How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop

How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop

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In this video I'm going, to show you how to remove anything, from a photo in Photoshop. Hi. I'm mrs. Ramirez from the Photoshop training channel in this, video I'm going to show you how to remove distracting, elements from a photo using, three different techniques the. First two techniques will help you with basic object, removals but, what the third technique we're really going to get our hands dirty and tackle a complicated, task but, I'm going to divide it up into small digestible chunks, so, that you can follow along okay let's. Get started we're, gonna work with this image we have a couple walking on the beach and we have a photo bomber and if we wanted to remove this photo bomber from the photo we, could do so very very easily, first, duplicate. The layer to work non-destructively. You can press ctrl J command J on the Mac and we can call that layer edit. Then. You can select the, lasso, tool and with the lasso tool we can just simply freehand, a selection, so we're gonna freehand, a selection, around the, photo bomber and it, doesn't have to be very precise, as. Long as you go around her but. Having. Said that try, to keep as much of the. Original background as you can so, you can hold alt option, on the Mac and click and drag to. Subtract. From, the selection, and. By the way if you hold shift you. Add to, the selection and once again alt, option, on the Mac and click and drag you subtract from the selection with. The selection active, you, can go into edit. Fill. And, we're going to select content, aware from, the drop-down and make. Sure that you have color adaptation, checked and press. Ok then. I'm going to press ctrl D command D to deselect and, notice. That almost like magic Photoshop, removes that photo bomber in the way that the content-aware technology, works is by analysing, the pixels, that are surrounding. The selection, and it, uses that information to, generate the pixels, that are going to go inside of that selection so. Photoshop, does a great job in guessing what would be behind this person and this. Technique works best with a simple background like, the one we have in this example, so. That's. Before, and after, and by, the way if you're interested to find out more about the content of our technology, I made a series, of videos dealing. With all the different tools that use content-aware, including, the content the word fail if you're, interested in watching that series I'll post a link down below in the description so for. The next example we're going to use, this image here of Venice, and I'm, gonna zoom in and, what we want to do is remove this group of people that are sitting here so.

What. I could do is I could try to do what I just did use the content aware fill but. As you will see it won't give us a results that we're looking for so, let me just make a really, quick selection, and go. Into edit, fill. Content-aware. And, notice. That Photoshop didn't, do that good of a Java this time it included elements that I do not want to have in the photo so I'm going to press ctrl, alt Z command option Z on the Mac to undo and. Actually. To work non-destructively, I'm going to duplicate, this, layer so, I'm gonna press ctrl, J command J on the Mac then, we're going to use a different tool in the, tool that we're going to use is this, tool here, called the, patch tool which is nested, under the Spot Healing Brush tool also, make sure that, normal. And source. Are selected. Then. I'm going to click. And drag and make a selection. Around. The pixels, that I want to replace. The. Selection active I'm gonna zoom out and look for an area to sample from so, it looks like this area is very similar to the area where they're sitting on so I'm going to click and drag over to that side and you can see the preview, inside of the selection, and I, can try to match it as best as I can when, I'm happy with the area. I can just release and then press ctrl D command D to deselect and, notice that Photoshop did a much better job the. Reason that I didn't select this side here is that, there's a shadow from. This lamppost so I didn't want to duplicate that the. Edit wasn't perfect and it was mainly because I didn't drop the selection, in the right area so I can try that again let me click. And drag and just try, to get a better closer, match so. Maybe something like that ctrl, D command D to deselect so that looks much better the, bricks align, better there's, issues like this area here but we could easily fix these, issues by. Just using, the patch tool on those specific areas then. I can double click on a hand tool zoom out and you can see that before in the, after another. Tool that I want to show you before we move on into the more complicated example, is the. Clone stamp tool which. Simply, allows you to paint. In duplicate, pixels, from another area so with. That tool selected, I'm gonna zoom in and create. A new layer to work on destructively and with. This layer I can. Make, sure that current, and below, are, selected. Or all layers it really doesn't matter in this example so, I'll leave it on current pin below then. I can, just select areas. To copy pixels, from so if I wanted to remove this lamppost I can. Start. Maybe in this corner here and then. Use the bracket, keys on the keyboard to, increase the size of my brush and I can try to align. What. I just copied but I just sampled, this area here and. Align. It to the. Other window and then I can paint in. Those. Pixels, like so and, I know I'm getting a little of the shadow but that's okay.

And. Then. I can sample from a different area maybe this area here, and align. It as best as I can and, paint. Away. The. Rest of the lamp, like. So. And. I'm, not gonna spend too much time in this example because the example that I really, want to show you is the one after this but, you can see how you can start painting things away now that struck tively using the clone stamp tool and this, is basically what we did, in just a couple minutes really. Quickly we were able to remove that lamppost, then there's, a couple details there that again we're not gonna spend the time on now because I want to spend more time in the next example so. We're gonna work with this image here and what we're trying to do is remove the truck from the background so. First. Of all we want to work on under struct of Lee so I'm gonna press ctrl, J command J, on the Mac twice, duplicate, the layer 2 times the. Layer on top will be the. Model and the. Layer below that will, be the background. And. Just. Like with a lot of things in Photoshop, I like to separate my elements, so that they're easier to control so, even though we're gonna work with a single, image we're, still gonna use different layers to control, different elements, and I think that makes it easier to work with so. Now. That we have, these. Two layers set up I'm gonna select. My model layer and then, click on the quick selection tool you, can click and drag and make a selection around the model if you're working with Photoshop CC, and newer you, can click on select. Subject, while, the quick selection tool is selected in, Photoshop. We'll, make a selection based, on whatever it, thinks those main subject, is in this case the model and Photoshop, that's a fairly good job it's not gonna be perfect you can click and drag to add to the selection and you can also subtract. From the selection by. Holding alt, option on the Mac and clicking. On areas. That shouldn't be selected, like, these areas there and by the way the selection, doesn't need to be perfect as long as you mask out the areas, near the distractive. Object, you should be fine I'm gonna zoom in and just make sure that it's selected the bracelet, and miss one, piece but overall it did a really good job I'm. Gonna create. A layer mask and, now. We have a layer that just contains the model and, now. We're. Gonna create, a layer that only contains the background, to, do so I'm gonna, use the model, layer mask so, I'm going to hold ctrl, that's come in on the Mac and click, on the layer mask thumbnail, to, load the layer mask as a selection, notice. That my model, layer is disabled, and I'm, going to select the background layer, but. The background layer selected, I'm gonna, go in to select, modify. Expand. And this is gonna make my mask larger. And I'm, going to expand, it by 5 pixels, but this may be different, for you depending, on the size of your photo this, is a fairly large image, so, I'm using 5 pixels in some cases you may need 2 or maybe even 3 so, we'll go for 5 in this case but, the point is that. Now I have that. Space in between my subject, in the background. With the background selected, I'm. Going to hold shift and, backspace to, bring up the, fill window. Then. Under, contents, I'm going to select content aware make. Sure the color adaptation, is checked and press. Ok, in, Photoshop, is going to, remove. The model from, this photo it's not gonna do a perfect, job but that's okay we're gonna continue. Building, upon this. Background to, just create a clean background for our model so, we, have a background, in a model layer what. I'm gonna do now is look at my photo look. At the pixels that I need to replace then, look at the pixels in the photo that I can use to clone, copy, or somehow, use, to, cover the car so, right. Off the bat I'm noticing that I have these columns here 1 column 2 3. 4, & 5 in this, column we, can pretty much use, the whole thing then. We have these windows so I'm probably gonna use this window here to, replicate, it at least three, times to. Use in these three areas then.

We Have this. Sign. I'm, not really sure what that is but it looks like some sort of advert but, we can copy it and place, it on the other side then. We also have to duplicate parts of the street and I'll start there because I think that's the easiest place, to start and that's what you have to do in your photo look, at the contents, and see, what you can take and duplicate, I'm, just going to create a selection. Using the rectangular, marquee tool. Then. I'm going to press ctrl J command J in the Mac to duplicate, that so. Now I have, this. Duplicate, one, thing that I should have mentioned and, I'll, undo. That so you can see it is that, when I selected, the rectangular marquee tool I had a feather of three pixels that means that the edges will not be sharp they're, gonna be blurry three, pixels and I left that value, on purpose, because I don't want sharp edges I want smooth edges so when, I copy something, and I paste it somewhere else I won't see that sharp edge so, once, again ctrl, J command J to duplicate, and I. Have that. Piece right there. And I'm. Gonna move it over to this side, now. Obviously the colors don't match but we can fix that I can create a levels. Adjustment layer clip. It to the layer below it so that the only thing the levels adjustment layer affects, is the strip right below it so notice how if, I make an adjustment it only affects that. Strip so, I can click on the black point and drag it to the right until, it. Matches the luminance, of that. Area, then. With, the layer mask selected I can press ctrl, I command I, on the Mac to invert to. Make the layer mask black, which. Will hide the adjustment, then. With. The brush tool selected, you can paint with white, to, reveal, the effect only, on certain areas. Then. I can select both layers if, I hold shift and click on both layers hit selects them ctrl, e command key on the Mac to merge into. One layer, so, now I can simply use the move tool click and drag to the right to. Duplicate, as I hold alt. So. When you hold alt and you have the move tool selected and, you drag something you'll drag a duplicate, I'm gonna hold shift click, on the top and bottom layer to select them all then. I'm going to press ctrl, e command. E and the Mac to merge the three layers into. One, then. I'm gonna create a layer mask and paint, with black in, these, areas to reveal the original background. And if, something needs to be a little bit darker like this area here you, can do what we did a little earlier create a levels, adjustment layer make, sure that it's clipped and. Just. Make a darker, and, then select the layer mask, ctrl. I command I to invert and, paint. With white on the layer mask to reveal that. Effect in that area, remember. Layer, mask hide and reveal pixels, black, hides in white reveals with. An adjustment, layer you're. Hiding, the adjustment, or revealing, it so we're painting with white to, reveal, that, adjustment in, this tutorial I don't need multiple layers so I'm going to merge down by pressing ctrl, e so. Now it's one layer and that's good now we're going to work on the windows and there's something I want to show you first, we're, going to create a new layer then select the clone stamp tool and, we can copy this, window but watch what happens if I hold alt option on the Mac and click it. Will set a clone, source that, means that that's the area that we're going to copy pixels, from and when you paint it, creates an exact copy as you would expect we. Can actually change. How the clone stamp tool copies. Pixels, we can invert those pixels, horizontally vertically. Scale, and do all sorts of things and let, me show you what I mean by that if you, go into window, clone. Source you. Can click. On this button here to, flip. The clone horizontally. So that means that if I come in here and hold. Alt option on the Mac and click to, sample from that point notice. How now it inverts, it horizontally. And I can paint. Horizontally. And you can see the target that's. What I'm sampling from that little plus X icon, that's, moving along the, paintbrush notice. That if I go right it moves left, if, I move left it goes right, that is because Photoshop is inverting, the sample, source horizontally. So, it allows me to just. Paint in or. Suddenly. Like so. I'm. Going to double click on the hand tool so.

That's Before, and after, what, I'm gonna do now is zoom. In here and continue working on this area I'm. Gonna disable. The, flip make. The. Clone. Stamp to a smaller by tapping on the left bracket, key on the keyboard and I'm just gonna make sure that. Everything. Here looks right, and. Obviously when you're working on your image spend, a little more time working on the details so. There, we go that's, before. And after. What. I can do now is, make. A copy, of. This. Area. Here. Edit. Copy. Merge. Edit. Paste. And just, move. It to, the right right. About. Here. And, I. Can just merge these two onto a layer so you have one layer there and, let. Me zoom in and I'm, going to select the clone stamp tool and I'm gonna use it to fix this, middle, column so, I'm gonna sample from the column next to it by holding alt clicking. And then start painting on the other side and remember, that it doesn't need to be perfect, because some of these areas are gonna be covered by the model. C. And. I'm going to drag the, windows layer below the road layer that. Way the road helps, cover some of those pixels so. Actually. You know what what I'll do is I'm just gonna select both these layers and just press ctrl e commanding, in the Mac just, to put them on one single layer now, I'll work on the sidewalk so, I'll hold alt and click to, sample from this area and then. Paint away these imperfections, and. I'm going fairly fast just to try. To get through all of it in, a. Reasonable amount of time so. You. Can see that how it's starting to look, much much better already and. For. This part. I'm. Just going to duplicate this area so. I'm. Gonna select it with the. Rectangular marquee tool, and. I'm. Holding shift to, add to the selection and then, go into edit copy. Merge. Edit. And paste. And. Move. This over to the other side. Bring. Down the opacity and. Then. Move it left, and right accordingly, using, the arrow keys on the keyboard, increase. The opacity into 100%, and. Hold. Alt option on the Mac and it, goes away so when you hold alt option, on the Mac and create, a new layer mask the layer mask becomes, black so it hides all the contents, then.

You Can select the brush tool and paint with white when. You want to reveal. Those. Areas, like, so just. Don't want to reveal the entire layer just certain, areas I think it looks better I'm, going to merge all the layers together so, I'll hold shift click on, them to select them when. They're selected, I'll press ctrl, e to, merge them into one layer now. Let's focus on the remaining pillars, that is a very simple job we can simply, select. Pixels. To clone from and, continue, cloning, it's. Just a repetitive. Task I'm not going to spend too much time and, be. Perfect. You can be perfect on your images, but, you can see that even going, fairly, quickly here I'm getting really good results, and. I'm sampling from that area and then just cloning. In. Pixels. Like so. I wanna. Zoom out and, it. Looks like I miss one piece, right here and when, I do this type of work usually I have my left hand on the Alt key and I'm, sampling, from many different places and painting, so. As before-and-after. This. Is what it looks like without the model and, what. I'm gonna do now is merge, this, layer, onto. The layer below so, now we have, just, a single background layer and. Notice. How the reflections, keep repeating themselves one. Thing that you can do to fix a problem like this is to select, the clone stamp tool and just. Copy, areas. And paint, over the areas that are obvious. That are repeating, like, in this panel here. And, again. In your image spend, a little more time duplicating, things and seeing, what pixels repeat and just, get rid of those but in this tutorial I'm not gonna spend too much time on that. So. I'm gonna zoom out and. Now we're gonna work on the layer mask or the model layer but, before we do that we need to remember where, the car was and it, was in this area here. So. I'm gonna select everything then, press ctrl, G command G, on the Mac to, put those layers into a group and I'll call it edit then, I'll create a layer mask and I'll paint with black to. Reveal, the original, pixels, found in the background and I'm. Doing so because. I don't want to keep using the pixels, that I duplicate it over and over again because it'll be obvious that it's duplicate, so, I'm trying to use as many of the original pixels, as possible. In. An, areas where we have a car obviously that's the areas that we really want to fine-tune this election so, the only areas that I really want to focus on are the areas that are really close to the model there and, I'm. Gonna do that in the model layer so, in the model layer I'm gonna, hide. These. Pixels, away and obviously this is where you want to spend a lot. Of your time fine-tuning. The selection, so that it's more believable, and. This, is why I like this method because I can paint with black on that layer mask hide. The edges in the background, comes through so, those are the basic, steps from removing, a distracting, object from a photo please. Let me know in the comments below what you learn by watching this video and don't forget to click on that subscribe and, notification. Buttons thank.

You So much for watching and I'll, see you in the next tutorial.

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Not sure why you didnt use the mask tool in the 3rd image. That would do the best job! Nice tut though

Seems like I learned more in this one video than I have all others I've watched combined! Fantastic form, pace, and editing! And the info on Photoshop techniques is superb - THANK YOU!

Excellent tutorial. Very good tipps for all-day tasks with crowded places. Thanks for sharing this.

Which Photoshop version Ur using

I think you removed the wrong subject in the first example.


I subscribed

Try holding Alt and dragging the right click mouse button. Drag up and down to adjust brush hardness and drag sideward for brush size. I find this better than the bracket keys.

Excellent. Thanks so much. Really good!

Pretty cool! Thank you for your Tutorial - I learned a lot!


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Very much informative... great tutorial bro..

Hi You don't give image link

6:58 it will be a perfect selection if we use the pen tool for select the model.then we don't have to brush it 19:57 that way for bring back perfect edge.

Great video! Thank you! Are these features, or something similar, available in Corel PhotoPaint?

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for the tutorial and of course I Subscribed

the best photoshop tutorial i ve ever watched. more of it.

WOW que padre tutorial!! muchas gracias se ve que eres buenisimo !!! y yo que no podia esconder un lunar de una foto jajajaja saludos felicidades!

nice sir thank you this video

awesome tutorial, thank you so much, learnt a lot but flipping the clone stamp was my favorite option

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what Photoshop are you using? do you have a link...


i love it

Very well done training video. Thank you.

Thanks for this. I love the way you explain stuff

oh man, it is a problem when I need to clone background with complex shapes and design in low resolution

What a nice explicative tutorial! Glad to watch an excellent presentation like that for beginners like me.

Thank you.perfect work

Excellent presentation, with many tips. Thanks for sharing.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Cool and thanks a lot man.

Wow, u r like Jesus

Wow, did Diddy use your services to crop out French Montana and Fabulous from the infamous Black Excellence photo? This was magic! Great tutorial!

Thank you! You are excellent at explaining in a uncomplicated way. So easy to learn from your video's. You are easy to understand and go at a nice pace. Keep up the great video's

Awesome tips!!! Thanks so much!!!

Such a useful channel! Thank you for sharing Jesus!

you are the master of photoshop thanks



realy help it's all new for me because i'm a newbie in photoshop ^_^

One more good video. Thanks!

You are a good teacher!!!

WOW, is that car reflection on those windows?

Great presentation!

U r an amazing teacher. Thanks a lot

Imagine you apply this and you'll end up with Trump in the background! Crazy tipps, subscribed!

Another masterclass. Thanks

Which software it??????????

this is an amazing tutorial, well explained than others. Thanx!

perfect tutorial i'v ever seen. Thank u

That's really good! That's a process. I know there are variety different ways you can do this.. The way I do it only takes no more than a minute.... Like so. Keep it up!

what about car reflection in glass? btw great work :)

This video is help me a lots. Thanks

this is a great tutorial, flip clone is great - I didn't know about that. thank you

Wow big thanks, amazing tutorial, you are the best

Thanks for your Time :-)

I don’t even use photoshop

What didn't I learn! Great tutorial. I'll be back so I can try it myself.

Nice job


Great job ! yeah, I had no idea that actually can flip clone stamp tool

What software did you use to edit/photoshop? Link maybe?

which version of photoshop is he using. very nice videos


I love it

nice video sir

I really liked your way of explanation. It is easy to listen and learn because of detailed explanations and clear voice. I need same kind of quality tutorials for after effects and nuke from other authors ).

Which software name

th only thing i can is thank you very much

Best Photoshop tutorial

THANKS! Have not used the flip clone stamp. That will come in soooo handy. Great Job!

Really very helpful.


Fantasy manipulation:

this is great i learn a lot of this.................thank you soo much

As most everyone is saying, that flip clone stamp is new to me! Thx.



thanks a lot. now I understood that I know nothing about clone tool

Thank you JR, brilliant tutorial!

I forgot !! Thanks Jesus.

Yes the last one is a more complicated metod I'll need to watch more times ,to learn ok: thanks Jesus and congratulation because your excelent english spoken

Awesome...Holy Jesus!! Thanks a lot man!

Me molesta que sepas tanto y todo te salga bien. hehehehehehe. Saludos Jesús, tengo que practicar mucho, para hacer ediciones como las tuyas

thankyou sir

Awesome tutorial!

Thank you Jesus!

Really are you Photoshop GOD

not working on cs3?

Your training seems to be a cut above most. However, the training could be better assessed if we were using the same photo as you are using. Where and by what description does one find this photo?

wait what? Why would you remove the hot girl at 1:09 ? She's gorgeous! oh, never mind. The dude is totally checking her out, but he's already with the brunette.

Yet another great video, which I will no doubt have to return to many times in the future when wanting to use these tools.

Thank you, Paul! It will be here for you!

Great tutorial, thank you. Is there any way to get that exact photo you were working on to practice ?

Hey do you know John Ramirez? Known as ex Satanist ( You should watch His videos how he found Jesus Christ. :)

Thank you, Md. Abu Sayed Shipon!

You're welcome, Korellar!



Thank you, Amol!

Thank you, Nsikan!

You're welcome, 444 all in one 444!

You're welcome, Silvia!

You're welcome, Muhammad!

Thank you!! Great tutorial. You are obviously very knowledgeable and are very good at communicating what you know. A lot of new tips and tricks for me. I will definitely be back for more! Thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks, bro

Fantastic tutorial. Very clear, professional, speedy, useful. Perfect! Thanks for your time!

Hello 2013

I'm new to all this but you make it really easy to understand! Thank you and God bless you for your knowledge!!! I learned a lot! Praise The Lord Jesus Christ!

I’ve learned more in 20 minutes from you than a whole book on PS.

You're a god

How do you KEEP the image that you just removed something from? Do you DELETE the layer image that STILL HAS the removed "object" and SAVE the new layer without it? Do you merge the two layers?

There is! Say something that I don't know. flip clone stamp . Holy Jesus! It is new for me. Thanks.

Great video! Thanx a lot!

thank you very much!

Fill Content-Aware is a kind of magic...i'm just :O

You didn't correct perspective and geometry problems of the arches in the background

Fucking amazing.

What software is that?

Excellent tutorial..!!!

I was wondering how do I get photo shop for my pc or iPhone and what kind of laptop do you use

Waow !

Software name please!!!

Yeah, I've been using photoshop for ten years and I've just learned about 4 separate things I've never seen before- this is an amazing video. Thank you so much

wow. this is really cool.

What is up with the truck? Six wheels?

HOla. Intente editar con la primera parte que explico y fui a fill, Content-Aware pero no me aparece color adaptation y no quedo bien. Como lo encuentro?

Semma bro

Awesome! thanks!

And here I thought I knew photoshop pretty well HA! Joke's on me! Thanks so much, this has been truly illuminating!

remove her clothes lol

thats why i do not trust pictures posted on internet

I use the clone stamp tool to remove people, cars and other things I don't want in the picture. For me it's the best way to do it. Most of the time the Fill option with content-aware doesn't work and it just blurs the area.

I know NOTHING about photoshop and still appreciate your video. :-)

Which version of Photoshop should i follow

Very Nice

any image on item, type, line removes completely how? it tool use without.

Awesome! Great pace; lots of info! I'm so glad I stumbled across this tutorial! THANK YOU!

cool video very interesting

Wow awesome sir

wow! you saved me hours with that flip clone and patch tool tip! Great tut!

Its very helpful.

Excellent video Jesus! Question? when I amd using the patch tool I drag to the destination but it seems to copy from my source not the destination... What step did I miss?

perfect channel

This is so nice :) thanks for this.


it was great, thanks a lot

Very Useful tutorial

thank you sir...........

You are great!!!

in which photoshop use this tool ...... cs4 , 5 , 6 ????

yes its is very well content sir....i like

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Great tutorial. Thnks

Whow, one of the better PS tutorials I've seen. Effective, well-organized and very informative. Did not know about the clone stamp settings (flip etc)!

Very helpful video. Thumbs up

Mindblowing. Thank you. That was amazing

the very first technique of Content-Aware tool is not applicable for some photos. Why is it ??

HI, very very good explaneid, I would like to have the same picture with the car In that way I can do like you and learn. Sorry, my english is no good, do you speak spanish?

Wow. You just open my eyes

So Photoshop is 20 a month But I got it for 5 a lifetime

it;s mindblooooooing............

Who else is watching without even having photoshop


Anything? Remove her clothes so :D

such helpful videos

How much time this tutorial takes you to create edit and then upload it??

you are super crazy . sry , but this is so nice

I just saying awesome... !!!

I have an idea to solve the first problem photo bomber..."crop"

Nice job and thank you for this video

That was the best Photoshop tutorial I've didn't buzz right through it like others do.THANKS !

What version of Photoshop were you using? I only have PSE 12 and am not sure everything it can do.

Brilliant tutorial, thank you for posting.

excellent tutorial, totally pro workflow explained as simple as possible. I would add one line to sum up/revise masks and your main points: While erasing girl's outline by painting black i dont have to be perfect, i can always bring it back some by painting white. Masks allow us to work indestructively.

Photoshop Training Channel good your channel my friend , i like and subs done , thank you for supporting

Very good,thanks

I don't have patch tool, can you help me. Tks

It's really nice to see Jesus keeping up with the times and using a computer instead of carving this on a stone tablet xD

Thanks for this.. very helpful.. new knowledge added

its Jezus!


hey , great video , it would be great if we could get the files so we can practice on em thanks

Jesus has returned

Nice tutorial! Although I think it would've been way easier for the photographer to just take several photos and avoid having cars in the background anyways...

Can you also remove a photo BOMBER in Iraq ?

Awesome! Thank you sir!

Your all tutorials helped me out increasing the efficiency of work and non destructive work flow. And this flip clone! I was really looking for that... Thank you so much.. Stay Blessed!

Just getting started with Photoshop, so glad I found this channel! Hands down one of the best tutorial channels I've found, thank you

Thanks for the great tutorial

What versions of Photoshop have the Content Aware and Patch tool?

That's the current subscription version, right? Or is that the lat version before they went to subscription?

I believe CS6

How to remove clothes?

This was amazing!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Thanks to you, now I can remove my ex-wife from all my photos :^)

I'm watching this like a deer in front of a headlight and I don't even have Photoshop

Amazing brother

Excellent tutorial. Thank you. when painting around the model at the end, could you have instead selected her and modified her image by contracting 5 pixels and get the original back again?

Your video was helpful, and thank you for taking the time to respond to comments.

OMG so usefull learnt lot things TY !

When he shows the client the work, the client says: "Car? I wanted you to remove the woman!"

Fantastic Tutorial! you have a new subscriber!

“As long as you go around her butt.”

Just earned urself a new Sub

Please how can I do this edit on Photoshop cs6 because I don't found "color adaptation" box in it. Thanks

Thanks for the clear and to the point tutorial. Love how you approached it different ways

marquito :v

Thank you! Great tutorial! Clear and concise. How do you feel about Photoshop charging you to essentially rent their software (i.e. pay monthly) as opposed to buying it?

I know I'm just being picky but you're using the wrong terminology. Don't know why it's bugging me, but technically that's not a "photobomber" in the first picture. I'm sure you know, but for those unaware, the difference between a "photobomber" and someone unwanted in the frame is intention. A "photobomber" is someone _intentionally_ placing themselves in the shot, it's known as"photobombing". Sorry for being _that guy_ but I had to get it out there. *Aside from that, SUBBED. It was a great video. Keep up the good work!*

Great tutorial wish I could slow it down some!

Pretty good video . i like it so much

I have been using GIMP for years, but as soon as you pressed "OK" at 1:40, I was so shocked I went online and bought photoshop

Can i remove my ugly personality with photoshop?

So much like,,,,,

wish i new this before . brilliant

May i ask what photoshop are you using? this is the best video ever!

what Photoshop version you used.

Bro app link pettu

Very good and very useful tutorial!

awsome loved a lot


Great trainer.. and amazing tool.

Fantastic tutorial PTC! Thanks! Hopefully, I can find similar functions in GIMP to achieve the same excellent results since I don't have PS.

I liked your patience. Thanks for publishing this one

I'm so glad I found this channel. I'm subscribing now.

Awesome I've my photoshop on my laptop but never no how to use it. Thank for showing.

Excellent video. I need to watch it a few times to learn everything! Thank you.

Wow man your the adobe wizard. Subscribed done. Very fast and easy tutorials.

OMG sir! YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for this! I'll try this out one day :D

Great job on the tutorial!



Excellent sir

Content-Aware and color adaptation option is not in cs3 extended how can i do pl. Replay me.


You forgot the windows :D

Brilliant!! brilliant, like the others I've just learnt a whole heap more on the Clone and Patch tool - which I didn't even know about!!! as well as everything else. Huge big thank you Jesus

Thank you very much for this awesome lesson. As I see, this kind of transformation is easier when you don't have windows or any glass in background, cause if you do have, it is hard to deal with the reflection.


So helpful dude, thanks

can some one help me please i have cs6 but i dont have color adaptation option ?

Which version photoshop you are using??

Thank you Ive learned so much here

Nothing new. Stalin did that 80 years before!

lost me in5 seconds as usual

I do it with GIMP for a lot less $$$. The general techniques are similar, except Photoshop's "Content Aware" feature is a big time saver. Regardless of what software is used, the modified image will only pass casual viewing; a close analysis will still reveal the cloned regions. In the photo with the woman model and the truck, I would have kept the truck and removed the woman. ;)

Thanks, Hey Zeus.

Photoshop is a god

That first couple on the beach. Are you sure she is not his sugar Mamma? Just looks a bit young :D Anyway, thanks for the tutorial. Cheers

Photoshop is Illuminati like if you agree :)

I dreamt you were going to make windows out of nothing, looking at the thumbnail

Best TUTORIAL EVER! You tell us step by step and what's function this and there.. Good job! THANK YOU!!!!

stevenisthename same here

Can you remove her clothes ??

very thorough and patient tutorial!

Quick tip: when using selection to fill areas, content aware or patch, also try to apply 1-5 px feather to select area. It helps blending with the surrounding texture, depending on the situation. For example, on 3:56 it would probably have helped with the blending on the right side of the selection a bit more. Most of the time, I found that 1 to 3 pixels feather works pretty well for me.

wow amazing

Great tutorial. That content aware fill option is incredible!

Stalin approves.


photoshop pro

awesome buddy.... Thnx!!! Subscribed...

i learned many new things you made my life so easy worth paying tutorial thanks for sharing with us for free. Serving the community with so good manners.

Why remove the photo-bomber 1:00 ....i vote to get rid of the couple and keep the photo-bomber instead!! lol

good work

An excellent tutorial that was very well demonstrated and was straight to the point. I immediately hit the "subscribe" button afterwards knowing that I can learn much more from this talented trainer Jesus. Thank you!

Jesus - You are a great teacher - well done and really appreciate all the new tips - Been at this for a while and still learning everyday ! Again, thank you !

Oohh I'm gonna remove some clothes hehe>:)

What I learned is I can not longer trust pictures... It would seem that just about anyone or anything can "break up with Stalin"... smh... That was amazing...

Great work

stevenisthename you just won the internet! Made me laugh! Thanks

I have CS6

Thank Jesus

my photoshop don't have the pasting tools?

Thank you for a wonderful tutorial :)

We've learned so much in just a few minutes of your time thank you

Bravissimo, certo ci vuole una bella conoscenza di Photoshop

photoshop is god

Thank you

just great !!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing! Falling in love with Photoshop because of you~

How software is it? & how can I download it on my MacBookair?

Fabulous..!! tnx.

Awesome video I learned lot of things about Photoshop

thank you

It was fantastic thank you for your tutorial

Модель - явно не японка. С такого размера шагами только по кукурузе бегать. Ну, видимо, девочка с украинского села, судя по цветам одежды. Вообще, дамы так не ходят. А за пособие спасибо!

It doesnt make sense for the window to be a flipped reflection though. I get that you were showing off the clone stamp features and I appreciate that, but it would make more sense if you had just clone stamped from the left corner of the first window, since the repetition could just be attributed to the opposite building having repeating features as well. Keep making the great content btw your channel is awesome!

I have photoshop CS6

Those are great tools! It helps me a lot with photo editing......

Will this work with a watermark

thanks a lot !

I don't have photoshop still watching it. Why?

Great video, short, easy to follow, so much information in a "How to video".

you are the best! jeez so much stuff in one video my head is spinning - learning stuff in every sentence! but as usual lots of info about feathering and pixels - which i already know and little about commands! and masks! and stuff i dont know! but really you are great! thank you

the first time i watch a full tutorial.. Thank you

Thanks a lot!

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+Photoshop Training Channel where were u in the past XD thanks!

Wow, what an amazing tutorial!

Excellent communication style. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

...Just an standing ovation!!! Great tutorial

I liked it

I thought it was a prank!


So enjoyable to watch you use the Photoshop to edit the picture, magic and wonderful, thanks.

all i can say is i love it

the god of ps thumb ups sir

Wow. Dude you are bossin' Psd around haha Great video.

Photoshop magician.

is there a video software capable of doing the same?

Amazing video (Y) thank you bro !

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Vc poderia encinar isso em um video, como fazer no video, quero muito saber?? Obrigada

Clone is the best for random. Model is really strutting her stuff LOL! !! LUL

Wow! Where have you been all my life!!! I've been using Photoshop since 2000 but I'm self learned. I have no patience learning from books, yeah I know, reading and understanding and applying it it's not my talent. I've been so frustrated with "masking", actually I'm still confused watching your instruction but among all the Photoshop tutorial, you have the best way of explaining things. You talk very clear, very well enunciated and really amazing, I'm obsessed lol. Now, I feel like I'm back with Photoshop 101. I really want to go to a class, like in a class room, not online but all of them are so expensive. I live in the Bay Area, CA, every Adobe classes are so expensive, I can't afford anything. I wish they teach this in Community college but they don't. So thank you, I will go back to some of your older tutorial and learn from them.

really? anything? How about the model's clothing? I want to see her naked lol

Wow. Mind blown.

wait. so i can remove clothes frm people using photoshop? noice

Awesome tutorial brother

What version of Photoshop are you using?

Learnt something new eg. flip clone stamp feature.. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial sir.

Only problem is at the last method in the reflection of the window you can see the front of the car.... That is a small problem!

extraordinario, muchisimas gracias. Siempre es complicado eliminar lo que no quieres ver

So helpful thank you..

But you left the reflection of the car's bumper in the windows. Rookie mistake, you hate to see it. lol.

So the techniques I have been using in IphotoPlus 4 from the mid 90's is exactly the same as modern software.

so inspiring

how to remove something which was added by someone on top of her/his picture like stickers, paint layer, written ther any application which can do that...plz help/contact +263 -0734084466.

I'm a fan from india you're tutorials are very usefull thank you soo much to make me cepeble to work on photoshop

Good job

Thank you I was looking for such kind of tutorial


great tutorial but you made me hate the word revel loool

I'm saving this video for future reference...Thanks for making this video...very helpful !

doesnt work for me?

Best Photoshop tutorials on Youtube. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

very nice but very fast to follow and some words are not recognized can you have written point to follow

This video is brilliant! That last image alteration was very complex though, but also very impressive.

Car reflection is still visible!

Very professional! Thank's)

This is a magic! Thank you!

Which Photoshop version I should use please suggest me ?

My "fill" option under edit isn't available. (When using the very first method) I see it, but its not available when i use my lasso tool. Any suggestions?

I don’t have a use for photoshop and I can’t even work with Microsoft word but this was really nice to watch

The only thing you should take out in the thumbnail is that lady's HUGE nose

I am so happy I found you! Your tuts are the best I've seen, thank you. You go fast enough for a well-seasoned graphic designer, but also thorough enough so I catch things I would have never known. Can't wait to watch and learn more!

love how the photobomber in the first section was smiling for the camera. She was rude and deliberate. I love how helpful this video is.

WOW.... you are good!!!


Thank you for helping us in the world of professionalism.

Wow! Thank you for helping is in the world of professionalism.

Great tutorial and very well explained. I didn't know about the ability to flip the clone tool... However, to be fair, it doesn't happen everyday to have such a perfect and purposely created image where all the elements to clone are already on the left or right side of the object. This magic is possible because this image already contains all the elements necessary, but most of the times that's not the case.

idk why people are here but im into editing and this was a cool video

Instant sub, I have been using PS for years but don't know it has such a great tool, thank you


This is easily one of the most helpful and easy to follow tutorials I've found on youtube. Godspeed.

As someone with little photoshop experience, I learned a ton of things from this video. Also, I'm amazed that something this advanced is actually relatively easy to do. I already knew the tools, just not how to use them correctly. Besides that, the tutorial was very clear, easy to follow and nice to watch. I'll be sure to watch future videos as well. Subscription more than earned!

I learned that mask is actually an amazing tool.

Thank you

The repeat patterns in the windows are a bit of a giveaway

Holy shit, I didn't know it was that easy! From a beginner's standpoint, this looks like magic. :D

Damn, there are so many cars inside this building...

i dont even use photoshop much but i wanted to know

Thank you, Lisa! I'm glad you enjoyed the video!

I seriously hope you titled that image 'Birth of a Handbag"

Does it work on photoshop cs6 extended

showftare name please

You could have waited for the car to pass and background get clear...then shoot the pic! Saves all the trouble

Steve Mccurry sent me here.

I don't think I've Sub'd so fast to a channel before! I look forward to seeing more of your photos

Excelent video, enjoyed it a lot!!!!

Thank you for the video! I learned so much about the patch tool. In class, we only learned so much about it.

Remove the model, remove the car boring. Remove the model cloths next !!!!!


Great video, thank you!

How can I go to that Photoshop place? Do I need a link or download ?? I'm on Mac (I'm sad)

Yeah, but what are the chances that the posters would be the same in both doors!

Fantastic tutorial thank you so much!

please dont do facecam you're ugly as shit

content aware photoshop IN CS3 how can i ???

feedback: really appreciate your time in explaining and articulating every step, unlike some channels who describe what they did to get from point A to point B, you really give an in-depth explanation as to why and what each tool does. THANK YOU! This was very helpful and I really appreciate it.

shopped! i can tell by the reflection of the car

Omg! This is so cool! Awesome tutorials! Just subbed!


If your next video will be about "How To Remove ANYTHING From a Model on Photo" it will have about 1kkk views, I guaranteed!

THIS TUTORIAL IS FUCJING AMAZING!. Thank you so much for it.

Amazing tutorial skills you got dude. Love the way you teach PS. Thanks

I have been working with Photoshop for about 20 years, but I learned that there is something called the "clone source window" wow, That window has some magic tools and options, thanks for bringing that up.


Nice And easy tutorial. here see Complete photoshop Course basic To advance.

Its really interesting and informative video. Learning Flip clone feature which was new for me. Thanks


Great tutorial!

Plz use in hindi

You're PS DEITY! Thx.

Editing a picture is bad my friend. Search for "photo or paint" to get a clue.

thanks for this video!

Man you are the best.

what pad are drawing with?

Hair? How?

Content Aware tool is next level! Thanks mate!

Nice work! Cheers!!!!!

Nice video, option on the MAC

Is that possible to remove any object from a video as well by using similar kind of software as this Photoshop?

Wow! That easy removing the first girl? Impressive.

excellent video

Great. Clever. TY

Quite Impressive, can you please tell me the name and version of the software that you are using in this video? Is it Adobe Photoshop?

can i remove the bra?

Amazing work!

Thank you for the video!But thats not photography anymore! It should be called picture making or else but not photographing!

13:55 woah, what a pro, I was wodering how he was going to cover the back part of the car.

Get bell for your channel

I was looking for something like this. if you have any more advanced retouching or cloning methods pls share. Thank you.

v nice brother its very helpful

Great tutorial. Interesting to see the flip tool and the updated hash cloning tool, and especially the Content-Aware Fill tool! l I've been a hard user of Photoshop since 3.51 Thank you

thanks for that, i always wanted to know how to do something like that, i saw videos of photoshop trolls and i was like ''how does he remove the thing and adds the background back?'' now i know, thanks for this

Thank you I love your tutorial make everything easy to understanding.

Sir we do this with video please


Thanks you! You are one of the best instructors/trainers I have come across!! You are AWESOME!!!

Gg adobe.... U smart bastard...

Which adobe photoshop version is this? I want to download it


Anyone else who doesnt have photoshop but still just watchin to be amazed?

Thank you Jesus

Very good but can I ask which book is good for self study to edit photo, add a text on photo, all kinds of photo editing for online clothing company? I’ve seen dummy books for cs photoshop or Lightroom or element. I’ve just confused of what used for Lightroom. Element. Thank you.

Bro, you are amazing!!! Good work man!!!

Very good job ! Is there any way to make this woman 6:23 bare_feeted ?

Probably one of the most viewed video after a break up, after Taylor Swift music videos.

That's cool ! Good Job man !

You're a great teacher!

Your name is Jesus kind of

0:32 The photobomber is the best part of that photo.


Thanks for this tutorial I like it very much

Jesus Chr...Ramirez

so finally people can get their exes out of their lives`?

OMG! Great tutorial, and a great presentation, bro! :-)

Whouaaaa!! Thanks to you, I am starting to love PS.

For the last step with model mask you can go to the mask settings and ez adjust edges

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I have older photoshop :v

The Flip Clone Feature & Adding Feather to Content Aware never used these actually. Thanks a Lot

just awesome.

Photoshop version please?

Absolutely basic skills, but this was defiantly the best explaining for this part of Photoshop. Thx

THAT is how tutorials should look like!

Delos mejores tutoriales que hay en youtube

Great tutorial! Thank you


this guy is looking into my soul

no color adaptation

Very well explained..keep it coming..kudos to you sir...

nice video. it's so good and helpful for me. thanks bro.

Whoa ahh!! The best tutorial. Thank Jesus!

I would remove him.

Thanks for sharing such videos.

Jesus, you are the Photoshop Messiah!

What's the program? Thanks

Very instructive, thanks a lot! Subscribed.

WTF? 1:40

Remove the model, fix the car

Great video, never used photoshop, probably never will, watched the whole thing!

oww nice .....

amazing man

This is pure magic ... wow

You're welcome!

This Is Awesome...

How to add the pictures

fuck the truck. how do you remove her clothes?

Thank you for a great tutorial. I learnt to never again trust a photograph.

Muito bom. Belo trabalho.

Which photoshop version was been used by you?

Yeah, a couple things there were absolutely new for me, amazing job Jesús! Gracias.

wow,you made too easy to do.

Why remove a photo-bomber when she is cute?

Comprehensive and encouraging. Very good video.

Brilliant thanks

Wow... I love how the way you explained everything... So clear.... I think I am going to learn.... Thank you for this tutorial video....

What program software did you use?

I love this video

Good info but the last tutorial was on speed dial. Couldn't keep up!

thank you so much man it helped me a lot

Very good tutorial! I like that you show yourself in the video. It nearly feels like you´re teaching me directly and I like to see who´s speaking. Also it´s really easy to understand and follow you! Best regards from Germany! :)

awesome video ! nicely explained and good content ! you , dear sir, earned my subscription !

Its better work than NASA.


wow. Thanks for taking the time.

Thank you very much

Now I can't see the car at all. You removed the wrong thing.

oh shit, he is the real jesus, with photoshop he really could transform water wo wine xD

Thank you very for your tutorial. How can I get the sample pictures in your tutorial to practice?

Can I do that on PS CS3 in Windows 10?

Best trick Bro!!

Great tutorial. Simply explained how to enchant a photo :) Thanks!

its so hard and complicated god!...

Thanks for sharing your video..Its a great help..

That first picture of the girl in the yellow dress DIDN'T WORK, she's still clothed after the edit.

\O.O/ Magic?! My breathing just stopped when i saw that trick!

Good stuff, very useful info.thank you.

she looks stacy from the chads and stacies meme.

I don't have a spot healing tool

This is a great video! I love the way you explained everything and show other ways to do things. Thank you so much for the video

This was outstanding! Thank you much Jesus!

WoW! Has Photoshop EVER improved since v7!

I thought I knew my way around in image cleaning and stuff, but this video just blew my mind. Thank you so much!

why you havent remove the car in the window too?

Can't wait to see this in Krita..

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This deserves likes and subs.

thx man very helpful

0:38 The couple were the photo bomber.

Learned a lot from this video, subscribed

But can i remove my depression?

Nice training :)

As if it where so simple...

wow! interesting thanks

I has no idea about the 2 first method!! I always used the stamp but "fill" is so amazingly fast and well done! with no much to correct after!!wow thanks!

find me a free photoshop and ill listen BEBYE

Impressive. But it does depend on that you have some regularly patterned background that is easily reproducable. What do you do with an irregular background? Also: half an hour of work to fix something that the photographer could have gotten right by investing just one more minute of work? I guess there is a food chain in any profession. There has to be someone cleaning up after other people everywhere.

Why does this look so easy until I try to do it?

He's going through it so fast. Not quite a tutorial.


Gosh you explain so much

Didn't realize the Fill Content-Aware + Color Adaptation feature and the flip clone stamp feature until watching your video. This is a real life-saver, been using the patch and clone stamp tool for ages and these two features definitely help a lot!

What a brilliant of the very best and so clearly explained....thank you

quite didnt understand the part of model being content-awared.. as i didn't comprehend why

Superb review!

Either be a photographer or Photoshopper. I prefer later :) "Microsoft Picture IT" was cool and easy before Photoshop (in early 2000s). Have you tried it ??

that model is fucking anorexic

Wooow!!!!!!!! it's magic!!!!!!!

awesome tut

Dude u forgot to remove the woman...

This was very good. One thing: I don't know about the layers icons, and you did those actions very fast!

can you do anything like this in Gimp?

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Less Than $100 No Monthly Fee's

What Photoshop is this cs6?

Hi, Ramirez. I learnt a lot from your tutorial. The content-aware technology is really outstanding. Are there any plugins that we can use to save time? I had one software that does the omission of. Some parts of the picture, but they mess up things tremendously, but thanks to PS, things get under control only slowly and with much effort.

U r the best photoshop ever !

You learn something new every day, thanks, especially for the flip clone stamp

First viewer here. Your content is amazing, very detailed and thorough. Great pace and instructional. Got you a sub!

I've been working on Photoshop since 2006... and I've missed a lot of incredible and so useful tools that I didn't know they exist.. Thanks for the very helpful tutorial THUMB-UP

Dude, y r u removing the fricking car from the pick? Would rather go for the dress! :-p

At even the first way i was just watching like “hmmm okay okay.... *makes girl dissapear* .... BLACK MAGIC”

Remove my depression irl daddy

I'm an upcoming graphic designer but i find it difficult to work with photoshop, but you make it look so simple.I'm loving your videos.

Great Tutorial...Learn't so much...Thanks

You should probably mention what version of Photoshop you're using, since the content aware feature is only available on newer versions and not all versions.

2/10 times content aware actually works.

why does EVERY how to video take so long to get to the point?>...first he gives intro on topic...ok...then he introdces himself...then he again gives topic..........why not just intro himself and explain topic

But the photo bomber is so much hotter than the bitch in the middle

Great tutorial! The first two methods I can use immediately. The "complexed" one is indeed complex and it'll take repeat viewings for it to sink it. I'll probably have forgotten everything by the time I actually need to use it!

Welp, I always use the clone stamp even for a simple object removal, and I dont even know that content-aware thing could really save my time many thanks, tis a great video

A GREAT video--quick and effective. THANK YOU!!

Nice reflections

Outstanding tutorial - thank you!!

Fantastic Man ... you are a super expert .... but only thing I feel that your description should be a little slower for better understanding. ... thanks buddy.

I remember when this technology first came out. It was, and still is, pretty darn awesome.

That was fantastic command thanks for information and uploading the video.

why did i go into this vid lol i dont even have ps

These are the tutorials I really enjoy. It's structured in 1, 2, 3. No information is covered without the core of it being explained beforehand! Love this! :)

nice video 1 sub

I need help I'm planing on making a series with is all of Logan Paul's videos except he is edited out

best tutorial I that saw ever !

im soo impressed bro u jst got a new sub

Wow! Thank you for opening up my mind to some Photoshop techniques I didn't know existed. I have had Photoshop elements 6 for about 15 years since I was a teenager, but I'm definitely thinking I might want to upgrade! lol. There looks to be a lot of improvements that might come in handy.

Wow... You're revealed the true meaning of "Photoshop". Much Respect ma brother

fantastic! thank you : )

remove tha ball from her leg


Thank you.

Excellent i have to watch this a few times but brilliantly explained thank you

I don't have content aware.. In cs2

men you're a good teacher thanks!

The one with the car was really impressive. Great job

Couldn't you at least edit the clothes off that cute model?

You are magician :) Thanks a lot

00:08 Jumpscare! >.

It was a very nice tutorial video! Easily comprehensible, nice pace, friendly instructor. I will check the other videos as well!

Thanks so much. Wow. You really put everything together. I'm very happy to have learned about the flip clone tool and copy-pasting. Thank you.

and this is exactly how deception is created

Amazing! I usually make it manual and it is so simple...

Well, thank you very much! It was so useful!

Why are her clothes still there?

Has to be the best tutorial on this subject!Great job.

I have photoshop CC2018 and there is no content aware line in any dropdown ... it is not anywhere. Also, in Fill, there is no content aware line or the other choices... what am I missing?

You say you can remove anything from the picture, yet I still see her wearing clothes. mhmhmhmhmh



what is this PS version? Mine is 11.0 doesn't has content aware, why?

Jezusie przenajświętszy!

How about my uglyness?

Great video, thanks. Unfortunately, there is no way I will remember it all but I can always watch it again. Still, fantastic tutorial.

he say details at 14:56 but left the car in the mirrow xD

The people who made Photoshop deserve Nobel Prizes...

Excellent tutorial ever I wactched thnx Sir

What version of Photoshop is this, does anybody know? I have a very very OLD version of Photoshop (7), would this stuff work in that? Reason I ask is because I'd have to go hunting for the CD lol

begone thot

bro pls let me know where the pic is...the exact pic...bcse it will be easy for learning for the first time...i searched but the pic is missing..pls help me.

Thanks for a very informative video. I have done this several times, but not using the quicker methods you have here. :)

how about her clothes


Good pace, Good clarity, Good explanation, Good demonstration = Superb Tutorial. Thank you very much.

Nice tool. If you remove photo from photoshop, it becomes 'shop'

Which version of PS are you using?

How to remove clothes

Thanks mahn..I really needed this video..


well, contacting Adobe is not always easy, but I'll try that. I've gone back in again and still don't find content aware.

Awesome thanks for sharing

15:55 car in windows but no car on the road XDDD

Just open Paint and ctrl+a und hit delete!

Ken, I'm not sure what your issue is. CC2018 is the latest version and has those features. Try contacting Adobe.

Awesome tutorial! Thanks!

Thank you Photoshop Training Channel

You're moving too fast. I'll come back.

Very very helpful

Can u plz show us how to do it at phone ??

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Awesome !!

i used the lasse tool but it automatically stops during the selection process after like 3 seconds. Even when i'm still in the middle of selecting, it'll just stop right there and mess up my selection

Great tutorial. Lots of things I had never seen. I do a lot of removing objects in photoshop. But one thing I wouldn’t do is expand the selection around the model. I would have kept it tight and then blurred the mask by 1 pixel. Then I go into levels and adjust the slider to reduce the halo.

Fantastic video. :)

Super cool trick! Thanks a lot for sharing!

I am a photographer of urban landscapes, and am constantly clone stamping-away errant shadows, cracks, and trash. I had no idea about the clone stamp flip tool, and longed for it forever. This will save me SO much time. Thank you!

Awesome! I'm glad this video was helpful! ☺️

Looks like part of the model's hair is now part of the background!

As an occasional GIMP user I thought it is not going to be helpful and will only demonstrate the fancy features of modern Photoshop. But it turned to be very useful, learned a few more techniques I wasn't aware of before, that is applicable for GIMP too. Thanks a lot!

What about clothes? :P :D

Wow, amazing content. Thanks & subbed!

super awesome thanks for the help

it is really a good tutorial for us.

its good video. but i have a good way and fast.

hold alt option on the mac

you are a genious

hola jesus cuando vas hacer tutoriales en espanol

Very good, great ideas. Thanks

holy fawk

You, you are good. Yes you are.

Great scorcery

You did it all wrong. You should have left the blonde and removed the others :P

Very informative.

Wow that is so lit

Thanks soooooo much

I know that GIMP has a clone tool, but I haven't figured out a way to alter the clone source like he does in this video. Ex: when he reverses (flips) the clone output when he works on the column and window area to erase the van. If you did, can you please tell me how you did that?


So basically... black magic?

Jesus fucking christ. Its a miracle. .

This is a great art!

Easy take two photos



You're awesome bro!

This has been around a while and I have used it several times, its great and only gotten better with the newer versions of PS

Removing peoples clothes? Hahaha

Great video!!!! thank you sharing.

nice thanks

Loved it

Hello, can you add the link to the editor you're using please ?

Is this tool correct to remove dark glasses from a person's face in a photo? And see his face without glasses Hi please like the picture as you open the link and vote for me it’s the student of the year competition in my institute

Now Stalin can remove all of his enemy’s

Very nice video sir


you are awesome...thanks for sharing


Brother So Nice . Totaly ossam . I like your disign & more disign uplode please.

Very impressive! What version of PhotoShop are you using?

Wow thank you

Amazing ...Thanks

Genius, thanks for the great tutorial, subscribed.

I'm in PS for decades now and know all this techniques but gotta admit it, I really enjoyed to listen Ramirez tutorial,nice calm voice.

Thank you, Romeo!

Good job, I like your work method

lol can you remove her clothes?

0:32 start

hi which version do you use in your tutorials? @7:11 i dnt have "select subject". im using CC 2017.

This was a great video! Really straightforward, easy to understand and follow! Thank you :)

Photo Editing for firs!t time | FREE!!

Very good!!

this is very helpful, thanks sir!

how to remove anythings in photoshop 7.0 please make a video

very useful, thank you!

This is obviously the newest version of PS, right? Can you do this in PS7?

What App are you using?

Very nice tutorial. Very well explained; but understanding is one thing, doing it is something else.

this is the first tutorial i've watched that shows me how to alter the clone source. Knew it must be possible but now i know how. Super awesome. Thank you.

can you tell me how to fix my adobe menu? I just want to clarify that adobe opens up without a problem, and all looks good, and all was working fine, until one day for some unknown reason my adobe menus which opened up my menus on a gray background started displaying the background all in black and the fonts in black as well so they can't be read, with some exceptions as some choices of each menu display in gray (the fonts that is) . I'm very frustrated because I see nothing at all, under each men all is black, some choices are in gray fonts, some not all, I can only see the rest if I scroll down. When I speak about the menu I'm talking about the main menu at the top (file, edit, image, layer, select, etc) when I move along that menu which is fine, no problem there, and the drop down menu opens the drop down menu is all in black and the fonts are black with a few exceptions, maybe one or two, for instance under file, all fonts are black and the drop down menu background is black, so it's not readable, nothing can be seen, unless I start scrolling down. Under the edit option I can only see in gray color (Step forward, paste, paste into, check spelling, and a couple more) and the same goes for the rest of the remaining choices. Is there a way to fix this problem? I hope you understand and I hope you can help me out, if you do not understand I can record a small video and paste the link so you can check it out to see exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance. This is for adobe photoshop CS6, but I am trying to use adobe photoshop CS4 portable version and somehow what happened in CS6 is taking over CS4 menu as well. I was hoping it would not do it but something is affecting it somehow. Thanks.

just watch for first minute and I feel that everything is well-said and easy to understand. Wow! Thank you!

Jesus Jesùs ! You're my new photoshop God !

After seeing this i give up on photoshop

One of the best Photoshop tutorials!

Thanx a lot! you have a new subscriber :) Greets from Milano

Excellent job, the way you explained everything is superb,pls keep going this way......thanks a lot by the way

Best explanation without overwhelming information. Thank you.

1000th comment

Técnicas ótimas, by Brasil

Fantastic tutorial!

Hi!! What Photoshop version are you using? Thanks

Does Photoshop Elements have these features as well?

is this available in photoshop 7 ?

I've been using similar methods for years, but things like chromatic aberration often reveal that the image is being edited, since it's hard to make realistic artificial CA. (a good lens can help with this, so there is not much errors in the image)

my brain is burned...

Using content-aware fill on just the persons face/head can produce, well, interesting results

Thank you so much for the helpful video.

flip clone stamp got you new subscriber

very useful especially clear and sound

What is this photoshop u speak of?


This is kind of how I edit. Except with a few different tricks I could learn from.

It's cool but what photoshop are we talking about here?

good job keep it up. how can we get this images for practice.....

Nice mN

I really need to up my layer masks game! This video was awesome!

Last photo, you should look windows. I can see car

Photoshop Tutorials On How To Create Professional Looking Photos And Images. Turn Your Photos Into Magazine Covers By Learning The Secrets Of Color Grading And Photo Manipulation!

nice videoo

Ma come e' possibile, hai solo selezionato il cielo e Photoshop ha memorizzato pure il colore della sabbia e del mare?

Shes not a photo bummer or what ever u call it , she's a normal girl walking on the beach, how rude lol

Darn! This doesn't work on landlords!

thank you, very informative and easy to understand. plus you explain so patiently and try to explain step by step as clear as possible.

awesome ... super

A very informative and helpful video. Thanks!

Really good, nice vid

i dont see the color adaptation in my cs6

was helpful check my editing tutorials

*Please tutorial Anime in Real life or Cartoon in Real life!*'s all overwhelming. amazing work.

Sir pls give the link of download photoshop

An excellent tutorial very well explained and organized. I look forward to watching more. Although the whole tutorial sounded involved, the video at no time made me feel that trying to learn such skills was beyond me. Thank you for sharing your skills - much appreciated.

The best tutorial for object removal I've seen! Great!

So much to remember! I'll never get it!

Every window is the same lmao

super job! I have learned a lot !


super good job dear

Does it work on Paint?

Photoshop Training Channel I love your content

Photoshop Training Channel Write it in the description

I am completely blown away. Extremely informative, to the point, illustrations are clear. This was one of the best tutorials I've ever come across! You have just earned a subscriber!

Awesome, it's help. Thx anyway.

What a great job you do explaining sr.

Great tutorial. I have CS4 but when I select Edit Fill, the steps you are indicating are not there. It's not showing me Content Aware Color adaptation etc. Please help!

very helpful thanks

THAT was one of the most helpful Photoshop videos I have ever seen! Thank you, thank you thank you! You have a new subscriber!

Awesome tutorial.... liked it a lot

Most helpful!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

clever artist

Thank you, Walking Nice!

gj man

Thank you, l Nighto l!

What is the app that he uses??

I knew most of this stuff, but it was fun watching someone else do it. haha And I did learn some new things as well, like the content-aware fill option. Bravo, Sir!

Thank you, Athan!

Nice job.

what app you is very owesone...

You're welcome, iwane!

You're welcome, Nikki!

You're welcome, Jan!

Thank you, Dan!

Thank you, Mehdi!

Thank you, Rawand!

OH MY GOD, Clone stamp tool flip, i am working on photoshop my whole life and i didn't knew that and it's making my job Hella easier


wow!! I learned so much Thank you for your video!

thanx bro

One of the best tutorials I've ever seen

your videos are absolutely AWESOME man, keep up the good work mate !

Hello, Sir!! Your tutorial is very helpful and easy to follow. I was able to edit my pictures using clone stamp and patch tool. However, for some reason I wasn't able to edit using the lasso tool. I'm wondering if lasso tool is working fine with CS4?

which version of photoshop is this ??

After this tutorial im a certified Astronot yay!

You are Pro.

answer: clone stamp the everloving hell out of it

Content-Aware is just superb!

You can flip clone stamp!!!!!!!Glad I bothered watching.

so cool thanks


This is genius. Thank you.

6:18 it's not a truck it's a large SUV !!

this guy is the messiah of Photoshop

Last editing was quite informational! Thanks!

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o kirpi sacarını skiem

o ölmüslerini sikim

olum sebni bulup skicem bekle

ya amca anıısınkyim

ya kardeşim 5 ne 5 olmuyo

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o kulaklırını sikeyim

How did you align the pictures accurately while moving? Is there a command for it?

I learnt how to be a wizard by watching this video

Wtf, this is sorcery AWESOME

man ... that's great .. thank you for sharing this

Wow. That was good!


Amazing For me,,, Thanks for shearing this...

very very clearly explaining and good example, thank you so much, have learned a lot of new things from this video.

Подписывайтесь на мой канал, у меня там есть уроки по фотошопу

Amazing tutorial, very clearly explained.

Maybe CS4 does not have the option

thanks a lot to make the tutorial very easy to present!

Why would anyone spend all that time just to share a picture?

Great video, thanks for taking the time and being so thorough. This video really helped me, thanks again.

Its amazing..but u are little fast

solo para profesionales

Great~ Works for any idiot! I like it!



Enjoyed this tutorial. I’m at the bottom of the steep learning curve. I will have to play this several times so that it sinks in.

witchcraft, burn the village!!!

great job. Very good tutorial. Thanks for that

Thank you! for once someone show a hard case

Very well presented. Lots of shortcuts to this process I have not used. I will now. Thanks, Joan

i sub


Let's get rid of this photo bomber

Very interesting, & thanks, long workflow though, your ⏰ is important, an endless game time, phones

that thing is old and really glitchy

Good Job Brother

Very good video, thanks


I like your videos.... There is no time wasted

Excellent content and examples. Now to learn by practicing.

Xoxad for me, my PS wasn't updated to its latest version.huehue

It is really hard, takes much time to learn layers, saving buttons

Good job

Nani !? Thanks for the Tutorial Appreciate it

Awesome! Thanks :)

Faboloussssssss that was so amazing

Nicely explained

I'll be rewatching this video a few times, thank you! I have subscribed.

love it!! I edit photos all day long, I love this advance video. I will follow you from now on!


LOL! That's my house at 6:17

I can see the car in the windows behind...

nicely explained.... good speed and easy to understand... (and thank god, no silly soundtrack in the background!)

the only problem with these tuts are they donot provide those photos for practice

WOW! That really opened my eyes! It's the reason why I don't want to use PS but rather taking correct pictures ;-)

Where can i find those source files?

Would be a lot more easier to take a better picture than to do all this with a prettier model in it.

Gosh;; now i learnt it that cc is much nicer than cs ㅎㅎㅎ

Remove the womans clothes.......PLEASE.

I can remove a whole image without even opening photoshop.

Learned a lot hehe. Very nice vid, beginner friendly too!

if you are cleaner manga,, you can do this :)

Photoshop Training Channel thank you .

Brilliant transformation. Many thanks for the excellent instruction.

Это видео для тех, кто уже знаком с ФШ досконально? Все очень быстро, новичку не угнаться. Мои пожелания: давайте такую ценную информацию медленнее. Спасибо. Желаю удачи и творческих успехов. Подписка 429-430

good for beginner

Thanks, easy to follow, have worked on PS for a long time but never have been able to use a some of the is a eye opener!

Perfecto! This is awesome tutorial !

awesome tutorial..flip cloning is just new to me !!!!!

this is fantastic

What I learned? I learned that my jaw hitting the floor is painful, but I can always clone brush the bruises away LOL

Thank u thank u thank u. Ur amazing, a great teacher and now my best friend. ;)

i don't have color adaptation in my fill menu

works like magic!!

now i knew this trick bro

Great content my man Jesus, I really learned a lot. Love the way you edit the video too, it's very easy to see which action are you executing.

Dude this is the best video on removing things from photo because you explain the technology (Photoshop looks at Pixels and guesses what is behind the removed image).  I looked at 14 videos and yours is by far the best.  THHANK YOU for sharing your talents.

ohhh i really know in montage photography graphics Photoshop ... but I don't have computer hahahah any video i watch but ...


Nice Video, Really helpful

Excellent tutorial. Good speaking voice. Clear instructions. I needed this today!! Thanks.

My only comment is select one issure and spend the full amount of time. Smaller bites.

Liked that so much

Thanks for this tutorial. I am using the current Photoshop CC and I am not aware of the content aware technique that Photoshop now has. Thanks anyways.. Hopefully you can also have video about Brush tools, its uses and techniques..thank a lot! more powers.

Muy preparado y poco natural. No hace falta ver tu cara todo el rato, es molesto. No puedes competir contra Andrei Oprinca claro, pero felicidades igualmente.

I was expecting the clothes to be removed...

You are one of the CLEAREST instructors on Youtube. Alot of people doing tuts are really bad at it. Keep it up.

Amazing. I am so used to not using the menu bar with all the short cuts. I have reglected the power of PS. Thanks, bro.

I wonder if we can remove the clothes, u know..

Great tutorial, well done.

Thank you very very much for that great tutorial! You are an amazing teacher! See you soon!

Great amount of information and a really cleanly presented tutorial. We are going to take time to practice these techniques. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

*Cat in the hat* "Anyythiinngggg???.""

amazing , mind belowing . i want to learn hair cutting & bayground change & mnupilation.

It's really helpful. Now i understand how layer mask works

ϲɑղ վօմ ԵҽӀӀ Եհҽ ѵҽɾՏíօղ օƒ ԵհíՏ ɑժօҍҽ ԹհօԵօՏհօԹ

Excellent methods for any photo that you are unable to retake.

Yay! Remembered most of this video to remove 3 extra people in a 3-person group shot (though didn't remember how to mirror clone source till I watched this again). I like the idea of removing subject, fixing, then putting subject back in. Very smart method!

Wow amazing!!!

wow this is very helpful ... Thank you very much

this is fuckin amazine

Which version Photoshop is it reply me

There's no color adaptation on cs6 :(

WITCHCRAFT!!!!! You just got rid of that chick like Kim Jung Un removes a family member

Love watching your videos. So clear and so easy to understand and follow. Thanks so much.

This ia awesome thanks for sharing

This is awesome, thanks

what is a mac

This tutorial is GREAT!! thank you!!

How to downloade this softwear "PS" Please tell me Sir

great video always wanted to learn this


im a total beginner ty for your information !ty mr jesus xxx

I've learned a lot of crucial stuff in a short time. Thanks a lot!

I didn't know Jesus is this good at Photoshop!

think about it, Russians did similar stuff in cold war and for the younger of the audience there where no "good" PC's and especially no Photoshop

Thank you very much :)

You're welcome, Roni!


this amazing, thank you for teaching us! I really appreciate what you are doing.

You're welcome, Samsunk!


Wow, this is the best Photoshop-tutorial I've ever seen! Very nice explained, and in a correct tempo, nothing gets unexplained. Very well done, sir!

Excellent knowledge. Even better teacher. Thank you

In this video, you can see how to restore from an old photo in Photoshop.

Next step would be adding her reflection in the appropriate window.

super good teaching. learned so much

Nice job. I like to see how others work. To those who get upset and don't follow, learn the basics. You need to learn the basics before doing anything in ANYTHING!!

you made it look so easy and now it is !

Thank you, Ogre Corsair!

Awsome bro

Thank you, wOlves hOug!

Awesome, thanks so much for your help, I'll watch it a few more times to nail it.

You're welcome, Cicero!

amazing brother

Woah that was pretty amazing.

im gonna be getting photoshop in few days these videos will bw helpful for me

Very helpful, thank you

Thanx a lot. I would not know about existence about CTRL + F5 in my life even I am using Photoshop since V2.0 :) You did several excellent tips for something I needed to be done quickly but precisely :)

Amazing and SIMPLE!!!!

I've lear a lot, Can't thank you enough! for your excellent tutorials Well done Muchas Grazias...

Cutting hair in photoshop. Watch this tutorial:

One of the absolute best videos for showing this tool/skill. You are a great teacher!

This video is amazing but my PS cc is not(because I'm a novice). I have no idea why under my edit tab the "fill" "stroke" "content-aware scale" and other options are greyed out. I searched for answers but found none. I updated to the latest Mac OS and reset default PS settings. PLEASE HELP!

You are AMAZING!!!!

what photoshop do you use?

i dont have the color adaptation thing

is this a adobe photoshop

Mong bn ghe qua kenh va ung ho cheo nhau bn nhe

I like photoshop but I just don't get it. How do you even get to do this where you can see behind someone. There could be something very harmful behind them BUT THANKS :D

Maybe in future say what version of the program cuz some of these tool selections aren't avail in mine PS CS6 like color adaptive for the fill in the first part. Thanks

What a legend

Ok love this guy. Thank you sir for the great video.

excellent way to explain, zoom in at the required time ... thanks, greetings from Mexico.

You did a great job! I'm newbie here!

which photoshop do you use

i think person you said was a photo bomber was actually the one who was meant to be in the picture

I'm going to guess most people who use "photoshop" already know how to do this stuff. Too bad you don't show how to do this with apps like Affinity Photo and Pixelmator that non professionals use.

That's incredible! Thanks. Just made my job so much easier!

I've been using photoshop for over 15 years but I never knew about the fill function's ability to fill with content awareness. This is fantastic!

COOL tips! thanks

the option "fill" is greyed out to me :(

One of the best explained PS tutorials I have seen - thanks a lot. Subscribed.

how did you make the selection active?

tanx for vidou

that was awesome! subscribed. :)

Very good teaching video.

Lot of people have been waiting for this feature - looks well thought out and nicely explained here.

dude wtf the thumbnail is photoshopped

hi grandmaa

Content Aware is not available on Windows user?

Some really good advice here. I didn't realise that you could 'Invert' the Clone Stamp source selection, so that' something else for me to remember.

Your video very helpful thanks

You're welcome, Магнай!

Hi, There Nice tutorial I learned a lot. just wonder in third tutorial why this model doesn't have any shadow while the vehicle has one.

Is there a way to remove an emoji and nothing else

Most helpful

Thank you, Juncus!

This is awesome trick!! Could you please add sample pictures you have used i this tutorial and every video you create?

Thank you, kubawww1!

Thank you, Ahmad!

Thank you, Will!

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Bruh your name is Jesus

The BEST video on the subject I have watched so far. The example used are practical and sufficiently complex. I will be watching it over and over again to master all the techniques used here. Thank you very much.

Great and simple to understand tutorial. Thanks!

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Thanks man it so helpful for me


You're welcome, BBS Studio!

I used windows for this tutorial.

You're welcome, sam!

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What app is this :(

How are there people who dislike such a wonderfully presented and FREE tutorial? He didn't have to share his knowledge, I'm guessing its probably the other channels that click bate you and then talk a lot about how good the technique is and then send you to their website to buy the tutorial! THANKS A MILL Jésus!

You're welcome! Thanks for the comment Orville!

can i do this using cs 5??

Forgot the reflection just letting you know

excellent, thanks a lot

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You are a true teacher..

Thank you, Halcyon!

This was the easiest to follow and best tutorial I have seen on Youtube. Thank you for this!

You're welcome, Do It with J. Wade!

Not the content-aware part.

Thank you so much ! You give me a hobby

WOW! Excellent!

Your instructions make it very simplistic! Thank you so much!

Nice video, thank you.

this was a perfect tutorial! thanks!

Thank you so much, my image manipulation ability with PS has well and truely gone up a level.

great video! thank you so much!

very nice work.. thnx

thanks for the helping video demo

Mr. Ramirez, your Photo Shop tutorial it's very good, I have learned something new today. thanks for posting it!

The first method doesn’t work for me on Mac. It only removes part of the person and the background is mixed up. Please help

Photoshop Training Channel I tried the other method, but I have the same problem.

Try this advanced technique with Layer Masks

I am amazed and educated! - thanks


Great videos - really enjoying your content, thanks for posting. I do a few videos myself and wondered what you used to display your keystrokes on screen with a nice Windows / Mac Icon. Would love to know if you can help me. Best wishes.

Photoshop Tutorials On How To Create Professional Looking Photos And Images. Turn Your Photos Into Magazine Covers By Learning The Secrets Of Color Grading And Photo Manipulation!

I love your tutorials!! Thank you! Subscribed of course

Thank you man , it's amazing ...

It helped me alot!

mind blown


Brilliant! Thanks

Wow. I love this. I’m a new subbie. I really appreciate you explaining in detail. I guess I might buy PS and try it again. I tried about five years ago and it was too hard for me to understand

Thank you, Irene! I hope you stick around this time!

This is easily the best and most thorough Photoshop tutorial I have yet seen, and I've watched ALL of Deke's Techniques etc. Keep up the amazing work, sir!

No offense to Deke!!! (He’s earned enough of my money through and other ways...!) But this tutorial is phenomenal; it’s so well made and approachable... I look forward to seeing more of your work!!

Thank you, Reuben! Deke is a friend and I really like all his work!

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Russell, you're welcome!

What is this version ? Ps8/ps9....


did not work=(

Sessions College?

impressive !! i've learnt a lot. Thank you sir .

Thank you, Nata!

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Ive been using photoshop for over 20 years, I have to say wow you really know how to get training across in the most simplistic minimal time. Very nice tutorials!

that clone stamp hack though!

thank you!!!!

Never seen before a such complete and professional photoshop tutorial on a such critical topic. Thank you very much, I subscribed

Thank you, Sergio!

Where to find the sample picture.......

fantastic , thank you

CC 2018

Sir g kindly you can tell me the name of the software which you are using in the video

You are a genius!! I never even knew some of these tools existed. Thank you!

There is something so simple that I would love to see. I am wanting to turn my art into note cards. When I can the image and add it to a white background to print, the "whites" don't match and I would like to learn how to blend these backgrounds so when they print, it looks nice. Please, please, do a tutorial on this. I'm on Day 3 of plowing through the internet and nobody has a tutorial on this.

its really a good tutorial

Thank you, Kevin!

You deserve my soul thank uu

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good a BOSS...........


Great materials. Thanks :)

i learned flip clone that was good tip thanks

Good work - I having to do this all the time for signage proposals & it takes ages!

Thanks for this! Always learning something new and you made it easy. Nice!

done great job man learn lots of things

i use photoshop cs2 dont have content aware

It's not available on CS2 unfortunately.

You have a super fast workflow,, it would take me alot longer doing the same clonestamp manipulation edits :-) Waauw well done

Thank you, Hélio! It's just practice!

Wow it's very amazing !!

Thank you, Adnan!

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Thank you, Rick! Yeah, it can take a lot of time!

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what do you mean?

Thanks, Alan! The overlays are PNGs Made in Photoshop and overlaid in Camtasia which is what I use to screen capture, and edit.

You're welcome, Jari!

Thank you, Sebastián!

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Photoshop Training Channel that is awesome dude

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Nossa Muito bem explicado! Thenks✌

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This is great stuff and very helpful. Thank you.

You're welcome, Jack!

Hey man, i dont know of it is even possible. But i hope you can help me with a tutorial. I want to remove a person that is in front of someone else. How can i remove the person and reveal the person behind it and make it look real? For an example:

I love your tutorials! Simple amazing.

Thank you, Samiksha!

huh, photoshop improved quite a bit since the last time I used it (which is kinda obvious, that has to be a decade or more now). I remember when you had to go to gimp for the content aware fill (and everything else to do with liquid scaling) because the paper was just out and PS couldn't do it.. And now PS does a better job at it than gimp

why example 1 i tried not works? that thing i want to remove fullfilled with blue color

Which version of Photoshop used in this tutorial?? Actually im just beginner of Photoshop. So everything is new for me. These channel tutorials are really helpful. Awesome channel. Please let me know the Photoshop version sothat I can download and start editing soon. :)

I'm on CC 2018 for this tutorial.

Great job thanks :)

You're welcome, Motasem Aleissawy!

are you jesus?


You teach so good! God bless you! Thank you so much!

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it is photoshop...

dont advertize on someone else's video

*Plot twist* You can still see the car’s reflection in the windows.

Wow, I totally underestimated the clone stamp. I've used the healing brushes almost exclusively. Guess I learned something valuable today!

Is it the free version or I have to purchase license key???

You sound like an instructor from Session School of Design in Tempe, AZ. Same last name and voice intonations.

i dont have photoshop bút hey good video

This is mindblowing! Great Job!

Thank you, ADERIN!

Should be a competitor

Brooooo this is magic wtf lol



rectangular marquito xDDD

Amazing, simple and easy to understand. Good job !

i always wonder what the content aware does, thanks for the tutorial :D it was great



Thank You so much! All the information was very useful for Me!

Good tutorial, even though most of the tricks have worked for the last 20 years or so, you explain things really well and I learned a few new things.

Simply brilliant and flawless in your explanation. I have just subscribed!

Thank you, Sandeep!

Does this Content Aware work with CS6 Photoshop?

amazing video

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NYC best

TL;DR Photoshop is a magic eraser


Great Tutorial, going to try a couple times right now.

Nice Sir

photoshop tutorial 2018 =

Awesome Video thanks to explain this much deeply thumbs Up

so helpful and clear, thank you!!

good work

very nice tutirial ..thank you sir

Amazing !

What software is this?

thanks man its so help for me.

sorry but i cant see the Color adaptaion on my Photoshop :(

Very Informative, Good Job

Why is not working on Paint ? But I like your tutorials.

And what if you had to reconstruct the CAR?

What _version_ does PS need to be to do this good of a job?

Jesús, which Photoshop product would you recommend? I am just looking to primarily remove people from places I visited while on vacation. Thanks

the best way to remove that photobomber is to crop. Lol

hi Jesus… greeting from Himalaya.. pls let know what version of PS you are using in the video … i have Mac book.. thanks

I am using a Windows and psd CS4. There's no Content-Aware in Fill settings. How can I do this, sir @Photoshop Training Channel?

But, I have Content-Aware in the drop-down menu of Edit.

very useful indeed Thanks.


This is amazing!! thanks for sharing and simplifying it.


Great tutorial! Perfect work with the Clone Stamp!

It be easier to move the car

for newer verison of photoshop x: date would be 100% appericated

Sorry if too much but it will be great if you can provide the link to the image so we can train with.

This is the best tutorial on this subject I've ever watched. Thank you so much!

really awesome work

Thanks for the tip. You made it easy to understand.

Great video! thanks.

I didn't know about the flip clone stamp either good job!

Quick and easy tutorial....

jfojoajroeajroea he looks like the dog whisperer dude.

can someone give me a link to all these photos???

Anyone else trying to remove a certain someone from a family photo.

What progam do you use ?


Thanks A Lot!

WOW. thanks you!

Hi jesus this is Cristhian wife , your cousin, I wanted to know does photoshop also work for the Samsung notebook? Its because I see you're using an apple laptop and I wanted to know if it works that same?

wow! Thank you.

Thank you, หนูนา พฤกษาสวาท!

like 10000000

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nice iam impress this vidio and satisfied


spr bro..tnx luv u

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this is wow brilliant tutorial

Awosome Hai Baba Geeta Raho Baba Click here Baba>>>

I Loved the FILL option! It's completely Awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

After years of editing in Paint on my shitty pc, i bought myself a powerful one. Im amazed by every tool you show... Damn, this is a new world to me. Thanks man.

Thanks thanks I subscribed your channel I rate you five stars *****

Thank you, Tech By- Harshit!

am not getting the fill option after selecting my object?

You're welcome, Vũ Phiêu!

Thank you so much for great video and tools! It helped me with photo editing!!!!

I cant't find content-aware . How can I select that option ? Please help me.

can you remove the high_heels of the model?

can someone please tell me how to use it in CS4 photoshop T_T There is no Content-aware , i couldn't find it. TIA

Excellent video and presentation! Some techniques were highly complicated for a novice though lol wow!

Thanks! It helped me a lot. I do wonder how can you remove a part of an image on a less symmetrical background? For an example a street filled with people that have different stores that are visibly different and you want to remove the crowd in the picture?

I learned everything to be honest. You showed three ways to remove something with telling what do we have to click and for what is this. I will stay here for a long time. Thank you *.*

Guy, I am just extremely grateful you posted this video recording on shading the heavens. I adopted your entire g uidance and consequently was able to get remarkably around how I wanted. I work ed on it for several hours time so it was very goo d! But once I discovered this extreme problem that I couldn't get r id of. I also attempted reinstalling the programs and then practica lly nothi ng. I ended up searching a completely different version of the programs at youtube com\watch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and it managed to work past the dilemma! Possibly the set up file I received was co rrupted. I don't understa nd how to examine th at? At a ny rate, because of your entire video clip, I am just as a result near getti ng th is revising down, that it'll appear like it is really pouring when ever I am just done! Who needs a college tra ining course for photoshop, when people can see your amazing videos to tr ain these guys, free of cost on youtube! Thanks yet again OP! I'll post my f inal results when I assume I've got the bad weather e diti ng effect down pat! Wei Dang, signing out.

My Photoshop Elements appears differently on my Mac than it does on my desktop. I don't have all of the same tools. No Patch Tool. Is this normal?

hi sir send link of ur photoshop

Sir why I can't click the "Fill" button?

Gracias Jesus!! Super bueno!

good job

Top notch tutorial! The reflections in the glass in the last image was a bit irritating ;P

stock images please

Tnx : )

Udeful for memes! Thanks!

I'm not using Photoshop Elements. This is Photoshop CC, the professional version.

Awesome Tutorial

Amazing! Would you please consider offering an eg .pdf with a list of the actions you took Jesús, as recalling them all in sequence will, I opine be quite a challenge?

Hi fnd plz do a normal pic edit than awesome

Or........just take a second photo once the truck and model have left the scene! Just kidding...great video! :-)

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