How to Start a Real Estate Wholesaling Business Online

How to Start a Real Estate Wholesaling Business Online

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Alright. Alright alright what's going on today. We're talking about how to start the real estate wholesaling business, online all, right I do have three secrets, for you get, in front of massive traffic of buyers and sellers preferably. Buyers to, start with because, the market is lacking a lot of buyers everybody. Is a wholesale infest the one is really buying anything, Sookie number two never spend money or time of marketing. That doesn't create living, connection living connection means you spend money or time one time but, you actually have connection, to that prospect, beyond, that time without having to spend money and time ever again that's what living connection means indirect, mailing basically, is dead connection in most cases you, create that connection in order to create another connection because, typically, on an average you need about seven, different connections, before, people make a buying decision with, you in order to create another connection you need to spend money and time again well, secret, number two is to never spend money or time on marketing, that doesn't create living connection secret, number three leave, everything, with your personal brand and value attraction, marketing people do business with people they know like and trust, klt. Factor if they don't feel like they know like and trust you there's a very low chance they're gonna do business with you those are the three secrets right there I wanted to share that really quickly before I dive into today's content, all right so what's today's content and how to start, how to, start, a real, estate wholesaling business online, alright I do have a quote that I want to read to you before, we, get started here okay so let me let, me go ahead and pull that quote up really quickly for you so, I can read it to you and then we, are going to basically. Explain. Some, some a little bit more details, right of what we're talking about here I think you can see this guy right now there you go so let me blow that up let. Me see if I can well don't let me blow that up let me just read it to you okay make. Sure we don't affect the screen that we're sharing from right so, here's a quote, want. To learn how to start a real estate wholesaling business online in this digital age smart. Move, and fondly unfortunately. Real estate wholesaling as we knew it it's, already, going dead and in certain cities, it's already, dead. Traditionally. You can send a few direct mail to. Pre-foreclosures. Right, vacant. Homes right, hi, equity, data, right, data meaning, like, addresses, and stuff like that you know how dresses that always, very little on the house it's, a lot of talk about that in the business right now out-of-state owners, tired, landlord are typically, willing to get rid of their property, before, seized, is splitted and they. Can't afford to hold on to it you know exeter. Ax and many other things that the gurus may be teaching out there and basically. You can pick up a few deals but, these days okay, these days, there's. A common, saying among the tons upon tons of, real estate wholesaling newbies, coming into the business, I can't. Find deals, does that sound familiar, I've, got a list of cash buyers ready to go but I can't find deals, for. Them okay. I hear, that a lot, okay when I hear that basically. I smile. With, empathy because I know they have been sold, dreams. That won't yield results.

99.99%. Of, the time, alright. So the truth is the. Truth is that the competition, in the traditional, marketing strategies are now too high. They, are the, strategies, are ineffective as well, the. Strategies. Are. Ineffective. Yeah. Obvious. For obvious reasons I mean there's a Hannah lock strategies, that you are kind of using a digital world so you. Know your. Letters okay, your letters, your, letters are showing up with 25 other letters on the whole school online strategies, such. As Craigslist. Postings. It's, basically, a whole sellers fest okay, basically, you have wholesalers what. That means that everyone is calling each other and they all don't have the cash credit, the resources, or intentions. To, actually, buy something. Okay. Back in the days it used to work because everybody, is not wholesaling but everyone is all selling now so. What, is going on with that this massive recession going on where other people are not paying attention because essentially, the gurus are selling these courses, so, we can't really tell it's, almost like selling heaven there's no way to prove that it doesn't work on to you actually try it out and you notice that you're wasting money you, bring me money and. Not yielding any results right so. It's, time to switch strategies because, the attention, of the of the prospect, in the game has shifted to somewhere else obviously. Duh right. Obviously. You're watching me on YouTube right now right still you, can start getting some hints intent right there right that's, true even if you just, knocked on their door right, that's the prosper door right, on. Their door and you're right there in front of the prospect, they will pull out their phone google. What their home is worth and refuse to sign it over to you as 65%, of a re so. So. You can, wholesale, it for $25,000. Like. They, don't they don't want you to do that you know because they have the information right get their palms so, if you have decided, to master, digital. Marketing, and brand, marketing, online for your real estate wholesaling, business it, is a smart, move, so, enjoy the video enjoy the video that's why we're here right now. Let me basically, see something, here. Yeah, I read that to you but you couldn't see me but at least you heard me right so, that's good at least you can you pay attention what. I was really mad all right so that's that's good that I have for, you today basically. The YouTube marketing comprises, of about seven. Secrets, that, I could, quickly, share with you basically, you need to know your market you, need to apply a know like and trust factor because. People only do business with people they feel like they, know like and trust you, need to create value, for the marketplace you need to distribute the value you need to optimize your distribution, basically kill the losses and scale the winners you need to be building a list of both. Sellers and buyers you, need to be in the business basically, of list building and, you need to understand that this business is the survival, of the fittest you, can spend the most money on perpetual marketing, if you're, newbie chances, are if you're using old-school strategies, like the big gurus with deeper pockets you're. Gonna fail you're gonna lose okay because, simply you're not fit enough to play in that game the, only way you can leverage to, play in that game right now is to learn some new skills and, I call it digital marketing that's what these seven secrets is okay you need to learn how to use the Internet in your favor because the Internet Mark Zuckerberg, the boys at the Google alphabet right, they've leveled. The playing field for everyone when, you master, the SKUs of digital marketing and that's. Why I said it's a smart move if you've decided that that's what you want to do is absolutely. A smart, move, you need to do that for yourself all right so, with that being said let me see let me go here and see if. You can find some, quick, questions to answer before we round, off today's, comment. But basically. If. You want to start a real. Estate wholesaling business online you need to focus on learning. How to generate it massive, traffic okay, and I covered that in a. Lot of details in the free book at my Empire procom, you can find that book right here and in addition to that it's a give you access to a seven-day free course okay, so make sure you go ahead and tap, into that with that being said let's go google this term which is the topic of today and let's see what other kind, of comments, are going on out there but before we dive into the comment let's, see here this seven steps on how to wholesale, find a distressed property right.

So That's marketing, basically you need to understand that your business is at, the very core you, are in a marketing business okay finding, the dress properly six marketing driving four dollars it's not gonna cut it okay 99%, of the time it's not gonna work for you okay that, 1% is gonna be that guy 1% on Google on YouTube on Facebook right now saying it worked for me good. For him okay but I'm telling you a night nap is another time it doesn't work why. Because again, we're gonna do you toward okay and you're, driving for dollars you could have just pulled out that list from resources, online that's number one you're wasting time time, is much more valuable than ever before, which way, more value with anteye than money itself so, you definitely don't want to be wasting it and your gas and your brakes burn it you need to learn some real marketing, strategies, okay number. Two okay, make. An offer well were you making an offer - you gotta make an offer to people so, if you don't have people it's, a failure so basically in real estate marketing you have in any business you have three P's right you have a product you have process, you have people write, product, process, people well, the product for us realize. The wholesale as real estate agents right. The, product is basically, the people they're the one that bring the product to the marketplace right these are motivated, sellers right so, instead. Saying find distressed, property I'll rather you say find, motivated. Sellers because, if you have a distressed property with an on motivated, seller that's a failure okay, you're, not gonna do the deal okay so right. There I would definitely switch that but typically a distressed property can, lead to a motivated, seller but there are two different things just so you know okay find, a title company contractor. Appraiser, that's bla you don't need to do any of that assets, property innovation, needs well. Yes you can do that and you can do that without necessarily. Wasting. Time of a GC. Or three different Jesus there, are ways you can make a quick estimate and you, have to leave it in the hands of your buyer to do their own estimate, once you find a buyer so you need to find a buyer so number one and five this is basically, your, activity. That's basically, what you get paid for learning. How to find motivated, seller not distressed property. But you village sellers and learn how to find a buyer is how you make money in real estate wholesaling those. Two activities is called marketing, so, what I teach here is called digital marketing, okay, learn. How to attract. These people and build a list of these people on the Internet you will save a whole lot more money you will build a brand in other words your activities, will turn to living connection, okay, you're building a brand you build, trust in the marketplace, klt. Know like and trust right, you, build trust in the marketplace negotiate, the deal with the buyer okay, I guess I guess that's an additional step closing. On the wholesale property, where to find bass all right awesome so now I want to go here and click videos, okay, and, let's. See if, this. Guy how to start wrestling, but. Blah blah let's go into youtube right so, we're gonna look in this comment box and see if there's any questions that we, can really. Tap into real quick and see if we can answer all. Right. Let's. See here. All right so let's, go down to the bottom all. Right I'm gonna search, basically.

I'm Going to search for my question mark. All. Right and we're gonna go down to we, got any real estate attorneys you recommend, who, do you go to all right so this depend on what city you need to join your local real estate Association, and ask. Okay. So. I'm gonna say that here, all, right. You. Need to. Let's. See here you, need to join. Your. Local. Real. Estate investors. Association. Association. On. And. Ask. Folks. At. The meeting. Right. So. That's. Basically, that all right so, I always like to do this because again, you, know it gives, us more exposure and also you're learning. Simultaneously. Okay. Let's. See here let me just make sure that. Let. Me make sure that we are making sure we get and grab this content, right. All. Right so let's. See here where can I get all this contract, that I need to wholesale, all at the end of the day I will be, sending the contrast, to an attorney. To revise them. See. I always laugh when I hear that let me view the replies all, right hey I see we strongly recommend that you get the contract from an attorney in the first place downloading. The contract, online may not be the best fit for you so, I'm. Gonna say join. Your. Local. Auto. Fare I'm gonna copy from the other one right. Ask. The folks. Join. Your local. Association. Knowing. Your during your local, real. Estate investors association, on., and as the folks at the meeting. You. You. Don't. Need to. Spend. Money. With. And. I Tony. You. Figure, out. Contracts. Actually. Contract. Should. Be the, last in. Last. Thing, on. Your mind. You. Need. Done. Last night you need to. Learn how, to. Attract. Will. Be very zealous. What's. Marketing. And. Good. A, bias. List. Wow. Horribly. With. Marketing, okay. So, a lot of people are gonna be told in fact the owner of the channel me, miss. Cold me alright with. Martini. Are. Canny marketing. It's. How you get paid not, figuring, out the right contra. Is. The. Core how, you is, the core of how you can get paid.

Ad. In. The business. Everything. Else. Is. Secondary. And, in, real, estate in the velocity let. Me specify wholesaling. Business. So. Fuel, your pipeline is basically you need to learn how to attract, materials, and build your list as. Well before ever hear you, need to fill your pipeline. Meet. To. Feel. Me. To learn. How. To feel, your pipeline. Dority. Priority. All. Right so that's that so that's uh that's. A good question actually that's. A good question you'd. Agree right. All. Right so if you have any questions like this by the way you can post it on others video anything, that may not be clear our answer from there as well all. Right I'm gonna click reply let's, see what else what else do we got going on here all, right so to. Review. How can you accurately, determine ARV tools software web pages. So. The. People are gonna come for my neck right here on this tip I'm gonna give right here but I'm gonna give it anyway okay this, person says, Marco's, like AI is the most accurate way to get comparables, to work with, the real estate agent who has access to MLS, all. Right so uh. Most. Real. Estate agents. Are. Bombarded. Right. Bombarded. With. Calls. From. The. Tongues of. Hoes. Ellis, real. Estate. Also. The newbies newbies. Newbies. So. Generally comes. Basically. Ask. For. Every every. Property. They encounter. Encounter. Encounter. Not. A realistic, way. Realistic. Way. To. Build. Your. A. RV, is, an. Opinion. Suggest. Using. An, average. Of. What. You. Find, on. The Zillow. Zillow. Trulia and. Redfin. But. Fame and. Allow. The, actual, buyers. To. Do, their. Own. Own. Due. Diligence. If. The, deal. Looks. Attractive. And. Put on nicely, to. Them with, your. Quote-unquote. Amateur. Amateure. Comes. Yet. Comes. Yet. Comes okay they still comes you know. This. Strategy. Will. Not. Work. Well for you. For. You, if. Or. For you if, you depend. On. The, cash, buyers, list. List. Is, that. Gurus. Sell you. So. Yeah. You. Need. Need. Learn. Marketing. That. You. Can use, to. Build your. Own. Buyers, list build your. Own, buyers. Lists. Perpetually. Perpetually. And. Ever-growing. List and, ever. Growing. List. All. Right so it's a little bit more, information that typically. Anybody, would give but I take the time, to. Give it anyway okay, UH. One. Second, here so yeah that's that's some really cool stuff I just gave. I'm. Copying this so I can use them on my post okay. There's. A good stuff right here good stuff good stuff let's. See here blah. Blah blah blah let's. See how to, okay. Cool, alright so I'm gonna click reply on that so. Yeah basically. Let's. See what else what else is going on yeah. That was it that's the only comment on there so yeah, so that's basically what, we have for for, for this particular session right here like. I said earlier, online. Learning, how to build this business online is, gonna benefit, you okay, you're gonna put you lightyears, ahead of everybody else everybody else is doing the old school stuff the. Old school stuff is dead. Okay. For an average person it's just dead it is what it is it's, not going, to last and you, can already feel it a bunch, of who's sellers are just calling each other from zero the college other Craigslist, that day, you know people say hey get on my bass this they put in a realistic hotel, on their bias list that's, nothing wrong with that because the go end up referring a a buy a real buyer to you in the future but, back in the days it was a mix of both we actually have some real buyers on there so, the best way to have more, bias to your buyers list outside, of of course, the people the limited amount of people you're gonna see at your local real estate investment, Association, outside. Of that the best way to hide them is to learn how to market learn. How to use the YouTube marketing to build a list of buyers buy. By way of doing that you're able to build a brand so you're doing brand building, okay they're doing digital marketing brand marketing okay and you're doing this all online and, then it's documented, and it builds your. Your. Credibility in the marketplace, it builds your trust factor, your. Trust equity in the marketplace, and then it's easy when, you do that especially using content, have, you ever heard content, is the gateway drug to. Opportunities. Opportunities we, chase you down eventually. Opportunity, will start chasing you down also even, if you decide to be stubborn you still want to send some direct mail the people google your name they can find you online, okay. And that. Boosts trust. As well too unlike, the rest of the 25 letters that they're gonna get most, of them are trying to make a quick buck and then, of course they're gonna shy away from learning real.

Marketing But that gives you a plus because, then you know that you're actually doing the right thing so that's how to start a real estate business, wholesaling. Business online today which is a smart move you, need to focus, on, building, on this building okay on list building, of buyers and then you can also eventually. Advanced, into list building, off of motivated. Sellers and you can actually do that on Facebook you can target those ads on target, them with ads on field Facebook, very cheaply, and you can test out you see what data is working what data is not working and let the rest of the suckers keep sending mail so, that they can generate all the deals and your partner with them to close their deals and you've, literally spent, one. Tenth of what they spent on marketing okay and in addition to that you have a list of people that will continue to make. You money okay, when you have a list, of buyers you, continue, to make money from there so with that being said if you're brand new here don't forget to subscribe make, sure you give me a quick like make, sure you share. This video on your social media by clicking the share button and don't forget to download your free book at my Empire AFRICOM, that explain all of this in about two hundred pages and, I will also give you instant access to a several, days. Free. Home, study course it's. Called a small business empire you can basically, apply this to your business and turn your wholesaling business into. A smart, wholesaling. Business does. That make sense so that's, what I have for you today hopefully you've been enlightened and educated, and I'll see you on the next one and peace.

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