How To Set Your Business Goals And Get It In 2022

How To Set Your Business Goals And Get It In 2022

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One day I was at a metro train station.  After the usual security checks,   the security guard stopped me and asked  me which metro line you want to go sir?   Because different metro lines serves different  parts of the city. I was totally clueless for   some time and I asked him for the options and  I chose randomly one of them and went ahead.   And then when I reached the ticket  counter, the lady over there asked me   which station or the destination you want  to go sir? I was again clueless. I told her   whichever the station I don't mind. She again  told me sir you got to be very specific about   your destination then only she can issue the  ticket. And it happened to be, when I realized,  

when I decided my destination, I was at the wrong  metro line. Somehow I reached the destination.   Why am I telling you this story? If you want to  go somewhere, if you want to go for a vacation,   do you do like this? Of course not! You will know  which city you are traveling, which hotels you are   going to stay, what are the foods available, which  are the attraction or the destination you want to   travel within the city, everything you would have  already planned. However, if it is your life,   if it is your business, do you really plan and set  your goals? 98% of the people don't know what they   really want in their life, what they really want  to achieve in their business. That's a hard truth.   The story what I narrated was really not happened  but I wanted you to understand and imagine   if you don't have a clear understanding about  your destination, your life, in your business,   you will reach maybe a wrong place or you may  never reach anywhere. Hi I'm Suneel Hegde,   the founder of Dream Lifestyle Hub. Today, in  this episode I want to tell you and go deep into  

HOW TO SET YOUR BUSINESS GOALS AND GET IT. As  Earl Nightingale says if you don't know where   exactly you want to go, you may not reach  your destination at all or you might reach   a random place. And I'm sure as an entrepreneur,  as a person who really want to reach your dream   lifestyle, you want to set yourself a goal  and that is going to be today's topic. If   you're visiting my channel for the first  time, you're seeing me for the first time,   I do really appreciate if you can go and subscribe  to my channel, which you can find below this video   and also like this video so that it can reach  more and more people. Without further any delay,   let's go into today's topic and  help you set your business goals,   set your personal and financial goals and help  you live your dream lifestyle. Let's check it out. Alright! Welcome back. We are into the mind  maps now. Before we get into the topics,  

let me quickly explain you what we are  going to cover in this episode. First,   I am going to talk about the principles which  you got to be aware before setting your goals.   Then I'm going to talk about seven steps to create  total freedom in your business and in your life.   Then I'm going to give you some resource  which will help you master these seven steps   and last but not the least I'm going to talk about  what are your next action steps after this episode   so that you can reach your goals faster.  Before I talk about the principles,   let me quickly explain you what is the real  objective of this episode. Yeah! Let me quickly  

draw for you. Let me go to MS paint, don't laugh  at my drawing skills. Let's say if this is you,   okay! and the STAR what you see here is your  GOAL, it's your destination. The result what   you want to achieve. By the way, majority of  the people don't even know what are their goals,  

what exactly they want in their life, what  exactly they want to achieve. So don't worry,   in this episode once you watch this you want to  get clarity, how you need to set your goal, your   destination, Yeah! and after that the destination,  how you are going to reach, the path, the steps,   the method, which you're going to follow so that  you can reach your goal. One thing you have to   remember here. You are competing with yourself.  There might be so many people over here above you  

and they might want to reach somewhere here.  Because, there are always next levels. And   there might be so many people below you and  they might just want to reach where you are!   So don't compare yourself with others. You are  running your own race. Compare only with yourself.   Yeah? With that said, let's quickly go back to  the mind map. So let's go through the principles.   So the first principle is 80-20 rule. The pareto  principle. This you can apply anywhere. In your   business, in your life, anywhere you want. For  example: 20% of the people in this world owns 80%  

of the wealth. Similarly, you might be having  a list of goals you want to achieve. You got   to apply 80-20 rule and find out what are those  20% of your goals which is going to give you 80%   of the results. In that 20% as well you can  apply 80-20 rule and find out what are those   four percent of your goals which will help  you maximize your result so that you can focus   and prioritize those goals. Yeah? So the first  principle is 80-20 rule. And the second one is  

Be fixed on your goal but flexible in achieving.  Majority of the people do exactly opposite.   They are very rigid about the way they can achieve  their goal but they keep changing their goals   every day. That's why they are not able to achieve  those. So you've got to be fixed on your goal.   No matter what your goal has to  be fixed but the way, the method,   you can be flexible in achieving that. Yeah? And  the third principle is Three questions you got   to ask. It is not about what you want to do, how  you are going to achieve your goal. It is about   WHY, from your core you got to ask that question  - WHY you want to achieve that goal. For that,  

you can ask three questions. Need for what you do,  Ability to fulfill that need and How difficult to   replace you. Let me repeat again. This is very  very important. Is there a need for what you do?   Do you have a skill set to fulfill that need? And  how difficult it is to replace you? Let's say,   you want to help YouTubers to  create beautiful thumbnail.   Is there a need for that? Definitely Yes. Do  you have a skill set to teach the YouTubers  

how they can create beautiful thumbnails? If  you have that then you're good. And the last,   there are so many people out there in the market,  who are ready to teach how to create thumbnails.   Why anybody come to you? How different are you?  How unique are you? What are your specialty?   You got to address that. So, these are the  three questions you got to ask yourself.   So these are the Principles which will help  you identify and set your goals. Now let's  

move on to the next section, Seven steps to  create total freedom in business and life.   Before I walk you through these seven steps,  let me give you some clarity. These steps I'm   going to give you the awareness, if you follow all  these steps without fail you can achieve whatever   in your life. Whatever in your business. However,  if you really want to go deep and master each and   every steps, in the next section I'm going to walk  you through a free resource, which you can tap   into and master these steps. Okay? Now let's check  it out what are these seven steps. So the first  

step is going to be Clear Target. If you remember  the diagram I draw for you. Majority of the people   not aware what they really want, they are not  aware what are their goals. If I ask people what   do you really want in your life? They give vague  answers something like I want to be successful,   I want to make a lot of money, I want  to be rich, I want to change the world   but those are vague. Those are not  specific. What I want you to do is,   take a piece of paper and start writing how  your dream lifestyle looks like. You got to   be very very specific. Let's say God gives you  a menu. Yeah? And there everything is there.   All your dream, fantasies, everything and you can  pick and choose. Maybe your dream car, you want to  

drive Ferrari or maybe you want to own a Condor  or maybe you want to have your own Private Jet.   Sky is the limit. What are your fantasies? Don't  think about whether it is achievable or not.   Here, you are only writing how  your dream lifestyle looks like.   What is your fantasy? What are those dreams?  Yeah? For that let me give you an example.

So these are the some of the list, just for  illustration purpose. I have made it okay? You   also, in a piece of paper or maybe on a digital  pad, you can write something like this. Mortgage   and Rented House, your dream car, insurance,  utility bills, travel and vacation. May be you   can even write where exactly you want to travel.  Kids education, personal education, entertainment,   clothing, eating out, miscellaneous. May  be your list might look totally different.  

That's fine. This is just for an illustration  purpose. Once you write this list then you got   to give a price tag for each and every item  in the list. Because nothing comes for free.   Everything in your life has a price tag.  Okay! For example, I've just given a random   price tag for all these items. Yeah? Six  thousand dollars for mortgage or rented house,  

car two thousand dollars, insurance maybe two  thousand dollars, utilities, travel. All this,   if you add up to your dream lifestyle, cost is  30,000 per month. Okay! If you really want to   live your dream lifestyle, You need to have 30,000  per month. According to where exactly you live,   different currencies, your cost of living, your  number might be different or you might need,   maybe hundred thousand, maybe one million dollar  per month. Up to you okay? As I told you, sky  

is the limit. So the first step is going to be,  list out how your dream lifetime looks like and   give a price tag for each and every item on your  list and come up with a total number per month   which you need to have in order to live your dream  lifestyle. Sounds good? Now, let's move on to the   second step. It is financial plan. There are two  types of people in this world. First one is having  

a broke mindset, second one is having a rich  mindset. The difference between broke mindset and   rich mindset is rich people know how to manage  their money. Until I understood this secret,   I was doing the same mistake as the majority  of the people are doing. When you follow broke  

mindset, you will have more month at the end than  the money what you have in the bank account. So   as an entrepreneur, it is very important, you  understand both the mindset and you move from   broke mindset to the rich mindset. I'm talking to  you here as if you're an entrepreneur. Yeah? Now,   let's quickly understand the broke mindset.  This is how broke mindset entrepreneur operates.   They usually have one bank account. Most of  the time it is going to be their personal   savings bank account. Then whatever they earn,  maybe from their part-time job, online venture,   side hustle, they sell something, whatever they  earn it will come to their one bank account.  

Then their spending will start. They pay  off their monthly bills. By the time they   pay off monthly bills, they would've already  exhausted whatever they would have earned.   They need to run business, they want to save  something, they want to pay off debt, they want   to invest somewhere but they don't have money.  This is how broke mindset entrepreneur works.   If you really want to have financial freedom, do  you really want to know how rich people manages,   the formula is R T C W G O. Write down on your  notepad. R T C W G O. Yeah? So you need to  

open six bank accounts. It's very very important.  Maybe it is in one bank or may be different banks.   And R is your receivable. Everything boils down  to whatever the cash flow you earn so that you   can have a financial freedom. So R stands for  Receivables. You need to have a business account,  

current account to receive all your receivables.  Everything will come to your receivable accounts   then you have T stands for Tax, C stands for  Charity, W stands for Wealth and G stands for   General and O stands for Operations. Yeah? How  the allocation has to be, everything as I told   you will come to your receivable account. Then  you can allocate based on the country where you  

live in but 30% is a good allocation to your tax  bank account. Then ten percent to the charity bank   account. Ten percent to wealth building account.  Twenty percent to general and thirty percent to   run your business operations. Yeah? Do you  remember the dream lifestyle cost which you   did in first step was, thirty thousand dollar per  month. For illustration purpose, your number might   be different. This thirty thousand dollar per  month will directly come into the general. Yeah?   Based on this you need to calculate all these  numbers. Yeah? This is how you can calculate.  

Yeah? See here. For tax forty five thousand  dollar, charity fifty thousand dollar, wealth   fifteen thousand dollar, general you are already  aware and operations forty five thousand dollar.   Overall, total 150,000 dollars per month  you got to earn if you really want to have   financial freedom. You might be thinking, I am  not even seeing this much of amount in my life.   Don't worry. Here we are talking about achieving  something impossible. Your Dream Lifestyle.  

Yeah? Your Financial Freedom. Don't think whether  you're going to earn this much or not. Because   you'll have a game plan. You'll know how you  can achieve this. Yeah? Now let's move on to the   step number three. It is your game plan.  In order for you to devise your game plan,   you got to understand how different eras in the  history influenced the people the way they lived.   Until 1750, mid 18th century it was agriculture  era. The only way people could have been become   rich if they were landlords. Another 200  years, it was industrial era. Industrialists,  

owner of the industries were the richest people  in the world. After that we had distribution era.   Around 1980s technology era started. Microsoft,  Apple those companies started operating. Around   1990s, 2000 it was information era. Google, at  that point of time started. After 2000 until 2010  

it was information, entertainment and technology.  Kind of an infotainment era. Where Facebook,   Instagram those companies started. After 2010, at  this point of time where I am talking, it is going   to be all about partnerships and collaboration. As  you see different eras, as we started moving from  

agriculture era to industrial era to technology,  infotainment, becoming rich has become easy.   Distribution of wealth started so at this point of  time, it is best time in the history of the world   to have your financial freedom. Live your dream  lifestyle. So it is all about influence building,   you have your own hub, your brand and you  collaborate without having your own product, you   can collaborate with big brands, have partnerships  and solve people's problem. And if you remember   the step number one and step number two,  150,000 in my example. If you want to earn that  

you can build multiple streams of income.  Why I would say multiple streams of income.   Anything one in business is dangerous. One  employee, one system, one bank account,   all those are very dangerous. So you got to build  your own home. It's like an island and you will  

have different paths, multiple streams of income  so that you can achieve your financial freedom.   Yeah? Now let's move on to the step number four  which is your goal card. When people used to   advise me, you need to have your goal card, you  have your goal statement, you need to write on a   daily basis, I used to laugh but when I realized  the power of that, it is totally unbelievable.   This is my goal card. You can have your own goal  card. There, you have to be very specific about  

the timeline. When you're going to achieve.  Let's say, in our example 150,000 per month   for your financial freedom. You write by may be 90  days, 180 days, one year, you're going to achieve   that target. May be by May 2022, I will write -  Goal by May 2022 - I earn, everything has to be   in present tense in your goal statement. I earn  150,000 every month on total autopilot and I live   my dream lifestyle. It is very very important you  got to be current in your writing that is when it  

is powerful and every day you need to carry your  goal card and see multiple times so that you know   where exactly you're moving. Yeah? So it is very  important you need to have your goal card. Don't   underestimate. It has an immense power. Yeah? Now  let's look at step number five your hub. You got   to have your own hub whether you are running  a traditional business or an online business.   Having a hub is very very important. Hub  is nothing but your home on the internet.   It is a place where your prospects will come and  hang out with you, get lots of additional values.  

It is a place where you will build your influence.  It is a place where you will build your trust   among your target market. If you remember step  number three your game plan where I talked about   communities, automation, you're going to have your  own hub, you'll have partnerships, collaboration,   multiple streams of income? Once you build  your hub, through your hub, through your brand   you are going to have collaborations, partnership  as well as multiple streams of income. Also you   will build your community. That brings me into  the step number six which is thousand super fans.   Future of business lies in communities. Having  your digital tribe. If you look at Apple,   if you look at Amazon, if you look at Facebook.  All of them have their own digital ecosystem,  

digital tribe, communities. If you really want  to make most out of this era I'm talking about,   you need to find and build your thousand super  fans. Yeah? Now let's look at the last but not   the least, step number seven, become the best.  If you really want to settle for average,   again it is a broke mindset.  If you really want to succeed,  

if you really want to build your kingdom, a super  profitable business, your financial freedom,   whichever the industry you might be operating, in  whichever the niche you might be in, you got to   become the best out there. You got to become and  you need to strive for the excellence. Yeah? Now   let's move on to the next section which is very  very important, RESOURCE. I'm sure you are going   to love this. Do you want to go deep into each and  every steps you have learned so far master those  

and achieve results faster if yes i am going to  walk you through a free resource which can tap   into go deep into each and every steps and achieve  your goals faster the name of that is seven   steps to freedom to access this you can go into  resource section in the description which is there   below this video and once you click on that link  you'll come to this page you click on get started   you'll see different plans over here but  you go for basic free option click on get   started once you click on this you'll come  to the registration page give your first name   last name your email address and your password no  need to give your credit card information at all   once you do that you will receive an email  confirmation to your inbox verify that after   that you can log into your dashboard it will look  something like this once you scroll down you will   see programs and coaching section in that you will  see courses click on that in the courses you will   see seven steps to freedom click on access  training and go through each and every steps   understand deeply and apply and you can achieve  results faster now let's go back to the mind map   what are your next action steps on our platform  we host various successful entrepreneurs who has   made multi-million dollars in their business  and achieved greater results in their life   if you want to build super profitable online  business you want to own consistent revenue   generating affiliate marketing business you want  to build your wealth on autopilot you want to be   a great youtuber you want to beautifully design  your websites funnels landing pages without   understanding coding and designing and many many  other topics we conduct webinars master classes   web classes on weekly basis most of them are  absolutely free your next action step is register   for one of those sessions registration link is  given in the description below this video i would   like to see you live in one of those sessions and  help you achieve your results faster with that   being said we have come to the end of this episode  what are your biggest takeaways please write in   the comment section i hope this was worth your  time if you still haven't subscribed to my channel   please go and subscribe like and comment  below this video so that it can reach more   and more people with another interesting topic  i'll see you soon until then god bless and bye

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