How to Sell Like Amazon With Sales Funnels | Martha Krejci

How to Sell Like Amazon With Sales Funnels | Martha Krejci

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All. Right so today we. Are talking about. The. Industry, term for them our sales, funnels, however. I feel like I don't want to call them that and the reason why is because. Whenever. People hear, the term sales. Funnel, they get all weird they, get all like they get a little bit like glazed. Over and. Immediately. Shut, down and, think I can't do this Robin hello lovely lovely, lady hello, to you miss Robin, so. Um. So. That being said we're. Gonna go ahead and, we're. Gonna get into it so. So. What is I so I'm calling them sale sequences. I figure, it might be a little bit easier to maybe, like. Introduce. To, you and, and not have you initially, shut down. Upon. Hearing, them the thing is is even when I first started dealing with sales funnels which was a while back but whenever I first started dealing with them, it. Was just it was mm-hmm. It. Was like holy, Moses. What, exactly, is all of this stuff because, really, on. The grand scheme of things it, looks like this plugs into this plugs into this plugs into this plugs into this that's, what it looks like right from somebody just from the outside looking in it's like oh, my. What, in the world is that but, really whenever it's all set up you guys when, it's all set up it's. Nothing but pure magic, and its hands, off so its sales automation it's, how you can automate your sales online, without. Having, to, work any harder and, actually. A lot, of times you end up working about 50%. Less because. You don't have so many back and forth actual, real-life conversations. With people it's, all it automated, in, the way that I see automation. Is. 50. Percent okay because you don't want to, 100%. Automate, your business because, now you're not in it anymore and, it's there's, no human, element, to it anymore right so you can't really connect, with people but. 50 percent is a good, ratio. To. Automate. Your business so, if you can automate 50 percent of the things that you're having to just do the legwork on every day can, you imagine how. Much time you've got now I mean, we're talking 4-hour, workweek stuff, right like this is this, is the kind of stuff that it allows you to make your income, but, you don't have to, spend. Time, doing, really. Pretty, dumb stuff, everyday, right so that's, what we're doing here hey Missy, I see you there I see you all. Right so uh. How. I'm going to explain this is. Look. At me drinking coffee at 6 o'clock at night hey, Janelle she said hello everyone, um so. How I'm going to explain, this is I'm, going to explain how, I would, use it in a couple of different businesses, and I, actually. Posted. A video in here not too long ago um. Yesterday. I think, it was yesterday I posted. A video in here talking about. Different. Businesses, and how, you would set up sales, funnels, or sales, sequences. For those businesses. What. I'm going to talk about tonight is. Goat. Yoga and. If, you're on my email list you've already seen, this sort. Of like my, brain just explodes. Into marketing, stuff like that's just how I am that's. Just that's my we. All have, gifts right mine just happens, to be that. But. But. Yeah that's what I'm gonna go into tonight is goat, yoga and, where. I saw, that, they could really, really, be, doing so, much, more, than. What they're already doing or, it could be done in a way that did not require as, much effort, on their, part which. Is really the name of the game right we can do more when. Our, time is required, less, right, so. That. Being said let's go ahead and get into it so goat yoga the. Way that that was set up or. The way that their their sign. Up process was. Set up is that they had it. Looked like they had an ad so it was a sponsored. Event. So. They set up an event on. Their business page for, this you, know this time of goat. Yoga and what. You would do is, you. Would actually message. Them. To. Get, a ticket for goat yoga, I'll. Stop saying go yoga now, um. But. You, would actually message, them so instead. Of just going somewhere and getting a ticket you would message, them which. Is already rough and I knew whenever I had to do that I was like I wonder, how many people they're, missing, out on just. Because, people. Are. Like this like they would think if they have the message, they, would probably think like oh they, probably don't have enough tickets I'm just not going to do it they go ahead and they they count themselves out, left and right people, do that so, you have, to acknowledge, that, people do, that and you have to make it as easy, as possible. For. Them to come to the thing that you want them to come to right so. Messaging. Them is the first thing right, so that's the first potential, opt out, that. Somebody, psychologically. Does and. Then after they mess after you message, them it. Took I got, a message back I think the next day for. Them to say yeah that they had an opening, and then asked, me for my email address, so they could send me an invoice on, PayPal.

So. I gave him my email address, and. And, then they invoiced me on PayPal and then I paid it. That. Per. Ticket, and the tickets are around 20 dollars that per ticket. The, the, time spent. On, doing. All of that is. More. Than is necessary for. A $20, ticket in my opinion, more. Than is necessary for a twenty dollar get Plus how. Many people, have already opted. Themselves, out maybe people don't use PayPal. Maybe, they, don't want to give you their email address for, whatever reason, I mean it is online right, there's, I mean there's a million different things that people could potentially just not want to do in that, whole process because, there are so many touch points does. That make sense so, whenever you, are when. You're thinking about how your, business runs, and how somebody, initially. Makes contact, with you and is. Able to buy. Your service, or buy your product, or whatever it is that you're selling, think. To yourself, how, many touch, points, have. To happen. In order. For, the sale to be complete, and then. Start, thinking how, can I, bring that down to. Less. Right how can i how, can I bring down the amount. Of times, that, we have to. You. Know actually. Talk. Back and forth in order for the thing to happen okay. So oh. Might, put a link, in here for the goat yoga, video there, was he made a goat yoga video whenever we went it was fun you guys it was fun I would totally totally. Totally do, it um. Again. I mean I will I will. Be doing it again so. So. That's that. Is just, the very first part, okay. So, in that part, of the sales sequence. What. I see, for them is a sales. Page you, just set up a sales page for. That specific. Event you. You. Talked about a little bit you sell it a little bit really. By the time they've gotten to that page chances, are good that they're already ready to buy so you really don't have to pre-sell a whole lot it is an event and it is goat yoga I mean it's very specific. People, are already, kind of emotionally, ready to do it it's a fun thing so, they get on there and you don't really have to it doesn't need to be a mile long sales, page just, enough of a sales page to let them know they are in the right place so the details of the, and then, they. Can go ahead and hey Lane I see you and, then they can go ahead and, purchase. A ticket right there, okay. So they can put in their their. Name their, payment, information and, they, can purchase a ticket right, on that page so that alleviates. Probably. I'm not kidding, it probably, was, a half hour of time when, all said and done. For. Just my ticket, okay, and, that was probably thirty, minutes so, that alleviates. Thirty minutes imagine that times. Fifteen. Or twenty people every, single week, cuz it look looks, like they do this event every week that's. A lot of time and, it's time you could be spending doing, something else I'm not saying get straight-up lazy and don't do anything unless you don't want to do anything and that's fine too but you can also use that time to be building, other parts, of your business or to, be evolving. Right and and, doing, other things. So. Whenever, I got to the event now, is where the gears are really, moving okay, so when I got to the event, we. We, we did the yoga and everything and afterward, you could do pictures, so. Whenever I got to the event, I. Saw. That they also are, selling. Salt. Scrub, which was very cool with Melaleuca, with tea tree oil if you guys aren't familiar that's, any central, oil and the salt scrub was amazing.

My Hands were very soft afterward, I have, no horse in this race they did not tell me to say that but. They were soft. So, there's a salt scrub and. They. Also had t-shirts and I think they had something else but I was distracted, by goats and I don't remember what, else there was. But. Imagine. This imagine if. You went to a sales, page okay. And this is how Amazon, does it okay so, imagine you went to a sales page you, bought the ticket, but, then maybe there was one of those checkboxes. That says, hey, I want to add this right so. If, you're, going, to something called goat yoga. Chances. Are very good that you. Could be easily enticed. Into buying a t-shirt that said I went, to goat yoga right. Or. If, you're getting a ticket for somebody else you could do that but, you can just check mark a box and then, add the t-shirt, right there so, the way that they were selling, it was, you, you know you go through this process of buying the ticket you show up at the event after, the event then they've got this very, short, amount, of time to. Sell you this product right or to offer the. Salt scrub and to offer the, t-shirts, like it's really people are already in their minds, people, are already leaving, like, they're already thinking about what they're doing next okay so as, an afterthought, is not a great, time to sell, because. It's you've it's. People, have already they're ready to go and. Maybe they have made plans afterward, and whatever right, but. Whenever. They're buying the ticket they're already in, the they're already in the buying mode they're already they put their credit card information in, it's very easy, to, do that and it's called an order bump where, you put in the little check box and say yes. I'd like to add this to my order and then talk about it whether it's the salt scrub or the t-shirt or maybe, both, maybe, you have a bundle, like a, goat. Yoga, bundle, you know where you have the salt scrub and the t-shirt together, and you just, bundle them for 37, bucks or something like that that's. Something that people do. Psychologically. People do the order bump it's totally. Nuts. But people people. Do it um I do it, all the, time okay. Like I buy, order, bump stuff all, the, time, all. The time I'm not just saying other people do it I do it too. Because. We are all the same doggone it so. So. That is one thing to do you also, in. Getting, their information can. Get them on to your email list okay. So now that person has been to one of your events it's. Likely. That if you have another event they. Will probably be interested, in another, event right, so maybe you're doing something completely, different she, was telling us the owner of the farm, it's, called Coco's ranch, she, was telling us about different things that she was wanting to do like some acoustic music. Out there around a bonfire and like just fun stuff right which. Somebody. Who had been to go yoga, at their farm already. Appreciates. What. Their farm has to offer so. What amazing. Email, list could you possibly, build out of that right so, all of these people that are getting tickets, are now being put on an email list and then, you can let them know about other events that are coming up they also sell, goats, there so they could send. Pictures, of any new goats that that are there and there's. Just so much, stuff that can be done behind the scenes my. Point you guys is we, don't have to. Work so stinking. Hard that. Is my point, we can make our lives so. Much. Easier. On ourselves and. Therefore, easier, on everybody, around, us - right because when we're stressed out as business owners. Ain't. Nobody, happy I think is how that goes but. But. Yeah so that would be the goat yoga, thing also. Just a heads up before I move, on any further I don't want to yeah at 6:15, okay I don't want to go too long, here but. If. You are interested. In learning more about the, stuff that I'm talking about right now then, just join, the inner circle. Already it's, all we do in there I. Mean. That and joke around and have fun and do marketing stuff but. You. Can join the inner circle, we're starting. On on. Monday. I'm starting. A 12-week. Group, coaching, that's. Going to be going over all, of these funnels, like all of, the main funnels, 24, different funnels, I'm going to be sharing. And/or, sequences. Is what I'm wanting to call them right now so. I'll. Be sharing those I'll be building, them for you and then also showing you, how to build them so you can make them for your own business and you don't have to rely on the things that I make if you don't want to but. We're going to be going through all of that stuff and you can also have the first month of inner circle for free so I'm gonna share those links super, quick and then, I'm gonna get back into what. I was talking about so let me just grab, some, links here.

Bee-bop's. If you have any questions, please go ahead and throw them in here because I am talking about a whole lot. There. We go cool, so, they are both in there now so. The first one dang, it I thought. I fixed that. So. It still says oh yeah I did okay I Martha. Cray cheese inner circle empowered by Go Daddy because, Go Daddy is one of our sponsors so. And. Then, the the funnel if you want to not. Join, the inner circle, but you just, want to take. The, the. Sales funnel 12-week. Group coaching you, can definitely do, that you can just buy it by itself but it's a lot less expensive if, you just join inner circle so it's totally up to you how you want to do that anywho. Okay so I. Also. Want to talk about how personal. Brands. Can. Can, use funnels, okay, because that's something that I didn't necessarily talk, about in. The, video that I popped in here yesterday the. One where I had the bun. So. Personal. Brands, and. And, sales. Sequences. First. Of all who needs, a personal, brand the. People that will we're all walking we're living breathing walking. Talking, brands. We all are, it's. Just are you actually, being. Mindful, and intentional, with how you are, portraying. Your brand right, what it what it means so. Good. Good. Good. People to create, personal, brands would be people. That are in direct, selling or. Affiliate. Marketing, or. Are. Are. Really, living their lives and, then, also sharing. The. Things that they use, with. Their, audience. Okay. You, can make a darn, good living. Like, a darn. Good living. If you can harness the. Power of a, personal, brand and then you are just living every. Day and, sharing. With people you know what you're doing and, what, you're using and, now of course be, very mindful that. What, you're sharing is is true, authentic. Honest, stuff, right we don't want to share things just, to share them but, if you really do use stuff you. Can start I I mean for a direct selling like if it's essential, oils, and then like maybe you also use other things that, are very crunchy, or granola, or organic. Whatever. You do you, can just share those on your, blog you can create videos with. Links, back to. For. Them to be able to buy those products, in whatever, way you, know suits you, so. That. Being said you. Can create funnels. Left, and right. For. Personal. Brands, so, it's a lot, of times they're going to be called bridge funnels, and they're. Going to be you. Talking, about like you put a video. On, a page of. You talking about why you use, this product or what you dig about it and then, that's sort of the pre frame, for. That person, to then click, a link and go through. To. The, page where, where, you, know it, benefits. You to sell these things right, or like. If it's essential, oils you know how you get your, own little page. What. You need to do is you need to pre frame before, they get to that page because. The whole reason here, is they. Want to know, people. Like to know why. They're, buying from you instead, of the person down the street so, what are you going to offer them are you going to help educate. Them so that, is that those are the things that you need to think about if you're in direct selling and you're and. You're looking. To really make. A living, doing it then. You need to become, really. A, teacher. As, well, as a, visible. User, of, those. Products. You need to show people what those products, are doing in your life and, then, teaching them how to incorporate. Them into their own lives I see, people doing this really really, well and, then I also see, the the people that unfortunately. And I just don't think they know any better they're just kind of dried by spamming, where, if they just you know posting a comment here by for me and you know it kind of copy and pasted or send you a message and. It's. Really kind, of a copy and paste message, it feels really disconnected. And such but, if you want to do. That stuff well, you. Need to own your own personal. Brand and, then, you need to you know create a blog create, a website. Create. Quick, create. A whole presence. About. Who you are and, then, allow, people to connect, with that and then. Start. Sharing with them you know what what you how you use these products, teach them how to use the products and then you can actually, some. Some, direct, selling places, don't let you, talk. About more than one product at a time but, I think that that is actually becoming. Less. Of the rule these. Days and more people are like more businesses, are letting, you talk about more products because, influencer, marketing is, where, it's at you guys that's.

Every. Every, company, knows it and they're trying like, heck to be able to harness it in a good way. It's really fun because on our side, of things we. Can we can roll with it because the cards are we. Have all of the cards, it's, all about, us these, days you, guys I want you to understand, that, the. Power is, completely. Yours, these days okay. These, companies are wishing. That you would work with them okay, so it's now it's just it's giving, them a reason to approach, you tag. Them in things so they notice, you if, you're talking about brands that aren't direct selling necessarily. But. There's all sorts of stuff that you can do so, far as personal, brands are concerned okay. Let's. See, well. I think that I well. I wanted to answer these three questions here, and again. Guys if you have these questions please, ask me. But. The first question would be who. Needs, sales, sequences. Who needs these like, funnels, and, I, would say any, person. That is trying to sell something, okay. Or trying, to offer something. So, if you have a business, at all. Okay. Then, you need to be thinking about sales. Sequences. What, you're doing is you're drawing people into your business and then. You're you're guiding. Them to, the places that fit them best okay. I talked more about that in the cert in the inner circle or in the circle I'm just gonna start calling it the circle. But. Maybe. I shouldn't see branding. But. Anyway, who. Needs them everybody. If you're if you're wanting, to, supplement. Your income you. Need them if you're wanting to create your own business and, get rid of the nine-to-five job then you need them if you, are wanting. To work the 4-hour workweek right. The unattainable, 4-hour, workweek which is totally, attainable, don't. Believe the BS. Then, then, you need sales funnels, the. Reason why is you'll never hit a 4-hour workweek if you're not using automation, because you will person, that is like and I have this time free what time do you have I, have this time what time do you have it and it's just it's like. Too. Much, too. Much plus, you lose people in that process right. How. Do they, work how do sales funnels, or sequences, work I feel like we've already gone through that, enough, where. I've where, I've talked about it there are. Millions. Of different, kinds, of sales sequences. That you do that, you can do it all depends, on the products, that you're offering, but. We will be going into the. 24. Most. Popular. Most. Successful. Proven. Funnels. Starting. Monday in the inner circle and then. Are they impossible, to set up the, answer is absolutely not. Also a piggyback. Answer, of that is I actually make, them for, you so, then all you have to do is download them, into your own account and plug in your business, information I have already made them for you okay, so a. It's. Not impossible, and B, I make it much easier than, that even so, so. Alright, that is all that I have it doesn't look like anybody, is asking, any questions, so I am gonna pop out of here and. Go. Get my daughter back, so. Everybody. Have an awesome night if you, have questions, go ahead and just, pop them in the comments I'll still see that later so, don't. Be afraid to ask me if you have any questions, okay but, you guys all have an amazing, night and I, will see you later bye bye. You.

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