How to PLAY Sega Saturn Games on LOW END PCs!

How to PLAY Sega Saturn Games on LOW END PCs!

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Good. Day guys austere, day and in this what's the day we'll, get in stuck straight back into a little bit of Sega Saturn, now you guys watch my video the other day and you kind of loved it you had a lot of feedback and many, of you wanted to play Sega, Saturn on your pcs well, there's lots of options available to you and we're going to talk about them all in, this video today I'm, also going to take you through setting this up exactly. As I did the other day except, this time on a PC. So you know exactly how to work this emulator, and though, all the information, about all the other emulators, see you ready to rumble however if you just steer to watch your tutorial, I'll put links straight, to it in the description down below and, you're. Good to go over. Than that let's. Get, stuck, in. So. You wanna, play Sega Saturn on your PC, well it's, a good day indeed because, like we talked about we're, gonna get it up and running today on our pcs now, there are various different emulators that you can use to emulate Sega Saturn and I'll talk about more about that kind of stuff at the end of the video and while I'm showing you this. One because. This, is for, me a very good option nowadays. Especially for, the lower powered, computers, the. Other options, are very highly powered, in other words you need a very, good PC in, order to run this very old system, or, they're. Not very compatible and again I'll talk about that more at the end but for now I want to get you set up with your, bow see the, one that I covered the other day on the video now on that video I was covering more single board computers, I was talking more low-end, devices such. As Android, phones arm, devices, you, can play it on there of anything, that's, the great thing about you bow see I did, give a link in that video but it was guiding to the website which you may have thought may have misled you but it's not it is actually the website that I wanted to go to and, I'll explain that now okay, this is the official website for, you bow see now, this, isn't what I linked but is the official, one if it was to Google your bow so this is where you would go now, in here as you can see the right-hand side the last update was 2016. It's a very dated, version of this is the original nobody's. Bothered with it in some time which is a shame to be honest because, it did make a very promising start it's, just that the other M dates is overtaking it and this one kind of fell off the radar now, the great thing is that this is open. Source or. Anybody, can contribute anybody. Can add anybody, can do anything they want to get this up and running and, help. The scene out it's, also unlike. The other emulators, available, on different platforms like, we talked about single board computers, Odroid. Possibly. The Raspberry Pi in the future who knows also. Available on Mac Windows Dreamcast, Linux, is pretty much anything that you can throw at it it's a very compatible, emulator. That can be played on very, different devices but as we talked about last update was 2016. She's useless to us because, it's gone a lot further since, then now, in the description down below like, the one I did link in the video is this the, ouu. Bow sit is a fork from the original, now, this, is an awesome one and if it was great download on the Play Store this is the one that you would get also. It's the one that was forked over to, the old Droid the one that lets you show it in that video and yes. You can play it on Windows, he stays here at the top which is kinda misleading the. Fact that this project is focused on the Android, version of you bow see which it is theoretically, but. There are also Forks, for the Windows version if, you also the Downloads tablet attack here and you, scroll down these, are all the Google. Play stuff, as. You can see bit the Windows version this. Version is, called Yabba, sanshiro, which, is the, forked version, for windows that's the one that was forked over to. The one that was on the old road which is awesome, break, news and. Everything. That was featured in that video will be more or less identical for. The kind of gameplay. That you would get using this emulator if not better because you're using the extra grunt from your pc rather than a single board computer, so, if you want to get it up and running using, this emulator, that is the one to choose from now, the great thing is that because it is pc, there are other options, available, to us even more than this so.

This Is the official one and i would go for this if I was you but there is also another choice which is almost identical but, it's breaking through even, faster, this one released, on the fifth of the fifth 2018. But in the, description down below I'll also guide you to this place here which is the github for, F cares, about, C now, I believe this is called cronuts, and, basically. He's forked, away from the Debbie Meyer build, in, other words the sanshiro, and also. It's, fought from the original, yellow suit so he's taking all the best bits you put it all together and he said this is the one spin on it now there's not much that can be done from the official. Github, because unless, you know what you do when you build github actual. Files but. Someone, on the internet has, been as always and they've actually built, it so, again I'll put links in description down below, this website, here which is mu Tata, a good little forum, as well by the way guys and he's. A French guy I believe it translated this page and. Basically. Is put all the information that you need to know there's no official site for anything, like that all those I can find on that interwebs. Is this official build, from them now. I believe somewhere else here. He's, given. Advice as to what is actually done in this version which differs from the others so he's, added more support for Windows added, support for STB games these, are the arcade, variations. Of the Sega Saturn games, some. Of the games be used as a kind of engine to run so they come from problematic. Which means that with the zippered support from this emulator you probably get more compatibility. Also. Is included, extra, resolutions. Extra. Upscaling filters. All that kind of stuff except the fantastic. You've, got a Chronos. Interpreter, which you've rebuilt less CPU usage. Awesome, he's fixed some graphical problems and there's more options for you video which is great. So what we're do is actually installed, this one today so, again in description down below guides to the section of this website all you need to do is click on it, this. Is almost identical to the ouu, policy as well by the way guys so, if you have no luck with this go, to the other or vice versa it's, all Don's a personal taste I like the added features, of the graphical, options on this one that's the only reason why I'm showing you this one today as it's a little bit different so, what I want to do is, instead. Compress file once it's downloaded I, want to extract these files into a folder so, I'm gonna make one now it's. Called it. Can't. Spell it. Chronos. Demo. Just. So I know which one it is I'm filled up my desktop so it's easy to use to show you guys I would, hope, that you put this somewhere on your PC which is welfare, certificate, then, also needs to do is highlight. All the actual, files and folders drag, it over to the folds that I've just made let. It run free and do its bits and bobs now. I can get, compressed, file don't need that anymore and open. Up what we've just to uncompressed or, extracted. Whatever it is you want to call that now. In here is all the different files and folders we don't need to bother about any apart from this one Chronos and it's even got the official about, C icon, now. The, good thing about Chronos, is that it actually has a, emulated. Bios, within there you can also use, an official BIOS and, you can dump the meself and get it from websites, as even. Home-brewed. Versions, now, when I've tried, Region, three biases. I have had problems Alvin says 20% with, this emulator but. I would say that official, one seems from perfect for me and of course the emulated, one I've actually not had any issues, with it so, for, this purpose today and we'll show you the emulated, by ops that will get their compatibility with, official ones but that's, up to you to go down that route I'll show you now anyway, so easy to lose get it to run is double click it go. On to file to set up our options go, into settings and. Here's. All the options we've got available to us first, one in there is BIOS if you've got your own BIOS they normally come in BIM, format, all's needs to do is click, on these three dots and find. The location of wherever it is your BIOS is once. It's fill and click open, and we'll put location, there if, you haven't got a BIOS or you want to use the internal.

BIOS Land that comes with it all you need to do is tick that box that. Is it next. Thing then I would, tick. This basically, the, Saturn, that, clock on it which basically knew. What time it was to save the games all that kind of stuff I would click on synchronize, with knows exactly, what time it is from your system, I would, also click on all to start so when you load a game Altima, since it started running and the, rest of our stuff you don't need we need to. Obviously, the number of threads of the bottom here depends, on what kind of PC you'll run in my. Spectrum description down below I've got 12 cores which isn't. Needed, at all for this emulator but. It's in there anyway. Next. Video, and. Nothing. To mess around with here once we get in game we will start messing around with some of these settings, so it's the give, enhancements, to us but, for now leave everything to stock while we just test is the felt stop. Sound, leave, everything as it is carp. Memory, on cartridge. Do. Down the drop-down box called. 2d. RAM 32. B, round now. The, Sega Saturn itself, it had various characters that you could plug into the console some, of them gave extra. Backup. For your save games and stuff there was extra memory feessave games there, was an action replay that could go in there to the cheats, and stuff not very useful for emulation, but you can still do it we. Don't really need the extra, save. Games because it does, it on its own anyway in the emulator so. The, most useful one for us is 32d, run this ad, added. Power, or current to some games that could be emulated, through, the Sega sign not all but its best choice to choose it so those games are are usually. You've still got it enabled, there was one game I believe it was one the King of Fighters that needed, the 16 rom and I. Don't. Even think you need it on this but for. Me I would, choose this one so you're good to go obviously, if you loading, King of Fighters they won't work choose, the other one it's, not rocket science then. Going to input this video pads and you, can choose different versions. Of the controllers that were available for the Saturn for this one I'm going to choose the pad and just quickly set. This up. Obviously. My controller, is slightly different, so just fiddle, through and do whatever button, layout works for you guys. Click. On close and then that is the pod setup obviously. If you've got more than one player can do all those but for me I am, good to go, next. And bandits. Region. Go on to wall or detect no need to mess around with that these. Are for the sound and the CPU. Interpretation. View. Yep. No need to mess around and, these are the shortcuts if you want to basically. Use. Shortcuts. Click. On ok next, thing then click, file, and, we. Want to load a game to test it out so I've got a few, games here which we're gonna test and first.

Up Let's do a bit of Panzer Dragoon, so. All you need to do is this, if it's mounted to a drive or if you've got the disc, in a drive, and load it straight from there this, one if you want to load it from an actual file or I self so, to, come this find, out where my game to us means, desktop. Six games, and. Like I said with a new Panzer Dragoon and you want the queue file because, I've already, got VLC, automatically. Picks up but this is a PLC, file it's, not your icons, may differ but. Bin and queue are normally, their form on that you get the Sega Saturn sometimes, you've got CCD. And sometimes you got c HD as, far as i'm a word but all compatible with this emulator just choose one and if it doesn't work choose each other file that comes with it so click, on that and now because we clicked I will start it should hopefully. Start. Playing the game once, it's configured, itself to our system. Come. On oh we, have to click start. So. Now it should click the game, there. We go so as you can see we're, now playing, Panzer. Dragoon saga, which, is absolutely awesome now. What we need to do is get, the screen bigger so I can see what's going on you can full screen this but I need to have my options available to us then. Because. I've done my controller we can skip through all this. And. Then I'm gonna click on continue, I. Have. Got a save game in here thank God and, now, as you can see we are in game and. My. Controllers, working, we, are pretty much good to go. Amazing. Now. Because. We are playing this for the first time none of our settings I've been messed around with like we talked about just a second ago because we left everything as default, but, because we're playing this through our PC we've now got the added power that, we can add to it so, we can start to enhance things so first off, emulation. File. Settings, what, we want to do is video now, what we want to do is. Do, these sighs we'll. Bring that up to two times resolution. And, we. Will do, the, triangles. Using perspective, correction I would keep to that if you, get in warp textures, on your game try. Moving these around normally. The. Perspective.

Correction, Works, and everything but, if it is using, an iterable, I would go to either this or GPU, GPUs. Gotta be the fastest, that was really the most accurate, that one hopefully should fix everything. Upscale. Filter, I would, go 4eva. Bilinear, by Kubrick depending on what's working for you I'm, gonna go forward by Kubrick and, then. You've got the. Filters. That you can do for the upscaling, so this is more for your textures, so, of things such as right, in. Actual. 2d. Assets, on the screen even if it's wrapped around the polygon or something this, is what will give that, kind of feature these. Sometimes, look, a bit paintbrush, effect a bit, rounded. In sometimes, and can be a bit off plane so, be. A bit careful when using these of just this video I'm going to choose four times Biasi, and, I. Don't want to do no TV effect and off. We go so. Now as you can see, it. Looks. A lot better and. You can go through you different, options. You've got within there choose. A different tessellation. Choose, a different upscaling, choose, different resolutions, to. Whatever you. The most but. You can see now as we're going in game with, the upscaling. Around. The writing, you've, now got that kind of paintbrush, or, watercolor. Effect, going on so. If. I was to go into settings again video. And, turn, off this four times Biasi it's an on I will, get the upscaling but, I won't get I would get more pixelated. Rather than rounded, paint brush effect that's going on. So. Wait for the writing to come back you, see how things are more pixelated. Now rather than rounded off around the edges that. Is that because it's not got the four times BRZ on and, again it all down to your personal taste if you want things that look smoother. Rounded. For, me I do like, a better resolution but. I don't want to take away from the actual aesthetics of, the original, game that's just me my personal interpretation of. It that's why we've got these options, available to, us and that's what makes things amazing. About emulation. So. I think we've covered the actual emulator, itself. Now what I want to do is quickly talk, about the reason why I'm showing you this emulator. Rather than the others first, because it sparked interest from you guys looking, at the actual, emulator, being. Played for the single board computer, you wanted to be able to play it on your actual. Systems. And one, of the reasons why is because the other emulators. Such as med, nothing med. Nothing is the best aim later to choose out there for saegusa and emulators, it's, awesome, it is absolutely outstanding, of, what it does is the most compatible is that the best performance, and it's the most accurate emulator, you can choose to Sega's at and emulation, the. Problem with it is that is, very system, intensive, you need a beastly, CPU, in order to run but nothing especially, the, Sega Saturn and especially, especially, on, very. 3d, intensive, games you will get half speed even on whether. A few months ago I tried it on an i3, coffee lake and it was brand new straight out the box everything, was good it was all set up properly I was getting half the speed. To my proper rig now, yeah I threes, are pretty low-end ish but. You would expect at least a, 90s, cotton. Sole to be able to play to its utmost but. That's not fun against med nothing the biggest thing is accuracy, and to get that kind of accuracy, it needs a lot of granted, in order to replicate, the gameplay, as it was so, I don't blame them it's just that med nothing is the best option but it's not for everybody because that everybody, has got the PC to run it so that's why I was showing you yeah obviously because, everybody. Should be able to run that because you can you never run it on pretty much anything, including. A single, board computer, now, there are other options out there as well we've got SSF and that's. Awesome, but, the thing is SSF, it's, limited. In its compatibility, it's. Not as intensive, as made nothing but, it's not got the. Compatibility. With the games as med. Nothing so you may as well ever go to one extreme or the other and the. Other thing with SS earth is that it was fussy with its file formats, you needed to mount the discs on, a drive in order to run the actual games which is a pain in the ass so, you kind of put yourself off the market now been, noting itself there are other versions, available for, it you can load, it through retro, watch I believe it's called satin beetle, on there and it, is great it's fantastic if, you can get your head around retro arch then you're good to go the thing is that not only was it as intensive.

As The original mid muffin but also in most cases even more because you. Are adding. Extra graphical, features using, retro. Arch and that, puts you strain, of, even, more onto your PC which isn't ideal when, it's already under. Running, these all the games but, it is a valid option for those people, with the PCs who can run it now, if you do want to run spend the load but nothing it's a pain in the ass there's no GUI for it there's no menu it's, hard, to run out the box it means command problems and it needs short cookies but. I have put a video it was out some years back I'll link it in the scripture down below and it will show me exactly how to run, med, nothing -, it's got mulched using the standalone emulator. Even, without the GUI it's not hard to follow it's just a case of saying it all up then, you're good to go from, that day forth now, in that video I said that it was only, us. Games, now the compatibilities. Extended, and they can run game from any region, which is awesome, but, I do need to say that, it is obtained in the ads and is, very system intensive, so, now I think we, have covered near, enough everything, to do with Sega Saturn emulation. I think we're up to speed everyone, is good to go you, know how to run the emily's that i was talking about the other day who cleaned up a few facts and well. Sega, saturn is now running to the maximum, for everybody. Depending, on what kind of system you guys are running, so. As always, guys it's been an absolute, pleasure bringing, this year but. As always guys this is all been possible, thanks to the patreon, supporters, now, police in description down below if you wanna join the club but, it's thanks to them that I'm able to make videos like this and bring this kind of information to, you, guys hopefully, in the future we'll, extend this even more and we'll start going into bigger systems, and we'll start to push annulation, even, more to the maximum, but we've even, been doing up to now but, again I have to give my solid thanks to everybody who supports, me on there well, that's about it guys thank, you very much for joining me please as always like subscribe, do all the magical things they could ever imagine this wonderful world where we. Get to play and they, he's faced, console. On a. 2018. Computer. That, is pushed to the absolute limits, unless you watch my video. But. Most of all most. Of all you, guys have a good day laters.

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Sega Saturn Emulation is SMASHING IT right now! In my last video I shown you what you could do with a cheap single-board computer... but you guys asked could you do this on the PC too... well yes you can and here is how you do it... PLUS, everything else you need to know about sega saturn emulation right now :D What other Games and Emulators would you like next?!?! Lemme know... plus dont forget the NEXT Ultimate gaming build is about to be unleashed to you all too! ALL EMULATORS, ALL GAMES and ONE PC :D

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1:23 please what’s the name of the next 3 games 2 shooter and 1 racing game these are my childhood favorites that I don’t remember.

When i try to open kronos.exe i get Error - "The code execution cannot process because MSVCR120.dll was not found. Reinstalling may fix this problem."

STNKbone Wow man you weren't kidding, it really did work! Thanks bud i appreciate that

John Smith, if you're still getting that error, I figured it out! This video explains what to do: You have to download this 300MB program that installs and updates various integral files, like DirectX and .Net Framework. After it was done Kronos started working!

I also got this error. I tried copying MSVCR120.dll from my system32 folder into the Kronos folder, but then I got the error "This application is unable to start correctly (0x000007b)." I've tried a few methods for fixing this, but none have worked so far. Really sucks.

Where can you get Saturn Isos from nowdays?

Ι am happy with SSF for some years now,I wonder why it never gain any serious fame. Yabause was always unstable

Agreed. In terms of compatibility and performance, SSF is easily the best Saturn emulator.

I'd have to disagree. I prefer SSF to Yabuse. The compatibility may not be as good but the graphics look a lot better and closer to the original console compared to Yabuse. The requirements are pretty low end as well.

FINALLY! Most of your videos were running emulators on full 4K resolution and graphics and all the High End PC stuff. I had been waiting for ages for Low End devices to shine. lol Great video, Austin! :D

I bought Sega Saturn not long ago... great console, love it

Too bad nintendo ruined finding old games on every system

True. EmuParadise and TheIsoZone were the best places to get Saturn games. Now the only Saturn games you can find are the popular North American releases. You won't find any niche or Japan exclusive games very easily.

great stuff

You must have an amazing video card because this emulator runs like ass on my PC. Kronos was being a pain.. stutter and more. SSF runs a lot better for me.

When i go to the settings and i click okay (even if i made literally zero changes) the app crashes? Any idea why?

That intro was freaking epic!!!

Saturn to hard play hd. Because use software render.

Thank bro great explanation you always take your time

You permanently fixed my problem!!!!!! The other versions gave me serious issues!!! Especially the Sanshiro one where it zooms into the corner when put in full screen. Not sure if it is an issue with the 4k monitor but I am so happy to play these games in decent resolution. I really wish there was a 4x or even 8x resolution option for this Kronos emulator.

why you gotta show segata dying like that

The 32 bit consoles belong to the 5th generation of gaming consoles in gaming history and the 3d games in this particular generation does not age well at all. The emulation to play these games should have been achieved a decade earlier instead of now. It's not attractive for people to revisit it at all. In contrast there's more reason to go back to 16 bit gaming instead as sprites and 2d games age better than early 3d ones.

This is some great news, I actually wanted to get into Saturn emulation. But how do I get ahold of some ROMs now that Emuparadise is down?

Not all heroes wear capes, this is simply awesome! Subbed liked and hit that bell!

wut up! it's uoYabause

Kronos keeps crashing everytime I try changing the settings and loading a game. YabaSanshiro 1.8.1 is crashing too.

Same here i keep getting error

hell yeah!

Always enjoyed your videos, but how can the title say low end PC and your testing it on a PC with a 12 code CPU!?!?!

Have you ever tried any mednafen frontend???

Any chance we can will get this for 2d games on the raspberry pi 3 b + i really want to be able to play 2d saturn but mostly Dracula x

notthesameman yes

HAdir buat mensupport kawan ! FUll tanpa skip, silahkan di cek ditunggu !

You are awesome

This emu stil alot work to du . Game pad wont config property. Almost need to config the game pad after booting the game cause if you config the gamepad and launch the game its simply wont recognize the controls . But great advance on this emu . For curious i tested today cause last time ive tested the emu version 0.1.1 4 i think . My favorite games are working on full speed from a cd drive .

works on laptops with 32 bits?

What about running Beetle Saturn on Retroarch?

Austin, is dragón force 1-2 working on this emulator? Love your channel. Greetings from Uruguay.

Funciona pero el emulador no con juegos en otros formatos que no sea .cue o .bin. Al menos a mi no me funciona con Launchbox tampoco de primera.

I am very greatful for your videos and tutorials. Thanks for you time and works.

Where is a linux build?

I use Mednafen + Mednaffe on Arch Linux.

Ubuntu :, most common one out there, so it should work Centos :, great os, never tried gaming on it...

im trying to play this on my laptop cuz i dont have a tower pc. runs windows 7, its like about 9 years old. nothings happening. Welp. atleast i got about 6 real sega saturns all with pseudo saturn carts and such. Ill just keep using the real thing. Emulation has to get even more perfected then where weved ventured onto in recent days. I really need a phobe drive lol that would really be clutch. I hate hitting refresh refresh refresh on my browser

Hey there, Austin. Love your videos, love Sega Saturn. I've been wanting to try DevMiyax's Yaba Sanshiro fork of Yabause on Windows for ages. Unfortunately, all versions of Yabause for Windows have failed to ever render a single frame of video for me. The Yabause window just sits there with the blank black window and then the title bar starts displaying 'Not Responding' whenever I start emulation. Switching the video core to software renderer lets me boot my BIOS and games fine, but the whole point for me is the GPU acceleration, so... Yaba Sanshiro works pretty decently on my Pixel XL, but this Windows version is a complete dud for me. I've used GiriGiri, going back to the early 2000s to play a few Saturn games in HD and SSF to play games (with much nicer audio) at their original resolutions. Sadly, I have yet to find a Saturn emulator for Windows that: - runs games at their original framerate or better - has perfect audio - can render polygonal objects at higher resolutions. I remember back in the mid 2000s when I first started encountering high resolution texture pack projects in the N64 emulation scene and playing with the video plugins for popular N64 emulators and then Satourne started implementing that and I got really excited and interested, but sadly the performance of Satourne utterly paled in comparison to GiriGiri on all of my computers.

Just a note, The action replay for the saturn had other uses, the biggest was the fact it could let you by-pass region locks on discs. You could run a japanese game in a US console so if you import games, you didnt need to run two saturns.

FWIW, there's also Nova - it's not quite as mature as other Saturn emulator options out there, but it's already running great, and the author is a good guy.

Austin pls do this on PS1 emulators as well. Ive been struggling for weeks to run a good PS1 Emulator on my PC which i feel isn't extremely low end. I have a HP Notebook PC 2000 Processor: AMD E-1500 APU Radeon HD Graphics 1.48 GHz Ram: 4gb 3.6 usable And a 64bit OS Windows 8.1 All Im saying is, we need a video that breaks down PS1 emulation for us poor bastards in low end PCs lol So far I had the most luck with pSX, all the other emulators only work for certain games in certain settings.

Activate the frameskip option on the emulator

Luka TO considering people were emulating since like 2000 with PCs and laptops that probably fell bellow mine, I know theres gotta be a way to play these games.

bigsmoke53 yes that is extremely LOW LOW END PC..

It's nice that these forks are each making nice progress, but what Yabause really needs right now is for some of these teams to unify under one new main Yabause branch. Continuing to fork off in a million directions isn't gonna end well after a while.

Thank you!!! I've always wanted to try out Sonic R!

Austin, I'm liking the frequency of your videos lately! Keep up the good work. About Yabause, are they actually asking for Patreon support for an emulator that hasn't been updated in over 2 years?!?

hehe On the original site there is a link :D But better going to the guys forking I think. Thank you for the kind words mate. Loving making the vids, just do them whenver I can :D

i love Austin

hehe love you all too :D

Yes Time to play with my low end PC. Love Your Work! Thanks again Mate

No, thank you good Sir

Hey Austin there's some punks at the arcade (you who right?) that have a great torrent link with ALL the roms for the Saturn, but they are in CCD. And IMG. format. Is there a way to run them in Yabause?

+Simply Austin never mine my settings where wrong they work great.

I hear you can mate, but I have no had one of those for a while to test :(

Everytime I try to run this it keeps saying it; Can't Initialize Yabause And whenever I try to load a ccd image or any rom file image the emulator just freezes??? Any help guys!!

Or instead of wasting retroarch and just install the mednaden core and not waste time with D-tools?

Use SSF instead. To run games on SSF, you'll need DaemonTools Lite or burn your own Saturn discs (you could use the original discs if you want to).

Yep, tried with .cue image for Final Fight Revenge and it was the same thing !!

Have you tried another format? It stats it supports CCD, but I couldnt test it as I dont have any like that for a while

I tried to get mines to work but when I finish config it, it crashes :( Another Amazing video though :D

What r ur specs? U can try yabause but serious most games just don't work on it. Retroarch with mednafen works best but u need a mid range Gpu at least. My friends gtx 580 works well enough

I'll see what I can do but this PC that I have is total shxt itself. -_-

Sonic yabause is total shit. Download retroarch and the mednafen core and it sets everything up for u and just works. Yabause doesn't work with pretty much most games

@Gregorio Guerrero: Dang, yo. Do you have an Intel i3? 'cause I just have an AMD Vision.

Same here bro

Naw not yet Austin bro, I didn't even try 1 game yet. As soon I closed the settings, it just crashed from there, unfortunately.

Oh no mate, that doisnt sound right. You tired another game?

these commercials bring back some memories ;) SO GOOOODDD

Yeah, I miss good ads like that :(

Time to play some Bug Too!

I've seen a screenshot of someone playing PD Saga in 1080p somehow. Any idea how to do that kind of thing? Kronos only has a x2 option.

Awesome games on there :D

Amazing explaining as usual mate . You are the best as always . Continue .

Thank you kind Sir, I hope it helps :D

P.S. we need a Ps2 emulator as well which I forgot to mention earlier

It's great to see some improvements, yeah. I feel the best possible improvement for SS emulation is to be able to be emulated faithfully on android and raspberry devices. That'd be awesome. Regarding to "how to play SS on low-end PCs"... well, I could play VERY decently, with less FPS loss than a some of your footage at the beginning, with SSF (older versions... around 0.08 or so) on some old Core duo (not even Core 2 Duo) laptop, @ 1.7ghz, 2gb ram.

Hi buddy, I downloaded the Kronos 1.30 it all starts up but soon I i change a setting it says “can't initialize yabause” any ideas. Love your work Jon

Hey Austin! Awesome vid as always! Care to share the source of the overlay used? Looks great :)

I tried Sonic R and I get low framerate

when i try and setup controls it won't let me assign anything, it just ticks the button when i click on it instead of clicking and then pressing a button on my controller.

Bizhawk is a good choice. I've ran all Sega Saturn without any issues nor a glitch. It works just great!

When English Autogenerated shows more text then normal English written by Austin : /

Do you think I can get 100% performance on a geforce 210 and an athlon 270?

Bizhawk is the better one. Use that one

What about Emu Hawk / Biz Hawk? I run sega saturn games on that emulator and it seems fine? What is this based from?

None of this works unless you have the ROM or ISO files for the games. Oh yes the most important thing is the bios file from an actual console for the emulator to work. So if you already have the console why would you need an emulator?


Did you watch the video mate?

My Kronos crashes whenever i try to confirm those settings that you walked me trough. Doesn't matter if i change anything or not, in fact.

This can’t run marvel super heroes vs street fighter very strange?

I get a message saying "Can't initalise yabause" and then when I load a rom, it crashes

My Kronos crashes whenever I try to confim my settings and won't save them.

It doesn't work on my PC, it just sends a message saying cant initialize yabause I close the message and tried to run the game anyway and it dosen't start and the window gets freeze just not responding, the only thing left to do is to close it.

Because there are several games that SSF won't run.

When is somebody going to update SSF? now that would be dope.

SSF runs alot smoother and faster it is always guaranteed to push 60FPS.

+John Smith SSF doesnt really need an update,it plays everything as far as I tested until now. What it needs is a more user friendly interface.

Woof. There's an hour of my life I'll never get back. Choppy video playback and missing sound layers, assuming the game even starts. That was with emulated BIOS. Tried a few official ones and couldn't even get the games to boot. Oh wells.

Shortly before these recent developments, I decided to get an old i7 Dell Optiplex specifically for Saturn emulation. I figured that was going to be the only way to enjoy Saturn emulation for a while. I certainly didn't expect any new developments coming shortly after buying the macine. The timing of all this was pretty comical, really. It's a nice problem to have. No big deal though. I got the PC for a decent price and I'd still like to play around with Mednafen for Saturn. Nice to know that there are options now such as the XU4 which I already have. And I'd like to see how Saturn runs on some of my other lower-end PCs. Good to see such progress for a great system which I was lucky to own when it was current.

I like the video enhancements! I tried launching with rocketlauncher. Im having trouble with my fade animations staying up after kronos has launched. This is a new one on me.

i defo will try when home

wait a minute that glass did not break weird

so i got it running but i use sonic r as a test game and i hear STATIC for audio any fixes?

good video pro

Haizum74 you should try the latest epsxe emu version 2.0.5 - works a treat with full game compatibility imho had no issues with it so far

I want to point out that if you have a newer computer and you get the missing MSVCR120.dll error, just go to the Microsoft download page and get the Visual C++ 2012 and 2013 in X86 in combo with the X64, I believe that it runs on win 32 and not 64. Once I did that it started to run.

Is there any option for aspect ratio to 21.9 also I want additional option like allowing more ram for the emulator to use it.

Vasileios thanks you’re the best

Iv been running ssf on a windows 98 pc in my arcade cabinet with a n arcade crt at full speed with hyperspin for the last 5 years and never had a game crash or look wrong or glitch out,have loads of games on it and only found 1 game to not work (rayman) due to some strange control bug .. its still thr best saturn emulator and its the more accurate to the real console and that was 5 years ago Iv been there done that,used to use girigiri and was friends with barnito all those years back ,its just a shame we cant get a conversion of ssf for other cpus I own a few saturn consoles and i am a big fan of saturn,for me ssf is the best one. I did find a few more games that have graphics errors but there is a workaround within the settings 9/10 times making compatibility anout 98% Megaman x3 was another game with a frame glitch that can be fixed in the settings,also fighters megamix has a graphical glitch again can be fixed and a few others and the best thing about ssf is that each game can have its own custom settings ini so you dont need to keep changing the settings as tthe settings can be game dependent. I remember the old days with fabien from satourne emulator and also cassini the girigiri front end from snail and barnitos,those were good days but i followed ssf from its early releases and know how to work its settings well and can assure anyone that its quite a remarkable saturn emulator that not many realise how accurate and compatible it is

I'm having a problem with that kronos i get it to load up with a game so its play able but once i close the program it wont load up again

I dare you to make video about java games (and maybe symbian games too but i dont think its possible) that no one talk about this day even back in 2000s when everyone has Nokia phones.... there are alot of emulator like j2me, midpx, kemulator, sjboy, etc for pc.. and also alot of cool games like POP series, king kong, assasin creed, metal slug, alot of modded games, etc....

Segata would be pretty mad at this.

links? Can't see them

greetings ... can you plz do a video how to play emulator usimg a controller?

would dark saviour work on this? otherwise what would? best regards.

how do you get sound with the Sanshiro build? the kronos one has no sound either :/

How do you add the bezal to it

Was really looking forward to trying this but everytime i click ok to save settings or whatever. can u help me out?

I followed the same instructions that you laid out here, but the games run like half their original speed. And I have a fairly powerful laptop. 12gb of ram, an i7 processor and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 950m graphics card. SSF runs games perfectly fine to me, but somehow this is struggling to run games. Any reasons as to why?

How do you load games on a front end for it? I just took a look at it and had to load it up as a virtual cd in order to play it.

@Simply Austin I'm trying Shining Force 3 at the moment at it runs just fine. However i feel like I'm playing in "turbo" mode. How do I slow it down? Is it because I'm using a high end pc? I tried to install Mednafen (for high end pc), but it doesnt seem to work maybe due to its recent updates?

Can't forget Iron Storm. That game was beast as hell.

how do i get Akumajou Dracula X Gekka no Yasoukyoku to work its japan rom when i load the cue file it plays the track with no music my bios are japan if i load it from the cd rom it freezes at the startup screen

Every time I load a cue file into Kronos, the program crashes.

On my system, it usually chugss just enough for the audio to stutter something awful, except when it's overspeeding instead. Any advice?

On my system, it usually chugs just enough for the audio to stutter something awful, except for the times when it's overspeeding instead. Any advice?

Whenever I open the emulator, it automatically closes, Austin. HELP!

pirate bay doggy...get a vpn like torguard so you don't get a letter from your ISP

Thanks buddy. Very informative and well presented. I'm new to emulation, previously I've used original hardware for everything. I got my computer outputting to a crt pro monitor and i use "run ahead latency reduction" with retroarch. The majority of games/cores work amazingly well. I have had some trouble with Saturn. Mednafin works buttery smooth for all games ive tried. That is until i turn on "run ahead". Must be too taxing on my computer to run multiple instances of Mednafin. After watching this video i am willing to give yabusa another try. I couldn't get it to work previously and gave up. But i think it has a chance of being able to utilize "run ahead".

It ruined my heart when I tried and none of these ran on Win XP.

Thanks for the video I was able to get everything set up! I have two issues though. The games seem to be running slightly faster than they should, and the sound is staticy. Any ideas on how I can address these issues?

Guardian Hereos was a blast!

SSF doesn't even work for me.

Simply Austin, Texas.

Hey Simply Austin, Have you heard of the saturn emulator called SSF????? I'm trying to get it to use the Controller so i can play saturn games ON the emulator WITHOUT having to deal with using the keyboard to play them..... can you look up information on how to play saturn games on the SSF emulator With Controllers?!?!?!?!?

also ssf only run on windows

i downloaded this kronos thiing it opens up but closes by it self in like 2 seconds does this work on windows 10?

I'm actually testing this on a lower end PC (Windows 7) and it cannot initialize. All I wanted to do was run an unreleased game known as "Sonic X-treme"

I tried loading a Sonic jam BIN file and it wouldn't work

I keep getting a missing dll Something to do with c++

At least segata sanshiro is back, in the yakisoba noodle commercials

Could use some basic emu help here. I'm not use which file extension to load. mds/mdf? Bin/cue? Is it possible my emu is set up fine but my games are not good files for the emu? I have kronos, yabause, and mednafen, the only game I got running is Shinobi, not even Nights. It's not running poorly it just fails to launch entirely.

I have been trying to play Albert Odyssey for ages now. I have an AMD 6300 @ 4Gz, 16 GB ram and a Asus 960 GTX. Graphics are always messed up, the sprites are always missing on the backgrounds.. Any advice?

Yes, Yabashanshiro and Kronos is so compatible, that they both constantly close themselves after I finish editing the settings.

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