How To Start & Grow An Online Business With No Capital

How To Start & Grow An Online Business With No Capital

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In this video I'll teach you how to start dropshipping an online, e-commerce business, model that allows you to essentially, source. Products directly, from China and sell them to the world at scale, and create profit on demand the best thing about this video is I'll be giving away completely, for free my five-step. Business plan that has helped me set up my own dropshipping store and it turned over twenty. Thousand, dollars in revenue, in its first month so, let's, get into it this is the, site hustle Academy. What. Is up hustlers, welcome, back to sign hustle Academy a channel, where I teach you how to set, up passive. Income sources on the side so you can one day start, chasing a lifestyle, not, dollars so like a promised if you watch this video from, start to finish you, will be ready by the end of this video to, sell products, to the world wherever, you are no, matter who you are, without, spending a single cent, up front so, this tutorial that I'm about to start is all based on my. Personal experience sending, up six-figure. Dropshipping stores and also, working as a digital marketing, manager so. If you're interested in the, statistics. And the revenue. That I've created, based, on these dropshipping stores then you can check out the, videos right here, by the way I'm not going, to bat around the bush here it's, not gonna be a video where I'm like you could potentially, download. This plug-in or you could potentially start, with this theme no, no no this, is a no. Video. For beginners this, is a no, video where I'm gonna tell you exactly, what to do step by step so you can get the best head start to start your online store, but, if you're looking for more specific. Videos like how to get traffic what. Sort of products, look for how, to find winning products, to sell all that, good stuff well then check out my channel because I've got a ton of free content on this channel so you can start to learn and build up beyond, the basics, without, further ado no more, let's. Jump straight onto laptop in front of me I'm gonna give you an over-the-shoulder, look, of how, to cite step, by step so let's get into it so as you can see I'm in incognito, mode completely. New browser so, let's get stuck into what first things first like I promise you all I'm gonna provide you with the business, plan so. What, you'll need to do is easiest, way is just head on to my channel, Head. On to my channel let it load and it is gonna be in the top right, hand corner let. Me pause this video first and, this. Button, right here I'll, zoom into it for you that, button right there will, get you right, to the guidebook and what, you simply need to do is just input, your email address, and name in, there so, go down to here and put your first name last name birthdate email, address and download, now which, should then take you to this.

Ebook. Here so, this is completely free like I said it's really. Gonna help you get started and. Get you on the, front foot basically, to, sell everything you want online so. Go. Through this, ebook. Read. Up you know take. It take an hour to read everything carefully to review the videos that are provided, you and. Of course the first thing that you want to do is set. Up Shopify. So there's, free trial links down the bottom of this video at the on the description. Link or, you can just simply click on, the. Description, link on that link, that I'm clicking on right now and just. Enter your email address so I'm just gonna obviously, put in a fake one. And. Let's go ahead. Password. Hopefully. I don't need to real Augean actually, I probably should put in something. Fake. And. Store. Name is completely. Whatever test test, test okay, it's already existing. Let's. Just throw. That in there so, once, you've created your store now let's, pretend that you've reviewed everything. In that eBook, then. We're, good to get cracking, basically, so, once that's all set up. This, stuff, actually does not matter you can click Next this, stuff though so this is actually, very important, a few, reasons to why it's actually quite quite, important, first. Reason. Is and, because. They, will. Tell you up this, information. And compare, it to your financial information so, what, I mean by this is if you've got a PayPal account, a, business account and you, input a certain name onto, Shopify, and it doesn't match up to your PayPal accounts. Name or your credit cards name then. There, is suspicion. There and. Shop fires gonna pull you up on that and you, may potentially not, get your funds so highly recommend that you put in your actual, details, but for. The sake of this video I am NOT going to do that so let's, type in some random, stuff. Here. Mr.. Strauss, mm-hmm. Sydney. Let's, give this another random number. So. Let's, go ahead and enter my store, if this. Proceeds. Because. Everything's completely fake, here. Anytime, now. It's. Clearly taking the time but. Here. We are now, your. Trial will start your. 14-day trial will start as soon as you land on this page here so let's. Get cracking, now. That we've downloaded the guide and we've. Got, the Shopify plant up and running let's go, into the, absolute, basics, I'm going to tell you exactly the. Theme, that, you should set up and, the, app that, you should get when you first, jump. Into this store so, this this, here, is, that. This is your store this is your back end of your store this is where you'll manage all your products, or your discounts. All your options all your themes or the entire, store and the entire look of the store or, from, this, back, end here, now. This is going to impact your actual online store, obviously, so. Let's go ahead and click, online store and I'm. Gonna tell you what. Which theme to start with now the debut. Theme is, completely. Basic. Highly. Recommend. Against using debut. Unless, you've, got a reason to but. Go. Ahead and click. Explore, free themes and like I said I'm gonna keep this video to completely. $0. So you're, not gonna spend a single cent to start your dropshipping store what I recommend, is a venture now go ahead and click venture, and install, that theme now, color scheme is up to you there's three colors here boxing. Outdoor snowboards, or very. Effective, in terms of how the theme is set up how appealing, it is in terms of user interface. And usability, so. I'm gonna hit add venture. Now as simple as that, you've.

Got Your, theme, up and running, we're not up and running it's not live yet it is, in a draft, as you can see here it's, in a draft and you're gonna go ahead and customize, the, theme okay, once, you customize, the entire theme, that's. When you're gonna push it live and that's when your, customers are gonna see it but obviously. You have to, remove. The trial plan in order to set your store live but there's a whole nother thing in itself so, I'm, not gonna customize the theme with, you guys now because, really that's subjective and that's up to you you can customize, to your heart's content and that's that's, great thing about Shopify, it makes things really easy the. Next thing is apps I'm just gonna tell you the one app that you, need to, start off with okay and, let's. Go ahead and hit visit, Shopify store now. Again like I said I have, done quite a few. Videos. Here on my channel about certain. Apps that you need to get advanced. Apps beginner apps go check out those videos if, you're, interested, in installing, more apps which you definitely, should so. A first app that you should definitely, go for in. Order, to start, importing, or, automatically. Importing. Products, from, China. Through. To yourself. I saw you, need this app so it's called opal oh the, great thing about this is it's it used to be a paid app but, Shopify. Bought out upload because it saw it's Shopify. Saw its potential, and now, it's completely free so that's the great thing. Now. It. Gets and you're, gonna sign up for a quick account so. Let's just get into that hit install app it's just asking you that, it can you, know enter. Your shop fight back in which is completely, fine so click, install app, now. Once this is installed what, this will do and I'll quickly run, you through what this does, exactly. This. Is going to connect up to the giant Chinese, marketplace, and this is how it's gonna pull, in information, pull. In products pulling images, directly. Into your store so you don't need to do that manually that's the beauty of this app okay so. This. Is this, section, okay you're, on the Oh blow page now this is set, it to the shop fight page so you've got two pages that you're managing at the moment you've got your shop fly back in which I'll go back to is this, and this. Is the shop fight back in now the other thing is Oh blow this is the Oh blow, back in this is where product, fulfillment happens. Now that is obviously one of the essential items that ecommerce product, fulfillment, I'm delivery. Receipt. You, may have send out logistics that sort of stuff this, is all. To. Be done here, now. Now. That we've got the. Oh blow app which is going to help you pull in product information, delivery. Etc. You've. Set up your store okay.

You're, Going to go into the market place in the market place of course, you can use a whole bunch of marketplaces, but the go to market. Place to, source your Chinese, or I should say Chinese products to source your products, from is how. The Express so. You. May have already heard of it because it is a huge, huge, website. And. Is a. Subsidiary, of. Alibaba. Hmm. Now. You're, going ahead you're going to go ahead and you know have a look at our Express do. You have a certain niche that you want to get into do you have a hobby that you want to start selling products around this. Is all questions, that you need to sit down think about to, start drop shipping and that's that's the fun of it because you can start drop shipping your favorite products you can start drop shipping things around your hobby so. The. Final thing you need to do is if you're on Google Chrome, go. Ahead and go onto the google chrome store and download the Oba lo application. Because. What, that's gonna do is let's just say you're selling drones for some reason. And. You really like drones so you can start selling them now from. Here if, you've got the Oh blow app there's. Gonna be a little pop-up that comes up and. All you need to do is hit that blue, button that appears once, you've got that application. It's completely free once again, so. You're going to hit that button and it's automatically, going to pull into the, back end of habló like, I said this page here and then you're gonna just you know change the scripture, and change the images to, your preference, and the, final button is a push, I store. Button. Excuse. Me that is gonna push right into the. Product section of your Shopify, store, so. Once. You start doing that and, you. May be asking me okay well what. What. Hooks are gonna sell and how. Am I gonna make money off all of this like it's all good and dandy dandy. That, you know we've got the shop I store set up we've got fulfillment. Set up we know how to source products. How. Do we know what's, gonna sell well well that's a good question I'm, gonna give you a very simple, very. Very simple, way to find, winning. Products and this is all through, Facebook, so most of you I assume we're I hope have. Facebook, accounts so, let's, head on to the Facebook, Facebook. Page now, you're. Gonna head on to Facebook, homepage word whatever, it is and this. Is super simple you're just gonna type in, your. Favorite, niche or whatever, you feel like selling, whatever that, may be it, can be whatever you want. Chances. Are they. Have that, selling, on Aliexpress. They have that product that you can source on Aliexpress, so. I'm. Going to type in a random example type in cats okay. So. Cats, or like more. Specifically, cat toys because you know we can sell cat toy you can't really sell cats you, could sell cats but not on Aliexpress, bad, be very worrying so, cut toys and go, ahead and click videos. Like. I said I'm not going to go into detail, about why, I do certain, things if you, need that, detail, then, you can go onto my channel I've got heaps of value there and I'll, go into detail there so, you, know just take a look at the results, take a look at their views as you, can see the, top. Result. Has 23. Million, views and this was just posted, two. Weeks ago so like. For, a fact you know that this product, that they're selling is popular. You know that it's got some sort of traction it's somewhat. Viral, and. So. Go ahead and click into that video and you're going to quickly watch the video you're gonna you know you're gonna wonder what, exactly it is so. It. Looks like. Okay. Well. It. Looks, looks. Kinda silly to be honest with you but hey I mean people, gonna buy it so, it looks like it's like a hamster. Or a cat or some sort, that. Replicates. The sounds that you make so kind of cool I guess. You've. Got a, proven, product that has a lot of views a lot of traction a lot of people are talking about it I mean there's 300,000. People sharing. This video, in itself and there's 7,000 comments. 52,000, reactions, so, we, know we.

Know That this product is very, popular. Now, that's why I like using Facebook. It makes, things super simple, especially if you're completely new to this and you've got zero dollars to spend this, is the methods go with so. What. You're going to do here is the. Good thing about this is you can go directly, on to the store, okay, you, don't need any experience, with ad copy you don't need any experience, whatsoever you, can go straight onto the store here. Right. And like. Literally within two minutes we've found yet, another winning. Product, and you've, got the entire, infrastructure. So you can semi replicate. This, infrastructure. And it's proven, to work so. In. Terms of pricing it's a good good idea to look at the pricing, and see how competitive, you can be with pricing, look at the, ad copy. And. See what your gonna prove on top of this because you, don't want to just replicate everything you're gonna see how you can take it and form, it in a way that suits your own store suits, your own style. So. Let's go ahead and go back onto our Express, and let's see if we can find this, specific, product so I'm, just gonna type in talking hamster, and I'm assuming. It should be there so. Obviously. The autofill there, we go guys it is right, here. Exciting. Times because I just found it literally. Within two minutes we found a winning product and we found it on Aliexpress. And we know it's selling. Because, the data says so on Facebook, and, best. Of all, it's. It's it's, so crazy actually this. 15,000. Orders for, this specific. Hipster now. It's. It's, it's. Only $5, a piece, basically and, now, I assume it. Is like, if you go with a packet, always, go with a packet, because it is the fastest, shipment, times as you can tell 13, to 20 days and, although yes some of you may be like holy, that is such a long time yes technically, is a long time, but. There's a lot of ways around it and I'm not gonna go into those strategies in this video but e packet, all the way so that's a dollar so roughly. All up it's about six seven dollars now this store is selling it for twenty, dollars now that's double. That's, double, and so. You, could potentially get.

$10. That minimum profit, for every sale that you get now if this store is selling a crap-ton that's. $10 a pop and if you're gonna scale, this and, so I sell into the world you can see the potential of drop drop, shipping right here so, this is getting me quite excited. So. You're, gonna go ahead like. I said you, found a winning product through, this method you're, going to go ahead and push this into over, lo your, back end off your store and from. There Oh blow you're gonna you know edit, you're. Gonna edit, let's. Let's give you an example I'm gonna show you exactly, how to do this now, you, can do this through Oh blow as well if you go into dashboard, and. Or. Such products, you. Can search products, through Oh blow itself as well but I found it much easier to look for, products and, I'll express because it's not as limited as Oh blow now, it Oh blah is using the AL Express platform so. If you type in. Talking. Hamster, again so, for example, let's pretend it's, the same product, as the one we just saw you're. Gonna click, Add to import, list and. Then. It's going to come into your import, list you're going to click into import, list on the side here and, here you're gonna change the title you're gonna add it to your collections, that you've established, in, the shop, fight back end you're. Gonna go into descriptions, and you know you're gonna you're, gonna basically add. Or. Better, the. Copy and it's. A good idea to take note from these winning, stores because obviously they've, they've. Got traction, you, know it's working well on this store so. You're gonna take some of the copy make. It even better and, turn it into your own product, go, into variants and clean this all up sometimes. The cut like the text is a bit wacky. Capitalize. Everything, and, you. Know set your own prices. You can change prices based on new value or multiply by it's. Up to you really. Images. You're gonna select images now sometimes, there's a lot of images to choose from. It's. Really quite simple so that is it and then you're gonna hit import, to store right so let's go ahead and try this hit. Import. To, store and assuming. That all the description, and images are right it's. Gonna go right, into your. Shopify, back-end so if you click products, on the side here now you. Should see it pop up right here and there we go it is right, here ready. To sell to, the world now. That, is it guys I am gonna end the video here but like literally in 20, minutes, I think it was like 20 minutes I, taught, you literally, quite literally how to start, a store from scratch from nothing. Wood. Shop fire with, Oh blow with Aliexpress. And with this very. Very nifty. Research. Tool or research, strategy, I should say because the tool is Facebook. And. Facebook is widely available so. You can start selling winning products, and the. Trick, in the magic, here is using, a paid, paid. Traffic, now. There, are ways to generate, organic traffic and what not now to, touch on that on my channel but, the, way to quickly scale, this business business, is through, Facebook, Ads now. That. Is a whole beast in itself and like I said as a digital marketing manager. There's a lot of people that are Facebook ad specialists, and they have their whole career based on Facebook ads so, it's, not a company it's not a simple thing it's.

Definitely Complicated but. If you harness, the magic, of Facebook, Ads then. You can sell these bad boys you can sell these products that we're looking at here like the magic talking hamster. To. People, that like hamsters that people to people that like. You. Know like, plush, toys, and. Potentially. That are mothers that were, looking, for the next birthday gift for their kids so, that is it as you can tell from this whole tutorial. The. Potential, of drop shipping is insane, and you can quite literally, start with $0 as you can see here I spent nothing. Everything. Was free including. The apps including. The Shopify store if. You want that, free trail check, out the links down below and, and. Get, onto the trend, of drop shipping because, as. You can tell it really works, if, you're looking for those stats and looking for a shop fire drop, shipping success story then check out my videos on my channel and, no. Wonder drop shipping is so hot at the moment get. On to it before it's saturated I, mean everyone. Was saying it was potentially saturated, back, at. The end of 2017 but, there's still room for growth, here ecommerce. Is becoming huge so, guys. Hopefully. You enjoy this video and if, you're completing the adoption get into the game right now if you're. New. To this channel then. Hit that subscribe button click. That Bell button because this channel is all about, establishing. Side passive, income, guys and who doesn't want site passive income I mean you go to put up the work up front but you're gonna get there so chase lifestyle, not dollars as always, guys thanks for watching and, keep, on hustling.

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