How to set up a Gann Chart on Bitcoin (BTC)

How to set up a Gann Chart on Bitcoin (BTC)

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I'm kind of spacing out here because I can, you show, us how. To set. Up a Gantt chart, absolutely. Good. Question. All. Right so there are a, number of ways to create. A Gantt, chart, probably. The easiest and, the one that, you should learn first. Is. How. To square. A range. So. I need a Brandt we'll use Bitcoin, for no you know what. Not. Bitcoins. Kind of hard to do this on and because. Because it's so new so it's hard to well. Now. We could use Bitcoin that's, fine yeah we can use Bitcoin so we. Use bitcoins chart we need a brand new chart though. And. This. Is being recorded so so, if you get, lost or if it's you want to reference it later you can watch this recording. And. Here's what we want to do we want to go to a daily chart. All. Right very, important that we go to a daily. Chart and, I'm. Use I'm using coinbase, for this, we're. Using the Bitcoin dollar coin, base pair. Okay. First, thing you want to do is send this doesn't matter what kind of doesn't. Matter this is Bitcoin or whatever you want to identify the first two things you want to identify where the all-time low is and the, all-time high so for, Bitcoin, the, all-time high is over here it's to the right of the, all-time low so the all-time low on coin base is sitting down here, where. The all-time high is over here if we were looking at something like the. Dollar yen where. We would have we would see the all-time, high as is in, the past, and. The all-time low is down here that'd, be a different chart we'd. Be squaring the range of a high to low, instead, of low to a high so, in Bitcoin. That's. What we're gonna be, squaring. Is that we're squaring the range of a low from a low to high why. Is this so slow, and choppy it's, just weird, okay. Next, thing we want to do is we. Want to get the horizontal. Line doesn't. Matter what color it is and we, want to put it right on, the. All-time high. When. I make it thinner, because it's more accurate. Now. If you're wondering how do you get it to kind of stick on there if you if you, use the magnet, mode this. Icon, here on the, left of my screen or if got my cursor, on it magnet. Mode will, put it near. The, the. Higher the low so, here, it'll kind of automatically, throw it onto the high it's a very nice little trick. Now. I've got that done now, this. Is a very important part this is the part you do not want to eff up or you, will, ruin. Everything. You're. Going to right-click on, the screen and go to properties, and we, need to go to scales, and, we. Have to square the chart squaring, the chart it doesn't matter actually what, the ratio is when you square it as long as when you're applying the square you, keep. It that way until you're done putting. The square on there so you know, in in some, instruments. You. Know you can go one, you. Can use one where you go one, unit of price equals one unit of time sometimes. You have to do 20. Units of time for 20 units of price or one. Unit of price. We. Want to get it to. Where, you. Know depending on on your screen you know you want to get it to where it. It's. Gonna be a square as possible so, because, if we do it with, a 1. This. Is just not gonna work out at all it's it's way too congested. We, could do it at, 10 maybe, still. A little too tight but. Probably. 100. Is. Well. That's way too much too yeah, we don't want 100. 50. 50s. Probably. Okay yeah. Lookin, dude we could do 50 I forgot what I did with. The. One on my Bitcoin so now, this is going to cash, this is actually. Well. We can do it so if, you, see the all-time low over here it's very on the very bottom, this. Is kind, of this little nipple, hanging out here for lack of a better description that's. The that's the lowest low, that we have on this chart and what, I'm gonna want to do is get. The, Gantt, square fixed. All. Right the Gantt griffix very important, to get the Gann square fixed, and, I'm. Going to put, it on the low there and you. Know depending on how good or bad your eyes are you can see that you, know you don't have to put it right on there with the cursor it'll just kind of the magnet will just kind of drag it to it now. I'm on the low I'm gonna click once and will. Move my mouse until this, green. Middle. Line here this, diagonal line that's the 45 your angle until, that intersects. With. The horizontal, line now while. You're doing all this do not scroll, you, will you will screw up the, square. Okay. Don't. Scroll, at, all don't. Scroll in route you have to maintain this, until. We get it until we get the actual square down okay so, I've got that square on there the next thing I need to do is I need to go back up to that same tool bar where I got the Gann square fixed.

And. Now, we want to go to the Gann box now the Gann box is is just, a name, it's, not Gann. Box is just kind of a name for any square, that Gann used. So. Gann box I'm gonna put it at the same place I started and what, I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move this so that it follows, the 45-degree. Angle until we intersect, with that. Horizontal line okay, and then. Once I have that done I just click and I, have the square there alright, then, I can delete. The. The, the bigger square that I don't need that anymore. Okay. Now. All I have to do and and. Now this is where you can if you want to right-click on your screen and go to price scale you, can go back to auto scale that's fine, now. All I need to do is I need to clone. Or copy this and I'm. Just going to slide them so that they are, on, top of one another. All. Right so. I'm going to keep doing that, clone. All. Right and I'm, going to clone it again. And. There. Is. There's. The square on, the. Chart. Okay. Now, your square this. Is the fascinating thing about. Ganz, squares is that they're just fractals. All. Right like they're fractals, you can actually I mean if you wanted to you could take. You. Could take the, you. Could. Double, the. Size of of the squares if you wanted to I. Mean. You would have to create put a square above. Two. Diagonal, to the right of it you could create a large square like that if you wanted and and. In some instruments. You have to do that because, you just won't be able to trade on them so, anyways, I've got this on the daily sometimes a daily is not a very good. Chart. To look at. Because. The the candlesticks. They they, float, inside and out the angles quite a bit sometimes you got to bring it down to the four-hour the hourly but. You know depending, on how your square is set. You. Can see, that. Prices. Like, to follow angles. Prices, like to trade. In the angles they like to trade in the the, various. Geometric. Shapes that form around these angles. You. Can tell that they kind of kind of gives you an idea of a, trading range around them. Like. We, have this Head and Shoulders pattern here. But. We also know that there was a break of that before, the neckline was broken because of this angle here so you, know this is this is just an. Example. Of how to create. That kind of a square. Now. The. Other part of, okay. Also. I'm, gonna I'm gonna mention this because your gam box probably doesn't look like this because. By default. It. Looks like this. So. To fix this is is, very easy you double click on it or you right-click on it and, we. See all this stuff in here these. Two shaded lines, where you can adjust, the opacity of that just, turn. Those all the way over to the right and. Select. Angles. And, then. There's all the angles now the. Issue with, trading, views gain box is that it uses only Fibonacci. Ratios, of time and, price, where, Gann used. Gann. Had, different, I mean the really. The, the angular, nature is, shared, very, much with the Fibonacci levels, ganz angles, that he used are very much I mean they might as well be there. They're there in the same realm.

As As naturally-occurring Fibonacci, sequences. So, that's. What we see. Here. But the time cycles, I would, get, rid of them except for the 50% one. Because. You're, not gonna need those. And, one. Other thing I think I don't think I've ever mentioned, this in forex lands and I don't think I've ever mentioned, it and, well. Now I have in our forex lands group I don't think I know I've never mentioned this in. Our. Crypto, room is, the. Time cycles, I'm, gonna, give you one right now this is called. The law of vibration. This. Is this is something that Gann. He, wrote. About this and he. He. Didn't really he. Purposely, kind of made it difficult to get but there was a there's a guy named Tony Plummer who wrote a book called the law of vibration, and, and. It is a it, is a mind, bender, man I tell you what it is it is out there but, he. Talks about the law of vibration, and really talking about a pattern that is constant, consistent in everything. But. In that what I'm referencing is, the time cycle, so, how. You apply. The law of vibration, is you, identify. A. Major. Swing higher swing low so for, instance the all-time high right here, is that nineteen thousand eight hundred and whatever, it is we. Start the day after. That okay, so the next day I put a horizontal line there I like to color that blue. I'll. Make it thicker so you can see it alright, now. We. Want to measure out a. Period. Of days the, law of vibration. Is a hundred, and ninety two day cycle. Alright. The. Law of vibration, goes, for, 192, days. Alright, now. Is there. A coincidence, that there. Was a major. Swing, low found. At, the beginning and the end of a new time so not time cycle, in the hunt and the 192. De la vibration. No. That's not a coincidence. Further. We. Will, divide. This. By every. 24 days. So. Halfway, in between 192. Is 96. And then. I color, these lines. The. Middle line light blue and I don't make a mistake that's just you know you can do whatever you want to do but that's an idea and, then. You know there's I actually just a lot. Of times now I just put in the the. The. Red vertical. The. 48 day rotations. 48. Days this is red. So. Each, every 24, days there's, a. There's. A behavior. Given to those days right. So. Where. You see the exact middle of that, time cycle is where you have the. Very this, ax is a resistance, in time to the trend in force all, right and then the, red areas, are, also. Their, pivots, in time so these, areas. Themselves any red horizontal, red, vertical, levels. Indicate. A. Source. Of resistance, to, the trend in force so you know when you when you know you've got a. Pivot. Coming, in a, vertical. Pivot, like this. 48, days after. The. Beginning of a of, the hundred ninety day cycle and forty-eight days before. The. End of that cycle the beginning of a new on whenever, you see this horizontal. Bar and you, know the market is trending up to, it sometime. Before or after you, have an extremely, high probability. Of price. Falling. Or rising. Just. In, the counter counter, of that move okay. This. Doesn't mean you're always going to see long term trend, changes, but. It doesn't, mean that you have a very high probability of. Price. Moving, in the opposite direction especially, if, volume, is, approaching. That zone and so. I think. For a lot of people when, they've tried trading and they're trading only price you're. Only getting half, of the market. When you do that. Market. Geometry, these, these lines these angles. This. Is gonna seem weird but and, I and I hate to say it because I hate moving averages but, these, angles, are really, not they. Are, like support, and resistance, and that price, treats, them like that but what they really are, is their. Levels, of momentum, that's. What in the. Gand box or AG and square these, these diagonal, lines represent. Momentum. And. So. When. Something is train it is considered, price, and time are considered to be an equilibrium and square when they're trading, along one of the forty fives. Okay. Well as long as price is trading up a forty-five, that means it's trading in the equilibrium. When. Prices, are trading. A way above the forty-five that means they have a high probability, of. Snapping, back down to that forty-five, and when, prices are trading well, below that forty-five, they have a high probability of, trading, up to it okay.

So. As we're looking at this. New square we drew, we. Can see that we are trading below this forty-five and we. Haven't had a responsive selling, and I. Mean. How, many days are we into this I. Need. To go to 48, days. Well. Beam. Me up mr. Scotty, I'm gonna say we reverse around here. What. Was the trend coming down to this Hornsey. To this red, horizontal, pivot. In time. Down. I'm. Gonna say we move back up, all. Right. That's. What I'm saying, now. Depending. On how you squared, your chart and, depending. On how what, what, what the number was that you squared it yours may not look the same I know, that mine does. Like. In the square. Like, this is a the. These, charts, this isn't called a square of 144. It's a different. It's. A different. Form. Of a square. Because. Some markets are more sensitive, like. Like Bitcoin for example, I have found is more, sensitive, to this kind of a square than it is to squaring arranged but, squaring, arranged I think, is I mean I trade. Futures, and Forex and Kryptos the. Square of a range is very, effective. In forex, and I found it to be very effective in in, equity, futures. But. The, square of 144. Seems. To be more. Accurate, for. Bitcoin. At least and I was trying another square it's the square of 52. That. Square. 52. Is. Another. One I was this is the most recent, one that I've worked on and. I. Think. Bitcoin, is pretty. Sensitive. To this one as well, but. Not as sensitive as that 144, so, yeah. Bitcoins, right up against this 45-degree angle so. Yeah. Any, questions, on this I, do. Want to go over, all. The ways to square these because this has taken me there. Is no class for this by the way, to. Learn how to do these, even. In the charted Market Technicians, material, there is nothing, on how. To apply, Ganz market geometry, to your charts there, is nothing for, there's, there's no class on to, learn how to use a square of nine or how, to apply. Financial. Astrological. Phenomena. On to your charts, you, know this. Is what. I'm talking about is just things that I've learned through. My years of studying, Gann and applying it and trading, it and testing it on my own training, it on my own. If. You're a huge Gant fanatic this is I'm not, advert. This or anything I'm just I, I, don't, get, a boy. Borderland. Wizardry yes, it is. When. I first. When. I first started, I'm. Going away over my time here but when I first started. Squaring. Ranges, I remember. I was I think I was reading um, Michael. Jenkins his book on squaring, ranges, when I first did that with the Eurodollar, I I. Was, like I got chills I'm not kidding. I straight, up nerd. Raged, chills, cuz, I was like this is this is just as, crazy this can't be like this this can't be this, easy is it oh holy, cow it is I mean if you if you, apply, some time cycles, market. Geometry, and then some. Oscillators. You. Find. A, rather. I I have, found a surprising, amount of winning trades, the. Market geometry, at least the, various. Squares that Gann would use that. Was like, what was missing, for me I mean. That that's kind of like what put. It all together and now I can't, trade without it because it's like. Like. If trading, is a road trip and you, know you have to get to a certain destination then. Trading, without Gans. Geometry. Is is kind of like driving, blind, without you, know using Google Maps you. Know. At least with the market geometry, you get an idea.

Of The. Path something, may take and the. Range that it would be trading, it and it's not imperfect. You know it's not imperfect, horizontal. Levels. Of support and resistance you, know it's it's not, if. It, is, definitely, not something, that a lot, of traders use and. Again. Is very it, takes years to learn and, then, it takes a whole lot of balls to want to actually, try and use it in a trading but I. Mean. It's. It's hard to learn because there's not there's not a lot of stuff out there or people that use it regularly. But, but I do so and I know that people are. I found a lot of people are very interested in it and people. That you, know I've. Talked. To have used it with a lot of success and I. Think that. Yeah. I think it's something better than moving averages and Bollinger Bands. By. The way I hate, moving. Averages I think they are the, devil I think. That a lot. Of people, learn. Moving averages and. Yeah. Anyways. Let's. See it's 208 I kind of got a little little, out, there but, tomorrow. You. Know depending what the market is doing why. Don't we go over why, don't reserve like like a half of this session or you. Know use half hour 15, minutes of the session on the. On. The Gangi, amatory and so, lewis if you're back here tomorrow if, you have some questions, about it, I would love to answer those and some other people if you if you if you have questions too if you're watching the recording of this right now and you, have applied. This. You. Know if, you, have questions come back tomorrow ask them and. I'm. Gonna say maybe, look, at a different chart to try and apply this market geometry, okay put. It use it on the euro or the or the S&P. 500 or excuse. Me, anything. Else. Bitcoins. Hard to square because it's got such a funky. Chart. Anyways. Yeah. So, those of you who are for excellence customers, watching this now or watching recording, I will see you tomorrow morning bright, and early at 7:30, and for, the rest of you I will, see you here tomorrow at, 1:00, in the afternoon hope. You guys all have had a great trade week hope you had a good day yesterday and, trade.

Well Trade smart and don't trade overly emotional, I will, talk with you all tomorrow bye bye.

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