How to Multiply Money in Stock Market with Algo Swing Trading?

How to Multiply Money in Stock Market with Algo Swing Trading?

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Namaskar, my friends. In this video, I'll show you How you can multiply your money many times in the stock market and that too using a method which is based on Algorithmic Trading. It means that you need not take any trading decision yourself, the decision will be taken by the system. You only need to execute that trade. And to execute that trade you need some specific tools.

I will provide you with those tools. And you can do all these things by just sparing 5 minutes in a day. I have named this video as How to Multiply Money in Stock Market with Algo Swing Trading.

As you understand, we will do swing trading here. So friends, at first you must know what is swing trading? The way you trade during intraday trading, either you buy or you sell the stock or you short sell first and buy the stock later. That was intraday trading.

But swing trading is, you buy the stock today and will sell it the next day or the day after or after three, four, ten days. So, this is swing trading. Here, we will use the technique to buy today and sell tomorrow only.

We call this technique BTST or Buy Today Sell Tomorrow. I have done video earlier also on this topic. Also, I have given a list of BTST stocks in my website You may know that. But if you have

not seen my earlier video on BTST, check the video link I have given in the video description on that video. I ask you to see that video first to understand what the BTST technique really is. What is the strategy, you will know that.

So, today in this video, I'll show you how you can make money and for that I'll give you ready-made tools for implementing the strategy. I have made a highly developed BTST page. You will get a list of BTST stocks there. If you get many names in that list, I have given a technique on how to filter that list and choose the best ones.

I have also added a Trade button on that page so that you can directly trade from there with your broker. Presently you can only trade with Zerodha. Later I will integrate some more brokers to that list. Presently you can only trade

with Zerodha. And from that page you can select stocks and place orders directly in Zerodha. So, let's watch this video How to Multiply Monet in the Stock Market with Algo Swing Trading. Friends, we have come to this page. This is the BTST page. Earlier, this BTST page was directly under the Freebies page of my website

But now I created a separate section for it. The name of it is Algotrader. Under this, you will get BTST trader, and OHL (open high low) trader and ORB or open range breakout. Friends, this page is Buy Today Sell Tomorrow stocks, BTST. Earlier this list consists of only stocks which are tradable in BTST.

But I have modified it. You can now employ capital here on this page. By default the capital here is Rs 25000. You can also choose your broker here. By default the broker here is Zerodha.

And you can choose the stock category also. By default, the category is Nifty Smallcap 100 stocks. Friends, you can also select all F&O stocks. Let me refresh this page for once.

This list now shows the stock list till 2:45 pm. Let me update it once to check the latest update. So I press now Cntrl+Shift+R buttons simultaneously to refresh the page. It is getting refreshed now. In between, I will show you, how we made this BTST strategy. Now see, the page has been refreshed now.

See here, it is showing data of 3:16 pm. So this is the latest data. See here, the first stock that came on the list is Edelweiss. So, firstly we can choose from Nifty Smallcap 100 or all F&O stocks. So let's see the list of all F&O stocks first. See in all F&O we have ITC.

So let's check the charts of ITC. Let's see the data of ITC. Now the chart of ITC is available in Amibroker. This is the daily chart. But we can not find today's data here. But we have charts of ITC in Zerodha Kite also.

This is today's updated data. See here, the data of ITC on the day before yesterday. The rate of change three days ago was -0.8% And the rate of change of the last day was also -0.8%.

See the rate of change today. I have kept that in Google. See it is -0.7%. That means it is higher compared to yesterday.

Now let's check the data of Britannia now. See the Britannia share price. Today Britannia is down by - 1-18%. Check it in Amibroker. See here the data of the day before yesterday was -0.6%. Yesterday it was down by -0.3%.

And today the rate of change is -0.18%. So you see ROC has increased three consecutive days. Though it is still in the negative territory, yet it increased.

This signifies that there is some bullish momentum building up in the stock. Hence, the ROC is growing continuously. It may happen on the positive side also. We have seen both in ITC and Britannia.

They are in negative territory but the ROC is increasing. Now let's check data in the positive territory. If there's a similar change in positive in any stock. This is Au Bank. Let's check its data.

See here, the day before yesterday, it was -10.7%, yesterday it was -8%. So as you can understand, the ROC was greater compared to the day before yesterday, the ROC was -8%, which was higher yesterday. ROC was increasing. Let's check today's ROC now. Select AU bank here.

Friends, today's ROC is in the negative area but it is -1.06%. So, first, it was -10%, then -8% and then -1.6%. That means, there is a small bullish momentum growing in the stock. So you can buy it. Here the BTST list that I have given, is prepared on the basis of the same rule.

See ITC, TCS, Au bank. Britannia, Hero motocorp or whatever stock is on the list, all have ROC increasing for three days. So, friends, you can buy this stock. And among these 4 stocks, whichever has the lowest RSI 7 value. See here

in ITC the value of RSI 7 is 18.4%. in Britannia, it is 18.63%, in AU Bank it is 25.16% and in TCS it is 29.78%.

After that all the stocks have RSI increasing. So you can buy these 4 stocks. And you have to buy just before the market closes. Friends, you can see the, time here is already 15:30. So it is alreaDY 3:30. You have to buy

them just before the market closes. So you can buy it at around 15:29 hours. Buy these 4 stocks. If you do not have much capital, I have put Rs 25000 for each stock.

You can change the capital as you wish. If you have more capital, you can increase from Rs 25000 and if you have lower capital you can decrease the amount. Friends, you can buy a single stock also. Like, you can place a buy order in ITC only.

If you place a buy order in ITC, you'll see connecting to Kite. You need to put your user id and password of Kite here. Also, you need to put the PIN here. You'll continue it here. See, you have reached the order window directly. And according to your capital it has selected the quantity also.

You can click and modify the order here. I am cancelling it now. It will, by default, take your order in NRML, i.e. in CNC. It means it will take order in holding.

Here it will take Market order, you can place it. Let me cancel it now. See in ITC, Britannia, Au Bank, TCS, you can place buy order for all four simultaneously. If you want to place all orders in one go, click on buy, you can see 'connecting to Kite' here.

See all the four stocks have come - ITC, Britannia, AU Bank, TCS, all four of them. The system will decide on the quantity according to the stocks price. See here, ITC 125 shares, Britannia 7 shares, AU Bank 27 shares and TCS 8 shares. Now you can place them for buy directly as Market orders.

Now if you press 'place', the order will be directly placed. Else, you can cancel the order also. Now friends, look at one more thing.

If you click over any stock you can modify the order on that particular stock. If you modify that order, it will be modified. Let me cancel it now from here too. So, in this way you can place the order. If you want to buy all in ALL F&O stocks, you can select all stocks simultaneously.

If you select all stocks here, all stocks where the signals have come, will be selected simultaneously. You can place buy orders from here. See here, place buy order from here.

See, all the stocks have been selected, wherever the signal has come. I am cancelling it now. In the same way, you can choose Nifty small-cap 100. Similarly, Edelweiss, BLUSTARCO, GODFRYPHLP.

Let's check the chart of GODFRYPHLP. Let's go to GODFRYPHLP from here. See in GODFRYPHLP, the day before yesterday. ROC was -3%. Yesterday the ROC was -0.0%.

It means the ROC increased from -3% to 0.0. Let's check the ROC of GODFRYPHLP today. We write GODFRYPHLP here. See here. We have data of GODFRYPHLP. The ROC of today is 0.41%.

The first ROC was 3%, then it was 0.0% and today it was +0.41%. So, the ROC is increasing slowly, the stock is having a gradual bullish momentum and today we could have bought the stock. The market is closed as of now, but we could have bought the stock. Here also you could have selected four stocks.

As I showed in my backtest, you may select stock first four stocks and you will select them as per lower RSI readings. So you pick those four stocks which have the lowest RSI values. Also, you can choose more than four stocks because all of them have profit potential for you. Now if you click on this RST button you will see that you can select as per RSI values.

You can select RSI low to high or you can also select RSI high to low and this is 7 period RSI. Now let's check the backtest. How did I do the backtesting? I identified this trading system with a name. The name was Equity Momentum Trading System. The way I backtested in this Equity Momentum Trading System from 2013. From 2013 to 2020.

From 01.01.2013 to 31.12. 2020. So, it contains backtest data of 8 years. Let's add filters now. Put All F&O stocks data and click OK.

Friends see here, we will only select 'long'. Periodicity is daily and and in commission and rates, and I add a brokerage of 0.02%. Let's click OK now. And we will actually buy only four stocks now at one go.

And the initial capital is Rs 1 lakh. The capital will be equally divided into these four stocks. Now if the number of selected stocks is less than four, we will employ 25% of total capital into each stock.

And the number of selected stocks is higher we will filter them as per the RSI values. Now I select backtest. See here the backtest is finished now. Let's check the report now. See, we started with Rs 1 lakh.

Here the value of Rs 1 lakh has increased to Rs 34 lakh. So you made a profit of Rs 33 lakh. And the profit percentage is 3301%.

So you understand, it is huge. And see here, the winner's percentage is 63.88%. So the winning rate is also very good.

The loser is 36.12%. And the maximum system drawdown is -32.64%. See the equity curve here. It is also very good. You see there was a deep in the equity curve last year during the Covid 19 fall.

But after that, there was a very sharp recovery and later it gave a very good return. So, let's check the year wise returns. We got a 57.2% return in 2013,

a return of 60.3% in 2014, 71.4% in 2015, 58.1% in 2016,

72.6% in 2017, 31% return in 2018, 44.9% return in 2019, and return of 52.0% in 2020. Now if you see trades here, you will find my first entry in 2013, 4th January 2013.

on 4th January I bought 4 stocks. Because we will buy only four stocks. If the number of stocks is more than four, we will choose only those four stocks that have low RSI values. We will buy only those four stocks. See here, Bajaj Finserv, Coal India, Concor and Escorts, all of them were bought with a capital of Rs 25000 each.

Rs 25000 were employed for each stock, because my total capital was Rs 1 lakh. So we divided the capital into four parts. As we have already seen, the return is very good. Now, friends, we will close it and check the Nifty Smallcap 100 stocks backtest report. Now let's go to Nifty Smallcap 100.

This is my watchlist. We click OK. The time period is the same as before.

From 01.10. 2013 to 31.12. 2020. Now let's backtest it. Now the backtest is complete. Let's check the reports. Friends, we started this backtest with an initial capital of Rs 1 lakh.

As I showed you earlier, the value of Rs 1 lakh went up to Rs 2,04,63429 or 2 crores 4 lakhs 63 thousands 429 rupees. So here your return is 20363%. It is a very high return, as you can see. Here the winners are 63.01% and the losers are 36.99% And the maximum system drawdown is 27.11%.

Let's check the charts here. Again the chart has a very good curve. Only once there was a dip. That was during the Covid 19 fall. And we got a dream return in the last year. After the covid 19 fall last year, this portfolio gave a dream return.

And you can see here the year wise return. There was no loss in any year. The return in 2013 was 81.9% 81.1% in 2014, 134.8% return in 2015,

73.6% in 2016. in 2017 it was 98.9% 46.8% in 2018, 127.2% return in 2019 and

in 2020 the return was 128.5%. So, the system gave profits every year. There was no loss in any year. So, friends, it is a very good trading system. You can also see trades here. See here these are trades from 2013.

From 2013 till 2014, this is the first result of trades. Lei's go to the last part. These are the trades of 2020. We have trades till 31.12.2020.

So, we have logs of all the trades here. Friends, I have again come back to the first part. Let's go back to the statistical part.

Friends, this is a very good trading system. This system and compounded the value of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 crores I don't think there exists a trading system that can give such a huge return. So, this is a very powerful trading system.

You can start using it. Only you need to bookmark this page. I will give the link to this page in the video description. You can come to this page from there.

Else, you come to my website You will see Home, Contacts, Services, Freebies. Under these Freebies, you will see I created a new section named algo trader. Here will see BTST Trader, OHL Trader and ORB Trader.

You come to this BTST Trader page. You need to come to this page just before the market closes. Refresh the page once.

You will get the latest data. For a refresh, you need to press CNTRL+Shift+R. Put your capital in this place. You can not

choose the broker now. Choose your category and pick the first four stocks. If you have capital, buy the first four stocks. If you want to buy, it will get connected with Kite.

And from there you can place your order directly. You will not face any problem if you place orders directly. Only, place your order just before the market closes. And on the next morning you sell these stocks from your holding.

Sell the four stocks as soon as the market opens the next morning. You can select more than four stocks. But in our backtest, we only chose four stocks and we got very good returns. This way you can start algo swing trading. You need not do much think about these trades.

We will choose all the stocks and we only need to buy them. That is your only job. So, in this way, you can make money through algo swing trading.

And you can multiply your money to many times from the stock market. That's why we named this video - How to Multiply Money in Stock Market with Algo Swing Trading. So, friends, you have seen how you can trade in BTST and make huge money.

I have shown you the backtest report again. and also I have shown you how you can put orders. Friends, if you have any question in your mind on this topic, kindly ask me in the video comment section. I will give answers to your comments. Friends, if you feel this page needs more development kindly let me know that. And if you liked this video kindly let me know in the video comment.

Unless you make comments, I can't know what your requirements are. And on what topics I need to make videos. Friends, if you have not yet subscribed to my channel, kindly subscribe to my channel and press this bell icon too.

Because I come up with such new videos twice a week. You will get instant notifications of those videos. Thank you my friends for watching this video till the very end. Kindly wait for my next video. Like this video, share it with your friends and relatives. Let me bid you goodbye.

Thank you very much.

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