How to promote your videos on Instagram? (Genius Talk ft. Jasmine Star)

How to promote your videos on Instagram? (Genius Talk ft. Jasmine Star)

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Mr. grant my feeling is perfectly suited. To be promoting, your video content in a way that it wasn't before slow. Growth is good. Growth in a sustaining, growth if nobody. Is knocking on your door, you should go knock on other people's, doors on Instagram. Hey guys welcome. To another edition, of Annamayya genius stock a talk, show where we interview genius, minds from the world of videos and transfer. Some of the amazing, knowledge to, you today. We have a beautiful, guest in the house and pleased, to present to you speaker, entrepreneur. And social-media, influencer. Jasmine. Star, welcome, to the show Jasmine you're happy to have you here today. Alright. So, let me just explain how this is going to work today we, have three amazing sections, and through, these sections we're going to find out one of the most important. Answers from, for the question from the video creators community how. Do we promote. Video. Content on Instagram, today all, right. Let's. Get started the, first section is what we call the, genius journey, alright. So. Tell, us Jasmine. How, you transform. From a full scholarship law student, into, a professional, photographer and then, into, a social-media influencer. Well I wouldn't, classify. Myself, as a social influencer, marketing. Social. Media influencers. Depended. To write their income, from being paid for endorsements. I've never done an endorsement, on my Instagram. And what, instead I decided to do is offer value, to our, followers but, that's, getting a little bit ahead of myself I dropped, out of law school when, I got unfortunate. News that my mom became very ill but, I knew that I wasn't happy there to begin with and my. Husband, at the time asked, you, can do something with your life and be happy what would you do and I said I want to be a photographer and, he said but you know the camera, I said I know but if I owned the camera I think I can actually do this and against, all odds he bought me the camera and, I started a business and I. Didn't have any money I didn't have any resources and, they didn't have any education I literally, googled every. Question I had and I taught myself photography. And in the process of teaching myself retardancy, I leveraged, free resources, back, in 2007. I started a blog and, then all of a sudden in 2009, Twitter, came around in. 2010-2011, Facebook, came around, every time a new social platform, came onto the scene I made. Sure that I was one of the very first people to use it for, my business other. Photographers. Started seeing whatever doing and they say can you teach us what you're doing and I said yes and then other business, owners said can you teach us how to use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and, I said yes yes yes yes I will be there I will show up and so some, people could proceed that as being an influencer, and we're going to be influencing, it's just going to be about organic influencing, knowledge, and valid. Wow. That's, a totally. Unique way of influencing. People. Social. Media marketers, the, major problems, that we are facing today is. Consistency. All, right so, you, have created a service that, tackles, this problem, exactly, so. Tell us the thought process, and the idea behind, social curator. Well. Social, curator was developed, because I, was, creating, content, for entrepreneurs. And I was sharing my strategies, you know sharing education, and the. Thing I noticed is that people still. Weren't able to show up on Instagram, every day or they still weren't showing up on Facebook every day and I kept on asking this question, why why.

Is Business owners, are people not showing up and talking about their, business, and the three main pressure points was number one I don't have anything to post like I don't have a photo I don't have a video I don't know what to say like I don't know to write on these photos and number three I don't, know if what I'm doing is actually working I feel like I'm wasting my time and. So I created social curator and it's a monthly social media subscription, so on the first of every month you, get 30, stock, photos, you get 30 caption, templates and you get a monthly marketing, action plan this is literally, a turnkey. Solutions, for, entrepreneurs. To wake up and start social, conversations. Now you, are still going to talk about your business you're still going to talk with a thing that you're selling but you're also gonna be introducing, social. Aspects, of what you do how do you spend your weekend what do you do for the holidays, where, do you want to travel these are all intended, to start conversations. Online to build up the engagement so that when you do want to sell something people, know like. So, it's like a shift in the way that we're approaching social, media but it's highly effective, Wow. No like, and trust the three key factors of any social, conversation. All, right, the, next question that I have for you today is you have managed to build one of the most influential, profiles. And a personal brand on Instagram, today all. Right so, what is the thought process and the vision you have for this brand and what do you wish to achieve with, your personal brand, I, want. My personal brand to always reflect, in possibilities. Becoming. Possibilities. For, people who have others, in their lives who say that's crazy how, could you do that that'll, never work I always. Hope that my brand is a mirror, into their greatest, hopes and dreams and make them believe that they, can pursue the thing they want that they could build the business of their dreams and they can create a life that they love. Amazing. That's really, inspirational, all, right, Jasmine, we've come to the end of section one the next section is what I call picking, the genius brain I'm, gonna throw some questions at you I'm gonna find maximum value and I'm going to pass on that value to my audience all right. Perfect. First question that I have for you is Instagram. Is one of the most visual. Platforms. That are available today. So one of the questions that we as video creators have is how, do we promote our video, content on Instagram, now Instagram. I feel like is perfectly, suited, to be promoting, your video content, in a way that it wasn't before, so, as everybody, knows you're, only allowed, to upload a one-minute video to, Instagram, which kind of was frustrating, for a lot of video creators because how do you tell a complete story in, less than a minute and so. What was what. Was working or what people released rags or was to post a video and then use the swipe up feature for hacks and stories, or perhaps putting in an exit late but, that was always a little bit clunky, it wasn't, streamlined, it wasn't easy and so, as a video. Producer myself, I wasn't sharing my videos, on Instagram, because, getting people, to change from one plot, to another was, like a waste of time and space so, I continued, creating, videos and putting them on Facebook and then putting them on YouTube but, now we can totally promote, videos on Instagram in three different ways and this is the way that I do it I will, upload, a video, anywhere, from one minute to 10 minutes on to my IG, TV, and then, what I'll do is I'll create a 60-second.

Version Of, that, video and put it on my feed and say if you want to see more go to IG, TV which, is seamless. Because people are now staying within the, app and they don't have to leave I don't even need an exit link it's right there within the app and then the third and most effective, way is that I will create three, to four, 15-second. Video, stories. And I, can link from, my stories, to IG. TV so now as they're watching stories, they just have to swipe up and they're taken directly, to that video on IG. TV so to me, it is seamless its strategic, and highly, effective. Alright, three very important, factors that all video, creators, should definitely, take advantage of, right now so. When, you mentioned IG TV this question just popped up in my mind but, the rise of platforms, such as IG TV and Facebook watch video. Seems to be taking center stage in the content world today so. How do you think business, owners and entrepreneurs can, take advantage, of videos, to, promote their business today. Well. The beauty about this is that Mark, Zuckerberg is, like the visionary, behind really. Changing, how video is presented and because. He's leading so hard and double downing on video content, that within, the algorithm. Videos. Are ranked, higher than, photos, and ranked, higher than just caption. Updates, now, live videos, are ranked even higher than, produced, videos so, knowing, what we know now we. Have the opportunity. To really, become strategic, in the videos that we're creating, so before, I pay. A videographer, to come create a produced, video, I, will. Go on let's. Say Instagram live all on Facebook live. I start a conversation, around a, few topics and then I get to see who's, interested in what topics, and after, that point I will create a completely, live, video, that's dedicated, to one topic and if, people are still interested. Aha. Now I will then go and create a produced, video because the time the energy, and the money that it takes to create a produced video I just don't have money to throw around I'm gonna spend money I want to use strategically, and then, once, I have a live video and a produced video around, one topic, I can run ads to, both of those videos and see which one performs, better, so, for me it's really becoming about strategy, and understanding, what do people want to hear of my business how, can i leverage and how can i also build my newsletter list as a result, of creating these videos all. Right, so newsletter, is something that all video creators should definitely. Focus on right, absolutely. Only, because when, it comes to social media our followers, are only seeing what the algorithm, is showing when, we build our newsletter, list not only do we have one platform say Facebook or Instagram or, a social platform that they may or not and CFO's we, also now have opportunity, to email them, video, updates, let them know what we're doing so now I have two opportunities to connect, with my customer in two different ways all. Right that's a really. Interesting point, the, next question that I have for you is a very important. Question three. Biggest, mistakes that business. Owners and entrepreneurs are, doing on Instagram today. Mistake. Number one is, that they're looking at Instagram, as a marketing, vehicle, when, Instagram. Is really, a conversation starter. Like, I don't, think if you if you go back if everybody want to take a second, and look. At their Instagram, and if in the last ten, posts, eight. Nine. Or ten of those posts are all marketing. About. What you sell, but, how yours item is on sale how, your item isn't a new color if it's all promotional, people. Are thinking I'm just watching, a commercial how, do I even engage, what. We should be doing is creating content, that our people want to see that is educational. Entertaining. Inspiring. Aspirational. We want to make them know like and trust us, before, they would ever buy from us so if you're only creating, video content that says buy what I'm selling buy what I'm selling buy, what I'm selling it so why would people continue to watch commercial, it's when you create content around conversations.

And Then every. So often pop, in a commercial, then, people get ok I'm ready to buy because I know who, you are in addition. To what you sell. That's. An amazing, strategy all. Right the next question that I have for you is more along the lines of a personal choice for. Your video content which. Platform, would you prefer IG, TV versus, YouTube. Okay. That's easy like, it's IG TV but, the good news is that it's not a decision, I have to make I, now. Have, the ability to create one video. That, I. Independently. Upload, to, YouTube I, independently. Uploaded, to Facebook, and I, independently. Upload to IG, TV the, universe, is this amazing, thing that I do not have to choose between the platform, we should be so thankful that I GT because people are the thing I hear a lot much NORs is that they'll put polls in there of Instagram, stories whose on IG TV and like 85%, of people are like I'm not there and I'm like yes, but when Instagram, stories, came around nobody. Was there either and when YouTube, first came, around nobody. Was there either it's a matter of transition. And the thing that I've noticed is that now that I started uploading videos to IG TV I like, on average it's not a lot I'm not getting a lot of views but, I will get anywhere around 5,000. To 6,000, views on an IG, TV video now, I am. Getting that independently. I'm not losing 6,000. Views on facebook or 6,000, views on YouTube even though those are those channels have been built specifically, for video it seek in addition, so, now I have a third arm getting, 6,000. More views per video than I did, out it so I will say yes please and thank you I will continue creating, content uploading, on all those social platforms, on different. Days so different people can see them wow. That's, a different, take as compared, to any other influencer. That I've been speaking to recently. But. Here's one thing - if you, started with YouTube then you get the game like, you understand. And for me I noticed. That my videos, now and there was a time when I was creating just photography, related videos and those did externally, well and then since I started changing to social media strategy, those videos are don't do very well however. Those, videos are I'm noticing, doing better in the long run because when people are using YouTube as a search, mechanism, and not a social, mechanism, my videos are still coming up so videos in perpetuity will, always, do better on YouTube period.

The End however. For. A quick pop for, quick brand-building, Instagram, and Facebook for, longevity YouTube. Perfect. I think that sums up the platform's, perfectly. Alright the next interesting question, that I have for you is Instagram. Stories, how, can businesses, use Instagram, stories to, build their business. Instagram. Stories is a beautiful. Thing and it's an intimidating, thing because, it's like 15, seconds, what do you do how does it work and I look, at Instagram, stories, as a strategy. For brand, awareness am. I using Instagram, stories to do a pull on pitch, and sales, like no it's 15, seconds, it's behind the scenes look at what you're selling and what you do and it's always just to keep in mind now any action. That people take within Instagram, it will work favorably, so that they can see your content, on their feet for example, if, I have a poll or, if I have a slider, or if I ask a question and somebody damns me that, interaction. Will indicate to the Instagram algorithm. That those people want to see more for me because we're engaging on stories so the next time they open their app there, is a higher likelihood, of them seeing one of my posts, why, because, they took an action, within, Instagram. Stories that then relate, it back to them seeing my, stuff on their feet when they open me out so. At the end of the day just like any other social, feature engagement. Is the key right. Perfect. So with that we've come to the end of section two the, next section is called inside, the genius mind this, is going to be a rapid-fire, section, I'm going to throw some questions at you you're, gonna give me answers, quickly, without, much of thought all right I'm. Nervous okay let's do it if you are starting out on Instagram. Today how. Will you go about finding your, niche and your right, audience. Well. I would have to answer this one of two ways if. I'm, using Instagram, for my business and I know what, I want to do with my business the, number one I need to start conversations. I need to create I need to give the engagement, I want, to get so, I'm going to hashtags and I'm, going to hashtags better not industry specific but where I think my dream customer, is and I'm going and I'm leaving comments that are more than four words because the algorithm, weighs comments, differently a one-word. Comment, like cute or, so fun doesn't, matter as much as, a thoughtful. Comment like I'm really enjoying this content, more, than four words and also in the algorithm, it ways forward comments, more than it does a string of emojis so, as I'm creating conversations.

I'm Speaking, to new. New. Instagram, followers, prospective, followers in a way that I want them to talk back to me, now, if, I that's, if I already have a business and know how I want to use Instagram but there's a lot of people who are watching the pitch think I just love video content, but I don't know what it was a cell that's okay if you're, in that area and you're trying to figure out what your niche can be I would recommend, create, content, that you find inspiring, that, you can have fun and you can experiment with because, then you're going to draw and attract people who want to see, more from you and know more about you and then you can find a product to sell to them all you have to do first and foremost is do I sell something I need to create conversations, do I not sell anything I need to create content that I really, so that I can ultimately attract prospective customers. All. Right two, very different yet, very important, perspectives. The, next question is three, simple hacks that youtubers, can use to, promote their YouTube channel on Instagram. Number. One build, out your IG TV. Number. Two you. Can always use the swipe up feature if you have more than 10,000. Followers and if you don't have 10,000, followers but, you, do, have your own dedicated website, that would lead to point number 3 and that's to create a lot of vanity, URLs, so in case you don't have to swipe a feature I I, actually, have. Chosen volitionally, not to have a business account so I do not have this type of feature so, I do get creative with my URLs, you will finally Jasmine, Starcom forward, slash makeover. Jasmine start at comm forward slash plan Jasmine's started come forward slash challenge, so that when people can easily remember, the URL they can go to there they, can go to their like Safari or Chrome and, easily check that it wow. Typable, URLs, is definitely, an amazing hack, alright. You, seem to be emphasizing, a lot. On having the perfect bio, in Instagram, sake. Of our audience, today can, you tell us why, you think that this is one of the most important, features of Instagram, I think. That if. We're talking about people who want to monetize, a platform, and build a business or have a revenue, stream it's gonna be really important, to use your bio as a business, card so, that if I randomly stumble, across your profile, I need, to know what you do I need, to know what you sell and I need to know why I should follow you so find really, important pieces to a bio I need, to know your description, what do you do I need to know who, it's for is it for moms, dads. Entrepreneurs. Young, women then, I need to know the benefits why, should I follow you do I follow you for recipes, do I follow you for tips do I follow you for tutorials, do I follow you for inspiration. Number, four you need to have a, way, for people to contact you like. Email, phone number text message and then lastly, you need to use your exit, link with strategy. It can go to build your newsletter, you can go to your demo reel it can go to your website but, you have, to make sure that when somebody goes there they have the opportunity, to contact you and go deeper with your business, amazing. Strategies, I think, all of us should definitely, start utilizing it, right away all, right the next question I have for you is how, do you think business, owners can leverage direct. Messages, on Instagram, to build their business I know this is one of your favorite, topics so, tell us in detail okay, so when it comes to direct messages. We. Have, to start conversations, so a lot of times we were like hey I don't know how to get my business off the ground or I have, a great business I love my product but nobody's, knocking on my door if nobody. Is knocking on your door, you should go knock on other people's, doors on Instagram, and that exists, on Direct, Message but, do not have.

A Copy, and paste cheesy, message, like hey I'm a photographer hire. Me no. Not at all the direct messages, at least, for a while so you should follow a few people say something nice like oh what a great I love how you're going on vacation where. I like tacos to or whatever the case may be and then, you could reach out to the music hey and then I want you to personalize, the message by, looking at their internet help I really, hope that your dog is feeling, better or that you enjoyed your cup of coffee this morning, I'm a photographer. I noticed. That you, have it posted any new headshots I'd be more than willing to collaborate so personalize. Each direct, messages, to build, and cultivate prospective, customers, build trust and then it will transition into growing your business on social media that's. Again a very important. Technique that we can leverage all. Right the next question that I have for you is what, is one piece of advice, that you would like to give to all aspiring, content, creators for starting out now, one. Piece of advice is to, put, blinders on, and I, want you to focus just on, what, your cream I don't, want you to focus on the numbers, I don't want you to focus on the metrics, I don't want you to focus on the followers, I want, you to know and trust deep, within your soul that number one the thing that you're creating is to fulfill and satis a desire, on the inside, and then, number two to understand, that there is at least one. Or two or, ten other people who, are gonna find value, in the videos that you are creating, you, do not need to have viral, videos day after day after day I hope you do I totally, want you do but, in the case that you're not creating viral videos day after day then you have to understand, that what today starts with with one person and then, ten people, and ten, people and ten people and then one day gets up to 20 people and 25, this, is natural and beautiful, growth slow. Growth is good. Growth it is sustaining, growth and when, you know that you can build content, that you find inspiring, that, a small other group find inspiring and they're ready to invest in you that you know deep down that you, are enough, that, what you're creating will, empower you to live a life that you love that is fully satisfying. We're not caring about being popular we're, caring about running a profitable business that is wildly, compelling, that's. Definitely. A piece of advice that all content, creators, should, take, all, right Jasmine we've almost come to the end of the session I have, one last activity, that, I'd like to do with you all right so. Whenever. You come up with some amazing caption.

We All love, to click on it and love to follow your content, so, I would like to see in action how you come, up with your captions, and titles, all right so, you. Were sharing this, conversation. On your, channel, what, is the title and the caption you'd be giving to our conversation, today. How. To unhak. Your Instagram, happy, method why. Doesn't start doesn't believe it there's hacking message on Instagram, wow, that's. Definitely a title, I'd love to use on my, channels too I hope you don't mind me stealing your title. All. Right. Jasmine thank you so much for spending your time with us and teaching, so many valuable, lessons about Instagram. I hope you enjoyed the session as much, as we enjoyed talking to you I did. Very much thank you for being so prepared so articulate, and maximizing, our time together I appreciate, it thank. You so much jasmine nice, if you really enjoyed the show go, ahead and click on the like button and if you want to see more of anime Cugini stock go ahead and click on the subscribe and the, bell icon and if you want to see your favorite influencers. Featured, on this show go, ahead and comment below we, make sure to get them for the next episode until then, take, care and stay safe, this is Aravind signing. Off from team animator.

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