How to Start a Coaching Business From Scratch (6 Figures in 60 Days)

How to Start a Coaching Business From Scratch (6 Figures in 60 Days)

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Welcome back everybody it is the next episode of fix your business and I am your host Robin weights the fearless business coach today we are going to be speaking with Joe better age who is just starting out on her coaching, journey which is very exciting after. Working for 15, plus, years in corporates, across multiple different. Businesses. From an oil and gas company to a publishing house to a, social. Media marketing business, and, all sorts of things there welcome. To the show Joe thank. You. So. Don't look scared. You're. Just on the cusp of kind of starting up your coaching, practice, so give us a 62nd. Precis of kind of you. Know what, drove you to set up the coaching, practice, and what, you're hoping to achieve with it in the future it's. All exploded, out of nowhere I've started to write a novel about, healing, broken hearts, place. Called Heartbreak Hotel people, are having their hearts healed, and their lives lit up with an. Inner light and in a passion, and I, thought alongside that, book I. Could do an online course and online coaching see that the people reading, the book having any, fun of in love of the characters, can, go on their own journey of self-discovery and, light themselves up from within so. It's gone from you know being a novel to maybe an online course to to, actually live real. Life coaching, so and this has all just happened, in the last month so. It's. All exploded, so I'm, I'm very new to it and just literally, right at the beginning but, what I want to get out of it is to help. People feel. Excited, about their lives lit up with him from, within and have a real passion, and, purpose. Oh cool. Sounds. Really clear and like. Obvious about kind of I'm starting to get a picture of who it is that you want to help and how, you're going to help them and I think it's um it's, one of those things that a lot of the best coaches, and coaching practices are built on this need to obviously.

Help People and transform. Their lives so I think that's the best place to start I know you're working with another business, coach as well so we've. Had a good chat beforehand, to work out exactly how this is going to go, one. Of the things which I think we've established is, kind of taking some of those early. Steps in terms of setting up a coaching. Practice and how to get started so do you want to explain kind of you know where. You're at at the moment and. What. Some of those early steps look like for you right now yes. So the, first step I think is. I. Want, to do we were talking about three. For free I want to start, talking to people you. Know where. I'm kind of learning the coaching, as I. Go helping. People and and. They're helping me too so, that's something I want to do and I, also need to develop my customer, journey and really plot those steps, of you. Know then coming, to me with, a pain point to to, fix and then, me kind of plot in those steps that will lead them to their breakthrough and, they're you. Know that outcome, at the end oh well. Should we dive in yes. Customer. Journey excellent, I'm just going to share my screen up here one of the best things about working with coaches who are just starting out is the fact that literally we have a blank canvas, to, be able to design this, thing so that it is the perfect. Business. Model, customer, journey framework. That we could possibly build, sometimes. And you take a coaching he's been kind of doing it for years you. Know for a long period of time sometimes. It can be a little bit of kind of unpicking, before we actually get into the good stuff and start rebuilding it's a little bit like you know imagine. Rebuilding. A house you've, gone I've got to take off all the old plaster, and dig, up the floor and take the old roof off before you actually start putting everything back together and making it look nice again so I love the fact that we've got a blank sheet of paper here which we can kind of work from so. I don't know if you're familiar with my I have a product architecture, model which has the, seven perfect steps in a, customer journey and it, works for anybody who is in the service client business so coaches, consultants. And freelancers, and we're going to try and customize, this so it's specific. To you so. It's, called the product architecture, model because it will eventually start, to look a little bit like a house, but. Initially, and. You're kind of going through this process at, the moment we. Have to do the marketing in order to attract people to our house in the first place that we're trying to sell, so. We, have a process which we call and building, marketing, assets basically. Now. I know that you've already. For. Example, started, with a Facebook page mm-hmm, yeah what, else have you got I, am. Just in the middle of building a website so. I started off as a blog site just to share my writing journey but, I've realized actually, that, that needs to be a bit more strategic, now I'm. Not just a mere rambling, off about my my, own thoughts on things it needs to be you, know what kind of a more, of a. Sales. Point of like a shop window. I. Mean, I think I need to set. Up Instagram. And Twitter too and maybe, do, some live, videos. Love, it yeah absolutely so we need some live videos potentially, on your Facebook, page. If. I could spell videos that would help my videos, I'd. Also recommend potentially. Looking at setting up a group which. Is what the coach mentioned as well I. Said. Offline before we started recording that and I had an idea for that which I think could be quite strategic for, you and I was wondering whether and one, of the things what she could do was like you, know they're quite popular at the moment but you could do something like a five day challenge which, is like a you, know a five day find your fire challenge or something like that love. It you. Know and use that so basically what you'll be doing is using the group to you. Know as a feeder basically, so when people apply to come into your challenge you say cool one, of the first steps is you need to go into your group so, I'm I'm a massive, fan of Facebook groups because you get great engagement in them but. The best thing about it is just I mean yes okay it's on Facebook but technically it's your audience, you and the audience and you get to put whatever content, and now you, see it's gonna be most beneficial to. Your clients one. Of the hardest things though is building an audience in the Facebook group if you, don't know what you're doing so something.

Like I. Worked with a life, coach kind, of gonna be some doing something similar to you however their approaches. Not. That yours isn't their approaches, scientific. So they do. Energy, coaching but they have a little device which does, blood. Measurements, looks. Enzymes, and your blood it looks at proteins, in your blood and various other things like sleep, patterns and to. Make sure that you're kind of you, know working optimal, kind of energy, they. Did a a 21, day energy, challenge in their. Group they, did some Facebook ads and spent six they're Americans they spent six hundred dollars but they got twelve hundred people signed up so twelve, hundred new people into their Facebook group nine. Hundred engaged well, in the challenge, and. When. They open the Carter in terms of like their product launch and taking on the next cohort of clients they did twenty five thousand, dollars of, business, that's incredible, ten, new clients, and. We've, talked about price for what you're charging so I reckon you've got great opportunity to do some kind of a five day challenge to, kind of you know build. Up the audience in that group and you put challenge down there just because I'm gonna, need that space and, the. Other thing which I think you could potentially be doing right now as well, is. Getting your. Google. My business listing. Set up okay, okay, so Google, my business what if you were to search for like, life coach Cheltenham, you. Normally get a little map and three. People underneath, some. Of them have review some down so, that little mapping section it's, called Google Places or Google my business and, so. What, we want to do is we want to make sure that and by the way Google works on trust so the sooner you set that up the more trust it's gonna have okay, so I would recommend setting up a Google my business listing, right, now, put. As much information into it as you can so you've got a hundred percent of the little, dial which says how much if. Your profile, is complete make, sure it's 100 percent complete and, then. It, loves reviews now, I know you don't have clients yet but.

You've Got friends family. Work colleagues and people like that who can vouch for you and say that you're a trustworthy human, being you be you know it's, a pleasure to work with Joe in whatever capacity is. They. Might not necessarily be able to vouch to your coaching ability yet. But. To go out and get ten reviews as quickly as possible so that you've got a bit of another bit of real estate which is there it's free you can do it very quickly and it, and it will just speed the process up so when you're ready with your program, it's, you know you've got some assets already built there. So. Google my business I would definitely do that sort of straightaway. The group definitely get that up and running the challenge might take a bit of planning to be you could launch that you know it's seen enough yeah well, perfectly, I've just signed up for a five-day, set, your Facebook, group, challenge. Up set. Your Facebook group up challenge, so. I can, do, that alongside great. That's perfect, so, we've got a couple of other steps which I'm. Starting. To kind of this this is going to be your your customer, journey I'm running out of space so I need to move some of this down here. We go. So. Like. I said it looks a little bit like a house but once, we've kind of used, the, marketing. Assets the first step of it to. Attract. Our audience, members, in there and I'm going to talk about your audience in a second because I was a bit worried about your, avatar, and how specific. Is so, we will come on to that the, idea is that once we've kind of attracted them you. Know with something, some kind of offer at the front we're giving them a ton of value they can see what we're about you've got the book as well that's another asset marketing, asset when, that comes out you've. Then got to start to then like, you've got now you've got a Corral a big group of people we've. Actually then going to start to narrow it down and work out whether they are going to be good clients or not so. There'll. Be some form of assessment, or. Quiz, or. Diagnostic. That. You need to run with people okay so, when I when I first started, out on my coaching, practice. I was. Going to share, mine because I've got I don't mind sharing this tool. And. I, still have this but in, like. An online, form so. I mean this is an, assessment form for a business coach okay so for me obviously, and.

It Talks about the basics of kind of what, should work life balance like watch it you have a business plan had. What product, clarity have you got your pricing nailed you, know so it's Twitter like a 20-point checklist, yeah, you could potentially, with. Your clients start to create a 10 or 20 point checklist as to the things which you're going to be helping them with hmm, so, confidence. Energy, passion. For life work/life, balance you, know you name it you could you, come up with to your twenty criteria, and then. Simply get your prospective. Clients to mark themselves on the scale of one to ten now. Obviously if somebody's writing down their ten out of ten for all of them they probably don't need your help okay and but. If we start to see some of these schools that are low for example what I'm looking for especially because my focus is always on product pricing, and sales, I'll, be looking at this and going well if they're they could be ten out of ten for everything else but if product pricing, sales are low I'm like, bang I can help you straight away I can add an enormous value and it, starts to give me a bit of information about the client and see whether it's a good fit or not makes sense yes. So you could, you could create a very simple your version of this but a very simple um you. Know assessment. Form would can start to kind of break down and work, out whether a client is going to be a good fill not the, other thing as well as as you start to raise your and this page is relevant here as you start to raise your profile and get busy new books out and you've got loads of people coming to you you need, to start to think about kind of automating, some of this process, mm-hmm, so, as they as they shift from you know step one marketing, assets through, into hey, Joe actually I'm really interested in knowing a bit more about what you do and you're. Going to want some kind of automation, in there. So. A very simple way to do that is just to have like an online booking form so. There's tons of different ones this acuity. Sheduled, once. Calendly. My favorite, is acuity. Scheduling which is one which you can see here it's, embedded in my website so it's like a really simple, website. Address to type, in so, fearless top is four slash app people, can book into my diary for a free consultation. It's. Linked up to my diary on, my phone okay. So if somebody books, on, here, it blocks out the time on here and my wife doesn't get pissed off with me. Which. Is quite handy and vice versa if I book something on here it automatically, blocks it out and here one. Of the best things about this is though there's also a little bit more of an you, know a more detailed application form, as well a bit of background about their business but most importantly, what's the current revenue what their goals are they, committed to actually making those changes right now how. Soon can you get started so it's more of some of those buying sorts of questions mm-hmm. So, the most important, thing we want to be getting. Get. Starting to gather information about our prospects, and booking, them into, a consultation. Mm-hmm. Now. So, that it's clear. We. Can start to also then get a gauge for how much activity we've got to do at each level in order to start to sell. Our core products so. Typically, between. These. Two bits here you, want. 70. Applications, or conversations. As I call them and. You want to be booking 10, consultations. With prospective clients, in. Order, to, sell two. Of. Your core product. So. At the moment so. Let's. Just think about this so you've got your you. Can have an online course. But, your core product is going to be let let's, say for argument's sake it's a 90, day, program. Yeah. And. It's, gonna be 1,500. Pounds mm-hmm, okay, so. A good conversion rate there is somewhere, between 1 & 5 & 1 & 3 if. When, you start enrolling clients, your. Conversion, rate is higher than 1 & 3 that. Tells me that whatever price point you're selling out is too cheap ok, doesn't, make you a good salesperson normally, it's because you're too cheap so. That we can use that as a guide as to how much you can start to sell your core products out does that kind of make sense. But. The bit the bit where and there are just to kind of complete this I'm not going to go into too much detail here you'll see a couple of blanks you also have something called a follow-on product. So. This could be maybe somebody goes through and does your 90 day program for example, and. They. Might then just continue, with your coaching, at 500 pound a month mm-hmm. Yeah so, what we what we starting to do is build up something called customer lifetime value so you got your front end product your. 1500 pound 90 day program you've, got your back end product which is then ongoing coaching.

So. If you if you're working on a one-to-one basis, now. It. Might be that when united states online course plus some one-to-one coaching or group coaching right but, you may also just be able to sell the course and you. Could sell that I don't know let's, say at two four nine something like that so people could just dip into that DIY. Yeah. Do it yourself and, and. That's all they need they get the result they don't need your help anymore great tickety-boo yeah. And. The final part of this is then what we call social proof so this, goes hand-in-hand with Google. My business. But. It includes things like case, studies I. Please. Testimonials. And. Definite. Includes reviews. So. You're. Three for free which, I definitely think you should do it's. Actually mostly about building, out you. Know the social proof aspect, that we've got down here, so. If you're going to do some work with somebody to get just to test out your coaching program see what sort of results you get what sort of problems challenges people facing. Give. It to them for free but say would it be ok if once we've worked together I can get a case study from you could I do a quick two minute interviews in which we use as a video testimonial and would, you mind leaving me a Google review, so. Again, that then leads back to. Exciting. News I can offer three, of you an hour's, session. For free because, I well I don't want to do is go I do know what I'm doing so I need to practice on you. Hang. On let me just I'm gonna have to come back cuz we're gonna have to Cochin is so no it's the short answer so. Probably. The people you're speaking to a much more sophisticated than, a hey come and buy my stuff or even if it's free I've got, something something exciting, to tell you. What. You should be doing is when you're putting content, out make. It highly. Valuable so today I'm gonna be giving you seven. Tips on how you can you, know reignite, your passion, for, x y&z for life, you, go through the seven tips and what'll happen is you'll get a little box underneath where people like comment, and share, and. What that you, know there's no currency, in that necessarily, but it is a bit of an indicator is to like the. Fact that people like your content. So. If somebody's, in there going oh my god this is amazing this is going to transform my life you could just drop them quick personal message and say, hey. Sharon. Thanks so much for commenting on my post what was it specifically. You liked about that post or, by, the way hey, listen and you, know I'm going to be launching my. Program. Soon would, you like a free consultation with me there. Are a couple of caveats to that if it's okay with you it's, totally free it'll be a full you know 1 hour 2 hour coaching session, but what I need you to do after that is the case study review testimonial.

Yeah. So, you. Don't announce it you put some really, valuable content, out there get some engagement and then hobbyist engages, you get to, do the coaching you invite them to do that coaching session with make. Sense. Because. Other world like people just you know you'll, get you'll get all the freebie hunters and the tire kickers who'll just go for any free thing basically if that makes sense, yeah whereas actually what you want is people who actually need help. Yeah. It's, a bit like if you go and ask you know. A. Rubbish. Analogy, but imagine if you go and ask your mum for some, advice on something, Oh better, still you going in ask an encyclopedia, salesman whether you need an encyclopedia, of course. They're gonna say yes ok so we've got a it's, part of this qualification, process I think which you need to refine mm-hmm. So. We talked about having. Some kind of an assessment form in place you we've, got the marketing assets which you're building great we've. Got some kind of an assessment processing, in place here to start, to qualify, people in Rowell, one. Of the you, can build a really simple assessment form. And. I call it a qualifier, matrix. Which. Is exactly as it sounds it's just a a. Two-by-two. Box. So. Give. Me give, me two things that two. Things that either your ideal. Client struggles with or wants. To get a good, you know what would be a good result for them or tell. Me just tell me something about you, know your perfect client. They're. Unhappy. Okay. What. Else. I. Can't. Think now I know all the answers. Have. They got a job that they love and. Career. Like. So. The, career is let's. Just go with no one yes so we'll assume that what we mean by that is yes, they've got a good career that they enjoy no they haven't you know, so. What. This looks like basically is they might have if, they've got no career and they're unhappy, we've. Got a bit of a problem it's, more than likely that you can probably work with them mm-hmm. Right. If. They are that's, to you some different colors here's a green would do amber next it might, be that maybe they're happy but, they're like generally in life but, their careers not fulfilling. Okay. So, this is still a tick we could potentially work with them but we've only got one area to work with it, could be that they're really redundant. I've done that in the wrong one I think I know. I haven't so, it could be they're really deeply unhappy but actually they're in a job they love. Yep. So. Yes. We could potentially work with them because we can make them happier however. If they are really, happy and in, a career which they love we. Probably can't work with them because they're already there if that makes sense so. This is just a simple way of working out when somebody comes to us with a set of problem or problems or challenges or, something like that starting. To identify whether. They're a good fit for our business or not so. When I was asking about your and. I'm gonna split the screen down here your perfect, client what did you say your avatar, I, said. Maybe. Perhaps. Middle-aged. Women, he's, got to her stage in life with you know a lot of challenges, she hasn't perhaps, quite. Confronted. Them all she's. Unhappy, unfulfilled. Feels, like she's just existing, rather than living once, we kind of lit up from the inside once. A sense of purpose a, passion. For something. If. You could if you could. Named. Banner. A sticker, or whatever. Encapsulates. What you've just described, in one word what would that be. On. Fire, I don't if, the system the opposite oh the opposite. Down. To Jackson, depressed. Unhappy. Divorced. Or divorcing, mmm. So relationship, problems yeah, single-parent. Love. It. So. When, when we talk at the reason why I wanted to do go through that little mini exercise, there was because when you talk about middle, at unhappy, middle-aged women I would.

Say That and, Jen, people generally I would say that nobody has ever really achieved their full potential, it's. So rare that you meet somebody who has just got everything absolutely sorted, out so kind of what you've said to me there is everybody, is my avatar, if. You target everybody you target no one yeah. That's, why we've got to drill it down and be much more specific so. Actually. It could be that what we're going to focus on is single. Single. Parents but single. Mums. In. Their, 40s. And. We. Could go is there anything that we could go even more specific, on that with. That. Probably be give us enough information I, think to get started with because probably what you've done is you might narrow it down from say 70. Million people in the UK. Middle-aged. Women probably now you're down to about I don't know eight million, you. Narrow it down even further into single, mums in their 40s and now you dance like if tens, of thousands or hundreds. Of thousands. Okay. So and also think, about it this way Joe, if, I, were to say something to you like. So. I'm, a business coach I help business owners to grow their businesses, that's. Statement. One statement two. I, help. Female. Want. To be female coaches in their 40s to start up their coaching practice and grow it to 100k. Which. One resonates, more with you. Specific. Like I'm talking about I could be talking about you or you. Know so we've, got. You. You when. You start to kind of put your marketing, message. Out there you've. Got to put your yourself. In your clients shoes. Because. Otherwise, like what's going to happen is they might read you your book and go this really resonates with me but I don't really know what to do with it next if you - if you're too vague with that message whereas. Actually if part of your marketing message, states. That know this is who you specifically, work with what. Will happen is you, know. 100. People might read the book. The. 10 people who fit within your niche super, specific will. Go oh my gosh Joe's talking about me and, they're. More likely to act and the one thing which most people are really afraid of when they're niching is that they're cutting out a massive chunk of the marketplace okay, now, I'll just give you an example this so I work with. Broaden. Each service client businesses. Okay. Who, are charging time for money so we're narrowing it down so, out of the experts base, but. Specifically, coaches, consultants. And freelancers, so when, I use those three words in front of a roomful of people all of the coaches all of the coaches consultants. And all the freelancers, kind of prick up their ears and they're interested, and then, I start to talk about the problems and challenges which they have, so. I'll, say something along the lines of you are a coach consultant or freelancer, you're. Super intelligent, really, bright human being you get you've got an amazing program you get great results for your clients your clients love you, but. There's a couple of things wrong here you're super busy all of the time rushing around like a blue asks for I trying to satisfy all these people whilst. You're not satisfied yourself and at the end of the month you check your bank balance and you're scratching your head wondering why, there's not enough money in there to. Reward you for all of this hard work, whenever. I do that social pitch you imagine the amount of people who come up to me afterwards and say I that once a networking group for about 30 people and I got five bookings for diagnostic, or straight afterwards. Yeah. Exactly. And. Everybody announced I don't mind alienating, everybody else in the room because I'm clear on who I work with so you've, got to get to a point where by you can articulate, your. Value your. Perfect client and be, able to step into their shoes and express their pains in order. To start to break down the barrier to attract them into your business mm-hmm. Perfect. Have. You got any questions to me about any of that at this point. You've. Covered, you. Know as I said I'm starting out so you you've covered the main things that that. I needed is it as a real jumping, off point, and and where to really start with this and and, it's, that kind of. Scrambling. Isn't it rabbit in the headlights I don't know which bit to do first and I've got all these things to learn and to, do and.

It's. Just having a clear, process, and a vision isn't it about where where. To go first. Yeah that, needs to lead to I I think. You're I mean you're doing the right things in terms of building the audience now like the sooner and earlier you build that audience the better but. I think one the one thing which is gonna and if, I was to give you a piece of homework off the back of this I think you'll be to sit down and write that assessment form out yes, so what what are the 20 what's your 20 point like, MOT, that you're going to be testing people against and then, I mean literally when I did my first version of it it was just business, plan empty. Space to write a number in products, empty, space to write you know it's just a very plain. Piece of paper just with these things written down in a word doc yeah, and, that. You can then start to use that to steer what, content is going to go into your online course mm-hmm. For, each one of those 20, points you may end up with a model. Which you use in order to coach, somebody. Through a specific, challenge mm-hmm. So for. Example. Fulfillment. Could be the Wheel of Life yeah. I don't know if you've heard of that yes have you, for. Sense. Of purpose you could use a key guy they, don't have to be your models you could use other models which you know are already out there and adopt, them for your business I think. Come I think ultimately. Because. You'll there's. There's also an element of life, coaching, which crosses over into mindset, yeah. I do wonder I think, my advice would be event, not right now but eventually to. Get a coaching qualification. Something. Something, like Anna. Mass or. The. Coaching Academy I think, would actually be really good for you just to give you just, to open the door to things like those various different sort of frameworks. And tools which you could use in your business but. If you've got the power and the ability to help people now and start changing those now crack, on like do it do, the do the assessment form design, your program do the three for free and, you will be flying. You'll. Be well away that, will give you everything that you need. To. Go way into. I. Think, that's exactly what I wanted to do with the with, the fix your business series I was, gonna say as well if anybody's watching this and they would like to take part the, best. Thing to do is to hop. Onto fearless top bears and find my email address and just get in touch with me and if you want to sit in the same seat the joists, at and it's not scary as it Joe no, it's not it's highly, valuable isn't it Jay you got television.

And. Yes it was good to start with but. There. We go so if you want to sit in the same seat Jase not physically the same seat Joe saying because that peeping weird it's in Joe's house but if you want to come on to fix your business just get in touch but. But, that's it for now so this is going to go as it's going out live on Facebook at the moment we'll be uploading this on to the YouTube channel a bit later on Jay but I just wanted to say thank you ever so much I'm really grateful for you taking the time out to being. Guest on fix your business in that you in, such. High. Value, for me and my you, know starting off my journey so thank you cool, it's a pleasure.

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