How To Start An Online Business That Grows#howto #startbusiness #onlinestore #onlinebusiness

How To Start An Online Business That Grows#howto #startbusiness #onlinestore #onlinebusiness

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Hi everyone um... Welcome back to my   Youtube channel I hope you guys are all  settling well in the new year um... so am I. My name is Noma Nontenja um... thank you, thank  you, thank you to everyone who have liked,   who have commented on my previous video and to  everyone who have subscribed. The love is so   overwhelming, thank you so  much and to the new joiners   welcome to my Youtube channel, thank you for  joining me thank you for tuning in please don't   forget to do the right thing in the end to like to  comment and to subscribe I really appreciate it.

So today I'll be talking about how to start  um... an online business that grows. This topic   is actually based on the fact that it's a new  year, we are all refreshed, we are all recharged   and we all have all those business  ideas that we want to partake on   but maybe we just don't know where  to start or we just fear the unknown. So in this video I'll be sharing the steps that  I actually took um... to start my online business   and the steps that I took to actually grow  the business. So I've documented the steps   on my journal so please don't think  otherwise if I keep on looking at my channel So step number one is to Determine Your  Niche um... your Business Idea. You need to  

define your focus area um... so what does  this mean? It means that, you need to define   what your business will be all about um... will  it be about selling baby stuff, will it be about   selling beauty products, will it be about....  whatever the case may be um... you need to define  

the area of focus of your business. This is very  important because you want to make sure that   when you start the business you are sure about the  vision of your business because the least that you   want is to actually start a business then it just  becomes a jack of all trades and master of none.   So it's very important that you define  your niche and you identify the focus   area of your business and also it's very important  that you actually start the business because you   want to start the business because you don't want  to start a business because you saw someone else   um..doing it and it seems to be working because  I can rest assure you that it ain't gonna go  

anywhere because you will keep on feeling  the need to look at the person to copy them   whatever that they are doing. It won't be genuine  um... or organic as you would have started if you   iphuma kuwe. I hope that makes sense so that's  point number one, is to define your niche. Then point number two,   you need to Conduct a Product Research and this  is also important because you really wanna know   your product very well um... when you actually  start selling or distributing to your customers   because you don't want to find out while you  have sold the product to the customer that   there are actually some glitches um... in the  product and you're just not aware about them.   So you need to research about the product where  is the product made ?um... it's made of what? so  

that you understand exactly what actually entails  your own product. So that when your customer asks   you questions, you are already prepared and you  are already ready to actually answer um... their   their questions. So that's point number one  point number two actually conduct a   product research um... on the products that you  will be selling or distributing to your customers. Point number three um... is to Conduct Market  Research this is very important because when  

you are conducting a market research you are  actually assessing what are the likes, the   needs and the lacks of your customers so that when  you actually start your business you already know   what is it that you are about to offer um...  to your customers or the clients which was   not there before um... and also you are able to  identify what is it that your business will bring   of value of, of benefit to your clients because at  the end of the day we all start a business because   we want to bridge a gap that we have identified  and we are actually bringing solutions to the   problems that our clients have, so you need to do  that market research so that you are able to see   what is it that you will bring up for  your customers. It can be quality,   it can be convenience for them um... it can  be anything that you have identified that is   actually in need or it's something that  is lacking um...within the their lives. For example one of the products that I actually  sell as part of my LullaBuy Babies catalog is the   portable baby bed. So when I actually chose that  product um... as a product that I want to sell  

at my online store I've got to actually see that  um... the value that this product is going to   bring, its the fact that parents don't have  to carry around a baby bed wherever they go. So the portable bed comes with a backpack  which means you can always carry your baby bed   around wherever you go, so that's the convenience  and people actually wants convenience and lkes   convenience and truth be told people will never  buy a product if they don't see the benefit that   they are gonna get from it so it's very important  to do product market research and while doing so I   would also advise that it's very important that  you also do research your competitors (people   who are already in your industry who are already  doing the very same thing that you will be doing).

However, I do want to say though,  that you must make sure that   you keep looking at them at a minimum because  at times it might come across as if um...   you are actually benchmarking  your own business with theirs. and sometimes it can be stressful to a point  off you might turn negative towards your own   business especially if their own businesses are  actually doing well. So when you actually opt for  

this particular strategy make sure that you are  actually ready that you will be able to to to to   be strong enough not to compare your business  to theirs because remember they are already   in the business and they've started the business  long time ago and you just starting so rather use   their businesses um... as a way um... to grow your  own business um... so that you can also identify   the things that are not doing um... well so that  you can use those weaknesses um... as an advantage   to your own business because at the end of the  day we don't want to be um... the same businesses   that sells the very same things, there has to be  one particular thing that sets your own business   apart. So that's why you need to actually  check your competitors so that you can see   what is it that they are not doing well  so that you can actually spend umm...   more time and focus on that which will make  your own business to be unique from theirs.

Also um... which I think is also worth  mentioning is that while doing so also don't   compare your pricing um... because  remember they've done this.   So when you set your own prices don't compare  because that might actually put you off because   you might struggle to get clients because probably  you've started too high because you think that   we're selling the same product um... so I think  I must also sell this product at the same price   that they're actually selling them. You need to  own your own business and understand that this is   my business it's not my competitor's business.  However what is also helpful while looking at  

your competitors is to look at the things that  seems to be trending because at the end of the   day you don't want to be selling old stuff while  people have moved on. So you need to check up on   your competitors so that you can actually see  what seems to be trending so that you are also   part of the move you don't want to be obsolete and  be left behind. So that was point number three. and then point number four , you need to Define  Your Target Market guys this is very important,   like you need to define a target market simply  because it brings you or rather it actually   allows you to know um... who you are selling to  because at the end of the day start a   business with an aim that you want to sell your  products to people who are actually able to pay   for your product. So you need to know your target  market because it it will also help you that you   don't fall into a trap where it's either you over  price your goods or you under price your goods.  

What I mean by this is that, I once experienced  this problem when I was starting my own business. So I think at the time I was selling my  strollers for... One of the products I   also sell as part of my online store catalogue  is that I sell Hot Mom strollers. So when I   started I think I was selling them for R7500 if  it was not R7200 I can't remember um...correctly  

so the challenge that I experienced quite  a lot at the time was that, people would   actually call me...Hi I'm actually interested  in your stroller um... but I only have R5000   will that be fine for you? I do want to say this,  when you defined your target market you won't fall   um... in that trap because you will know  exactly if someone would negotiate a lower price   um... on the price you are actually selling your  product for it shows that she is not your target   market and number two people are just taking  advantage because you're just starting um...   I'm your business because truth be told ...... but  because we are a small business and we are just  

starting out they tend to take that advantage  .So it's very important that you stand firm   um... in your own rules and in your own...whatever  um... that works for your business so that you   don't fall into that trap. Otherwise, you'll be  having a business that is not making a profit   that is always making a loss. So define  your target audience so that you know  

exactly that if you get such stories you  know this is not the right person um.. Point number five is to Evaluate your Product  Viability this is also important because you want   to evaluate holistically um... your product before  purchasing um... a big number of goods because   at this point you are not sure whether they're  gonna do well or they're not gonna do well   so when you actually evaluate your product  viability you can actually ask a   research on businesses that are already  successful in the the business by selling   the product. So that you can see how is it  selling and also you do wanna check the demand   of the product that you'll be selling in  your store because you don't want to be   stuck with stock because there are no people  who are actually interested in the product and   lastly you do want to look at the calculations of  this product to see whether it makes sense or not   because at the end of the day you don't want  to buy a product that actually won't bring a   profit in your business so that's point number  five for you to evaluate your product viability And then finally number six Define  your Brand and Image this is important   um... this is important because your brand and  your image of your business are basically the  

overall vibe um... of your business this is  what people see in your page when they go   on Instagram or Facebook or to your website and  um... you must make sure that your colour choices   are actually proper you must make sure that  your logo is actually actually proper and if   you are not good at this make sure that you  source someone who's actually good at it. So I was fortunate enough mna I have a guy who is  very passionate um... about this and I do want to   acknowledge him. His name is Thabo Kaunda and he  owns a business called Blank Outdoor Media so he's   the brains behind my logo and he's the brains  behind my website and um... I will do share  

his details the description box if you  are actually interested um in his services I do   want to say this you need to find someone who's  passionate about this particular job um... uThabo   has been so amazing man in doing this for  me to a point that I kept going back to   him even for other things You don't want to be  working with someone who is just interested in   money.........and then they disappear so  with uThabo I am at peace because I know   if something goes down on my website  I know Thabo is there to pick that up,   if theres something i'm not happy  uThabo guys would actually edit daily.   There were times where myself  i'm trying to do a website like how to add my   products to my website how to remove my  products to my website so Thabo was the   only person who knew he did everything.......  ......................have someone like that  

um i'm in your business because you don't want  stress when you're starting to work on a business   yeah but also I do want to appreciate what Thabo  actually did um... eventually he actually did a   training of the website for me showing me how to  add my own products how to remove my own product   and how to to label my stuff when i'm  stuck when they're out of stock so that   we can actually remove him as the middle man  who actually do everything because truth be   told Thabo has a family has his own life I  can't be calling him and sometimes he's not   even around and I need to do um... things on my  own so you need to make sure that when you're   actually opting for the for the or e-commerce  site you must make sure that you know how   to run it yourself so that when the primary  person is not around you are actually not   stranded so those are the six things um... that  actually worked for me um... in my business  

and i do just want to run through them before  i actually get to how to grow your business. So point number one is to Determine your Niche and  Business Idea is to determine your focus area of   your business number two um... is to Conduct your  Product Research to know exactly what your product   is all about what it is made of and etc and then  point number three is to Conduct a Market Research   of your product um... so that you can actually  be able to see what are the needs and wants   and the lacks of your clients by doing that also  do consider looking at your competitors just to   see what their strength and weaknesses are so that  you can see where you can actually use where they   are not good at as as a competitive advantage  or competitive edge for your own business point   number four Define your Target Market know your  audience know the people whom you are selling to   and then point number five is to Evaluate  your Product Viability so that you can see   whether this product is in demand are there any  businesses that are really successful selling   this business and then lastly and to Define your  Brand and Image um... so that when people look at   your page or or your website they are actually  interested to buy an item from the business so   that's basically how I actually started my own  online business which is called LullaBuy Babies. Then the second part is actually growing your  business how to grow your business um... so  

there's four steps that actually worked for me  and the first one is to PRAY for your business   um... this is very important guys especially if  you are in the online business um...industry or   era simply because online businesses um... have  challenges um...when you're actually starting out   um... you are just a brand that is there,  you are a drop in an ocean and one you are   not a trusted brand AWAZIWA! and number  two there are so many scammers out there   who've been scamming people in the name of online  business um... so a client will pay for an item   and then the business will disappear after  that and when we actually opt now in this era   of having an online business....... yeah so you  need to PRAY for your business for those things  

and praying for your business it also brings so  much peace um... to yourself because you know that   God is in control and you know that  God is actually journing with you in   this process and this has proven  be working for me well as for my   business because I've seen my business grow from  strength to strength despite all the scamming   issues brands not being trusted and so forth so  that's point number one PRAY for your business. and then number two um.. Social Media marketing  this is very important and this, I guess   everything is very important when you're growing  your business or you're starting a business   social media marketing is powerful. It's powerful  because it allows one to actually reach um... an  

audience that one never thought would ever reach  um.. social media is very important because   sibangaphi on social media I mean if I talk about  Instagram if i talk about Facebook Twitter....   platform so make use of that but I do want to  say this though that um...because of fear um..and  

because my previous business didn't work  out I didn't actually advertise my business   more LullaBuy Babies more on my own personal  account so this is what I I have my   own personal Instagram account and then I went  and created my LullaBuy Instagram account and   I did that intentionally because I didn't want to  mix my personal life as well as my business life.   I'm saying this right now that make sure  that you make use of social media if you have   a profile on Instagram or Facebook make sure  you advertise your business but I do want   to say that I didn't do this I didn't do this  not because I didn't want to do it but I think   I feared disappointment so much to a point that I  was just scared that my business may not progress   or may not grow simply because my previous one  didn't go well and didn't grow. I still remember   when my nail business was starting out I posted  on Facebook that I started this business blah blah   blah blah and everyone was excited that I started  this business um... then in the long run it didn't   work out so I think because of that fear now um...  I was just scared to post about LullaBuy Babies   um... because I wasn't sure how was it gonna do  and I just didn't want to do further explanation  

um... to people...... that it didn't work  out and that's how the devil works actually   when there's something good that is  about to happen he does that because   he just brought fear um.. into my life at that  time in that moment so that I don't post about   LullaBuy Babies until such a time I'm able  to see ohhh this is actually working but   do post um...about your business in your own  personal profile it will grow your business and then number three um boost your business page  so in the in social media while still talking on   social media this is linked to social media um..  I do like the fact that there's a feature now   whereby you can actually post or promote um...  your posts that you have posted and you can   even select the type of audience that you want  your post to reach um... you can select based  

on health or based on motherhood whatever your  business is all about you are able to actually   make a post target the people that you want it  to target that's how good Instagram Facebook and   all these platforms are. So make use of them it  really helps and um... I do know that they also   have this function of selecting the age that you  want reach um... as well as the the demographics   you can select whether you want to your post to  reach females or males or you want your posts   to actually reach only South Africans or other  African Countries so you can actually define   your own audience using um.. the social media and  all the features that social media has use them   they are very useful I can attest they actually  grow your page and your business quite quicker. Point number three you must forget about this  forget and actually have it in your heart   and just delete it in your heart actually and  forget it in your heart that that your friends   are going to support you and that your family  is going to support you because truth be told   ABASOZE! friends would rather go to Babies r Us  or and buy the very same things that you sell even   if it's different brands but they know that it's  the same product they would rather go and buy an   expensive product your heart and be at  peace um...with it that your friends are not going   to support you your family is not going to support  you until such a time they see that your your   business is growing that's the only time you will  start seeing them knocking at your door Hi friend   um.. we want to buy this and that but when you  are starting and you want to grow your business  

delete them completely and know that they won't  support you and just focus on the strangers   and whoever else that you are not close with and  then lastly number four don't actually shy away   from Influencer Marketing um..this didn't click  for me the beginning it was because number   one I didn't have money I didn't have capital  um... for my business um I didn't have capital   for my business I started my business from scratch  from zero um... it's a story for another day um...  

because of my previous business that failed my  husband told me straight that I'm not supporting   you on this one until you show me that you are  committed you are committed to this business   on your own that's the only time I'm going to  support you but you need to prove to yourself   that you can do it without my help so I didn't  have capital um... I had to do pre-order sales. and say that they're actually on pre-order  mind you pre-order meant I'm going to use   your money as my capital um... and buy the stock  and actually did deliver but I didn't have in my   capital to start up with so this option influencer  marketing was not even in my books was not even um   in my in my what can I call it I'm on.... but i'm  gonna opt for this option because I didn't have   money because you must have money to pay the  influencers but to note God has been faithful   with LullaBuy Babies um... I've seen the hand  of God in LullaBuy Babies I think at the time   I had about 700 um..followers on (Instagram)  um... at the time and I was still trying to  

promote my business and there were days i'd be  like yhoo uh this business is not growing yeah   I wonder maybe I should just give up as well  but because I had defined my vision so well   um... and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve  out of my business I think that's another reason   that actually kept me going. So I think um.. it  was i was on 700 um followers I can't remember   but at that time I had posted and then I boosted  or promoted my post um... to reach um...whatever   type of audience I wanted to reach and then to my  surprise I got a direct message from one of the   biggest um... influencers in South Africa I don't  want to mention her name um... and then she asked   me and at the time I think she was in a journey  of supporting black businesses and especially   businesses that were owned by black females and  then he actually actually DMed me and asked that   um... I see that you are selling baby strollers  I'm expecting I'm interested in the stroller I   was so excited and I think at the time I was even  scared to actually ask please can you do me um...  

a story or a post because when you ask you must  pay for tyou know so I just sold the product and I   delivered the stroller to her house and then that  was it and then I think two weeks later if I'm not   mistaken she did a story for me and she actually  tagged LullaBuy Babies ohh my God after that   people started following LullaBuy Babies  and I do want to say that day that was   LullaBuy Babies breakthrough point  um... it was breakthrough point because   I think people started trusting my business more  because they trust the influencer so by default   if they trust the influencer the influencer is a  well-known person so if they can trust that person   and that person trusted LullaBuy Babies by default  they also trusted LullaBuy Babies so from that day   um...LullaBuy Babies grew um... from strength um  to strength um then I started to see other people   who are actresses buying diaper bags from me um...  it was just amazing and those are the things where   I actually saw that's the hand of God I'm in my  business. Hence, I said in the beginning that you  

should PRAY for your business um... because I've  gotten to see how God is God'S amazing work.....   I don't know like the choice of words are just  um...flushing on me but yeah so since that day   when the influencer lady um... did a story for  me my business grew from strength to strength   and then over time now that i've seen the sales  um... coming in um... I then started knocking   um... on celebrity doors you know um...  especially the ones that were expecting to say hi   I'm Noma Nontenja I just started my small business  recently and I'm actually targeting moms like you   um... would you like to collaborate with us um...  if they say yes then they will share their rates  

and if not then it's a no then I would pass and  NO actually means Next Opportunity so don't shy   away all that i'm trying to say don't shy away  from from influencer marketing um... those people   are very powerful and they're actually helpful  because with the one that actually did a story   for me I didn't have to pay her and with the two  actresses that actually bought um... diaper bags   from me I didn't have to pay them either but they  did a story for me and that's when you actually   look back and be like wow God you're so amazing  it's like they knew that I didn't have capital to   start this business um... it's like they knew that  i actually had nothing to start this business so so those are the things that I'm grateful for  um... in this business um...what God has done  

I mean everything so yeah those are the things  that actually worked for me um.. so the the   influencer marketing is so powerful because  I think um after I've seen now the business   is growing I think I approached um... I'm Kwesta's  wife I'm Yolanda Vilakazi to run a campaign for me   and I paid her rate um... and it was all good  and she was so sweet um... and helpful. So it's  

those strategies that kept um... my business  um... to grow and I hope that you found this   information useful um... as you are also about  to start your business and I wish you nothing   but the best um... in the journey of starting your  business and be strong and be strong um you will   hit rock bottom in some months where you will just  not make sales but you must rest and know that   in another month I will make it rain that's  the life of an entrepreneur but to be honest I   found the journey with LullaBuy Babies to be an  amazing one it has shown me that patience actually   does pay off you know and if you  focus on what you really want I mean   in your life rest assured you will definitely bear  fruits know because given that.......

You might need to make changes because I think  at some point I was part of the network marketing   business and it just didn't work out and then I  then started my nail business uh also didn't work   out um.. work out after my husband has invested  so much I'm in that business um.. and then when   I started LullaBuy Babies I still had energy but  my energy was not as high like when I started the   nail business you know because now I knew that  I need to prove to myself that this is gonna   work um.. you know but it's amazing that after  trying all the other options then finally this one   and it just it just showed me the other side um...  it's amazing so all that i'm trying to say is   you might have a business idea today and you  realize um...a year or six months down the line   you realised this is not working don't be scared  to start a new one because you never know which   one is gonna work for you um.. you know so so  yeah my business is really not where I actually   want it to be but I'm at peace and happy because  I know it's exactly where God wants it to be   so I really hope that you enjoyed this video  um...and if you did please don't forget to like,  

to comment and to subscribe below I really  appreciate you and I trust that you have   a blessed January um...thank you so  much and keep well until next time.

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