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Hey. Everybody this is Martha from tribe finder, thank, you for watching another video of ours do not forget, to subscribe to our channel, below our, channel is for, spiritual. Businesses, healers. Coaches. Holistic. Practitioners. Were, all about building, your business, and helping. You totally. Succeed. So. What we are talking about today is just, starting. Hey Brooke hey happy Monday grandma, for. You guys that do not know uh, I. Am. Ricky's, grandma from a past life and. And. We, talk about it often. When. If. You guys are seeing this over in the Tri Finder member group make sure that you do pop over into, spiritual, influencers, so I am able to. See. Your comments right happy. Vacation, day oh all right, there we go got, a vacation. There hi, lucky, how, are you. So. Today. We're talking about just getting it done and, start not getting it done but starting, it making sure that hey. Donna, making, sure that that. We're not waiting for this magical, moment to, happen right for us to then. Be all aligned to begin, our work here, on this plane so I want to make sure that we're doing what we can where, we are and. If that. Is not yet in the capacity, of you. Know having your business started, and, being. Able to quit. That job and, do your business if, you're not there, yet or you. Know if you never want to be there right so what if you, what. If you're happy, with your day job and want to be able to do the spiritual, stuff on the side and that's just what feeds your soul that's, cool too right we're all different, but, if you haven't gotten to that point, but. Are waiting to get to that point let's, talk about how, we can serve where. We are right, now because. Regardless of whether we're ready or not, they. Need, us so, it doesn't really matter if we're ready yet or. Ready. Yet. Um they, need us regardless, so we can't wait it's not it's not right to wait it's. Not fair it's not fair to wait so, um, okay. So people. Are saying stuff also who, caught the. The. Pajama party last weekend, how stinking fun was that you guys, all. Right. Donna, hi I'm making cookies and watching you oh that's, fantastic. Tsch I am ready let's do this let lets. Linda. Hello Ruki, grandma, oMG, I am feeling a different energy in terms of business since yesterday, job. Stresses, me out because I don't have one. Vicki, grande, rising, try boom, boom, boom, drop, the mic, and. Yeah. And rooky let's talk about that because that is something that I wanted to mention, sometimes. In. Our journey.

The. The, side job, or the side gig, sometimes. It has to happen in, order. To be able to actually. Step. Into your. Spiritual, business right. For. Two reasons that I know for, sure one. Of those reasons is because time. Place, that's where you're supposed to be at that point in time because there's somebody there that you're supposed to help okay, or there's somebody there that you're supposed to be an example for, and. Then another reason is, because sometimes. It just it provides the income to, be able to let the other ones start taking off without having, that mental, mind, stress. Involved, as long. As your intention, if your. Intention, and I don't want to tell you what to do by any means but if your. Intention is that you want to have a full time spiritual. Business if that, is your intention make. Sure that you stay focused on that intention. And you live from. That space okay, so what I mean by that is. Well. I mean I am the CEO and co-founder a tribe finder okay I live, from that space so even before that was a thing. I lived, from that space so what, I mean by that is that I made decisions, from that space okay, I was. That person I, saw, it, in my mind's eye where, it's going, and what it's doing and how, it's supposed, to reverberate, throughout the world right. So. I make. Decisions from, that space. And that, does nothing other than man, fest everything, else that's supposed to happen okay. Do, not make, decisions, from. The space of just, starting. Okay, well, I'm just starting. I'm a newbie, and I, you know I don't really know what I'm doing and whatever, like that sort of thing when you live from that space you. Continue, to manifest that space do you see what I'm saying instead. Of stepping, into the, big picture and living. From that from. The inside out, okay do you see how different that feels okay. Let, me go, to, what. People are saying hey Amy Vicki, networking, - heck yeah Tish. I've been taking, new appointments, and filling orders ever since the pajama party, awesome, I am so happy to be doing my soul guided work for people, isn't, that amazing, Tish. So exciting, heck yes. That's. What we're doing is we're getting out and doing this thing and now is what. Whenever. I have the download for tribe finder that's, what it was it's. Inspiring, and empowering, the. People, that need to be in front, okay, it's, inspiring, and, empowering them. To be able to do what they're supposed to, do okay. So that's that, is my that's my job, so. I'm so glad to see that you guys are doing this. Ruki, exactly, I have been feeling did. You do the, CEO, of the, Academy. And it brings out just, a different, confidence, in lives. Sorry, for boasting, but but. I for the first time loved the life I did yesterday ah don't. Feel sorry for boasting, hey Brock hey Stephanie, don't. Be sorry for boasting, ever first. Of all we don't frame, it as boasting, we frame it as being. As enjoying. The ride and enjoying, the journey we, all know that this isn't about us and we all know that. We're. Not guided, by ourselves, right we're guided by something else so whenever we step into that and we're doing that, thing.

We're. Not we're not boasting. We're just happy to be on the journey and having an awesome time and we can talk about that, fun. Okay. Stephanie. Good morning good morning to you, Tish oMG, yes Rukia I am an envisioning, a magnified, Crystal Academy, heck, yeah. Rachelle, morning, hello good morning ah. So. That's what oh it's 11:11, I saw it this time um. Here. Central, Standard Time I saw that anyway um so. Yeah. That's really I mean that's the majority of what I wanted to get out but let's kind of go into it a little bit further okay so if, you are, say. You've got a job, that you're working right now because you have to have it to pay your bills okay, say. You've got that job but. Didn't I'm gonna take on. Sort. Of the profile, of somebody who wants to have a full-blown. Spiritual. Business that takes care of their bills and not need to have the day job that's, just what I'm gonna talk about right now that, doesn't have to be everybody. Right, but. That's just what I'm gonna talk about for the time being okay so. If, you've, got your day job that is. You. Know paying your bills and stuff like that continue. To do that right also. Make, sure that you're keeping your eyes open for, opportunities. To. Be. The light in that situation. So, try not to just go like kind of drudging, and to work and, not. Not sharing, your light in that situation. Because it's very likely that you're in that situation in, order. To. Affect. Somebody else or in order to be, able to, to. Show light to somebody else that's. Very very. Likely, the situation. And and you'll see it play itself out. So. Make sure that you're doing that aside, from that. Put. Yourself, when, even, when you're at work, even, when you're at work okay, put. Yourself, in the mindset, of the. CEO, of your business, okay. So, even when you're at work you're doing what. It takes okay, hashtag, doing, what it takes that. About oh. I. Bet, somebody logged into my facebook, somebody. Logs into my facebook every once in a while and it's okay they they, do pose, for me hang on just a second. Well. Maybe. Next time we won't do it at this time but, um. Well. Alright, hang, on you you guys give me just a second here okay. I. Have. To remember what my password is. Fingers. Crossed that was it all right, let, me get back to the video here real quick. Sorry. You guys. There. We go. Okay. And then, Ruki said Tish that's awesome, I am manifesting. A Hogwarts like, magical. Academy for all healers, and practitioners. Awesome, and, then. Rookie artist ed rookie yes yes yes that is perfect, Ruth. Said hello everybody. All. Right so let's get into get back to this so if, you are working, your regular, day job and. You're making the money that you need to make in order to make ends meet until the, other one blows up right which is inevitable it's going to happen but it's you're just this, is what you're doing until then so. As. You're working that job still, be. In the mindset everything. Is in your mind I promise. You every. Single thing is. In. Your mind your mind is extremely powerful. Okay, so. Still. Live, from, the space of the, CEO, of that spiritual, business and what you're doing in that day job is you are just making, it happen. Okay. And and, like I said likely, it's, very likely that you just. Need to be there for somebody, right then okay also. Whenever. You are, okay. Carol whenever. You are. Working, your spiritual. Business Carol, says hello everyone, whenever. You're working your spiritual, business just.

Be In it to win it okay so the decisions, that you're making are. From. The big picture, so now let me just describe, what. Creating. That big picture looks, like okay a lot. Of times it's gonna look like a. Five-year. Plan okay. So it's going to be. Your. Hashtag. Mindset, as everything, girl. That's, what Rochelle said always always, it seriously, is. So. Think. Of your five-year, do this today okay, think, of where. Your business is going to be in five years. Okay. And you, don't need to think of how don't. Don't worry about the how the how doesn't matter the universe is, gonna make that how happen, okay that's we, know this to. Be true this, is a very it's. It's, obvious, once it starts happening to, you you're just like oh well I'm. Just, gonna roll with this because it's working so. So. Think, of your, business in five. Years okay, if, you want to do it right now do it right now if you want to do it afterward do it afterward totally up to you but, you're. Thinking of where it is in five years so, really, envision, it okay so. Think. Of if, you're going to be in a brick and mortar building. Think. Of what that building looks like think. Of your offerings, think of the services. That you're going to be offering if you're. Having a hard time thinking of the services, that you're going to be offering then. Think of what sets you on fire think. Of the things that. It's. Kind of where. It's. Where, responsibility. Meets. Passion. Okay. It's. Where you, feel, a responsibility, to. Get this thing out and, then. You're also very passionate. About it okay so it's, where responsibility. Meets passion, that. That. Is going, to be your. Really, big thing, okay. Because, whenever you're passionate about what you're doing you bless the world I mean that's the bottom line that's what happens okay so. Think. Of what services, you're going to be offering, think. Of if this is going to be an online thing. Which. Even if it's brick and mortar you should probably I, mean just coming from me you should probably still, have an online presence. Because. There are many many things that you're able to do online. In. Order, to, supplement. What. You're doing in a brick-and-mortar location. Okay it can make your life a lot easier. Also, think of. The. Income, that you're going to have okay. Think. Of you. Being able to pay for your insurance just fine. Think, of. What. School your kids are going to be going to think of where you're living where are you right. Think. Of the friends, that you have around you like we're putting ourselves in, this situation okay. Cuz. The, CEO, of, a, thriving spiritual. Business doesn't, necessarily. Have and and, this is just true it's a sloughing, that happens, okay the, CEO of a thriving spiritual. Business doesn't necessarily. Have the same friends. As, somebody. Who does not think that they can that, they can succeed, or somebody, who thinks that they're a newbie and somebody, who sits in that energy they're. Not the same people okay. And they don't attract, the same people do you see what I'm saying so, now are you really understanding. Why we're doing this you, need to step into you're stepping into your higher self let's. Just I'm gonna call it I'm gonna say it right now you're stepping into your higher self you, are allowing your higher self to sort, of come down and, inhabit. You energetically. Okay instead. Of. Instead. Of sort of sitting around in a place of smallness which you do not mean to do and I'm not saying that at all but I'm saying that we can be much bigger than than. The way that we act sometimes, okay. Let. Me see. Okay. Tish in it to win it that's what my 101 course is all about I never remove, people from it awesome. Rukhi, hello Carolyn, everyone, Rochelle OMG it's amazing. Rukia. Already. The Academy, started, first, year of Academy. I have a picture, of what it looks like perfect. Rukiye. Let the magic unfold you got it, Tish oh you go, Ruki I will be professor. Trelawney. So, that's where that's where we need to be right now we just need to sit in it, we. Need to move. From, those spaces, okay, we need to we, need to make our decisions, we need to live from. The space of the, CEO, that we are okay and that's not anything, that's, not there.

Is No negativity, attached, to that right we're, doing big big work, and if we can't step into these big shoes and just start walking, then. Then. Well, we, probably aren't going to get the work done that we intend to get done and that's that's, the truth of the matter right, I mean I'm I'm. Here to motivate and inspire but, let's, also be truthful. Right, I mean if we can't step into the bigness that we're here for then, we're probably not gonna get the bigness done that we mean to do right, so, that's there's that um. Carol. Said hello Ruki and then. Ruki gave Carol kisses. And. Then. Ruki said I don't know who troll on who is Trelawny lol, of Harry Potter character, then no idea lol, but you definitely are the professor. Hey. Jenny. All. Right, under, said hi all yes we need to work the world needs us Mary is here hello Rochelle you said it so gracefully, oh well. I do my best to say it gracefully and not to come across as like ah but. Um but, really I mean we have to we, have to step into it right it's, it's our job to step into it and quite frankly when we do step into the bigness that we came here to do it. Feels. So good and everything. Just our it it starts, working, out everything. Just starts, working, out for you and, it's it's amazing and, you just let, it happen and you keep doing what you're supposed to do so that's that's. The name of the game. Ruki. LOL that kiss was funny, Rochelle. Oh yeah. So. That's that's what I have for you if you guys now it's 1122, if you guys have any questions. Or anything please ask. Them Tish said love love love you people, Ruth. I needed this today thank, you so much I feel the shift awesome. That's. That's. The point, that. Is the entire, point, so I love, that I, love that thank you for sharing Ruth um. So. What. Are housekeeping. Things just in case you guys oh Jenny said hello there. Ruki. You missed my dinosaur, oh I missed a dinosaur. Comment. Oh. We've. Got to be dinosaur. And take huge steps there we go I got. It I got the dinosaur comment Ricky. Um. What. Was I gonna say Oh some housekeeping, stuff try. Finder. The. Membership goes up to 37 dollars a month here, at. February. 1st 2018, so at the beginning of February goes, back up to its regular price 37. A month if. You get, signed up before then you, get. Locked in at $17. A month so whenever it goes up to 37, it will not for you okay another. Thing that's going to happen. February. 1st and this, is a message, that I actually just got today that was necessary, okay. Message. From spirit, they'll download that I got is that, the, coaching. That I'm gonna be doing like the you know the coaching not going to be the coaching that I do right now is. Actually, only going going, to be available for tribe Finder members I have to focus I. Have to focus my energy on tribe finder members and make, sure that we're all that. That, word that were just you, know like the we move dawn thing, like we just I need, to focus on them. More okay, completely. Really, so the readings, you'll still be able to do even if you're not a tribe Finder member so that's fine. But. Aside. From that the group coaching that starts, on February 1st. You. Can still sign up for that if you're not a tribe Finder member and that's totally fine after. Like for the next round of group coaching it's just gonna be for tribe finder members but most. Of you in here are already try finder members so this does not affect you in any way but. I just I I need to say it publicly so I am. Let's. See, here. Rooky. Grandma needs to spoil me she, sent me a message about that Carol. Hi Jenny Carol, lol, rookie, Rookie, thanks to you Carol, Andre, we move mountains heck, yeah we do Tish, oh yes, -. Sparkle unicorn, power unite, yes. Yes. Totally. We. Are doing I mean we are doing the darn thing, guys I mean this. Is. The. Tribe finder website itself is is building, up momentum so. Quickly, we're showing up on the first page of Google, you guys for. Almost, everybody. Events, are, showing up so when you put your events, on tribe finder those are showing up on the first page of Google we're, showing up on the first page of YouTube for a lot of things already, we. Are front, and center. Ok, so, if you're ready to be front and center and your, audience, is. Holistically. Minded, alternative. Awakened. People, if that's who you're trying to speak to then. You need to be on tribe finder, because that, is what we're doing is we are getting in front of those people because.

Those People need us ok. So, we are getting in front of those people and if you are going to get in front of those people too or need, to join. Tribe. Finder, now, ok, this, is not a hard. Sell or anything I'm just saying. Right. Now it's only it's, 18 a month $1, first, 14, days you need, to join tribe finder if you need to be in front of these people okay, if you don't then don't and that's totally fine but if you do make sure that you do join okay I just. Don't want you to have to pay more later is the thing I just I know I'm, gonna get messages, the day after we switch it to thirty seven dollars and somebody's gonna be like oh but I wanted to and I'm like I, gave. You so much time right, like that's that's really where I'm at okay just, being real with you guys. Okay. Let's, see. Rukiye. I think from this week on everything, we will. Do is manifesting. Seriously. We are in like a heavy, manifesting. Stage right, now. It's. We're, big we're right on into it rukiye there's a different energy totally, I feel now 2017. Energies are finally done all day, Rochelle, unicorns. And rainbows rooky hearts Rochelle, yeah it's not a surprise. Awesome. Well I, have, to go to the, dentist, she's. Gonna check, and make sure everything's, doing okay I feel much better um but. She's just gonna check it out for me so we're gonna go to the dentist and I. Will, see you guys later and, have, an awesome have, an awesome, day and no, matter whether you have started, your business or not just. Be. The, person, you are meant. To be in this moment right now even, if it has not manifested yet, okay if you hear nothing else that I say today hear, that okay, I love you guys and I will see you next time. You.

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