How to Sell Shirts to Promote Your Brand - Start a Business From Scratch #5

How to Sell Shirts to Promote Your Brand - Start a Business From Scratch #5

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Hey my name's sean mccabe welcome, to start a business from scratch where. I'm joined by Cameron. And Anthony. Of proverb. Coffee welcome, to the show guys hey. Folks, you. Guys apparently have some things, prepared I don't really know what, we're gonna talk about today but you got questions I love, questions so, hopefully we get some good discussion, going let. Me know what's going on let me know what you guys want to talk about. I. Think let's. Just go into the first question my, first question is on, a marketing. Standpoint. Wanting. To know if we're. Doing enough, of putting. Ourselves out, there as, far as like social media goes, or, updating. Our website or. Even. Just. Merchandising. Maybe like stickers, or things like that. And how to how. To approach that so, that it's pretty consistent because, I think right now we. Either don't have we're not doing enough. As. Far as the. Business wise like doing. Events, because, we're we're, waiting for the city for a lot of things. And. So we don't have a lot of like live, updates, or, or. Content. To really like. Take. Pictures of us doing an event and then posting, that myself. How to really, tackle. That without having a lot. To. Offer yeah, makes. Sense so would. It be accurate to say the. Goal here, is just to stay relevant stay top of mind during. Kind of the, lulls of you, know events, and things not really going on so much I, would. Say so yes. Okay. So. One. Of the things that you can do and this this works well for writing, as well there. Tends to be kind of some, to. Two, different groups of people, people, who they. Kind of tend to just ramble like it's easy for them to talk and you, know share and then, and. I, don't say ramble in a bad way it's just like no. Trouble, just just the words are free-flowing you know I got stuff and then, more like my type which is you, know I don't. Tend to ramble, I'm very concise, you know I like brevity, and, that's. Great, for not wasting. Time so to speak but, it's not so great when you're trying to create compelling content like, you need to come up with something not just like you, know if you try to write a blog post and just say do, this do that and do, this it's like that's not very compelling you need you need more meat to it and so one, of the strategies that. I used for that that I think can also be applicable in your situation is if. You're the type that is just, straight to the point you don't tend to ramble you know you you just have trouble elaborating. What, you can do is learn to ask yourself, questions. So. What. You do is use kind of like self interview, you know pretend. It was your job to interview. Someone and that, someone just happens to be you and you come up with good questions for yourself and then, you answer them so what I would do is okay, what. Am i working on right now like. This is a question I might ask myself and the. Answer, is you, know some whatever, I would say in an answer is something that can become content. For, social media a quick. Note if you can maybe turn down the volume on your in just a little bit because I'm getting just a tad. Bit of feedback. Okay. So. Ask, yourself, questions whatever, you say that, can become content. Okay. So what, that's, one example what, am i working on right now the other thing might be it. Could be related to mindset, could. Be related to products. Could, be related to design, could. Be related to vision, you. Know like where do you want to go with proverb, coffee like, that's a whole thing right we talked about that in our in our first call you. Can just start to break down that. Vision, you know kind of turn that into like a, serialized. Story. Something, you tell over the weeks you know maybe, maybe, it's something you just touch on once a week like every Friday you, talk a little bit more about the vision you know and it's kind of like it's like a TV, show someone, tunes it's like it just kind of drips out a little, bit by a little bit if you put out one video that's three hours long all about your vision for the future some. People might see it some people might start watching it most people won't finish but, you do it see realized you know just a little little, episode here and there a little 15-second. Instagram a little one-minute video you know a little five-minute YouTube, you, tell that story over a long period of time you got something for Friday you, know you want to talk about your new storefront, and how are you what. Do you what's your thought process, for the interior, decorating, you know you're just like telling, the behind the scenes stories so you're just coming up with good, questions to ask yourself you know I probably gave you like five or six examples, of things, you can do right there. I, think that was the biggest, thing was not, knowing what to post but. Now, that you can ask yourself questions I, think, that would bring a lot of good content, sure Ted, put out there I was, I just initially, worried like men will only have stuff to post about when we do events but.

This. Is a great way of just. Making. Yourself irrelevant, and weekend, week Alec he said to get inside people, it's a week as they thinking in terms of weeks and kind of just reset, but, just to get inside of that is a great great point well let me let me give you just a few more like you, know I'll make your job easy right so moving, forward once you exhaust this list I'm giving you you've got it you, got a self, interview, right ask come up with good questions, it. Actually, might help since you guys are business partners, just. Interview. Each other like what what questions would you ask the, other person and like there you go like I wish I could have a second, version of me that asked me questions and I don't have to be two people, but. I'll, just I'll be someone curious, to. Ask you questions you can write these down and then whenever, you're like, this is the thing you know when. You go to make content, what you don't want to do I don't have my phone with me but what you don't want to do is go to Instagram swipe over to the story and there, you are looking at yourself like in a mirror you're like why, don't I say these people you, know you, don't you don't want to be there you you want to have a list and it's like ok today we're talking about vision, you know what's the vision pick up where I left off. How's the interior, design. Going you know like just sharing the process there so you've got this list right I want to help contribute to that list that you guys have so. Now, you know I just think like Cameron you're. My brother like, what. Got you interested in coffee like. You're like oh boy well let me tell you the story you know but like you needed someone to ask that right and you have a lot to share there you you worked at Starbucks you know you have all this history like what, is it that you like. About coffee, you, know what do you enjoy about coffee, what made you guys choose you. Know maybe maybe Anthony you can answer this one what made you guys choose, the. Coffee that you currently, brew, you, know how did you how did you, source. You know the coffee what. Went into that decision-making process, how, do you guys how.

Do You guys get it to the store you know just. Like behind, the scenes stuff like that you know okay. So. With. That. Also. Like. Would. You post, like, whenever you're ready to post something that. You've created would. You post it on all, the, platforms that you have all at once is that something, that you should do or should you do it. It's. The same post but on different platforms, at different times what. Would be the smarter, way to do that good. Question. So. The. First bit of advice I would have is, don't. Over think it, if, overthinking. Is keeping you from acting, so. Strategy. Is valuable, right we can talk about how. To post when to post what to post what to do differently if anything on different platforms but, we want to apply strategy, to action, so. First there needs to be action so, don't. Overthink it, post. Just, distribute. It to all the platforms that you have available don't overthink it then once you're acting, once you're taking action we can apply strategy, to it okay may we want to tweak this maybe we want to do a different version over here so, that's that's the first bit of advice don't overthink it if it's keeping you from acting but. As far as like strategy so let's say you are acting, let's, say you're not overthinking, it and it's not holding you back you. Want, to create. Content. This, is this is speaking like ideally. Right I'm not even saying I always do it this way it's kind of one of those like do what I say or not what I do like I'm I'm working on this as well. Create. Content, that is native. For the platform. Meaning. Okay make, it so, that it fits that platform, like how. Do people, interact, there how do you interact personally. You, know think about like what you say in direct, messages, and like what other people do on their stories and their posts or their, tweets, or their YouTube videos or Facebook, updates. You know think about how people use the platform, and use. It that way you know don't try to fit. It to whatever, you want to share try. To speak. To people the way they normally do on that platform so. It's. Not to say that you can't cross-promote you. Can you, know like hey you tweet, something that's like you know check out my Instagram, story you know or whatever like you can do that just realize. That in, gary vaynerchuk's, language you know Jab Jab Jab right hook kind, of using the boxing metaphor just like boom, boom boom BAM. You going for the right hook the jabs are providing. Value before. You go in for the ask so it's like value, value value ask. So. Provide. Value, natively, on the platform, if you're on Twitter and you're, like I don't even want to be on Twitter I really want people to be on my Instagram, well, some people do want to be on Twitter the people who follow you there they. Are active, there right so you need to provide them value there what you wouldn't want to do is tweet every day like go follow me on Instagram go fall it's like I'm following you here provide. Me value here, so, you might. Post, an update post, a tweet that's. Just value, hey here's a little story here's a little you, know piece, of advice or you know something I was thinking or a useful resource that I found and you, do that a few times and then it's like oh by the way you, know a new store my Instagram or whatever you know that's your that's your right hook you know so you're. Participating. In the conversation, natively. On the platform, it's, again, so it's not to say that you can't go on your, Instagram and say check out my youtube video you. Can do that and that's useful because YouTube, lets you post hour long, videos whereas Instagram, it's gonna be one minute right so it's useful but. You can't only do, that because, then it's just yeah you're just trying to siphon people, off of the platform, one. There's, a couple problems with it one people, are gonna be resistant, to it you know this because you go through your stories on Instagram and it's like hey swipe, up swipe up and you're like you're next you know like you, just you're just on Instagram, because you want to be there it's like okay that's good. But like I just want to be here this is where I'm consuming, right now I don't want don't don't. Interrupt my experience, you know there's. Some value to be said for later. People, noticing, that oh okay, good, to know he has a new podcast maybe. I don't swipe up but like I'll check that out at some point right so there's. A little bit of usefulness there but the other reason, that that, it is something, you want to be cautious about is.

Platforms. Like. Instagram YouTube. Facebook, Twitter, they. Want to keep people on the platform, okay. So like, that. Is their entire goal like you know the whole like arranging. Of the posts on the the algorithm. You know the timeline, it's not chronological it's. Like it's, the post Instagram. Thinks, based on your prior activity, that you're gonna engage with the most why. Do they do that because. If they're smart, you know ái smart, they. Get you to engage with the posts you you will enjoy the most based on your past activity, you stay on the platform longer, when, you stay on the platform longer, you see more ads that. Propels. Their business model so, the same with YouTube if. You try to use YouTube to, get people off YouTube like, every videos like click, the link you know go to my website YouTube. Sees that as a session end they're, like okay people, are watching videos, on YouTube when they get to this guy's a video they, leave the site and they stop watching videos which. Is not good for YouTube, it's not good their ad revenue right. So, you have to understand that when, you are constantly, trying to get people off like hey you go check out my other thing, not. To say you can't ever do it but the platform is going to be. Disincentivized. To. Show that to more people so. Yeah. That's sorry that's that's a lot but hopefully, that is a, little bit helpful. Yes. I would, say that's pretty like matrix, level, but that's that's a great point yeah. That. Was really cool I. Actually. Watched. Some. Of the. Episode. That was supposed to today. That. Was the second, episode of start of business from scratch and. We were talking about. Starting. A Kickstarter and. One. Of my concerns was to. Start the Kickstarter, to, see if people would want to support this and it's, funny to come, back to where we are now after doing an event and really, realizing, how we didn't, need the Kickstarter, to see if people wanted to support, us. Because. Once I look back on the then the, support that we had blew my mind, yeah just from what we did of just this, strategy, that we created and that episode of just word of mouth and going, around and telling people hey, we're doing this and pushing, ourselves out, there and then. To see that back come come. And then and go and then see to, look back on it is just it, was cool to see how. All. That unfolded. Absolutely, so that's. An awesome update. Yeah. That's, pretty cool yeah. I had, a question it was regarding, I know you mentioned we might get into you like merchandise. And bi clothing. Or stickers or something like that but, I. Don't. Know how I know there's, a lot of freedoms I've come to realize that there is in business and being a business owner just because you're allowed to do whatever you want and, you can learn from a lot of things if it wasn't exactly the, right way to go but what, would you say is a good like time frame to. Start t-shirts. Or something like that like would, you want it you'd obviously want to make sure you have a big enough following, for your brand. So. I don't know if like maybe. If within the first year of you, know having a business if you want to launch that is that a good idea should, be planned and like really hone in on like the design and like us as a business first like what would you say I do, have a lot of thoughts on this I I've done. Products. I've done t-shirts, that was how I got, started with. You. Know Sean West back in the day back in the beginning. You. Know we actually have a store Sean West calm slash store, and we, don't even promote it that much but we actually have a lot of physical. Products and we, have a lot of inventory, so. You know a lot of thoughts there but I want to see where you're at right now can you tell me what. Would you say the goal is with. Doing, physical products. I, guess, just amping, up excitement, for our company, and it's to, me someone. Wearing my shirt is as good as word of mouth or you, know very close to so. I. I. Always, like designed to know Anthony's Archie graphics designer, past. Summer so I just love coming over to his house and helping him design things for whatever he was working on so, I. Just. Think it's a blast to do that and I just wanted to have I guess t-shirts, and I we I know we're gonna work on stickers too I mean, even he has an idea of doing, mugs that people can use if they bring me today I have a discount but I don't. Know no yeah. I like. Shirts just, because, it's it's. A. Personally. It's just like this is our company, this is our brand this, is my shirt mm-hmm and it feels good to wear. But. Also to farther people were to. Won't one you know if I'm wearing one and they're like wow that's really cool shirt where can I get it as, I go this. Is this is my company, you know and this. Is our coffee shop if you want to buy one you know it's, just, like that I'm that's. A beaut it's like it's just something really cool to have and, it's, a good way to promote yourself I like.

That So what. I'm but, I'm glad that I didn't, hear it, was like, oh we, can, make a bunch of money from it right because, that that's. Gonna be really difficult right it's it's much better. You, say. Alright this is gonna be something that makes people feel, good about, our brand it helps promote our our. Business you know spread the word that's, all a really good sign so what this means and, I agree that's a good goal to have what this means is the. Shirt the, goal with the shirt is not to. Try to make money you. Know even, if you do have a profit, margin which you should and we'll talk about it. The. Goal is not to maximize. The profit margin, in fact, the, goal is to minimize the profit. Margin for, sure right because. The. More compelling, it is the more of a no-brainer it is for people the more people buy it which, is the, more people it's like you know I've got shirts and you, know I've sold shirts I also have shirts from other brands and whenever. I go in my closet and I wear that I think about them you know, that's, amazing right so it's just your, your. Business is in, their, closet you know they might wear it once a week and and, they're doing their laundry and they're like oh yeah I love that that's. Really awesome right you want more people to have that experience because, then it reminds, them to talk about your, business it's just a subtle little reminder, so, you want as many people as possible because it spreads the word the word of mouth referrals bring, in more business and that's how you actually make your money is from your, main products. What. You don't want to do I would. Say at, least when. You're when you're new when you're when you're a young business is, lose. Money on the shirt now there is a strategy called, loss leading products, where people purposefully. Sell something, at a loss meaning they lose money on it let's say you sold the shirt for nine. Dollars you, know and it costs you $13. A shirt to print them and you know ship them or get labels, or tags or, stickers or, bags or whatever right you, would be losing money. And. This, is not a good example of a loss leader I wouldn't actually recommend, using a t-shirt as a loss leader but let's say you. Could somehow tie the numbers together and it's like we know for every shirt we're gonna bring in this business and you you make your money elsewhere right. That's, that's, a strategy people have I wouldn't recommend it for a, business, in your situation with t-shirts, I think the t-shirt show, pay, for itself and that's. The goal he's like okay you can try and eke out a little more profit margin but what, is that really gonna do for you you know make a buck, or two / sure it's not gonna like change your world, but, it is going to increase friction for people like I don't know if I want to spend that much on a shirt so yes. Just kind of contextualizing. All of this shirts, good for, word-of-mouth for, brand for reminding, people for. That feel good experience, with your business. You. Don't want to lose money on it so, I. Would say. Sell. It pretty. Close to at Cost, now. Cost, is a little, bit more than, simply, your printing, you, need to consider your time, one. The time that you're gonna spend designing. Them working. With the printer maybe, you know going back and forth if you need a reprint or whatever and. Then also like I imagine. You'll mainly, sell shirts locally, you know maybe, in the future you could like ship them or whatever but still even selling locally you're, gonna need to store, them you might want tags, or, bags you, have to account for the fact that you, need to sell them and it takes extra time to do those transactions. You know so it's like okay, if you break even on the printing, costs alone you.

Will Be losing money because, of time. And bag storage, you know transactions. All of that so. You do need a little bit of a margin above what. Your cost per shirt is I just. Recommend, not trying to maximize, it to make, money because it'll work against you so. You'd. Figure out what that cost is so you you, go to a printer you figure out with what, their minimum run is it can be 24, or 48, hundred. And. We could talk about quality, a little bit too like there's there's. Cotton shirts, with, plastisol, ink and then there's tri-blend, shirts with water-based ink you know it feels really good you, can you can kind of skimp, out on it a little bit and like save some money and get the cheaper shirts but is someone gonna wear it as much versus. You know you got that favorite shirt the most comfortable one with like no tag and, it's like all custom, you're like that's, someone that's my go-to shirt right, don't. You want it to be someone's go-to shirt so. It's it's a balancing, act right because it's gonna cost more so it's gonna be a little more premium, but I. Would. Recommend leaning. In that direction make, the shirt premium, and then sell it for the least amount you can without losing, money. Okay. That's. Wonderful yeah I like that, like that what. Just. I'm more practical like what is that like printing, company, that you. Would say would be good because I don't want to use like. Custom, ink or you, know. Just. Any, brand I would like to like, that for me like especially with the business like everything, that we. Put, our money into or that, that. We use I want to make sure that the business is credible, and, also not too, huge that they can't give. You good customer, service as well so. The brand I used for my shirts, is called, real. Thread. So. You can go to real thread calm. I've. Always used them they're out of, Florida. So there's. Gonna be shipping costs involved I really. Like them I've, also gotten, my. My. Like screen prints done through. A boutique. Printing shop called mamas sauce who is also out of Orlando, Florida and they they're, like really good friends you know some some people work you know like spouses, work at one company and the other you know so they're pretty close that's how I learned about real. Thread the t-shirt company because I went to the, the printing. Company I said hey do you do t-shirts they said we don't but we recommend, these guys and I've, always used them and they've been great you know they have all kinds of cool, services, you know they do water-based, ink they, do tag. Removal, from the shirts and they even do like custom, printed tags so it's not gonna have that like, you, know hanging tag but you can do something custom printed you. Know obviously a little bit extra but special things like that or a little like hem, tags you, know you can get fancy I would. Say keep it fairly, simple just like focus, on quality shirt at first and kind of go up from there but. I will also say what you might want to look into you guys are in the Dallas. Area this isn't like super. Close to you I think these guys are actually based out of Fort Worth, but. If you're willing to make the drive I may be able to save on shipping costs, um printed. Threads. Printer. Threads I know they do shirts I've been to conferences where they provided. The shirts I have shirts from them and, you. Know they were good I just haven't personally printed, through them but I know they're kind of near to your, area so you might save on shipping cost there. Yeah. There's. Really not too far but. It's better to drive you know spend, a little on gassing you, know on shipping yeah. Okay. Closer yeah well definitely check that out. So. That's exciting too to make a shirt you know to have, your logo on it you know to. Wear. It because the other day is funny my, dad was actually just wearing a black shirt we, have some stickers and he, put one of the stickers on his. Test. And forgot. That he left it on there and he, went to even. Somewhere and ran, into somebody from our church and, they're like whoa, your, son has shirts from that like, where can I get one of those oh it does. But. I think that's like someone. Was impressed, by that so I think even using your your. Advice for just simplifying, and making sure you helped you have a first. Of all comfortable shirt but. I also just use the message across and basis so it's something that someone wants to wear well.

Speaking. Of message, speaking, of message. Something. A lot of people do which i think is a mistake is and. Okay, a lot of times it's a mistake it's not always a mistake but, especially. For a new brand, I I think it tends to be a mistake more often than not just. Simply putting, their logo, their business, name on a shirt. Because. It's like you care about your business but how, many other people like okay, I know your friends or family are gonna say we love you guys but like just, anyone on the street who doesn't really know you maybe they bought one coffee, how. Many of them are just gonna you know think about yourself you, go into business are you just gonna get you, need some some, wood for, a woodworking, project are, you gonna buy a like lumber supply kosher, you know chances. Are you know probably not but if it was a funny cool message. You'd. Be more likely to so, I have a shirt that says. It's. Always, coffee time now. It's got my little logo it's got the Shawn West printed in the back the, point is like they know who it's from and. They. Can talk about it oh cool shirt where'd you get it you know and it's like they start talking about it they are doing their laundry they, remember my brand, another. One says that, this isn't mine but I think about the guy who made, it every time I wear it it just says caffeine. Please, and it has a cup of coffee underneath you know it's like every. Time I wear that I go into a coffee shop they're always like the baristas always like I love your shirt you know it's, just like that's universal. Right, caffeine, pleat we all feel that way we all want that so. It's. Not to say you couldn't, just do your brand proverb, coffee but. You you want to consider like how, many more people who they're, not even like fans of your brand but they happen to come in and it's like it's. Always coffee time like I gotta get that yes. I. Think, it's better to have someone, be. Able to relate to your shirt or to. Be. On, some point get, on a level where you, both can have. A conversation or laugh about it rather. Than like this is our brand you. Know because, we're not going for that we're not really going for like we. Want to make our brand a clothing. Brand which it's more just like we. Want people to just enjoy wearing, a shirt that came, from a company, that they were they they really like and they like the people who are running there mm-hm so I agree, with that completely, the. Other thing I'd say on shirts is I. Want. To say I can't remember their name their numbers change I think probably, the lowest ever this was maybe, seven years ago that. I was able to get a minimum run of t-shirts. Printed was like 24 count pretty. Soon after that it was around 40, you, can probably find companies, that will do something like that but in. My experience, a lot of them want you to do 100 and. When. You're getting into like the premium type, of quality, shirts you're, looking, at around, $1,000. Plus for like a hundred shirts you. Know just because it's like it's, gonna be a premium shirt obviously. The more you do the cheaper it is now, you. Could see this as an investment like oK we've got a thousand, dollars we want to do this we're, gonna make that money back and we're gonna build, brand and loyalty, with customers so they'll come back more and we'll make the money up and it's, okay that we're putting that in the business for now but.

You Might also consider. This, this, is kind of Kickstarter. Esque but. You could even do it without Kickstarter. What you do is you simply. Pre. Sell the shirt it's. That simple, Anthony, you can do a mock-up you know you come up with a design you're, already gonna have to you know send it to the printer you. Come up with something it looks, like a real shirt that exists, that people want and. And I would test this out you know do come. Up with a message and like, do a drawing do do a you, know whatever, just posted on the Instagram, and like see how how people respond, to it do, another one see how people respond to it you know which which got more likes and comments do, an Instagram story poll you, know like just test, this out like that's what I did with my first shirt I didn't. Make a shirt because I wanted to make a shirt I made, designs, and people. Reacted. To them so, positively, they're like I want this on a shirt that's. When you know you've struck gold, so you post a little drawing and they're like oh my gosh this is so good can I get this on a shirt if you ever get that without mentioning, that you're making a shirt gold. Like, your set you know but like everyone wants to be like I'm gonna make a shirt I'm gonna make sure you know will you buy it and like, most. People won't say yes some, people will say yes and then, only a percentage of the people who said yes will actually do it right. So, test it out try and see, if you can get people to respond but, I would say once. You know okay, this is a good message, it's resonated. With people I've gotten actual, feedback and they're saying I want this then. You mock it up, you post this shirt and you're, like hey, we're, making sure it's you. Know go, go buy go. Preorder. It now they, launch on you, know X date, and you factor in like okay the printings gonna take two weeks we're, gonna need to get them in so I'm gonna say they'll be available in five weeks or six weeks or whatever so you know you have enough time but it's like order. Them now they're gonna be available this day we're, doing a launch, special, so, it's normally gonna be who. Knows let's make up something let's say it was twenty two dollars it's gonna it's eighteen dollars or, whatever right so you're pre selling it it doesn't even exist and you're. Making money it says you don't have to use Kickstarter it's as simple as however. You were going to sell the shirt you know Shopify. WooCommerce. Whatever, you know you. Make a product. Very. Simply you make the product, you connect it to the checkout and people give you money for it and you just promise on the page it's like ships in six weeks or whatever and they so they know right the expectation, set now. You've got money now. Maybe you only make 400. 600, from, the pre-orders, but isn't, it much better to put, in only four hundred dollars of your, own money you. Know in that investment. Yeah. That's, great. Wonderful. Yeah, that's. Nice. We'll. Get on that work, on that and work on some designs, and. See what we come up with and. I like the poll I did too or just, like simply. Just sound like which. One do you like better you know see. What people say see would, be great I. Look. Forward to seeing what you guys come up with. I'd. Love to get one myself you know if the message is right oh. So. You're saying. As. Far as the t-shirt designs guys like that you you. Would be, more inclined just you personally, would be more inclined to buy something with a message, rather, than just a cool design even, you, could if it wasn't just like proverb, if it was something like a an. Ego, like you you would want them to be an actual message or I mean there's another different ways to go about things. Yeah well, a cool, design, I would. I would still put that up there with a cool message it's, just look. I might, be inclined, to support you guys and buy a shirt with your logo right but in, general, I and.

Everyone Else is going to be more inclined to buy a shirt with a message, or a design, that we resonate with like, that's, cool that represents. Me right, like, that that's what people are looking for, that's. Great okay, that's what I was looking for that's, awesome. Cool. Guys well, I've. Looked forward to talking to you next week hopefully maybe, you got some updates on that we'll see how that's going for. Everyone else thanks for watching, if you're new to Sean, west TV actually, if you enjoyed the video give it a like subscribe, to the channel hit, the notification, bell and well. New, videos every day so we'll see you tomorrow.

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Love this! Just found your show (after hearing you on Free Agents). Curious, how did you connect w/ the folks asking the questions in this episode? Did they contact you out of the blue with a question, or are they friends of yours? Or are they working with you, under your consultant powers? I did have a related business model question for my own side project, curious if there's a natural place for me to ask that, in the event you encourage audience questions. Thanks!

Hey, David! That's awesome. I really enjoyed that interview. The direct answer to your question is: people in the community we have inside seanwes membership: However, that doesn't mean I'm unwilling to help however I can! Feel free to respond here, or send me a message through the contact page on my website. On the topic of business models, you may find this episode helpful: Figuring Out Your Business Model Let me know if you have more questions!

Smart stuff!

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