How To Optimize Your Google My Business Local Listing (DEMO)

How To Optimize Your Google My Business Local Listing (DEMO)

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Welcome. Back everyone this is Brian Kaplan, with a bigger better bitch annal where I equip, you with the tools and know-how to grow that bigger better, small, business now. If you've followed, step, one and watch the video then you know how to create, your Google my business profile. On Google, my business and now. We're going to assume that you are looking at this screen so you have created, a Google my business profile. In this, case we've created Brian's, pizza which is a pizza place located, in Tampa Florida and now I'm going to take you through the features and functionality. That are made available to, you by, Google my business one, big note here and caveat. If you will if you, do not verify your listing and you can see right here this big X, verification. Needed if you, do not verify, your listing then, you're not able to use all these different features so, I'm gonna click through and show you what's available but. We won't actually have a full, view of the features until. We verify our listing, and in this case since it's a fake business I won't, be verifying, the listing just, notice. Verification. Allows you to have. People find you across Google so it actually makes your listing, or your Google my business profile. Public, it. Allows you to create promotional, posts, allows. You to track business analytics. Who's, calling, you who's requesting, directions, how many views, you're getting on your business profile, and. Very. Importantly, it allows you to respond, to customer, reviews people are telling you you have delicious pizza they want to tell other people you have delicious pizza it allows you to manage those reviews respond, to them and even, handle, negative, reviews if you ever get them so. In order to verify I would just click on verify now, now. Google my business is trying to make this as easy as possible for you to update and really have a fully, populated profile. It's very, important, it's actually been found in Google research, that, customers, are 2.7 times more likely to do business with you if you have a fully populated, full. Profile. So, that would include adding, your hours adding, it to description and adding, a logo so, let's go through this I want to add my hours I click on the plus button.

And. Now. Right, now it's showing me as closed every day we want to show is open, every day because we're open Sunday, through Saturday, and. Let's. Say that we open up. At. 11:00 a.m. and. We're. Gonna be closed, at 1:00 a.m.. Now. You see this add hours button that's if I want to add extra hours, to a specific, day in this case I won't do that. So. I just went through and added the hours for every, day and just to be simple and plain I'm just doing eleven to one everyday of, course that would change if we were real business I'll click on apply. So. Now we're showing my hours every, single day so. It's going to be 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., and. What. You're seeing here is because. The, hours overlap, into the next day that's why you're seeing 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and then, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. because of, course that flows, into the next day so, this looks a little confusing but we're all set now service. Area in the last part we are asked if we could denote. Our service, area and we said that we'll deliver up to 8 miles away from the location. Here. Is the name of the restaurant pizza. Restaurant. That's our category so, if I click on this right. Now our primary category, is pizza restaurant, notice, I can add another category so I'll type in pizza I'll, type in pizza delivery add. Another category I could, type in pizza take away if. I wanted to add another category let's, say that I'm a sandwich shop - I could. Add sandwich, shop, although. You can, add multiple, and, really up to 10 categories. You. Don't necessarily want to of course. You're trying to you know work, with Google, and you're trying to enter in information and trying to be found as much as you can but. Think about the public perception so. A great example here, in Tampa there are restaurants that are hybrids, so there's a Latin, Chinese, restaurant, right and so. That restaurant, would put their primary, category, as either Chinese or Latin, food and then. They'd have an additional, category as Chinese, but, if they started doing sandwich, shop and fast-food and all these things then people wouldn't know what it is and as, a result, they may not want to come and order food from there because the restaurant doesn't even have an identity so, make sure that when you're choosing your categories, they're true, to your identity, true to your brand in this case these all make sense so, I'll click on apply. And. Now. You can see my primary category, is pizza restaurant, and then we have takeaway sandwich. Shop Pizza Delivery. Those are my four categories, now. Information over, here you're gonna see advanced info store code that's if you have multiple, locations this, is all internal, you can enter labels, as well so I might enter in a label Tampa.

And. That's. Just for me to keep track also. If you're working with Google Ads you can add in a phone number an extension, phone so that you can track those calls. Now. We might have special hours special, hours are really really, important, and, what we're talking about special hours these are dates that you may be closed, or you might close early so, I mean we're here in January but let's go all the way to December. Choose. The 25th, and tell everyone hey we're closed December, 25th, maybe. That same time let's go back to December, and, on. December, 24th. We'll, open at 11:00 a.m. but, we might close at. Let's. Say 10:00 p.m. instead, so that we can at least get home and be, there for Christmas morning I. Click. Apply and now, it shows me the days where I might close early or it, might be closed for good there's. The phone number we have we can always change that there's. The website so, as I click in notice. That we have Brian's Pizza Tampa which is a fake address, we. Could have a menu URL, so this could be your own menu or if you're using a service like grub hub or seamless, or one of those you can pop that into. This so let's just do, seamless. Comm slash Brian's, Pizza. Tampa which again is fake order. Ahead URL, that, might be the same for seamless, reservations. We don't take reservations let's, click apply now. Here's. Something cool and I'm gonna tell you take. The time to do this in this case there's a lot of granularity, there's, a lot of minutiae and detail but, putting your menu directly, into Google is highly. Advised this. Is something where if someone's looking for a specific so. Like let's say that we're selling subs and someone's looking for an, Italian, sub or, chicken. Parmesan, sub or, they're looking for a specific kind of pizza like a, steak. Bomb pizza then. We want to click in here we, want to add these different sections. So in this case a section name might be subs. And grinders. And. We might do, chicken. Parmesan, sub. And in. This case we want to charge, 795. For it and. Then. We can write, a description delicious. Chicken. Parm. Sub. Ad. That's. How easy it is so, adding, these menu, items into, your your. Google my business dashboard, is contributing. Content to Google if someone's. Near you and they're, looking or near me and my Brian's Pizza Tampa and they're looking for a chicken parmesan sub near me guess, what because, I entered this in I have a good chance of showing up so.

I Highly, highly recommend that you add in those menu items, attributes. Attributes, is another thing that we that Google has added, in order to make sure that people. Can find restaurants. Or businesses, that that, make sense to them that played to their keywords, in this, case we. Have a wheelchair accessible entrance we have a parking lot that's wheelchair accessible, we have a big enough bathroom, and we, have wheelchair accessible, seating this. Would be if someone's typing in wheelchair. Accessible, restaurant, near me that's. Why we want to check these off amenities. We, don't have a bar we have booster seats it's good for kids we have high chairs we, have restrooms and we. Have free Wi-Fi, we're, family friendly, we're LGBT, friendly. Dining. Options we have catering. We, have delivery, we have dessert dinner, lunch, you. Can order ahead we have seating, we do not have table service we, have takeout, no. Fireplace, no live music, no outdoor seating so, we're not fancy we're just a pizza place and I. Could be veteran lead or women lead, we. Don't have alcohol no all-you-can-eat, we don't serve beer, we, don't have a Braille menu certified. Kosher we are not don't. Have a coat checker cocktails, we. Do serve coffee. You. Can see gluten-free options not at this point, happy. Hour no, hard. Sight or hard liquor no no kids, menu yes late night food yes. Okay. To order just coffee sure. Salad. Bar no small, plates no spicy, food no. Vegetarian. Options yes, we're. Not cash-only. We. Can we accept, American, Express Discover. Visa. MasterCard. Debit card and we, do take Apple pay and Android, ger Google pay, we're. LGBTQ. Friendly, and. Transgender. Safe place. I've. Now. Added all, of these attributes to, my Google my business profile. If someone's. Looking for a specific restaurant, that matches, this so let's say restaurant. With free Wi-Fi, near me or a. Family, friendly restaurant, now that I've added that attribute, my, business has a better chance of showing up so that's why you want to make sure you fill out this entire profile. Add a business description, okay for time I'm just going to say come, to Brian's. Pizza. And Tampa. You'll. Come in hungry and leave. Overly. Satisfied. With. Our delicious. Pizzas. And, subs. The. More content, you add the better you're allowed, up to 750. Characters I highly, recommend you use all the characters you can this, can be a couple paragraphs make. Sure that you have the same messaging, the same description, that you would have on social, media like your Facebook profile or on your website, I'll. Click apply. Add. An. Opening date so we opened last year in. November. Don't. Have to put a day if you don't want to. There. We go we filled out a lot, of the information so, we're in this info, panel I've, put all this information in this, is looking like a full, profile. So notice lastly, that we are asked to add photos, I'll click on add photos. Now. It's telling me I need to verify, in order, to showcase my business, I understand, that but I'm going to bring a photo and I'm gonna click on food and drink post. Photo. And. I can select a photo so you can select photos, from your computer I'm, just gonna select one photo right now and that's gonna be Desktop, Pizza. So. I've uploaded the photo from my computer there's. A picture, of the pizza that we that we sell here's, a recommendation for, you you. Want to have at least 5, to 10 photos, when, you first build, your Google my business profile. 5. To 10 photos, this. Is one now. I can show pictures of the interior very. Very important, people want to see the seating they want to see how clean it is show. Them pictures of the kitchen over the restroom, of the dining, area of the, soda cooler, I can. Show them the exterior, so that they can see where they're looking the parking lot the, the front the banner you know the awning of the restaurant, of. Course I just clicked on food and drink and there's my pizza I can, introduce them to the team such as Bryan the head Pizza chef or the chief pizza officer and then, other people. Identity. Would be the logo and the cover photo you want to make sure you upload a logo so, in this case. I'll. Just upload the pizza again of course that's not my logo. Notice. When you upload a logo it has to be square. So. I'll, cut off the pizza which really doesn't look good we want to make sure we have a square, logo. And. I'll set that logo a. Cover. Photo shows up at the top of the listing we want to make sure we have a good cover photo as well so.

I'll Show you how this shows up do, pizza again. The. Cover photo will automatically, resize, and be cropped, so, that it fits into the cover so. There we have some photos obviously, the same photos don't want to do that make, sure you have a square logo and a nice cover photo that tells what you're doing. So. Now. Let's. Go to posts. You're. Gonna notice to show, your posts on Google search in maps you have to verify your business I understand, that but I'm gonna take you through writing. Out a post. Let me click on write a post notice. There are a few different types of posts and let me tell you how important, posts, are they're. Very, important, they, are mission-critical. Posts. Allow, you to create new. Dynamic. Content, and feed it directly to, Google and Google my business and with. Posts you're also showing, up on the search engine results page so. Showing you an example of a post here's my agency Bryan Caplan marketing, I'll scroll, down here's. A post right here I want you to notice how much room this is taking up on the search engine results page you're, seeing my reviews, you're seeing Facebook, reviews, you're, seeing snippets, of the reviews that I've received and then. You see my description, that I typed in and then, here is a post and I, can see, this is a video, so. If I click on this video. It, shows it, shows, a video and I, can turn on the sound if I wanted to it's it allows me to type in information and, I, could click to learn more and it. Brings me to my website. So. From a search engine results, page I now. Have an automatic, way to capture, attention to, get someone to engage with my brand and ultimately, to have them click on something so, let's go back to Bryan's pizza in this. Case with Bryan's pizza we can tell what's new so it's just a quick update maybe, we're having an event like a pizza eating contest. We, could have an offer so, it could be a coupon coming, in by a large cheese pizza, get a large, drink or a 20 ounce drink for free we. Can highlight a specific product. So. In this case let's say that we're gonna do just post, up that pizza and say we're open. Again. I'll click on pizza. So. I've uploaded the image of the pizza and then I could write a post. It's. Cold outside and. Then. Get a delicious. Pizza. Personal. Pans are. Only. $7.99. Add, a button so. I can have them order online if they want to and the. Link they can go to again. Let's say seamless, comm, slash. Brian's. Pizza Tampa. And. Then I would publish. Now. Again these, posts are not going to show up because I'm, not verified, but there's an example of the post once. A post is created, you, can always edit it you can click on these this ellipses, right here and, click on edit and, I can change anything, I want I could crop, the image if I wanted to which. I wouldn't in this case I could. Also delete, the image if I wanted to and, notice. If I click on the ellipses again I can delete the post so if you really messed up you can delete it now. Just to take you on a tour of the other things that are available to you insights. Will. Show us a lot. Of different information about how we're showing up in search what people are doing with our posts. What they're doing with our profile, when we show up in search if they're calling us through our Google my business profile. If they're, requesting, directions, if they're clicking to our website, how, many photos they're looking at how. Often they're looking at photos so. We get a lot of information from insights a very very important, tool. Reviews. If someone left us a review for this business we, would be able to see those reviews, we'd be able to reply, and respond, to those reviews which is extremely. Important, responding. To a review is one of the key things, you have to do as a business owner. Messaging. Allows. Us to actually answer questions in. Real time so, we'd be able to connect, our Google my business profile. With our own mobile, phone with our smart phone and a. Customer, if they found us could say hey, you know I need a gluten-free pizza, do you provide that it. Would send right to our phone so, as the business owner it would send right to my phone I'd be able to text back and forth with the bit with the client, or the customer without. Them knowing my number and I could answer their questions right away to potentially, gain a new customer, within.

Photos, Within the Photos tab you, can add videos so. For a pizza place I'd want to show videos of us, tossing, the pizza dough of us, topping, the pizzas of, the grade of cheese that we use of us cleaning, the kitchen so they can see how clean it is I'd want to do a video tour of the restaurant so they know exactly what to expect when they walked in maybe, a video introducing. The team all the people that are there making their pizza friendly, happy and dedicated. To a good dining experience, you. Can also add photos of the menu so, if you have a menu, you can snap a photo and upload it so people can see it right there now, bookings, you can use certain booking, software and you'd, be able to get people to book. A reservation in this case it doesn't make sense but you can connect with certain software certain scheduling, software in order for people to make bookings I clicked. On website, and, most. People would say oh no I didn't mean to do that well it's creating, a quick website for me that I can change up notice. This picture we've seen it plenty of times Brian's, Pizza Pizza restaurant, in Tampa so, notice if I click on View menu it would bring me to the seamless, comm page. That doesn't really exist we. Can change the text Brian's, pizza and subs if we wanted to pizza restaurant, in Tampa, best. Pizza, in. Tampa, we. Can add different headers. We can add a body if we wanted to. We. Can click, order online. Now. Since we added our menu options they, show up right here I think Google is affording, us a way to build a website without having to go build, a WordPress website or, a Squarespace, website or any of those this. Is for something if you're just starting out it's a very beginner, site. Once. You're finished building, out the site you. Could click publish, now you don't want to click publish and here's a question I get all the time do, I want to use the Google my business website. Along with my own website no you don't so. Don't, use this website unless. You. Don't plan on building your own WordPress. Or Squarespace, or Wix or Weebly website. So. Let me get out of here. Users. Users. Is really important because you might have multiple people, and you also only have 24, hours in the day you can't spend a lot of time. Building. Out your Google, my business profile. Building, your business collecting. Bills paying bills doing everything else. So you might have other people, that you want, to add on to your Google my business account, notice. I can click in here I'm gonna choose, my partner, Jake my, business partner, Jake and I'll do Jacob burns and. I can choose a role Jake. Can be an owner so he can own the Google, my business profile, with me that means he can add other people he can manage, the profile respond to reviews a manager. Meaning that he could do everything but remove, or add people as users. Our. Site manager, a site manager would be able to look. At some, of the different content they'd be able to write up posts, things like that so. In this case all that Jake is an owner I could invite him and then. He would be added on he'd received an email invitation saying, Jake do you want to join Brian's pizza I won't. Do that, so. My friends you've, I've taken you on a tour of Google my business this, is a very, powerful platform if you, are a local, business whether. You have a brick-and-mortar physical. Location, like a retail store or pizza place or a restaurant or if you're a service, based business and you provide services, to your clients and customers around. Your place of business you, definitely, need a Google, my business profile. There's, no you, know maybe it would be good for your business it is critical. To your business it's critical to being found when, people need, your, services, or products so, again thanks for watching this is Brian Kaplan, with the bigger better bitch annal here's, to your success, hey, thanks for watching you know bigger better biz is dedicated. To equipping. You with the tools and know how to grow a bigger better small business it, all starts with you so, if you enjoyed the video please click like below feel, free to ask questions in the comments and it. Is not too much to ask subscribe. To the channel and click that bell because, you'll be notified every time we have a new video to, help you grow that bigger better, biz here's. Your success.

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Can you add a business listing if you are an online website only, and if so what do you do about the address?

Brian, Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Hey Steve, Google My Business is only intended for a local business with a physical location or a service-based business that operates in a specific area. Your best bet is to build out a YouTube channel for the Goals4Sports brand and post videos of your products.

Thanks, Bryan! I attended your program at the Enterprise Center in Salem today. You have share invaluable tips!

Thanks Bobbie! So glad you enjoyed the Grow with Google event. Stay tuned to this channel for more great tips and tricks.

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