinking that they buy, no you would run lost .

This is the secret in this business if you are not brave don't involve yourself into it. Mostly June,July and August the market becomes slow, so imagine your are runing this business with loan, how would you even pay your workers? Yeah the only secret is, you have to be brave. And my advice to those who are doing this business and those who wants to start is that, they use the proper channel.

Because some people use chemicals that are not supposed to be used and they should treat the water very well or it can affect the health of the consumers. So I will entreat they pass through the right process, even though we have few machines, but make sure we produce clean water. If you get small quantity, it's better than using them to produce more. So this the place I work and this man right here is my manager.

So in case, someone is starting this business can you assist them? Yes, any one that wants to start, if you come I will sit with you and take you through all the process you need to know, for you understand everything. Because if you are not certain and you start the business and you start facing problems you might be disappointed in the one who introduced you into the business. If you want to learn how to do baging and loading, they all done with an experience, we will teach how to do all of these things. Please let us know your location and your contact in case, someone wants to contact you.

Okay, we are located at Nsawam-Sakyekrom junction off to Akram. My contact is +233 545 359 444 / +233 555 393 027. In case, you are not able to reach me, you can also contact my manager on +233 254 511 990. Thank you. Then we will end this part here, but before that my big brother over here had let me known that he works here. But he has started this same business at his home. Since this place is already completed I would like him to take us through the starting process, so from here we would go to his place and have a look. Okay, now we have come to the site where the business is being start and I will let him tell us how he started his own business.

Please hope you are fine? by the grace of God I am fine. Please tell us how you started how you are starting your business. Alright, first we got a site for the business and because we are determine to make this business big, we bought a big plote for it. Even though the land was pretty much expensive, despite this place is not yet developed. We managed to buy three plots, which costs GHS16,000 [$2,650] for one.

For the site we planned to place a road infront of the site for the cars that will becoming through to work. So this place will be the entrance then the cars too will be packed at that side. And the next thing is, we made the stracture very big so that it can contain at least 10 to 12 machines. And also it can contain 10,000 to 12,000 bags. Yeah so this is the stracture we are starting with.

We have a great vision about this business so we decided to put up three story buildings. So this building would be used for the production of sachet water and the next floor would also be used for productoin of plastic bottled water. Then the last floor would be used for offices. So they will be in 3 layers ? yeah in 3 layers. After siting the land this place was the perfect place to we had that has enough water.

this one was drilled 120 meters down, its very deep we have others too but this the main one. So from there, we will direct the water to these poly tanks at the back there, let's check them out. These are the poly tanks, they suppose to bigger so i can contain a lot of water. this one is 17,000 litres polytank and the next one is 10,000 litres, there is one at the back there.

So the 17,000 litres one will contain the raw water coming from the bolehole. which has not been treated yet, from there, it goes into another black poly tank at the back there. But before that we will direct the water through Osmosis and Bombola to remove the salts and kill all the germs in the water. So from this black poly tank and it passes through the Osmosis and the Bombola to the other poly tank back there, it will then finally comes back this white poly tank.

To prove that it is well treated. Please is that the reason why this poly tank is white? Yes so that we can see through. We can not see through the black one when spiropyra comes in inside, but with the white one you can see it. And the black ones since we can not see through we would have to make sure we wash inside every month.

So that is how it is done when starting. Okay are there any machines you are starting with or they are in the factory? Now that I am speaking with you I have some at home, because we are starting with this one, we have already bought some. I can even show them to you in their boxes. Okay please let us know the prices of those machines, in case someone wants to start they would know the total amonut to start with.

You need a lot of money, if you don't have eno ugh money you can not start it. That is why those who just do it any how, sometimes you sense smell in some of the water they produce. Thus those who don't have enough money do it properly but for us we are doing it big, so that it will be beneficial to whoever drinks the water. A lot sickness we get comes out from the water if it's not well treated. We are going to use six tons, so there will more diference from someone using one ton. The six tons machine, the water will pass different steps before it comes the white poly tank and pump machines are used to support them.

Yeah so it involves money, the total amount for these poly tanks are GHS 22,000 plus [$3650]. We have some of the KOYO machines in the room. Please show us the machines.

Sure, now I have two brand new KOYO machines in their boxes we can go inside and have a look at them. These are the KOYO machines in their boxes if they are bought. So what does these machines do? these are what produce something like this. So how many sachets can this machine produces? It can produces 2000 to 3000 a day, it depends on how fast your workers are, if only they are fast you can get that number a day.

We have three shift in a day, each shift can be used to produce 500 bags What of this other machine does? They are the same type, they are the KOYO machine, it vey expensive. One cost GHS13,500 Please I can see some poles over there what are using them for? this place is a new site, because of that if you go to ECG for light they will not come, due to the distance they are going to connect the light from. One wired pole cost GHS2400, so I've bought my own poles so that they will connect the light for me, you can not do this business without light, because we will be using pump machines through out. And we are going to employ almost 50 people into this business which is going to the a lot people to have a job to also do. So sometimes the government should see through that the ECG are doing their best to help us, it should not always be our effort. Because when we are done, all various sectors will come for their dues, this whole place is part that of the land.

And also we are going to need a plant to support, because of the lights out we normally experiece in this country. In case of any lights out we can still work if not your workers will sitting without working. Please how many time do you think you can use to complete this whole project? In case someone wants to start, and wants to know all these things. Okay it involves a lot of money if you are starting and you want to complete it in a short period. Because the cars and other machines plus the building might cost more than GHS300,000.

The building alone cost GHS150,000 and othey petty petty things also needed, inside the building must be very neat and hygienic. Those who are not doing this business well are what FDA is suppose to be chasing after. So that they will produce good water to prevent sickness. Okay we thank you for this masive education about how to can start your water production business. Okay we will come back and show our viewers the complete process of everything we are seeing now when done. Okay viewers this is where we end the discussion, we will bring to you another video next time. But if today is the first time you being on this channel, please subscribe, like and comment our videos for us.

Thank you.

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