How To Scale Your Coaching Business To 6 Figures A Month (Interview With Dario Gabriel)

How To Scale Your Coaching Business To 6 Figures A Month (Interview With Dario Gabriel)

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All right welcome back to the channel max torner here i'm sitting with dario gabrielle, and in this video we want to talk about how to scale. Your online coaching consulting, or service providing business from five figures a month, to six figures a month so this is a little bit more of an advanced. Type of video that we want to bring out to you here and the reason for that is because uh dario gabriel, we've just flown, him in for a very special event with our clients we have a lead generation. Boot camp. For our uh clients, and uh so he visited us here in kiev in our offices. And we said hey let's knock out a quick video where we kind of talk a little bit more about, the process one has to go through, you know imagine you're watching this and uh you're making already your 10k a month or you really are making your 10k a month already, what would. What would be the steps that you'd have to take, to get to 50k, a month and then 100k, a month, and dario is someone who's been doing this professionally, for quite a while now, you have uh, quite a lot of, national, and international, clients, that you're supporting. Through your offices, in, berlin. And um, yeah, let's talk about it, yeah correct so uh thank you for the invitation, here to kiev, uh great place and uh great company with great people here, yeah so i, actually run a really kind of boutique, agency, with um, a few selected, clients, like. Nine clients, uh right now nationally, and internationally. And doing all the things behind the scenes like the marketing. Branding, strategy. So kind of the the. Full package, in terms of really scaling, brands, from a. High five, to high six figure, level a month, and yeah also supporting. As an, consultant, max, clients here who want to really, kind of grow their consulting, business, uh, with. The. Right lead generation, methods, and also, uh in the next step, the right advertising, strategies. Yeah and and that was pretty interesting too how we came to that so, when i started coaching our clients we said hey let's bring in an outside consultant, someone who really.

Really, Really has. Has basically devoted, the last couple years, in, bringing people up to from zero. And then also, more advanced people for me it was important that we bring in someone. Who's used to, coaching six-figure, month clients, because obviously then you have the expertise, for beginners, as well as for advanced clients, and it's quite interesting, because. Many of our advanced clients, the the people that are making 30k, a month and we scale them up to the first 100k, month, that is where it gets really interesting, because that's where we do branding marketing, and so on so forth and i say this many times. In order to make your first ten thousand dollars a month you don't need a brand, you don't need to have a big youtube channel you don't need to have any channel you don't give a social media, presence whatsoever. But, after, that it gets very interesting because then you deploy, the power of social media, paid advertising. Also which is also something that you're helping our company with. And uh that's interesting anyways, how, how exactly did you get started like what was your first steps. What did you do before i don't even know yeah actually i've i've started, like four years ago, just like uh, out of my out of my, a basement, started building websites, for for random people like i've, done a lot of like kickboxing. Like, uh, four or five years ago, and. Just built like a website, for a trainer, like, shot some money for it got into video production. But then i was like pretty curious, in terms of the marketing space so, i moved into that and like working, uh non-stop. Uh to. Actually, like really get practical. Expertise, and that's like, one thing to really. Kind of know the audience like every, single niche in terms of, like relationship. Coaching. Uh, fitness, coaching, and uh business coaching because. There's, so. So, much audiences. Uh there you have to get into the head in terms of. Like understanding, them and that was a challenge i set for uh myself, like. Two years ago to just move, into, consulting. Uh. Like. Big brands in terms of, scaling, with advertising. And. Then actually also. Working, for example with people with macs. Running the ads doing the marketing, doing the branding. To, uh, really, grow the business, and uh have like exceptional, client results, how did you back then get your first client. Uh nothing with that actually i've just like networked, i've attended, every event like offline events that's ex, especially. Uh. What we, tell our clients also to do like offline events, are, like uh super. Super great in that. In that case. And also just like um looking for opportunities. Most of the times it's, not even the lead generation, part but also your ability to sell and that's also a big part we, we teach, the clients to, sell because if you have that, sales mindset, you can. Like, get deals anywhere you see opportunities. You see contacts, you see. Um. Potential, business partners, and. Um, i've i've got my first clients just uh through networking. And. Um. Yeah, like providing, work, like, going the extra mile of hey i'm gonna, not even the website, i'm also gonna shoot you the video, and then i got like referred because, you also have to deliver, at the end of the day, so people talk about you and that was, um at the end of the day the thing i um, that i've got like, a few initial clients.

They Got great results, so, they also, um like referred me and so my reputation. Grown, and. Yeah, still to this day i'm not running any ads for myself because. Most of the times we select the clients we work with, because they're most of times really big and already. Well established. So. Like. That there is no to to get to. The back to the point, there, uh, you don't, have to run ads in order to scale your business, yeah like, there are a lot of different ways, but. Um. To start out like ads is the total, uh wrong thing to do maybe uh you can, elaborate on that yeah i feel like nowadays, and i've, said this many times before. We are so used to all these fancy marketing, gadgets, like. Oh if i want to build a business i got to have a page and a landing page and a funnel. And a social media, and a big brand and a youtube channel and a podcast, and the chat bot and all these fancy things. I mean how many times. Do we have clients, come to us and they're like oh for six months i've tried to build this funnel, and they haven't made a single dime and, especially when they start doing ads because the problem with ads is in the beginning. If you don't even know the basics that you're spending money on these ads, so now you're losing money you're sitting on a bunch of costs, as you're trying to figure it out and what we're doing with our beginner clients is we say, let's create you a very lean, business structure. That has, very little costs or no cost at all other the energy and the time that you put in the beginning, so you don't have any risks, and like you said, focus very very heavily first on on, understanding, your audience, and that's exactly what you've done in the beginning. You've done that and you said hey the better i understand my audience the better i can i can serve them, the better i can then also sell them, yeah, and and um, funny that you mentioned like oh. You should always be able to sell you should always get into the sales mindset, and see the opportunities. But if i think about it like, uh nikita, or our sales coach he literally, closed the guy once on the airport. Like literally, you know started chatting as he was waiting for a flight just close this guy because a guy like him, has the sales mindset, always running it's not an on and off switch. And again like just imagine even even though even if you happen to, somehow randomly, find an ad strategy, that works for you. What do you do when these people come to you you can't you still have to know how to sell. You know, just getting people interested in you is only half the work the other half is actually selling that and that's, why i also wanted to work with you and bring you on a consultant, for beginner and advanced clients. Because, you've built, a very very big business operation, on literally. Client word of mouth alone. Yeah right like you said you're not running any ads yourself you don't even have you don't have a big social media whatsoever, i mean you're, not your instagrams, like your private, instagram, like 1, 700.

Like People, yeah and and that's just beautiful if i look at it it's just you so. You don't again like, results, man that's, that's all that matters, important. Exactly and that's also on a side note, why for example in 2020. We've been doing so well, even though other competitors, have gone down you know because they couldn't sell anymore, well even if we would stop selling to new people, we would still have a quite interesting business operation going on from our current clients because our programs. Are so great that people want to stay in those programs it's not like. Uh, eight weeks out they want to actually, stay in the programs, and work with us long term, we have an extremely high upsell rate because people say hey. I paid you this much i got out that much, can i give you more so you give me more and it's very simple, that and number two also referrals, like we get literally every day we get a couple closes and from people that refers they're like hey, my friend also wants to have results. And on top of that we're running our ad strategy, and so on and so forth but if you're a beginner and you say well let me focus on client-centric. I'm going to be very client-centric. Let me make sure. I serve my few beginner, clients that i have very well, and then they refer me or they want to buy again for me. That's a very lean way of building a business. The issue there is those like tactics, with like, running, facebook, ads like audience, retargeting. This like sounds. And like, knowing your audience, going out there talking to people like, bringing you results, serving clients that sounds lame so, let me do the fun stuff let me do this, stuff of like building up a funnel or like, crafting, my, webinar, but at the end of the day, like ask yourself do you want like results, do you want to actually get a hat or. Do you want to yeah the cool guy or the guy that, likes, speaks, like strange. Nerdy stuff on an event that doesn't do anything, like. So, um. But there is a time and place for these things but even with my clients even with big people who are doing like, 100. 200, 300k. A month. Like the four the first 14, to 30 days of the uh of the partnership, i'm not even looking, at like, the numbers in terms of the ads i'm looking at the offer, positioning. Audience. Like getting into the head like, that never stops because that's always the biggest. Thing you have, to have your focus on and that's. If you master, that and every client. We, um. We teach uh that thing to them, and if they master it it's, kind of the key to business to really, know the customer. Sell them what they want, and then. Deliver great results, so, you make sure they stay with you and give you even more referrals, of other people, so, you kind of mentioned already that you don't even in the beginning of your partnership you don't even look at the ads you look more at the basics. What do you think are the biggest pitfalls, of someone, saying. They're making their 30k, a month, and they say hey we want to get 200k, what are the biggest pitfalls that you see people make, yeah the first pitfall, is. They think they have to like 180, their whole business so they're starting to, cut off the thing. That brings cash like that that sounds like pretty dumb but actually, a lot of people like i would say even like 70. Running into that for example they, were generating, leads from an event. And then there are oh i have to get into ads now and they stop going to events. And then the whole.

Business Crashes, because they're not paying attention, to the thing that brings money so the first thing is, like, keep sure, you're not like, in in germany, we say like sawing, off the the the tree you're sitting on like kind of, that's the thing you're sitting on the branch you're sitting on your uh. Definitely don't do that because that can cost you the whole business, um. Yeah the the. Second thing is definitely. Doing all by yourself, like that's definitely an issue not, hiring. People. Because, at the end of the day you like you can't, run a, a, six figure a month operation, on your own that's. Impossible, maybe short term maybe one month, but that's not a sustainable, business model so, hiring people and in terms of marketing, then, then it's like. Really, you have to, um. Yeah you have to. Look at how can you, adapt, those things you've already done successfully. To, ads for example you've. Like, the the. Things you said to people on for example offline, events, or, what content. Worked or which dm, strategies. For example. Worked, great which pain points and then putting that into an automated, process begun, because in that. Place you have cash and you can use cash for. Getting your message out there without, actually, risking, your your business, or your. Like, existence. As, uh. Your job if you're doing this full time so. Um. That's, a, super, important that you're actually getting, into the whole advertising. Game, to. To scale it up, when you have. Cash. Revenue, that's coming in consistently. Some lead source, like, dms. Groups. Or even offline, events, um. Then that's that's a great way to start, and, um. Uh you have to have the focus so hire the right people and that's what i would i would say, i, i also feel like a lot of people. Say, they want to make 100k, a month. But. Many of them are actually. Fine. With staying at 30 40k, we see this so many times. With with some of our advanced clients they're like oh let's make 100k let's make 100k. And like you said there are certain, steps that you have to take like, bigger steps. Making your first key higher your second key higher getting a little bit of a smaller team and then some people i, see some mental resistance, where they're like oh, actually. I'm kind of fine with the 20k, a month that i'm making by myself, so that's interesting, i've seen this a lot and um every time we do have advanced clients who are really really like, yes, team let's go and execute, really and do get to the 100k, month i'm always, impressed, because i'm like respect those people who say they want it and they actually do it yeah and that's, that's an interesting thing i always say hey if you're making 20k a month it's, i don't think it's enough i think it's.

Nowadays, There's so many, black swan events so many unforeseenable. Things that can happen that if you, could only make in 20k a month, you'd be screwed, you can be very very screwed we've seen it now in 2020, more than ever, if you really want to have full security, and safety where you say no matter what happens i'll be fine for years. You should be aiming at getting to 100k, if not even 150, to 200k, a month. And the good thing too is we're throwing these numbers around, i think it's also. Bears worth, mentioning, that. With the online coaching, consulting, and service providing sphere. Which is something that that we're bringing our clients to. Those revenue, numbers are almost, equal, for profit, yeah you have to realize that you have very, very very high profit margins, that's like an e-commerce, you have like someone who's doing for example even like, 10k, a day and if they're like. Good they take away like 15 to 20. Profit, margin if they're really good like, also the whole other like like drop shipping things i have friends who are doing this super successfully, but it's, like. It's it's stressful, as like. Doing that with with certain. With like low. Uh profit margins like that and the thing about the mindset, and actually going further than anyone else that's actually, a thing we we're going to talk about in the like exclusive, boot camp we're going to do, because that's really, uh, uh the reason and uh, so so people can really. Uh, get the perspective, of moving, forward and pushing harder like, even if you don't want to do it for you like do it for your family, like you're for example your family in austria, like that's, i think uh us for me, my family in germany is super. A great uh motivation, to to push forward, in all honesty, like i, i've and i've made a rant video about that when was that released i think on, to last week or something. Um. I think it's arrogant. When people say oh i'm doing fine for myself, it's good for you that you're doing fine for yourself but isn't the purpose of any adult. To also support the people in their immediate environment. You know family. Siblings. Parents, that are not getting younger, you know maybe, children or future children spouse future spouse. Like. Yeah, good for you that you're doing, fine for yourself but. Even on a macro level like civilization. Wouldn't be where it is if people would just be doing fine for themselves, is actually people who go beyond that and say, let me at least take care of my family or, you go even further and say let me take care of myself, my family, and then for complete strangers that i don't even know, you know let me get out even more value let me. Be involved, in in charity projects and so on so forth but at the very least, you should be in a position, where you are in full safety. And the people around you the people you love are in full safety. And and. Like i said i believe that's a very very key point and why you should actually scale a business, to such, such heights right oh yeah by the way before we forget, uh. Because people are gonna ask oh is there any way you know i can check out, more of you or more of me or whatever, uh, we're going to put both our instagram, accounts here we're going to edit those in, uh you can follow dario you can follow myself. You're not super duper active on instagram but it's always a good way to get in touch with you, you do reply to all dms, i do reply to all my dms so definitely, you know. Reach out, check it out give a follow highly recommend. Um the other question that i wanted to, ask you daria before we wrapped up like. What's the most. Inspiring. Client story, that you've had of clients that you've worked with. So actually, there's not like, one thing i can actually, like like point on there are a lot of things and for me actually it's not even just kind of the numbers, and revenues. And, that kind of 100, 200. Million, like, yeah that that's that's great but for me it's like i work, so. So close with my clients that i actually. Also, see. The customer, having success, with the products. Because i'm a lot, doing a lot of like coaching consulting, like big consulting, brands, i see the transformations. Of these clients i see the transformation. Uh, with your clients that's one reason i'm actually.

Always, Happy to help people, on. For example a boot camp like that because. Like from someone, who's just starting out or. Wanting to quit their job or. Scaling their business not knowing what the next step is like seeing. That transformation. That's like. Way. More, like, satisfying. Than like. Uh, seeing a client like for example make 100, 200, 500k. More, a month or less because these results. That that's actually at the end of the day what matters someone really like. Changing, something about their life like failed the education, system but, runs a successful, business now that's that's for me, always, puts a smile on my face when i see like people having success with the products, that's. That's the greatest thing, yeah i mean. Love what you said there that it's that it's about the person behind it not necessarily, just the numbers and if i think back to, to my, favorite client moment so far, it was also things like that i mean, uh, i think i've mentioned this in a previous video. Uh just the other day with a single mom, and she reported her first four figure clothes. As her as her toddler was sleeping. She's like i just got my first clothes as my toddler was taking a nap. And you know things like that are things that i could personally, relate to a lot my my mom's a single mom she brought us up three kids completely alone. And you know i'm like. If my mom had some an opportunity, like this how beautiful would that have been and yeah and or, like you said like people that they come from like an absolutely, devastating, nine-to-five. Job, working as a security, guy in shifts in like 18 hour shifts, and now, making 18k, a month 19k, month just, being their own boss. Or even now with 2020, we've had, several guys, losing their jobs like from one week to the other they're safe jobs gone. And then they said okay last resort i'm gonna go become your client. And then, and now they're making 10k a month that's. You know these things. Like, my family didn't always have money i felt that as a kid i literally, remember. Feeling guilty, if i asked for a new snowboard, you know and my mom and dad they would do anything, to be able to afford a new snowboard, for me, and, and i felt that i, i felt hey we, actually, wouldn't be able to afford that they had to work extra in order to do that, and being part of that now for our clients maybe it's narcissism. You know we're patting ourselves on the shoulder like we're so great we're helping all these people i don't care ultimately. It's people that you help, somebody's, got to do it, yeah, and and these people now have higher quality of living and they give back to their family they can be a cornerstone. And i think that's just a, really really beautiful thing anyways.

Dario, When someone says. Hey this sounds great can i somehow work with you, you mentioned you have very few clients and you usually work closely is there any opportunity, yeah right so so, right now at the moment, like november, 2020, we are not taking on any new clients because we, work really hard with a few clients we have nine clients right now. So, um. Actually if if someone is like starting, out or already making like 20, 30k, a month. Then like working, uh, with, with uh, you working, with the. Freedom business mentoring, team is actually, the max 200 team is actually the best, thing you could do to actually. Have it running, and yeah if if someone is really like. Like, a step before becoming, a really established, brand like, one step before market leader, then uh that's a, kind of uh, a. Type of client for me but most of the times we we pick our clients so we uh. Reach out uh to them so, um, yeah, in terms of uh someone, starting out or, wanting to scale the business. You guys are probably, internationally. The best, place to go and like i said you're part of that as well you're always as an outside consultant, helping our clients, be it on a weekly basis. Be it on a case-by-case, basis or be it as a special event as the one we're about to have tomorrow, here, for our clients, which is very very amazing so when this sounds good for you and you say hey i do want help in building my business or scaling, my business, you know i want to get from zero to the first 10k a month or, from 10k a month above i want to scale up maybe even reach 100k, a month, then you can book a free consultation, call we're going to add a link down in the description, below, that free consultation, call will be with me directly with an expert from our team it will be with a real person, all right not with a lot of these, copycats, are doing with some automated, bot funnel whatsoever, you'll literally be on the phone with a real person.

And No we will not be giving you some generalized, advice. We're actually, very. Known to be very direct and only give step-by-step, exact instructions, so. If you want to build your own business or scale your own business then i'm going to put a link down the description below if you click that link it brings it to a page, read through the page, at the bottom of the page you will find, an application, form, you fill that out takes you maybe two minutes to fill it out and then you can book the exact date and time where you want us to call you this is especially, important for you if you're unhappy with the amount of money that you're making right now, maybe you're unhappy with the way you're making money right now maybe you're spending too much time in a dead-end nine-to-five, job that, doesn't give you passion doesn't give you any fulfillment. That's especially, for you so uh dario thank you very much for having time i always appreciate that interview yeah we're gonna go back to, work and uh yeah talk to you very soon thank you very much bye-bye. What's up ladies and gentlemen, big shout out to all coaches and all the members from the freedom business mentoring. Right now i cracked the 30k. And i'm really grateful, for it in one month they have 32k. And it was a, great feeling. A beautiful, feeling. And i'm happy to have. Coaches and mentors, like, max. Who are. Hot. Oftentimes. That's right they're what i need and uh really grateful to be here with such a great community. And i hope to see you on the top, let's go.

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