How To Start An ATM Business To Make Passive Income In 6-Ish Steps

How To Start An ATM Business To Make Passive Income In 6-Ish Steps

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In this video we're gonna talk about how, to, start an ATM. Business to, make passive income in six. Ish. Steps. Yes. I said ish and the. Reason I said it is because I I. Can talk alright, I've been known to talk about this business a lot and I get excited about the ATM business I get excited about passive, income and sharing, that information with, you so I'm gonna say in six ish, steps. Alright so, how. Can I. Be. The one to tell you okay how to start an ATM business with. To make passive income and six ish steps, well, I'm gonna tell you my, name is Carrie buck I have been an ATM. Independent. Owner operator, since. 2009. Okay, so I've been doing it for nine years, right not, only that but, I've been teaching people, how. To start their own ATM, business to make their own passive, income since, 2011. With, my signature training, called ATM business blueprint, happy. To tell you that, that, training got a total. Makeover, total, upgrade in. 2017. In August, I launched, ATM business blueprint 2.0. And. Also, in 2017. I, launched. An additional training called ATM, mobile mastery, which, teaches, people how to, make. Big, chunks. Of cash in, a small time period with, the mobile ATM, business so. That's. Why I can, pretty. Much teach. You in this. Video how to start, an ATM, business to make passive income with. Six. Fish steps or in six, ish steps, alright, so gotta, know what I'm talking about it cuz they Tim is this right so. Let's. Get into this now step number one okay before I tell you step number one you need to stay to the end of this video the. Most. Important. Step is, number. Six. It's. Number six the most important step alright but, I will tell you looking at my list. Alright so number. One the. Number one step to start an ATM business to make passive income is. You. Have to know if you. Can do, it. Okay. I don't mean like physically, you can do it but actually, that's a great question too because it is a physical, business but, I mean is it, allowed, in your country, number one of course in your United States if you're in the United States yes you're good you're. Good to go you can own. An ATM, in the United States okay people just like you and I right we can only need Tim's the United States also in Canada also in a trap in Australia if you're in another country you, need to, research. That to make sure you. Can. Own and aid him in your country, instead, of just banks, okay, also. And. This is for the United States okay. If. You. Know in your background that you have a felony, on, your record. That. Brings up flags when it comes to the ATM business because when you start in any timís you got shot, a bunch of paperwork okay before honestly, you could start an ATM business and they do a background check, on, you so, if a felony, comes up that is related to money. You. Most likely will, not be starting an ATM, business, okay. I just. Want you you you personally. Will not be able to you personally, will not be able to sign on the dotted line and start an ATM business so. Take. That any way you want just know you. Personally can't, sign. Got. Me all, right you feel me all right that makes sense all, right so. That's number one, let. Me cross this I got a little list here so I don't forget to tell you guys stuff that's, number one number two. The. Second step in starting, an ATM, business to make passive income is.

You. Need to have money, you. Need to physically, have cash, okay. There's, no no money down BS. In this business you, see this picture like this is a shirt I wear to Ching and, it says on the back I make money while I sleep but, what's. Coming I that, Tim right there, cash. Money's, coming out of it right so you cannot get started in this business if you have no money I. Know. It probably seems like common sense but. You would not believe how many people, talk to me and, want to start this business and have, no money or. Or. No. Access. To money okay. So in. This business, you're. Gonna either need, the, money yourself. Like. It's physically, under, your bed like under your mattress or, in a bank account right or. You're gonna need to use, OPM. And. If. You don't know yet OPM, stands, for other people's. Money, and when I say people other. People's, money that could honestly be. Money. That comes from a credit card it, can be money that comes from a home equity line of credit it, could be money that comes from a business. Loan for something, else you have or a personal, loan for something else it could be money that comes from a private. Money lender it could come from all those, things that's, opie and other, people's, money okay, so, it could come from OPM, or, you can have the money yourself alright, now here's the thing with this. When. It comes to OPM, I'm, okay, with all of those things starting, out except. For. Private. Money, I'm. Not a big fan of private. Money when you, know getting a private money loan from somebody when you're first starting out and the. Reason is. You're. Asking someone, to. Give. Their their hard-earned, money right. And a lot of times these this is their hard-earned money and then they have for retirement, you're asking, them to give, you their hard-earned money and then, they're gonna trust, you better, to come back to them plus, like. With interest right and you. Don't. Know yet how much money you're gonna make in the ATM business. Right. You. Know I mean here's, the deal we. Can actually do as many calculations, as we want we can know what the average ATM, ates we work backwards to figure out how much we want to make right, we could do everything, right you know figuring, out calculations, but, the reality, is you don't know, how much money you're gonna make until. You actually in the ATM business and making it I don't. Care what anybody else tells you that, is the, truth right there okay. So. I, believe. It's a little. Irresponsible. Of you to, take someone else's money and promise, to pay them back from. Your ATM business if, you don't even know that you can afford to pay them back from your ATM business, now. If, let's say you have a full-time job or you have money. Saved away and you can afford to foot that bill to, pay that person back, if. The ATM business, isn't capable of doing it yet totally. Cool that's totally fine go, for it all right give private money but.

What, What I want you to understand, and what I want you to really drive home is that, that private money lender. They. Need to get paid before anybody. Else they. Need to get paid before you pay your mortgage or your rent they need to get paid before your pair car note they need to get paid before you buy food to put it in your mouth or your kids mouth, that. Is how important. It, is, for you to be able to pay back a private, money lender so if you do not have the means to do that please. Do. Not get a private money lender to start okay, just, just don't do it to start you can do it at some point no. Problem I've done it I've raised over. $750,000, in private, money for, our ATM business and we owe 0. 0. Who, say to nobody okay so. I have raised plenty of private money for, our ATM business but I also knew I could pay everybody back all. Right so. Um, that's. Really important, all. Right so I don't care if you have the money under your bed and you know under your mattress and a bank account in, an IRA and, whatever. 401 K or if you. Use a line. Of credit which I have done that's how I started, or class. Advancement a credit card again how, I started or. A small. Loan. You, know personal or business. Or anything of, that combination. That's, cool, private. Money and stay. Away from that in the beginning until. Until. You know and you feel comfortable and, a, safe and secure knowing that you can pay that person back no matter what okay. How. So how much money this is still. Question. 2 so, how much money do you need you're, gonna need for permanent. Placement, again a permanent, placement is putting. ATMs in, local. Businesses, in your area okay and that is gonna generate passive. Income for you that's gonna make you passive, income consistent, passive. Income every, single month okay, you're. Gonna need under ten grand to start under. Ten grand I mean you you honestly could get away with between. 4,500. To six grand, okay. Between, 4,500, to six grand so let's just say under under, ten grand okay to start permanent placement if you, want to get into mobile and I don't recommend anyone really starting, with mobile but, if you wanted to get into mobile, you, are gonna need I. Would. Say. Barrowman. I'm a bare, minimum, 20, grand okay. So somewhere between 20 to 50 grand to start and the reason is you need a whole lot more money inside, the machines when doing offense okay. So. I would say, yeah. Definitely 20 20 to, 50 grand right but, mobile is a great way to get private money. But. Again you. Still, need to have a way to pay them back, okay. So. Yeah. Forty. Five hundred to six grand under ten grand to start permanent placement 20. To 50 grand and up. For. For mobile because, mobile can can make you a. Ton of money in, a very short time period but.

Also You can have really big events where 50. Grand is not even going to cut it it's not I'm not able to touch it okay. So that's why I don't really recommend folks start with mobile I recommend, you start with permanent, placement, and just, kind of build that foundation, of your ATM, business get that passive income coming in get, that cash flow coming in, I get the confidence, you know of, being, in the business and no one to business and then, over time, add. The mobile aspect okay. So. That was step, number two, step. Number three. All. Right so what you want to do is you want to. Get. As much. Information. As, you can about, the ATM, business so you can make an educated decision okay. As much. Information, as you can and I am very, aware and I want you to be very aware that, you, will get a lot. Of bad, information out, there a lot. Of inaccurate. Information out, there a lot of reckless, information. Out there okay. So. To. Be safe I'll. Be honest me I'm like I'm gonna tell you straight up to be honest with you to, be safe. Go. Look at all my stuff go watch all my Gucci videos go, read all of my blog, post about the ATM business okay. Opt-in. To my, ATM. Business blueprint comm. List. To get that information to get the free, ATM roadmap cheat sheet go. To my free Facebook group cash flow hackers, calm, and enjoying. That group and get as much information as, you can because, I will. Not ever ever. You or. Tell, you something that's wrong or, mislead, you or. Give. You reckless, or false information, okay never I'll, always tell you the truth I always tell you like it is whether you want to hear it or not that's, what you're gonna get from me is the truth okay, sorry. But. Get as much free information, as you can and just know that, yes. I have I have trainings that I sell yes no. Okay yes I have trainings that I sell and I would love for you to purchase, a training if you wanted to at some point in the future but, know, that I do not, sell ATM, machines I do not. Sell processing. I do not, sell ATM, insurance, I do not do any of those things so, I'm not going to. Say. Things to manipulate, or sway you, to. Do, things so you can purchase those things from me does that make sense I. Will tell you the truth and whether, you buy my ATM training or not it's completely, irrelevant okay, you, just want to do that so you can have a proven system but I'm not gonna force, you to buy an ATM, from me or force you to process through me or force you to do. All that stuff even saying. So. And I'm also not gonna. You as far as inflated. Inflated. Um sorry, I got a text got distracted, squirrel. Right. Inflated. Income, and all that kind of stuff right we're or leaving. Out information or telling false information, you're not gonna get that with me ever. Okay. So. Good through all my information but through all my videos go through all my blog post.

Again. Join the free face cashflow, hackers group cashflow hackers, comm actually there is there cashflow, hackers, calm, HM. Business bean print calm, get my free ATM, roadmap, okay it's, it's a cheat sheet right. Get. As much information as you can there for, a limited time a very, limited time because I'm getting, ready to. Launch. My webinar, again okay, as soon as that webinar launches, I, I'm. Not going to be doing like random, like ATM. Breakthrough strategy, session calls for free okay but for a limited time you probably can still grab one of them you, can get the link if you go to ATM. Business blueprint calm and you can go there to schedule or if you go into free facebook. Group cash flow hackers calm there's. A link in there like in the pin post when you first, join ok, so just get as much information as you can because, you want to know. If you really do want to be in this business. Okay. I mean you want to know do do I really, want. To be in this business okay so get all that information as, much as you can, no. No. You're gonna have, no you're gonna have false. Information, know you're gonna have misleading, information know you're gonna have reckless. Information, know you're gonna have people telling you because they want you to buy their ATM where they want you to processor, them or they want you to do all that right, know that okay. And. That's okay but you want to pay attention when. You're going through this information, this free information pay, attention, to the people that have been in the business, that. Sound. Legit, don't sound like they're trying to blow smoke up, your ass. Two. Really, really important, things especially in, the ATM business especially on the Internet, right, when anybody, could just start creating videos and say whatever the hell they want right. Make. Sure they've been in the business for a while they, have a track record number, one number. Two make, sure. They're. Not just bullshitting, you okay, if it sounds too good to be true guys I'm sorry, it is too good, to be true it. Is sorry. I don't mean to burst your bubble actually I do mean to burst your bubble because, I'm trying to save you here. Trying. To save your money at a heartache all right. So. Yeah make sure they they've, been in the business a while make sure they sound legit and. And. If they're trying to sell you a training I mean that's cool I mean we all need to make some money and to be quite honest with you. You. Don't really get true value from things unless you invest right. Nobody, ever made it gets billion dollars really. Because they they did for free and got all this free information right, that's just unrealistic. People don't get, motivated, and then go out there and kick ass just for free, I mean that's not that's. Just I'm, not even I have a conversation about that because hopefully that, makes sense to you so yeah I mean yes people will sell you trainings, you know and. That's okay as, long as they know what they're doing there's almost a Tony good information as. Long as they're not being, reckless with their information as long as they're telling you, the. Way things really are as long as they're not leaving things out as long as they're.

Not Trying to. Sell. You, fairytales, and rainbows. And you know all kinds of you know the lucky charm guy right, when. Really it's it's not that you, know I mean so just be really conscious of that and then, also pay, attention like. Can. You relate to the person. Can't. Even late to them like do, you you, really like. Them okay. Do you like listening to do you like hearing, what they have to say do you like how they talk to you do, you like how they communicate, with you do you like that, they do tell. You the truth or do you like that they, you seriously. You know some of you like to be, it I know that I know. That from, talking some, folks on the phone I know some of you like to be, and I'm. Not your girl, like. If you like to be, it and you'd like to be told or the fairy tale, that's not true that's, not me okay. If you'd like to see all the Lamborghinis and, the rolex, is that oh look at my yacht with all these beautiful women that's, not me that's. - okay, this, is this is this is a Fitbit, okay it's a fit. Office. Okay, I have. A wife I've cats and stuff it's right. I'm. Not oh no fancy, yacht right I don't need to be on a fancy yacht to let you know that I can show you how to start an ATM business and make, passive, income right. I can show you how to do that to change your life I've been teaching people for, seven years okay I don't need a Lambo, in my garage. To. Prove that point I get, it I get it there's a lot of guys that watch my videos cuz there's a lot of guys answer sitting to a tempest, I like getting guys or car guys totally. Get it I totally get. It you guys love cars, you guys love hot chicks I mean my. Wife is pretty hot you know I, love. A hot chick - oh but I get it right you you want to flaunt it you want to wear the Rolex you want you, want to wear the gold and all that so it's a ladies look at you in like oh look at him right I totally get it and guys. That's fine if the, money that you make if the passive, income you make from ATMs you want to do that stuff with do. It I'm. Not stopping you do it show off show off, your, you know it's. Okay but. That's not me okay. I'm. Not gonna do that stuff right I'm just gonna tell you like it is and I'm just gonna be me okay cuz, I don't need to impress anybody I don't, need to have a picture of me with a Lamborghini, to impress you or me wearing a Rolex to, impress you. Like I'm gonna, sweat pants I'm, going to show you right right, now I got this t-shirt on sweatpants. And. I should see if I can do it arms. Zoom. Nike. Sneakers right. I'll. Have a I make passive income where, would I want to wear right I'll. Do what I want to do okay um. So. Just make. Sure you. Are. Getting. This information and, learning, from people, for the right reasons. Not the wrong reasons, okay, that's. Kind. Of what I was getting at I told you it's gonna be ish because I can talk guys okay.

So, Yeah, just get as much information you can find. Out if you resonate, with that person okay and find, out if your. Find. Out if your. Meter goes, off at all, that's. A good one we don't have, meters right, so ladies, we got that we got. You. Know cuz we know like we got, that anything we know right guys I know you know to. Start. Start listening to that okay. So, just pay attention to, that but I want you to get as much information as possible okay, that's, step three step number four is. After. You've, gotten all this information. After. You've gotten it on you've let it sink. In and soak, in, then. I want you to decide. Do. You want to be in the ATM business or. Not. Do. You want to be in it or, not. Yes. Or. No, okay. You. Need to know that yes, it takes work there. Is no easy button. No. There is none it's gonna take work, but. Once. You put in that work. Initially. You. Will start making, money while you sleep, making. Money while you're on vacation making. Money while you're doing YouTube, videos, for complete strangers out in the world. You'll. Make money no matter what even if you have a job you're, not only gonna make money at your job from your job but you're gonna make money from your ATMs when you're at your job okay you're, gonna there's, there's nothing you can do once you're in the ATM is there's nothing you can do to not make money. Except. Not put money, in your ATM machine but, that would be stupid why would you do that because then clearly you can't make money right so you're. You're gonna be making money you're gonna be making a, real passive income and but. It takes work upfront. Then. Once. You put in that work upfront it's. Gonna be, what. Is the word I'm looking for um I. Can't. Think of the word ah. Maintenance. Like it's it's like maintenance. Level work on. The ongoing, basis, and I say work I mean it's. Not work. I mean you're probably you're looking at like four hours a week if that you, know what I mean. But, that's like a weekly thing like, to fill the machines right we're eventually, you could set it up where you have somebody else photo machines and you don't have to do that right but. Again passive. Income there's. A little bit of effort required a little, bit required guys all right so you have to decide are you willing to put in that effort upfront and, then are you willing to put in that little effort, maybe, weekly or monthly or. Quarterly. Depends, on how much cash yet you know what I mean are. You willing to do that so. Yes I am willing I want to start an ATM business or, no I'm not willing screw. This ATM business I want to find this magic pill or this magic formula where I could just push a button and I'm instantly a freaking millionaire and I don't have to do, so.

Decide What you want, one. Is realistic one. Is not. Okay. So. That's what step step four is you have to. Decide. You want to do it you want to start an ATM business, once, you decide take. This off my list. Once. You decide that you want to start an ATM business now. Comes the important part guys. You. Need to get trained. You, need to get really educated. And I'm talking, about you actually physically, pay and, investing. In yourself okay I'm not talking about free YouTube videos anymore or free. What. He called. Blog. Post or $2.00. Ebooks, that's not that's not what I'm talking about guys I'm talking about like really investing, self and get some kind of training program, okay because what. This training program, will give you or should give you I should say I can't speak for all training programs but, it should give you a proven. System. A. Proven. System that someone who's already been in the business and is, successful. Just. Gives to you so you can just plug in the steps and implement, okay, and you just plug in the steps boo boo boo okay proven. System. When. You get trained. You're. Gonna learn all the things that you need to learn to be successful in, the ATM business and to make passive income okay. I shouldn't say that I shouldn't say you know learn old things you need to learn because it depends on who you get trade by right I think, you trained by me I know you should carry things you need to learn to make, passive income and be successful. But. There, are things that people. Don't. Think about when they don't know this business and they're new to this business okay. See. Because if you think about the ATM business bird's-eye. View. Super. Easy super. Easy you're buying ATM, and you put it somewhere in business or election. Cha-ching. All, right then you start making money right it's super easy the, bird's eye view is super easy right of course it is the bird's eye view of any business is super easy you know being a landlord you buy a rental, property and you put tenants in it super easy, you. Need to mean like, all businesses, are super easy from, the bird's eye level sorry I'm starting to lose my voice here a little bit okay. It's, there's little things that people don't think about. And. How. Can you think about it if you don't really know the ATM, business. Right. So. Little. Things like. Having. An ironclad contract. That. Will protect you, every. Time you place an ATM machine. Having. An ironclad contract, that. Will make sure you're. Successful, ATMs can remain, in a, business having, an ironclad contract that, will make sure if an ATM sucks, that. You can just pick it up and move it. All. Right. Kind of contract guys if you just go out and have. That contract created by the way it must be from, an ATM, attorney someone that knows, and understands the ATM or vending business not, just your run-of-the-mill attorney, but. This contract will cost you just this one contract, will. Cost you between two, thousand, to. Three thousand, dollars by. The way the costs I gave you in number two. Does. Not include the contract so. You need to add that. Okay. And that's just one contract that's for the permanent placement business there's. A different contract for the local business okay, so, you. Need to know the clauses that go in there you need to know why they go in there you need to have them in there to make sure that your business is successful that. You, are, not going to get screwed over and. Generally. You're not going to get screwed over by the, business owner that you sign a contract you a lot of times the problem will arise if. They sell their business to somebody new, and. That's when the contract comes in really handy, really, really handy ask, me how I know, okay. So yeah you need, to learn about the contracts, you need to have ironclad, contract, you don't want no free contract, you don't want a Google ad a free ATM contract, and use that I mean come on guys seriously. Seriously. You're. On this video you've spent researching you're smart enough to know that that, a one page contract. Or any free contract, you get online is, not an ironclad contract that it's gonna protect you and your interests come, on now you know better than that or.

A Free contract, that you know somebody, who sold you a $2.00 ebook is going to give you because you're gonna process, through them or you're gonna. Buy. Their ATMs I mean, come on. No. It's not an ironclad contract it's a free contract, they're giving it everybody, you, know I'm saying I've. Had um I've, had actually attorneys. Attorneys. That. Want passive video from ATMs that I've done strategy, sessions with that, tell me you I'm crazy. They're like you're crazy you don't charge enough for your training your contract, alone that you give people it's. Worth more than your training and, I know this, I know this but. I'm okay with what I charge for. So. You want to make sure they they have I earn that they have a proven system. They. Have a proven track record they. Have an ironclad, contractor. Forms and they can offer you also there's, other things that you need to learn about this business you need to know that there is shady. That goes on in the ATM business, yeah. There is and if you've never been in the ATM business there's. No reason that you would know that like. Why would you know that I mean I guess there's a lot of sadness in every business right let's. Be honest I, know firsthand, about the shadiness in the ATM business okay so if you're I'm not trained, properly. You. Could succumb to some shadiness you, could get caught up in some shady nough sand it, could cost you I could, but probably will cost you a lot of money a, lot. Of money okay I. Am. NOT embarrassed to tell you this because I my. Losses. And my. All. The bad stuff that happened to me in the beginning of my ATM business is a. Positive, for you okay. We lost thirty seven, thousand, dollars that is thirty-seven, with three zeros after it when, we started this ATM business because. Of, the. Shadiness of the, ATM basis of the, shadiness of people, out there teaching the business that not not explaining, everything not teaching everything of this, of just the, purest shadiness, of the. Processors. Out there the. Suppliers, out there people, that buy eight teams from the shadiness. Okay, there's, so much seediness in this business that people have. No clue if you don't know about this business okay, which is understandable if you don't know about. The business how, would you know what, shady or not, right. You, got to be careful who you buy your ATM so you got to be careful who, you processed through you got to be careful of the contract, you sign with a processor. But. I don't want to lock you in a long term and let. Me tell you talk, about ironclad, contract, their, contracts, are ironclad and, you. Will get screwed over if you're, working with a shady, processor, that you don't even know about right, you might think oh they. Told me I don't have to pay any fees. Cool. Maybe. The first couple of months you don't and, then, get the, letter, the. Letter that says oh sorry, mr.. ATM, or miss business, ATM business owner now, we have to start charging you and, it, see they're gonna be a flat. Monthly fee or per. Transaction fee or, a combination of both and. Again. Their contracts are so good you. Can't get out of that the only thing that you're gonna do is just be pissed off until, the contract expires but you, gotta make sure you follow. The. Cancellation. Part, of the contract, because if you don't follow that to the T you're, gonna have that contract renewed okay, so that there's there's. A lot of important, pieces to this business that, can help you be successful or. Not, successful that, can help you make, passive, income or cost, you passive, income okay. You. Don't want to buy. Machines. From people that are not reputable. That are not knowledgeable that, are not trusted. Yes. I had. An issue with that in the beginning to ask, me how I know this. Guys ask. Me why I started teaching people in 2011. It's. Because I was tired of all the shadiness and I didn't want you, to have, to deal with it okay. You. Don't ever ever. Ever. Should. I say it one more time you. Don't ever. Want. To buy a used ATM, when you're just starting out in this business by. The way that the next step I'm going to tell you step six is the most important so you make sure you stay tuned you, don't ever want to buy used ATM when starting this business. Okay. Because, you, need to make sure and this is part of a proven, system this is part of getting trained, okay, you, need to make sure that ATM is compliant, all right. And. You. Don't know as a new or. Soon-to-be. New ATM owner you don't know if the Machine is compliant not, like. I could I could, sell you a used, machine and it's completely not compliant, and just, tell you and it is you, have no frickin idea you don't know what you're doing, okay. No granted, I would never do that but, you get what I'm saying so, don't ever buy.

Used ATM from Craigslist, or Ebay or any of those places one, starting out. Promise. Me right now, pinky. Swear you, ain't never gonna do that okay. So. You just got to be really careful because here's, the thing. For. Folks in the United States. If. Your, machine is not compliant. And. You're ready this is the importance, of getting. Trained, and paying, for it not getting free training, right not suddenly thinking you're an expert because you watched my, youtube, channel or somebody else's YouTube channel but getting paid. Training and having, an following, a proven system this, is the importance of it in. The United States the, first. Fine. First. Fine. From. The federal government, is, a. Minimum, of. $50,000. Yeah. So. You gotta make sure you know what you're doing the. Minimum. First-time, fine. From. The federal government is. $50,000. Okay. You don't want to get fine you need to make sure you're you're dealing with non. Shady, suppliers, you're, you're buying. Machines. That are compliant, alright we're talking a DEA compliance, we're talking EMV compliance, I don't expect you to know what that stuff means but, do. A quick little search on my, YouTube, channel you'll find out what they mean right. You're not compliant when it comes to EMV, and. Somebody, gets scammed on your ATM, you. Are gonna be add however, much, money that they got, took. For you. Somebody, stole a thousand bucks from them you're on the hook for a thousand if somebody stole 20 thousand from them you're on the hook for twenty thousand dollars. So. It's, imperative, that. You. Get trained I don't. Care if it's from me I mean I do I would love for you to train for me because I I, know, my training and I know the results my students get. But. You just, get trained from somebody pay, someone, train, Katrina. By somebody. A41, it's been in business a while somebody. - that. Doesn't, you doesn't sell you -. Guy fantasy, crap okay someone, three that you resonate with like I, understand, I don't resonate with everybody that's cool that's. Cool that's alright, there's. An ATM franchise, out there it's, called a acfm. They're. Here I am this is the second video of you have an ACF and a plug you think they've ever given me a plug ever, they. Just talk about me I, should. Take that back. But. Um I know. They're men of investment. Is like 50 grand but I know that you're gonna get trained with them right. So if you always wanted to be a franchisee go, for it you know if. You feel like you know what that's gonna take me too long to recoup my ROI, or my investment, I agree. With you. Then. I can help you if if I resonate with you like if you if you like hate my hair or hate that I'm wearing a Fitbit instead of a Rolex, right or, you hate that I'm wearing a blue shirt instead, of a pink shirt, okay.

Find, Somebody else but make sure they know what they're doing make sure they've been doing it a while make sure they don't you make sure they're just telling, you the truth and they're gonna give you a proven system that you can follow and then it'll work exactly, the way it says it'll work okay. Yet. You, want to. Get trained and yes you're gonna pay for it is it, worth it, depends. On the training you get my. Training yeah it's worth it I just had that student actually tell me in, the cash flow hackers group that he's probably made back. Was. It ten. Ten. To thirty times what, he. Paid for my training. Yeah, you think it was worth it for him I lost, thirty seven thousand dollars when I start at this business you, think I. Think. It would have been worth it if I paid for a training upfront. Yeah. Guys, here's the thing. You. Will, pay, for an education in, this business, one. Way or another. You're. Gonna pay for it one way or another it's. Usually cheaper though if you pay for it upfront. Then. Trying to figure it out figure it out figure that and boom oh. This is how much education, this, cost me you know Irene, excuse. Me I hope that makes sense so, get trained by someone that. You know. That. You like that you trust that you know you resonate, with I mean, again I know I don't resonate with everybody that's cool I'm not supposed to, I'm. Not you know what I mean and, people. That resonate with me might not resonate with so-and-so and, people that resonate with so and so much are definitely not gonna resonate with me you know what I mean. But. Find somebody you want to learn with and, pay, them pay. Them when I said in step. Number two. That. You could start with permanent placement, you're looking at somewhere between 4500, to $6,000, that includes. My. Training, that, includes your, ironclad, contract, from me, oh, my. $2,500. Contract, how. About that that includes your ATM then includes insurance that includes all the things that you would need to, get started. Making. Passive income in. Your ATM business. How. About that. Yeah. So if you get started under 10 grand that totally includes insurance, I. Mean. Insurance I'm totally includes training okay. So. Yeah that's it's, really important guys you get trained stop. Stop. Thinking that you're gonna be, able to to make a, ton of money a, ton of passive, income and have this. Amazing. ATM business just, by watching free videos you know don't think that you're gonna now suddenly become an ATM expert because you just watch this video okay, I mean it doesn't even make sense, it, makes no sense I mean people, pay hundreds, hundreds. Of dollars, hundreds, of thousands of dollars to go to college they get a degree to learn how to do something but you feel like you. Know. Not. You personally but some people feel like oh yeah. I've watched all, carries YouTube videos on the ATM business now. I'm. Gonna start marinating business, and and I'm gonna make. $5,000. A month ten dollars large month whatever I want to make from owning ATMs and you, know I'm, gonna be you, know skipping. Down the yellow brick road you. Know because I watch all these videos I mean that's it. Doesn't even make sense right it sounds stupid me saying that. But. Yet if you want to be. A, marketing. Person or a doctor, or or whatever you, got to go to school you got to go and get that college, degree you know, get. That piece of paper and pay all that money. To. Learn how to do that right. But. Again your guarantee, that you'll do that you're also not guaranteed don't make that money, and. You'll pay for that from, a university, but, you don't think it's it's worthy or it's valuable, to pay. A little, bit of money to someone. That has a proven system and again it doesn't have to be me it can even be a franchisor, who never that, has a proven system, that's. Gonna show you really, how to make money, with. This business and for you to have this business be successful that. You can make money for the rest of your life. On. A pot every. Single month making passive income but, you don't think that makes sense to, invest this. Little bit of money but, yeah you'll you'll invest this much of money on a university, to get a degree they. Get a piece of paper that might never make you a penny. Guys. Let's start thinking logical about things okay, and. Again this is only for folks that in number, four answer yes I want to be in any campus okay.

All, Right so get. Someone get, pay for a training, whoever. That man my, nose is stuffed up today. Whoever. You resonate with whoever, you feel like it's. Gonna teach you the best okay. And we'll have the best. Method. To teach you okay, and you'll be able to listen to them you'll be able to to. Learn. From them right they're like let's frizzes let's say you can't stand my voice like I would be a horrible person for you to learn from that okay. Because in. My training, it's, me touching. You. But, you get what I'm saying right so you're, gonna get, pay, for training and get trained and make sure they have a proven system everything. That you need should be included, in this training all right now, number six, oh ho. This. Is the sixth step. This. Is the sixth step for how to start an ATM, business to make passive income in, six. Steps. Number, five was all the ish because I went on and on and on but. Number six this is the most important part so you. Know, you could be in a business you know you have money for the business you got as much free information, as possible. You, said yes I want to be in the business now you, actually went and you bought yourself a training or the proven system. Number. Six the only, way, the. Only way, that. You are gonna start an 810 business to, make passive income is, if. You. Follow number six step, number six step. Number six is. Implement. The. Training, that you just bought. What. Oh. My. God this chick is telling me to do some work you're, damn right I am yes. So. You just got my training let's say now. Implement, it okay. If you, just have my training you go through it and do, nothing. Nothing's. Gonna happen. Okay. I promise. You nothing's, gonna happen if you, get um the. Eight eight acfm. Franchise, and, you. Go through their training and you do nothing. Nothing's. Going to happen. Okay. I know, that's common sense I know you guys know that, okay. But. Here's the thing a lot of folks out there think. That. Knowledge is. Power. And. It's. Not, knowledge. Is not power guys. Not. By a longshot. But. Knowledge. Followed. By the implementation. Of. That knowledge. Now that. Is, power. Okay. So, if you go through all these steps and. Then even have the proven system but you don't ever implement. Guys, you're not gonna make passive income you're, not gonna have a successful ATM. Business okay. So, you. Want to implement that is the key, that's. The key to. Starting. An ATM, business to make passive income the, key is the implementation. Of that training that you're gonna get of that proven, system, that you just gotta tap. Into and just fill in you. Know your portion, of it you, gotta implement, okay. Excuse. Me so. Guys and that is how. To, start an ATM, business to make passive income in six ish, steps. This. Is kind of where this was a long video huh. I hope. You enjoyed it I hope you had some uh ha moments, if, you have any questions, please, post them below, please, also do me a favor subscribe to, my channel to get more. ATM. Information. More passive income information there. Should be a little ATM either. Right here or right here in the corner you click that you just could subscribe to the channel right away also. Up. Here. Somewhere. At some point there, should be a link for you to watch. A video where you could spend the day with me Phil ATMs with me for the day it's. Pretty cool I take you through a day in the life of an ATM business owner and then at the very end of this video I'm, gonna put my ATM playlists so you can just. Click on that and watch all all my videos about the ATM business so that'll take care of step, number three. For, you or, you should click on the playlist at the end or watch all my ATM, videos, okay. Again. I invite you to come over to my free Facebook group cash flow. Hackers, calm. And that. Is an online group for passive, income seeking entrepreneurs. And a, cash flow hacker in case you were wondering is someone, who legally and ethically generates. Passive, income cash flow so. They do not need a paycheck from a nine-to-five job to live their lives and pay their bills and I also welcome you to come as part of step, number three come, to ATM, business blueprint, comm, and grab. My free. ATM, roadmap, cheat, sheet and. Be. On for my upcoming webinar guys listen any questions, post, them below please like, this video like, this video share it, if it resonated with you and, subscribe to my channel and I will talk to you soon guys this is Carrie buck, signing. Out hope you enjoyed how to start, an ATM, business and make passive income in six ish. Steps. I'll talk to you soon. You.

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Hey do I need to have the business owners sign a contract? If so, who do I talk to to make the contract for me?

My pleasure. If you're interested in a proven system to be successful in this biz, just wanted to point out that students of mine get my $2500 iron-clad contract included in their training. ;-) Good luck Allvded! Thanks for stopping by!

Carey Buck oh ok thank you!

Absolutely! EVERY business owner you need to have sign one so you can protect your business and your cash flow. You want an attorney who knows the ATM/vending business inside an out. An iron-clad contract will run you $2k to $3k. Stay away from the free shit.

Carey Buck How do I join your course and how much is it?

I have 2 different levels Allvded. Lower end (which is AMAZING, don't think it's bad cuz it's lower end, lol that's just the price) and a higher end. I'll tell you tho NONE of my trainings are cheap, but they aren't really expensive either. You're looking at between $2k to $10k (but able to get started with as little as $550.) If you want to chat about them and see if one of the trainings are right for you, set up an ATM Breakthrough Session with me:

Thanks very much for the info. Great info. Looking to buy one currently

My pleasure. Good luck with your buy!

Hey Carey, i work full time and im very interested in learning more about this business and getting trained. However i do live in Canada, is your course still applicable for me? Is ur contract still viable etc?

Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate it. You're awesome!! I am free during the week after 6:30 pm EST and all day Saturday and Sundays. I wanted to mention that I filled out the questionnaire when booking an appointment but wrote in the note section in the beginning and at the end that I am free during the times above.

Yes. It only gives days 2 days out. What day do yo have off?

Oh cool! I opted in for the free information. However, when I tried to schedule a time it is only giving me the option to choose March 20th or 21st. I work both of those days 9-5, and there aren't any spots after 5PM. Will more time slots eventually open up?

Awesome. Sun, you can go to and as soon as you opt-in there, it will give you an opportunity to set up a call with me (and I'm pretty sure I have spots this week available to chat, if you're free?)

Yes it does make sense, and at least with your contract I will already have a blueprint to bring to my local attorney. I would like to talk to you privately to go over the basics of your course, my personal situation and ask questions. When would you be able to provide me with your valuable time?

Hi Sun! I actually have a handful of Canadian students. The course is 100% for the U.S. but Canada is very similar to the U.S. when it comes to the ATM business (I even have some Canadian Preferred Vendors.) As far as the contract goes, what you'll want to do (and what I encourage EVERY student who gets my training unless they live in my state of PA) is to take my iron-clad contract to a local attorney/lawyer to have them review it and give their blessing for using it in their state, and in your case in your country and province. Does that make sense?

Is there a program to sign up with with you I been follow you for a while..the atm blue print..i would love to sign up..thank you so much you inspire me so much

What is an iron clad contract

A VERY important part of your ATM business. You will have every single business owner sign this BEFORE you put your ATM in their store. You ONLY want an attorney that knows the ATM business inside and out creating this. Don't try to create this on your own or use free shit you find online or that you piece get what you pay for is TRUE! This contract will protect you and your business interests 100%!

Can you make a video on the paperwork that is involved I want to start as soon as possible

I sure can!

Awwww you're so sweet. Thank you for the kind words. I do this for people just like YOU to know it's possible. Let's chat this week. Go here to set up a call with me: and we can discuss the biz, make sure it's a fit for you and then get you into my training if you'd like? Enjoy your holiday!

Hi! Does your 'blueprint' give you options of purchasing your own ATM aside from a rental or franchise? I would love to start my ATM business but I want to be able to have 100% control my ATM.

Hey Mike! ATM Business Blueprint 2.0 is 100% about you owning and operating your OWN ATMs where you make 100% of your surcharge fees as well. Best way to do it and most profitable way, in my opinion.

since most places today take debit cards, do you find it has hurt 'the atm business'? and what is mobile?

Nope. I’ve been successfully make money in this biz since 2009 (haven’t had a j-o-b since 2012) and my students have successfully bern making money in this biz since 2011 and they still make it to this day (as do I obviously lol)

What do you do about getting robbed. That’s my biggest worry about starting this.

Very valid concern. We’ve been doing this for 9 years and we are 2 woman so just the fact that you are a man automatically makes you more intimidating then us and we’ve been safe all 9 years. You gotta follow common sense safety techniques. And when you’re not around your atm that is what insurance is for.

I have money

If I am a convicted felon I won't be able to open an ATM business

Depends on what you were convicted for? If it had anything to do with money, most likely not and you'll have to have someone else put their name to your ATM business for the paperwork, etc.


Lol thanks! But since I don’t know you and I generally know all of my Blueprint students I’m gonna assume that you meant you grabbed my free ATM Road Map lol

You’re awesome! I’ve been learning a lot from your videos! I’m going to join the course soon and get going on this when I get more capital together. Excited! love your energy :)

Hey Carey there’s also some guy named “Jetsetfly” that has been talking about ATM business lately but it seems like he’s kinda blowing Smoke up people’s ass but I’m not completely sure

great channel. Subbed. Watched many of your videos on ATMs and I already have an interested barbershop and a bar! The barbershop wanted .50/transaction but I read to start at .25, and raise it to .50 after around 300 transactions. How much should I realistically tell the bar owner? Do I have to give them $1? I don't want to scare them away if my brochure states that I pay too low. thx

Nah you don’t have to give em $1. You give em the lowest amount you can that is acceptable to both parties and no need to put any amount on your brochure. Keep it general.

Yep I know. I talk to people constantly with such unrealistic crazy expectations of the business and finally asked someone one day where they heard that info....and they told me. I, however, won’t say anything bad about him...I just tell people to listen to their guy and that inner voice as it’s usually right ;-)

My pleasure!

Carey Buck great, thanks

hi Carey, Where would I go to receive your paid training? as it’s application only. Let’s chat and we will see if it’s a fit?

Finished watching the whole video! Thank you so much. I am going to finish watching all of your videos. I printed out the Blue Print road map, signed up to be a member on Facebook and also subscribed to your channel! I am interested in the training you provide & would love to learn more information about the ATM business. thanks again!!

Sounds good! I look forward to speaking with you!

Carey Buck Yes! Correct. Thank you, I will schedule an appointment.

Hi Makayla! Awesome! You mean the ATM Business Road Map you printed out? The Blueprint is the paid training. The training is by application only at this point. Would love to talk to you about it this week if you’re interested. Go here to schedule your free ATM Breakthrough Session:

Whats the average money the location makes of your atm?

You mean from the surcharges? It really depends. It’s totally negotiable. Some locations make zero of the surcharge. Some make a certain amount per transaction. Some make s certain percentage. It’s completely up to you, it’s your business.

Yep. $6k coming VERY soon too.

so your training is from 2k to 10k?

Carey I requested your blueprint twice and I didn’t get it...

Ok no prob. Just not sure exactly what you were looking for then?

I got the email before don’t worry about it thanks anyways

Great! I’ll send it to you when I get home.

Well you can request the blueprint all you want but you won’t get it unless you pay for it lol ATM Business Blueprint is my paid training program. Shoot me a message with your email and I’ll personally send you my ATM Business Road Map tho. I apologize that you didn’t receive it yet tho, sometimes technology sucks BUT overall it’s pretty darn awesome!

What kind of regulations are in the ATM business? The trucking industry is loaded with regulations and I want out. Thanks for you video.

There’s a few but they are manageable as long as you know what you’re doing cuz if you don’t know what you’re doing you can get yourself into some financial pickles! And you’re welcome for the video. Thx for watching, dont forget to subscribe and like this video please.

3:50 *Corporations Are People Too!*

Don’t get a dictionary folks just get a lawyer lol ;-)

Can you start a atm business if you're 16 or nah?

Not in the U.S. as you’re not legally allowed to sign a contract. Well I guess you can but no one will accept it cuz they know you can’t be held liable. You’d have right get a parent or someone else over 18 to start your biz.

I have no idea about the U.K. you’ll have to research that.

What about in the uk

how do you get paid ? does the atm transactions go directly to your bank account? so you get automatic payments?. or does a atm company send you a check?

Yep you get automatically paid directly into your bank account! #chaching

Yep. People that don't have money or access to money are not ideal customers of mine. I don't want someone to spend their last dollars on my training, I want them to be able to soundly invest in themselves and feel confident and secure about it, financially.

Jar Jar Abrams he's a fast talker which makes me feel very uncomfortable with handing money over since if it's actually a good business model and you're aware that this is not an cheap start up, why tell people who have no money to drop $6-10k on it unless you're using someone else's money? It's a sound idea. Risk free if done correctly for ATM placement however if you are asking $2.5k for training before buying an ATM or putting a great amount of initial cash like $5-10k, you're honestly gonna have to wait until you can afford to lose the money so to speak. I recommend building skills that pay bills before ever doing something like this

Yep I know. I talk to people constantly with such unrealistic crazy expectations of the business and finally asked someone one day where they heard that info....and they told me. I, however, won’t say anything bad about him...I just tell people to listen to their gut and that inner voice as it’s usually right ;-)

Is starting with Cardtronics atms a good first start for a first time atm buyer

I only recommend and use my preferred vendors. Cardtronics isn’t one of them.

Seen your videos 7 years ago! Glad to see you’re still doing it! Interested in doing it as well. Please shoot me an email so we can chat directly. Thanks!

Yep yep. I've personally been doing this for 9 years. Been teaching it for 7 years. Go to to grab your free ATM Business Road Map and to set up a call with my team! Glad you've seen be around for all this let's get you some passive income from ATMs!

On top of that 4500-6000 need for the essentials how much personal money would be needed for one ATM to start off?

Yo I fucking love you!!! lol thank you for the TRUTH. Excited to become more involved in this business.

Stick with the $6k. You’ll be good with the first ATM install. That price even includes my entry level training, an ATM, some cash inside for ATM, insurance and some $ left over for marketing materials. ;-)

Well thank you, thank you very much! And you are very welcomed!

Is that a food lion shirt? Cha ching brand?

Lol food lion? No. It’s got a pic of an atm on the front and the back says I make money while I sleep. While I like food and lions I’m not into the food lion brand lol

You are awsome

Thanks Dave!

I suggest you look at Bitcoin because those ATMs will not be around long

Lol thanks for the tip. I suggest you look at cash dispensing ATMs because cash ain’t going anywhere in the next few lifetimes....but keep telling yourself otherwise if you’d like? No sweat off my nose.

I subbed to your channel I’m interested in connecting with you about starting a ATM BUSINESS

Hello, are you able to check how much cash you have left in your ATMS with using an app on a smartphone? If not how do you know when to refill with cash. Thanks.

Yep,. App or a website.

I’ll follow you to hell and back

subscribed thanks for the knowledge.

Awesome! Thanks for being here!

what are good places to set a atm? and what are good websites to buy a atm ? iam actully going to piggyback from the second question and ask whats better if s better to buy or lease?

My pleasure. Well it’s by application only to become a student. So you’ll want to first grab my free ATM Business Road Map at then once you submit your email addy stop! And read the thank you page completely. If it applies to you, then go ahead and click the button to apply and schedule your call.

thank you foreal. like you said you straight up and thats what i loke about you . you tell everyone what is real even if they like it or not. quick question how can i become your student?

1) in the beginning any place that tells you yes. 2) it’s good to ask because there are a lot of shady vendors out there. You gotta be careful. I only share my exact Preferred Vendors list with my students tho. 3) a legit, knowledgeable, ISO won’t let you lease until you’ve been in the biz for at least a year. Personally I’d just buy it outright. You NEED money in this biz, you can’t get around it. So if you don’t have it, just save up til you do.

Just had one question and it would be greatly appreciated if you could answer it. Is a social security number required?

A very thorough background check is done prior to getting approved. So yes.

New sub love your energy.

Ok I will remember you said that but you gotta tell me your YouTube name when you become a student otherwise I’ll never know you accomplished what you said you would! ;-)

Carey Buck mark my words you'll be hearing from me very soon. I'm gonna take your advice and watch all your vids and learn as much additional information as I can and go from there. This is an awesome opportunity for me, and I can't wait to capitalize. But I'm gonna invest in you, and myself by purchasing your training to maximize my success.

Brian, keep sticking to your goal. One step at a time then soon enough #chaching you have passive income from ATMs! You got this! And when you’re ready if you are looking for an ATM Business Mentor then you know I’d love to help you crush it!

Carey Buck you're welcome! I can't afford to start currently but the info is super valuable towards my goals to create multiple streams of income. I love the the honesty and straightforwardness of your messages. Too many click bait videos that tell you nothing for 20 mins just to sell their service. I know that it takes money to make it...but I'd rather you tell me that straight up..obviously I'm interested if I click anyway. Thanks for everything Carey.

Thanks Brian! Appreciate it!

Hands down you are one of the people that will tell you how it really works not flashing crazy super cars money and what not all to find out at the end that it was not true and your are left alone after they took your money!!

Thank you! I’ll try to keep up with the videos but I can def promise I’ll never lose the bs thang!

Please keep up the great videos and never lose the no BS thang!!

#boom thanks for the kind words. I pride myself on the no bullshit thang!

Honest video

#boom you know it!

For the iron clad contract, as soon as I pay for one from my atm attorney, do I ever need to print one again? Or can I just use the same one my attorney gave me for multiple businesses?

Use the same one over and over. You’ll just change out biz name, address, etc for each new location.

Hey Buck, can you use debt as an advantage in the ATM business ? As far as tax deductions, paying very little in taxes and so on...?

I’m 19 y/o, work full time, and go to school. Today marks day 1 of my journey in the atm business, you have been incredibly helpful and look forward to buying your class

Big congrats to you! Way to start young. Great head start to your financial freedom. Well done!

Hi Carey, do you happen to have an affiliate program? I would like to help you promote any kind of ATM course you might have.

I do but I’m pretty picky about who I allow promote it. Shoot me an email if you don’t mind? Grab it from the contact us page at:

Thanks for sharing Carey!!

My pleasure AI! And I’m assuming you’re not Allen Iverson lol

I just spoke to an ATM distributor and he told me if i dont sign a 5 year processing agreement him and I cant do business. Is this standard?

Read the contract and/or ask an attorney. I can’t give legal advice. My training is by application only. If interested, head over to to grab by free ATM Business Road Map then on the thank you page read it! If it’s a fit, click the link at the bottom to apply and schedule a call with my team.

So that shouldn't be a red flag? What if I decide the business isnt working for me and I want to quit? What liability can I be expecting as a result of signing that contract? Ofcourse they vary but just wanted to ask. Also how much does your training cost?

Mine are US only. I have a few Canadian contacts but don’t know if they offer less than 5 yrs.

Im Canadian, are these vendors participating in all of North America or just the US?

Pretty standard UNLESS you’re a student of mine and using my Preferred Vendors.

Great video , some good information! Where can I buy my first ATM? I live in NY

Thank you! Don’t buy from eBay or craigslist. You want to deal with reputable, trustworthy and knowledgeable supplier. I can’t tell you exactly who to use as my Preferred Vendors list is only for my students.

Sweet! Thx for the company ;-)

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I know lol it just made me laugh.

oh damm hahah my bad for that lol i was trying to say for lol

Jorge, you’re welcome but I’m trying to figure out if you just called me a FKR or had a typo lmao just messin with you!

ok thank you again fkr the help iam going to do it

if someone will put the biss in there name and you trust them like really trust them

ive heard people saying ATM insurance is too costly and some opt not to get insurance. What do you think about that?

I just found you and i dig the realness that you offer!

Awesome! Thank you. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel!

Do you think the ATM business will be around for a while?

100%! It’ll be around our lifetimes, our kids lifetimes, probably their kids lifetimes and beyond that, I don’t know about you but I really don’t give a shit lol

so an atm machine I've been reviewing its 2k-3K so what else would have spend on like router but what other expenses other than filler the machine !???? loving you videos

Thanks Rodrigo. Training (if you’re smart,) contract, communication method, processing, insurance, and more. Btw, you don’t always have to pay for all of those just need to know what you’re doing and who to do business with. There’s a lot of shadiness out there.

Does that 4,500-6000 include the price of buying your first atm ? Or is that a separate cost. Also how do I get your training?

I don’t do payment plans really anymore for my training so it’s about $6k total. And yes that includes my training, your atm, some cash in it, insurance and some other things. (All purchased separately.) My training is my application only. So if you have at least $6k saved up to invest and you know you want to get involved with ATMs then go to: and grab my free atm business road map. Then after you enter your email go to the bottom of the thank you page and click the button to apply and schedule a call with my team.

In a retired police officer and I'd like a passive income aside from my pension.. Do you have anyone in the same situation as me

Jason, I know you have filled out your app and you have a call with my team later today. You def want to talk to them about mobile. I read your app personally and permanent placement will make you decent ROIs but mobile will sky rocket those ROIs immensely! And I’ve helped current officers and current and past military folks s d folks retired in “general.” Promise, you’re in good hands with me. Oh and I know that you weren’t an officer in my area but thank you for your service for all those years. I’m sure you never heard that enough.

Take Action !

Love your work Carey. Your realistic message and honest delivery differentiates you against others covering the same topic. A concern I have...and tell me if you think I’m the diminishing use of cash. In a few years time we’ll be using less and less cash. Even those little barber shops could be taking payment via cell phones in a few years. And a few years after that, who knows, a microchip under our skin perhaps. Not sure, but it probably won’t be cash. Even now, I tap and go with my card all the time and I’ve been to an ATM twice this year. A few years ago I’d have probably been 20-30 times by this time of year. I just need to be convinced of the sustainability of the model. Cheers.

Carey Buck Thanks Carey, appreciate the detailed reply. Good stuff.

Hey Bernard! Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate them. And yes you’re 100% wrong. Now from back in the day to maybe about 2012 sure usage has gone down some BUT it’s been holding pretty steady since. And the facts ie numbers don’t lie. The fed reserve of Boston did a study on people’s preferred purchase methods and #1 was debit cards, but right on debit cards ass was cash at #2. The thing that surprised me tho was they broke things down demographically and 18-24 yr olds preferred cash about 40% of the time! That was a shocker for me tbh, thought they would be all over the new ways to pay for shit. Oh and for purchases $10 or less, 2/3 of everyone prefers cash. The world has even trying to get rid of cash forever. That’s why we have checks candy debit cards snd credit cards etc BUT it’s not going anyway, worldwide Cash is #1 still. But it’s still a huge huge deal in the US. My prediction is the ATM biz will be thriving still in my and yoir lifetimes, in your kids/my stepkids lifetimes and probably their kids lifetimes. Beyond that, I’m sorry but I don’t really give a shit lol Oh and lastly, you’re not getting into the ATM business for you to use an ATM. You’re getting into the ATM business for the millions of people in the world that use them (and use them habitually btw.) Fun fact- I’m NOT an ATM user. Lol Hope this all helped.

Lol me too, me too!

Carey Buck haha, I wish I had those skills. lol

Who links your bank account to the ATM machine ? & where do you get contracts, does the money show up on your taxes ?

She’s calling out JetSetFly haha

How can I buy your training?

PS clearly the idiot saying that watched only my free older videos and none of my newer stuff ;-) lol

It’s not costly at all if you know where to buy it. And personally I think they are idiots lol btw I used to say the same thing until I got a lil more educated about it and found the right vendors. I sleep well at nite knowing ALL my ATMs are insured including the mobile ones.

My pleasure.

fiat cash is as good as toiletpaper... mark my words in the next 5-7 years the ATM system will be phased out entirely.

wrong, its on its way back up now actually

Well you can look at bitcoin right , massive crash in cryptocurrency, bitcoin is crashing and its still going down . Shit crazy , for the record its going to stuck down for a while

Your energy is awesome haha :-) thanks for the info. Question, should i get an LLC prior to approaching these business owners??

Can this be someone's main source of income?

Thanks for the info and your time.

It’s by application only at this time. To apply what you’ll want to do is go to and get my free ATM business road map first then right after you submit your email read the next page completely! If it fits you and you’re interested, click the button to fill out the app and schedule a call with my team.

Thanks for replying. How do I become a student of yours?

Absolutely. I was fired from my 9 to 5 job in 2012 and never needed another job again because of my ATMs! You can make a full-time income on a part-time basis with ATMs.

Just found your channel and subbed. I really appreciate your no BS approach. I have been looking into the ATM business for a few weeks and have seen some outrageous claims from other people on YouTube.

Hey AC thanks for being here! Yes sir, if you want the truth, real deal, no bullshit answers, I’m you’re girl. If you want the opposite of that I’m quite sure you already know where to find it lol Appreciate you and all the folks that appreciate the non-BS approach!

Carey Buck Thank you, very useful info

That gets all set up in the beginning when you fill out your processing agreement. Get contract from an attorney that specializes in the atm biz or if you’re a student of mine then you get my $2500 iron-clad contract includes. And you want to run this business legally and ethically. Hook up with a good CPA when it comes to taxes.


Hey Typhon, my training is by application only. What you’ll want to do is head over to and get my free road map BUT after you enter you email read the thank you page and read it completely. If it applies to you then click the link at the bottom to apply and schedule your call.

Mark my words the cash dispensing ATM will be here long after you and I are dead! So you’ll be losing your 5-8 yr bet lol but it’s all good.

i would think so they always ask about fellons nothing els but im no expert why dont you send this girl a message she would know for sure go to her channel her e mail should be on there somewere

Raymond J what if you have a Misdemeanor?

U sound sincere

Thanks. I def am.

Thank you! You should learn this business and learn what to say and how to negotiate before approaching business owners. As far as an LLC goes, it’s always best to speak with your CPA (they prob will recommend an LLC, but let them advise you on that.)

What is your preferred vendor?

Ps I feel ya. I’m NOT a scammer and I actually give a shit about my students but contrary to popular belief you need money to be in this business. So if you’re good there and you’re ready to be in the ATM business I can help you but you gotta apply first. Did you fill out the app and schedule a call?

I’m referring to my students ie people who paid for one of my training programs not people just in my free group.

Carey Buck I applied to get into the Facebook group. Are you referring to your Facebook members or the 5 personal people you train. I’m 19 and looking for some real guidance because jetsetfly is a scammer

Only my students are given access to my Preferred Vendors list.

I definitely wanna purchase your training why? because YOU ARE REAL i've seen plenty of youtube videos talking non-sense and thats why i wasn't all in. But i like that you tell it like it is, real no bs info. I'm currently working on my other business but as soon as i get the funds to start the right way I will definitely hit you up, if you have a business email please let me know

Thank you. Appreciate that. Go to and once you opt-in you’ll have my biz email.

Oh gosh. Insurance isn’t required but damn I think it’s a no brainer. Will help you sleep better at nite. An LLC isn’t technically required either but you need to speak with someone who knows you and has your best interest at heart like your CPA not some company trying to sell you shit and not carrying if it gets stolen or you get sued etc. know what I mean?

Ok, i will look into that and check. I called this ATM company and they're telling me an LLC or even insurance isn't needed. Sounds suspicious, you know what i mean?. Im saving up money for your blueprint. :)

How much money do I need to be a student and in what form do you take payment?

how many ATMs do you own?

About 20. But we are gearing up to move to the beach so I’m quite sure we will sell a few. :-)

My question is who does the maintenance side? Replacing parts etc? Cleans them? Machines don't work 100

No sweat off my nose Angelo. Btw, you profit by them being your ATMs. Otherwise pay someone to do it.

Carey Buck I install atms and I'm not feeling that work unless I can profit a little with my own. I just watched your video but not paying

Wellll if you’re a student of mine you’ll be able to do it yourself or you can pay someone else do to it as needed or you can get on a service contract.

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S Jinvestors2 if you have a son or daughter put it in thair name and just have them open a LLC it works even if they are under 18 because you sign the consent for them.

So in order to buy your training, I have to first schedule a call with your team right?

Is there anyway to lease one if you don’t have the capital to just purchase an atm outright?

Awsome video will buy the training

I definitely can! My training programs are by application only tho.

I am new to the business and feel you could mentor me in becoming in having passive income

Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it.

What banks support atm business. my bank said it’s prohibited without a reasoning

Keep trying other banks. My students get a list of supportive ATM banks tho so know it’s 100% possible!

Where you out of? Jersey??

Almost. You have to first fill out an application. Then after that it’ll ask you to schedule a call with my team.

Reputable suppliers won’t let you lease until you’ve been in the business at least 1 yr. my the money you need then get started? I had no money when I started. I used cash advances on a couple credit cards and a small line of credit I had.

Born and raised in Philly. You were very close!

Big inspiration... really motivated as an entrepreneur. Any way to get a conversation with you and get more details of the business. You’re in inspiration. Looking to start with a business partner of mind.

Bruh i thought this was some retarded kid then I read in the comments ur a woman like tf

Hey hey Edward! What you’ll want to do is go through ALL of my videos here to learn as much as you can about the biz, then once you know without a doubt you want IN on this biz and you think it’s smarter to have direction and guidance then not to...then go here to grab my free ATM business road map: and this is important right after you submit your email addy STOP and read the next page that comes up. If it all 100% fits and sounds like you, then click the link at the bottom to fill out an application and schedule a call with my team! If it’s determined you’re a fit for me and me for you then boom get in on one of my trainings and I’ll be calling you that day welcoming you to your new future! #chaching

Do you use a service like Brinks to refill your ATM's? Because having a line of ATMs becomes a lot less passive if you have to refill them yourself all the time. Great video! I don't have 5 figures to put into this yet. But once I do I'll definitely come back to this.

Ok cool. Only reason I'd want to use a service is so that I can have ATMs in places that I don't live. I intend on doing some volunteer work abroad over the next few years. So I guess I'll just have to find a person or service to do the physical work for me. I always appreciate the blunt and real information - no sugar added. Looking forward to coming back to this once I have the financial means!

No I don't. I work 4 to 8 hrs a So I could care less if someone doesn't consider it passive ENOUGH. Know what I mean? You always get these geniuses coming on here wanting to tell folks what the definition of passive income is when they themselves are working 40, 50, 60 hour work weeks lol Not referring to you per se, just saying in general. But ask me if I'm bothered by anyones argument that it's not MORE passive? :-)

Casey it's by application only. You'll want to make sure you are READY to be in the ATM business #1, then you want to make sure you have at least $6k to $12k to invest in your ATM business THEN you'll want to go to and grab my free road map. Then after you submit your email addy STOP and read the thank you page. If it all applies and you met the criteria above then click the link at the bottom of the page and fill out the application and schedule your call with me team.

Hello again, what would be the link to become a student?

Casey, in my free FB group, here or become a student.

How do I get into contact with you directly?

Carey Buck Great, I will be in touch.

Yes for permanent placement (putting ATMs in local areas.)

Hi Carey, so 6k is enough to start up w/ your instruction and guidance?

Hi Carey, Great content! Thanks for keeping it real. You're right, there's plenty of garbage out there. After paying $37,000 for something you didn't know, you certainly deserve to charge for you proven system. Your knowledge and experience in this industry allows you to provide your audience with valuable information regarding the ATM business. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Things to work on: My only suggestios to you would be for you to join the nearest toastmasters club in you area. This will help you develop you public speaking skills, time management skills, and not deviate from your subject. Thank you, Joe Albuquerque

Yep makes sense. You just need to make sure your overall ATM INCOME can afford that service and still make you a profit. That's why I caution folks just started out against paying for a service. Hope that makes sense? But yes, you totally can make this business 100% passive if you'd like. It's possible, of course you'll just be making less. But it frees up ALL of your time.

Dear Meecha thanks appreciate it!

Love your personality! So refreshing and it’s obvious you know what you are doing. I’m Just beginning to learn about the ATM business.

How to get your ATM stolen in 1-ish step, start this stupid business instead of investing in something worthwhile.

I don’t want to waste your time but I have maybe about 3.5 k saved up , would this be sufficient to become a Student and start the business?

Ruben, no you’d need $6k to become a student and start the biz. You got a decent amount tho to get started as a student and have a jump on what else you need. So it’s your call.

It’s 2:23 am in California as I type this, I’m hooked. I need to get started ASAP. I’m 19 working a job as a busser in a restaurant I need to get 10k first from what it looks like.

Awesome video.. Where can I buy your ATM 2.0 information kit so I can get started very excited about this opportunity just came across this information from a guy in California and I'm looking to tap into the industry where do I get started with your information? Thank you for your timely response.

aliens will always exist, training can take as long or as quick as you want. It’s all there for you to go st your own pace once you sign up. I designed it to go through in 6 weeks tho. But I’ve had students place ATMs in a week, 2 weeks etc. you should without a doubt get a signed contract within 6 weeks (but sooner is realistic!)

Carey Buck typically how long does training take and how long until someone would have an atm placed.

aliens will always exist, yes to start out.

Carey Buck so 6k will get me all I need with money in the atm ready to roll. Thanks for your time I did comment under another comment just so u know.

Carey Buck so I pay your training cost and to start costs 550 so for 2550 would be the minimum to start? I'm confused about this? How much is the atm and how much do I have to put in the atm. I'm looking at getting around 6k from an inheritance and want to make sure I do this right. The 2000 training isn't an issue.

If you don’t want to start with mobile and you don’t want one on one coaching you can get started for $6k.

hi do you know of any online forums for Canada market?

No. But you can join

Love it, just joined the group. Awaiting your approval. You sound legit and honest

Thanks! I def am but I am a lil biased. Lol

On average what is the profit ranges for low traffic to high traffic atm machines before and after paying “rent” for having it in the business owners store also how much does your training program cost

Average ATMs $300 to $600 per month for permanent placement ATMs. For mobile average is more per event. Impossible to calculate paying store owners cuz you won’t pay em all and sow you’ll pay diff amounts too. My training price varies based on which one you get and they are all by application only right now.

Hey little confused. Went to your site and says you need to invest 5 figures. How much is minimum? 10,20,30 etc Thanks

To be taken under my wing with one on one training (and more), minimum $10k. Non-one on one you’ll need minimum $6k.

Oh come with the info already

For gotta wait lol

hey Carey thanks for this video I went to sign up for training and i seen that we must be willing to invest 5 figures into the atm business but in this video you said it would take a cost of 6k to get started with your training included. At the moment i do not have the 5 figures to invest but i save 80% of the money i make and in the future when i have 5 figures to invest i would be willing granted on the success of my first couple atm's. Dose this make me ineligible for your tanning? also thanks for this informative video will defiantly be joining your FB group!

Hey Chris, you're welcome for the video. If you have $6k you can totally get started with my lower end training (which is amazing by the way, it's my signature training.) So you can still fill out the application. The 5 figures, is if you want me to literally take you under my wing and learn no only permanent placement but also mobile. You need wayyyy more money for mobile.

So glad I came across this. Thank you Carey

Silly question, say the 2k you put in machine, how do you get paid for that? I mean people withdraw from their bank account

Not a silly question at all. The $2k inside the machine that people withdraw AND the surcharge that you charge them gets ACH’d directly into your bank acct.


These courses are stupid as fuck, you literally need to buy an atm have money for it and find a spot to put it at, and finding the spot to put it at would be the main challenge

Well fortunately for everyone that makes it here, I am not ;-)

Jet set is a scam

I LOVE Ur personality! Truly...u r 1000% someone I will pay attention 2 exactly what U say & do! When I get the $$$ I am going 2 b a pain n ur neck, lady! THANK U

Anyone trying to tell you that the ATM industry is "passive" income is full of shit. It is NOT passive...

You have to do your research on these things to make sure this is what you want. Because you have to protect your atm from thieves that attach devices to your atm to steal your customers information you must learn to protect you and your customer. This has become a problem lately with these devices that attaches to atms to steal your card number and PIN number for thieves to duplicate a card from yours with your pin. There are a lot of important pieces to this business as she say and make sure you know how to protect your investment and customers! I just had somebody call me from the sign up page she provide and I told them I ready but I’m still researching he said my research ain’t shit and I’m bullshitting myself so I hung up since he don’t know how to protect the ups and downs in this business . He sounded broke and needed 2k from me instead of saying I understood let me know when your ready he try to hurry me to spend 2 grand on a program I still learning. Now none of these videos I see from any owner operator tell you how to protect your machine from thieves and scammers . Like I said to him let me dig deeper on the subject and I’ll be back he got mad and talked to me sideways cause I wouldn’t whip out my card and give him 2k just like that. Learn how to protect your investment and customers but don’t be scared to invest just know what you want and research before you sit down and take a test you never studied for. But her stuff is legit and real trust me I believe her it’s just I’m new to this and learning how to catch scamming devices thieves add on your machine and you lose money because no one want to use your machine from thieves targeting your machines and other devices

Eddie L Smith 3 it’s all good Eddie. You do your research and when you’re ready reach out to me. You’re not gonna find 100% of the videos to teach you this biz online...but in my training I do teach you all that. Promise.

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