How to predict forex news direction beforehand with integral market direction

How to predict forex news direction beforehand with integral market direction

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I'm. Here I'm here I'm here. Less, that we're. Gonna be starting with. The. Integral, my cat direction. Okay. So. This PDF will be protected, I'm not gonna go through it I. Will. Only teach myself I'm, not gonna go through this PDF, okay. This. PDF will be protected, I'm not gonna go through it I will. Just be teaching. You guys simple. Things okay ah. What. Are we gonna be using with the integral, market, direction, what. Are we gonna be using we're, gonna be using. We're. Gonna be using Okay. And for. Experience. For. X pattern and candlesticks, analysis. You all know those Forex, patterns and candlestick, analysis, you. All know those. You. All know those they. Are from the modifications. Of venom strategy. Okay. On. You're, gonna be using the focus than the previous, and the. Graph analysis. So. Let's quickly do, the job let me quickly teach. Okay. I, will, be teaching the integral, market direction, I don't want to waste your time and your. Data. So. We, the integral market direction you, can determine the direction, of the new Sorrell is at least days before, they news okay, so. Let's say that we have retail, sales mom. Why. Are we going to be checking we're going to be checking the focus than the previous, okay if the focus is greater than the previous you expect to buy if, the focus is lesser than the previously, expected Islam, okay so. Let's. Test that on virtual, sales mom the focus, was lesser than the previous there. Was a sell remember. This don't work on interest, rate, on. Service. PMI, of GBP the. Previous, was greater than the forecast, there. Was ourself. ADP non-farm employment. Change. The. Focus was greater than the previous we, saw a Buy and then, on. Non-farm. Payrolls, okay. We. Have slightly, no, change so we, cannot check that on our. Employment. Change of CAD the, focus was greater than the previous because 18.9. K is greater than minus 24i. K, okay, in 4.2 K so we saw a bi on, Ivey. PMI everything. Was equal, so. Let's now go to. The. Graph okay, now. We are, on the graph remember now the, focus on the previous that's, that, that one you easily understand, it so. It goes hand-in-hand, with the graph and then, it also goes hand-in-hand, with what. I, call. It. Also go hand-in-hand. With, what we, call the. The. Forex. Graph analysis, okay so let's just start, with the graph, analysis, on, this graph analysis, of investing, that come we have. What. You call two. Paths okay, we. Have the positive path and the negative, part okay, the positive, part is. Divided. By the zero. Line from, the negative path okay, check, the numbers here on the graph we have 0 50 100 okay zero minus. 50 minus 100, okay so. What are we going to be doing. We're. Going to be using, this patterns, we're going to be using W pattern. Em pattern. The. One two three four, reversal. Pattern the, one two three reversal, pattern and. The. Highest. Positive. The. Highest positive pattern. And the.

Lowest Put a positive pattern. Okay. So, let's start remember. The zero divides. Positives. And negatives. Okay. That's why I'm calling this integral, my K direction, because. We're gonna be using numbers, we're, gonna be using graphs. Okay. So. Let's teach from. The Canada implement, change we're gonna start with the highest point okay. Before, I start let me just quickly brief you on this. We. Have points, here if you can check from. This point. And, to this point. It. Represents. A. Particular. Movement, of. A. Single, a. Particular. Movement, of a single, event. From. 1.2, another, dot. Okay. Connected. By a, line. They. Represent. A, particular. Movement, of a particular, news release a single userlist, winner, from here to here. It represent. From here to from this dot to. This dot it. Represent, a particular. Movement, of a single news release okay so, let's start. Let's. Say that. We. Are on that point and then, we don't know what's going to happen to the next on their next event. And then. We see that the focus is greater than the previous so, what do we expect on, this graph, we're. Gonna be expecting. That the maquette. Dispute, reversed. Because, remember if it's not interest rates. Their. Nurseries, are not supposed, to be constant. We're. Not supposed to see a constant, move we'll, on this graph because the news release has reached each mic its, highest point so, it has to reverse. Okay. Meaning. That we are quite sure that this graph should go down. Okay. But. Then. We. Are not sure if this. Graph will go down and pass. The zero line up to the negative, path or this, graph will go down and still. Be. On the, positive paths. So. How will we determine. That this graph will go down but, then it will fall under the positive, path me. In that the news release on the market will also be a buy, remember. If this graph moves from here to here is, still, a buy but. Then the buy reduced, its a its, volatility, is gonna be load this time it's going to be a small bite. Okay. So, what are the possibilities. Of. This, graph could be a buy on the next event, but then the graph will still 10.

And On. The graph you'll see that it went down. This. Is like. A teriyaki. Integral. Mega direction you know that this. Graph, will. Go down but. Then the, graph on the chart. On the, empty for I knew these are newbies. Confused. To the right now newbies, are confused, but then what. I love about this graph is that. If it's. Okay, yesterday on. Yesterday. With. The the. Investing, I mean the investing that come I predicted. By, on, the, news of kid. But. Then something, happened. Because. K. JPY. What. Reached, its. Highest. Point. For. The day on, the graph on their for X graph so. That's where you get confused because that's, why I even, said we should scalp, by on a usd/cad. Because I thought, that the news we're gonna remember, when you fade you, you're gonna you're gonna have this much thing you didn't just say then you should really be a pie and then they kill you know you have you will have, a smut fee when, you have this in, check. Well Megan direction you know that oh that's why I filled usd/cad. Yesterday, only when done because. NFP. Also went down and then I thought that. At least, Ken, employment, change will go. Up first reject and go down but then it went down first to reject and go up if it went up first on kcpy to reject, on usd/cad, it was gonna go down first and then reject but. Then had luck guys. That's. But that, was happy. On. The. Market okay you, got a grip so. If. We. Have the highest point here. We. Know that the market should reverse. When, I'm checking about the market I'll talk about this graph it should reverse. First. Day hey, but then. Well. It sure if it's going to fall, on the positive, path or fall. On the negative, path, Wow so. What are we gonna do we're, gonna check the focus. The, previous, if the focus and the previous east of if the focus is greater than the previous we, know oh we, got you Mike at Mecca is going to be a bye. But. Then what. A big bye but it's going to be a bite. Because. This this, graph should reverse so it's going to be a bye. Okay. Again. We. Have two confirmations now, we, have this graph it says at, his high highest, point, right. We, have the focus which is greater than the previous. We, know that okay. We're. Gonna have what we're gonna have. We're. Gonna have a, bye. Because. The, graph reached its maximum point, meaning that it will go down and fall it'll, go to unfold, but then it will still fall above. Zero, meaning that on the forex market. Who's here by we, all understand, that okay I hope, you all understand, that. Okay. Okay. Let's continue now. Let's. Continue now. Since. We see that we saw that we, see that this one Monday we see this one Monday we analyze this one Monday we say okay.

Tik Can implement change is going to be a Bible ticket. Then. What are we going to do we're going to wait for, Friday. Check. The market to. Who's, our perfect, pair where. We were going to be see, information. Remember if we. Are analyzed if he analyzed he and then we analyzing, a bye on Monday. It, means that on the graph we're gonna look at cat gpy if we are looking for your bike, because. If this graph buys it buys 1k dpi and cells, on the other purse where Katie's, on the right so, if we are looking for we are going to be looking for a cell you will check euro CAD and look. For it W but then let me not confuse, you we are going to be. Using. A CAD, JPY and then look for is a buy. Because we're, saying that this, is going to be a buying. So. We check that's what when. We go to our are modifications. Of venom strategy and check oh we, are on our modifications, of money strategy what, are we looking for we got to check K, GOP why we're gonna. Be, looking for a more aggressive move, up or rejections. And then conclude that this is a sir either by I. Mean. To say since. We are uncatchable and then we're looking for by we're gonna check modifications. Of venom we're going to check if the market is going down is going down a gressive flea tick. Are. We seeing any W if he's there tick I will see any rejections, if they are there tick okay meaning that we're, gonna have a bye on this event I. Hope. You're all here. We. First confirm me that the graph, if the graph shows us that it will still fall but then it will fall under day zero. Which. That, that's our first confirmation, our, second confirmation is that the focus, greater than the previous yes, it is like that our third confirm, confirmation. Is, the. Graph doing what we want from the modifications, of venom are we seeing an M are we seeing a W of me to say yes are we seeing a girl, moved on yes are we sing. Any, rejection downwards, yes confirmed, by. Okay. That's. How to spot. This movement, indeed the movement. Went. Down. From here. To here which. Was a bite in the 7.7. K by okay. Now, let's say that the maquette hand there we know. The, make it hang today. It's. Hanging there. Okay. Since, it's hanging there once. That the next move was then the. Next move is that since. It's near zero it, can, still, go down to be safe why, am I saying that because we have one two three. This, alibi. Okay. We. Anticipate. That the maggot maker will format one two three. Pattern. The one two three pattern is this pattern okay, one.

It's, Here are to, the repeated, for, this one, to, drip. Drip, pattern yes. One, two the, represent through this one, to. The, repeated previous, one two three patent diverse one to three percent we want you to represent verse 1 2 3 ok. 1 where. Is the other one okay we, have no other one here. Okay. So, we. Anticipating, that the magnetical, will also. Do. The one to therapy tenderness, meaning. That this, graph will still, go. Down we'll, have another one going down. Okay. So. Yeah he formed one two three. Okay. So he, went, to zero. So. How are we gonna. How. Are we going to anticipate. That, this. Graph will still fall we're. Still going to do the same we check the the focus. Than the previous is the focus lesser than the previous est, are we seeing any upward movement on kcpy, est. Okay. And then. On this one he, got. He. Gave us, what. We like he went down one, two three or four remember if he goes down. One, two three four know that he will rise up with, a beak. With. A big line okay. On this. One there, was one two three four and. One. Two three one, two three four and one single rise, okay. So, now. How do did, we. To paint this by from, here to here. We. Anticipated. A bite because that, because. We, had focus. Being greater than. Previous, which. Was 18.9. Cater, than -. Bean 4.2. K ad, 1 point 1 k ok, and then. Unluckily. The maquette maker ejected okay, he. Rejected, on the graph so, this, was just to cheat you the. The, integral, market direction. Okay. Now, let's go look for another. Patterns. Remember. It's one two three rise, or one, two three four right, or one two three four, or one two three four four or if, he tied. His lowest level it was here we. Know that you're gonna rise. You're. Gonna rise big and, then, he, went, to. The. Negative, side, it. Became negative. 15. Points okay so. I also have to explain to you this if you see that the graph. Moved, above, a. Zero. But then you see 15, point 4 K, with. Red it, means that the maquette maker rejected. Okay. It means that he went down rejected. And came, up okay. That's. What you got a no I hope, this is. Michigan is helpful I hope that you understand, if you don't understand it means that you'll have to, wait. For other videos, maybe. I will make another video. So. Let's go. Two resources. Mum. Again. We, have this patterns. We. Have zero positive. Negative. Okay. Checking. This what are you seeing here, one two three. Professor. This. One we killed it hard we killed it hard because I remember. I gave you guys this signal and then we need it because it was so easy I didn't, even. One. Two three rise, one. One. Two three and, then four, okay. How. Did I anticipate.

With, This fall movement because it was easy he. Went up the returns, focus. Was lesser than previous, the, my cat was also confirming, that was. So, then. I said that okay I'm gonna be doing this I'm, gonna taking yourself I'm gonna be taking yourself. Okay. Again. Here on. This one you can easily see these things. One, two three four one two three four okay one two three four word but. We expect a buy big, bike. One. Two three four do you expect a big sell because he went down to trust one. Two three steel, it's, easy. You, gotta be checking you gotta check this you gotta check this and check. It even more fair that you will understand, it. Okay. Good, to another. ATP. On. ATP. It was easy. We, have 0 1 minus, 1. The. Graph was still on the. OS. Though on, the positive side so. One. Two we had one two. Then. Once the next move we still anticipated. By because he cannot reverse with two since, the focus was greater than the previous and then, the market was also, clear. Then, you expect another. Third job, okay. Again. Now we're going to be teaching you guys the information. This is. Rise. Up. Until, here when. Down-down, came. Back for EM you. Know that is going to be an information and. Then. For, you to determine. And whether he was still he, will fall to the zero line he. Will fall up until a. Negative. Side or. He will just fall. And. Be. On the positive side you know what to do we have to check the, focus and the previous, ok, I, hope. This was indeed. This was still a bye if, you see that it's a negative. But, then it's above the zero know that the maquette maker injected he went. Down, in came. Back up. Okay. Because, check this negative, yeah it has checked, this it's red but. Then it has no negative. If but check this it's a rate I mean it hurt it has a negative meaning that he, went down. You.

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