how to promote your business on social media? social media marketing must know tips

how to promote your business on social media? social media marketing must know tips

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Social. Media has created a new style of communication, and there are now billions, of conversations, happening, online, people. Are discussing trending, news various. Articles they're, sharing photos of their life and even, engaging with brands, and it, all feels, relatively, natural to the consumer, all of. These conversations present. Exciting, opportunities, for marketers, we. Can join in on a conversation, to drive brand awareness or, create. Our own conversations. And empower our customers, to do the marketing for us social. Media marketing is all about creating, interactive moments, with our customers, to achieve, a goal that we've defined. Oftentimes. That goal is driving. Traffic to our website or. Growing. Our brand awareness online. But. Unlike other forms of marketing social, media taps into the idea of using, your customer, as a marketing, vessel, the. Content, that you share will hopefully then be liked, retweeted. Shared again blogged, about and so on this. Viral, effect is what makes social media marketing, so, effective. A, simple. Like on a post could potentially, expose that content, to hundreds, of customers that, you normally wouldn't have access to. Because. Social media is so personal, when friend share content it comes with another layer of credibility. Done. Right social media has the potential, to transform your business but, it does require a good strategy, some, creativity, and a little bit of luck now. Your social media might, feature the major networks, or it, could be as simple as a blog a customer, forum or a small. Niche bookmarking, site, regardless. Of which network you, leverage, it is, important. To understand, the role social, media marketing, plays in growing, your brand's, awareness online. You. Social. Media marketing has, the ability, to bring a new kind of exposure to your business by. Leveraging social, media networks such as Facebook, and Twitter you'll find opportunities to capture new customers as, well as re-engage. Existing, ones there's. Also more value, in social media than just brand recognition, and website traffic let's. Explore, some of the other value ads within social media first. Of all social, media marketing. Creates opportunity, to hear directly from your customers. Oftentimes. They'll share things with your social channels or, ask, questions that might help you identify how. To serve them better but. Beyond their direct interaction. You'll get a sense of what's important, to your audience by looking at what they share and how. Frequently, with. An active, audience you can ask for feedback or test, ideas before creating larger, marketing, initiatives, secondly. You'll establish credibility, today's. Savvy consumers, are spending more time researching brands, and products before, spending money with. An active social media presence, you'll allow your customers to indirectly. Advocate. For you, if they're. Leaving a positive comment, sharing, a review or interacting. With your content it'll boost your overall credibility. Thirdly. You'll, develop a community, a community is an important, tool for driving, awareness of your, brand as. Customers. Become, advocates, they'll. Run, to social media to shower you with praise it's, this community, that will ignite your word-of-mouth marketing and, help you reach untapped. Territory. Friends. Look to friends for recommendations, and social media allows you to activate those opportunities, and expose your brand to a new audience now. These are just a few examples on, the value, of social media take. The time to look at your own objectives. What. Would be the biggest value. For you each. Value can have a different, motivation you, might want to build a community simply, to retain your existing customer, base whereas. Another, business might build a community for the sole purpose of getting content, to go viral, decide. Your, main goal for leveraging. Social media marketing. While, Facebook and Twitter share certain similarities, in that they're both social, networks where, you can post and consume, information they're. Actually, two very, different, platforms. In. A nutshell Twitter, tends, to be a public, real-time. Feed of short thoughts, whereas. Facebook is a more private network, used to catalog information and ideas with friends and family Twitter, is perfect. For short rapid, communication and, it tends to be a top choice for consumers looking, to get support or provide, a shout out to brands, twitter. Also, has impressive, mobile, saturation, with, around 80%. Of twitter users checking, their feeds multiple. Times throughout, the day from. A mobile device.

Facebook. Boasts a high percentage, of users who have graduated from college so. You'll find a strong middle class represented. And if. Your brand appeals to those ages, between 24, and 50 there's, an opportunity on Facebook for you. Younger. Users are shifting, away from Facebook, and joining the reins of Instagram, or snapchat as. For, the gender ratio it's fairly well split between male and female users. You. Can be on both networks, simultaneously, but, understanding. These fundamental, differences, will. Help you determine the right strategy, em only. Think about strategy, consider, that Twitter, content, has, a short life span almost. 90%. Of all engagement on a tweet happens, within the first hour, that. Number might shift if you get a retweet by a large brand or person, but. Remember. That it does have a really, short life span with. Facebook, updates, they. Can live on for several days, Facebook. Delivers, content when it thinks it's most relevant to particular user. Think. Of Facebook as an ongoing conversation, and, Twitter as a real-time. Instantaneous. One as you. Explore when, and how frequently to post content you'll, find that both networks have different, optimal, posting, times, these. Times are going to be dependent, on your audience your. Geographic, location and, the. Category, of business you, operate, within if. You are just starting out I recommend exploring. Both networks. Twitter. Is a great place for handling, customer, service and providing, short updates as they, relate to your business, Facebook. Is an excellent, place to share in-depth, content and to. Create conversations, around particular topics. Looking. At the differences, between both, Facebook, and Twitter is there. One that really sticks out for your business. Remember. Starting, out it doesn't, hurt to try both but, there might be one, that fits a little bit better into, your social media marketing strategy. You. To, be successful on Twitter you'll need to identify your, core marketing, objective, at. A high level you'll want to understand, what it is that you're wishing to accomplish, but, understanding, your objective, you'll be able to quickly identify whether. Or not your efforts, are successful for, some.

Brands Twitter might simply be a customer, support hub this, is a place to respond to customers, and engage, with the community, your. Goals might be measured, on the qualitative, scale this, means you'll have to determine if the quality, of your engagements, with your customers, using, this example are worth. Your brands effort on Twitter for. Other brands, the focus might be to establish brand. Recognition. So, they'll spend their time and energy, building, authority in their niche, the. Success metrics will be a blend of qualitative, and quantitative. So. They look at the amount of reach their tweets are getting and the volume of followers in order to see if the objective is being met the. Types of responses, and mentions, the brand receives will also, help determine how, valuable, the overall, effort is and, the. Last major focus, for a brand might, be the actual sales or traffic. Component. So. That means that you'll include links to the website promotional, opportunities, for your products and product, announcements. And this. Objective. Is easy, to track so it's highly quantitative. And will. Be measured directly through, the revenue that you generate. You. Certainly, can have multiple, objectives, but the key is to identify your primary. One and then, build your strategy around that, one focus, if, sales. Is the goal you'll need to attract followers build. High quality tweets. That gain traction and include. Relevant calls to action to encourage the sale, you'll. Also need, to provide customer, service with, all that being said and, at. The same time generate brand recognition, in the process, so, you can see how they all work together. Take. A few minutes now to write, out your marketing, objective, for Twitter and decide. If you'll be measuring the results by quality, quantity. Or a true. Mix. As a, business, you'll be balancing, tweets that maintain, your community, and tweets that are promotional. In nature just as, you have a marketing, objective, for your Twitter account in general I encourage, you to also have an objective for each tweet, you, create, think. Through what. Is the goal a goal might, be to drive traffic to your website to. Encourage signups, for an event or to earn retweets, to expand the reach of your brand. To. Begin crafting a great tweet is to first identify this, goal next. You'll need to decide what the call-to-action is. And that, is going to be what's necessary, for the person to do in order to achieve your first goal that, might be including a link to the website or event, along, with copy that motivates, the click-through, or. It might even be asking for a retweet and providing, an incentive or, inspirational. Reason to do so. Once. You know what your call-to-action is. You can work to weave it into a message that a follower, will engage with people. Are more likely to share and respond to tweets that inspire, or entertain, them or. Tweets that solve a problem, or even. Answer a difficult, question also. Including, a photo or video will, add to the variety of your message. Regardless. Of your goal try to keep the tweet conversational. Work, towards a communication, style that is genuine, and approachable, if the. Marketing, objective, feels natural and unforced it'll, gain better traction, with a community. Let's. Review what. Makes, people share content, especially on, Twitter people. Like to share something, that, is, funny, either. Helpful. It, might be newsworthy and, they, also love, to share inspiring, information. So. These are the key, topics. That you're going to want to focus on take. Those into account when, you craft a tweet and then, you can look at the goal of the tweet with, the intended, action, and think about the proper, language that you need to surround it with that. Surrounding, language, or the inclusion, of a video or image is what's, going to cause your followers, to interact. With it but. Keep in mind a well-crafted, tweet, is only as good as a time--as still livered so. Pay attention to timely delivery to take advantage, of key trends, existing. Conversations, or the, times your followers are most likely to be checking their feats take.

A Few extra minutes now to think through a couple, tweets that you want to send out what. Is your goal for each, individual. Tweet, understand. This and you'll gain valuable, insight, into what, works for your customers. Conveying. Your message and, 280. Characters, or less can only get you so far to. Add extra value in context, to your tweets consider, embedding photos or videos. The. Social landscape has, really, shifted, text. Updates for once a norm now, rich media, is prevalent, when. You're scrolling through a timeline of posts, images really jump, out and add so, much more to the text at hand plus, images take up a lot more space so, you gain all of that valuable attention, from the user, when. You select the photo or video it's important, to consider the relevancy, of what you're posting you. Want the media to draw attention to the post not, detract, from it the. Audience on Twitter isn't, looking for these lofty, overloaded, images but, instead just tidbits that they can consume in an instant. Twitter. Makes it very straightforward, to share images what's. Great is all, these, images, will not count against, your Twitter character, limit and. You're also able, to add additional photos. You, would do that using, the same process, so, you would select, the, photo, icon at the left and add, additional photos, it'll, create a gallery of sort, within your tweet also. I want to call your attention to the. Ability, to tag people in your tweets, so. If you're tweeting an image of someone else on Twitter you can add their, handle, and then they'll receive a notification that, lets them know that they've been tagged in your image you'll. Notice this circle. Icon at the bottom. Right is going, to show me how many characters, I have remaining. Now. Once that's completed, you're going to select, tweet, so, a user is gonna see the text and then the image below it then, they can click on the image itself to get a pop-out view and, this makes image even, bigger plus, it includes information that, we've posted, right, here below the image itself, now. One thing to note is that these. Images, and tweets are going, to look different, on mobile. Devices so I highly, recommend that you take the time to review your images, both, as they appear on desktop, and as, they appear on mobile devices because, you may have to make some tweaks. Are a great way to add, additional interest. To your tweets and it's, here that you get an animated. Gif library. So you don't have to worry about creating them they're all already created, you, can simply search for the one you want to use in the library you, are also, able to upload your own animated, one if you like so. Here you can simply browse by selecting, into any of the categories or. You can type in a keyword to search for a specific gift that matches, what, you're looking to present a lot. Of times you'll notice that, new, brands. And companies, are applying to customers, are using animated, gifts as a way to interact. Gifts. Are a great way to engage your audience lighten. Things up and make things fun now. The last thing I want to show you is adding videos first. You're going to need to host your video on a major site such as YouTube or Vimeo, and. Once, you've done that you'll grab the share link that is specific, to that exact video then, from the compose tweet window you can simply paste the link you'll. Notice that nothing appears in the preview window but, when I choose tweet what. Happens is Twitter, is going to convert this into a what's called a rich card which, shows a description the, title of the video where, the video is hosted and shows, a play icon so the user can interact with the video right, here on the timeline so here, you can see the importance. Of adding. Rich, media, to, your Twitter content, it's, going to grab the attention of the, reader it's. Going to create. Additional, engagement. And it's, just going to help you use a real estate that Twitter provides, a little, more effectively. You. The, first step in creating high quality content, for Facebook is deciding. On your goal. Put. Another way what action. Do you want your, reader to take after. They consume, your content. What. Will compel, them to take action and, what, supporting, information can you provide to help combat, any, doubts, that they have, take. A minute to answer these questions because, doing so will help you put together a framework for building that high quality content. High. Quality content really, requires, connecting, with your audience with the right message at, the right time and as. You go about developing that, content consider, that more than a third of Facebook users are viewing. Your content on their mobile device, this.

Means That, the amount of content displayed on the screen before truncates. Is going, to be less, there's. Just less screen real estate so, that means you're going to want to find that sweet spot in, the. Amount of characters you use. With. That said aiming. For 250. Characters or less, is a great. Principle. To, test, test. It out and see how it works for your business but, it's a great starting point it is. By no means a rule and your audience might enjoy long-form. Content or. Even, extremely. Short status updates but, it is a great place to start, also. Consider, using eye catching, images, with any Content that you post you. Can even experiment, with using links or videos as both are something. That Facebook supports, when. You're just getting started it's really a good idea to try all kinds of different posts to see which ones get the most attention from, your audience, visual. Posts tend to look better and also get a lot more likes shares and comments than, other kinds of posts, and that is the case for most brands you. Can also try posts, such as offers or even, creating an event for a special occasion, use. A level of responsiveness, on each particular piece of content to gauge how, well it, does this. Way you can compare how well a photo does, for, your audience, versus say a strictly, text, post and then, experiment, try throwing in an info graph fake a quote maybe, a behind-the-scenes, photo, change. It up from time to time and see how your audience responds. On Facebook. Posts, that contain a video, or image are king, and the, rapid success of platforms, such as Instagram, and Pinterest which, are very image, heavy only. Help reinforce that idea, people. Love looking at photos and engaging with videos. They're. A great way to drive additional, attention to your posts, let's. Take a look at how you can get photos or videos included. And those, Facebook, posts, on your Facebook page the, first option, is to simply upload, a photo or video we can also create a photo album a photo carousel, a slideshow, as well as a canvas and a canvas allows you to tell immersive, stories by combining, images and videos but, we'll start with the basics so, I'm gonna select upload. Photos, and videos, then, I'm gonna locate, the files that, I want to download selecting. That Facebook. Is going to upload it and it shows me a thumbnail in the bottom left-hand corner here we have the option to do some tagging, so here, I'm able to either, take a product as, well. As I can edit the photo if. I select edit it's, here in this new pop-up screen that, I can add a filter again. I can tag any products, that appear, in the image itself, I have, the ability to crop, the image I can, add text and then I can even add some stickers so, these are some additional, ways that you can kind of jazz up any images. That you're including in a post but. Oftentimes. Simple. Is best. So, you don't need to get too fancy with the photos that you upload, now, if you want to add video, it's, gonna be a little, bit easier so the. First thing that you're going to do is again select, the photo and video and then you're going to select the video file, that you may have saved, on your computer a simpler, way in a way that I definitely recommend is to, already have your video, saved. To either YouTube. Or Vimeo, next. Thing I recommend doing is actually, removing, this link because it's already gonna be included, in the image and then, I can type in my, text, once. That's completed I'm going to scroll down and select publish so, we can see how the looks now, you can also share links to articles the. Same way and when you do that you'll have the option to edit the image that is applied to the post as well Facebook, really gives you great control, over how you can embed a photo and customize. That media, with. Those links it really gives you the option to apply that visual interest but still give people the chance to click through the link instead, of just enlarging, a photo experiment. With rich media in your posts, because a single photo can go a long way in increasing, the engagement, of your content. You.

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