How to Start An Online E-Commerce Business on Shopify 2018

How to Start An Online E-Commerce Business on Shopify 2018

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What's up guys a lot of you have been asking me if I, can help you build an online e-commerce store, and yeah, no problem, I don't, mind helping and I've helped a few personal, friends out and some family members the only thing I'm noticing is that I'm just repeating the same information, over and over I thought it'd be a good idea if, I just created, like an online tutorial, video, and then that way I could share it with you guys in case you forgot anything you might learn something new or if you're just online browsing. And you're looking for a how to build an online e-commerce business. You might stumble upon my video and this might be helpful to you I'm gonna try to keep it under 15, to 20 minutes I'm not gonna get into too much detail, because that would probably take over an hour and I know you don't want to sit here and watch an hour-long video you probably want to know my credentials, or why I'm even qualified, to kind of give you this advice I'm, just somebody, who owns his, own e-commerce store, and I've built you know a few four different companies, helpful. Advice is, is good for a beginner who's just starting out that way you don't have to figure things out on your own I'm not sure what to do with my hand currently, I work a nine-to-five for, a physician. Franchising. Corporation and so for. The first four years I was basically running their paid advertisement. Campaigns, or pay-per-click campaigns. If you don't know what that is that's if, you're like on Facebook, or Google or Bing and, you've seen paid advertisements. Manage. Those I was managing a multi-million. Dollar account. And then I'm passing, that over now to a different employee and then I'm moving over to an e-commerce site that I built for the company I'll show you guys real quick on my screen what the e-commerce site is what, this is is a website, that deals with professional-grade. Vitamins. And supplements, stuff. That's like physician, recommended. Not, like your average supplements. That you find on Amazon that, you don't know where they came from or if the manufacturer, wasn't good it turns out that in this industry there's a lot of manufacturers. Out there to have like pretty, bad practices. I built this about a year and a half ago and it's, currently doing I think this month we are at. $20,000. In sales. Already. And so. What. Is it the twelve today so, yeah, we're probably gonna do. Fifty. Sixty, thousand dollars, this. Month so. That's one of the stores I've built and man currently, another. One would be you Danxia fight where which is my personal brand this is what I do as, a hobby. Outside, of my nine-to-five, I, started doing, jiu-jitsu a, few years ago fell in love with it it's my passion I train every day until. I, decided to build a store around.

Combat. Sports where if. You're outside, this world and don't know anything about it. Jiu-jitsu, or MMA fighters, need rash guards compression, pants fight short to G's or kimonos, to train, in and so, that's kind of my niche my vertical that, I'm doing right now another. Store that I am, dealing. With right now is or in the process of developing, is pineapple. Sunglasses. Dot-com so, this, is something that I'm, just doing for fun with my girlfriend, I'm helping her build her own store that's gonna be just themed. Pineapple. Everything so we're gonna sell sunglasses, but we're also gonna. Sell like trinkets. Accessories. Clothing. With, like patterns of pineapples, on them anyway. So, this, is like, some of the supplements that we sell here these, are some of the sunglasses, that we're gonna sell on pineapple, sunglasses. Calm here my, you don't you fight wear rash guard. Cool. Demon, on the back and then. Also, on an independent. Record. Label called some blaze Records calm anyway, so that's. What I do for a living, let's. Get, started I kind, of want to go over what, I would do if I were to start a brand new business figuring. Out what product I'm gonna sell where to sell it how to get it produced and then who to target the thing we're gonna do right now is kind of weird and it's, funny the, story behind it story is that I've been arguing with buddy of mine on. Facebook for the last few weeks over flat, earth it's. Time to get off that start us and research flat earth what. So I've been doing a little digging into it and it turns out that in, the United States two percent of the population believe, that the, earth is flat 250. Million three hundred million. People two percent of that few hundred thousand people maybe there's, a community, out there right they got Facebook groups, subreddits. They just did a convention, in Las Vegas this why trim around the outside a lot of refer to it as the ice wall so you're trying to push these I ideologies. And they're. Like their own little cult anyway, what you want to focus on when you're starting out is is tackling, a niche. That. Is a niche right there so, what, I would do let's, say what what are we gonna sell today use flatters guys right think about it like this if these. Guys feel. Like they have some, sort of knowledge they've, acquired or uncovered, that they want to spread out to people what's, the better way to do so then like with t-shirts right, basically.

They, Want to find other flat-earthers or, they want people to ask about their, ideas, putting your ideas on a t-shirt is what we've been doing for the longest time you know what, brand do we wear what sayings do we like you, know there's motivational, t-shirts whatever your affiliation, is usually, put it on some designer t-shirt I think that that might be a good idea we're gonna focus on creating, flat earth t-shirts. Now. That we kind of have an idea of, what. We want to do we have to basically, do a little research and a little digging into hey, man can I actually making money with this are people actually searching, for this product learn first things I would probably do is I would go to and, I would search for. Flat. Earth t-shirts so, let's, see what comes, up and as. You can see it's, already here, because, this. Is like the fifth take that I've done for this video you. Got, a few. Shopping. Or product listings up here and, then you have Amazon Amazon Amazon T, public, red bubble at sea. Morphia. EBay. Cafe. Press it actually doesn't, look like there's too much competition here like what I'm looking for is if there's, a very. Straightforward website, like flatterers t-shirts, calm flatter shorts, calm, like some sort of company, that's like oh this is our vertical you see a bunch of Amazon listings out here because Amazon. Is. Huge every. Single product you can imagine if you do a Google search for it Amazon, is gonna, be ranking for it right so don't ever worry about Amazon, ranking for whatever product idea you have another thing to look at here is like Spreadshirt, ebay RedBubble, CafePress. Those, type of sites, brands. Themselves it's, like not someone, who didn't build a brand around that, flatterers, t-shirt that they're displaying, it's basically like cafe presses like site win which they carry a bunch of different items like mugs. And, t-shirts, stickers. And, all types of things in the same image would. Be on all of them and then if you buy they'll print it on demand not necessarily, anything. To worry about as well this is good this is good there's no real, competition I see here right it should be fairly easy to probably rank organically, seems like we can get in this market now, we want to see what type of volume there, is around this product, to see how, much volume there is you would probably want to use like a keyword tool and there's. Plenty. Keyword. Tools. Out there if, you go to google you'll. Get results for a bunch of them but one, of the easiest ones and to. Use is probably Adwords. Keyword planner you don't know what adwords is it's basically how you manage, your paid. Ads when it comes to Google I'm not gonna go into too much detail about it but let's, just go over to my keyword, planner here so, what. We want to do here is go, to search, for new keywords, using, a phrase, website, or category. Just. To, see if there's any other words that we might be missing when it comes to the flatterers, t-shirts so let's, put in a few queries here in a flat as shirts. Flat. Or keys. T-shirt. Okay. And then let's say alright, so there's not a whole lot of volume here and. What you're looking at here is the. Search terms that we typed in and then below that are, keywords.

By Relevance, so any other relevant, keywords, - the ones that we typed in here so, average, monthly searches you, got, 1900. 1040. For these different terms here and not too much volume for these other. Relevant, terms competition. Is high which is weird because I don't really see. Too much competition, and. Then suggest, a bit it's actually really low 38, cents meaning that when someone clicks on whatever, paid advertisement, you're doing you're gonna be charged 38 cents per dad click there's enough volume anything, over a thousand, means. There's a volume for us to make some sales here how you would, kind of determine, that is that think about the. Conversion rate when it comes to e-commerce, so, industry, standard the conversion. Rate for e-commerce, stores, is anywhere. From two to four percent for, every hundred visitors you're. Gonna get two to four sales on average, you can see. How you would kind of start calculating how. Many sales you might do per day based on like the amount of volume that there is out there I hate those math problems like, billions. Of, stuff like add, more, add numbers, to make more numbers to make more numbers to make more numbers to make more numbers and divide, to make more numbers and times, it god damn it another thing to think about too is that if there's not a whole lot of volume you might have to switch your marketing. Strategy around so there's two ways to go about this, if. There's, a ton of volume. Out there for a certain product that you want to sell your strategy, is just basically to show up in the, search engine results that, way when someone searches for your product they can land or. They can see your search result or your product listing click-through, go, on your site and then it's really more about like, making. That user experience better, than your competitors, so that people are more likely to buy on your site and then they are on others, making your product photography, a little, bit better so they're more interested in clicking on your advertisement, and another's. Now. If, there's no demand, for your product your marketing strategy is to create demand right, so if no one's looking for your product you need to make people want your product and this, one's a little harder but, a good example would be like, ShamWow.

Right So prior, to ShamWow, coming out people weren't searching, for the keyword ShamWow, they had a new product a new invention and what, they needed to do was create the man make people want to buy their product so what they had to do was basically, create, a bunch of infomercials. Demonstrating. How the product works why, you might need it why it's better than whatever other product, like bounty quilted. Whatever. Picker-uppers, hi it's been from scam now you're gonna be saying holy, I got ripped off every time you use this towel, it's like a chamois it's like a sponge it's. Retarded use, it gay or straight or use it on crime, scenes animal, guts dolphin, jizz Oh poop on your RV ShamWow how its twenty thousand times its weight in liquid look at this, heavy. As a, rock they made a demand for it people, want it people know the name of it now they know what the product exists now it's more about just showing up in search results that being said we. Can still work with this so, we, got an idea for what, we might, once sell we. Know that there's not too much competition out there even. Though Google claims there is this is a competition, base for for, keywords but as far as like other brands. Out there companies, no. Competition, we know we got a little bit of volume to work with so we can probably make, a few sales here and there and this is good for your starters store for, you to learn the thing that we want to do is let's come up with a name for our store, most likely you would want to go something straight. To the point like flatter shirts com what we want to do here is let's, do a Google search or, actually, let's go to flat. Earth. Shirts. Shirts. Com. See if that's taken oops I spelled, that wrong. Shirts. Comm. Pros. And cons here the. Domain is taken it's. $2295. The good thing here is though that no, one is building a site around it at the moment it seems like just someone is domain, squatting, on this. You. Don't necessarily need, this domain and if you build a profitable store, you might be doing $2,000, a week and then you might be able to purchase this, later on so what we're gonna do is we're gonna figure out an alternative name to use for, that we. Can go to Shopify's. Business. Name generator, and I'll try to link all these in. The description so you guys don't have to go look for it but let's go with flatter. Shirts, here and what this is gonna do is it's gonna generate a bunch of different, business, name ideas. Based, on your query as you can see here a bunch of just different ideas I, definitely, just want to have something. About Flat Earth and t-shirts. In the domain name I don't want something that's too long I know, they abbreviate, Flat Earth with F II Michael, with Fe t-shirts, comm or something like that something, that can also go with it like Flat Earth shirt. Store com, let's, go with that here's. The second thing that you want to think about is. The domain name available, but also other social, media handles available, and something, to use, for that would be name, check basically you type in the. Name that you want to acquire and it'll, search all the social media platforms and all. The different domain extensions, to see if that's. Available so, what we're gonna do is go with that, there's. A. Shirt. Store oops. But. We're not even gonna put com, I'm gonna see if the dot-com is available the dot-com, org, all those are available Facebook.

YouTube Instagram blogger. Those are all available why is it important, well, think about when you're searching for a brand that, you might have just heard of or if you're just looking for a particular product you don't want to have to remember okay. For flatter, shorts, store the Instagram, has two zeros at the end the. Facebook has an underscore, the YouTube has two. F's etc, etc you want to be consistent, across the board that's. How you build a brand that's how you you, you, get into people's heads you know they remember your store this, is one name check is such a good tool. To use we, have a product we got a domain name. We know what our social media handles are going to be so, the next step would be to go to and, purchase, your domain here, we go flatter shirts, is available. And it's $0.99. But why is it $0.99. There's a little trick here that I got from, my boss if. You would just go to GoDaddy, and search, for a domain name it would probably be $12.99. For your domain if it was available and it wasn't taking there's a little trick that you can do if you google GoDaddy, and then google GoDaddy, here and. Then, you see this link here 99, cent domain names if you click this now you search for a domain name your, first domain is gonna be $0.99. So search. Got. Your first domain for $0.99, not remember this was just for the first year it's gonna then go back to the regular price but even at $12.99, it's only a dollar a month so it doesn't really matter you, just saving a few bucks here. Anyway. So we. Have a domain. Name social. Media handles products, not too much competition out there what's. The next step here's where you're gonna pick. A platform. Of where you're gonna build your store now. Let's go over to, Shopify. Because, that's what I would recommend basically. What you're looking for, is a, CMS, or. An e-commerce CMS, a content. Management system, meaning. That like the cart, and check-out system, already built out all that you need to do is sign up for an account add your, product, and your content, and your images, and then, you're basically ready to sell so there's there's a bunch out there besides Shopify, there, is big commerce there's, Wix or square space there's, a, WooCommerce. If you have a wordpress site but. I've dabbled with all of them and honestly, Shopify, is the best one again I'm not being sponsored by them or anything this. Is just from experience it's, way more user friendly than the other ones the templates, are way better you don't have to constantly update all, your plugins and apps like in WordPress, stuff, just doesn't break there's a huge, marketplace. For, like plugins, and apps, and, and all types of different things that you can add to your store for like extra functionality, so, how would definitely recommend going with Shopify, it's very easy sign up so 14-day trial. Plenty, of time for you to set up your store now that you have product.

A Domain and, then you set up your Shopify, store you. Want to sell, t-shirts but, how are you going to sell these t-shirts you have two, ways you can either bulk, order them from a manufacturer. Or supplier you, know there's a bunch of printing. Companies online like, Jack prints that they'll send it to you there's also companies, they will do drop, shipping printful, is basically, fulfillment. On demand, meaning, that you're gonna create a design upload, it to print full on whatever product, you want so if I go to products. Meant closing t-shirts. You'll see all, the different t-shirts that they offer here from Gildan to American Apparel, and what you're gonna do is you're gonna go pick. A, t-shirt. Here, and let's go with American Apparel. And then you can choose different colors you add your design on to this t-shirt and then you can list it on your store let's, actually do, that real, quick printful integrates directly with Shopify, you just go into the app store search printful, and then just click install and it'll be connected. Right to your store you just put in your email address and then now you're ready to go let's go to apps printful. And let's. Go to add product, now I'm gonna go to t-shirts, here again I like, American Apparel t-shirts, you want offer all these different colors here you. Don't really have to but let's just for the sake of the video you. Can offer every, single size available, here up to three XL and, then what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna upload some artwork, and what I did here is these, flatters, guys claimed, at NASA is always, faking footage and etc etc so, I created, this design. And, what I did here is just I went online found, the. NASA logo which, was a free download and then I googled font, like NASA and then, I found, font. Called Bambi, which is basically the same exact font and then I just edited the, image so instead of NASA says fake. We're, gonna choose this image here I'm gonna post it on this t-shirt here and that's what it looks like I could resize. It or I could put. It down here or put it up here Center, it this is what my, t-shirt. Will look like and printful, will, actually create a mock-up for me so I choose all the colors all the sizes I want to offer just what the design it's gonna look like I'm, gonna proceed, to mock up the descriptions already built in titles, built in size and guides already on there proceed to pricing, here it's gonna tell me the pricing, per, this product, now it varies, depending on the size of the shirt here's the retail price I'm gonna offer it for based on a 62%.

Markup. I could put that out whatever I want to 80%, that's my markup this is gonna cost me to print, a shirt, now I'm, gonna submit this to my store and it, should only take a few seconds, to upload this, to my Shopify, store but essentially. That's all you got to do as. You can see we've, found, an idea as far as like what we're gonna sell I quickly. Designed a graphic. For a t-shirt I've connected, printful. To my Shopify, store and I'm now currently uploading. That, t-shirt on to my store and it's gonna be ready to sell let's look at that under my products, this is what its gonna look like on the back end here's a description, all, the variants, these are all set up already and then I could look at that on my store, here there we go I got a website here and now this, is just a basic template that I just haven't themed yet that's why everything just looks so basic, that I'm sorry but the test was positive. Your. Basic batch this, is ready to go I can Add to Cart and then if I set up my paypal, or my bank account within Shopify, I'm actually ready. To sell. An item and someone, could actually just check out already, we're. Basically almost done here the last thing that you want to do is figure, out who you're gonna target now and how you're gonna sell these products, and I would recommend probably just doing some Facebook ads or, Instagram, ads which is the same platform some, Google advertisement. That's, something. That's a little bit more advanced and I would have to go into detail, in. A later video let's, actually just go into my. Book dashboard here, and I'll, just really, quickly go, through what I would do so I would create a campaign, I'll say I want to generate, conversions, and then what I would do here real quick is I would choose a location, I want to target so United States you want to start out with the United States because you're you, know what's so international when, you first start out it's just too much of a hassle later on you can do so once you learn what you're doing what we want to do here is look at the, potential reach so using. Just United. States as a target. Age. Range 18 to 65, that's 230 million people in the United States that fit that targeting. So we want to get as granular as possible, and target people who are more likely, to to, buy these t-shirts just. From basic research I know that most of them are men there's, not a whole lot of women that are pushing the whole flat or thing so as you could see that that's around 50% of that 230. Million. People that, we're narrowing it down to. Language. I like, to go with English, and, just for. A simple fact that your, stores, in English that's not translated, and if you got people from different, languages. It's. Like a loft sale. You. Want to target. People who are interested in flattered so Facebook, probably has a category yeah so people who have expressed an interest or like pages related flattered now dwindle.

Is That down to 99 million it really should, be a lot less than that because it's, really only 4, million people so, we, can narrow it further here. Most, flat earthers are creationists. I'm Carl Sagan, just, how old is our planet, scientists. Believe it's 4 Bundoora. Dares. Old scientists. Have determined that the universe was created by. Bang. So let's see if there's. Creation. Creationism. Of, creationism. Young. Earth Creationism. Okay. And, then we can narrow it further by, saying, purchase. Behavior. And let's, engage shoppers. Meaning people who have, recently. Clicked, on the shop now' button and i just know these by heart but you can click browse. Or suggestions, to dwindle, down this audience here but, anyway, that's. Just like a quick rundown of like how you would target somebody this, goes into more detail of like adding your budget, and then you would go into the next steps of where you would create like your creative, and add your image and all that stuff but. Maybe i'll just go in. Depth on a different video but. Essentially, this. Should be a really, good starting. Point for you guys as far as like how to find. A product choose, your domain set, up your store out of product and you're. Ready to go if you like what you saw here just click the subscribe button i'm, gonna upload more videos later, on and, again, thanks for watching if you have anything, you want me to do a video on specifically. Just leave it in the comments, alright, thanks guys.

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