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Hey. Guys it's Jim G from Jim Gees coaching club calm and. Today. You're, going to learn how, to start an Airbnb, business, get, it up and running in 24 hours and all. It's gonna take is. Ten. Simple, steps if. You were graduate, of any Business School one, of the things that you'd be thinking about is in order to start a successful. Airbnb. Short-term. Rental, business you. Would need, to. Have an, Airbnb. Business. Plan however, I'm gonna show you how to start an Airbnb, short-term, rental business. How. To make money with. Airbnb, and. How. To begin collecting, your, Airbnb. Income. All. Within the, next 24, hours now here's my little caveat it's, not to say that you're gonna start. Cashing. Checks or, getting deposits, in 24, hours however. If. You follow my steps you, can get your first booking within, the next 24, hours so. With, that said let's, go. But. Before we get started I would love for you to subscribe to my channel for. More helpful Airbnb. Tips and tricks and videos. That I will be publishing that can help you not. Only start your, Airbnb, business, but. Eventually begin growing your, Airbnb, passive, income to. Six. Figures like I've done in many of my students if. You enjoyed this video and get, value from it please, like. And comment below don't, forget to read the notification bell, below so that you could be notified, whenever. The new videos come out oh and, one other thing I forgot to mention is there's. Actually going to be. 11:11. Steps, because. I'm adding, a bonus, step at the end that's. An insider, hack that. Most. People won't tell you about but. It's. Gonna help you to begin, getting. Your revenue, a lot faster, than most people. Get. On Airbnb, okay. So, stick. With me to the end and you're. Gonna see how. Much you'll, be rewarded with that bonus as well as, my. Free video cheat sheet that you're gonna have the ability to download okay, so. Let's get started. First. Things first in order to get started you do need to have a space in, order for your guests to stay and that, could be a room it could be an apartment it, could be a trailer but, as long as it's comfortable. Safe. Clean. And, inviting. You'll. Be able to implement your Airbnb, strategy, step, number one set. Up your host account in order, to get started with there baby, one of the things you're gonna need is a host account click on the link here and you'll also find it below that says Jim. G coaching Become. A host when. You click that link it'll take you to the Airbnb. Website. Directly. To their host account and I, believe it also provides, you with a an incentive, bonus in order, for you get started, when. You're setting up your Airbnb, host account they're gonna require you to to, upload a photo they're gonna want your your name your, address and. Your. Bank, account information. Now. The beauty, of that is you'll. Never have, to collect. Any money, from. A guest, Airbnb. Will. Collect. All the money from, the guests prior, to check-in, and. 24. Hours after check-in they, will deposit, it electronic. Funds into. Your account so. That's something you want to make sure you do and make sure it's it's done properly that. Information, is all secured, inside of Airbnb platform. And no one will get it step. Number two, add. Your, bio. After. You've added all, of your your. Sensitive information to include, name. Date, of birth, image. Bank. Account you're gonna want to add your, biography. You, want to create a nice little biography, about yourself. So that when guests, are looking. At you they're, gonna see what it is you want. Them to know about you, so, you, want to make it nice, warm. And inviting step. Number three take. A couple of decent pictures, of your. Living space. Now. When, it comes to pictures. You'll. See a lot of people telling. You that you have to have. Professional. Photos shot it's not true if, you do the optimization right. Of the listing then, it doesn't necessarily, need to have, great. Great photos, but, you. Also don't want them to be horrible either so, what, you can do is use.

Your Cell phone typically. Our cell phones have, cameras, that are more than adequate and all you need to do is. Turn. On all the lights in the home turn. On all the lights in the room that you're taking images of, open. Up all the window dressings, so that you're getting the natural light in and then, just take a couple of pictures typically. You want to stand in the, far corner. Of, the. Room and the far corners of the room in order, to get the best images. Now. Take, an image of the bedroom, take. An image of the kitchen. Take. An image of the of the, bathroom, and, take an image of the exterior. For. Images to begin and then you can move on. Because. You're gonna go back and you're gonna be able to add later but you don't want to have to be so concerned about all the images, in order to get yourself up and running online okay, get your listing up and running so, step. Number four, you're. Gonna list your space. Now. That you've set. Up your host account you're, gonna have the ability to go into Airbnb, and list, your property now, when, listing your space you, need to decide. If you if your, listing, a private, room inside. Of your home or your apartment or inside. Of your your, camper, before. You list. Your property you, need to determine, if you're going to have, shared, housing arrangement, or if, you're hosting, the whole space for the guests to stay if. It's, a whole space you're, gonna list the bedrooms, the kitchen the. Living room the dining room, the, bathroom so. You're gonna add those as. Part. Of the space if it's the whole house you're also gonna add, the. Different amenities as well such, as if. You offer laundry. If, you offer free, parking if you. Have, a pool. Those. Kinds of things if it's, shared space meaning, you're. Giving the guests a private. Room where, they'll. Have a lock in a. Key and they. Will be sharing, the common areas, such, as a bathroom, the living room in the kitchen then. What. You're gonna do is you're gonna still put the address of, the home and then. You're going to list, the. Space. With. One bedroom. Along. With the one bedroom you're gonna still list all the shared areas, so. The, kitchen the living room the bathroom, as well, as all. The amenities as I, mentioned earlier now. Here's, the thing if there's more than one bedroom. And. You're. Looking, to. Miss. Each, bedroom, separately. After. You finished that listing, then you would copy. The listing, and, create, a new listing, and you, would name that room, too so. You would have room number one with, all the amenities same, address just, be, listed. As room number one inside, of that address and then, you would have room number two all. The amenities same. Address. And. If you have more than two rooms and. You would do the same thing and the same thing now, many, people ask me. Why. Would someone want to share. Space why would someone do that well. I can tell you many. Of my listings are shared, housing. Right. But. Think, about this and so I know it works I know that there's a niche what. It really isn't something that takes, a genius, to figure out because think. About most people that have. Their places on Airbnb most. People that have their places on Airbnb are, people. That have. A home, maybe just like you or, an apartment maybe just like you and they're. Just looking to earn a few extra bucks off of there's. Extra. Space that they're. Not using and so, when they're welcoming, guests guests, are coming in expecting. To be, staying with the person that lives in that home. So, most. Guests, that are coming into Airbnb, are living. In those shared spaces the. Only difference, is with, what we do is that, when we pick up properties, we're, picking up properties, and, we're.

Making, All the, spaces, share except. For the bedroom so their private rooms inside. Of the. Space and they're. Sharing. With. Other like-minded business. Travelers, that, are coming for, purpose, to, your town and, they're. Looking for an affordable, clean. Comfortable. And safe. Space for them to sleep and shower, as if. They were in a hotel but, the difference is you're not paying hotel prices, so. Step. Number five now, you're going to publish your listing and put. It on snooze now. The reason why you're gonna put it on snooze is because, remember, we only added for. Photos, four or five folders to the listing, so the listing is not exactly, what we want however. We. Don't want our listing. To, have to wait until we get all the, photos uploaded, or taken. So. Remember I said we're gonna get up and running in 24, hours right so, what. We're gonna do is once you get all the details into your listing you're gonna hit the publish. Button and. Once. You publish it all, you're gonna do now is put it on snooze so, now no one can see the listing because it's. And what this does it now gives you the opportunity to optimize, the listing but now your this thing is actually it's. Live but no one can see it step. Number six now. It's time to optimize the listing the, optimization, of your listing is the key factor, in you, getting. Great placement, inside, of, the, Airbnb, algorithm. Now. Many, people will say you have to have professional, photos it's. Not true. The. Key is if you. Describe. Your listing, well properly. If you. Have. Good. Prices, if you. Take, decent. Images, so that they can get a good enough feel for what's there, most. People, will. Book and if. You write your bio properly, most, people. Could. Care less if the images, are professionally. Done enough as far. As optimization. Of the images, couple. Of things you do want to do you, want your first photo to. Be a really. Good, photo right, so your first photo you want it to be a good one one. Of the other things you want to do you want to go to Google and you want to pick up some nice photos some. Images, that you can use that, depict, the, area, that, people are coming into so. If you're in New York you want to maybe get some landscape. Shots of New. York some nice, skyline. Shots of New York if you're in Boston you, would do the same thing and maybe some. Of the things that people, are really coming. There for or. When they get there maybe they might want to visit the, Statue of Liberty, the. Empire, State Building, you. Know things like that and you, want to add those to your listing. What. You also want to do is you want to add the descriptions, to your listing as well. So. And when you go. Back and take. The rest. Of the pictures and begin uploading, them, into, your. Listing, what, you want to do is you want to have your. Photos, in a way. That when. People are looking, at your listing it kind of walks them through the house so, you might want to show your exterior first, and then the bedroom and. Then. The, kitchen and then, the living room in, the. Bathroom so, you can decide on the best way, that, you feel works, works, for you and you always want to have your best image first and when you do that and you do it properly what's. Gonna happen is when. You publish your listing, the Airbnb algorithm. Takes, notice of people. That are on their website, looking, at all the listings and the things that they are looking. For when they're going through your listing if they, slow, down and, listing, or if they click on the listing Airbnb, their, algorithm, recognizes. That the more engagement, you have in the on that listing, the, more, they're. Going to serve. Up that listing oh and one other thing I forgot I don't know how I forgot it you want to give your listing a good title okay, you want to have a good title and typically, what, I would tuck what I always tell people is be descriptive, with your titles your, titles, you want for. Instance. You. Know beautiful, private. Room, inside. Of warm. Heat right. Or a, cozy, quaint private. Room. Near. Whatever. The landmark, is and so, whatever. Those things are that people are coming for the attractions, of your your particular city you want to add that to your title so for instance if you're close to that or if you're near you, know near. Enough so that you're not being, deceptive, about it you. Would say, lovely. Home, very. Close to Madison Square Garden, or very close to the, University, right. And you just name you know whatever that landmark, is okay. So that, that's, very important, as it, relates to part, of the optimization. Very very important inside, of that, that. Title you, want to have something that's nice and descriptive but, you also.

Want To tag inside, of that title. The. Draw. You. Know something, in that area that's a big draw and a. Big reason why people do come so, that way when people are doing their searches, not. Just on Airbnb but, also, in, Google when. They're doing their searches, because you've tagged it in your title then they're. More likely to find you versus, someone else that just says nice private, room in Rochester. Ok. Step. Number seven, now that you've optimized. Your listing, properly, what you're going to do next is, you're. Going to determine when you want to welcome your first guests now at this point remember, cuz we're trying to get this up and running within 24, hours most. Likely, you're not gonna be ready, to, welcome your first guests in the next 24 hours however, you, want to have your listing, live right. Let me tell you why because. Once. It's live what you're gonna do is you're gonna determine. At this stage when, do you want to welcome, your first guest that might be a week from now it might be two weeks from now depending, on your, schedule when, you're gonna be there when you're not gonna be there and or when you're gonna have the space actually, ready and available for them to come right, so if say. It's, gonna take you three or four days what you're gonna do is you're gonna go into the calendar of Airbnb you're gonna block off that three, four or five days however long you need and, that's. It and then what you're gonna do is you're going to, unsmooth. And, finish. Publishing, your. Listing. So, now the, beauty of that is, while. You're getting your listing, up and running right. And prepared for to welcome your guests. Airbnb. Is serving it out and letting everyone know that it's ready for them and, the. First day they can book would, be five. Days from now right or whatever they day you set, and so, now it's. Being served up to people that are looking for listings. In your area and you're. Going to be able to start but getting bookings, and enquiries. Immediately, right. So think, about it, when. Someone, books. What. Do they have to do when you approve them they, have to pay Airbnb, right there right, then and there they don't wait until they get here to pay Airbnb, they, pay them as soon as you approve that booking that's, money in the bank pretty, much because, once, they arrive, Airbnb. Will, then. Electronically. Deposit. The funds that, they collected into, your account so that, was step number seven, and eight now, step. Number nine is to watch. The activity. On your account you're, gonna watch it and you're gonna see how people are gonna start making enquiries right, away they're gonna start inquiring, about your space and all you're gonna do on your app, right. Which is also one of the steps if I didn't tell you which I apologize, you, should download the app once you create, your listing, download, the app onto your phone that's. Gonna save you a ton of time right. But you're gonna be watching the app and you're gonna be responding. To those inquiries on, your app right. So that's it you don't need to have your computer it's, best to set, up your listing on your computer but then after that you want to download the app okay, and again to set up your host account I provided a link right here and then you can go right over to air BB and then, step number 10 is. Going. To be to. Watch the money start to rack up inside, your account. Okay. Now, you're not gonna get your EFT, deposits, until 24, hours after. They. Check in however. Here's, a little something that most people don't know which, could be a little bit of a bummer but if you get caught with this and you aren't expecting it and that, is what. Airbnb. When you first set up your account they wait 30, days to deposit your first transaction. Into, your account and then every, day every, every, transaction after that will come in for 24 hours after your guest checks in it's one of their security measures that. Your, first payment, you won't get until. 30, days after your, first booking right, so now I told, you I was going to give you a hack here's, a hack on how that, you can speed that process up, so one. Of the things you can do remember, when you put your, listing.

On Snooze. Remember. It is live no one can see it though right, so, what you want to do is, if. You have a friend or family member, that. Doesn't, live in your, residence they, can go on and book for one day for, that day you can even drop your price right. So they can book and what. It is is basically you're. Gonna utilize. That as a as, a way, for, you to do. A couple of things one, get familiar with how that online, process, works -. You'll. Be able to get your first review because after they book they'll also be able to leave your review which is very important, right getting, those reviews makes, a big difference, when someone else is looking at your. Listing, right. So when they see reviews. It. Just makes them more, comfortable right. So when they see positive, reviews so they'll be able to leave your positive review and then lastly. Your. 30-day, clock for, your payment window is starting. To. Run so after, they've booked, they've, checked in that. $20. Or however much they paid in order to to. Book your your, room your home or your space. Airbnb, has collected that and now they're running the clock right. And so if it takes you another five days or seven days or 10 days to. Get your listing, set up so that you can start welcoming, your, yes then. Your. Clock has already, started running, right. You don't have to wait until you welcomes, another guest before that 30-day, clock runs so, if you take, another 10 or 15 days and do that and you welcome your first guest in 15. Days you open that first guest now. You only, have to wait 15, more days in order, for your payment to come why, because, you've already spent. The, first 15 days, of your, probationary, period, on. That first guest so that's a great hack and then after the total 30-day period is up then every, time you book like. Everything, else that was booked will, start coming in 24 hours after they they check, in right and so that's the beauty of Airbnb and what's. Nice is when. You start getting comfortable and familiar with how to welcome your guests and how to communicate and you. Start seeing how that cash flow comes in with. Airbnb you're. Gonna want to begin. Adding more, listings. The thing that I love, most about, the. Rental. Arbitrage, strategy. Is that. You. Don't have to, own property in, order. To have, listings, on Airbnb you. Can rent out more space and then. You. Can get Airbnb. Rental, income. From, that space in, most. Cases if you use, the right formula, is, much. More than what you would pay to, rent. That space. Typically. What I get is. Double. To triple what. I'm renting the space for, so if I'm renting out a whole, house and. I'm. Paying. $1,200. For that home, I'm. At, minimum. Going, to be getting twenty four hundred dollars from Airbnb so I can pay the, rent twelve hundred and then I keep, twelve hundred for myself -, you know the utilities, are in other, fees, and, then the other thing is when, you set up your listing, properly, you're gonna add a cleaning, fee that covers what, you're going to be paying your, cleaner or paying. Yourself, or paying, your your son or your daughter right. You're gonna be adding the cost to, take, care of that so, that, doesn't affect your, overall income. Right. You're not necessarily looking to, make money on your cleaning but, what you want to do is you want to add the, costs so that it offsets your, expense, and most.

Airbnb, Guests are used to that so as. Long as your your fees are reasonable then. It's, not gonna pose a problem, so. That's, how you start your Airbnb. Business, in, 24. Hours getting, it up and running in just 10 steps if. You enjoyed, this video if it was helpful to you then, please again, subscribe to the channel like. Share and comment below and. Again. Don't forget to ring the notification, button and. You can also get my, free. Airbnb. Getting, started cheat sheet right, here. Again. This is Jim G from Jim Gees coaching club calm thank, you for watching and as. Always god. Bless you.

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Hey Ali. It definitely works if you rent. If the landlord doesn't have any issues with you having overnight guests then you should be fine. However, there are a few other things you can do to offset the risk and ensure it's not going to be a problem with your landlord going forward. Check out my free: And check out the free webinar- online workshop. There's a link on the page That should help. Let me know if you need any additional help. Blessings - Jim

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