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So does that make sense oh yeah. Is. That get it is it different than what you were thinking, and when you were going about it on your yes. Definitely. Different, and it it makes a lot of sense so I understand, one it's doable yeah, one of the things you were concerned about is will this work in mobile yeah. I've already confirmed, that just now okay right, yeah and you, should do really well with this so want, to know how to start an Airbnb, business, hello, everyone, i'm jim g from jim g coaching club comm and in. This video i'm going to show you one of the key pieces to, starting, your Airbnb. Business, without, owning property, in fact. I'm. Going, to let you listen in on a conversation that. I had during one, of my rental, arbitrage. And. Airbnb. Passive. Income. Strategy. Sessions, with. One, of my Airbnb. Accelerator. Academy. Students, Susan, who. After, this meeting, went. Out and. Got her first, Airbnb. Passive, income property, in just, 24, hours so, if you watch you'll, be able to copy my Airbnb, playbook, and get. Started, with your own Airbnb. To, easily go from zero dollars to making. Between. Fifteen, hundred and fifteen. Thousand. Dollars per, month of. Passive. Airbnb. Income. Without. Experience, and without, owning property, so. If you're tired of stressing, and worrying about, money because. You just don't have enough passive. Income to support your current lifestyle, without running out of money or just. Because you you. Just don't have enough income to, support your current lifestyle, and you. Want a simple way to use real, estate, for. Passive, income, giving. You. More. Financial, freedom. Financial. Independence, so. You can have more time, to. Do the things that are really important, to you like, spending. Time with family, friends. Loved. Ones, helping. Those that are really in need, being. More of a blessing to. Your church in your community. Traveling. Or. Pursuing. Your real passions. So. If that's you keep. Watching, and I'll take care of you I'll make sure you have all the information you need to start, your own Airbnb. Passive. Income of. 1500. To. $15,000. A month in just, 30 days without. Experience. And without, owning property. So. Like. This video subscribe. To my channel and let's, get started. You. Had an experience back, to year your first, the. First 10 days oh my. Gosh. You. Know I I, got, the arm text message and I was like okay this guy's being a stickler whatever it's, okay Danny. Calls me like. And. He kept going on and on, really, I'll. Tell you this he was number one he was desperate, but number cuz the people don't ever call and do that like, but I did that's why I posted, the the, laughing, base cuz like, you'll never see that you'll, never see it like that but. But, I think I think what happened, one, thing that you are doing that most students, that I don't recommend, students, do but. I just, wanted you to go ahead with it because you did a good job with, them with both of your your, templates, is, send, them both are that out at the same time so you were sending seller. Finance, annuus, thinning, the lease, right. You're sending them both out at the same time and typically I like to I like to keep stay, focused on one or the other so maybe one day you just do one and then the other day you just to the other or or one. Week you just do one and then the other day you just and then the other week you do the other so, that way you can get a feel for what kind of response you're gonna be getting and how they how they interact, differently but. I can, tell you like that that, is that's, honestly, the first time I've ever, seen. Or heard something like that so I was laughing I was laughing, when you said. The. Reason why I did the owner financing. Because, to. Be totally honest the places, in mobile are shabby the, rentals. Are. They are shabby. I'm like I wouldn't want to read, that. Let. Me um well. Let's, go on I want to take a look how about that if. I'm going off of one of your videos they said the. Rich should be I think you said below a thousand, if I'm not mistake no no. No, no no, my video I'll never say it everyone should be a thousand, basically. Because. That's not the formula what, I say is that you, want to you want to be in decent areas. Right. You don't have to be in the best areas but you don't want to be in the worst areas either right and, what happens, is it. It. Works, itself out so, so. I don't know where, you where. I may have said below if I was it depends on. Yeah. Yeah but it depends on the area you're into like what part of the country you're in what your city is and that because, some are in some, some places demand. A higher rent then yeah, you know than others and so in your area I bet, you, know a good a decent, three to four bedroom might be twelve you know eleven twelve thirteen, hundred bucks yeah right, right and, that's where you want to look I mean because guess what here's and that's so, let me what, I'm gonna do is this we're gonna do I'm, gonna I'm not gonna go on cuz that's not what this is for right now what we're gonna do now is really just gonna go into how.

You, Know what what, what the main agenda is, for, now so that you can get with this property, in the next 40 min one days so that's what we're gonna do I'm, gonna open up on. Something. And. Share. My screen so that's uh. Let. Me know when you can see my screen. Okay. Okay. So. What. We're gonna do today is really just talk about we're gonna spend about 45, minutes just really, going over a couple of key, key, principles, and and, and, so I want to give you a little bit a big picture and then I'm gonna bring you back into focus, so that you you know, so, that you know exactly what you're gonna be doing but the big picture is so that from conceptually. Although, you probably watched some of the videos and you probably listen, I wanna, I still want to get into it with you so. That so. That you really understand, it from you, know again, a deeper a deeper, level okay said all right yes. So, so basically. Right. Now you, know the the. Purpose of use you. Know in order for us to get you your first property, in the next 14 to 21 days one, of one of the tools we use is Zillow. So. On Zillow there seems to be a lot. Let's. Take a look at rent, prices I'm gonna well. I'm. Not even yeah, no. Not rent prices bedrooms, so what we focus, in on is bedrooms, I don't, want just any I want three, plus, some. More. Bedrooms. The better if you're, only just doing three I mean, if you're only just doing two or one, it really doesn't it really doesn't get you the numbers from a from, a. From. An. Arbitrage, perspective, as far as you know your your your multiples. So, we're. Looking at one. To two times we're, looking at two to three times what rents, are right. And if you're and if you're doing a one-bedroom, or two-bedroom, typically you're, not gonna have enough you're not gonna have enough, revenue. From, the Airbnb to, double. Your your, rent but, when you get into four. Five. Six, bedrooms, now, it's. It's a beautiful thing it's okay, okay, so the more the better but we start with a minimum of three so we go three plus and then, let's see what what it gives us. So. It brings that down right, and then, and. And. Let's, see what the ranges are. So. It says our range is 4 3 plus bedrooms. Obviously. Some of these I'm you know said, you know I don't know how. So. We're looking. For. Three plus bedrooms. Yeah. So some. Right I mean it's it's, around anywhere. Between nine hundred. So. Nine hundred dollars looks like to start. Thousand. Dollars so you can get some decent stuff for, for, sports, you know for, under eleven hundred bucks where. I was where, I messed up is I was trying to stay in the downtown, area where events happen but you know so. No you don't yeah you don't want to really be that specific at, the moment, ok. Um unless. You. Went on Airbnb and you saw that there are no properties, ever, anywhere. But downtown but, I'm sure that's not the case so for. Instance if I go on Airbnb now. So. This is normally, not what. I get into this first call but since you did such a great job with. Your your. Your. Templates, on the first goal typically, I have to go in and, edit. Those, things it typically takes you about 10 or 15 minutes to edit everyone's. Template. You did a great job on your oh, thanks. So. Alabama. Stays, I. Think, you might want to get a little bit more specific, and go mobile. So. Here we go and, you. Know when you look at mobile I'm. I'm. Assuming. That downtown. Is here but, all of this is, is. Available, and it's a it's not downtown. That's. Not right, that's where everything's that so, it's outside, and, here's. Here's here's how we look at this I want to show you something, ok all right so you. See all these numbers in here right these are what they're renting for oh let me change this hold on a place we're going to change that to, private. Room right. Private. Room a private, room because that's what we're doing rooms.

Private. All, right so now I want, to show you something, so, in mobile, with, the private rooms you can see they're all they're all over. You got you, know between the airport and downtown you, got properties, you, got properties, throughout so. So. But, most of them are in this little corridor. And. And. The, private rooms are going anywhere from, this, is this is this is pretty much in line with where I am here, they're, from. You. Know 20. Mid. 20s, to upper. Upper. 40s. Low 50s. Right. So that gives you a wide range, of where you could you know you could fall, somewhere in the 35, and based, on the numbers of what they're talking about from Zillow for rents those are it was a great those are the right numbers okay, if you can get four if you can get four or five-bedroom my place it, will be big be great I mean if you can get a 3-1 that's fine I mean three would still work but four or five would really be nice okay. If you can get a six or even better so. So. But. I want to show you something also when. We scroll down you'll. See these numbers over here start, to highlight when you go over which one it is so this will tell you which one it is because it highlights right, all, right but then when you look take. A look at this one this guy has. 268. Reviews. Okay. Which means he's hosting, a lot right. This. Person, has, 129. Reviews, they're hosting a lot, this is private room Wow. 35. Dollars a night 42, dollars a night look, at the areas they're in this, person, is hosting, this person has a hundred and fifty-one reviews, so. They're. Hosting a lot. All. Right that's $27. A night this person, has a hundred, and fifty two reviews, right. You can see where it's highlighted right where it is property. Is this. Person, has. This. Person, has 290. Their club downtown. Person. Has 9 they're out a little bit in outskirts, this, person has 11, this. Person, has 159. No downtown, yeah, right. This person has 256. Downtown. Closer. To downtown and. This. One doesn't have anything there brand-new looks like this. Person has 131. So. That's how you look at them when you go into Airbnb to get a feel for you. Know which which, areas, and what what the pricing, is gonna be right. For four, properties, when and what you're gonna be able to get so typically. I don't I normally, don't necessarily. Go over that in this call but. Because, the goal really is to just get you to just, start initially just, sending, out and understanding. Why you're sending out your templates right, and so I'm gonna get into that but but, I mean. This. Is fine it's it's okay because, um. It. Helps you to understand. Some. Of what the numbers are going to look like and in and as I get into a little bit deeper like I said I could probably go a little deeper because. You. Know with. Time 11:30. Some I want to try and get get, you off by around, noon so I can go, a little you, know I got, into this and then when I start talking about some of the other things I'm gonna talk about I can go a little bit deeper because I showed you this already but, but, my goal here's, the thing my, goal is not to. To. Confuse, you or overwhelm. You and inundate you with a bunch of information right. So then you're like oh what I do right I, my. Goal is to, keep it simple so as I said I'm gonna give you some big picture but I'm gonna get you right back to focus, protection. And since, you've already started, before my before, our first meeting, then, it also gives me a little, bit more leeway to go, over some of this stuff with you because you've already started it right but, some things are gonna start, the, bells gonna start going off because since you've already started and then when I start mentioning some other things then, you're gonna the.

Bells Going across so I told, so. Now when you go to Zillow, all right. You see all these properties, alright, that, are available in the ranges, are, you. Know. Thousand. Dollars nine hundred and fifty so roughly looks like around between nine hundred, it's one is eight. Sixteen. Hundred yeah I mean those look like they're way, you don't want based on the numbers that we just saw unless these are downtown. Like. Unless these are downtown, the numbers are gonna be off at 1600. And I'll show how, we come, to that conclusion a, little bit so, um. So. In fact I might as well just tell you I I don't I don't really want you to get, this heavy yet, I just want you to start sending stuff out I don't want you to okay but I'll. Show you how. We do, come up with the calculation. For. For. This so for instance, if I, have let, me show you if I have a house here. That's, at $42, a night. Okay. So we're gonna get out the calculator. So. 42, if you have it's a we have a three-bedroom okay. So we multiply that by 3, and that. Equals 126. Dollars, okay. So so. If we if if we, are renting, a place and, I'm saying renting, if we're, hosting, a place don't don't use those terms and I'll, tell you why you don't want to use terms that, that correlate. With landlording. Because. You, don't want those terms to begin slipping, out of your mouth when you're talking to an owner and now and when we get into some of the other stuff I'm gonna show you I'm going to tell you why right okay, so, so. It's all about hosting. It's about guests. It's about your guests and you, hosting, it and you're not renting, you don't have tenants, right. You're not collecting any money there's, no agreements, there's no subletting. None of that stuff you're hosting, your guests. Okay, and so. So. When. You're if, you have a property. That's $42 a. Night that you can host per, room the, most if, you've got all three of those rooms. Um, occupied. Its gonna give you a hundred and twenty-six dollars for the night, for the whole house, okay. And if. There's, thirty days, in the week so, you multiply that by 30, that, means the maximum, I can get is the maximum, I can make on that house is thirty seven hundred and eighty dollars well. You. See that it yeah. So. However. Now, one of the things I do is I you know we also want to be conservative, so. Two. Things I do I go I. Want. To always be in a range of between 30 and 40, percent of occupancy. Of my max right. When I'm looking at what the house that I'm going to be renting. So. Um, I, wouldn't tell you to do this math upfront, I would just say initially, right now just send out you're. Gonna have an idea now you're gonna know what range you're in so uh so. So, right now if I go multiply. This number times. 0.4. So, it's forty percent that. Means the most I can spend on this house if I can get forty two dollars a room it's, $1,500. Gotcha. Right and, now that and the reason for that is because F at at. Forty, percent occupancy. I can. Still pay my rent basically, you have forty percent occupancy, you can do that literally, in your sleep right you. I mean you can do forty percent if you have just a horrible, month you still should be able to do 40 percent pretty easy right. And your rents pay you're not coming out of your pocket a fifty, percent you're making money as sixty percent you're making more money at 70 percent you're almost doubling your money at 80 percent you've doubled, right. And you're doing well and so, I typically, will go you. Know and so so. At the 37, 80. Sorry. 37. 80. Is, what is our, max. Our max. Times. 0.75. 0.74. T $6, at 70%, occupancy, is, what I'm gonna be making at $42. A night, gotcha. Okay, now. $42. A night is looks. Like that's you, know that's kinda, it, looks like you're ranging, anywhere between, the mid 20s, to the high 50s, but.

50s. Or downtown, 40's, are up in here somewhere just up between so, let's go I mean it you could potentially end up you, know at, in, in. In the 40s, in the 40s but let's let's go mid 30s, and just see what that looks like okay okay so. We're just gonna be conservative, and just say okay if we can get $35. A night times. 3. That, equals 105. Times 30. So. That's 30 150. So. This, is a number we probably want to try and stay within for, a 3-bedroom. Remember this is a three, bedroom three bedroom right, so for a three bedroom we, want to stay within Times, point, for. $1,200. So we can pay up to $1,200. At $35. A night for supper you got a lot of room there mm-hmm. Right cuz I'm no yeah I mean you got some nice places there for a thousand, bucks, 1,100. Bucks not, you know 950. You got some nice places so, so, what I'm thinking is, I mean. You could cut your teeth on one of those smaller. Lower, price ones or you can go, for the gusto and get yourself quite a bedroom, oh yeah, right go get yourself a five bedroom because. Because. With if that's, the numbers four for three then it looks like you got a lot of room so what I would do here is I would go. Oh. So, for. Zillow I. Would. Go in Zillow, and price. At. I would, go for plus instead of three for, fun okay yeah I mean you can still go three but, you can move or plus + 5 + bedrooms. And get. Done and I just go for plus for now and you. Can look and see I. Mean. These places I. Mean. This is a four-bedroom, for $1,300. This, is a four bedroom four thousand, dollars I don't know what the neighborhood is. Listed. For bedroom for 1550. And we already know that our numbers, are saying that $35. So when, we look at, 35. We're able to pay. 1200. For. A. You. Know for a three-bedroom. If I, go at 35. Times. 4. Times. 30. That's. 42 hundred times, that's, the most we can make there times. 0.4. So. 4200. Times. 0.4. It's. 1600. So we got room we got a lot of room there right, okay basically so. Basically what this is telling me is that I'm getting I'm gonna, be able to pick this thing up. I'm. Gonna be able to pick this up under, market value under. You know so which means I mean you're gonna make a lot more money on, your rentals, right. So this one right what, did it say what it my numbers now. 1680. Okay so this one's 1600. A really nice place, two bedrooms two baths the more beds and the more baths the better this one's 1500, so you got you really can pick you. Know this one looks like a nice, place to it's, on only 1200, I don't know the area four, bedrooms three baths if you got three baths you're gonna make even more than 35 dollars a night the reason being is because when, you got a room that has its own private bath the, numbers, you're, typically getting tend to fifteen dollars a night more, oh wow, okay. We call those private, suites when. They had their own bath Oh private, suite no not sharing, the baths look, at this when this is I mean you got you got some nice you got some nice stuff here in the ranges that you're talking about, okay. So. Um, so. With that said we're, gonna just move on I'm not gonna get caught up in that okay okay, you you you I think like one of the things you were concerned about is will this work and mol deal yeah, already. Confirmed, that just now okay right, and.

You, Should do really well with this so, so. Now let's, so. How did you like being a fly on the wall in that strategy, session, if, it. Added, value, for you type. Needed. That in the comments, below needed. That in the comments, below in, part. Two and three of, the. Airbnb passive, income rental, arbitrage, strategy. Session you're, going to see. How. We use my win-win. Principles. To. Get the landlord, to. Want. Us over, all. The, other tenant. Applicants, that, are inquiring. About their property, and. Susan's. Results. 24. Hours after she, began implementing. What, I taught her. So. I love, this Airbnb, passive. Income, rental arbitrage, strategy, because. It's one. Predictable. To. Reliable. And three. Very. Scalable. So. You, don't have to worry about money anymore. Airbnb. Is not just for retired moms like Susan. Airbnb. Is for college students, or. You. Can do Airbnb, without college I. Also. Recommend, Airbnb. Income, for, wholesalers. Airbnb. For military, and, Airbnb. For Millennials, but, regardless, of what category you fall into. You. Can have the same Airbnb. Success, that, my other students, have you. Just, a desire. To get started, the. Ability, to follow, my simple steps, the. Right success, mindset and a. Real. Burning. Desire, to, quickly. Build your, own Airbnb, passive, income if, you, can follow simple directions and. Can. Carve out 20 to, 30 minutes a day to get started with Airbnb. ASAP. Type. Yes, in the comments, below and. If. You've watched this far I'm, going, to assume that you're, really serious. So. I'm also. Going to encourage, you to. Watch my other video, cheat sheets. That. Will give you more. Details. On my win-win principles, how. To get started and. To. See my other Airbnb. Student, success results, many, who, started, with zero and no. Properties, got, there first, Airbnb property. In, less. Than a week and generated. Thousands, immediately. Without. Owning by. Simply, following my steps. So. Download the cheat sheets and watch. The other videos, if you. Want simple. Ways, to. Use real estate for. Passive, income, to. Give you more, financial.

Freedom Financial. Independence and. Or. To. Begin building wealth or. If, you just don't have enough current income. And. It's causing, you to lay awake at night with. Constant, worry and constant. Longing to. Do what you know deep deep. Down inside you. Should be doing, like, spending. More time or, quality, time with your family friends, loved. Ones being. Able to, better help. Those who. Are really in need and. Support. Your community in your church or just. Really. Having, the time. To. Pursue. Your. Real passions. In your. Life's vision. But, you can't because your, time is dominated, by something else that's, helping to pay the bills then. I recommend. You download my. Free Airbnb, getting, started cheat sheet to, get started, by copying. And. Implementing. My. Simple, steps today, or, if, you, don't want to be bouncing, around from video to video piecing. Everything together, then. Register. To. Attend my, free online. One-hour. Air B&B, empire. Masterclass. And. Apply. To, become one of my Airbnb. Accelerator. Students, like Susan, so. I can personally work with you. Handhold. You through the process and. Give. You everything you need to help. Guarantee your, success after. You complete the application. You'll. Be able to schedule a live. Video. One-on-one. Strategy. Session with me to. Go over your application I'll, spend. About an hour with you I'll be, looking at your current situation. We'll. Be talking about where you want to be I'll, be learning your big why. To. See how I. Can. Best, help you and. To. See if we're a good fit you can, register for the master class and download. The, getting. Started cheat, sheets. By. Clicking, the link in the description, below. Also. If, you enjoyed what I shared with you in this video. Please. Subscribe to my channel and click. The bell below to, be notified when. I publish, new videos if. You, got real value, from this video. Or. You. Know someone who. Can. Benefit, from what, I shared with you you. Can be a blessing by, liking, and sharing, the. Video in. Fact. Screenshot. My image I'll pose for you I'll pose. How hoes, so. Screenshot, my image. Post. It with, my, video link in on. Social. Media and. Send. Me the. Link, to your post if you. Do that I'll mention. You in. My. Group comments and. I'll, connect, with you as well. So. With that said I want. To thank you, for. Watching and allowing. Me to be a part of your future success I don't. Take it like me and, as. Always. God. Bless you and, I'll. See you in the next video.

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I am so glad that you had Success getting your first place in days after we met and had a live 1on1 AirBnb strategy session. Now let's make some money and get another one! 6 figures is right around the corner for you! Keep it simple and do over and over again... Blessings!


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