How To Start Amazon FBA Wholesale Business in 2022 | How to sell on Amazon from Pakistan

How To Start Amazon FBA Wholesale Business in 2022 | How to sell on Amazon from Pakistan

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Alright, ah I believe we are live now. Ah assalamu alaikum everyone. This is Asif Khan in ABS consultant and trainer Karachi. Ah trainer or interesting topic again live which is building your own Amazon FBA wholesale business. So ah Amazon keeper wholesale business start in fact requirements launch difficulties face overcome investment minimum $1000 dollars start list with the two and three products minimize Million of products here very cool very cool in fact ah specially issues ah this both ah factor minimize within the country sourcing within the country sourcing risk automatically minimize shipping time minimum so within the country sourcing Business physical business $1, 000 around startup get a startup or Model the profition successful business model as compared to So, investment how we can start with the lower investment. So, UST, UK European market the other hand UK 400 probably 500 so the thing is UK other European market places target around investment four to five 000 is the recommended investment. So, the US it's a

market which is more competitive. Ah investment up to eight000 US dollars is much recommended. Although you can start with around 1500 2000 US dollars. If you want to get sufficient returns returns kitchen money arrange the ever sourcing. Ah reverse

sourcing for example brands can the So, less time wasting approach. Let's say thousands of products criteria you feel like product finalized approval approval thousands of products more beneficial PL or FPA wholesale Starting off as a virtual assistant. Business models equally important. So

either ah client private label either wholesale but compare to the both business models her investor business model jump in investment required ah less risk associated definitely ah you will find more clients ah of wholesale compare to private levels private label the client they are ah much ah can a good paying clients in fact salary private level business model requires lot of efforts requires lot of technical thinking as well so private label client Milna is is a little bit difficult and wholesale that that is much much ah can a preferable business model clients this question company things and ah more still takes more time compare to private level. It's a question basically with a question mark. Please answer time travel living seven times below. For example, wholesale on the other hand private label at least five to six months break even thresholders profitability it can even take up to eight months, 9 months So, other continuous ah continuous calm basically wholesale private level ah non stop on the other hand wholesale non stop wholesale for example ah you are creating a database to database technical process both lengthy process so launch process so may be ah wholesale is much quicker business model compared to the private ah efforts the wholesale is is much much lengthy ah business model compared to the private level.

So Actually, please ah tell the difference in terms of charges in in future for Texas and Florida. What do you think ah mostly favourable market place to start with ah or in fact market place marketplace choose for example United States ah profitable ah ah marketplace taxes Florida state ah company register what are the reasons for that? recommended those states in California, Florida, Texas. So, One$25 dollar form textile expensive and So recommendations loaded Wholesale so Florida renewal tax which is around 1$40 per annum and on the other hand taxes surety bond which is around five hundred ah dollars ah one time fee ah different thesis include recently ah Florida issue students in the state regional but accountant is saying seller permit seller permit virtual interest they are not allowed virtual address. So you must coordinate with your accountant choose can we start wholesale from five lakh rupees? If yes, then from where? UK or USA? G's and Ah investment I think UK formation course ah you can imagine explain you have classes courses and boot camp each and every support you are getting from the board. So, ah

dedicated mentor time you will be there. Seniors means working on real collaboration. So, working on real collaboration senior collaborate her launch experience private level private level technical aspects cover seats wholesale wholesale each and everything so till you are the member misconceptions regarding both. So, I hope this is very clear now. What do you think, Zen? Um online training physical. brand profit margins profit rotation downside usually brand authorization the minimum order quantity is usually very high.

Usually So, budgets start so downside mini water quantities higher advantages both brand source on the other hand distributors they are very easy to access usually distributors approval but downside profit margins obviously minimize ah source their inventory from brand first so obviously profit margins confidence build you need to coordinate everyone in your circle. So at at sometime back obviously difficult trainings provide so may be comfortable I have been doing it again and again and and again. accept menus cheese different challenges go through confidence and you need to be a risk taker to build your confidence as soon as possible so last question will be ah ending the session sir wholesale brand Amazon allow approval please and I want you to answer this question and we'll end the session. fact benefit provider in your Amazon listings. So, important and crucial role play distributors let's say for example brand directly call to convince them benefit provide You have the other resort which is ah going up to their distributors. But if they do not allow also obvious you have thousands ah of distributors and brands also contact you.

You can move over to next month. Ah complete explanation complete explanation we have some of the questions remaining ah one by one inshallah on the post so do not worry if if your question is left unanswered questions so thank you ah so much everyone for coming thank you Zain ah for coming and Ap

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