How to Pick A Trade: Best Practices for New Traders

How to Pick A Trade: Best Practices for New Traders

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Thank. You, welcome. Everybody how's it going, yeah. Who's. Excited. To. Be here. I'm. Pretty excited I love, this I don't know I had a heckler yesterday, but I don't know if he's here I don't know if he's out, on bail or not I hear he has some problems with the law I can heckle back now that I found out who he is we'll post the video if, you follow me on social media I like to post everything I, just go with it I don't mean to make enemies I just somehow do and my big-ass mouth. But, I also want to teach you I've done very well in, the markets I've turned a few thousand into several million I'm actually, flying to Asia tonight, because I'm building schools everywhere I have two new schools opening. We have this, would be school number 48 and 49 with, my charity foundation, and it, all comes from successful. Investing. In trading not. You know long shots looking, for a speck, of gold or oil or some weird. Mineral I can't pronounce in some country that, is, probably just going to give me malaria a lot, of these things. That you're hearing at, this conference and in investment. And not Wall Street in general are just such long shots such. Guessing games you're, just not gonna get rich I don't mean to on people's you, know life, work but I'm sorry, I've just been around for 20 years I've seen so many pipe dreams, even. The best laid plans can fail, so how do you actually choose. The best investments. Here's. My legal disclaimer I'm not a professional, at all I'm just a random guy telling. You what I know I don't even own a suit I hear, you know suits are the new thing to wear but I'm going to a place that's 80, degrees out tomorrow so this, is literally the coldest stuff that I have. With. Thousands, of potential investments, how do you actually narrow it down there's actually millions of investments, but there I think there's thousands, of investments, here in this room alone how do you narrow it down, you know everything sounds so good, the CEOs will only say the most positive stuff the promoters will say the most amazing, stuff in exchange for four hundred thousand, unrestricted. Shares or off-the-book, shares some crafts, like that for. Me I'm never going to be a hundred percent perfect this. Is my profit chart over. The past twenty year, if you look on the right or, if you just look at an online you, follow me on Timothy sites I share all this stuff publicly I'm, right about 70%, of the time so. I'm wrong about 30%. Of the time how did I get rich how do I stay rich how do I get richer, I cut, my losses, very, very important, I am not sticking, around if something's going wrong there's, something even looks to be going wrong I. Talk, fast I trade fast, I think fast I act fast in that way I don't get damaged once upon a time I believed, in some of these pipe. Dreams in these companies and I lost $500,000. Plus it wizened. Me the up I don't want to lose $500,000. Plus any more it, sucked, for several months it created a drinking problem, it, kind of ruined my reputation, but, it was a good lesson and I'm grateful for the big loss because, now I trade, you know I'm scared of when I trade if, you become one of my students, you'll, see that I trade overly, scared and this hurts me from making, such big gains like I used to but I'm also living a rather stress-free, life I think, that you guys should focus. Less on. Company. Stories, and more on price. Action I was, on a panel last night with some very big. Legends, and they're talking about the world ending and doomsday, and gold going to 5,000, and I was like well if gold is gonna go to 5,000 why can't it break mm, you know if you're gonna have these big pie-in-the-sky moves, you're gonna have some uptrends, first but. They're kind of preying on your need, to you, know want, action, your, desire, to be there first, and you, just don't need to be so for, me what I've learned is that the, biggest percentage moves, in the stocks that I trade happen. After, they've, already hit several technical, scans they're up 20 percent they're up 30 percent on the day with good news and the, biggest runners, take several days several weeks several months to spike so you're not gonna miss out on any thousand, percent spike I know okay, we're at a mining conference every now and then you, strike gold you strike something huge and you actually do get that move that you can't follow but, if you try to chase those odds you, will not do well you, will be very stressed you will need a lot of pharmaceutical, and that's why the pharmaceutical, industry is booming, the, best place jump out at you okay so I travel, all over the world not just for charity, not just for fun but, because it, helps, me I'm a degenerate trader, okay, this is actually an intervention this is up that you guys all showed up in my intervention and your.

Degenerate Traders, too and this this isn't helping any of us so, we need to trade less we need to help each other because, the best plays are such, gimmies I have a few, haters online. But. The. Haters actually, one guy in particular said, sites why don't you be a real man and trade Forex, why, don't you trade some you know real stuff rather, than your your little, penny stock guineas and I'm like I'm gonna stick with my little. Penny stock Jimmy's they made me rich Forex. Five out of six forex, traders blow up in the first six months if you look at odds and stats the, odds are stacked against, you you know ninety percent of traders lose 70. Percent of investors can't even beat the S&P 500 which, goes up in a lousy eight to ten percent per year not to mention last year where it was down so, I know that you all want action, I know you want investments. Start, to think the opposite. Have. The patience, to wait for the best plays that, have multiple indicators you know I trade stocks I'm looking. At stocks every single day but, I don't want, to just trade anything, there's, literally thousands, of stocks in play every day thousands. Or tens of thousands of pieces of news that you can analyze and you can say oh this is good this is bad this is good this is bad understand. That it's mostly a guessing, game and if, you play the guessing game that everybody else is playing you're not gonna get rich you're not going to do what. Is seemingly impossible you, know I do some, pretty crazy stuff my top students do some pretty crazy stuff and it's due, to patients, buying, stocks, only, when they're hitting new highs with, catalysts, in our favor ideally, in a hot sector which, none, exists right now or, shorting. Stocks shorting. Scams there, might be some short sellers among you you know if I was primarily, a short seller these days which I'm not but if I was I would go to mining conferences, and look for the most exaggerated. Hype filled promises. And short, the out of that stock because, they're most likely lying, to you they're most likely looking to hire promoters, they're most likely gonna, fail it's, not a question of if it's a question of when so, those are the kinds of things that I like to trade when it's, not a question of if it's just when and then you can work on timing and there's a whole bunch of stuff that I teach in technical, indicators that you can time but, I travel.

So Often, to, avoid over. Trading and this, is why I love my life I'm very fortunate to be able to travel anywhere and everywhere but. It's also to protect me like I said I'm a degenerate trader, I have to say that in every speech that's a real disclaimer, right there forget about just the legal disclaimer I am a degenerate, trader I have, to control my degenerate. Tendencies, by, traveling, by going to third-world countries where there's Wi-Fi is, terrible. I'm you, know trading in the middle of the night so. I'm not looking forward to trading you, shouldn't look forward, to investing, you shouldn't look forward, to making money obviously. We all want to but, if you look forward to it you start to over trade over invest. Force plays you're, in the wrong place when the right play comes about you can't get out of the wrong play maybe you have restricted stock I've seen it all I don't have all the answers but I do have two decades, of experience, now I, consider, myself a retired, trader, who, only comes, out of retirement when. There's a play that's good enough and, I know that's crazy because you know I'm I'm a trader I'm a trading, educator, there's a thousand, people in my chat room every day how can I say I'm a retired trader, but, that mindset, protects. Me from myself. Who. Here has seen a superhero, movie raise your hands. Some. Most of you I think everybody, has some people just don't want to admit it right but superhero. Movies like there are a lot of them are normal people with like these superhuman. Abilities. My, superhuman, abilities, that I'm a, degenerate and, I need to recognize, that and I need to keep the degenerate, in his little cave, I don't want to turn into the Beast for. That analogy. Patience. Increases, my odds of, winning patience, increases, your odds of winning I know it sounds crazy but the more that you just sit on the sidelines, and observe it mind you this means sometimes, missing, some plays because you're sitting on the sidelines you have such a patient mindset. But having this mindset, protects. You from over, trading and then when you do strike. You, know when you do find an investment or a trade it's really, usually, good you could still be wrong mind you even with my whole patients attitude, I'm still wrong roughly, a third of the time but, at least having this mindset protects. Me and when I am in a trade I cut my losses very quickly if it's still going the wrong way so, it's very difficult, to lose being. Patient in trading. Like a coward, and I know this isn't what people want to hear everyone's, always surprised when I say it because I turned a few thousand into several million so they're expecting you know what's the secret to going all-in and using leverage and making a lot of money it's, the opposite I never, use leverage I never go all-in I'm just, patient, an overly. Patient, and cowardly. Even overly, cowardly, I take my profits, too quick you know I did, an interview with kit Co a few, hours ago and they're like what's the secret to making like a thousand, percent returns, on, a stock and I'm like I have no, idea I take my profits at 10 20 30 % I go, for singles I don't go for homeruns or Grand Slams, so this whole mentality, allows. Me to take small, single, small base hits over and over and the, gains add up over time if, you, you know let, them when. I'm not sure about a company or let's. Say even the overall, market because three out of four stocks follow the market at all times I do not, trade, it okay I need all my indicators. To line up a lot of people are asking me what's the hot sector right now there's, nothing okay, we had Bitcoin, we had cryptocurrency we had weed we had CBD, before, that we had Ebola police equipment China.

Biotech. Med tech nanotech. There's. Always some, sector, being hyped in the past but right now we're kind of in this zone where, I think there's frankly a lot of fear because of what happened in December with the overall stock market and sometimes, the best trade is no trade, sometimes. You just stay liquid and you just wait for opportunities, I'm scared, to invest for, the long-term in stocks I'm scared to invest in. Real estate because. I don't know if December, was just the beginning of a bigger crash, or if it was just you know some, nice. Consolidation. After a big multi decade. I don't know so when, I don't know I do nothing, and this. Is a game of discipline, okay I know you think that it's all about research and the more hours you put in the more that you'll learn. And you'll have some edge over somebody who doesn't burn the midnight oil like, you do and you're researching some. Weird, district, off the coast of Canada and you think that's the secret well maybe it is okay I I'm, not a professional, miner I I do know ODS and if you shoot for those, very. Low odds type plays, you're just going to be disappointed, the vast majority of the time maybe you hit once and that's all you need and god bless those people but I'm trying, to go for something that's high odds with. Less stress and when I'm doing nothing I can go out and enjoy and, live my life it's not laziness, it's, actually good it's keeping me away. From being the degenerate, Raider that I've mentioned a few times so, do you have enough patience, to wait for the best place I know you all want to make money but can you afford not to make money right now this. Day this, week this month this year can, you afford to wait for, the absolute, best play. Here. Is some, examples I spoke, at one of these conferences three months ago and this was the chart that I showed PU RA this, little piece of wannabe, CBD, play and the, stock was spiking from you know to three cents all the way up to twenty four cents twelve times your money this is a, 50-day, chart each one of these candles represents, one day so it was in play, let's see, how it's done since this, is the past 50 days, absolutely. Nothing, so, for me I'm looking at charts it's not just about the company's story if the price action isn't there I simply, do nothing that's. What you have to understand. Here's. Another chart from the last conference I spoke at CVS I another, wannabe we'd play these. Are my kinds of stocks you know I don't hold the whole time I again, on the, run ups I try to take ten 20 percent then, I sell usually, too early I sold way too early on this one I was in on the twos out, in the twos and it went all the way up to. Eight so, I missed, a lot of it but I made a little bit of money and I learned. This. Was the chart last time, this. Is the chart this time in. 50, days it is done absolutely nothing and I know they're putting out press releases the. Company's maturing. Business. Is actually going on but for me as a trader as an investor, I don't, want any part of this okay. Wake, me up when it breaks out to new highs this I mean this kind, of looks like gold to over the past few days and weeks wake. Me up when there's an actual technical, breakout, or technical, breakdown too, many people get obsessed with a story they fall in love with a story and most, of these stocks most of these companies will go bankrupt let, me just remind you no matter how excited. People are at these conferences and how excited, the management, is the vast majority of people if we flash, forward into, five or ten years the vast majority of companies here will be bankrupt or, close to it so, I'm sorry to be the bad guy who brings, up history and stats but, I like doing that I don't like just. Believing hype or. Management. Promises, that's the way to ruin here, is my top student, Tim gray Thani turned, fifteen hundred four, months ago or three months ago he was at just crossing seven million dollars in profits and if you look at all of his trades which are all public me and all my top students show every single trade he's, winning just, what, is his average gain. $2,800. My, average gain is about two thousand dollars so, I'm trying to make two thousand dollars two thousand two thousand, when I lose I'm trying to lose two or three hundred my. Gains are bigger than my losses I'm trying, to take singles over and over and over again in mind you I've only made a few million dollars in my life, so I'm not somebody who makes a million dollars in a day but.

I Do believe that you, know all you need is a few million dollars in life I think too many people are trying to make a billion I know, several billionaires, they're very unhappy, everybody knows how rich they are they're, being used by. Wives and girlfriends and, boyfriends and, all sorts, of bad, people they need security all the time I actually gave a TEDx talk on how I'll never be a billionaire, that didn't go over very well I gave it to a roomful of business school kids you all all they want to do is be a billionaire, and I was like all your dreams you're wrong make, a few million dollars that's all you need. Is actually bombed on YouTube too but I'm serious I think that's the best like I don't want to be a billionaire if I ever make some, how if I you, know latch on to the right investment, or trade and I make you know a billion dollars I'll donate 98. Percent of it and I'll stick with you, know 20 million that's fine you can live a fantastic. Life a stress-free, life not totally, stress-free but low, stress life with, just a few million dollars in your bank account and, here he is three months later he's out now at 7.4, million so, he's making a little over a hundred thousand, dollars per. Month two, thousand dollars at a time on average. Here's. An example something that is happening there might not be a hot sector right now but, there's still every, now and then good place so Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac kind. Of controlled by the government kind of Nod it's kind of a weird situation especially. For the stocks ever. Since they had problems back in 2008, the, government has been trying to you know get away companies, should be off on their own so this news just, came out friday morning, here's a chart of fannie mae i actually bought this on friday I made a few hundred bucks this, is a nice break out each one of these represents, one candle, and Friday the stock was up over 30% this. Is my kind of a chart okay it might not have a hot sector it might not be the hottest market, but, with that news with, a stock that's a former runner with massive, volume with, a multi-month, breakout the indicators, were going for it and like I true, to form I underestimated. It could have made about $3,000. I made a few hundred I played, it too safe but. At least I was ready and waiting, every single day I'm waiting for some, company, some stock to show me something like prove to me why do you deserve my money why, do you deserve my time Fannie, Mae earned it with this technical, breakout with the news catalyst, with, its history of being a former, runner those, three indicators, were enough for me even though it's not my ideal kind of play because this is still a multi-billion, dollar company, I prefer, smaller companies, I, do, encourage, you guys to stick with small companies that's one thing that you guys are doing right rather than going to, you know Berkshire Hathaway's, annual. Conference, that's fantastic, if you want to become a millionaire by, the time you're a hundred you can buy some titanium. New hip just. So that you can you know waddle out of your mansion I don't, know about you, know long-term, blue, chip investing, I know about short-term, trading. A piece of stocks where, it's predictable, because most of the people trading these piece-of-shit stocks are for ons so you have an advantage I gave an, example, during. My speech yesterday that oh I. Know I'm sorry. I'm really. Toning it down right now but I'm trying to be polite in front of my Canadian audience okay, but, I just, like eh come. On have, some maple syrup come on I. Try, and make this stuff entertaining, too don't take everything so personally I, think. That you should stick to piece of stocks because if you look around the room and the people that you meet not, the most intelligent people okay.

And That's good I'm not the most intelligent person so if you have a room full of idiots, you, can probably make money. Off them somehow you can find your angle versus. If you're at Berkshire Hathaway there's, a lot of people who are really smart really, wealthy I don't want to compete against them okay, if you're trading Forex you're competing against George Soros and all these algorithms, I don't even know how to spell the word algorithm, so I don't want any part of that big. Competition, stick, with a piece of shot a piece of sector, stick, with the piece of people but, at the same time it's, cool because if you're even a little smarter, even if you do a little history and look at a little you, know stats, and what. These companies and these people and these big projects, do over time you'll, have an advantage. And, here's Freddie Mac same chart as Fannie Mae so you have countless opportunities but. Ignore, the vast majority of them as they, are. This. Is how my top students and I became multimillionaires, I know it sounds crazy but it's true, succeeding. And really. You know thriving. And investing and trading is hard enough remember, 90%. Of traders lose, roughly. Maybe it's 95 percent there's been a few academic, studies so, most people lose if they say they're winning they're usually full of we show everything online this is what has frankly built my education, business just showing every trade income, tax returns audits, you, know being honest as you can tell with, my speech, learn. To risk your money on. Only the best setups, not, guessing games that's my speech thank you guys hey, Tim Sykes millionaire, mentoring trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they help you I want to share everything that I've learned over the years you can check out more videos right, over there and also click Subscribe so. That you can watch all of these videos get, that knowledge and become my next millionaire, student.

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I trade like a sniper with one bullet every 2 days with my cash account. I fuck up I have a whole day to see what I did wrong and not revenge trade

You are a risk manager first and trader 2nd....

How did you stuck in the 2 to 5 million range for last 15 years ? While you get to 1 million quickly (like your students)? Why you didn't scale it up from 5 to 100 million for example (like you did in your begining )

This video might be the most entertaining video on Called the whole room a bunch of idiots with a strait face..haha

its good to be real :)

Total duece bag!!

Pipe dream and PIPE private investment in public equities I just made the connection!

Tim i have anxiety and depression. I need to ask you a question please. I'm a big fan and this has always been my dream/goal.


Subbed,Like the way he talk.

because he want to play it safe, u can only get lucky once

Thanks for all your tips Timothy. All your videos are so good and i have been obsessively watching your educational videos. I used to be a former world ranked junior tennis player and have played college tennis. I heard you grew up playing tennis in Connecticut...

Mr. Miyagi would be proud. Thanks for your wisdom Tim!

Awesome speech !!!

Man, I love this guy - superb speech!

You have reference "mining" or "miners" a few times in the video. What do you mean by this?

Goals: shake this man's hand with my hand.

I believe in you bro!

lmfao. Im Canadian. I think that is hilarious. Who doesn't like straight brute force honesty. Real talk, no bullshit. I like this guy.

Thank Tim.

Great video. Buy physical investment grade silver. Maybe 5-10% of your whole portfolio. Go look at silver and it's past, and what it does during dollar crashes.

This guy is so fucking funny. We talk similarly. Yes, I do respect your trading strategies and I'm still learning. Trying to play the shipping stock earnings reports to my advantage.


Thanx- as a total newbie, gotta learn and diving in here. Tally ho ! What a great life and philosophy !

he isnt charismatic and his people skills are garbage but he knows how to work the stock market. you can learn something from anybody just eat the chicken and throw away the bones.


You don’t need hookers when you drive a fucking Lamborghini. Tim did well against this dbag.


you will have your day when you can lose the 9-5 until then keep grindin


A real dude

DAMN! This guy is a G!!!



Tim can i give you 3000 and can you trade for me lol

love it TIm!!!!!

Love your honest thing, a person just need a few million dollars

Real talk from the man himself. Damn.

"My superhuman ability is that I'm a fucking degenerate." Haha

"I don't even know how to spell Algorithms" LOL!!!! Love it Tim

Are these types of trades possible over weekly timespans? I don't understand how this would works when shares trades require 2 days to settle...

You have to have an account with margin which is usually about a minimum of $2000 with most brokers. This way you can get in and out without waiting the settlement days.

TS, I like the way you talked. I called it tough love for trading. Loved to get your one of tour courses but low on cash.


Hi Timothy. My name is Yoram. I'm from Israel . Only a few months ago. I started studying the stock market. You're the best show in town in the stock market I've seen ... and believe me I've seen quite a bit. Your special style ... I was able to connect to your videos. Yes, I love your enthusiasm ... which sometimes goes beyond the limits of etiquette. Now I understand why people do not succeed ........ Most of the lecturers are trying to explain something. They bore you to death. With information that is not always relevant. Especially at first. You make it look as exciting as it should be ..... Thanks .

buzz off you, laughting haha digging your self deeper, then you call your self to chill the steam then on the attack again good strategy haha, ill be one of your sudents soon if you take me on just got about 300 more of your vids then ill be in contact thanks for everything keeping it real peace

been willing studying since 2am and is now 9 am, I have a phone interview on Monday and i cant wait. This definitely my favorite video so far!

Thanks! Be sure to study my

Cool, sutdy my book


Nope I'll just teach you, see my book

Sykes, kicking names and taking Ass

Tim you are a True Living Legend!God bless.

So true! Being patient and waiting for the best plays only is key to growing your account fast.

snake oil seller, but folks just dont see it. buidling schools to prep up you bad rep.

Would be great to get in contact with you, in regards to an up and coming run. Thank you for your efforts.

Who is excited? I think I heard 3 people excited.

sup tim im a new student and i totally believe in your way of trading. im a pretty patient person so im here learning how to trade. no one knows wtf im talking about when i bring up stocks. right now i almost feel like if im just wasting time or maybe i know something they dont know. i guess id rather persevere push through the bs and look for the win. ive been using robinhood and i have been taking little base hits with just small capital. i almost have about 500 to hopefully start making few hundred dollar base hits till i can start making thousand $ hits. in the mean time im making 5$ base hits practicing. im hoping to show my portfolio balance with at least $10k one day. wish me luck

I adore you as a person and a trader, you break it down so good. Keep up!

Thanks Tim!

Right? I'm thinking "why were all the other fucks ok?"

Fbg Traplordy how'd the phone interview go?

you are crazy genius dude crazzzy gooood

I'm just a random millionaire I'm not a professional …. WTF? did you get paid for speaking then guess what your a professional.

Awesome video brother. I need more discipline. I need someone to smack me and say "Think Dumbass" get out now before you loss your ass. Lol



Learning more day by day! Thanks Tim!

Great that your doing a lot for kids, Tim. That is awesome!

Love your no BS attitude! I keep telling people I don't want to be rich, just wealthy enough. Not too much... just enough to relax

Love it! 90% of people aren’t driven or teachable. I want this so bad, learning every day. I will master this.

I have started some Penny stocks that are under $5; and bought a hundred or so shares. When will I start gaining money? Does penny stocks make dividends or just growth?

Hi Tim , just discovered you channel , good videos , great work , I hope you keep on sharing your experience !! Thank you !

this guys is great! raw straight talk! hell yeah

I have watched my share of TS's videos, but this one is unique in that (though I don't know what conference he is in) he seems to be calling BS on the entire thing. I don't think he will get invited back. lol

The intro "WHOS EXCITED" The crowd

Have some maple syrup lol

The audience is shit. I'm very amazed by you Tim Sykes, I hope you reach a Billion dollars. You deserve it HAHAHAHAHA

Lousy audience

Tim....its nice to see you've, matured. You're growing up. Talking about patience!! This is such a pleasant improvement!! You starting to realize, what life's about. From where I first saw you a few years ago!! Good!! You're a nice guy....but couldn't get involved with you, as the 0erson you were a few years ago!! I'm proud of you. You're finally understanding who you are, in life!! Just tone down the swearing a greatly distracts. It degrades you.... Jeffery Jeffery

No Man!! I'm liking you, now!! I noticed you 3 years back or so. As I know Neil Patel. And I liked your penny stock plays, because they can move so much. I traded in 3x oil..3x bank commodities. BUT...I don't get in, until whatever market It way over extended....beaten down, over sold so low. So that It has only another 10% chance of going further down, and a 90% chance of going back up. Put the odds in my favor. Then I'm quick to take my 8%-10% profits for the day. Or over a couple three days. Over, and over again!! When I do... I'm actually taking the money from those who have no patience, and are gunning for the pot of gold!! I never sell short, only on the long side Because if I'm wrong. At least, the market is rising on my side, and I'll get my money back...BUT!! It takes....."Patience"!!! Patience is not easy!! The patience to plan your thoughts, and to control your emotions!! Emotions without control, have destroyed soo many people!! As it's tough to sit there, to have the patience to wait and watch!! To out wait the other petson, because you know they'll crack. I say all this. As I've noticed the change in you!! Proud of you!!! You've stood up, and proclaimed the change in you!! Its also my introduction!! We'll be in touch!! I need to learn what you know, on Penny Stocks. And....can reciprocate with knowledge also!! Don't name is... Jeffery

many thanks, fucken much appreciated!

why are you not make copy trade sowfware


@daniel luiz You can find them on You tube there is a lot of free one's or go to or there are a lot of resources on He is all over, Just put his name in, Look at penny stocks you will see him.

@EriPages got my dying on that one lol.... carry on

can anybody help me and tell me what website he's using for charts like at 16:45?

Tim is funny! He speaks the truth.

To mach bla bla bla

This buy ferrari from sell you courses

Watch Warrior Trading course and understand how is work stock market,i have all the course of Timothy Sykes but nothing help me

08:37 Nusa Penida, hey *Timothy Sykes* gourmand! :)

Great presentation...."find the most hype and short the !#?@ out of it" Hilarious!!!

You're giving back to God with your charity foundation. Now, that is very respectable Mr. Sykes...


4X is for squares anyways;')


Hey Andrew, Would you mind helping me get my feet wet to do my first trade?

pls help my

"Some crap shit like that" SNIPER GANG

This speech is fucking epic


Cosmo Kramer

Too Cool !

Great talk. Thx Tim.

Good Attitude even at the losing streak!

You dont have to have a margin account. Use a cash account but dont use more than 50% of your account. Also you dont have to trade every day so a 2 day settlement is not bad

Looked up CVSI - no results. Looked up PURA - no results. Guess they, like you said in the video, went bankrupt!


First time watching your videos. Ive seen you on the real tarzans ig page and was like who is this dude. For starters we got one thing in common and we're both degenerates. i want to become a trader very badly because I dont want to be a sucker in this world. here are to many variables to get caught up in and I just want to keep moving forward. Wondering where I should start? Im sure theres videos of you explaining where to start would be appreciated if someone posted the link


whats the Program you use to view stocks ?

This man is my idle lol.

Bro don’t get it confused his 12.000$ to 4million in a couple years is just his marketing saying, Tim Sykes is probably at 15-20 million profits by now.

#1 dip buy morning panics. Thanks for all you do and being straight down to earth!

Trading stock with Mike Harry Trading have been profitable and safe

Hey Tim. Looking around Youtube on a Sunday morning, anticipaiting the week ahead. I too am a patient trader. I am able to take more of the meat in the move up, because, as you have talked about often, some of us are more risk averse. Other times the news is so obviously good that the stock is gong to run up 3 to 6 dollars. The meat of the move (which I have shown in my chart photos) often can be between 1-2 dollars. Some traders who are students of yours hit for several dollars, just because they see that big run up coming os the obviously huge news. Last year NBEV was one of those> It went from 1 to 10 in a day...and had some massive pullbacks and bounces. the merger news was just too big to ignore. I was still learing and not dialed in like I am today, so I did not even take a big chunk. I will have to go back and look at the chart but I'm sure i took like 28 cents on 200 shares or something like that.

Like this perspective !! Problem is when traders get desperate and addicted to trading

Lol I've seen a lot of Tim's videos and I can say this is my favorite one as entertainment and tips

Sad to say I gave you $7k of my hard earned money to be a challenge student and you will not answer questions or help like Ryan said you would. There is no wonder in my mind why you have so few challenge students doing well. Make me a believer and teach me. Your vague.. buy the breakout....short the break down is not teaching. Teach me Tim. I CHALLENGE you to teach properly.

I almost left because of your intro

Tim, I need you in financial life.

This guy speaks a lot of truth.

Thank you Tim for keeping things real, I love this, inspirational!

This video is hilarious; it's also the second time I've watched it. It does a good job of hammering home the ability & necessity of playing the waiting game! Be the spider; prepare your web & wait!


anyone know good conferences to attend for daytrading/ investing?

Dude I love u! Thank u! So grateful

His teeth are nice

ts is just to raw . hes true to the game point blank

"WHO'S EXCITED TO BE HERE?!?!?!" **crickets** That crowd didn't deserve you, man.

You're great, Tim.

dude enjoyed im a degenerate trader also lol i end up giving back all my profits anyway im a hard working guy i put in the time and i never give up so i will succeed love the video

Fukn goof ball lol i love it man

Glad to have found your videos before getting my feet wet.

Tim does more of bragging and using swear words than teaching trading of penny stocks

Seemed like the crowd were sexless for 3 years only Tim had good time Tim, you are awesome From a Muslim Salam to u brother

Disgusting crowd

I was at this location in Bali last year 9:20

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