How To Set Up Key Social Media Profiles For Your Business | V11

How To Set Up Key Social Media Profiles For Your Business | V11

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Every. Business website, needs traffic, you, can direct traffic to your site by either organic search engine results, links, and emails to your subscribers, or by paid advertising, needs but. A key tool and asset, in establishing, your web presence is using social media platforms. To bring in traffic in this, video I'll show you how to set up a Facebook page for your business a Twitter, profile, and Google, accounts including a YouTube brand account and channel, for your business and a Google+ account let's. Do this. Welcome. To how to set up key social media profiles, for your business if you've, been following along with your ultimate web presence checklist, which you can download below in the description, area if you haven't already you are now at video 11 in the web presence video series titled, how to easily create a web presence for your business even. If you have zero technical skills I'm Kevin, Stryker with true lift digital, marketing let's, get right at it in the, last video video, 10 how to find a wordpress theme that works for you we discussed what a theme is what, you need to look for in a theme where, to find themes both free and premium including. Some great resources and then, I walked you through an over-the-shoulder view, of how, I installed, a premium theme on my new website if you've, got a website the. Lifeblood of your site is traffic, visitors. Coming to see what you are about learning, something and hopefully, ultimately purchasing, your products and services often. Referred to as monetizing, your site one. Marketing strategy to increase that traffic to your site is, referred to as the hub-and-spoke strategy. By some marketers or, even the home base and outpost strategy, the, concept, is the same whereby, your website is at the center and the spokes or outposts. That, go out and bring traffic back to your site where, the traffic can be monetized, our organic. Search results from places like Google like we talked about in video 9 introduction, to SEO and links. You place in emails to your subscribers, a topic. We will be discussing more at, true lift digital com, but, another very powerful traffic, source is of course social media while. Social media for personal, use is about communicating, and sharing information with, friends and family as a, business, tool it's extremely, powerful in reach, that can help make people aware of your business and what you have to offer by, bringing them back to your website or, even teaching them directly about you on their respective social platform, information. About your company or your products and services can be shared organically, insert inside, of the platforms, or by paid advertising, means but, that's a topic for another time and something we'll talk about a lot more at true love digital calm, in our lead generation section, as we get our site rolling the, point I'm trying to make is that social, is very important means of obtaining traffic. And with that in mind like I said in the intro in this, video we'll set up some key social, media profiles, specifically.

A Facebook, page for your business Twitter, profile, YouTube. Channel and Google+, account and then, tie all of those profiles together with. The SEO tool we installed in the introduction, to SEO video video 9 to hopefully amplify, their impact you, can also use what you learn here to set up other profiles, as well in Instagram. Pinterest. Or wherever you, feel your audience will be most likely congregating. So that you can effectively reach them if you, check back with our site I'll go into more detail, about all things digital marketing, or if you subscribe to this channel, you will be notified as soon as those new videos come out one. Last quick note though before we dig in you, may already have one or two of these social profiles set up for yourself or perhaps one or two of the platforms, that I will be discussing may. Not be relevant to your specific business, so, by all means utilize. The time stamps below in the description, area if you're watching this video on YouTube to jump forward and back to, those sections that you feel are most relevant to you, let's. Start with the good old Facebook's, by. Going to Now. Especially with Facebook but, with all of the other social platforms we'll be going through in this video keep, in mind that what you see in your screen in terms of user interface, may, be slightly different as you eyes are forever updating, but you should still be able to find what I'm referring to by looking around a bit it may look slightly different or be in a slightly different place in this. Section we will go through setting up a Facebook page for your business and if, you are interested, in setting up a facebook business manager for your business as well an optional, step in part, two of this video I'll show you how to quickly do that the. Prerequisite. For setting up a Facebook page for your business is that you first have to have a personal Facebook account probability. Suggests that you are likely already one of the 1.4. Billion monthly. Active Facebook, users or whatever it is now in which, case you already have an account and the first thing to do is to sign in at the top by entering your email address you used to create your Facebook account or your mobile number followed, by your password and then click login but. If you do not yet have a Facebook account in order to set up what used to be referred to I think is a Facebook. Fan page but, I think is now just referred to as a page for, your business apart. From your personal Facebook profile but connected to it you will have to create a personal, profile first by signing up simply. Fill in your first name last, name and either your mobile number or email address that you want to use to log into Facebook and receive notifications on, etc, and then, re-enter, it to ensure that there are no mistakes the reason for your mobile number or email address is you are going to receive either an email or a text message with, a Facebook confirmation, code that you will require shortly, to verify that you are in fact the owner of that email address or mobile number then create a password and enter in your birthday info and it tells you why they want to see that here. Then, select female, or male, check. Out the Terms of Service here, the data policy, and the, cookie use documentation. Once. You are all good with all of that then, just click on sign up since. I already have a personal account I can't show you the exact steps I think it might be outside of Facebook's Terms of Service if, I create a dummy account to show you the steps and I don't want to make Facebook mad at me to be honest because I need them for my advertising, but. Essentially, when you click the sign up button you, will then have to verify that you are in fact the owner of either that email address or the mobile phone number that you use to create your account with if you use your email address above you will have to go to your email client where you will find an email from Facebook, in, that email you can either click on or tap on if you're on a mobile device a link, to confirm that email address in. That email is going to say something like you recently, registered for Facebook to complete your Facebook registration, please confirm your email account and then, there will basically be a button that you can click on to, confirm, that account or.

If You use the mobile number you will receive an SMS or text message that, likely looks similar to the one that I received here when I created, my personal, account saying, one two three four five six or some six random digits is your Facebook confirmation, code there, will be a pop up on your screen asking, for that confirmation code enter, the code from your phone in the confirmation, box there and click continue or. Whatever it prompts you to click on or tap on and it will say something like your, email address or your mobile phone number is confirmed, and then. Likely try to walk you through some sort of configuration, wizard type of thing where they show you how to get around inside of Facebook and upload, your contacts, from your phone or email, address, book etc which. If you're interested, in and new could, be quite helpful or you can just skip through that my. Goal here though is to show you how to set up a Facebook page for your business and there are a couple of different ways to do that one. Of which is by clicking the link below first, and then, you will log into your personal account but, I'm just going to log into my account first, and show you how to do it inside of my personal Facebook account I'll, just enter my email and, password at the top and click log in again. Facebook, is forever changing, their look but, your personal page should look something, like this and this is where you'll end up when you log in you. Can either go down the side here, where it says create page and click on that or, you can go up to the blue bar at the top on the right side click, the drop down and go to and click on create, page before. I do that though I just wanted to point out that once you create a separate page for your business Facebook, suggest setting up a business manager, to oversee, your business activities, in facebook like, assigning team members and in accessing, add accounts etc as good, business practice, as it, adds to the legitimacy, of your business now, that may seem a little bit confusing at first so don't worry like, I said I will circle back to that in part two of this video if you are interested, but, you can see in this drop down here this, is where you can access your business manager for your page once, it is created, this. Is a business manager I have setup for another one of my websites, autoresponders. Which, I will be shutting down once true lifts digital comm gets up and running once. I set up the business manager, for true lifts this is where it will show up let's. Keep rolling click, on create a page, now. Facebook wants you to choose a page, type so, choose whether you are a local business like, a brick-and-mortar store, company. Organization, or institution if. You have a brand or product cause, or community entertainment. Etc whichever. Is the most applicable to your situation, this, one here makes the most sense for me so I'll click on it then. Click the drop-down to choose a category. I'm. Not really a computer company I. Do. Fall, under consultant, for parts of my business but. Let's keep looking here. What. Would I be. Ok. I'll just go with Internet, company not, quite the most accurate but whatever for now you, can easily change this later if you want company, name is going to be true lift Digital Marketing take. A look at the Facebook page terms I kind, of gloss over things like this in this video but, as much of a hassle as reading these things are if, you plan to advertise, with Facebook staying, in their good graces is important. So having a read through this would probably not be a bad idea just click, get started, if. You want to skip this stuff for now and think about what you want to write you can do this later I'm, just going to enter a quick description that I copied from my website. That seems to cut off some text, so I'll just make some quick changes. Looks, like that will fit now just. Enter your website, URL or. Other social media links if you have that already in this, video we'll get to those shortly for. Now I'll just go with my website true, lift digital, comm, for, a unique Facebook username this, is kind of an important area I'm gonna try to get the same true lift digital with no spaces that I have for my website you, should try to look ahead and see what other see. What you can get on other platforms so. That you can keep them consistent if, possible, if you can't don't worry too much about it it's just a bonus if you can I looked. Ahead on Twitter already and true, lift digital hasn't, been claimed yet but, true lift has but, some kind of hair company or something, like that and true, lift digital marketing, is a bit too long I could, try something like true lift DM but, let's try this and see if I can get this okayed I'll.

Just Hit save info here, you. Can skip this section and come back if you want I've actually got a separate video you can check out they can walk you through what sizes, are required for, your profile photos, and header photos and, all your social profiles, we'll be setting up today in this video and more and also, show you how you can quickly create your profile. Photos and header photos using a free program called canva, if you are interested, I'll leave a link to that video either below, this one in the description area if you're watching this on youtube or if you're viewing this video elsewhere just, look around this video and you'll find that link I'll quickly, finish this step off profile. Picture if you are person or have a personal brand this will be a picture of you but, I've got something on my computer I can upload here this. Is what my entire logo looks like but I just want this square part here for my profile pic I have, a copy of that saved here just. A quick tip if you want the ability to do something like this with your logo if, you get it designed by a designer remember. To ask the designer to send you a separate, file with your logo image separate, from the text part of your image you, could crop it out yourself, in most cases but, depending on your logo it's often easier to just get the designer to send you your logo as a complete logo and then split up I'll just click open and. There. We go I'll click, Next. Now. It's asking if you want to add your newly-created page, to your favorites you, definitely can do that but if you end up setting up your business manager, in the next video to access your page you'll have to do so through your business manager and it will be removed from this favorites, shortcut, I'll, be setting up a business manager, but for now what the heck add to, favorites and click Next and lastly. For setup you can help Facebook with putting your page posts, in front of specific, groups of people if you want by, entering targeting, information I'm, not saying it's a bad idea if you have a specific group in mind but I usually skip this step and let the Facebook algorithm figure, this part out once I start running ads to various target markets etc so. If you want go ahead and create an audience to view your page posts I'm just going to skip this. And there, you go it's, not complete, yet but here is the brand new business, page for true live digital marketing and if you followed along yours will look similar keep. In mind that this is what you'll see when you look at your page not exactly, what other people coming to your page will see if you, want to see what a visitor sees click, on the more' drop down below your cover and then, view, as page visitor, for. Some reason this doesn't always work in facebook but give it a try if you're curious doing. A full set up of your page is important, before you start to get visitors to your page so, you can give the best impression, for your business so, definitely start adding some posts, but also add a button on your page if you want to call to action to your website, or something it's pretty self-explanatory, like. I said earlier I'll leave a link to how to quickly create a cover in canva, below this video or somewhere, on this page if you're reviewing this video outside, of YouTube but, for now I'll just quickly add a cover I created in canva to show you how easy it is to do refer, to that video for more detail I'll just, click on add a cover and then, upload, photo, now. I'll just find where I put it I think. It's this one yep. I'll open, that. And there. You go definitely. Could be better but for now I'll just save that. Now, if you go up to the drop-down on the far right of the blue bar at the top you, can see that my new page for true lift digital marketing is accessible, at the top of that drop down at least until I place it in my business manager, in the next video if, you click on your page up here you, then get a clean URL, for your new page highlight. Your URL, and copy it and save, it in your password tracker, if you have that downloaded under. The social section if you, haven't downloaded it yet but want to there's, a link to download yours, below this video or save. It somewhere where you will know where to find it because you will need it for the last step in this video when, we put your social URLs, into your Yoast SEO area, of your WordPress dashboard like. I said there's more to do inside your page here before you start to get visitors but, let's move along to Twitter and setting up other social, profiles I'll, just go to the arrow and click on it to drop down the menu and then, go to logout and click on it. On the. Address bar I'm just going to go to You. Can only have one twitter account per email address so, rather than login if you already have an account which I do since.

We Are setting up a new one for your business let's. Start from scratch by clicking, sign up fYI, you can easily connect your accounts later for. Full name this is not the same as your handle which is like your Twitter name that, followers, use when sending at replies, mentions. And direct messages so, this doesn't have to be your business's, name this can be your personal name if you want I do, have another account that uses Kevan striker and if, you want to do that here use your personal name that's fine go for it when, you send a tweet which is a Twitter message in my, case it would say basically from, Kevin striker and then the @ symbol and then my handle, you'll, see what I mean in just a second for, me though for this particular, business I'm just gonna use the same name that I hope to use for my handle, part, of my business name true lift digital with no spaces, whether. You use your business name or personal, name you're limited to 20 characters here so, if I try true, lifts digital marketing it, will cut me off at 20 characters, so. I'll go with true lifts digital and the, green arrow tells me that that will work I'll. Put in a new email address that I created in video 4 of the series Kevin. At true lifts digital comm and then, enter a password. The. Green bar tells me that my password, is relatively secure so it's good to go now don't forget to put a copy of your email address that you signed up with along, with your password neither your password tracker in the social section or wherever you decide to keep your passwords you. Have the option to tailor your feeds to sites that you recently visited, I'll leave that unchecked you'll. Then want to read the Terms of Service privacy. Policy and cook use then. If you want click on Advanced, Options to, let others find you in Twitter via your email address or phone number for. Me I'll uncheck those and. Once you're good with all that click on sign up. Then. For account security, and ease of connecting with friends etc you, can give Twitter your phone number I'll leave that up to you I'm just gonna skip it, then. Choose a username, this. Is what will become your handle, which like I mentioned is like a Twitter name that, others on Twitter will use to send you messages mention. You in their tweets etc, it, can be changed later if you want and Twitter offers use some suggestions, that you can use if available. I want to try to maintain consistency, if I can with, my website URL, Facebook. Page URL, and any other social profiles, so, I'm just going to put true left digital and see if it is available like. I said earlier I pre, checked this before I even set up my Facebook page profile, but the check mark confirms to me that it is available if the, one that you want is not available it may not be ideal but it's not the end of the world either just, put something that identifies your business as closely as possible for. Example for me if true, lifts digital were not available maybe, I'd see if true lift DM is or true, underscore, lifts digital etc, is available, something like that I'll, click Next. Click. Let's go. Twitter. Wants to know what I'm interested in so it can make suggestions, of who to follow and what I want to see in my feed your. Feed or timeline, just, like Facebook is posts, in this, case tweets from, people you follow that are listed chronologically, with the most recent at the top of your feed for you to view when.

Someone Publishes a new tweet if you follow them to, tweet shows up in your timeline to view feel. Free to select whatever you want I'm just gonna hit continue. Then. If you want to upload your friends or contacts, you can allow Twitter to import your contacts, from your gmail account or Outlook account I personally. Only intend on using Twitter for business and not really with any of my personal contacts, on this account so, I'll just click no thanks your. Situation, may be different based on my location Twitter is making some suggestions of people and organizations to follow you, may want to jump on this right now and set some individuals, or businesses to, follow related, to your business I'll, fill listen later for, now I'll just add one guy who is another marketer, that I like Frank Kern just, to see what this guy puts in his feeds so, I can get some ideas for tweets and see what Frank has to say I know. Twitter isn't really his thing but whatever I'll follow. Him to let Twitter know the kind of folks that I'm interested in following I'll click, follow one and continue. Welcome. To Twitter here's, what I've got so far in my new feed or time line on my profile page some. Suggestions, for who to follow below, the middle welcome area and on the right but. First I need to confirm that the email address that I gave is legit, as it says on the top so, I'll head over to my email to take a look for the confirmation, message from, Twitter I paused. This video check my email on my phone and didn't see anything yet from Twitter so, I just clicked resend, confirmation maybe. There was some kind of issue just. Like I said when we set up a Facebook page for your business you, should try to complete as much of your profile as you can before you start to get visitors to your page my, profile info is on the left here and while I'm waiting for that confirmation, email I'll quickly add a profile, photo if you skip the Facebook portion of this video if you wanted to know the sizes of your profile photo and header profile, photo I have a link to a continually, updated guide on, all social profile images from sprout social, in the description, area below this video click on, upload photo. Find. The one that I want. And click. Open I can. Resize it I'll just click apply and there. You go my, profile is now at 30% complete, you. Can now see that profile, image here and here. Off. Camera I just checked my email address again and there is nothing there I checked, my spam and junk folders, and nothing so, I could. Edit this part out of the video but. Just in case something like this happens, to you my guess is that the reason I can't receive that email is because, I'm using a private window and Firefox, as you can see up here at the top with this little privacy, mask otherwise, known as an incognito window if you use other browsers which, basically blocks cookies, and pop-ups, perhaps. Twitter needs or wants to have the ability to drop code within my browser and. If you're not sure what that means don't worry about it but I think that I'll have to log out of this browser and open a new one and then log back into Twitter in order, to resend the confirmation, to get this thing confirmed before.

I Do though I'm just going to click on my profile image on the top bar here and view, my profile, I just. Want to show you that here is your Twitter URL at the top you. Will want to copy that and save it inside, of your password tracker in the Social section beside, Twitter page along, with the email that you use to create your account and your password or wherever you are saving passwords, and URLs related, to your business your. Handled by the way or the way that people will find you on Twitter or linked wheats to you etc is the, @ symbol followed, by the text that comes after the forward. Slash just. Like it appears down here below your profile pic and full, name and over, here in this tweet at true, lift digital that. Is now my handle, so if I was to send this pre-written, tweet or Twitter message by clicking on tweet or create, my own tweet, down here below it, will read just like it does here at the top of the tweet true, lift digital at true lift digital as a, reminder I could change my name from true live digital to Kevin striker in which, case the tweet would read Kevin, striker at true live digital, just in case that's what you wanted yours to read I'll. Just go to my profile, image on the top bar to drop down some options, and click, log out quickly and then log in with a non private, browser window, In, the URL field. Login. Phone. Email or username I'll use my username, and password. You. Can have your browser save your username, and password for convenience, but I don't. Let's. Try this again, resend, confirmation. It. Says confirmation, has been sent hopefully, this solves the problem I only. Have that email account setup on my phone so I'll check my phone to see if it came through and. Hallelujah. Here it is on my phone just click, on or tap in this case the blue confirm, Now button. And here. I go a login screen which means I'm in it. Says that it has already been confirmed but that's not the case unless, they mean just now so, if I wanted to log into Twitter on my phone I could do that here I'll quickly do that to make sure that things are good before I go back to my laptop. Username. And password and then login. And Here. I am I've, got my profile image on the right side so I know that this is the correct account and it's showing me a tweet from Frank Kern the only one that I'm currently following, and then, below it are either paid, Twitter ads or suggestions, for people to follow or businesses to follow since, I have the Twitter app installed, on my phone I can open that app by tapping above, or, this pop-up is asking me if I want to move from this web browser to the app so, I'll click open. It, apparently took me to one of my old Twitter profiles, so, we'll have to update the app to include my new true lift digital profile but, while I'm here I'll just scroll quickly to the top to show you that, for this autoresponders. Review profile, I used, Kevin striker as my name and auto Reza Rev as my user name which, became my handle at Auto Res Rev it's. An old account that I don't use anymore let's. Just go back to my laptop since. That basically worked and a successful confirmation. Message was received by email and responded. To this, portion at the top will go away I'm sure the, next time I log in on a desktop, or laptop here's. That same Frank Kern tweet you saw on my mobile phone and it's pulling in Frank Kern tweets and suggestions, on who to follow in my timeline if I'm interested in checking that out so finish off your profile introduce, yourself, Twitter, will guide you through that you, can skip that for now or dig in and save your changes but. Let's keep rolling with setting up your Google account YouTube, channel Google+, account etc so, I'll just log out. Okay. Now I'm here in Google just, we're, going to start with a new Google account whether. You have a Google account already, or not I'm, gonna click on sign-in but, then go forward as if you don't already have a Google account if you, do have a Google account of course you can sign in using that account and skip, this part of setting up a new account and gmail account that is perfectly fine but despite the fact that creating a new account means, more email addresses and passwords etc, I'm a simple guy who can get confused, quite easily so I like to separate all of my personal stuff from my business stuff and, keep my separate businesses, separate from each other if that makes sense that. May not be the absolute best way to do things but it has worked for me at first this may seem confusing but like Facebook, Google wants, you to have a personal account first and then, a business account attached to your personal account I like, to create a new personal, Google account with, the business specific, gmail address to, distinguish, it from my other Google accounts hopefully, that didn't just confuse the heck out of you but if it did don't worry just follow along with me and it will begin to make sense in fact, if you were following along with me here I'd probably suggest just watching the next few Google steps of creating, a new gmail account YouTube, channel, Google+.

Account And Google, my business account, first, to, see how I do it and then go back to this point in the video and watch it and if, you want to follow my steps exactly cool, if you, want to set up everything in your own way using an existing Gmail and Google account that's cool too this, is your business do things however you want I'm. Going to go below the sign-in portion, to create account here, and click, on that bad boy now. Just fill out the information just like any personal, account you, can actually use your own email address if you want but, like I said I'd like to create a new gmail, account for true lift so I'll enter true lift digital and then a password. And confirm. The password, then. Either save those in your password tracker under social, Gmail account or wherever, you save those enter, your birthday, gender. Mobile. And your current email address I'm just going to leave those out and click next step by. Choosing agree, you agree to the policies of Google so you should have a read of all this stuff it's, kind of important, stuff I'm. Just going to hit a grief for now so. Now I have a new Google, account and gmail, account true, lifts digital, at, and, if you follow it along you now have the same nice, work now. That you have a Google account or if you previously had one you, can log in using that email address and the password you just created to, all of googles apps like, YouTube which, is owned by Google Picasa. Google. Drive etc will. See a full list of those apps right away you, may have to initialize some apps quickly after signing in but other than that you're ready to go but. That is not the same as having business accounts, for all of those apps like, I mentioned we have to have a personal account we've completed that step now and then Thai business accounts, - that personal account the. Next step is to set up a YouTube brand account then, Google my business account, and finally, a Google+, account for, your business that, sounds like a lot but it's really not bad if you follow along you. Can set up more if you want but that's what we'll cover in this video in the next couple of minutes just. A quick note notice in the top right that K with the blueish circle around it this lets me know that I'm currently logged in as Kevin Stryker once. I set up a Google my business account, for true lyft digital I can change back and forth between being logged in as Kevin Stryker or my business easily I'll show you that shortly so. The next step is hit continue, which will take you back to the standard Google search page you'll. Notice that your gmail account is up here since I'm still logged in you. Can check your Google Apps here, we'll do that in just a second and here, you can check out your personal information and, privacy settings so, let's click in there for a quick second I'll click, on my account. Here. You can personalize your account further with regard to sign-in security, personal, info on privacy and your, account preferences for all of your Google accounts, and apps feel, free to look around in here if you want and change, things that you feel are important, if I, click on this I which includes google apps you see a quick list of the most common apps that you may desire to use but I'm gonna show you all the apps by clicking more and then, even more so. Here you can find all things Google but, I'll just quickly point out just a couple Google. AdWords you may use this to do your advertising, inside of Google related products, including, YouTube Google. My business is, something to really dig into particularly. If you have a brick and mortar or local, business we, are going to go into that shortly to set up true lift as a brand inside, of Google and create, a Google Plus account for that brand you likely, know more or use more of Google's features or apps like Google Maps Google Earth or Picasa but for now the next thing I'm interested in creating is a brand account for true left digital marketing for a YouTube channel that I will create and show you how to do the same so, I'll just click on YouTube. You'll. Notice that since this is my first time coming to YouTube with my new login information that.

It Did not keep me automatically, logged in so, for the first time I just have to click on sign-in. And now. This particular Google, account is registered with YouTube now. I'm going to go to my channel on the left sidebar where I can create a new channel where, I can post videos and people can view my videos but, rather than create a YouTube channel personally. For Kevin Stryker I'm going to click down below here. On use, a business or other name to create a channel for my business true, lift digital, marketing to, do that as it says here I have to create a brand account so, I'm just going to input true, lifts digital, marketing and click create. And there you go I now, have a channel created for true lift digital marketing that is tied to my personal, Kevin Stryker Google account now. Just like I suggested when we created your Facebook, and Twitter accounts early in this video you, will want to personalize your YouTube channel with images, up here in the, channel arts section and put, it in a profile picture either, of yourself or your company, logo or however you want to brand your channel and then. Enter some information on what your channel is going to be about by, clicking on channel description and entering, that information here so, go ahead and do that before you start posting videos or getting traffic to your channel I'm, just going to click on cancel for now, to. Know what your URL is for your new YouTube channel you, could just look up here at the top address bar but that contains some additional text related to your specific page you are on inside. Your channel, so the easiest way to get your YouTube URL is to click on your business name here, in my case true lift digital marketing, now. In the address bar you have your channel URL I would, suggest copying, that URL and placing it in your password tracker, under social, if you have one we're saving it wherever you are keeping your website related URLs, passwords, etc as, a reminder if you want your own password tracker there's a link in the description area below this video for you to do that this, URL is important, because you may want to use it as a link on your website to, direct traffic to your channel or links, in emails etc, if, you've watched this video from the beginning you, will recall that so far I've got a personalized, URL for facebook at slash. True lyft digital and one for Twitter as well, slash, true, lyft digital and I would also like to have an easy-to-remember channel, URL for, YouTube of Slash true lyft digital but, with. Google you can't quite yet and I'll explain that in just a second before. I do that I just want to show you two other items you can place in your password tracker or excel sheet or Google sheets or whatever let's, just go to the top right and click on this profile icon which will be whatever image you enter for your profile image as soon as you do so and then, click on this little gear icon beside, creator, studio to, get into your YouTube settings, here.

You Can modify your YouTube, settings for your account but, for now just click on advanced, underneath, your business name here. You have your YouTube user ID and your YouTube channel ID, you can always come back here to get these if you need them but, I find it easier just to keep all of my ids/passwords, URLs. Etc, together in one place so I'm just gonna copy these and place them into my password, tracker you, can obviously do whatever you want or skip this step altogether it's, completely up to you the. Top one is just your personal user ID and the bottom one is for your business's channel ie, Kevin. Strikers and true lift digital marketing z' now. Ideally, like I said you would want your channel ID to be easier to remember so, let me just show you something quickly we're. Just going to open a new tab and do a Google, search for custom. YouTube, channel. URL and, then. Choose this option from, support Google comm if you, read this top part it will basically tell you that you can get a custom URL for both YouTube and Google+, but, you first have to be eligible to do so and then you will have to claim your URL so. For eligibility, requirements, I'll just click this drop down arrow here and it. Tells me that in order to get a custom URL I have to meet the following have. More than a hundred subscribers be, at least 30 days old etc, since, I just created this account I'm not yet eligible so. Just keep this in mind if you're interested, in a custom URL for both your YouTube business Channel and your Google+ accounts and then come back and claim that URL, once, you meet these requirements, I'll. Just quickly show you this as well at the, top you will notice that I'm still signed in in Google, with my personal account for Kevin Stryker as denoted, with this blueish K circle but, if I click inside, there and then on my account. And then. Click back inside, of the same profile, icon you, can see that my brand account is now tied to my personal account and I can switch between personal, and brand, account easily, if I. Click on the brand account I can modify the settings for it here but, notice that this teal colored tea shows, up at the top when I am logged in and using my brand account that. Will change to a logo icon or whatever I changed my profile image to once, I do that which, will make it even easier to distinguish, between the two accounts that. Can be a little confusing at first but, just play around with it and we'll begin to make sense while. I am currently using my true lift digital brand account and I click on the google apps icon at the top here I only have two options YouTube. And photos, because YouTube, is the only app that I've registered yet with this brand and photos, I guess is just a default app that doesn't require registration, but, if I switch back to the view for my personal account Kevin Stryker. You, now know that I'm viewing things in my personal account of Kevin Stryker as denoted, by the blueish K circle and if I click on the google apps icon it shows me the apps available for Kevin Stryker so. Now let's create a Google+, account for, you to. Do that while you have a brand account for YouTube you have to create one for the Google my business account, as well so. Let's click on more in the apps and then even more and, then. Click on Google, my business. Now. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, where you sell your products and services or physical location. Where clients may come to visit you you will want to click on the start now button and set things up for your Google my business account, because. It will allow those people that find your business on Google to see things like your store hours or click on Google, Maps to help find your business etc I would highly recommend setting, that up not. Only does it help you look more professional, but it provides value to your customers, and clients by. Helping them physically find you and learn more about your business at a glance when searching in Google for this video though rather, than click on the start now we're, going to click on the sign in link at the top from. Here I'll choose a business type for, me and my business I'm not a brick-and-mortar business. And I don't have a specific geographic. Region that I work within so, I'll choose brand and now. We go straight in to creating, a Google+ page the. Page name for me will be true lyft digital, marketing then. I'll enter the website URL. HTTP. Colon, double forward slash true. Lyft digital, comm and I'll, keep it on product, or brand but, you can also choose, one of these below, or other, you.

Should Check out the page terms by clicking this link here but, I'll just click I agree and then click on create, page. You. Come to this welcome screen just. Click get started and there. You go you've, created a Google my business account, in my case a brand account for your business by, doing so you have also effectively, created, a Google+, page for your business if. I scroll down and click on Google+, I am. Taken to my Google+, page for true lyft digital, marketing just. Click on continue. And then, let's go if. I now click inside of Google Apps while, being logged in with my brand account you can see that I can access my Google Plus account which I'm currently in check, out in sites my, Google my business account, YouTube. And photos. To, find out your Google+ address just. Go to home. The, 21 digit, number up here is your. Google+ account number, but for the URL just highlight the entire URL, here and paste, that into your password tracker or wherever you are keeping your URLs, you. Now have all the social profiles initially, set up that we're going to be setting up in this particular video if you, have been following along with this video series from the beginning or, at least if you watch video 9 in this series introduction, to SEO and the Yoast SEO plug-in you, can now enter those respective, social profiles, into your Yoast SEO plugin, inside, of WordPress on the. Home stretch here so. Let's open a new tab and log into your WordPress dashboard true. Lift digital, comm, / WP, dash admin. User. Name and password. And login and. Then. On the Left sidebar slide, down to SEO and then. Over to social and click on that and then. Just go back and forth to your password tracker or wherever you have your profile saved and paste, or enter them here in this. Video we created a Facebook page so, let's put that URL in here in this. Case it is the full URL including the HTTP. Colon, double, /ww. Etc. Then. For Twitter it is just your username or the portion after, forward. Slash or after, the @ symbol in your handle while. We didn't create them in this video if you have created or have an Instagram, account or LinkedIn, or Pinterest, account etc you can enter those in here as well for.

Me I'll just enter my YouTube channel URL here, and then. Lastly my Google+, URL and just, as a reminder once, your YouTube and/or, Google+, accounts are eligible, you can claim your custom, URL for those and put them in here any. Place where you have these older URLs for your channel, or Google+, account will be forwarded to your new easy to remember URLs. Once. You have entered the profiles, you want for now just, hit save and you are done for this section while. We didn't actually download, a specific, social plugin in video, 8 how, to install six must-have WordPress plugins if you, did install a social plugin and WordPress enter, in the respective, social profile, URLs, into your plugin to make it easier for your visitors to share your content. I'll admit this can be a little confusing or at least it was for me when I first started doing this stuff if you, go back and review certain parts and follow along, substituting. In your information, in place of mine you'll be fine let's. Just sum up what we've accomplished, here and what is coming up in the next video in this. Video we talked about the, importance of social media for bringing traffic to your site showed, you how to set up a Facebook page by showing you how I set one up for my business showed. You how to set up a Twitter profile, I started. From scratch with, a new Google account and gmail account then, we created a YouTube brand account and channel, that you can tie to your new personal Google account, created. A Google my business account, so, that you could create a Google+ page and finally. We, place all social profile URLs, and the Twitter username, into Yoast, SEO on your WordPress dashboard if you, plan on advertising, on Facebook or if you have multiple people in your business that you want to give access to your Facebook business page or advertising, account or, plan to outsource Facebook advertising to a third party then, you will want to set up a Facebook business manager, if, you are interested in setting that up I split, up this video into a short part to showing, you how to do just that, that you can check out after this video following. The steps in this video provided. You are putting solid, content, on your site will, help bring traffic to your site but, how do you know how much traffic you are getting what, page is that traffic is going to how, do you get back in front of those visitors, that keen but, left right away well, that comes down to tracking in video. 12 the last one in this video series we're, going to install various tracking, codes using Google tag manager will. Set up tools like Google Analytics and Google search, console, and then, get you set up for remarketing. Which is the ability to get back in front of those visitors, that came to your site but, didn't perform an action that you wanted them to by, inserting Facebook, pixels and Google, AdWords pixels, for your YouTube channel and website, this. Video series is for you even if you have zero technical, skills so don't be worried I'll walk you through step by step how to do it all the goal of video 12 is to help us collect information so, you can better determine what is working and not working so. That you can best monetize, your site and provide, as much value as possible to your visitors can. You help me help you what. Do you think of this video or what do you think of this video series, how, can I make it better for you and others, was. There any value that you can gain and apply in your business any topics. That you want to see covered any questions. That you have leave. Me a comment to let me know if, you received any value from this video please hit the like button or share it because doing so allows us to help more people as always. All of the resources and links that I mentioned in these videos can, be found below the video in the description, wherever that description, area is I really. Enjoyed having you here and I hope you enjoyed it too if, you are interested in learning how to create your Facebook business manager, check, out this short video by clicking on the link on your screen or, in the description area or, if, you just want to jump straight to video 12 on tracking click, on that link thanks, for watching. You.

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